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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, September 17, 1880, Image 5

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birncm. PAPER 0F PORT Towusauo.
Cover week.
LOTS of strangers in town.
Punw! Have you seen Ham
mond’s wagons?
Do not forgeti‘Mr. Burke’s lecture
tmnorrow evening.
HEAVY rains this week dampen
the ardor of harvesters.
Rev. Mr. Cneper will preach in
Dungeness next Sunday. _
Mn. C. F. Clapp, ol' bungenees,
Went up the Sound this week. '
DB. Gas-sewn)! and wife will take
their departure, We understand. on'
the Duke“. _
The Republican county conven
tion will be held in this city to-mor
row evening.
JUDGE Greene will preach in the
Methodist church next Sunday morn
ing 1.). V. at the usual hour.
THE Phantom, running in place of
the Dispatch, brought up a lot of
passengers from Dungeness this
ON Tuesday we received I pleas
ant cull from G. Sohncke, traveling
agent and ctrrospondem of the S.
F. “Wasp."
Mn. Lnndes announces to the
public that. all those who have coun
ty strip to dispose of cm find a
purchaser by calling on him.
Miss .lulineir will teach the
unewired term of uchool It Pmt
Discovery, recantly given up by Mr.
Collins on account. of the sickness
of the latter.
AMONG those going to San Fran
oiloothis week are Mr. D. H. Hill
and Miss K‘te Jill, of this place.
They go for a pleasant visit with
relatives in the bay state. '
Tm: Democrats of Jefferson coun
ty have anticipated the election 01
Some Republican candidates for of
fice, and have nominated them in
advance on the bumbon ticket.
BOOMINtI.-- It is presumed that the
new hotel at lmndule will be boom
lug-rye: Boolmu. whatevel' that 11.
in a few days. Mr. Dyer returned
fr nn San Francisco this week, bring
ing up the furnituro, &c., so that. all
iI Indy for I lively mu.
WI received an invitation to at
tend the Episcopal entertainment
given on Wednespsy evening. Court
week, and stirring business combined
to defraud us of the enjoyment in
volved in participation, but our best
wishes went all the same.
{I Tm: hack and drsy business in
Port Townsend is hardly in danger
of a collapse to any considerable ex;
tent, judging from the; fine lteliieles
hrodght up from ‘fj‘ri'sco'fihls weal.
by Mr. T. M. Hammond. This gem
t'eman.“m'ear.s business,” no doubt,
hence we say “clear the track," or
words to that eifoct.
Alone the attorneys attending
court this week, we notice Messrs.
Struve, Jscobs, McNaught, Burke,
Hanford and Hainea, all of Seattle.
Those, with Messrs. Bradshaw, Hal
ler, Smith, Blanchard and Kuhn, of
this place, are enough to run a good,
siudoourt by themselves. The of
ficers of the court, Judge Greene,
Marsha! Hopkins, U. S. Attorney
Allen and Prosecuting Attorney
Ballard, are all in a tendancv.
“WILL, how do you like the;
Maine vote?" This is what the
Democrats ask nowadays. But then ‘
the Maine vote has nothing to do;
with the Fireman's Ball this evening. 1
The firemen still owe a balance on 1
their hose, and they want to pay it ‘
up. They have accomplished won~‘
ders and made personal sacrifices in l
order to provide the city with a com- l
plete outfit of tire extinguishing tip-1
paratus—and now the people ought
to help them out, especially as they !
can havea little enjoyment at the:
same time. 1‘
“LAST week, Bro. Weir of the
Axons mounted his snow white
ohms! and took. cruise up to
Chimaoum and [.udlow trying to se
cure delegates who would support
him for cho omce of Probate Judge,
but he found that D. W. Smith had
been over the sumo ground and se
cured thadeiogates for himself, so
he returned a udder if not wiser
man.”-—“Democrutio Press,”ol the
9th in“.
Our trip to Chimacum and Lud—
low had nothing in the world to do
with the nomination for Probate
Judge, hence the conclusion is that
Frank Myers is just spitting on his
hands and starting in for the most
vigorous lying campaign ever record
ed. For the first gmund hop he has
discounted everything in the coun
try, and he bide fair to make old
Ananiae ashamed of himself betore
he gets through with the business.
Sick em, Frank! You don’t hurt
anybody, and your practice will
qualify you for a poet of prominence
in the Saxons club.
EvzaYaonY is gratified by the in
formation that Hon; Irving Ballaid
has been re-nominated for Prosecu
ting Attorney in this district. The
Seattle “Dispatch” man tried to cov
er Mr. Ballard with mud on account
of his action in the Hill case at Se
attle recently; but the legal opinions
of competent jurists, and the cita
tions of law brought to bear upon
the subject, showed that he knew
what he was about. In addition to
this, Judge Greene’s published card
in reference to the matter clearly
proved that Mr. Ballard was entirely
guiltlvss of any improper action in
the premises, We are as much
pleased over this thorough vindica
tion as anyone else can be. Our
candidate for Prosecuting Attorney
has not only demonstrated his ability
to discharge: well the duties of his
position but he will he elected again
by an oterwhelming vote.
