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"W”;ifébz' ______
G U S.
V()Ilo 10-
Port TIM-sud, Wall-ml Territory.
in. ommm.—n.oopu m-
In «Iv-nee; In womb-JIM.
“1‘33 0! ADVIBTIBING :
Onolnch. flruc Insertion... .. .. . .. ..fl .50
Msubsequc-m inset-tion.. .. .. .. .. .50
’l‘nnslem. udvertlsomelm to Insure
innertlon must be accompmled by cash.
“All Ace-111. Deal“ 10ca11y...”
Pursuant to cell the Republican
Territorial Centrnl Committee met
in New Tacoma on the 9th day of
Juno,lßßo. The members present
were: Frencis Tarbell, Chairman;
Byron Barlow. Secreury; R. D. At.-
tndge, J. M. \‘Velch, by P. B. John
son.proxy: W. Byron Daniels, by
F. W. Bier, proxy; Geo. D. Hill.
By order of the Territorial Cen
tral Committee, duly assembled pur
suant to notice, this 9th day of June,
A. D. 1880 ct New Tacoma. W. T.,
notice is hereby given that a. Repub
lxccn Convention is called to easem
ble at Vancouver. Clarke county, on
Wednesday, the 81h day of Septem
bor,1880,»t 10 o’clock, I. m., for
the purpose of nominming I candi
date for Delegate to Congress and
for the transaction of such other
business as may properly come be
fore it. ‘
The committee has fixed the ap—
portionment of delegates to said
convention as follows: One dele
ste at large for every county in the
Eerritorymnd one additional dele
gate for every one hundred votes,
and for every fraction of fifty or
more votes cast in each county, at
the general election of 187%, for the
Republican candidate for )elegate
to Congress. Upon this basis the
various counties of the Territory
will be entitled to representation in
said convention as follows: Cheha
lis, 2; Olallum,2; Clerke,6; Colum
bis, 7; Cowlitz, 3; Island, 2; Jeffer
son, 3; King, 10; Kitsnp, 4; Klicki
tat, 5; Lewis, 3; Meson, 1; Pacific,
8; Pierce, 5; Skamania, 1; San
Juan, 2; Snohomish, 3; Stevens, 3;
Spoken, 1; Thurston, 5; Wehkia
kum, 1; Walla Walla, 8; Whatcnm,
5; Whitman, 6; Yakima, 8; Total,
The committee uiso recommends,
subject to any change to be made by
tbs respective county committees,
that the various county conventions
be held at the county seat, on Thurs
day, the 26th day of August, 1880,
It 1 o’clock. p. m., and that the pri
mary meetings, to elect. delegs as
to the county conventions, be held
at 1 o‘clock, p. nt., of Thursday the
sth day of August, 1880‘, at the
voting places in each precinct. This
recommendation is intended only for
those counties which have no county
central committee, or when they fail
to set.
The committee also recommends
that-the county conventions in coun
ties lining portions of jnint council
and representative district, instruct
their delegates to the Territorial
convention, who they desire nomine
ted for joint representa'iVee end
councilman—the nomination to be
made by the delegates from the
council districts It the time of the
meeting of the Territorinl Conven
Known, Thu the Ropuhlicm
Torriwrinl Contnl Committee hurt
ily ondom the nominatinu of Hon.
Juan A. Gnrfield for Pnsidem, and
Hon. Chute: A. Arthur tor Vice
President. _ _
The “notion of the committee
I“ also culled to tho fact lb“ 3
chwgo Ind been mud. in the bound
oriu of Pncifio ond Wuhhinkum
counties whereby it was chimed
III“ the Republican vote of {no {or
not bud been dccruud and tho
Vote of tho lute: incronud. While
the convention desire to recognize
the [out in linking the uppumon~
out, It In unobla to do no, lo: 111.
renon thlt it could obtain no ofliciul
knowledge of the extent of the
change I. voters. The feet of the
ore-tion out of Stevens. of the
county of Spoken, vvu brought up
ond one delegm vvu allo'ed Bpc
km county; but, owing to the hot
that it vu- impossible to determine
whet should be the reduction of rep
mun tution in Slovene county, it was
given the benefit of the vote of
A vote of think: was tendered
the N. P. R. B. Company, for grun—
ing half [are rites to members of
the convention.
