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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, December 03, 1880, Image 2

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fizz:_:;-_._ A_. . .
Am.‘ “lift: : Minn-um!Proprietor
FRIDnY, DEVEMH-Zl: 3, hm.
Jewell and oer-item. i
O‘lel,‘§n_ Nov. '2l --—t‘hstrmsu Jew-vii. -f tha- us» i
'o3.] "puhl'rsn vnmmittoe. Illtl John I. Dswupnrt
spent the mg" part of yi-stn-niuy st tit-l). (tlrnt'lli s [
home in Mentor. He came llrl’t‘ lsst uin‘t. mud lvft
for the asst thit- sfternoou. (it'll. lilrtirlti \v-‘IH it‘lV't'
home tomorruw or Tuesday for Washington. to be
[one s week or ten dsys.
Oncaoo. Nov. 'ii.—'l‘ho Inter-mom‘s Snndsy
'lshington specisl ssys: Grant‘s ststemout st the
low York dinner to the. edect. thst he thought this
sountry had done enough for him. is looked upon
hero ss In exprossion of disspprohstion of tlul New
York Times to raise In endowment fund. Very lit
tle interest wss ever taken in the nisttvr. and it is
observed that tho Times has sbsndoned it.
The Dust lhowman.
(‘.mmoo. .\‘ov. TJ.—’l‘ho lnter-Uruan's New York
special says l‘. T. Barnum. tln- ismonu showman.
has been them in s precarious I‘Ulldltlnn for I weak.
but it is thought he is now out of dsngvr.
Nsw Yons. Nov. 'M.-llsrnum. tht- fsmouis show
man. who has been you ill of obstructions ofin
tsstines. is much better now. I
Insult to the Navy.
NORFOLK. .Vov. ill—Other” at the usvy ysrd are '
excited Ind indignant bt't'llltw the cspthin of tho I
kitirh steamer Bsudriughaut. which wss beached '
0! CI 0 anry some tinu- sun and which. by cour
tesy ergo not-retsry of the nsvy. wss sllowed to
some in the doolrysrd to repair. took occasion to
lsunoh the bitter-est infl‘t‘hh't'tl upon the American
Isvl.th othcors and the flag. Commodore Hughes,
on learning this fsctt. ordered the vesnvl from th.
srd st once. and no work will be sllownl done on
her until instructions are received from tho Score
tsry of the navy.
Rattlers Arrsstsd.
Cmcaoo. Nov. tar-The lnter-Orean's Wsahington
ial says: It is learned to-dsy thst raiders into
“India: territory hsve been srrosted. Ind the wsr
do artmsnt ssys all such will be severely deslt with
as the Indisns will hen’rutectsd stall hszsrds until
dilsrontly understood y the government suthor
lexloo’s Development.
In You. Nov. 28.-—O. H. Lsgrange. formerly
aperintendent of the San Francisco mint. hss Just
returned from Mexico and is stopping st the St.
James Hotel. Bo speshs enthusissticslly of the
prospect of developing the resources of Mexico by
nilmsds with American cspitel. The mines,
though not so rich ss those of Nevada. will by the
use of the economics] methods of melting now
pmtinod in the United states, lnrresfe their pro
duct twenty fold with the help of railroads.
lot Bend nos- Bus-ted.
A parsnsph hss been going the rounds of the
lewspspers to tho eflect thst (Nilll‘l'll John B. Sut
ht. the discoverer of gold in Uslii‘ornia. hsd diod
In Wsshington recently snd had been buried beside
the grave of his wife in the Morvisn cemetery in
Litn. Ps. llrs. nutter hss written to this city. ssy
illl thst she is not dost], hour not been buried Ind
wt lpress Genersl Sutter'l claim for 850.000 before
congress for payment. Bho ssys. however. that she
b very fsshlo and does not expect to live long.
A Believes in lllrnolos.
Isv. Dr. TIDE. the well known Evsngelint clergy
man of the Episcogal church preached s sermon on
ludsy evening w ich sttrsctu much sttnntion in
litersry and religious circles. Spesking of the re
:l-stsd mirscles It Lourdes. France. he ssid no one
rs attempt to deny thst s multituds of cnres took
piece. The llme tossed. the deaf hesrd. the blind
aw. It will never 0 in this gsnerstion to deny
oth snthenflcstod fact. The doctor related what he
himself hsd seen there in evidence or the canine
nsss of the cures. which he daclsrod were tshe eifect
of simple. “questioning faith. Call tho itomish
system whst you wtll. said he. s hslf truth or s
nth wholly ovorlsdsn with error. here nevertheless
an the fsets. The Roman Catholic Church is wise
shovo lii-othor societies of believers. I do not and
it in my heat to impugn their motives. Ind in my
pussy importance 1 am striving to attain to the same
rssn t.
Alaskan Ilsvuy. .
Onoaao. Nov. flaw—The Interdicesn's Wsshinf
tuto- spscisl says: The Ingestion is delicate y
given out here thst it might be well for the govern
ment to " get rid " of Mash by leasing it to a com
mercisl oompsny. It might be so well for the gov
ernment nottorestore slavery under such a iss.
In the Best For isles is where it has prsctfgslly
hesndone. and tho miserable Alusts are permitted
to sell what they have for ssls only to the Commer
dsl Oompsny. and suffered to buy whst they wsnt
from thst oompsny. is only one way to ut .
them in a condition to be completely robEed 1
ofall fruits of their labor Is though they were un- .
do: the slaleriver-s' lssh. The lease of the re- ‘
matador of hls-Ran territory siunineu the. extension
0. thst disgraceful stats of Iffsirs.