TIE present. term of dim-lot court
cells to mind the {not that our law:
are not elweye obeyed. Frequent
shooting and cutting scrapes in. the
past, attended often with the loss of
life, have given Port Townsend a
hard name ab'oad. When, however,
it. is coneidered‘that the troublesome
element is elmoet entirely a foreign
one,clue ellownnce must, be made.
As 3 quiet. order-loving people, the
resident population of this place will
compare favorably vitb_tlm of any
other town of like size on the coast.
Pansmnm‘ any” wu tendered
an immune: rocgption in San Fran
cisco the other dly, and Mr. C. F.
Clapp, of Dungeneu, has inserted a
showy advertisement in the Alous
to let the people know that his facil
iriu {oraccommodating buyers and
seller! no increasing III‘ the time.
Read what he lays. and than go and
see for yourself; He in In onlnrpris
ing fellow, just “chock full of busi
ness,” as they sly,'nnd if you nm
to drive a bargain ha’ll suit you or
know what the motteti’. j
THE “Transcript." up: “Hon.
Thou. H. Brunt: goes at once prn
the Columbia riior to Paoifioodapty,
t.) visiz'the Republican: thoiound
through the Chill-{in country. On
his way up, he will ope-k at Mums
uno, on Thursday night, Sept. Nth.”
This shows that Mr. Bienm in. de
termined to uoid being “lefl” 0.
account of inactivity. He wfll mice
a rousing campaign. ,
Tm: pilot bout (0: Sm Franolsco’
built by Hill Bros" wls successfully
launched a: P 0” Ludlow on the av
ening of the 6th. Her tonnage in
58 16; length 76 8-10tbo feel;
breadth 21 9 10th. You; deplh
8 5.10:!“ feet.
Bomb—ln Port Discm’ery. W. T.,
Sept. 9th, to the wife of E. B. Mas
fick Jr.. : lon.
Dian—ln Port Discovery. Sept.
9th, the infant son of E. B. Ind E
mma B. Munich Jr.
Tun: smoky season is upon us
with all its gloom.
amocnmc mmmmfi.
The Democratic convention for
Jefferson county, was held in this
city last Saturday. After the usual
preliminaries of organising, the fol
lowing county ticket was nominated:
Commissioners, H. L. Tibbais, of
Port Townsend, E. B. Mastlclr, of
Port Discovery, and R. D. Attridge,
01 Port Ludlow; Sherifi', B. S. Mil
ler; Treasurer, J. A. Kuhn; Audi
tor, C. H. H. Jones; Probate Judge,
H. L. Blanchard; Coroner, J. G.
Clinger; School Supt., Miss Jennie
Hancock; Surveyor, F. W. James;
Wreckmsster, 'l‘. Torj csec; Cousts
ble, Chas. Finn. The names of J.
A. Kuhn, H. L. Blanchard, J. J.
Hunt and J. E. Pugh were presented
to the convention as candidates for
delegatee to the Territorial con'ven
tion at Kalama. The vote stood:
Kuhn, 14; Willlsdn, 12; H. L.
Blanchard, 83 Pugh, 6 and Hunt, 43
whereupon theirst named were de
clared elected. 'l‘" following isthe
county committee, elected for the
ensuing two yeare: F. W. Petty
grove,cheirmaa, H. C. Willson, JLE
E.Pugh, E. Strand, M. Burk, E-
P. Brennan, T. Dagnan.
It will be seen 'by this showing}
that the Democrats have anticipated r
the nomination of Messrs. Mssticlt,
and Attridge by the Republicanefi
for Commissioners. Their nomina—‘
tione from their own party are madei
up of a few who will doubtless make
good ofiioers if elected, and others
who are simply put into fill up with,
the party having no hope whatever
of eiecting them. After the Repubo
licans make their nominstions we
will have a better chance to compare
notes and comment.
MB. J oeeph Foresmnn, sherifi' of
Clclcm county, clcims that he was
misrepresented in connection with
the Neah Bey taxes; that he on) go
and demnnd the the: in question;
that he was not and is not aware of
any law requiring him to collect lio‘
censes from echoeners, &c., &0. Our
informant must have been in error
in one or two particulcrs. However,
our subsequent note of explanation
must have acquitted us of any in
tention to do Mr. Foresmnn injustice.
We are free to any thct we think he
has performed the duties of his of
fice acceptably to the people. and
the meager delinqnent tn list of the
county chow: that he has not been
remiss in collecting county dues.
Futons on ooumise cargaea
have risen within the past month, ill
of which is considered n hopeful
sign for trade. ‘_
m High Wm a mo
Did not reach a point equal to that of
1876. but It wu hlgh enough to do a dell ‘
of damage. ’l‘lme.‘ however. wlll repalr
tllls. but tlme only maku worse every‘
case of dlseaso of the kidneys and urinary ‘
orgrns whlch a box or Oeegon Kldney
Ten would care. Sold by all Drugglm. j
Notiég '
NOTICE In senmmn. um um pel
som an lorblddtn to lurnlsh GOODS.
Em. to the Puget Sound' Iron (30.. ex
cept upon an outer from the Superintend
eM. . . p. W. 31001:.
