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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, September 10, 1880, Image 4

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. FRIDAY. smvr. 10 IM.
The Republican L‘onvenii in at
Vancoiiwr,on leneminy, on ihu‘
first lmllui. nominated -lon. 'l‘hm.‘
H. lirunts for Delegate to Congress. l
Mr. Allen withdrew his mum», it is!
‘ITCSUIHCJ under all arrangement. by
which his supporters went. for the
successful aspirant. This left hut
two names hel'orn the convention,‘
\‘iz: lion. 'l‘. H. Drums and Dr. T
'l‘. Minor, 01 Port 'l'uwneeud. The
vote stood: 131-nuts, 62; Minor, 28.
The laiicr immediately moved to
make the nomination unanimous,
which was done.
Mr. Bronte was elected last time
by a very large majority, and, his
active,'aensible course as our Dele—
gate will secure his election against
any man the Democrats may put up.
Other candidates have been nomi—
nated, as follows: Brigadier Gen
eral of W. 'l‘. militia, Geo. W. Tib
l\etta, of King 00.; Adjutant Gen
eral, M. R. Hathaway, of Clarke Co;
Quartermaster General, R. G. o’-
Brien,o{ Thurston 00.; Commissary
‘ General, A. K. Bush, of Pacific 00.
As to Delegate, of course we feel
disappointed in the (allure of Puget
s9!in to more the nomination!
But if the man is to be from eastern
Washington, we greatly prefer Mr.
Brents. The Seattle “Intelligencer”
says of him very truthfully: “There
is something about him that makes
him warm’friends, and that retain:
them once made. He is a rustler of
the most active and efficient charac
ter. Whoever is against him has
got to be up; ”fly, and be up long
and late, to carry his point.” Puget
Sound will undoubtedly roll up. as
large majority for him as it did last
Hon. Irving Ballard he: again
been nnminnted for Prosecuting At~
’ torney in this district, and Hon. N.
H. Bloomfield in the second district.
The nominee for Join; Councilman
ie Hon. 8. W. Hovey, of Port Gum
blennd, for Joint Representative,
Mr. D. W. Moor, euperintendent of
the iron mine near this place. We
elgefl ogmmem on then nominefions
hereener. ,
Snuxcu old Verniout,‘ the‘ first
one of theatdlm-t autea to apeak
out since the national nominations,
in: just rolled up u Republjceu ma.-
jority of about 25,00U-ao ..tlle te|e4
graph nya, : I: increased Rep'ublicen
gain over lnet election. The victory
is oom'plote. Democrats end Green
backdle ore alike buried under a
lweeping popular vote. Now while
Democratic blowers ere congratuls
ting encli other; Ropubllceua many
peg: good solid one for Garfield
end Arthur.
Ir report be true, the Western
Union Telegraph Co. ere prospect—
ing with s View to elubllehing a line
from Port Townund to Victorie, via.
Port Angolan. It. in to be hoped
that this will lend to the desired re—
sult; we hive all films edviaed such
Action. on the ground of public ne—
oeully, end for the purpose ol doing
no, will) the melon line through
.tlie Sch Joell g’v‘oep of fluid: where
beds of mineral keep it broken half
the title. ,
- m
.‘ Flo! thy Republicm Congress
‘iontldodtmittoo he hue received
I Inge roll of Itining Olmplign
documents. Thousands of copies
of tbmpnpon In" been printed
and {out out |l| over the United
stint. They Will aid materially in
muting Hon. Ju. A. Garfield our
next. President.
Om. Cdboun and (smily, of this
pim, “rived ban. on Wedneulny,
{tom the Sandvich Inhudl—nhar
having Ind. I nip thither in n..-
lurk Boom Vista, of which Capt.
Culhoun in motor.
l' “n \lu-l'M 11. Pl Hi. \‘>. S. S. lr~l
\\ ' an n gum; mntinnwl. l
i', l€i~q~nlwi> w. .l. C. Ilnnson &i
.l l'Tmenl ‘in mluily; L'nllllnllt‘tl. i
(i. U. llnllur vs. William Gillian)
S. (how, \'.~. his crmlitors—insol~
venuy; continued. ‘
Puget Houncl l’ilots vs. 12‘. 11. Mc-
Almond; continued.
