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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, April 28, 1882, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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\«rol. XII
l~' I'l'ltLann m Hu’ Funny AT
Port Townsend. Washington ’l‘errltou,
AI‘I‘EN \V Jill!
EDITH“ .\.Vll l'llUl'Rll-J'I‘UR.
‘l'eruls of subscription-p.OO per annum.
ln mlvunpo: Six monlm. $1.50.
()ne inch. 111-9 t insvrtlon .. .. .. . $1.50
Each subseqn Insertion 50
I."‘“‘ l..f'.\, ‘
Transient; 3'1"“ "x; N) mums
* W. If“ "_"2‘l3-11‘ '7 Mcdlhy cueh.
L’lß‘ All Aecnnuu ueuled monthly .53»:
Some of our exchanges that have
taken issue with the Attous upon
the Chinese question have expressed
rather peculiar views. The “01'6"
goniau" says in a very condescend ‘
ing manner that “It would be inter
esting if worth while,” to ascertain
where the Alttil's got its information
that the “Oregonian” censured the
President’s veto because it would
lose votes for the republican party.
A little farther on the same paper
mildly insinuates that we are under
pay or pressure of the Pacific Mail
Steamship company which makes
money out of the Chinese immigra
tion. And after this ’I‘REMENDUCS
etlort the ponderousintellect swayed
uneasily thinking that there might
not he sullicient weight on the other
side of the glohe to keep it lrom
tipping over. Three or four years
ago, when we criticised the “Ore~
gonian’s” unjust attacks upon ex-
Scnator Mitchell who was at that
time representing Pacific coast in
terest in the U. S. Senate. that paper
came to the front with the tnost as
touuding(?) argument in its own be
half by charging that the Altnvs
was “published under the shadow of
the Port Townsend custom house.”
Of course the logic was conclusive.
No sane man could possibly resist
such able handling of the question
in issue. Now, when there is a dif
ferent purpose in view. it is the P.
M. S. S. On. that unduly influences
us. Indeed it would be hard to con
ceive of a case where the “only
newspaper” of the northwest would
fail to lind a convenient plan for
charging mercenary motives upon
its opponents. Such arguments of
course demonstrate its profound
ability, and prove conclusively that
its position is the correct one (1’) It
is such style that continually lowers
the tone of the “Oregonian.” and
renders it to sotne extent a peddler
of hillingsgate instead of the able
leader ol pnhlic opinion that it
would otherwise be. We never said
that the “Oregonian" had not ad
duced orni-n: reasons against the ve
to, or that they were not fully
Worthy of consideration. What we
did say was that it urged the PARTY
aapi ct ol' the question as an import—
ant consideration. VVe repeat the
charge, and refer our neighhor to his
own tiles for proof of the assertion.
He may have intended only to refer
to the matter incidentally, but if he
did his meaning was certainly very‘
clumsily conveyed. At least it is
certainly in very had grace, and evi
dence of a weak cause, for him
to try and sneak out of the mat
ter by insinuating improper animus
o'l our part.
The “Post lntelligeucer" dismiss
al a similar charge with the remark
that we were “cranky.” Certainlr.
it was an undoubted evidence of,
“t'rankinma” on uur part toiusist
that. the president of a. nation did
Port? To\V)lscnd, \V. 'l‘..fl]l‘l:i(l:l,\'
rightin ignoring consitlvrutions of
party advantage when dealing with
immnationnl allairs ('3) Splendid
reasoning! Eininently worthy of a
léuqor medal.
The O‘ympia “Transcript“ varies
the whine in the followinglanguage:
Among all our coast exchanges.
and there is about fifty of them. thi-
Port Townsend ARHI'S is thol only
one which snsmins the President‘s
veto of the anti-Chinese bill. The
political ring in its nose must be
well riveted.
This cngent(?) reasoning is about
on it par with other enmnations from
the imbecile brain of mother Gnnn.
She gnashes her gums in line rage
whenever there is n chance to vent it
little surplus spite. Awarding to
nan logic the Aunts. sustained the
veto when the republican party of
the Pacific coast was almost a unit
against it—thorefore the Amu'sis
led by the nose! The Annns isin
party lendingr strings because it has
the independence to boldly express
its convictions without regard to
party advantages or party cum
mands! Sublime wisdom! One can
almost hear the bray of the donkey
between the lines.