Work for Chinese.
I“ You. Nov. ‘24.—The Btsr says on the corner of
Groveand Blocker streets the Pullmsn Pslaco Csr
00. is erecting I large the story brick buildin . to be
used for hundry purpoess in the service 0% their
systnm. It is reported thst 200 rulestisl washmen
Ire to be imported from San Francisco by the com.
pony. With the exception of In overseer or two. no
white labor will be employed on the premises.
111. [ln Inn-loss snsl llsartlersd.
Duns. Nov. 19.4“!!80 XeCrary to-ds refused
to [rent the motion at the sttorney genernfto trans
fer the use of indisn Agent Berry to the state vonrts
on the ground thst the nited states has exclusive
jurisdiction on Indies: reservations.
Duns. COL. Nov. M.-J. 11. Jschson. uncle of A.
D. Jackson who wss lsst September killed. by In
dians. was arrested lsst night ss In soceasory to the
murder of the Indian Johnson. but It the prelimi
narytrtsltodsy the prosecution failed to sustain
ths chsrce and the prisoner wss clinch-med. It now
mdnubtfnl if Johnson is desd ss seversl parties
sssert thst they have seen him end he was only
“sh?” "“31? "i mm} h ...
ecueo on an at erswss m n
to April 27th. W po
(Journal-loner hlsachsm to-dsy Kare bonds in
W. Berry. Hoyt and Cline are: still in oustmiy.
The militsry cummsndor of the He reservation is
ordered to repel all forcible intrusion.
AMI.“ by lldtsns.
on. Illa tonmlnnlxgurh from Lieut. JUl
hlabnq, titted "Cm It I: Mouth of the Mum]
8h 1, . ov.lth." II bug's: Indiana Inn-Red un to.
thy. About 4P. I. lon. Indium It I dintmco were
Mend by me lookouu coming town-AI our
amp Ind Icoutl lan! on were are-«l upun by I put:
In Huh»: I quite: o! I mu. from thv «map. The
Icon“ fought than w]! Hll ("read :0 (111 back.
which they did without lodnn Iny nu-u. 0n» of
“II: hone! W“ Mllm] Imth-v mmndwl It tht~
”It volley. lln muting my pomitluu u .tmnu In
poutblc. 'nu-y Ire vamul w wnn- hlrk 1n hymn I
null do the bout 1 can. list! they mun nut not our
chat until they not us 111.
Gen. HI!” Idz‘m that MI). lino-n built I Ina hut um!
"mind: It the mouth of lhn )lmwl shell luv-t mun-
I". "an mu ham ml of Mom. Khhng'uu'y'» mon
Ind unmnln. The" In man I rlflt‘ pit nrwuud
their (Imp; will m-nd Ml)!" Hum mo-r to that point
In rem-m far I tilur tn mun .Muuh- nminn nx‘ tho
m-"zm' “‘ ""1- I“"f"\ llulr “'.muv x. “mum".
82. PAUL. mm, Nuv. u—mn. Mil. a, whn H nnw
9|.“th A' l bunulnewu, Lun- n - ).nl Ummm-k wnh
MI (wily.
Although non-remnmtnhn :uny unnw‘nfhisnll
cut. he mm"! the Mann wn‘h r x~ I rlm- mm. fur
m, "Ith but in "I infiury. NH frivmln in the
run In «than! am he will he flw {mum- "in"! u!
m and mice.
“n. nah“ mm! (In! (hr Slum queution In
Mafiy mum, vxrrm II to smin: Hull
Min rag-rd: II I queluou o! dirlomury. The
“intonation the rural hu 0 Emma Bun
W- Mm wmun m! I In”. mar“; at tho mum.
r, In, I“. Ibout mo Influx mon. At Yon
mm In wuu nonm- Indium who hue rut
:B2“ to mm, who Inmgho maritime bu com
mhmmrpmm mam pr. rotar
em mum Inflclem tn lummn Jim for I
The l‘h nl . ’ l'r- -~' 111-mud vnrrvnp-Inth'nl. who
mum. m .1 u. u. \hlc'u «an! 1m- m-nvrnl has puru
t‘nlly cl: -. .I , .t IEII- Manx lummvu. [ll'uu‘h{ up
mum and In : \. “nun: lu uuurw m‘Hu- tit-Id. A-tu'.
‘ 'lu \‘ldl Wuhlnulun.
' «‘un mm. .\'w\ .‘ 'l‘ln- Intu-Urmn'u \Vn-MmJnn
npnxnl «n 3- .~. - nlur} >3 hurz ml] allow nu :u-o no u!
Hm l‘nncn hnlznm 1n I‘umt‘ Iu \\ uhmmvu t. _ huh-r
on A future r. min-mu,
H mm.
The 9!. Pet" 9m.
Hr, l‘u'l.. x, \ I‘J r—A Ht. l‘otl-r spa-. 1"! tn the H
nnm-r l'er saw 'l'hn rvnmnu of an uuulentmml
v 1: tmm ut‘ the :.»)'ll:l|nnro worn,- hunod hl'rl' tu-dny.
.\‘u mnru- tun-m," path-mu hmc- ”ported sud it ll
fem-ml that All [I ppm-d unsung 1m» dud.
\ n-rrmpuu-ll nt t--.v;{raphn: lthlnk thon- cnn N.
nu furthvr .luuht thut unlumhuu .\h-(‘nllmm '.'u'm.