\V. Gaston vs. T. Dngnold; con
F. A. Bartlett vs. .l. Mnlirilick—
foreclosure of mortgage; continued.
J. Henderson vs. J. Foresnian—
H. C. Willison vs. A. C. Garrett:-
foreolosure of mortgage; continued.
Wright & Browne vs. C. Wil
loughby; continued.
‘ Waterman & Kstz vs. S. Packard
and L. Rogers; continued.
G. O. Heller vs. A. Osborne; con—
tinued. .
J. H. Salley vs. J. F. Tukey—eti
law on note; continued. ' ‘
Salem Flooring Mills ve. D. C. H.
Rothschild—st law on ecet: contin
ued. .
C. Smith vs. J. F. Smith—divorce.
S. J. Burns vs. G. O. Heller—st
lew on note.
J. Davis vs. W. H. H. Learned
end B. W. deLion—mechsnio’s lien-
G. O. Heller vs. H. J. Msddox—et
let: on promissory note.
T. Potter vs. S. B. Vromsn—at
lew on note.
B. Butterly st. nl.,vs. ship Topgal
lent—in sdmirslty.
R. W. deLion vs. W. H. H. Leer
ned.eed Herriet Lssr'ned end J. De—
. vie—foreclosure of mortgage.
I’. deJorup vs. his oreditors—-in
G. 0. Heller vs. W. Crockett—st
lew on note.
0. 0. Heller vs. R. Gage—st lew
on note. '
G. O. Heller vs. A. W. Arnold—
et lsw on note.
G. O. Heller vs. J smes C. Terry—
st lsw on note. i
J. MoDansld vs. bsrk Roswell:
Spregue—in sdmirslty; seemsn’s
wsgea. '
J. Kinneth vs. 0. H. Morgen—st
lsw on note. i
J. Scott vs. Annie Scott—divorce.
3.0. Heller vs. D. T. Lewis
foreclosure of ehsttel mortgsge.
D. Pesrson vs. A. Alexander—st
lsw on account.
A. Moll vs. J. H. Seller-st lsw
on note. .
Emma Weseott vs. A. E. Weseott;
0; E. P. Wood vs. 8. L. Msstick
& Co.
Newell Buss. vs. C. L. Schur. At.
law on sect. ‘
0. 0. Bartlett Vs. F. W. Petty-l
grove. At law on scct.
8. D.‘ leby‘ vs. bsrk Hervest‘
Home. In admiralty. ‘
l. Kstz vs. Est. of T. Quinlnn,
dsc. Appeal.
There are also four criminal cases.
Junous.-—The following are the
names of the Grand jurors drawn
for the. term of court. commencing
next Monday: Jefferson county, 'W.
Delunly, W. Kurter, A. H. Tucker,
F. W. Julian, F. Woodley, Geo.
gunhrop. J. Lindley. Island .00.:
. Race, G. Colkett, B. Sweetmun.
Sun Jun 00.: l. Sapdwl R.
m}.w.l'unock. s. G. cm.
Clnlum 00.: R. Delunty, B. F.
Donn. A. U. Duiu. The Petit jut
orb ore: For Johnson 00.: L. B.
Eukelson,J.B. Dyer, B. W. Fisk,
J. Molten, J. J. Hunt, H. Cattle, A.
Weymoulh, D. C. H. Rothschild, J.
B. Roberts, H. L. Tibbals Jr., D. H.
Hnll. Island 00.: E. Oliver. W.
Blowers, A. J. Demming, N. Porter,
E. G. Rockwell, San Juan county:
1). Ross, J. Brown, M. \V. Nichols,
J. G. Veticlc, J. Ray. Clulam Co:
I’. Fisher, M. Fleming. W. Graham.
Wzlum thu the ladies of the
Episcopal Church will give nn'oyuer
supper Ind entertainment ammo
awning next week.