This paper has not. raised a point
that has been thus far fairly and so
berly discussed. Newspapers have
been content to bring out all the
available argument on one side only
—soothing their consciences, where
blessed with any, on the ground that
they were advocating the popular
side anyhow. In the journalism m"
the present day there is altogether
too much consideration of the mn'U
LAIH'I‘Y of any given policy before
avowing it. The average paper,
published merely for what money
could be made out of it, is pushed
in one direction or another Sulely
with a view to prosecuting a line of
argument that will “take” with the
’l‘lle "('ulil'oruiun.”
The. May number of our home maga
zine. "'l‘heCalifornian." opens with a.
full page portrait of the poet Longin
low whieh. it is not too much to say. is
the finest pieee of engraving ever done
on the Pacific Coast. The publishers
have not spared time, trouble. or money
in making this picture the best that
eonld be produced. Prof. Sill has in
the body of the magazine an artiele on
the dead poet that is at once discerning
and appreciative.
A profusely illustrated series of
"Studies of the California Missions" by
Fraueis I". Victor is begun in this num
her. So much that is romantic and t'as
cinating in the earlier history of Cali
fornia is connected with the Missions.
that these artieles will prove of unusual
interest. l’ietures are given of the His
sions San Gabriel. San Luis Uhispo,
Carmel. San Diego, San Btu-naventura.
and San Juan Capistrano. That of the
Carmel Mission is a full page sketeh by
the well known artist William Keith.
A character poem by J. Russell Fisher is
also aeeompanied by a spirited engrav
ing. "( )nly a Tramp."
Amelia W. ’l'ruesdell has a poem en
titled "The Lost Jeannette." and there
are numerous other articles of‘ubility.
including several stories of marked
power. James ()‘Meara tells the story
of the celebrated Mier prisoners.
Altogether this is one of the best is
sues of "The Californian" and it ought
to be in every one’s hands.
MEN'S hmvy wurking boots, Bmm
per mm at Gross Bros‘. *
Fun gum! cigars gnu) Jame: Jum-K'
howl of Union Wharf oppmitc Ct-ntrul
[lute]. as
For llw bmt quality 0! all knula of
grout-rips. mul clump. go to James Jum-i.
opposite Central Hotel. *
Go and see time nice Chen Protectors
at Lnlmzn dc (‘n‘fiu anal «lun‘t rail to ~u
cure a bottle or Cough Syrup. "
OYHTBRS. stmvml ur fried, 25 aha; [mm
and omm. 2.30 m; Boarders tukmn upon
reasonable to-rms. For rates per wvvk
or mouth uppiy at the Holly'l‘n-o Inn.
Water St, nearly opposite Cuqtnm
House. *
FILLVVIN W. James. mlr surveyor. Ile
just l‘(‘('t‘l\'t‘tl from tlw Hist u 'l‘ruusit nf
the latest impmvod construction. 'l‘lmsu
of our citizmm wlm. us u proliminnry to
building. are tlvsirnns of usct‘rtuininx
tho curnvrs ul' vity lots or tlning ntlu-r
Wnrk in his lino. cam lw nccommmlutml
promptly and at reasonable rules. *
___V V I
'l‘lmro will be u lum-[lug of the Bonnl
nl Examl'mtiml m Jl-llurum munly‘ W.
'l‘.. on \\'«-l|m'~cla_\’. May 33. 1552. at ‘.l
oclm‘k. .\. ,\l.. at, llll‘ puhllrsclmol hullitx
in I’m: 'l‘uwnscml. I'm 'lu-I :rpnse of ox
mninlug applicants for rvnclwrs‘ mrlill
\fllll'i. V. M. HANCOCK.
(‘oumy Sngn-rinlemlunt hvlloula Jcll'cr
«m county. W. 'l‘.
Delinquent Tax Notice.
SHERIFF‘S Own-n l_
Jvll'urmm ('O. W. 'l‘. 5
All luxos forum ymr 1831 rommmnu
unpzml nrv unw lll‘lilllllll'nt :Iml unless
[mill (ill or below tlw first llll)‘ of May
nvxt. will llt‘llllVQ‘rlifil'tl iilllik‘lllll :Icmrd
ing t 0 law. 'l‘ans rwvivcd 111: C. C.
Bartlett ll; Co‘s stow.
10th Shvrill‘ «If Joni-mun (70., W. T.
A Paying Busmess.
