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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, April 14, 1882, Image 3

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m‘ was w. .\KACKEY.
The dreary March day was drawing to
”1059, and the darkness of night was
' on.
“fimght tire was burning on the broad
”Armor the Widow Cory's_cahin, and
malady herself was rented in front of
the welcome blaze. Wlth. a pipe in her
mouth and a largo mug in her hand.
A handsome, {air-.liuirnd girl was stand
in before the cabin Window. She ap
pearetl sad and worrifad, for her face was
pale. her eyes ware dun With tears, and
now and than n ai‘gli escaped bor.
"Fur the Lord 5 Silk'e, OO‘Ult‘ ont‘av‘tlmt
m' stop yer iuopin_ iin nighin . he'llv
Cary!" cried the Widow, in a pom-nah
tone. “Draw the Winder ci‘ii'tainsto
gather nn’ lig'l'it the candle; an be quick
't too.
“11%;! 31mm; girl obeyed lior step
mother‘s commands. and than seated
herself on it low stool nnar the door.
"I'6“ turn a corpse nil-k ‘wid yer long
iaceanu’ yvr hrokun Sighs, snarled tho
Widow Cary, pulling nwny nt hor pipe
and looking kwnly at 1‘0)" stepqlnnglitor.
“my var gottin' hwy, am yo go lilnn
durin'yabout yi-r \\‘o!‘k,_tm). It lllllkt's me
1039 mi) timm-r i-vui')’ tnun I look l'li yo.
An’ its all lmknsu (‘on Duxnionil H lio
\biuiltht‘ bars in W'n-lilow Jail. llvn u
flue rriivtnri- far :i girl to mourn nftur ~
[ml luck to him for n lionhl rolilrvi‘!
Sui-o hangin‘ would he too goovl illl‘ sen-Ii
avilhlill who in". ley ought to thy.
him ulivn, tln- mind-fal‘flllflillllg thnfv!
Nullv (‘.u-y lookml ut licr tatvll-Hmiiior
with tlmshing‘ eyes. "
“Con is us innovent :18 u lnmli, slip.
said. in ii sturn voivo. “l‘on llvsnionnl is
no rohlwr. [ln in not guilty, m d I now:-
will ln-li«-vo him guilty, though Ihnn
dreds ninv swear agnimt him. lit! 1" tho
rirlini of an evil plot.:inll ho has an
cnnim’ nomewhvri- who i" all'lf’lilg to
lil‘ll‘h' him down into tho intro of inlziniy.
ant (lod is jmt, illhi tht- Nil“ “'1” . .\u-t
turn in poor (‘on'n l':i\*or._ I fuel it, I
know it; hot still my lii-iirt is sow."
”lidh. ye fool!" ('l‘il-ll the widow. with
a dark frown on hor grout {at taco. _“l'm
disgusted wid yr! [la n born idiot ye
are, un' it's well soon that yo ['o not my
flesh nu‘ blood. Wi-11, honhl (‘IOBO to
Con Dusmoerin' won-shin him to yer
heart‘s contint. nie beauty; but 313'” liw
to see yer hum) low-r trnnsportml to the
land whcru hiriln uv his shinip nn‘ color
areriigml: or purlnipn yu'll look at him
a-diinglin’ from tho. gallows ti'cn liut'oro
ye die, lllt‘ tinn girl."
Nellv Cary slindilorml.
“Oh, you iii-o Inn-d nnd crm-l!" she ox
cluimed. "I would (liu ii poor ('on was
lost to inn forever! 110 is nn innocent
man. Ho nvwr roldmd ohl Dl'ls‘CHii on
tho Wii'klow roml. 'l‘horu is n plot
againsthiin. nnd lu- i»: in tho toils. lion
hashuon wild and t'ooliali. I know. but
beii uo rolilwr, ho N no I'l'llllilldi. I
would Hiilh’t‘ my will on thnt,"
“May the ”Hill Nick ily own): \\'i|i him
un‘nn'vcr hringr hini llllt'k. i~ my wi~h!"
ennrhui Mr» (' my, in»: ~hv ~hool; hm“ livn-l
at her stop-uhiughtm'. “Whnt i 1 ho. uny
how, but u poor slip nv n t'nrmur'.’ .\n'
lherr is handsomo l"u.lix lhily. tho
"luim's intimnto frilhl. who would :4in
lim two eyes if yc'll any the Word an”
marry him. lint. no; yn'ro a. contrary
myturu in wall as n fool, rui' ye turn yi-r
nose up at Mr. Duly, an’ runnrvo yer lovo
la: 01th UCHIHOIHI'S worthless son. I fall)
like tronucin’ yo whin I think av it,
"Do not speak to mo of Folix Duly."
said Nelly. with n glmuu of indignation
in her eyes. “I almost detest that man.