’ ' y' : Superintendent.
Port' ’l'ommsond'.‘ Sept. 6. 1880. 9:30
The Oregon Kidney Tea!
Rand the follbwlnu testimonials, not. ”on
Human 11.000 mnes awaygvhom no one
now». but from wellrknown and trutwor
thy citizens of Oregon. whom names. wrllten
In thetr own hand». an bu wen u (m omm
Amlu, Omicron. Downturn. rm.
1 mkopleuauro [n testuytug lo the morhuo!
the 0m It'd-e: In. For the Ra“
three ywnlhuvo hou- Mnrtng from M
ncy troubles. and durlnf the time have tried
numycvery lundoa Kit my medium: in the
mu-kutmlmmt without am' rein-f. Having
lwunl that the Int-[lm Kidney Ten [10»
Island wunderful pmmrttoe, I purchased 3
lucknga. and from the first flow omuued to
lol. and by the use M the (me package (we!
completely cured. HAM‘L GRAY.
Real Estale at Prwa 1e Sale !
’l‘mc umh-rslgned ofl'e for sale mm.
dwelling house: and a number of town
lots In Port 'l‘owns-end; also hupmml‘
fiumlng. timber mu! unimpmvnl lmuh.
In .10-mraon (Minty. [’rrmm whhlng to
Invest can secure bargain- em any town"
by applying to J. A. KUHN.
cum a use .' JOB wonxl
Executed at the Angus ()l‘l‘lCl-L.
Chas. 0. Bartlett. F. Albert Baum. Frank A. Bartlet!) I
c. c. BARTLETT & co.
' —BOO'I‘S m axons.—
a-HArsm '
a- ha.
Large Assortment 0f Goods
Net enumerated, which we will sell at the
Lowest Market Prices.
9 fi '
Bartlett 8 J ewell y Store I.
--'l'ho lune-t Stock. ot- '
yum .Cllstom House 81111111!!! if”: Port Townsen “
HEAD OF {kg} d,
UNION WHARF- “’0 ~'l WaSh- Terr.
I? Solld Cold and Oliver Watches and Jewelry ‘1
——-=ON PUGET SOUan— .
Also a fine assortment of. Clocks, Spectacles. Solid end Plated Silver
Ire . Eye, Field and Marine Glasses. Musical Instruments, Etc.
Goods warranted as represented.
“- WATCHES AND JEWELRY cleaned and repaired and warranted for one you. a
, @e @e @AQQQE‘BZP, Ema”!
Commission Merchant,
wm pay the highest price in com. to:
nae-mu. and other DIAI'I‘I called
on [o' nun.
Ships Disbursed.
on all parts of the UNITED STATES
and ENGLAND. In sums to sun.
mace under new Onsh- llouu Bull.
lug. Pol-I Tum-oil. Wall. Ton.
an Iranian-co. u an Balm
1t"... .
_ O
D. C. H. Rothscluld,
Shipping 8:. Commission Agent.
All bnslnem entrusted» Mm wlll n
celvo prompt Illenllon.
omni or cos'm RICA.
. u u u PER‘L
Office mmsnhove the Slots loxmerly
occupied by Rmnmm.» a: (:0.
Port Townsend. May *l. 1830.
WI. Donn. J. E. Pvan
l’orl Townsend ..W. 1
TM» House l 1 now and newly mnlslmd. And
Immense: all the nppolntmentsolu
Fir-t-ola-n Hotel.
ll! Bar is Hyppllml mm the! he" of Wines
quunrs uml quurs. There lawman-mm lllll
iurtl ‘l‘ulvlc mul llvmllnu Room In Hm Hotel
Naming wiu bu Inn umlnm to make um
lluusl second to nonu In the ’l‘errllory.
3‘: lml'li & MIG)!
Ship Wright and Caulker
mum: "nut. '
l'orl 'l‘uwnncud. W. 'l‘.
FLOWS. 8:0,, to. '
WM 1
Opposite Washington . Haul
I Don-tan!!! on you tho -
Ghoicest. of leg,“ _
- Veuetablel.
Also, Corned Bee! ind Pork, Smoked
Mega. Pork and Bologna Sausages,
Head Cheese, Trips, &c., &c.
|.. ”arm a r. I‘:an
The First-claSs steamshio
0 A L I F 0 RN I A
' 'llJ. LEAVE
Port Town-wad for can.
Alaska 'l’m'y, and Wu'y Ports,
on or that“. nn .1 out luau.
Port Townsendi Portland, Ogn.
.- M It. Inc-u out In“.
F 0: Fnlght. or ngo, Apply on Board,
fl Ono 110.11. normal“. MGM.
J. r. sues HAN
Importer and Dealer In
And House-Hold Furnishing
Hardware. 23
WA‘IL'R 31“.. - - NIT TOWNS!!!)
J. CLEMENT SMITH. 71! G Street.
Washington. I). C.. Allomeyal Luv Iqu
tom-hm M Pan-ms. Survivor ofGllmoro
Smith '2 00., ml Chip-mu. Hammer & .
Co. Send postage stamps for Clrenln
gm»; lees. «kc.
SUI! Jill! 503 TH!

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