By order of the Republican Ter
ritorial Central Committee.
mecm Tunnu, Chairman.
limos anw, Secrotary.
Wasnmcl‘ozt. D. 0. May 28. 1880.
The Republicans treated the Dem
ocrats to another exposure of their
methods while debating the Super
visors bill yesterday. This bill, by
the way, was brought up by the
Democrats for the purpose of get
ting rid of several objectionable of—
ficers. It provides that all super
visois shall be appointed for two
years only, and shall not be eligible
for reappointment, and that the
terms of all those now in office shall
expire on the lat of July, 1880.
They are to be appointed by the
President and confirmed by the Sen
ate. Senator Edmunds trade a
strong speech against it, showing
that if it became a law it. would fur
nish a precedent for making any
other class of citizens ineligible to
hold oliice whenever the whim or
necessity of a party majorjty in
Congress should render such an not
desirable. Senator Rollins made a
speech on the measure, and Senhtor
Cameron set forth at length the his
tory of the tissue ballots. Senator
Kirkwood detailed from personal
knowledge, many of the Louisiana
outrages. In fact the bill gave the'
Republicans a good chance to attack
the Democrats, and they embraced
it. Another efi'ect oi the bill, which
is intended to act against the Re
publicans is, that these officers of
elections who are thoroughly ac—
quainted with their duties are to be
kicked out, and their place supplied
by new and inexperienced men right
01) the are of a Presidential election.
But the measure has not passed the
House yet, nor has the President
signed it. The sub-committee of
the House committee on Mississippi
levees, which, in May last, went on
a tour of inspection of the Mississ
ippi river, submitted its report to
the House yesterday. which substan
tially endorses the report of the
Mississippi commissioners and ree
ommenda that the_government ex
tend all possible aid to the general
improvement of the Mississippi riv
er. No action will be taken at this
session of course, but it is believed
nearly every member of the present
Congress is in favor of liberal appro
priations whenths subject etlnea up.
Delegate Downey, of Wyoming,
who,a short time ago, printed in
the‘dtecord" a fifteen-page poem,
proposed in the House yesterday a
plan to get rid of the Innchgrahbed
at Geneva award balance. He
wanted it used to erect public build
ings throughout the country. Ilia
proposal was ruled out amid great
laughter on both sides of the lit-use.
In the House yesterday Mr. Fin-n
ney made a conicreme report on the
Military Academy appropriation bill,
which was agreed to.
A statement proposed by the is-
term] nun». buruu shown In in
crease for the month of Aptil {tom
the gennnl source. of internal rev
cnue over Ibo same month of Int
your of 02,880,384. This is I re
mukobly good Ibo-ing, Ind than
the «win! of billions: continual.
The following comments are taken
from our exchanges relative to thd
immigration pamphletsz, -
“Northwestern Washington, its
Soil, Climate, productions and Gen
erai Resources,” is the title of a
pamphlet of 52 pages, published by
the Immigration Aid Society of that
section, at Port Townsend, W. T.
It is full of interesting information
for people whose eyes are turned
toward that Territory, as we know
some of our folks are. One object
of the book is, “to keep away those
who would aiways be sorry they
came, and bring those who would al
ways be glad they came.” It is a
border region, rich in soil, lumber,
clay. and grazing, and ofi'ering good
homes at little cost to industrious
people.——Marin Co. (Cal.) “Journal”.
“That pam hlet issued by Mr.
Weir of Port gownsend, under di—
rection of a local board of immigra
tion, is, we contend, a very fair doc
ument and makeup, notwithstand
ing the disparaging criticisms of the
Port Townsend “Press” and Seattle
“Dispatch” to the contrary. In
point of fair and truthful represent
ation which it assumes to deal with
we venture to say that it will com
pare with the aversge immigration
pamphlet. Though in point of typ
ography and malts-up it is not a
model work, we have no doubt it is
well ‘worth ' the money expended
upon it; and as to the criticism on
the “fly-specked map,” we advise
our friend Weir to talk back to them
as the darkey waiter did to the in
dignantfigueet who found a piece of
shirt on in his soup. “Why,” said
the darkey, “you must be a dam
phool; did-you expect to find a sill:
umbrella in a 15 cent plate of hash.”