Twice has he naked mo to become his
wife. and twice hnon rt'lllsed. .\9 if I
would ovur wed uuy mun lmt my Con!"
“Fulix Duly mixes among grand peo
ple, I’d have ye know, mo tlno daisy!"
{lngrilyrvtortod the stop-mother. "Ho
13 n mle gintlamnn un' lms plinty uv
tnoney, uu' it's proud yu ought to be, an'
It's honored younght to fnlo nt lmvin'
aichusplindid otl‘er from uich n lmud~
some giutlenmn!"
“Felix Duly is no gentleman." the
{lawn girl fluid. “He in only a tux
“nlinu scapogmco. and like the squirv,
whose iutimoto friend he is, he bums a
bad chm-meter. The post [my brought me
I_ note from him yusturday—l recog
mzed his handwriting on the envelope——
sll4ll cast it into the fire without open
" 18 it. Let Mr. Duly mud his flue let
ten: to some other maid. I want none of
"If ye don't give up nll this nominee
about Con Desmond nn' take advantage
01_Felix Duly‘s otl‘er, [will make yo ro
lm R. yo impudint boggur!" exclaimed
thelndy. in a great rage. “I’ll drive ye
Ont av this as sure 113 mu [mine is Bridget
Cary, nn‘ ye may go to the dogs or die in
a ditvh for all laurel"
At that moment the door of the cabin
'3B opened and a tall, dark-browod umn
Qnterell tlw snug apartment.
Widow Uni-y turned and faced the now
°°m°|'. forced a smile to her face, and
“flag courtesy.
“It's prowl u'n' lmppy am I to see ya,
Mr. Duly," slut, amid.
Felix Duly drew the widow (Hith “[ll]
91309411 lnrgv bottlo In her lnnd.
Poar Nelly trembled ut tlu- sight of
that bottle of whisky. and gmnl can-. 0
abehml. for her stepmotlwr was a tip~
91°!mntl whisky made her ugly and pug-
"Wu only a little mountain flew to
cOlllfort the lone widow's heart," smoke
“If? gentlemen, in a low tono,nnul he
Vlnkecl at the Indy. "And perhaps
iou‘ll think of me and wish me good
Gulth whenever you take a sup of it!"
f‘Thut I will,sur,nn' thunk ye kindly!"
haul the widow. M she hugged the bottle
it! her breast. ”But it‘s seldom I taste e
amp. Hur, only whin me poor heart is
heavy 110' the vontmries av the world
we: me. Good health and bad luck be
V!“ .W. eunnn‘ long life nu’ e sate at last
Ind the bliased angels!"
"I wish to be alone with Miss Nelly,"
whispered Felix Duly. “Just a little
Brivatu conversation, you know,my good
xlrs. Cary."
Widow Cary grinned uml nodded her
how], and then wuddlml 011’ into an ud
joiuing room.
Felix Duly now approached Sully. and
with n bow and u smllo. fluid: _ --.
“I wrote you a letter yesterday. Miss
Nelly. May I ask if you received it?"
“Oh. vO3, Mr. Duly," answered the
girl, "I did roceivo your latteert I did
not read it."
“Not read it?" _
"No, for I cast it into the fire un
Felix Duly frowned amlm stepped back
a purse or th).
"It contained a proposal of marriage,"
he said, with fun-ml calmness. “You um
a heartless girl, Miss Nelly. to thus re
ward my dm’utiun. l. have asked you
again lllltl uguin to ln-cnmo iuy with, and
ouch time you have refused. But I will
not despair. You may yet consvnt to
bummo Mrs. Duly."
Nelly Cary uroso tn her {out and
pointed tmvnrul tin» door.
“l’ruy lmu'u Ill“. Mr. Duly, and never
speak to um uf nnu'ringu uguiu," slu
criml. “)Iyzms'wcr is tiuzll,us [ haw
tuhl you lwfurv, and yuur viaits lu-u
--lullst 00:150."