(‘.rllllmh'. ,l, l‘ ('l. mo. Axum. (' Alloy. t‘nrl Hunhr'vn.
ur. J. H. 1L Ft'Ho-n. Wm. Fritz. F. Lurnuu Mn)”. 1“ rt.
Fnhn-y. .\lnrcvllr (h-ognwn. “mm Amhrwn. Hmry
Dirhun. And) .\I« Kny. E. ILUunlun.Andruwl'lm-u.
Lenora Imhau Mwurul MnJumy. lunwl n'lmnn and
l'utrlrh (‘an-y Inc-rmhmi in tho l'uxuvn. .\.. uxw hm.
huh! I Word lrum any or them mum: thv firr. ’l‘he
ufln'rru of tlm :mflnm hnw ulmnt rum-lulled thnt‘
they nuvor wull ln- hm-d frnm. This brmxu tho Hut
of the dead up w :42. Pumthly thn-e or four minim;
gltlantulmy lm {nun-l uomewln-ru in themuutry.
ut not wry prhhnhln. nutwithutlndiuu the fact that
J. C. Brennan m rL-purtlhl to have horn amen nllvo on
the rntlrnad trm'k mnw tho fire. Tha- “mm-rs u! tho
hospital hnvv gnaw {mm that be In amnng tho- dud.
They think that n he had gone homo he wuuhl hum
been hglrd my]. _ _‘ ‘.. _ ' ‘ .. .
HT. Pumn.)‘.w. 1:1.~-Thm.()'xu-n. John Nt‘gllhlt.
Ind l-‘mluh‘k lutrn: dml thin {urennon from tho
on‘m‘m of inhaling minute and othmtiuu at Um any
hun flnn. 'l‘ln- number known In he 111-ml now in U,
anon Idvnmn-‘l by nunm and six nnru‘ugnizul
bodion. ’l'nn mum Ira rrporm‘l probably burnml
and eight nmrn nnmnng.
ST. PAUL. .\'nv. '.’ll.—Wnrkmvn have lwml dt‘lvnn:
In the ruins of (In ins-no hnxpiml at Ht. Peters all
thy. Frnrmrnlnur human l'unnn werc- found, eup
pmod to no tln- rvxnninu n! (3. lieuflchner of Sun“
county. l’ru‘r Hogan raportud minim; mm funnul
in a filo of Mruw :n a pig my. 1h- nml almost pur
mbox frmn wld but may mun-en
i-l'r. I'nrrzn. .\iinn.. .\‘uv. 2:i.—ih-n. "(HENLDIUIH
from thvinsnnx usylum. was srro-uted ynntrrdnyuu
nunpieion of lining tire-d the building. lie con.
fenm-d to-t’ly that he had committed the deed. “I
says he wea luuily treats-d and triml to burn the
building down In ruveuue. He, wishrn all had been
burned. llv plum-d u an of nnpthn in the fcmnh:
wing. but itdid nut ignite. wlu n he tried to kindle
it. He was nu: mil-red n mild wow and uilowod the
run of the i)l|lltlllt[.{.
Burning on land. Mount-berg a; Code
Druu :1 rune M. \ hicngo.
CHICAGO. Nov. '.(l. -'l‘ln- Whuiesulu drug More of
Lord. Btuuteub. r;: a: GIL. rm Wuhsnh nvenuu, mm
gutted byiirn, wim'h broke out about noon twdsy.
The tire oriuinatt-d in tho fourth xtury. when- Jo-n
--nie McNu-nrney wnn bottling sulphuric rtlu r. As uhe
poured it from is run into 3 bottle the bottle explod
end In slcohoi lump iunitz-d and amend the blue. in
In insuut. through the room; thencethu progrensof
the ileum: to other ntoree was rapid sud (may. The
explosive: whivh were in the path of the flames
csused continuum reports thst nounded like I mins
turo cenonnsde. When the first vxpiosiun occurred,
which started the are, Jennie Mexesrney‘n clothes
were for In inntsnt ignited. but I workman wrapped
his cost sround tit-r Ind amnthered the ilemee. no
that she was why slightly burned. Lizzie Anderson.
sued '29, tsrmi Wurni'. Her clothing wu almout
burned off sud she, wss so badly injured thst her life
in despeiredot’. ilrr fleuh wan tsterslly roasted in
pieces and llrgo sodium: of the cuticle peued oil.
All other employi-u :u the building escaped ithm.t
injury. The building run I tive-etory stono front end
belonged to the Peek eutnte. The following in A re.
vised utetemeutoi’ the losses snd tnsnrnuve: The
building was mined It about $65,000, with A possible
Islvnge of from $‘.0.000 to 816.000; innurnnee. $30,000.
Contents owned by Lord. Htouteubnrgh d: (‘41.. val
ued st $150,000; prob-lily total loan. insured. 1129.000.
Bu nod I'p In Ht. House.
BAN Pancho", Nov. 2L—Shortly before, ‘.l oxlovk
this morning the residence of John Campbell. on
Kenna. between Humboldt sud Nevsds ntreetu. on
Potrero, was ilt‘ntt'uycd by tire. Mrs. Usmpbell and
eight children were resented, but tho body of Mr.
Csnipbell ma found in the ruins. He wee en ex
gresnmen sud kept his home in the basement of the
mine. He wsu seen going home the worse for
liquor end it in nupponed thst while he wss stteud
{ln} to hil horse he set the hey on fire. He was s ns
iv_o of Ireland. lg“! 42.
A Truckee diantoh erl Junilon. Plum»: county.