In the (pamphlet‘referred to we cer—
tainly id not eXpect a lithographic
map that would cost more than the
entire work, not to speak of the la
bor of collecting the information
therein containedrn-P. S. “Mail.”
ED Ammo:—
Time rolleite ceaseless round, and
we are approching clone to the three
hold of the one-hundred and fourth
anniversary of our national indepen
dence—ethe remembrance of which
ought to cause, every personal; ace.-
tional and political feeling to be laid
aside at least for the day, and all to
unite in harmony and good cheer.
The one day of all the 365 days of
the year that should bind ua to~
gather in one common band ol‘ broth
erhood and friendship. Let all eel!-
iah and personal feelinga be buried,
and, like the two brothers who had
long been eatranged and at variance
with each other when brought to—
gether over the grave of their last
parent their animoaity toward each
other was buried with the dead. the
hand of friendahip waa mutually ex
tended and they were made happy—
ao let us all unite and pay our devo—
tione to the goddeaa of Liberty.
“Behold how good a thing it in
And how bfl‘omin' well.
Together such It lm-thren are
In unity to dwell."
rt! Vanuatu.
Port Townsend, June 111, I 88“.
J. B, Huntington. hf Yakima. baa
atarled for Montana with about il,~
000 head of cattle. lie was at the
head 0! Long inland at lut accoeuta.
Tu: “Skagit Herald" in he some
of n paper hailing from and dated a:
‘ Ruby molt, Whatcom county,
W. T., chnudny, Hny l9ih,1880,”
but printed cnd adiud in Portland,
Oregon. Ii ‘oonuinl glowing w
oounu of thaticiincao of the Static
mines and cpnom to be devoted
apocially to flouting the clock at tho
Sit-git Gold Mining 00., which plo
posu to diapou of : mam camber
of nharea o! nook at 50 cent- on a
dollnr, plt value. The Portland pa
per: warn their render: to beware of
investing in the scheme, which bears
upon its lace the appearance of wil
ful deception.
THE 85,000 upprupriutinu {or
lighthouse and fog signals at Point
No Point, W. T., has been atrickop
out by the Senate committee.
Home»; Muynard ha been con
firmed pustmuster gonenl.
You Have No Excuse.
Have you any excuse lor sufl'urlug with
Dyspepsia or Liver Uomplulufl 15 were
any reason why you should go on lrom
day to day complaining with sour Bmm
acll, Sit-k Headache, Huohuul Umtlve
ness, palpitntlou of the lien". Heartburn,
Waterbruah. Guuwlug «ml burulug pains
at tlu-pltof Ihe ‘Slmum-h, Yeliow bkiu.
Com-«l 'l‘mnguu uud (lisagweublo mate in
the mouth. ()mulug us) 0! food after eu
ing. Low spirits. «to. No! II 18 pooh
lively yonruwu fault if you do. Go to
your Drugglm and get a battle omeN'a
ArrmsT mem and your cum ‘s certain
but it you doubt this. get. a sample bottle
lor 10mm and try it. Two (loses Will
relieve you. ‘
Notice. .
A" persons indebted to ~ C.
Bartlett, eiKher by note or account,
are hereby muificd that unless the
‘sanw. are m-llled on or bt-l‘ul'e the
‘17”: «lay uf 'luue. Ihey will be pluwd
in an attorney’s hands for colinction.
N 0 exerplimls. '
The abuve has nu rgfiereuco m the
new firm of C. C. Bartlett 8; Co.
. Port Townsend, May 20;“1’880.
MR. 0. H. HUI—EON]! desires to in
iorm the publicihsi be has removed his
' Remnant and Variety Store
From the old Custom House Building to
the corner 01 Adams and Water Streets.
opposite Cosmopolitan Hotel. where ho
will have constantly on hand
, TOYS, .to.