Thu fmwnnn Felix l):|l_v's face grew
durkurmul «lan-kw, and his Muck vym
ulittq-ro-tl with u Hun-re light. Thun- mm
at munwnt‘s ailc-nm‘. 'l‘hv man “an striv
ing, hml tn rmtmin hi» nugry feelings.
unul M. lzlxt lu' HIIW'M-nlvd. .
"I low you better than my. life, )[li‘l
Sully," In: C u-luimml. in u husky. trum—
lnliug wicv, "uml you know it--ynu
must know it. It yuumurry me you will
uuxm' regret it. [ will ”Ich 1 lady of
yuu. I will tukc you to Dublin, and
your “in will he u [norm-L muml of guy
ety uml pluuslll'c. Don't drive me to (16‘
spuir, but smile upon um and any you‘ll
be miuu!"
“I will hear no more," said Nelly
(fury. stnruly. "I bid you go. Mr,
Daly. mul uovor again address we on
this subjuct. Now go!"
Felix Duly looked at the girl, with
set lips and glittering eyes, and a sneer
ing. mocking smile was on his pale fare.
“I see how it is, Miss Nelly," and the
man spoke in u hitter touo am he hogan
to button up his gran: vout. “You are
devoted to that miwruhle scmnp. Con
Desmond—n wrvtvheil PM? who robbed a
helpless old mam on the Wicklow mm],
and who is now in jail awaiting trial. 50
he is your uhoiuv. and you remain faith.
inl to him. You proh-r u liighwuymun
for n lover insh-ml of a gentleman."
"It is fillsoi" slm cxclniuu-nl. ”Con
Dosvmml is not guilty. Ido lovo him.
alllll nm proml i) sny ho loves mo. 1
Wouhl mthor lu- his wife nu". liw- illt'
lmlum-v of m_\' thus in :l howl stoop-«l in
pow-rty than \vml _\'nll. though your
woiltli was Inounn'luss ulnl you rode in :1
('ozu-li of solitl szol-l."
'l‘hv mun nth-rial u. low, sum-Pin:
lungh. uml 1U()l;l'll down at. the floor as he
“Your lm'u for Dualuund is too pow
erful l 0 lunt, Mini Nelly.l mu “fl'fllll.
Tlu‘ fullmv will certainly lu- trunspurtm]
for n. muulwr nl‘ yoursmmltlmn your low
for him Willcunl aluwn uml finally (liu
out altogether. Wumvn my lit-lilo, you
“But I am not, sir," sni‘l Nolly. “I
will always Imliuw (You to he an inno
cent man, am] my love for him will rv~
nmin tlm sumo till the hand of death In
laid upon my brow."
Felix Duly walkml tn the door with
bowml lmml uml quimring lips.
“Con will not he made to sull‘cr for a
crime he never committed," 111111111 l thu
girl. “The lighl of jufitit-e will {all upon
his case. ”is sm'rot euomv will he un
enrthml. I feel sum of it'” 7 A
The man turned, with his hand upon
the door-lateh,and glanced at Nelly with
a startled ex,)ression on his face.
“Who is his aeeret enemy. may I ask?"
“Heaven knows," was Nelly's reply.
and her voice trembled. “But retribu
tion will fall upon him, whoever he may
be. as surely as God reigns above."
Without a word Felix Duly turned and
hurried from the cabin.
At that moment the widow bounced
out of her room, and stood glaring at her
step-daughter and shaking her fist high
above her head. And Nelly trembled as
she looked at her step-mother.
“Oh, ye mane hussy!" ehe howlmLand
she shook her that at Nelly. “Uh,
ye bfld'mannercd, impudint, insultin’
erayture! I heard yer. miss. an' it's
blushin' lam to think that I'm step
mother to aieh a low, ill-mannered thing
as you are. 'l‘hank‘ the lord I was borna
lady, an' sorry I am to think that ye'll
niver be like me. Oh. wurra. worm, to
think that ye had the face to insult Mr.
Duly an’ order him niver to visit here
agin." Widow Cary clasped her hands
together and uttered a loud cry. “Who
am I. anyhow? .-\m I nobody? Are me
grand friuds like .lear Mr. Felix Daly to
be grossly insulted whin the} honor me
Will a Visit? Oh, it's in sore trouble I
am, an' it‘s disgraced 1'“ be now among
me fine triads, an' all on account av ye,
bad eess to ye!"
“(to to your bed like a good soul,"
said Nelly, kindly. “he now. please."
