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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, April 28, 1882, Image 2

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~U~O “.." "'“'
“Q t. I-n-w .- ”got--
um ufi~ N ll\l\.
on u-n-w .¢— A- on.
an. m ' ~~ ‘ ‘
p~ln~9~ um- . 'wil h
.UWv -I~ , M “a.
was "pn d...
“in": mm. .. u. w you“
a ww-M . .m on a.
”b m~- on a... air-n
amt-I- as gnu-«W» 0.. to .4

”:1!“th b 1...
m. m .1 "b
u‘ an. a i: an... m
hum-aun- .y
33.12 ""'"‘"
‘ ’_ “..“...
' ”in“! no
“1 up“. n
a on
a hay .- I“
thy—duo lbw
fit- bu
0..“ who
I” I.
“at. um-
run. If:- rv-flc who,
...—’33“: 3121.:
m .uoflm-m.uul
“I‘M H who.»
w ham
“d“- ”..““;
in“ hump-pun“
an "non-w,
F umfiuwl
a ...-an
FM?“ ‘
alum m cup-N
1- mtg-nu
"" ""‘~ ”*1!
m. cm ”an.
‘4‘” main-01“:
-umm' “A I”
mun-1- nu.
u “t 0...
. .h “dud-
K" in m:
..“, _. . n
5 O ,Uflcfl-
‘, ‘lfi‘ than.”
an 111-bulb
I“ it.“
. “and-I’d
. d
t. -*7~~
h -rdm
O. ”to:
” cum-w
h u b .1 b m
m *- uI-u-l by m
-dumm huh“
“b““u bun-Im
mm-idhbpvad ebo
“awn—no and u
not plan: M u- m
muffin-pm“! I
.m “cu-...“...u
W“ ‘ 4“. h db-v In.
”W Cb'.“ baa-h .~ hr
* raw-I- “5 I. M h: 911 k!
m ”WWI.‘ Nu Jon-now.
Hm- nut-«w w- m;- of
‘w'l‘lmhh'hH-l haw-I
WM un- puauhw "HUM NU
d-smfia-d-r ‘ohrlgml
min-m». v-o'howw-l
..“-dufiuwognnw “I
"hmwwumrw‘ ....
I‘ U W ...!“ m h...
ngfiumdnvlms Maw.
” ”nu-“mule...
I m. LU' ditto-l from l‘ntis to Lon
\ - 'o a' 9"“ .Vny' ('hmullfl‘ was
-I - H:- 1721..
\~ . ~ Hahn-n. u! lhhfux. dim]
~ . [Lu-I'}.
' ‘5 --\ hm; L'I'JHYNI .| “I" 0‘
~ ‘.u- "111 I I’m“, '
n \ u .h- .uL-l Jumhh‘r. MN] .\.
i I' 'n ~ hn «run-u at St. hunts.
ten \t-mul .l-Jm IL-«lgo-h i~' sor
:. ... ‘ 1 llrngm . Jim-ru- vi the kid~
L,l‘ '9 Q
Turr- ... ~hl a...“ M liurmnl In-
M 9 .u a .\la-bulh-nmlthruvut Hawt
n» 'wh-‘nn Ulm-rwr «s's nth-r I’m
-I'l} 2‘ "aw-h! All utlwl snsportu WI” be
Mq- u M 1- to In- hp! at Wowhingtou
In!!! “my an] flurlbul testify before
‘- can-um.
I'm-c (fink-nu. o! Culpnulo. filed his
nd-uuh an the I'M: and took his seat
. H «nah-r.
"ha unhly And remains of the hilt!
lan-av r ll irll-nl lune unveil ill. l’unumu
ls, «run-hip .\lukn.
no war 0' Serum)! Mason was callml
u. llw nu. Inll poutpouml until close of
n.- pin-vol Ivru at court.
hu- u-rr-pric-Inn nl llw Central Bunk at
ln-mnuuln- have (mule an assignment
u-Ju-lgr Lamb. Liabilities, about $200,-
Tb" Hl-wn’vr'n Dublin correspondent
lu-lm-m um l'uiwll. on his return to
Kil-unlum jul, will be unconditionally
Um-Ihml n! (Winfield. )Ith was de
«my-d by [in- ou the 17m. Jns. Booth.