“'.unwrron. l). U. August 27.1 w). l
The Democrats of \Vas‘hingtolt
ratified last night. The display of
fireworks was quite imposing. Three
thousand dollars would hardly meet
the expense tor them. The mounted
men from Virginia were quite 3 fea
ture in the crowd, but when it be
came known they were a detachment
of the “Black horse Cavalry” of
Virginia, thoughts of Turner Ash
ley’s raids, and of the fate of Baker,
of \Vinthrop and other martyrs on
the other side of the Potomac stirred
up strong feelings in loyai breasts.‘
Their presence made men recall the ‘
time when the “black horse” at
tempted to wave the “store and bars”
over the Capitol. They failed then,
but were eueceeéful last night.
There were too many one-legged
and one-armed maimed veierene
among the spectators to relish such
an unwise and reckless exhibition of
defiant treason.
When Mr. English, the Demo—
cratic candidate for Vice President,
was a clerk in the Treasury depart
ment under the administration of
James K. Polls, he was in the con
stant habit of loaning money to
clerks and others at from three to
ten per cent. per month; or from
36 to 120 per cent. per annum; and
when he became a member of Con
gress he continued that practice of
loaning money at usurious interest
in Washington. The business env
tered into thirty five .years ago of
loaning money at such rates of inter
est as to double his gains in from
one to three years would seem to
have been successfully followed
through a long life.
John M. Langston, Minister to
Hsyti, has arrived, and after spend
ingefew days visiting among his
friends, will devote .two months to
delivering speeches to the colored
voters in various places throughout
the country. Hewill speak in Mary
land, Indiana, Ohio, and wherever
else his services are required.
Fred Douglas leaves for Indiana
on Monday 30th, to canvass the prin
cipal towns of that State. His heart
is in the present struggle, believing
as he does that this is the great crisis
which will determine. the future of
the colored race.
Ear2y in December next the much
disputed question es to the distribu
tion of the remainder of the Geneva
Award fund will come up for final
settlement in Congress. This sub
ject has occupied a portion of Con
gressional attention at every session
since 1874. The persons new claim
ing recognition and payment are
those who sufi'ered from loss of ships
not included in the law of 1874, and
who paid heavy wnr risks, or premi
ums to the. Insurince Companies.
The Insurance Compnnies, also claim
a portion of the money, and they
have. in the past, worked hard to ob
tain Congressional legislation in
their favor. But the sentiment in
Congress seems to be against these
corporations who fattened upon the
necessities of our commerce, and in
favor of those whose devotion to the
flag, and their determination to
mnintnin its honor upon the high
seas, caused them the loss of their
property by the Confederate cruisers.
LAST week the “Press” aid the!
Hou.J.B. Allen was Mr. Brents’
strongest competitor for the nomina
tion for Delegate. Mr. Allen did
not even "us; a single hello: to re
veel hie mongol Ilia ‘ ing, but with—-
drew from the earliest. befoue the
voting commenced. So the l“Preas”
pioved itself lobe e peculiar ”Kind
of en oracle s‘ill. .
Tux young folks of Chimncnm
seem to like popular sports. Lu!
Sunday they had lnmber base ball
game. Tu-murrow night. shay ue In
have a ancinl dance.
MB. Thaddeus Hull'urd Wll mount
ly admitted to pumice law, It Seat
Tun: steamship Idaho, Capt. Alex
ander, left this pogfor San Francis
co yesterday. This boat hts without
doubt the finest accommodations and
the most elegant appointments ever
offered to the traveling public by
any vessel running on the route.
Besides this, the gratifying part of
the matter is that the tasty and ar
[isllc fitting up of the vessel will
meet with a hearty and substantial
appreciation on the part of the trav
eling public. With such worthy
passenger boats as this one, and
with the genial, rustling Capt. Tib
bals for agent, the Pacific Coast
Steamship Company need have no
tears of failure in securing a hand
lOme trade. Read their advertise
ment elsewhere.
