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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, May 12, 1882, Image 2

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I!" TIIIJIHRII'II I'U ll.\'l‘l‘.
'l‘ht- Vienna l"r« w f'i‘ ~ iv) v! H "11“
rages on Jens at l\'.ii.~;n~. l‘ulmlt and.
Walkowich. lt my 1:. .~; 13- .4 «ml-I'3
from St. l‘t-tn allure Iwi’ l'li‘illl‘i [Hill‘l‘ll
mt‘lll 0f liq-y‘iq‘t'llltil'~, .\i-\«'l:tl llHli‘Yll'll‘
offenders have law-ii l‘rli'd-‘t'll ““1“ "“3'
iody. ,
A London dispatch say: it was sanl
at the cabinet meeting rwenlly that the
draft of the bill dealing with arrears of
rent in Ireland was submitted, also that
it was decided steps should be taken for
release of .11l suspects except those who
were arrested on suspicion of having
been personally concerned in the out
rages. ‘
The North (ierman Gazette, has an an;
ticle calling (ten. Dc(iallit'ct a French‘
Skobclefi‘. At a recent banquet General
DeGallifet declared that (iambetta's re-.
turn to power was necessary, as the pres- ‘
ent government was careless of 1' rcueh
honor, and added that Prince Hohenlono
was pleasing FranCe to accept a German
guarantee of her possession, in return
for which both countries would reduce
their armies.
A London dispatch says: Severe stric
tures are being made with reference to
American horses. It is thought. and said
that after the unpleasant business of‘
Iroquois at Lincolnshirc Lorillard was‘
ill advised in scratching,r Gerald for the
£2oth stakes. That tierald had gone,
wrong. as the statement of U irrow‘s 1
proves, but should have been struck out ‘
before ‘2O minutes to 2 in the afternoon.
Hard words were freely used on Wed
nesday, but probably lioi'illard sutl'ers
from faults of his agents.
Gen. Ignaticfl' publishes a communica
tion denying that the anti-Jewish distur
bances are the result of a want of action
on the part of the government, and dc
claring that serious disorders have oc
curred only at Balta, where the Jews be
gan the demonstration in revenge for an
insult to a Jew by a Christian child.
Gen. Ignatiefl‘ states that elsewhere dis
orders have been averted through ener
getic measures of the authorities, which
will be continued. It is reported that
the Jews are leaving Wilna en masse;
200 families started for America on the
lat inst.
A man names Kobosiphf Bogdanowitch
recently submitted to the authorities a
plan for tho illumination of the Kremlin
with the electric light. Inquiries were
instituted and it was discovered that his
intention was to blow up the whole
Kremlin during the festivities attending
the coronation of the czar. At the man’s
residence were found new peasants‘ caps,
the crowns of which were filled with ex
plosive material. It is supposed that
these caps were intended to be thrown
into the air in greeting the czar, and that
on falling to the ground the contents
lould explode with the effect of bombs.
Bogdanowitch and 300 nihilists were ar
An attempt was made on the 29th ult.
lay some miscreants on the lives of Wm.
. Vanderbilt and C. W. Field by send.
ing them explosives through the mails.
Fortunately the dangerous character of
the packages was discovered on route to
the postoffice station and probable loss
thus prevented. Two misaivea came into
the postofllce in the afternoon. One was
posted in the omce and the other brought
11l by a collector a few minutes after
wards. The last one was addressed to
Wm. H. Vanderbilt, 459 Fifth avenue,
and the first was addressed to Cyrus W.
Field, Lexington avenue and Twenty
third. The packets were placed in the
mail bag along with other mail for up
town districts, put in a mail wagon and
taken to Third avenue on the Elevated
railroad to the station at the head of
Chatham street, and then deposited on
the front. platform of the car. The train
started up town and before reaching the
station at Ninth street and Third avenue
an explosion was heard from a mail bag,
and tire and smoke were observed to issue
from it. When the train stopped at the
station the burning bag was hastily trans
ferred to the platform, as railroad people
were afraid to transport it any further
on the train. It was taken down stairs,
placed on a wagon and taken to the post
omce station at Twenty-ninth street and
Third avenue. Superintendent Masher,
in charge there, dispatched a messenger
in haste for Postmaster Pearson. When
he arrived half the burned mail bags and ‘
contents were examined. The package?
