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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, January 20, 1882, Image 3

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um; um: mum
on. now sin: "Em-m) )u: on or 11'.
. “Can I sit with you?"
"(‘erlulhif. sir."
"Nim- \\'t'atltt‘l'."
“S )lo‘lltllll, indeed."
“(‘rnps growing finely?"
“Yes, eunldn't he better."
1 was sitting in a passenger much on a
“’igconsiu railroad one day, years ago,
when a good-looking, pleasant spoken
man cumi- along, stopped at my seat,and
the above conversation took place, the
mum-putt of it alter I had given him
part of my seat.
New lam regarded as a social man.
[like a joke agootl hit; and I-think a
nOlll'. ulnl'mlt' man. who uses his tongue
onlY when obliged to, Is bound to die of
90qu terrible disease, and go to some
place of roddiot punishment.
On entering a railroad car I alWuys
look about for a talkative man, and then
at as 01030 to him as possible, and
grain him dry, it tho jeurney is long
And I want to state one thing more.
Left an orphan het'ore leould realize the
event which made me one, I got kicked
here and called there, and “grew up he
twoen folks," as they say. I ought to
have had, at the time of which I write, a
pretty thorough knowledge of human'
nature. and haw heen enabled to read in
aman's fave it he intended mo evil. I
did not pride in) self on being over keen
or extra sharp, but the knocking around
among strangers ought to give one a
good experience.
Well, the stranger and I fell into an
easy train of eon versation as we rode on
together, and in ten minutes I. began to
enjoy his Company. He was a well-inade
fellow, tlnely dressed, and he wore a line
watch md a sham) pure diamond ring.
I never saw a man who eonld talk so
easily and so pleasantly. It Mt‘t'lUQ‘ll that
he had hat to open his mouth, and the
words I’ell right out.
I had traveled in the South, so had
he; I had heard the loud roar of the Pa
eith'. he knew all about it. I hml been
in in a halloon, down in a mine; heen
biown up, smashed up, and repaired
again. My new friend had eniorieneod
all these things, and was waiting for
something to turn up of a more startling
nature. We agreed anJlUllllt'S, and I
had never met such a railroad coni
Did you ever meet a man who, though
a stranger to you ten minutes before,
could wrest from you seen-ts whieh
you‘d swm-n to yourself not to reveal?
Well, he was just such a man. It was
not long hefore ho eomnn-uued asking
me questions. He did not seem to he
trying to draw me out, but he asked me
questions in sueli a sly. round-shout
way, that heloro [ knew it I was giving
him my history.
Iwas just. at that time on the point of
being admitted to the har of Wiseonsin
as a student of Law .\ Law, of Brier
Che tirm were old lawyers, with a lu
crative praetiee, and it had been talked
over that in about a month [ was to he
comc the “(30." of the til-m. A year he
foro, and an old man named I’reston,
down about four miles from (irattondnad
died, and his matters had heen put into
the hands of Law .k Law for settlement.
Preston died rieh. II» had money in the
bank, railroad stocks, mortgages. ete..
and everything was settled a i to the sat
isfaction of the relict and fatlierless.
About ayear before his death. being
short for money and not. wishing to sell
anything at asacritlee. Preston had given
a mortgage on his farm for $5500”. While
the papers read "one year from date."
there was a verbal agreement. that it
should he lifted ofl‘ any day when l'res
ton desired. A month after, when, hav.
mg the money, he desired to clear oil the
paper, the old money-hugs holding it
refused to disgorge, wishing to secure his
Interest for a year. _
I was on my way to ascertain the date
0i expiration. A fire among our otliee
papers had destroyed the memoranda,
and I must go down and get the date
from old Scrip, who lives south of (traf
ton about tlve miles. The stranger had
Pulmped all this out of me in aluout ten
Inmates, and yet I newr oueo suspected
that. he WM all this time receiving infer"
lam not pesitive," I added, “but [am
We"! Hire the time is the 13th » -whieh
would he Tuesday."