VIII burned It 4 o’clock thin morning. The tire in
In poled to hove been machinery. The whole town
in fn uhu. About 40 houlel. including I tine hotel.
three Itoree, HEVCI‘II uloone Ind other bulineu
Minor "no.
81'. Lowe. Nov. 10.-—The refining Ind smelting
work It Cheltenhel. nelr thin city. burned thin
morning; lone. 0135.000; ineurlnceJiiomo.
81'. Lowe. Nov. 9').-—A coll-pit It Birknoulll" ha
been burning All day.
New You. Nov. BlL—The wholonle point. oil Ind
lunp eatnbliiihniout of 690. Paulo in Bone. Brooklyn,
in burned : loos $25,000. inuunnce "6.000.
N”! You. Nov. 2‘l.—The building It Bowery Ind
‘ Heater etreeta. occupied by the London Ind Liver
-3 pool Clothing Compeny. is burned; lose. 850.000.
Pmunno. Nov. flit—The printing eetnhiinhment
of Boetetter t Smith. bitten innuuincturern, burned
this morning; luau. 840.000; ineured.
HAITINOI. Mich. Nov. 2:L—'l‘ho Irving flour milla
burned inst night with 8000 huehele wheat Ind ine
chinery; lomi $33,000; inaurnnce 315.000.
Eur moimw. Nov. '23.-—Clmp'a nwmill Ind lllt
worn Ire burned; loan. 3:50.000; inaurud. £6,000.
LAICMTHI. PI.. Nnv. alt—The wnrehouuo and grain
elevetor of H. ii. Unit & 00.. burned to-dny. The
building Wu UWut'd by K. B. Graft Ind vnlued It
$20,000; innured 80500. On the contents. urniu.
epplee. poo-toe» Ind tohecco, the loan was $50,000:
influence $25,000.
Bum-om». Pm. Nov. M.—Thirty-flvo buildinge
burned to-dny. Lou 335,000.
lon “testimony I. the non-nu l‘uu
8m hunmm'o. Nov. ill—ln depertment two of
the Superior Court to-dly. before Judge iiullivnn.
the one of John 1!. liurke vs. the estate of W. s.
O'Brien. deceuod. to recover twenty-six million dol
llrl.the vIlneo! ulimol null Inilin . Ind in the
out of Johufl. Burlm vI. J. G. Floornnd eetnte of
O'Brien to recover ”0.429.000. the value of Consoli
dlted Virginia stock Ipproprieted b the defendente.
come up on I motion on the ulend’ar. when 8. W.
Holledny. counsel for Burke. moved that both‘ceuee
be pieced on the equity calendar for trial by the
court. llrJiillyerJor deieudmtmconuntcd. Pro
'lde he did not Vllive the right to A jury heron in.
but to thin Mr. Hollulay would not consent. an the
time had pureed within which defendant: could do-
Inlnd IJury trill. Thereupon Mr. Hillyor waived
triel by int-y. em! both cam were pieced on the
equity on euder {or trial by the court.
San rust-lace. Nov. lit-Tho icetimony of “nice
0. Flood u I witness in the one at John H. Burke
linnlt the tl'lh-ion estate to rel-over $20,000,000, the
nine of eliimn and tailiuga, was concluded tit-thy
before the iiwlnn public for use on the- triel. which
comel oil in i. l: w \Vi't'kl. Mr. Flood mliuittod that
the elections ..1' .liri-i-tora oi lion. Virginia from 1574
to any. um. win-n O'Brien died. wrm controlled by
O'Brien. Flumi. .\im'koy lilll Fair, lini from May.
1818 to Amy. lnT'J. the tin"- of tho miumeuceuwut of
thil action. hr l-‘i...-.1. Marin-y IIHII h‘nir; but refused
toenawrr M in ilniri-uuirol ..r the Union. Ophir.
Mexican. i't:.h. m-rra Nevmln. llule & .\‘url'rw-S. Brat
& Belcher, iinulu .\ i'urry. ilnlifornia, \‘vllow Jack“.
00M Hi“.\\'..t.-r I‘m-mp, “'nod Pm'ifli'. [to-mirrytk
Pacific Mill i‘ “hpuuin-n. ”1‘ mlputiml tiint h.» linii
Ici'lirod the vi \i'iii u! Fitch. \anlm‘t‘, Wells mnl
O'Connor as i'. rut-re of t'- ii. Virginia. inn. Would
11'“ out? in in lh: lih. r minimum-. 1 or u'lic'lhvr tin-y
brill lily etm‘l.’ ni’ i‘ in. Va. \i'r‘llx W 3" in hnviiipiuy.
O'Counrr v m mutual. “Jill I'. 1‘ Flu. .i. U‘l‘rivii.
NIH“)! and his. \"lillt‘ l-'. ch uinl \anian- hail M
rureni pray“: rl"-«-l.\1'u. i.. .-..u'.i~..i tiir o-lv-i‘iioii
0f dir"«'t.:rs. 'l‘”!in limi lawn mrrriury mi i'wiiai-li
dntul \'ir.'iii,::_ :n.-i \"ui. aim-mu‘mi lg; Firth and Fish
by lien-us. \\ l. . i- nun sum-wt. -ry, i-‘i~h lmin': [ll'l'Hl
dent. ”i>||“ln(-121i.:.1r-"l;.('lli‘i‘iltlt u «'.iru in: --i i‘ml-‘
million-u \ir,:i-.i...ii I‘7ll|"i'l\l"l‘lii‘\\'fl‘ tirwi n! 11.
mi i.."rv liml in m .i pm at .lvnl .1! fun 11..11‘.t ll'Tl‘ luv
“Hr " l‘. imv. }, ‘n-ii i‘ulihi n. ‘t an} win l‘nir.