addressed to Field was plunged in a
bucket. of water for fear it might also ex-‘
plode, and when thoroughly soaked was‘
examined. It was found to consist of a
paltcboard box, covered with gaudy
flowers and pictures, and had a small
drawer in it from which depended a
string, as it is supposed, for the purpmej
of drawing it open and causing an cxplo-]
aion. Inside the box was found a tinl
can containing half a pound of powderi
and a glass jar containing a white powdcrl
and a liquid, believed to be soun- kind‘
of explosive. but what it was none of the
postofilce otliciuls could say. It will b.-
scnt to a chemist for analysis. it was
Vanderbilt's package that exploded,
probably caused by the jolt of the can
when rounding a cane out of liou'eri'
into Third avenue, and butfor Wlilx‘ll tho
packages might have reached their tlt“il
nation and exploded in the hands of the
parties to whom they were at:ltll‘c><ml.
. The contents of the mail hag were
'. scorched by the explosion. I’ostnlliee
oflicials are making vigorous efforts to
games the packages to the parties who sent
Swrutm-v l-‘ulgc-ru-ulls the rmillun of
slxm ~f-l lll_\ l‘.;l. uxnuuutingtnsll,2oo,-
‘ .lmlgw Ihe l‘. lulnl uf tlu- suprvmv
«'lfill‘l.\‘.l\‘-ll'h'l(“ll\\llll1H|l':ll‘\\l" .ll lna
lwmv l‘.: .\le rm .\l bx. Uh llll‘ l‘l lIL-t.
Jiv- Is A.” _\l“.tl ~ ‘llil.
In .n g»: ~21 Illt in l‘.-mu} lmnm m 1 llw
:‘uuh uIL lut 11‘s: m‘n-r an 1. un'. 'l‘lu-u
--plnlm .\nlv: ~ In «lvl'a-utm] .luhn (lrwn.
llutln \wrw-u‘mrml and lmtln lnully lwutvn.
llv'llll'lh hum muniripul (‘lk‘l‘ll(lll\‘ on
rlw 1‘! hm. .11 various vitivn and towns
ni Nurfll (Lurulilm allow at virlury fur the
rvgnlur doluwrnvy. .\ small mm was
Benjamin I”. Delano, l‘m-mm-Iy l'. S.
naval umwn'uumr, «livd in Brooklyn on
the lilltll "It. :It_fml7.'). Helms ungzuzml in
Perry'svxpmldmn to Japan um Kane's
(firm-u 1L ihmn has lm-Iy intimutwd to
a roporlm' that h:- \\':w n vulnlhlntv for flu
l'. S. swuh- In mum-m 1 lhu’id “Mia, 01'
Illinois, and MN l’uul'iu 'l'ruuscnpt' makes
the nutlmrinuive ummum-mm-nt of his
On Hu- With nlt. “9,118 ponplo ut
tondod dimw survive in St. lmuis, of
whom 85.1” “mm Catholics; mul 21,2“)
were in parka, gunk-us xnhl utlwr not
wry religiunu plum-us. More than I‘»!an of
those wituusml ball games.
Judge Luuqinlin, in tlmHt. lu’)lliSl'l‘iHl°
inul com-t, sllstni'fl thp plvu Hf thugnmh
lors' uttoruoy tlmt tlm Julnmm not. mak
ing gululwling n. felony. in mn-onxtitn
tionn]. us the Luv was irregularly lumsml.
This throws 40H vases mu uf ('ulll't.
Wm. (‘nnlfroy Krunger cummitml sni
cide in NOW York on the [Ht inst. l’uv
ert)‘ was thu (2mm. lie was the inn-n
--tor of a flying, machine whivh h-I claimed
would curry Lilu to Eumpv in :30 hRm-s.
Kruogt-r \v as :l Hl‘lll)l)l tmu'hur in Sun
Francisvo fur tvn _vcurs.
The Bmton Jullrml mvs: l’.»- :I. remo
lutinu mluptwl at the Hanover mull-r
--e- n-i-umly attention was puhiivly
called in chmgos of misumnugvma-Ilt in
the financial umiirs nftlw Congregational
union. [I is u matter which thruutvns to
become of serious importance to the dc
nominutiou throughout the mummy.
A special from Washington says: The
public debt reduction during the past
ten months of the fiscal year is about
SI2O,IM)U,I)UU, or nearly double that of
the corresponding months last you I'. It.
would have been greater but for the do
croasod interim] revenue rm-eipts caused
by tho ugitauiou of the whisky tux ques
The department stutenmnts show u. re
duction of mm «luring April of $14315,-
8233; cash in treasury, $245,574,580; gold
certificates outstanding. $5,072,120; sil‘
ver certifu-atea. $137,781,360; certificates of
deposit, $11.150,000; refunding cortifi~
antes, $406,000; legal tenders, $346,681,-
016; fractional currency, 87,087,8H3; cash
balance available. 314.593.9550.