"And then your folks will send down
the money and discharge the mortgage
of course?" he inquired.
_ “Ch. yes. [should most likely bring
ltdown," I replied,and it never occurred
'0 "10 how imprudent it was.
He turned the conversation into other
Channels, and did not once attempt to
Pump me further. We got to (irattoa at
ball past ten. and to my surprise he
annosneed that he was to stop in the
tOWa on business for a few days. I had
not asked his name or mention, while he
knew everything about me.
We Went to the hotel, had dinner, and
then I seeured a lively team and drove
out, getting through with the business
ID that I was hack to take, the halt-past
two express east. My friend was on the
Porch of the hotel as I drove up, eurry
fnggothat same honest, dignified appearing
. "WP“. did you find out?" he inquired
mill-fl pleasant way.
Its on the 115th, as i expected,” I
}We had lunch together and when we
{illook bands and parted I had no more
1‘: 0“ 9f seeing him again than I have of
hPOWIM; you. At parting he gave me
bl?! card. It was a modest piece of paste
.°“"|_.and bore the name of (too. Raleigh
“1 script.
Everything at the ofllee went on as
“'flual, and the 13th came at length. Law
‘1 Law had arranged for me to go down
With the money", and I looked upon it an
a business of no speeial importance.
“We know you are all right."remarked
the senior panner. as I was about to go;
"but I want to give you a word of warn
iug, nevertheless. Don't take any
strangers into your confidence until you
have passed out the money, and look out
who wits next to you."
It was something new for him to cau~
tion mo, and I could not but wonder at
it; but in the bustle of getting on board
the train I forgot what he said. Ordi
nary prudence had induced me to place
the money, which was all in bank bills,
and divided into three, packager-l, where
the dell hand of a pick-pocket could not
reach It.
Interested in a nmvapaper. time tlew
by as the train llew west. and. at length,
the hoarse, Voice of the brake-ma.) warned
me that I had reaehed ('rrul'tou. I had
leaped down and Was making: my way to
the livery stable when I heard a familiar
voice, and looking up, saw Raleigh. lle
was seated in a buggy. and had, seeming
ly, waited for me to come up.
"Don't express your surprise," he be
gun. as I stopped at the wheel. “I did
intend to go away. but I changed my
mind, and I like this HH'llUll so well that
I 11111 going out to-duy to look at a farm,
With a view of purchasing. Come, ride
up to the hotel."
We rode up, ordered a lunch, and
while we were diseussingit, Mr. Raleigh
discovered that the farm he was going to
see was just beyond the Script'a.
110 w fortunate! [could ride out with
him to see the farm, and return in his
company, and he would be greatly
I was also pleased. If anyone had
told me. as we got into the buggy, that
George Raleigh meant to return With my
money in his poeket and my blood upon
his hands, 1 should hare believed him a
lunatie. And yet (leorge Raleigh had
planned to do that very same thing.
It was a lovely day in June, and the
cool breeze and the sight of meadows
and green grow's made my heart grow
My companion was very talkative, but
he didn’t even hint at my errand.
"U, excuse me," he cxr-laimed, after
we had passed a mile or so beyond the
village and and Wul't‘ among the farm
houses, “I should have otl'ered you this
He drew from his pocket a small flask
of wine and handed it to me. Now,l
was temperate in regard to drinks. [a
fact. I detested the sight and smell of
anything intoxicating; hat I had not the
moral courage to tell him so and hand
back the flask undisturbed. I feared to
offend him, and so I drank, perhaps,
three good swallows. He called my at
tention to the woods on the left, as he
received back the flask, and when I
looked around again he was just remov
ing it from his month, as if he had drank
In about five minutes I began to feel
queer. 'l'he fences along the road seemed
togrow higher, and the trees to grow
larger; something got into my cars, so
that the rattle of the buggy sounded
a long way off.