.\HIZN'I‘ “AS'I'IZD. “'l- \mm :In :u‘tiw. ln‘
h-lllzc-nl mzvnl ln vw-rv11““:thlulu-unwind
1m" ‘llu- l'c-uplo'n “’l'lulwlllu. It i-‘u “lltlll'
III'I‘:lI'_\' l'unnh-Ilwll illlu tun \ulwl' I'nynlul-lnuu
\‘nlmnw. lHlH'l‘llh'll \\ 111 l lllllllt'l‘ull-lt'llllll'rl'
mull-I :uhl mw-r 5.0 m c-nurm lugs. uml lu'nnghl
Aluwu In |~.‘l. 'l'lli“ ’l'rl-n-ulry of l'lli\rl'~ul
Knuwlmlrv l~' mlnlnwl lunll lwnplv in all
||lil(‘('.~. ll l~ llu- lulu! :mIl must |ll'lll'll('lll ('s'-
vlurmllu llml hud u-n-r hen-n nlll-rvll in HM
pnnllv. Liln-rnl in-lurvnu'nhmum-Ills. .\ll
rll'«-~:~.\. 1.. lhxt‘lturl‘ .\ 1‘;)., l'uhllulwrs, 'i'll
.\lul'm-l slrvvt. sun Frnncidm, ('ulll‘m'hiu.
“l ” I
Bob White Quail.
The umlcr<ignml is «11-~iron~~ of "Main
iug lortlm "Walla Walla (lmm- Club“
mule nl {lu- "llnh Whitv Quail." for [ln
purpw- of ~tm‘king the cuuntry East of
tho .\luumnim.
Any rvnsunnhlo price wlll he paid for
tlm tlclivvry in gum! uomlifinn lu I’m-t
l‘mvnwml of any number of those Quail.
('arrying l}. S. .\luih. xlml Passengers.
ERY IM Y, m 2. l’. )L.
Making close connoctinm with the
steamer FANNIE at 'l'ukcy‘s Landing.
ISH' l’mprietor.
IHHNIMLI-Z :\'|‘ S. A. .\l.; Al4O tor
\\'lllhl:\' ISLAND at 10:30. A, .\l.
Ful'lliUXhAlJi.:lt I. l’. .\l.
,I-2\'l-llC\' l):\\'.
Fur treighn‘m‘ pu<~u|g¢n :u-plynn board.
1.. B. “AH‘IMH, JIL.
17M .\lam-r.
.\ll kiml< nf mummy (Innu'. Any one do
~iring work in my line \\i l be attended to
II” ~lml'l Imllm'.
[first ( 'lnma \Vnrk Guaranteed
aigf‘mhlruss by letter at l'ur: 'l‘mm
wul. \V. 'l'. ‘21)“
Boot 8: Shoe Store
)len'mlioy‘u. IJHIIM‘. Mluueu‘ Jr Children‘s
nI-' Tm:
Ly“ I have a un-ut rowrvw‘v furcush
Jonx Frmnrmn K.
3(st ,:""-’.;£2, .\lee
- -' .443.
. 9/4:&‘"‘\
and k- Q 3% and
(3-. "-li-wu
'. ‘.. 45:51, Q
sumcs \éfi‘fic‘ Rnpaired.
Allan“ Srrm-r. l'nrl 'l'lv\\'!l~'vwl. W. 'l‘.
Farmers, Attention!
Saddh and Harness Shop.
(full :UM «‘v- Hu‘ “n“ [HHII‘OU'II l'utrnl
('nlr-ln'n :Iking II H':u-~~.
.\ll kmrh nl l‘l'l-wlld ‘tnvu' In In: up“ 2|! m n:
Inlc- llaxn-n xnmiv In ul'f-r. ‘l‘l‘Ht~
n Lil M- nub! M " \\.|‘. Juan" ”Law ‘
HHHHHH W. “LAKE. - I’rnpviumr.
.\‘lullH <tl't‘r'J-Hm-flh- «‘H'wj' 'f'll‘l H'mw. l
I'UH 'lumh-c'n I. \\. l.
, x\l)l'il 'ZH. IHH'J.
I'll"l‘l§hl0\\l. C \III
Jl'S'l‘ll'l') 0|“ 'I‘IIH' I'l').\('l-Z
I’UI: HIE I'lll-Zi l\l l OF
film-ml lltlt‘llllml guru ml “11. . llwll~
Hun-r: Nm 1h ‘i-ln- ul‘ \\';n.-r *llm-l, ..nxmr.‘
H-nlrul Hold.
0. Ml-l'l'l~ llnlll-l‘. “all: r I'. Ht ‘l.
Attormys & Counselors at Law.