A mm. in Justice’ court in town
this week demonstrated new the
old saying: “A fool and his money
soon parted.” An lelsnd county
mnldoon came to town--“i'or to see
the houses,” we presume. While
here he developed his proclivitiee for
taking astronomical views through
the bottom of e whiskey glue. Af
ter considerable experience of this
kind, his plentiful luppiy of coin
vanished whither “the woodbine
twineth.” The fellow now says
somebody stole it. and wants to col
lect it by law.
So President Hayes is coming out
to see us! If he could only have
possessed his soul in patience t lit.
tle longer, we might. have gone Eut
tome him. But. then he probably
becanw. too nnxioua to wait with thy
degree of comfort.
Pnucnma.-Rev. Mr. Cooper
will hold servica at Fort Tun-mend
nnxt Sunday, at. 2:30 P. M. On Sun
day. the 19111 inst, he will preach at
MARRIED.~AI Clmnpiun Hall.
Olympia, \V. T., on the 6th imt., by
Row. J. S. McCon-mac, Mr. R. S.
Wet-non to M‘fis May D. Silsby.
Ownim lo the (‘rowdvd state of
our columns this week, I lengthy
deechmive editorial in left out.
Tun: cnmraot for raising Ihe build
ing: at ForLTownwpd'wuu awarded
to B. 8. Miller, Esq.
NOTICE Is henmlven. that. oil per
son- an lorbldden to lumlsh GOODS.
Etc.. tome Puget Sound Iron 00.. ex
cept upon an order li-om the Snperlnmnd
out. D. W. MOO 3,
Port Townsend. Sept. 6, 1880. n:3O
no Coup-y‘- sun-unu-
. ,
Clty of (hester
Victoria, Port Townsend, 89v
attle, quoma and Olympia
10th, 20th a. 30th
W'l‘he Company‘s Steaznshlps will
SI" lrom Sennle for
San Francisco
VIII. "lulul‘lu.
ON OR Anon Tm:
uh. lulu am! am. or each Month.
Lunvlug Virturlu on the
lath. 20m and 30m OI Every Mont
Who” thi: urlwrtllu-«l ”NY a: will»; lath ml
Numhn . Ilw I‘ommm '9 -hhn wIH «II on lln
prvrmlm: II“) [rum \'n mrm.
\\' 11. Pl \u‘llunt
T.:kl't .\.‘~ I'd IUI \.um-
Fur {Drum n. |u.-u;{r mm]; m
k-pkbll lu ln-flll \Z"I|I"Iull1'Ylflluékll.
m \‘cx‘r'.';:'..'r".'.“;x ..‘: s: 3227:3143: I
The Price of Wheat.
The bountllul harvest in both thls coun.
try and Europe will no doubt cause wheat
to rule very low thle season. but thls will
not lessen the demand for the Oregon
Kldney Tea. as every man or woman who
has a backache or any trouble wlth the
kidneys or urinary organs. wlll try this
well known remedy even :lr whens should
be only 50¢ per bushel. Sold by all Drug.
Real E stafe a! Prwaz’e Sale!
'l‘mr. undersigned ofi‘e for salt three
dwelling houses and :1 number of town
lots in Port Townsend; also improved
running. timber and unimproved lands,
in .ivfl'crson County. Persons wishing to
invest can secure bargain: on case} terms
by applying to J. A. K IIN.
Notme to Gredltors.
IN the Probate Court of Jefferson
County, Washington Territory.
In the matter of the estate of
Alfred Waite, deceased.
the undersigned Administrator oi the en
tnte of Allied Waite. deceased. to the
creditors of, and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to present them
w th the neeoeseary vouchers, within one
year after the date 0! this notice. to said
administrator, at the oilice of D. W.
Smith, attorney for said estate, in Port:
Townsend W. I‘.
Dated September 2d., 1880.
Hermann S. Home.
Administrstor of the estate oi Alfred
Welte, deceased.
m: we 00mm): or THE 'i‘EanTOBY or
Want-:43. it is the dutv of the Gover
nor st least sixty days before any general
election to' issue his proclnumtion designe
ting the ofiioes to be tilled at such ein-etion.