.0 lb one uture the tire originated, has
born "run-«l for arson.
J F ('lnrk lum rumignml us superinten
dentnl the I". I’. R. 1%. m accept the
unu- po-iuun an the (‘hicagm Milwau
ln uni at. Paul Railroad.
[- the South Cuolina election cases
mach-Mam; Are found guilty of ab-
Mu we count of votes and not
[unity on I“ other counts in the indict
J. B. .\elnon, of Gilroy, Cnl., proprie
br 0! a junk More, committed suicide on
It- Im. Ivy taking poison. He left a note
mm; llut financial troubles was the
A force 0! railway workmen com'
ml hut week to break ground on
tho new Contact near Emor City, B. C.
A Inge form in o: work an; the opera-
Uou will be vigorous ond sustained till
(but. Sheerbnrn, one of the heroes of
the Mghnn war. and who was brought to
[Au-u from Team on n. requisition, the
charge being obtaining money on false
Moon. In» discharged alter n lengthy
Sheri! Willi-ms. 01 Douglas county,
finale. to: nabbed, ptobahly totally,
on the 17th at Genoa, by Terry Raycrult.
Io In attempting to arrest Bayou“,
the «in. o knife and plunged it in the
ml] 0! hi- bu-k. Buyers“ had been
engaged In a fight md w disturbing
“no we.
Judge Edwin Bancroft Ihot J. Holtz
to the loco end hood with unnll shot at
Tomb... The difliculty arose out of
he out" put Boncroft took in the pros
muao ol one None, 5 lellow-country
an of Bolts. I low dayl ego in court.
lulu in not morally hurt, but it is feared
to I!" lose hie one.
‘l'beConneil Blufl‘u Nonpnreil has re
run-u! the when crop from western
on. which shows that little winter
that ha been nown. but the prospect
dogma: 'hent in very flattering. No
W“! nportaleu wheat nown than last
gaunt! in wme cases the acreage is
5. per cent. grater.
fie" from the Newton county, N. J.,
ulna-Insane on the 12th states that
Was lines. 3 turner living at the foot
0' Gather monnuin, was awakened by
Ibo burning of n loader stack and run
out. than some one fired a double-bur
"ln! shotgun. The charge took effect,
ansinginsunt death. He was struck
by slug- sml bullets in twelve places,
end twenty-nix shot were found in the
bonni- and rails where he fell.
John Nmett,n farmer of 65, living
In miles west of Cambridge, Ohio, shot
his son Ennet end then himseli through
the head, conning instant death. The
elder Nusett n year ago deeded his farm
to his son on condition he would main
hin him and his mother during lite.
The son got married and proposed build
inaonew home. The {other said he
could kill him it he did, but the son
pnid no nttsntion to the threat.
Pnrnte letters deted Irkutsk, Feb. 12,
were received It Salem, Mass on the
12th by the family and friends ot Ray
.ond .\‘ewcomh, taxidermist on the
Junnette. The survivors now.on the
on, true: Irkntuk to St. Petersbnrg are
our Ange-nus. on the Siberian frontier.
loot-amt) writes thut barring unavoid
nbledrluyn the party will arrive in St.
Peter-hum the [st 0! Hey. Lieut.
lhnenhouer Ir improving rapidly and
our} nu-mtwr of the [urty has gained in
huh. 'l‘hetnne oi the letter is very
howl"! nud cheering.
(‘nl lngvrmllmounwl {or Dorsey in
the ntu mulo- cues, tiled in motion for a
mum lnrtxculm. asking the govern
mut to furnish him with copies of all
mogul tact. and lroudulent petitions
uni I'vpllt‘lunul Alleged to have been
turmetm! by Done] to the second assis
um Funnier general, and that they
hatch-to names to the petitions. eto..
tin-«l by petitioners; nnd thnt he be
l-nuho-l cu m of all papers, orders,
A: . dunno-x to hue been torged or
(redolent or written with trundnlent
may! turn; on the plots. The one of
A E. ”-10.0 in fixed for the 15th.