Sim-la} Milli ti'liri“li "Muslin-ii. Tllt-l‘l' ii!” i» vii n~>
irrr-urvru l'l'lniillililtl'll \‘irgiiiia .«ii' .- li. (Howl)
F“lulli‘ll.lmttlw prunluut Imi m'i'l’rluiy had Mini
:1.- dii- ‘i.
This "..wu- I tlu- tc-Htiinvmy Pump! 3 : tn liiiiiiiswurrll
'ii‘iwiiv u-. \t‘llli'h will in- l'l‘puriw' 1.. 11..- murt fur
Mliwn iillli mi Ul'liPi' to lllflWl'r Ilill prmlun- Ult‘ invoke
and III'I"“-liliu 4.! Flood k O'liriru i'ur oxuniinetion.
Kullceh and others Indicted.
Tho grund jur has promoted In nccuelilon
nulin-i mayor klfloch clinging him with lilving
pr'bfllh‘d tin "wet-Cant of W. P. Hugh" to n po
aition in the when! rigiutnr oi vowre end thon
thinig .lrlnlndt‘d from him I part n! his ullry
which wan mid him. The jury nluo hue praeentml
In lu‘i'iiuliou clinging the mayor. llulitur Dunn Ind
.-it_v kl'll munt)’ Ittornry Murphy with hevinu hed
wuyk 4.4 mm the new riiy hnll \vxthuut ndvoruaing
1..- I . l‘
NI- l'lua l'lnn.
' llvnnw lin-nrnv 3 has ngio- lllll‘li to his Ilra)
I \‘u FINN in u. .\‘m' '.".. "an rum-u of smallpox
,-. l-urml t- 4!“). o! \tllltll uni) tun hflVl' luwll v: N
l i‘hl mul rum Viki to tlm [N'h‘ h "no. “no 1»! th .
an” r: lulrlull wus that oi u vhilnl wlll-u- inutlnr.
li'-rllnlll_\'\\2lil ill‘tllil oi tho [not humu- ln'fliro llt'l’,
ru , mung mth tin t'llllil. and is numn-aml to l-r cithi'r
lmlum among thr whnnrn or Jumpml Into tho buy.
:2. In r iiistrm tlwn oi nunnl. 'l'u mi-lxl tln- danger of
' r“ uimuon tho nuth iritim hnvo- orm'rl-d the utoppaue
Of all \‘nilts or outnnlvrn tn tln- unluntrlal urhonl.
uml m.- flmm. ”1:1!me i-xpmtmi to lu- puruned With
rt unrul to the loom: oi curru tion and other public
Moody laud Snukoy.
HAN Plum im'o. Nov. '."2.—-.\iun<l_r and Monkey dll‘ a
rn~hlng hum ma ymdtt-riluy. holding four lnrm-ly It
trndwl muting» during the aitrrnuon and evening.
A Fem-Ital ‘tol'y.
Nara. I‘nl. .\‘i-v. '22.—-’l‘ho hmm- of A. i'uill» wan
thus ii' (1 rnoon drfllrilyt‘tl by lirv. Iho hoilue VIP; or.
rupimi hy ('llni‘ln'l‘ ltm-hrinnn-r. his wife nuvi twu
rhiliirt-n my ii rrapw-tlvvly i and :l yi-nrn. lluth rhil.
l virrn wort- hurnwl to lii-nth in the fire. Mrs. llm-lz
' ringrr laml gun.- to n neinhbor s and hail loi'kuil tha
human containing the I‘lllldl’i‘ll and ttia unpponml
tlmt thvy vaun- it tho tin-11y playing with xnatrhen.
The mutln r huh brcoint- innnnc over the occurruuro.
A Dcrp-‘y by d VIII-Il-
Vumxsn. Nov. 19.——Jamoa 'l‘lnaley. who Hod from
linker county. Oregon, aome tinm sinus t) urape tho
rmm-qm-ni-e of n mont unnatural crime and waa
pllrnuo-ul by thu nhi-rltt to HlivarCity. lilaho han been
given ‘l4 hours in which to leave thiu city. liia of. ‘
rum conalnti-il ln debunrhing a poor half-wittpd
girl of is. a member of the» lowest primary clans in
tho pllllllt‘ urhools. The girl's evidence. though iii
rwt nud ponitlveund given unbhmhinlfly. to not an!-
iil-iv-nt to convii't of the otl'vnce. 'l‘ era has been
luuvh tnlk ot‘ lynching by the hvmln of iumilluo.
Ktlled by I l'tete ol'la low
Cannon. Nov. '2! .—.\. McCrinnnnn. 19 yenrnold, waa
klllml m illi‘nhrouk saw mill at :4 o’clock this morn
ing. Amm burnt and a plow cut him in the groin
and howvln no thot he bind to (loath.
The to nor “In Iflow.
SAN Plum-moo. Nov. ISL—A (‘lold Hill ill-patch
no)": (.‘apt. Taylor, superintendent of Yellow Ju‘lot.
has notiliwl nil suprrintendonta of mines concerned.
that hi! will to-dny stop bailing wlter at tho Jacket
shaft. The nation in tho wear and tear of machinery
and t‘fllllt'll itrl' too great to he continued. 'l‘hla will
tioml fllt‘ lower levels of Excheqnor. Alpha, Con Im
pi-riul. Contillc-m'e. Kientiick, (frown Point. and Bel
cher. and stop Work there for six weeks.