New, therefore, i. Elisha l’. Ferry,
Governor of said Territory, do hereby
declare that a general election will be held
in said Territory on 'l'uesday, the second
day of Novamber. A. D. one thousand
eight hundred and eighty. at which the
iniiowiug named officers will be elm-ted:
A Delegate anew-cent snld Territory
in the (arty-seventh (.Lurgress of the Uni-I
ted States. .
A Brigadier General.
A Quarter Msster General.
A Commissary General.
An Adjutant General.
A Prosecuting Attorney for the second
judieinl dsetrlct.
A Prosecuting Attorney for the third
judicial district.
A Member oi the Board of Equaliza
tion for the iirst judicial district.
A anher'ul the Board of Equalization
ior the set-ond iudlclnl district.
A Member oi the Beard ot‘ Equalization
for the third judicial diurit't.
Mtiuhen of both brunchw oi’ the Legis
intivv Ar-rclttbl)‘.
Ami nli l‘onuty and Precinct oiflcers re
quired by the luwe of mid Territorv.
iu le-flimmt)’ Wt-het‘t-oi. I iun'i- in n unto
.'.-t lll)’ hum] nuti caused the (in-alt Seal of
the 'i‘t'rritnry to be If
fixed. nt Olympia, thls
13th day of August. A. D.
.W. one thousand eght hund-
L. s g red and eighty, and of the
i ' independence oi the Uni
‘m‘ ted Ststee the one hundred
, Ind filth.
By order of the Governor.
N. H. Omens,
H” mm Ens
.'., g
r “I ‘
i“ "
I J) “
, ’ A ' ..
“f l V
I‘m/H t , .
" ‘ ,1 4‘ " In” .
.'. i‘-‘ :11? "‘9 § W“
.V .' -‘ rd ‘ ' t
: "' ' ' ..r f ,' ‘ v .
‘ l 4 . I h. '
' a. - ‘ \ -’~.:.
~. :43: I“? .. ‘3‘ Way:
413" ‘ / ' ‘..-:3! J
' “\- L , ‘12"); “'1" '
a“! 7 'm’ '
Bl mmcn I 5
Though Making 111. cm Alpe- [Amt
With the chills-Ind fuvvr. the vlctlm ol‘ maln
rla may still "WOW rhy “'4th this “Holman-d
”name. whh-h um only Drunks up tlmmmt
uuumvntwt snack». ltnt p~'t-.\cntn their n-cux
roam. ltlnmtmituly mvlhruhh- m quinine,
not unly hut-tum) It :lm-N the hurl-rm fur more
lhm'mluhly. hut "lemon amount nl mt pl-rlm't.
wlmlwomrnemnnrl tnvngumling uctinn npon
tht~ «nth‘n- u) Hit-m.
I‘nrmuchy nu ltrlmgtuts um! Denna” gun
‘3“. :- 4- y,” 4%
l.- _..L.;,.: d 3"
nontfi war: ,1
" ELEQTM -MA nnc'amg'
“ W . my;
"4“. ‘ ..’.
iii ' " A. . .14, , - fl
ifimt aw
"INN ‘..QIJ'QVIO‘ ‘lflll‘ll. ”Tl/ll I
'H \l' an t ““Ith II‘:' " th'u It 'Hlv '~'v'\ g. nu
._ I ‘; n. nut“! m -II M'. mum“.
'--n, l' 1!! *|'-. \runfl . Klvhuv lpu,
\tvvy_>l s‘. .4. Ir “hm.“ “INN". \x'n
\-» x. t ~th a _ I ~‘ "Il..;1'l ‘lbll ““‘CH—‘ll
. -,..‘.. \\. t'll nh;!|'>|~'o'7"t"l Inn-v
'AI'HH "‘ll. [,.w' , I.“ nv‘ m ..'lrw~..
I" an» A \\ 5:1 ILu Ht! \l\l.\}.fl~3
In l 'l t“. I' : In:- t ~1. uh hum mu.

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