"Do ye hear her?" almost shrieked
widow, rolling her eyes. “She, orders
me to me bed an' threatened to foreo me
there if [don't mind her. Saints pre
serve us, but ['ln in mm trouble. First
she refuses the hand av handsome lr‘alix
Duly, thin she insults him, tl.in she tells
him to stay away from the cabin \\hero
he's always bin weleome, an' now She
orders we to me bed, an' threatens me
wid violence under me own root'. No
wonder ye stiek to (‘ou Desmond. Ye're
a bad pair, an' ye're well mated. an'
ve'll both come to a bad end or I'm a
Nelly burst into tears and was about
to retire, but Mrs. Cary darted between
her and the bedroom door, and picking
up a knotted stick. shook it at her and
showed her teeth.
"Divil a bit ye go in there thie night!"
she cried. “I‘m not agoiu' to risk
hevin' me throat out by sich a disperete
character as ye are. for I see murder in
yer eye."
Widow Cary staggered to the cabin
door and with an oath dashed it open.
“00 now,” she said, fiercely, “an‘
don‘tdnre to show yer face hero egiu.
Go to yer highwayman. (loom—go to the
dogs, if ye like, {or here ye cun't remain.
I’ll tear yer ri utation to rage {or re
fusin‘ Felix Did-‘3'. I'll turn ivery one of
me grand frinds ugiu ye before the sun
sets to-morror. (iO. now, I any, or by
ull the powers I'll drop down on me
knees an' tliug me curse at ya!"
“Are you mad?" exclaimed the poor
girl in sore distress. Pray, 01030 the
"I will whin ye are on the outside, an’
not till thin."
“But I— "
The widow raised her kuottvd stii'k.
nod brought it down with l'l'llt‘lf()l't.'t)
upon iwl' stop-daugl:tm~'s shoulder.
Though the pauu was keen thr- girl
nth-red not :t cry. She walked slowly
toward tho doorl uud thorn Him [mum-d
and lunkml l‘t'ltl‘l):lt‘ilf|iliy at her brutal
atop mother.
"l mu going," sln‘ mid, "nod as 10in
in I live I will llt‘V’Ol‘ again t'l‘os: tho
VAml Nvlly Cary passed out of the
durkm-ss, sobbing us though 1101' lwsu't
would break. , ,
She .«umn rem-lied the lonely highway,
and pzuhml for u. moment to dry her eyes.
"1 “ill go to Mr. llesinond's home,"
she murmurml. “(,‘on‘s parents will
gladly give me shelter, for they nre kind
and good."
Yale and trembling,r the poor girl hnr~
riwl on through the darkness of the
bleak .\lnrch night, and within lltllf an
hour she arrived at Desmond Farm.
Three days later.
Mr. Felix Ualy was seated in his pri—
vate apartment in the Shamrock Inn,
frowning darkly at the flremnd evidently
in u had humor.
“I ennnot drive Nellie Cary out of my
head.” said the gentlemen to himself,
and he crossed his limbs and folded his
arms. “Her handsome time seems to
haunt me. [think of her by dny, and
dream of her by night. I will not lose
her. I will do anything to win her, and
by all the imps thnt wait on Satan I will
not give her up!”
He nrose from his clmir, and leaning
:ignilh't the mantel. resumed:
"I'm u feel to grow discouraged. Con
llmmonll will he tried next week. found
guilty. and transported. I uni sure of
that. Then the count will he elmn‘; I
Will play my ('.lrdi Well, :lllzl in the end
sin-wed, or my mime is not l-‘elix Duly."
A ll'llM'li ut the door. "('ome in, who
ever you are." mud .\lr. Duly. A
'l'hv ulaur opened, and a gaunt ulul mun
ontm'ml the room.
" Who are ymmmd wlmtdo you want?"
grmylm} Felix Duly. “Idon't know you."
“Perhaps not," said the v'hitor,
slnwlv. "but I know you."
"What is your business?" demanded
tho goutlunmwof leisure with n frown.
The old man mlvuncad toward Dniy
and stared at him for a momvnt. His
lips worn pressed togethvr. um! his deep
set eyes \vcmtlushiug brightly.
"My name i 1 Dosmoml." he said. “I
um (You Desmoml's father." _
"Father of n robber, ch?" exclaimed
l’vlix Duly. “Well. you have my sym
pntlnyflmt [must repeat, what is your
business with me?"