Mtne on Ftro.
SAN Fluxvisr'o. Nov. '22.—-A Virginia City diupatch
Hays tl‘o (‘Ull‘llllpl‘l‘lfll in on fire on the 2050 {not lev
v‘l; tooli iroin a “canoe between the tiino oi changing
of Hhiitu this morning. A llllulbi‘l' of mon were in
tho W'lrkfl at thin point. Five who were below havo
been taiu-u out.
SAN l-‘nasuiaco. Nov. “)2. —'l‘he are in the Imperial
mlm- has bt‘t'll buikhendeil. water not down and the
tire in now undo: control and dying out. The dam
mc rannut be estimated till the drift can be opened
again. but cannot be heavy.
The nre in the Imperial burned the wine on 2060
to 2136 love]. Not much of the drift burned. Tho
unused winze from tho 1900 to 2050 in poaatbly
burned too. No danger of further aproad.
Vinumn, Nov. '22.—Five new cam of amnllpox
Imm davu-loped here aim-e Saturday. one being con
fluent. 'l‘hreoot them-nuns are children.
The Flooded Minor.
Jackot atoppwl bailing inst night; Belaher pumpa
only from 1500 level. Work stopped all along from
Bullion to ()verman.
flu «ken-dint (Hf-uncut.
Phllli Conperandy. a Frenchman. hnd a log bro
ken in the Re leil min? last. week. Mortification not
in, amputation followed. and he died laat night.
PORTLAND, Novomber2s. 1880.
Legal tenders in Portland, buying, par, and
Belling at. par.
Silver c :in in Portland bunxs quute at I per
cent. discount to par.
(lain exchange on New York, 1 per cent. prc~
Coin exchange on Sun Francisoo, par to i per
cent. premium.
Telegraphic transfers on New York, 1 per cent.
gnome Produce lulu.
The following quotations represent the whole— 3
sale rates from producers or first hands: i
FLOUR—Quotable in jabbing low at: Standard
brnrdl,ss 00hest conntr bmuds, $3 s'l®
$3 75,superfine,$3 [email protected]‘3 50.
WO()Ir—[email protected]§ for choice.
WHEAT—Good tochoice, Si. 30.
HAY—Timothy baled, buying at [email protected]ß per
POTATUES—QuotabIe at 10 per lbs
MIDDLINGS—Jobbing atleed,[email protected]: line
8256335275 @ ton.
BEAN—Jobbing at per ton. [email protected]
OATS—Feed, per bushel 425L194.) cu.
BACON—Sides, 1310; hams, (lregonS C l‘.’§@
1351:; lantern, [email protected]; shoulders,[email protected]
LARD—In kegs, 13; in tins, l3c.
BUTTER—“e quote choice dairy at. 27u25c;
good lresh roll, 20(g2flc; ordinary, [email protected]
200, wluther brine or roll.
DRIED ERUITS—Apples, sun dried, 9aloc:
‘ machinedried, 120}. Peers, machine dried,
llal'2c. Plums, machine dried, 20c.
EGGS—32S.! per (lo:
POL’L'I‘RY— Hens and roosters, $4 Mai). 'l‘nr
keys ll‘a2oc per pound. Geese, sBll9 for doz.
CIIEEBE~-Uregon, ”54150; California, 6c.
lIl'HiS-Dressoo, Me; on foot, 85a4c.
BEEF—Live weight; ll to lie for good to choice
SHEEP‘Live Weight, l-la2c.
’l’A LLOW-Quolable at 00.
RlDES—Quotable at Halo-lo for all over 16 lbs,
«mo—third oll' lor underthut, nllo one—third oil
for culls; green «Muse.
Boner-I merchandise.
RlCE—Mnrket quoted at. China, Halli; Sond
wieh lr'iund. Ha“.
COFFEE——Cusm Rica, ”also; Jnvn, 25¢260 ;
Rio, lliial Tc.
TEAS—Wu qnom annn in luquered boxes 50a
75c; [mlwrfiiuaHL
SL’GAl'lS—Sundwieh lslnnd,9saloo; Golden C,
in hbls. 100 ; Mob-5,91“ ( rurhed tibia. llio.
hl‘bbls, I 20; Pulverized bbls, 12c, hf bbls,
13k: Granulated bh’u. llhc, hf bbls l2ic.
SARDINES—Qr boxes,sl 75; hf ouxes, $2 75.
YEAST l’UWDEß—Dnnnelly, $lB 'l3 gross;
Dooley, s2oa‘22 ‘9 gross; Preston .k Merrill,
$24 ’l9 gross.
WlNEHnWhilo, per do: in case, 83 50414;.per
gul,7octu $l s‘); Sonmna, [M‘l’dofl in ore-nos,
$3 5010 $5: per gal. (We to $1 50
ClaretA—(‘illilinnia pergn‘, $1 to $1 25; im-
Imr'od p‘r gal. $1 50 to $2.
Sherry—(Kiln per unl, $l 50 to $2 50: Spun
ish,sl‘. to SO3; awn-led brands. .512 to alh;
imported per gal. $2 i)” to $7.
I‘uerVm-iuuq ln'unds in qr mks. $2 .30 w 33;
.fil In! In *2; imlm-ml. sls in $7.