WCholoest varieties of ’I'OBACCOS;
Imported and Domestic CIGARS ol the
finest. brands, and
All Kinds of mun-a
Oranges. Lemons. Dams, Figs. Raisins,
Apples. etc. Also
PENS. ac. «to. A
nun-cm MAUIAN'I'.
when meals will be Hem-d to order In all
hours. Dluner parties served on Ibo“
Cable Luld Doublo Vllro.
TM In: an! chestnut [‘er Irma. In
nHu-r l‘o-luv«uumn. ”mum Ind-fl
[lr-mm Imm I IMHO" d It: nut-film p.
”an; I‘M upon M: 1m rut-h. firm] 5-: at-
C‘ll I".
All L 4- .1 . I It I am
med. (1:. I: (1.1!... 'hs'l'i'm..fi.l"mum.
TELEI'HHS lc. Hi}. “In.“ I. '
flown-E Vu “vhf. .
'llt IIIJJI . CIR. ”Pl 'o‘...
I. mun-uh ...- m.
m: Ivv t m In mt *Hmtld.fl‘lll I;
Amm-w n “Au." a tu. rmm.&.
LI f'rr-h “nun mummy on had
It u. H. “v muab's.
NO. 18.
I'o I“ who no nulcfln from the nuts
in) hudlmtflomo! yum: nmoun mi
nm curly deny, 3.- d manhood. 00.; I
um and {_ou a ":8. tin: will can you
FREE 0 CHA E. This you rom
dy nu Guevara! by a mission-n In
South Amorln. Send u Mun-I 1%-
m to an RwJourn 'l‘. km. Button
D, New York City. ~
”a, ' ;
“-7“ ' ,
i z.‘ ”fr“. .m
a ‘ . V... In _
I! 000. CID".
Apply -to
Port Towni'ond, W. I’.
Tuning done mn ren‘oonable tenn-
Q‘Agent {or Decker Bros. and Emerson
Pianos and Palmurguns, on cash or Instal
xuent plan. ‘ ‘
{O3: {mmfixgdhpgggelpondmt or the Call
a". A. 3:133:31,
Attorney - at - Law.
Wlll promptly attend to all human entrust!
‘ . ed to him.
C. N. BnAnunAw. WI. A. [mun
In Admiralty.
Port Towmcnd. W. 'l’!
Proctor 1n Admiralty.
.\1 w'lon d mu ‘1; Do he doom
w )1“: tynfuo, nu {II
Collection undo. ' ‘ Uonnysndnmko.
PORT ”WEIRD, W.’ 'l‘. ,
James M. Gassaway, M.D.
(U. 8. lulu NW 8cm“)
ouch-Water at, opposite Pomtflce,
PORT Towxszxo, w. w. . 5m
Dr. Then. T Minor
Managing Surgeon
Port Townsend Hospital
, Port Townsend. 'WJI‘.
Canbe consulted. am or duy, at 11mm!
' ,——-. ‘ . .
Good Boga-dud Lodgings can
be obtained-at, ,
M: 11. Q. IS 3’ Ila. 8’
want! can be “Wham “and“ ‘5?
Terms Very Runnable.
a“ At, (cot of mu. Immodhsoly back non
Union wharf.
PORT ”WHEN, W. ’l'.
General Merchandise
0. W. IOMI.
an: 1t”... - - - v 1
“- Produce noun. and Windmills“
unmhd u m 10quth Wkl-
N. 1)- Tom,
Ship Wright and Caulker
In!" M.
Pot-t Town-cud. V. 'l‘.
fllunhfi-lubvx. DKIILITATID
H 0' msnnt'n‘ax huh mu um.
and all «am-mu rm kl. Ihh'h Mp
To a... It OM.“ .0! Mn- cl» 1".-d
. “.mwl-nuhnhlh mu. A
“L? 1' it I. TIM-Dl]. In human.
. 1m punt-u asun- ul 1m )mlo'
‘L rummnn till be than ”Ln-nu.
:._- m 3-. th And «mount. odd"..-
w m. mum-u,- can-11l DI. him. I.
m 170 I. You... mun-sums;

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