Thu Farragut house, the largest hotel
at Rye Bunch, N. L. and the college east
of it. was hurnml on tlw 13th.
Tln' Spanish gm’orunmnt has mm
nwnm-(l ru-lim'ing thmliutruss of sm'h ulix
ink-ts m. are sull'criiig from prulungo-il
I'ltllhll' llurlhnt. ul‘ tho New ank
Wurhl. has unknl tn ln- :illuwml to testify
lwful‘o the Shiphi-nl investigation mm-
Sui-rotary Fnlgvr has approved the up
}muitmvut uf (‘. U. liuckm-11. brother-in
luw ul' thulnte Prcniilout (lairfivld. us dup
uty collector of the part ”1' NW; York.
.\ hem-y nm'thi-r during' the past live
«hiysnt Vern Cruz. .\lvxim. huspn-vmited
va-ssvls from landing or leaving, and ull
business has been dcluyed in conse
The stmmsinp Alaska urrivml at New
York from Lin-rpm)! «m tiw 16th, having
made the trip across lhtl 00mm in six
days and 20 hours. This is the fastest
pussuge on record. the stpmnship Arizona
having made the tri ) in seven ilnys and
2311011”, on what has heretofore hcon
known as the fastest voyage.
Dr. Lainson has written an aeoonnt of
his movements at about the time of his
visit to Wimbledon just before the death
of young John, but only states therein
Wlmt has proved untrue. Defense Ult
tuined the evidence of tour servants em
ployed by the doctor while at Bourne
mouth. A” depose as to eccentric nuts
on the part of the prisoner and to the
belief that he is insane.
Herald's Madrid: Sarah Bernhardt
made her debut at the Theater Royal in
the presence of the king and queen and
Infanta Isabella. There. was a splendid
audience. The tiers of boxes and pit
were crowded with nobility, diplomats,
men of letters, politicians and lovely
creatures in rich toilets. Bernhardt ob-
I tained applausa on her acting, especially
after the third and fifth acts, and made
a magnificent success. She deeply
moved the audience, and cheers, rims
and bouquets abounded. Her husband.
‘is apoor performer. The chief topic of l
iconversation between nets was the disus
‘trous inauguration of the season of bull
tights, where on two days in succession
there was a fearful scene of excitement,
many bulls were badly wounded and the
celebrated hull fighter, Carancha,
smashed his nose. 0n the second day a
bull caught him near the barrier, tossed
him up an“. gored him again and again.
He was mortally wounded. Extreme
nnction was given him outside the bull
ring, and he was carried home on a
stretcher, followed by large crowds.
Hundreds of all ranks visited his house,
and the press is full of harrowing ac
3a i‘uxcnoo. April 10. «newline oxen-um- uu
gamma bunkers. w dun. u 55 do. documenllry.
I .
’l‘nnuen—O discount.
Bank 0! Enulnud rue o! Intel-en. ”6 per cent.
le You. April 19.—-Swrunu axculuue. unme
bunken'. louu. M 57; short. $4 90. Good commer
lcm. from lulkc lower : document-u. mu"
silver bullionJl'oo flue. per one ounce. Illa.
U. H. Bonds—ax: 10): 43".1165; {a 1215.
Lxuox, Aprll ISL—h}. S. mum—am. 10431.
Gold and flute! lawn...
IAN mama m.
an! Fuuc‘mco. April 10.
Receipts—When. 25,000 CHI ; flour, 2500 k In;
potato“. 300 Ilu; eggu, 80,000 don.
Freigbtl-—Ov¢rinnd freight: going em Ire highar.
For arena and wool the rnte is 234 on nll under.
Regintered tonmge in port disengaged. 18,130; at
Wilmington. 5500.