I‘INN‘ToIN n Alqu.\l.'r\r. l
.\lmn-y Lounwl. lil-ul l‘lslnh- llnnzm uml ~ul-l.
l-‘urms tn lt-nw, l'nllH-Hnm |||x|llQ-‘ rm.“ _\-
Inn~lnz..'.vlr.. cw. j
I'm-l 'l'muneml. W. ‘l‘.
J. A. KUH N .
\\'lll promptly mum-l In all lunlmw.‘ iull’ll‘lwl
ll) lum.
I'mrr 'l‘U\\'.\l~l.\l|. \\ .\sIIIM; In.\ 'rl'lum'ulu.
J . R . LEW IS.
Ul-‘l-‘ll‘l'l "I|!!er llulltllng. I'mmn l nml 3.
Jnlm-s n‘lu-el. nmm-‘ih- (M-illunrul llnlrl.
SEA'I‘TLI‘I. “‘ASIIINH'I‘IIN' ’l‘rflilll'ltlln' .
Managing Sui-soon
I‘ul‘t 'l‘uwnsvull. W. I‘.
(fun Imonninllml. Illjflll nl‘duy.ul Ilw Huipilu'.
Dr. L. T. Seavey,
Oflico: Corner 01 W..ler and Quincy Slrocls.
l‘orl ’l‘u“'nm-n(l. \V. 'l‘.
' l. E. COdll, M. P...
l PHYSICIAN ANI) sum; m )x.
lT’ort land. - - - ( )1'( an m.
lUll‘wv lmurd Frmn 1) ln I'D A. \I.. llu :l I’. ll
Nunl:|y~. lx'nm '.O tn ll .\. .\l.
Hl“|-'l( 'I‘Z - l'nlun lum-l“. lhmm :5, l 'm'lwr I-‘lru
uml ~lurl< sin-nu.
Snrzvnn l'nl'Ul'vgun lmilwuy uml .\migullnn
‘l'mnpunv. noT—ll
\ ,
_ r " _)
Stoves, l 111 1 lan)
-23 Wmor .\‘tm't. I’m-t 'l‘mvuaoml.
Frankhn Hotel,
[NFAILLY ()l'l'UFl'l‘l‘l hI'LW WIIAI‘IX}
Wmer Street. - For: Townsend. w. T.
Nuw Furnishing—Everything Xo-w.
Tlli" llmlsv In“ jun! lum-n l‘l'nlh'll .uul rI-Im
\ulwl lhrnnulmnt, unvl \u- um mm
lu'c-lmrwl In lurlmh
I-‘lrntll'lmm lhmrtl and Ilbdlflllfl'. '
(11‘3"1'110 um- i. uumnliml \VIII} lln- Ina-v «II
Wmm, L'hlllnl'i and ('mu".
l|.\\ llv ~l'nuli.
gulf l'rnpril-mr.
w. )1. “mid. .I. E. l'ugln.
l'on 'l'muueud. W.'l‘.
Tllid House is Nuw :unl Nowly F'umevl,
:llul I)!)S~’(‘~'Sts:lll (In: :lppoinllm'nh at :|
First Clas— Hotel.
ltd [hr Id ~lmplin-nl with llw ln-dt 0| \\‘im~<. 1.1-q!lm'<uw!
q!lm'<uw! ('iu:|r~. ’l'ln [‘l' la 1| lll'd-Mlh‘ HlH
i.ll'tl'l’u'lh-ulnl Ih'mlin: NINHII in ”I“ llwh'l.
.VnHlinL: “I“ Dr loft llllv'lml' In mulw thh lln—
lcl so-ruwl In mum: In lhu' 'l'vrrllnr‘.
lubl'l’ .\ P! I.”
I‘s‘. ‘ll.] i U” [\‘2'
.\H ”11- pl'hlu-ipul [um-'l‘ :mvl mam/1w; r
n'iu' I. :l'll' nllvr llu- Id HI JHIH‘ w \v I : \.
1v ~ll‘m‘l'ip'iun4 Wlil m~ I'I" NW | IHI‘ m ~--
wiit'ul :Ir |t-« tin-n luu‘Jx‘l I‘l-‘val l' ‘- n.
yull. l’aT \n_\ lumk nr [mini]. Hg- n -~.m- |_
”11] Hmyk~ lunlzlil. ‘l.“ m": m h .1. 5. I
Hl‘l! HUH‘I “.\IL I‘HHUI'.
l’nrt 'l'mvn‘vn-l. W. ’l'
-I\H'HI£H.I: “I -
Stoves, meare,
l'l'\ll'.". ’ s [HUN l'll'l.
l'l"ll'.“.- -' lIIIIV I'll‘!.,
H'm's. 5 _, I |l:n\' l‘ll'a..