"How strange! why, 1 believe I am
going to be sick!" I exclaimed. holding
on to the seat with all my might.
“You do look strange," he replied, a
sickly, smile stealing over his face. “I
shouldn't wonder if it was apoplcxy."
I did not suspect the game he had
pla 'ed. His words were l.ke an echo,
andlhis face seemed twice as large as it
usually was. My head began to snap
and crack, and I was greatly frightened.
“You are badly off." he continued,
looking into my face. "1 Will drive as
fast as possible and get a doctor."
My tongue was so heavy that I could
not reply. I clutched the scat, shut my
eyes and he put his horse at his best
pace. We met a farmer's team, and I
can remember that one of the occupants
of the wagon called out to know what
ailcd me. Raleigh did not reply, but
urged the horse forward.
About three miles from (,‘vlafton was a
long stretch of forest, and this we soon
reached. The pain in my head was not
so violent, and I was not so badly at"
fer-ted with opening my eyes. I had
settled into a sort of dumb stupor, with a
brain so bennm'oed that I had to say to
myself. “this is a tree, this is a stump,“
etc., before Iconld make sure that I was
not wrong. Half .3 mile down the road,
after we struck the forest, and then
Raleigh turned the horses into a blind
road leading hack into the woods. I
could not understand what he intended.
I tried to grapple with theqziestien, but
I could not solve it.
"Well, here we are," exclaimed
Raleigh, when we had reached a point
forty rods from the road.
He stopped the horse, got out and
fastened him, and then came around to
the wheel. , , _ _
“You don't feel just right. but I gueas
you will he better soon," he remarked;
“come. let me help you down."
He reached up his arms, and I let go
of the seat and fell into them. It seemed
to me as if I weighed a ton. but he car
ried me along without an etl‘ort and laid
me down within about a rod of the fence
which ran along on one side of an old
pasture. Just now thei-tl‘ori, ol' the drug
was wearing otl', and [began to {cola
little better, and I got a faint suspicion
that something unusual hail haplmnml.
But I was powerlexa to move 9. lilnh; the
sensation was like that when your foot
goes to sleep.
"Can you speak '3" inquired Raleigh,
handing over me, “because if you can, it
will save me some trouble. I want to
know where you have stowed that
money 1'"
Now I began to realize my situation.
His face looked natural again and the
load was ott' my tongue.
“George Raleigh! are ~vou going to
{ob me ’3" leaked, finding my veice at
I “We”. some folks might call it rob.
| hing. but we dress up the (arm by call
ing 1! the only corrmt financial way of
ulnulizing the flouting cnrwnuy, m that
euch one is provided fur, and no one loft
} out."
“You slinn't have the manor: I'll dio
first ‘." I yelled, rising n littlo.
“Ah. I sou-«yon didn't tukt- quite
enough," he coolly ru‘mnrkt-d. “Well.
I lmw provided for this."
[ln wvnt to the- buggy, prot-nrod ropos
nnd n [mg and kuvlt down ltt'sltlu me.
I had but little strength yet. and he- vou
qucred mo in n moment. Laying im- on
my right sidu, looking townrd tho Ivm't‘,
ho tit-d my hands. and then forced the
guy, into my mouth.
" I‘huro, now, you 500 you urn nicely
tiwd up, and all bccunso you nclt-d like
u fool. inatmtd of v setmihlnyonng lnwyer
hunt] to he ndmittml to the lmr."
Whih- ho wan-s spanking—indeed whilv
ho was tying mv - I had caught tln‘r sight
of the white fawn of at little girl looking
at us butwoen the rails of the lent-9. I
could sc-o hvr grout hlnu cyan. Thon
worv red stains around her month and
on tho littlo lmnd n-sting on the mils.
and I kiww that she wus some t'urlnur‘s
dautuhtt-r searching for strawberries. I
could not wurn herof hur dungennnd I
turned she would he soon or heard.