When—Tile unrket 1~l very firm. while Nu i ship
ping Si 06 uked along-idly for 1000 tons. Si M in; bid
July, 31 56" for Auguut Ind October. Among lull-n
were 1800 tunl, one-iblrd No. ‘2 shipping. 2000 such
{sir shipping. the bninuue .\o. unlpplng It Si 00.
Port Cout- delivery.
Flour-erlet in veryflnn with I fnlr inquiry.
California choice Ind our: choice City Mlli- jabbing
I! 8.3 25(«95 :l'lii; Cniliornin country and“. exiru,
8| 50(49-‘5.
Barley—No. l feed 81! 58'. bid input, $1 ill) with].
80101.50!) ions NO. ‘1 («ed mic Stll'.; 100 tons N 0.2
brewing ii 13% Sept. ‘
Una—Muriel in quiet with {air inquiry. prices
ngninni buyl-r: {or upot.
Uorn—Nubnnkn lurue allow, #1 my, nailed.
Grain bugl—Cnlumiin. it! ill) bid Jul), $9 75 linked.
Potatoes—Muriel il iirin owing to reduction in
stocks; choice gnrnet Chili jabbing at 31 we“ as.
Wequote 31 flow] 85.
Onlunn—Suid iu-dly it [i 15.
Flu Tin—Sydney. nurket uteuly It 28c.
Eggs—ninth! steady at ihe ndunco, 'ilxiu‘zic.
Butter—Supplie- nndilennud About balance; lrlmh
Cuillornln Maniac.
Portland Produce l‘rlcel.
PLOUR—Dumlud bundl 85 '25: country. 34 25(1)
4 60; unperflne. 13 m 1! "5.
oATH—6mslkc p: x lube].
BAIKLEY—H 50(92 1 u- cent-l.
HAY—Balm timothy. "may“ '1 lon.
MILL FEED—Quotation: : Middnnul '2') 54mm;
abort-I. ”org-u; chop feed ”06925: bun 815.
CURED MEATS-Elma. Orcfuu luau curt-d “a
“kl; eutern ”mac; bacon. thyme; shoulders 10
@l c.
LARD—Quunuonl Ire “@ch In but; “(Qls In
hm. null-Molar Iu mm.
DRIED APPLES—Sun urted. (kyle; Plummerdrlod
[email protected]'M:.
DRIED PLCMs—Wlth pm. 6c; pmeu Imm
for sun dried; 12 )[email protected] {or machine plums.
HIDEs-Quouclunl no 15c fur nut-chm: dry;
PW,” lurureen; culls. .5 on. Sheep pelt: smm
1 2.}.
BUTTER—Funny Whamk; good to choice. '22 ~03
254;: fur. ld’wluc. In ‘oulk. mouse; In brluudfiqy
'l7 I‘. '
()SlONs—unotulon :1 mm 2.5 3 cu.
CHEESE—Bt'f family. “home.
APPLEs—Per mix. “(:01 25.
TIMOTHY HERD—Pvt m. «awe.
CHICKENs-—Doz. $5035 50; "um um] medium.
111 50:“. par dot: _ . A‘ _ A _
BALMUN—Culumbln [IV/01.1! bbl, slogan; b! bbl,
85 swam; belllel. M bbl. 81‘).
POTATOES—OIm“ Chile. 50¢. per bulhel: Peer
leu or choice whlte "Men". 54):: per bunhul.
CEMENT—Boundule. I bbl. It! 00. Ponuud. I
bbl. M 501.34 15.
SHlNOLL‘S—thved. .2 SM? 75 per“.
-8EEF—.1693!- 1 15 gross.
PORK —64¢lc. net 11,5415.
MITTTON—zmc. mun.
The lake at Menzanillo, Mexico, burst
its confines and poured into the see. The
lake was full of alligators and the harbor
of sharks. When the monsters met. a
water battle immediately began, and it
was waged for several days in the pres
ence of most of the people of Mnnzanillo.
For a long time victory trembled in the
balance. but the sharks finally prevailed
and dined on the rear gem! of the elli
Agriculture In America.