"I came hora to tell vou what. I think
of you.” replied Mr. Desmond, looking
shuight at the mun before him. "I came
hero to look upon the secretenomy ofuqy
Dnly‘s fuco grow pale and he appeared
mummy. .
“You um 11 contemptiblo villiun um] 11
cowardly dog!" continued the farmer, in
a. bitter tone. "On this wide earth a
bunerreptilodnes not breathe. Had I
my own wnyJ'd haw you lashed through
the public stream. with a howling moh
lmhind you."
"With nr. oath. Felix Duly caught up
his walking stick from ofl‘ tho tnhlu and
sprung at the aged mun
"Ymn gray-bonded rascal." he cried, in
n rugv, ‘.'l‘ll teach you a. lesson !"_
Ho mixed his cune‘ to strike, but the
{armor forced it from him, and snapping
it in two, he threw tho pieces at
his fnut. 7
“('mvxu‘d that you are!" hissed Mr.
Desmond, “your well-laid plot to ruin
my son lnu come to light. Driscoll has
confussed." ,
l‘clix Dmiy started back mth n fright
enedjonk on his face, and sank down
upon the sofa.
"I won't believe it,“ he gasped. “It's
a lie."
“1 speak the (lod's truth," rotortcd the
farmer sternly. "A sudden illness cann
npon old Driscoll last night. and this
morning he flout for me. A primt and n
doctor worn present at his hmlsidv, and
before) he hmathml his last, ho made a
full confession and signed it. He told
how you gave him tlfty pounds to swear
thnt my son had assaulted him on the
Wicklow mud, and thou robhod him mud
ho confcssud that he was to receive fivo
pounds more on the day that Con was
transported. You wore jvalous of my
son; you lltHil'Otl to obtain possession of
tho fair girl who wus his promised bride:
you woulcd him swopt from your path;
nud you hntched n vile plot to ruin for.
over the innocent Ind and send him to u
follon'u cull."
Felix Duly was powurlms to utter u
word. He m-mnod pnralyzml.
“But your plot 11M ln-ou shuttered,
thank God!" said .\[r‘ “mlnnnd. fer
vently. “Even now the glad news has
’ reached my poor Con in hie cell in
Wicklow 'ull, and even now the cou~tn
blos may he on their way to secure you."
The guilty mun started to Ilia feet.
The thought of being taken to jail and
imprisoned made him frnntiv. lle hegun
to pure the room like u. caged tiger.
“The game in up,” he muttered. "I
must escape."
Farmer Desmond stood with his hand
upon the door-knob.
“Then make good use of your time."
he said. “and heed my warning. The
story of your rillainy will soon spread
for miles around. und for miles around
my son is a favorite among men. women
and children. You will he in the midst
of lively enemies, and if you eel-ape the
constables, look out for the rubble. You
see how forgiving I am. my line gentle
man. The hither of the man you wught
to ruin gives you good udvieo. I hope
you'll profit by it."
And with u grim smile on his withered
face the old mun left the upmrtiuent.
Hell an hour later and Felix Duly hud
departed from the Shamroek inn. He
thought only of esenpingmnd Nelly l'ury
for the time wm l'orurdren.
He found shelter in u deserted hovel
uhont two miles distant.
There he renniinol until lute in the af
ternoon when he ventured forth.
Ventuml forth to ho instantlv rN-og
nizml by n. swarm uf haanuuwl Hibern
iuu laulivs. who wum was-hint: l'luthvs n?
n hrnuk lmhiml the lmwl-—-ventnr9d
forth to rumivo u m~ver-tn-ho-fnrgutteu
chustismuvnt at tlwir hands.
The \\'u.~;ln-rl:ulica imnmlizneh' uttered
a piercing yull. and «11-opm.] their
clothes and piecm of map.
“Down wultho divil‘s snrmm" they
cried. "Down “'ill Uun Desmond‘s foe!
huvk him in the brook, un' make him
alto mud. Down wid him."
Felix Duly took to his hoe-h and fled
across the tic‘lll, with the ladies in hot
Pursuit- . ... -. . .
. Stonm strut-k him, and 11mm of mud
were hurled at him, um] he promntvd n
grotesque appearance as he run for «lem
lifo before this storm of Irish indignn~
At last he stumluled and fell forward on
his face.