While Raleigh wns tying the last knot. l
winked at the girl us hard as I unllhl,
hoping she would 9"“: me and move
away. But she did not go.
”Well. now for the money," said
Raleigh. and he began nrurchiug my
pockets. Ho went from one to the other
removing all the articles, and finally
passed hiH ltnnd over my bosom and dis
i-ove-rcd the money.
“lla ! there it is!" he exclaimedalrtmu
iug out the the packages, and he was
cool enough to gmat it and count out
the money. Ashe commenced the girl
war ed her hand to me. My heart Went
thumping, for I expected she would
uttera word or a shout; but she sunk
down from sight, and I caught a glance
of her frock as she passed through the
“You see, myyoung friend," remarked
Raleigh, as he drew etl' one of his hoots
and deposited some of the hills in it,
“there's nothing iike transaeting husi
nessas it should be trausaeted. Some
men Wollltl have shot or stahhed you,
hut its only the apprentices who do sueh
work. All the gentlemen of our Calling
do business as gentlemen should."
He drew oll‘ the bther boot and placed
some fifties and twenties in it and then
“I have it all planned how to deal with
you as soon as I get this mouev disposed
of around my person. I shall lay you on
your hack and pour the balance of this
wine down your throat. There‘s enough
of it to make you sleep till to-morrow
night and by that time I shall he a hun
dred miles away. As soon as I see that
the drug' has taken eti‘ect 1 shall untie
your hands and remove the gag. When
_vo-i come out of your sleep-if you eVer
do-«you had hetter crawl out to the road
where you will he most likely to meet
with some traveler. I want to use the
horse and buggy, otherwisel would leave
them for you."
How coolly he talked! He treated the
matter as if it was a regular business
transaction in which I fully acquiesced.
He had me a fast. prisoner, and I felt
that he could do just as ho pleased.
While I was thinking I saw the little
white face appear between the rails
again, but in a moment it fndded away
and its place was taken by the sun-harn
ed phiz of a farmer. He looked from me
to Raleigh and hack again, and I winked
to him in a way which he readily under
stood. His face disappeared, and I felt
that I should he saved. '
"No, old Script won’t got: his tin to
day," mused Buleigh; storing uwoy tht'
bills in his pockets. "You will go back
to Law x st, fooling put out and cut
up. But they shouldn't hluuw you—it
is not your way at all. True, had you
mimle'l your business on the cars uml
hml not bm-n so free with u stronger. this
would uotvae happened. 1 wns on my
way to Milwaukee. uml had no thought
of such rich pit-kings hero."
"Now, in just about u minute we'll ho
through with this business," he rmnurkmi,
trying to put tho mouth of th» flask be
twwu my jmvs. _ _
I rolled my head to one side and he
did not succeed, He was jamming the
tlaak against my teeth, when I caught
sound of a soft step, the crash of a club,
and Raleigh rolled olfiny body. He tried
to leap up, but three or four farmers
struck him down, and one of the News
rendered him senseless. Before he came
to I was free of ropes and gag, and we
had him nicely hound.
Uver beyond the pasture a farmer and
his hands were raking up hay. "LitLle
blue eyes." only 8 years o‘d, had wan
dered otl' after strawberries, and had
fortunately witnessed part of Raleigh's
proceeding. She had hurried hack to
her father and told him that “man was
all tied up there," and he laid returned
to the fence. Understanding the aitna
tion. he and his men had moved around
so as to secure an advantage. Raleigh's
capture was the result.
When the rascal found his hl‘lHOs he
was terribly taken haex, and he cursed
enough for a whole Flanders army.
We took hin. hack to Hrat’tou, and
when I last. saw him he was on hi~i way
to the penitentiary to serve a sentenee of
fifteen years.
The mortgage wan lifted, after all, and
the gift that Law .\' Law Sen? to little
Katie (tray kept her in dreams for many
a year.