.\lust prominent among the factors
that have) contrihntvd tuwnnl the extru
mnlinury dmwlupnwnt and prowerity 0f
nuricnltnrv in th:- l'nitml States is. nn~
tillt‘\li')lllllti.\‘, tho grvut nntim fortility of
mils, .15 yet nnvxlmnstmt in the m-wm‘
sum-s uml territorius, which :ch thus
(-n:il»lmltnp-mrnnt nl-un the Hunt and
upon l-lnrniw tho ma-nmniutmi mil tl‘t‘us
nrm nt‘ minty uges. 'l‘hnt those cannot
huhl unt t'ort-vor, or oven for yours to
minv. is un invxuruhlu luw of nature;
mul tho stt-mly dinnnntinn pn-r new in
the Htutm‘ mist of the Mississippi river,
resulting in “Mr invrvusml inability tu
vonipc-tu in the growing of curt-nix with
the newer Status, him lung given warn
ing that tho vxporium-e of tho UN
World is being re mntmi on the new
continent, nnd that the old 11111 l ever re
curring question is upon us 01 maintain
ing pintitnhle prudnvtivonesis by means
of :vsto-mutic culture and returns tn the
so: . ,
' Whethe this question slmlll be allov
ed to assume the aspect of the menace
I that annually confronts the European
agricultnralist, "No manure. no crops,"
or whether an ounce of intelligent pre
vention shall forestall the heavy burdens
that will otherwise rest upon the coming
generation and its industries, is the
‘ issue that must largely be determined by
l enlightened gowrnment aetion. in the
fare of the already inveterate bad habits
of the vast majority of American farmers
that are. as usual, promptly adopted by
the l-Zuropean immigrant. The, ravaging
‘of the virgin soils lny heavy cropping
} without change, or oven the slighest
attempt at return, followed by the
“turning out" of the ”tired" land, and
too often, by the washing away of the
the surface soil from the hard plow-solo
formed by shallow tillage, not uncom
monly resulting in the definitive ruin of
the land for agricultural purposes, is re
peated more or loss in every newly act
tledregion. Deserted homesteads, and
melancholy old tlelds scarred with gul
liea, mar the flk'fl of the land in the rear
of the pioneer farmerl and impose upon
his steadier successor a heavy tax. in the ‘
way of reclamation, on soils that if ra- ‘
tionally cultivated would not have telt l
the need of manure for scores of years.
For the want of the most rudimentary
knowledge of agricultural facts and
principles, the planters of the South
new for three-quarters of a century
wasted nine or ops of cotton for every one
made, by failing to utilize the chic pro
duct of their fields—cotton seed—for re
turns to the soil, which needs but little
more to maintain its full productivcnesa
forever. Such a crying evil as this would
hardly have beenallowcd to exist so long
in any country less averse to the least
semblance of paternal government with
out something inore than the faint warn
ings and rcmonstrances uttered from
time to time in the periodical press, or
in government documents. The great
perfection attained by agricultural im
plements for large-scale culture under
the hands of American inventive skill.
serves hat to add to the rapidity with
which the process of soil devastation is
carried forward into new fields—Eugene
W. Hilgard in April Atlantic.
John Wentworul on l‘ulhoun and Bon
l John Wentwortlipi Illinoisl delivered
\ a lecture in Chicago recently on remin
i iscences of some great statesmen whom
ihe has known. In it he said 0! Calhoun:
‘ “He invited me to his residence one
‘ evening, and he had me alone. He was
the most charming man in conversation
whom [ever heard. He spoke 0! Chi
cago very interestingly, of which he had
derived considerable information
through his otlicial intercourse with the
officers of Fort Dearhorn while Secretary
‘of War from 1817 to 1825. He spoke of
the West as the natural ally of the
South, and of the Mississippi and uppen
lakes as great inland seas. deserving the i
i same governmental consideration as the a
} oceanic waters. He presented me with a‘
; hook containing his biography ‘
y and speeches with his com
pliments and autograph. I
wrote a narrative of the evening's
conversation and pasted it in the book,
but the Chicago fire has prevented me
from giving you the seuuctive language
of one who had been for years plotting
the dissolution of the union to a young
and inexperienced member of congress.