A\\lD ‘-F..\P l.’ \l
I‘HIHL "'1 \I Hi
AMI I l“.lil' .\IMko-t l'l ‘w '~ In _\
um |hJ~l~' w w ‘.
.\.“. II
II- ...n. be ..
.JJZLC 111. l. I .\
I v u- - l l- - .
- "\|..\|-\| .0
“I'M" . bl- p 5- .. '
I'l'l I'~~-n-‘ . A - ‘
};«_~. u VP... 1...“ ‘ v ‘_. . ,1” I,
"'illgt ln--~ I' ' p- nu . - ......
fur-In. ..r-l .vunv V 4. ‘9' g. m...
fur firm“ 0' "11-qt 1”,
|| l'du Inn-«v o yum
I.l|.\\‘~ Xhml i ”no «a ho—
|MMI In! lum lon-L. v. or. ”V“
II"! ~L~ In I" \I
Impnnul owl "Harv-no"! In. w far-2.
I'umw-m! 111. Hun-hug n-u a an.»
:mu-unl M lunch m Jo‘ run, t ......n
Fur .\lk by
J. A. I”.
Part 'l‘uunvml.‘ N l 4:
\ [‘7“. “u‘
N. j ‘ .Q .Q
G],.()( 1.1:] Ls ,
- t\lv
‘ mom”...
‘ in: h In. I- ‘.
At the Lowest In. I. M
“MPI 11 11-;
i Pioneer my.
‘ I'm! 'l‘umm-ml. . . . y Y
‘ . I , I “
llUh] I l A 1.-
' I'ul’t 'I “In-nu! I I
‘ .r'fl‘hhfl‘w‘lllllilllU-I-l-IMIOOVO ‘ how I 'o‘
o|] .1 '.rrumnt'nl lu-nllv‘ »- '9.- l “W
.‘lnh'n "GD-pi“! [ln ’nn-o "yum. ..
l'ugc-t .\umvl. “If 'A'I-‘vb-lon 1...‘ ~ ..\
um.- in ummum-mg Hm u... ...... ... ..
pen-r will hr spud m '- mun“ u» 1.-
run lot! Ind «unwary-w a 3" an. ...
'l'hln l¢ the luv-gut 0M “"7“"
"mm 01‘ Mu Franc-mu. out N .0 a.
Inn-dtomupk-trlnt-pagan“: I but...
thoroughly "MIN! and Mum-bun to
gum-ml “Inl- It.» nun-nonhuman.-
übom mu- hunch“! murm- uni u. p...
Ilarly adapted I'm um monk!” u. ......
run-I'M ln-Illm-M am! «Iv-cum «yum
Inn at linlllollr\'l-nur hm. can...
tlmn wlll ht- fund-On! Il'h pun-o ......
mlln-ly I'plr-lle um] mum-n 1 a o «.4
{Yr Tlu- Illrmhm :4 ‘fl- nu..." .M.
tlum-mlen-unl h. ..“.-.."; u a...» w
tlu- fact that u-zmun man-h; Iv a ...-
nginm lliN'Au-‘ “W O:- lrri'nl nus-av m;
110-piml I'lllmu' n;- "no u. Hr vv't'x
'I'IIUMA.‘ ‘l‘ Ilhvl I lo
Mnulp- ‘ “OW".
Pacific Coast
(' I H m
.fad.:ho v...“ .0.- m.-
“oll‘n .‘W‘ a 0.!“
Tln- I mun-tn - N's-wt w-
I I) x\. I I ( ) ,
.‘ \l'TU‘ N I | i. tkl' nu
v v w
(1m )- \\ . lalc 10-r.
,‘ \l'l \l\ H u. 1»...
I :H u . hr:
Victoria, PM! mum, Bam h
coma an Ulmu
0‘ "I
mm 20“! and ”h.
()l-‘ l-.\'PlH\ M! r\ l H
{f |‘-' '-':m ~~ -u v
hwm V ." . '-
San Frauen-co.
m Victoria.
mu. Itch .04 In. .0 0.. _.-
Int... '1“. and no. .1 we. ...
H ‘
‘ ‘ o
. . . .

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