Sl’ilil'l‘S-J'ma.nlo‘ “mine-5y Brnndy in qr chin
and vcuwesifi 301.) $7 50 per gall: Dun
villo's Irish w hisny in cums per dun, 3w;
John-5 HIcWJI‘t a; (‘O3) Soon-h Whisky in qr
(‘iii and natuvo-z, $4: llcnnvmy Brandy in
case, [x-rdozn'ory lino—l s‘m‘ slb‘. ‘1 star,
sl7 :20, ll allll‘ Sl‘J; Holland Hm, lnrgo cuios,
MB L 0 $11!); Old 'l'om (Lin in Cl‘M‘Syfl2; Rye
\Vhislzy, per gal, $2 .50 to $5; Bourbon. per
gum: 50w$5: A Cutter,” 2'» to S 5 .30;
U K Putter, $4 50 to $5.
OlLS—Ordinary brands of coal, 300, high grades;
Downer .k 00.. Mia-100: boiled linseed, $1 ;
raw linseeil,9sc; purelnrdJlal lo; cantor,
$1 50am“); turpentine, 60:650.
William Williams, of Connecticut, one
of the signers of the Declnntion, was
born at Lebanon. Conn. April 18, 1781,
and died Augult ‘2, 1811.
The defenses of a country are in some
manner indicative of its greatness and
certainly are the safeguard of its pros
perity. When those are adequate, stand
in},r at its harbors a silent surety for the
protection of its cities and their homes
and industries, labor goes quietly to
work to build and enhance its val
ues, and does not stop or hearken
with hated breath when the rude tocuiu
of foreign war is sounded. Long years
of peace with the outside world and
zealous labor in building up local indus
tries may, and in the very nature of
thing- does, overcome the broader and
more remote possibilities of a future
med ofdefensc in the popular mind, but
governments should uevor lose sight of
these if they would insure themselves
against the possible calamity of sudden
onslaught. That the people. of the
Pacific (‘oast may understand the nature
of the defences with which the United
States Government has seen fit to guard
their two principal ports of entry, we
subjoin from the reports of the Chief
Engineers of the U. S. Army advunve
sheets which have been furnished by
('Ol. (iillespie. a description of the de
fences that guard the harbor of San
Francisco and the mouth of the Colum
hia, together with amount asked for to
render each eilvctivo for thelpurpose
Folt'l‘ .x'r Four I’HINT.
This casemated work, commenced in
1853, and its exterior earthen liarbette
batteries, commenced in 1870, form the
defenses of the smith side of the Golden
Gate, the entrance to San Francisco har
bor. No Work upon these batteries has
been done since 1870, for want of funds,
and the imputance of an efficient pro
tection of the city of San Francisco, the
navy-yard at. Mare island, and the United
States arsenal at Benicia, warrants an
early and adequate appropriation there
for; and for this purpose the sum of
SIOO,OOO is asked for the next fiscal year.
roar AT um: POINT.
This fort. which has not yet been com
menced, and its detached earthen bar
bette works. viz., Gravelly Beach Bat
tery, commenced in 1870; Lime Point
Ridge Battery, commenced in 1871; and
Point (lavallo Bettery, commenced in
1872, constitute the defenses thus far
designated for the entrance to the her
bor of San Francisco on the northern
shore of the (loldea (late. In order to
oemplete the batteries as projected, and
to include rebuilding the wharf and
wooden reservoir tank, and for repairs of
steamer, the sum of SIOO,OOO will be re
quired, SOO,OOO of which can be profita
bly expended in the year ending June
30, 1882.
roar os Alil'A’l‘BAZ rsmxn.
Alcatraz Island lies in the harbor of San
Francisco, two miles inside its entrance,
in a very advantageous position for the
defense of the channels on every side 0!
it. In 1870 the work of remodeling the
defenses of this island to adapt them to
modern ordnance—this work, consisting
of the construction of heavy earthen bat
teries—was commenced and carried on
fora few years, when it was suspended
for want of funds. The last appropria
tion $325,000) was for the fiscal year
1875-’ 6, although there was some work
dene, mostly by the military prisoners
confined on the island, in 1877. The ap
propriation ($50,000) asked for will be
applied to the construction of gun plat
forms for earthen batteries ready to re
ceive them, and to the construction of
earthen batteries not yet commenced.
No work was done at this fortification
last year beyond its preservation, protec
tion and repair.
mnnmne AT POINT SAN .iosn.
One of the two temporary earthen bat
teries at this point, (constructed during
the late civil war, is wholly uneervmcn
ble. The timber platforms are decayed,
end the timber magazine has, in part,
fallen in. During the your the timber
magazine in the other earthen battery
has been re-built, and three timber plut
ferme have been rc-plnced for purposes
of drill and practice firing. Projects for
new earthen batteries of heavy, guns and
mortar: for the occupation of this impor
tant point in the second line of defense
for the bay and harbor of San Francisco
have been prepared by the Board of En
gineerl for the Pacific (least.
hummus ox ANGEL ISLAM).
The three earthen batteries on this Is
land were built during the late civrl war
{or temporary use. The timber plat
forms and the timber magazines are
decayed, and nearly all the gun-car
riages have been condemned. The lint
teries are practically unserviceable.
Bnrhette earthen batteries for the heav
iest guns have been planned by the
Board of Engineers for the Pacific Coast,
to occupy the most valuable positions on
the channels leadingy to the upper part
of the bay, to the navy-yard at Mare
Island, and to the arsenal at Benicia.