A cry of exnltution issued from the
Felix Duly was hemmed in and sur
rounded hy the angry wnsherladies— he
was at then mercy, and there we leave
He hml mourn-:1 arrest. but not the ven
geance of Con Desumnql's femulo friflnds,
and you "my rely upon it when I any
that Felix I).ily never visited Wivklow
county again.
0110 May Day (You Domnnnxl and Nolly
Cau'y were mmlu nun mu] wife, and they
issued forth from ”in little cmmtsy
church u proud uml happyyiir, with u
bright and prosperous life [More them.
A “Diluxnsis” or ‘rnr. ('lmivs.—'l‘hn
first thing n. physivirn (luvs when culled
to n pativnt, li m mnku a «ru'vt‘nl "ding
nosin” of the mw. that is, tn examine all
sources and muses uf thu ailment. its
manifestations, eta, and then decide
what is to he done. Every one
having at llUlll of whom, rye. grass—of
any crop in the ground uvur winter——
should now make u. diagnosis of the con
dition of every part of mu'h field. It the
growing crop of grain ur grass is good
in every part, that will he :1. sutist‘ut-tion.
If any fieluls or parts of fields make a
sickly or stunted show, the trouble most
likely comes from one of two mun-:05: the
plants may have "wet feet," or they mny
be starving. In the inrmur cnse surgery
is needed; in the hitter. t'ood,or medi.
cine in the form of stimulants, that is A
top-dressing of fertilizurs.
Stables should be warm enough, so
that. horses may he comfortable without
blankets; then the blankets will do good
service as coverings when the animal is
left standing in the street. The practice
of covering a horse with a blanket in the
stable, to be removed as soon as he is
taken out. is like a man wearing his over
coat in doors and taking it otf when he
goes out into the open air.
The shent-nnchnr of mismthroyy isin
ordinate selfishness.
\Ww-k l'l \‘n'll’tl\\'l| (own. is omm (run. .\‘o
rhk’. I".\'l~f}'l'll'lll'ol‘vfl'. ('xm'ml not rn-q'llrml.
Wu u'lll furnhh vml uvo-rythlnz. .\[mu' nrv
nmklmx Yttrium-u. UNI!" “nuke-us ““10"“!!!an
XUIIHIHyi mu! ulrlt. nmko- urmt pay. lh-udvr." yun
wunl u hunlm-u m “ hlrh \‘ml on” nmlul ‘m-uv pa“ All
u... um.- ya." umrk. \\‘rln- fur punk-Ilium to 11. “M.
vm-r .t (’n . l'orllu-ul. .\lulm.
O. F. GERRISI—I 86 00.,
General Merchandlse
House & ship carpenters‘ toolsl Buckeye Mower and Reaper.
Ship Chandlerv, Mitchell's Farm Wagon,
Groceries, l Taylor‘s Sulky Rake.
Boots and Shoes. Sweepstake Plows,
Provisions, E Haines’ Header,
Wines, j', Moline Plows,
Liquors. . Etc.,
Cigars, ll Etc.,
Etc. l Etc.
Agricultural Implements of all kinds at Lowest Price
Attorney at Law, Proctor in Admiralty all
Notary Puhllc.
Sptclol ntwllllnn xiv-n tn nmlnq Murine Pro.
run. 5! man rurnya Ibd all menus pcrmnlng to
mulllme law.
OFFICE—In Van Bulkelen‘s bulldlng. corner
Adam» and “uhlnxun streets. opposite own
For! Town-end. Washington Tonllory
J (HIV 'l‘ N oan \‘
I; o ‘ . ,
—l.\ll‘om‘Eß OI"
Stoves, meare,
Pl'.\l I’s, . ll:U.\' PIPE,
Pumas, l Imm PIPE,
» ‘.\.\’l) GENERAL—-
l‘lil .\l E QUALITY,
AND A PAIR hiAKKli’r I’ll“!
Vm‘ nw-rv urticlu mule or In“.
Part Townsend. W. 'l‘.
The ulmve Inuumzlrm Imv‘lng bI-eu placed 0|
I perumua-nl. tkmuug. M the L'nlledmnleu Hnl~
pllnl I: r Marine Pntleuu on I’nlwt Sunnthe
prlwrletur bum pleasure ln l-unnunclnu than
novnunmr expense wlll bn spared tn mlnln
terlm; t - the comfort and convenience of pri
vute patlenlL
Tim I! the largest General llnnpltal north of
Sen l-‘rlmclnco. and by fur the mmt complete
In equlpment. It has been tlmruuxlllfi retitled
nnlrerurulslled. [ln general wnnls nve no
oummudatlonn 'or about one hundred pntlonu
Ind nre pecullnrly adapted lor eunos requlrlnl
the most careful treatment and coast-auteu
pervlslon M llmlted expense. Thom wlmdo-
Ilre them wlll be rurnlnhed wlth prlvnte roomo.
entirely aepurate and dullnct. «I. ullght mat.
tlonal cost.