A “__._——
"My dear child," «mam-wed a good dea
con to an urehin who was polishing a
eat's haek with a lilacking brush on the
Lord's day, “have you never attended
Sunday School '3" "Saw." responded
the gainin, frankly; “I don't go to places
of amnSemeut.”
People 5 Market,
(Oppoulo Washingto- llotol.)
Conn-III: on [loud the
Alm. (lornv-l Bee! And Pork. Smoked Menu. Pm
mu! Bulogu. Btu ages, Head Cheese. Tum,
etc .elc.
Steamsh' 0
1p 0.
('arrytnc ll" lhn-nuh- Mujuiy‘n Mall
And ”no l'nllul stale: Mall; nlvm
Wells. Fargo a (of. Hun-mm.
The Compnnv'a Steamshlw.
I D .A. H O,
Wlll sail for
Victoria. Port Townsend. Seattle, Ta
coma and Olympia,
()N Till-Z
10th. 20th and 30th
or'rhn ('mmmmW Hlutunhus will Hnl from
Shula lur '
Sa H Franelseo
()n or about the
9th, Huh Mm 'mIII «if each Slouch.
Leaving \'lclurln on the
IDIh, 20th and 30th of Every Month.
“hm the IdVerth‘ll «lav nr anlmz falls on Sun
dny. the (‘v mmmy'u Mllpl wlll nail on tho fullowlng
thy from Victoria.
\\' H I’I'MI‘HREY.
Ticket Agvm for “mule.
11, 1. l'lßHAln‘, Jr.
111: 1' Ann! fur Vt Townsend.
For helghtnr paw-um u,.;»iy m
H l, ’l‘lllßAlS.
nov‘OLf Hem-ml Am-nt (or l'uxul Snuud.
o. F. GERRISI—I & CO.,
' I
. General Merchandise
House and ship carpenters‘ tools Buckeye Mower and Reaper,
Ship Chandlery, Mitchell’s Farm Wagon,
Groceries, Taylor’s Sulky Rake,
Boots and Shoes, Sweepstake Plows,
Provisions, Haines’ Header ,
. Wines, I Molina Plows,
Liquors, ' . Etc.,
Cigars ,} Etc- ,
Etc- I Etc.
Agricultural Implements of all kinds at Lowest Price.
::n:3f_'tr:is:s:iDßUGS.=p__._ffiv r‘ 's i—=
Paints, OllS, Stationery, Etc.,
Wholesale and re‘.all,yby
N. D. HILL 82: SON,
Drugs, |' Soaps,
Medicines, Ij Perfumery,
Chemicals, I: Pomades,
Trussesfll Hair Oils,
Patent Medicines of all kinds: And all articles for the toilet.
Glass, l Wall Paper,
Paints, w Etc.,
Oils, .‘ Etc.,
Brushes, ' Etc
A large Assortment. Quick Sales and Small Profits.
Attorney at Law, Proctor in Admiralty and
Notary Public.
I _~ mmuuumrzk. mum JI’MCIAL am
'l'tglt‘T. W.\.~HtNtil‘t)N Txaun'om.
humqlntwnnnn Luv." to anz Murine Pro
wq. \‘ ,umu mun )5 and all mantra penuutnq w
fnrl Htulr taw‘
OFT-It I»? -In \'un tokketen- building. corner
M‘vvnn mot “mhltJJo! hlreeu‘, opwutu court
" “ . '.."L'LIILX' 32221? 'fi'.‘_°_"j_'
JOIIN 'l‘. Nttltltls,
- tummmz or—
Stoves, meare,
PUMPS, 1 w 11:02; PIPE,
House-Fumishlng Hardware.
um A run MARKET I’ll“.
Pm- nw-rv amiclo made or all.
Which are on sale n
The Lowest Rates for Cash.
Pt ”11‘ TOWNSEND. . . . .. . . . .W. ‘1".

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