I overtook Colonel Benton on my way
home, and when he ascertained where I
had been and saw my book, he became
extremely violent, averting that he
could tell me every word that Calhoun
had uttered. He said it was Mr. Cal
houn's custom to early procure inter
views with young men and instil into
their minds the seeds of secession, nulli
flt-ntion and treason. At the close of the
Tyler administration he went into ri
vate life, and there he remained until’he
came to the senate in December, 1845,
where he continued until his death,
March 31, 1850. I heard his last speech,
and was at his funeral."
Another learned blacksmith has arisen
to take the place of the late Eliu Burritt,
albivt his ncqnireuu-nta are almost ex
clusively biblical. He is about publish
ing 1!. book of 566 pages which he has
named, "Curiosities o! the Bible." He
has spent thirteen years in the prepara
tion of the work, and has gone through
the bible thirteen times with a minute
examination of every verse, deduct
ing from it whatever he thought might
appeal to the curious interest of readers,
and his knowledge of the sari tnrea seems
marvelous. The blacksmitlli's name is
Ambrose S. Otley, and his shop is at
Booth's Corner. Delaware county, Penn.
He works hard st his trade hll day and
devotes his evenings to study.
Shelf and. lleuvy Ilau‘dware,
l-‘armers' uml lleclmnies’ Supplies,
woun H'l‘t.)(‘l{.
(_l A R ll I AG» E ".\nnwuuz.
"eta-man. TR mm N'Gs
Plies, 'l‘wlxl Drills, Hummers, Sledges,
Tongs, Stocks and Dion,
“”“"ll...l"§'mlifT-‘fd1.A3311:.a"333?, ”m“
lllm-ks, Unkum, Ours, ('npstunswtc.
OUR S'l‘lN'K 0!"
Wagon and Carnage Malena!
m "".::.:':.::.: mar-m
a? §y "v m
44 '~ 4; 93
_ann 6611551
[ "I ":7 -l
I .07) y;
t ,
4767) WM ; ‘,
Are the BEST and (3051‘ N 0 MOREthan
Other Brands, and if the Merchant wttll
whom you ’l‘rndn does not keep our Goods
it tg because It PAYS better to sell I
pair of Roots or Shoes every TWO
Months than every NPR or FIVE.
We make. All Merchnnts In Good Crodlt
can procure theme floods at our Wm
honm-u In PORTLAND or San Francisco.
‘ The largest and best assortment In mac,
non I'B2
Best Makers In the United sum,
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
us FIRST 'l'. lan- "AIN. WITH”
Land Bureau,
Pmtdent. .........,...................WENDELL auto“
Vice Prep. and Gen. Minuet”... (mo. W. ”U“
'1‘reuurer............ ANGLu-CALIFORNIAN BANK
5ecret0ry....,........................ l-'. a. WILDI
"our“ 01 Downturn.
J. o momma. .. RANT |. new“.
Principal Place of Buniunl.
22 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.
Hub-Ammo!“ n each cuumy beam! the sure.
AKOIIC) Im- «Me nurl o xcnuuo "I' "In"
In: "man. I. ma "mum mbrllvldfil
and I on! u uwuon or prlvnw MlC
‘rCnlnulm and lmml rum» lnrmea CI'OM
lbpmlmmenu made [or gum. Cnum. Mull!"
Imoru. 'l‘nuteen, e'c. Lognl Inrmn rcmpl'ed '“3'
Full record- 01 “In In each calmly on file “In.
(ienernl Office. Ammo ennre charge 01 9“)va
pl] taxen. lmurlnmw etc. etc.
.---__-L“_' ilfljflfiL/
M .A. G H I N I S T .
Dealer In New and
CU [lull-on H 1... I'm-[lum]. 0".
l’urtle- dealt-In 13033:. Engine. "0‘ 5"
MILL Mil'lllNllflY can an”
by uddreuln. Ir. ('olller.
New and Second Hand Machinery
Fourth and Columbia m” Portland, 0'»
Would enuounce to the lultel of this count! m“
the nu received bur

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