“The nttontlon o! Mlll ownernmrll thou
lmen-uted ln uhlprlr g. In called tutue not that
leamen numnlug rum conlaqlonndtseanel wlll
be (rented outalde the flown-l wlthout ox
penle to the vessel.
Thomas T. Minor, 11. IL,
l-t! Innaalng Surat-on.
Mum!“ now helm» tho publlc.
le can mukn mono{ (nun-r n:
\mrk fur us than a Anvthhm
vlw. ('nmml nu! nrmh-d. Wp wlll
~'nrt _\’ull. SIM thu'xmll npwnrtlammh- In home by
thn- nuluetriuuq. .\h-n. wnnu-n. Imvs mul airlq mun-1d
|-\‘|-rv\\ln-r-- m \\'m': for nu. Now Is the limo. You
"Hr work In wuru lth- nnh'nr qln- your whohl llmo
mtlu-IHHIIu-u. \"vm (‘nll 11w- nt hum:l null :11) HI»
\\urk. Nu uthn-r hmhn-u wit] [my you nornrlx' 1L! \\‘o-11.
‘;.. ntzc- t'nn rm tn mukv unurlnum [my hv o-nzxmluuu!
.m-u ('.-«Ir um”: um! rvrvnu frm'. Mnnuy math
“m, v"~v'\‘ mul humumhly. ,\.l:lrv1:s'l'l:l’lc& ('l\.. All'
"!~Y\ .\IIXHn __
$H .. (R“ l
”‘.' . y: I it). ‘-
“:~ iGOR 4' l‘ l
l ‘ ‘- ‘
1 ‘ 7 ~“ , :-
:.| \(‘o (A: .a .y
:5; rr. 048 r ." s
r u - ASE, h
V,,' \ w 3,. .5, ‘.-
HEALTH. " -I. I.
’.~- Illolrul'n Guldrn "ml-um .\‘n. I (‘urvq (‘han
m-n .n w! um! ..nmull iv mm: San-um (he Log‘ and
I'. ~|3-; mum‘v'u» t‘unrrh, I”-'~».1‘u-Ii Scalp. and all
wmmrv {orumuf (hv ullsmm'. I’rlce. .500 per
1..- lllohuu'n (lumen [lulu-m .\‘u. '3 (‘nrvs Tartlnry.
\Y-‘rcvlrm'. Svphlll'lv lHu-Inlm'lum. ”In: In the-
Hum-'l.l'lr’n'rnlml Thrum. Syphllnlv llnsh. Lumpq.
."' .rmtl vrmill'uh" .IH dlwnw-u Irum thu- systvm.
\\ h- lhnr run-mu hv hm! m-ulmvm nruhmv- of mar-
I'llr)’.h‘uvin‘lYin-Mum] pure and hunllhy. Price.
35¢" per Boule-
Im- lllrh-m'n Golden annlah Anlldow fnr 2h!
.urn of (immrrhm-u. (Hm-l. an‘. Price. .. “per
L.- erhnn'l Goldrn "mull-h an¢ctlnn._amuh
furrurvufulow.strlvturmdllsmuu M ”w l rmhm
ufl I leultln-r, n-U‘. l'rlco. "50 per Iloule.
[.O “'(‘HIIII'Q Golden Olin-Int {or Um ufl’wllw
k'|HIVKU'§\‘DNIH'II‘ “OM and Eruptluns. Price.
1 00 per Bottle.
\‘un .\m-nu fur Le Blehnl'n Golden PHI-.10!-
“mum-« Juan»! phynlml pom-m mu] 111'. 'llm-HM
uv-uum (rum nlnlw my! Mum uruverwork. Price.
319009“- Box.
mu M'vrywhuro (20.0.. wvurvly pm‘kod pnr Rum-u.
t'. l“ RICHARD! A: 00.. Arm". L‘T & IL“) rhu
mlm- urn-ot. vnrm-r (my. Han mnrluru. (‘nL

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