These constitute the defences of San
Francisco in their present condition and
us will readily be seen the menace they
offer to apresnmptuous invader is not
practically formidable. We come now
to the
navmslte OF THE mmmnu
As set forth in tlm report. These consist
of Fort Stcvr-ns,an incluscd earthwork
at Point Adams, Urcgon,on the south
side, commanding an entrant-e to the Co
lumbia river by the south channel.
which, after passmg the outer or north
ern end of (llatsop Spit, skirts the Last
ern shore of I’omt Adams on the ap
proach to Astoria; and the eastern bat
teries at Fort Canby, Capo Disappoint
ment, Washington Territory, on the
north side, commanding the. entrance by
the north channel, which passes in close
to the headland, leaving Sand Island to
the southward. Thole earthworh won
built during the lute (-ivil war in antici
pation of complil-ution with foreign pow
ers. The breast-high retaining walls of
the purupets, the walls uml roofs sup
portng the eurth i-overings of mega
zines. the gun plutfornw, iuul other parts
which are commonly built of masonry in
permanent earthworks, were, in this,
case, necessarily built of wood for want
of time and money, llnll they are rapidly
rou'r mxm‘.
The revetment of the interior slopes of
the center battery and purt of tho revet
ment of the right buttery have been re
moved; the platform and revetment of
the 15-inch gun battery on the right of
the right buttery huve been rebuilt; u
new roof has been put on the powder
magazine near the light-keeper's dwell
ing, and a few minor repairs male to the
shutters and to the interior. Estimates
are submitted for renewing the revet
ment of the left buttery, rebuilding six
gun platforms, and keeping powder mug
aziue in repair.
ron'r srnvnxe.
The earth covering has been removed
from the sallyport. and all the decayed
timbers constituing the lining have
been taken out to give u. passage to the
fort for the garrison; part of the timber
for renewing the lining has been pur
chased and delivered; and the wooden
drain to the moat has been taken up and
replaced by an R-ineh tile drain. Enti
mates are submitted for renewing the
revetments of the interior slopes and
traverses, rebuilding five gun platforms,
and continuing repairs to the sally-port.
Appropriation for the above-mentioned
repairs asked for the next fiscal year,
37500, Board of Engineers for the Pacific
Coast. The Board has consisted of the
following ollieere: Lieut. 001. U. S.
Stewart.Liout. Col. lt. S. Williamson,
Lieut. 001. G. Mendel], First Lieut. A.
H. I’ayson, recorder. with whom Maj.
G. L. Gillespie has been assoeiated in
the discussion of certain of the subjects
brought belore it. During the year the
Board has had under consideration and
reported on the locating a breakwater
and harbor of refuge on the Pacific
Coast between San li‘ranoiseo and the
Straits of Fuca; on the improvement of
(Joel bay, Oregon; on the canal at the
Cascades of the Columbia river, Oregon;
and on the entrance to Yaquina bay,
, ..V. , ~ .
The Future of Weather l‘orctelllng.
In no other part of her wide realm has.
science done so little for the good of man
or her own fame as in the department of
meteorology. In the solid earth her
prophecies have long had a high value,
in the far ofl heavens her empire is
aflirnied, but in the unstable air between
these two well possessed provinces there
isaregion that is not yet subjugated.
Around the border of the domain of me
teorology some gains to the cause of law
and order have indeed been made; we
control the lightning, we are able to
track a clearly defined storm for days on
its path, and can hel the sailor to knowl
edge that often ensbiiss him to escape its
clutches when it assails him on the deep
see; but as for foretelling the weather in
any proper sense, we have not yet attain
ed to it. Is it attainable? Can we hope
to compass the conditions of our days
so that we may sow and reap,
travel, feast, or make war in weather of
our choice? This is, after all, perhaps,
the most interesting of the questions
that the future history of science must
determine. But though the perfect
answer is not to be given at present,
there are some things in the existing
conditions of our science that make us
hopeful that we are but at the beginning
of the work of weather forecasting.
There are two distinct scientific efforts
at weather foretelling, as distinguished
from the current survival of the modes of
thought of ancient ages that are intro
duced in our ordinary weather prophe~
cies. that undertaken by Admiral Fitz~
my, in England, and that begun in this
country by the United States Signal
Corps, under the control of the late (len
eral Myer. Both of these have made
their basis of the simple principle that
weather always has a history: that it
means conditions that pass from one re
gion to another by certain laws of move
ment and at a certain rate. This general
fact was long ago recognized by meteor
ologists, but it was not until the tele
graph enabled knowledge to outstrip
the storms that it was possible to make
any use of it in foretelling the weather.
By the admirable labors of the United
States Signal Service this method of
announcing the weather that is jour
neying towards any locality has been
brought to a high point of perfection,
but it has not to any extent helped
us to foretell the creation of weather.
When a weather area forms in the far
West, it is now traced as clearly as the
path of an army, until it passes
away. Sometimes the state or the
barometer will tell uomuthing about
storms that have not yet gathered them
selves for their eastward march, but be
yond this there have as yet been no
means of foreseeing. The weather
bureau is of no more use than a groumb
hog or a goose~bene for telling us
whether our comingr spring or summer is
to be warm or cold, rainy or dry. Is
this the end of our advance? (lan we
hope to do no more than take the storms
we find afloat, and trace them on their
courses; or can we hope to look behind
them to the conditions of their origin so
clearl that we can foretell their cause
and place of working?—[Novemller At
Just as the stars above are separate
and distinct from each other, so is every
human soul solitary and alone. Each
travels in its own orbit, its course deter
mined by the attraétion and repulsion of
the heavenly bodies that environ it.

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