The 3d rnvnlry, under Col. Brnokett,
consisting of twelve "companies. left
Wyoming on the 2d inst. for the Indian
war in Arizonn. Specinl dispatches any
it is probable that the White river Utes
will create trouble over the killing of
Capt. Jack. The removal of the 3d cav
alry to Arizona lessens the protection of
settlersin Wyoming and Colomdo con
Polk Wells, the robber, escaped from
the lowa. penitentiary on the lat inst.
with two accomplices named Fitzgerald
and Cook, by chloroforming their atten
dants in the hospital, breaking through
the iron roof and overpowering the hos.
pital guard. John Elder, one of the
utter. died from the efi‘eot of his injuries
and chloroform. Pursuit has been or
ganized, but no trace has been found of
the escaped mou.
The remains of Gen. Stephen A. Hurl
but, late minister to Peru, were buried
with appropriate ceremonies tit Bel
videre, 11].. on the 30th ult.
About 10,000 people were present.
Among the participants were five com
panies ofthe 3d regiment of state mili
tary, six eucnmpments' of Knights Tem
plar, a number of lodges, members of
the bar of Belvidere, and 300 veterans of
the late war who served under him.
Public and private buildings were unus
ually draped, and several arches spanned
the streets. Services were in the public
The funeral of Ralph Waldo Emerson
took place at Concord on the 29th ult. A
special train from Boston brought many
people, and almost every building in
town bore some drapery, public build
ings being heavily draped. Services at
the house were conducted by Rev. W. H.
Fumes, of Phihulelphia, and were of in
simple charm-tor. The aged mother of
the poet, his wife and daughter Ellen,
ant near the cotlin. After services the
procession formed and the body wants keen
to the Unitarian church. nzshort distance
from the house. The church was
crowded, and when the body was plsced
in front ot' the pulpit Judge llockwood
Hoar took his place at the head of the
coflln. When family and friends were
seated, Judge llonr begun at llt‘illlllllll
address with the words "The twenty of
Israel is fallen in its high [llzlm'." Solve
tions from scriptures followed and Elev.
James Freeman Clarke delivered u long'
and interesting:iddrnss on the lite und
works of Emurwn. l’myernnd benedic
tion clused the exercises. The pvuplt’ of
(‘onn-urd tin-n looked upon the fawn.- of the
dew] and the coilin was closed and home
to tho- cumetery. Rev. Dr. llaskins,
Epismml clergyman and member of the
family, road the Episcopal burinl .\t‘l’l’im.‘
.tllll the body was lnweied into the grave.
The people and clergyinen then united
in reciting the Lord's prayer, closing
with the words “and deliver us from
evil." The grandchildren passed by the
open grave. Cfll'h tossing upon the cotlin
a bouquet of flowers and the ceremonies
Advivos frnm Montevideo are to thv
vfl'vct tlmt iu cumuqllcm-u 01' umltru-ut
luuntof Brazilians m Uruguay. Bruml
ismucvutmting truulw on 1110 {mum-1'
uml «li~'p:m-lu-<l am rnmy n .\IHHYM‘idc-o
to dommnl rmln-Hs. 1' is ropurtml l'ru
wluy is raising mm in protect tlw fron
tier and taking lm‘;l>l11'(~ h) fortify Mum
.\t the) royal :n-udmuy l-umluet on the
Min, Sir Frulvrink Lviglltun. in a hunt
to literaturu, umutioned James R.
Lowvll’s [mum in glmving toxins. Luwell
said this was too Hath-ring u. lJUl'tl‘ilit. It
was ‘0 difl‘vrvnt from swim! spirited pen
and ink skvtclu-s 1w lmd ln-vu lutuly ru
m-iving from Amvrivu. he haul some doubt
which of them 110 might ri-semble.
News is rot-rived nt (loom-a] Sheridun‘s
hemlquurters from Fort \Vushukie. Wyo.
mint: territory. of the killing of Cuptuin
Jack of the White river Utes. Jack was
imprisoned there. :uid in uttempting to
est-ape wns killed hy u sergennt us he was
running: uwuy. The uuurd tired utter
him and he fell ut the first shot. Soon
tivueugothe Indiun department requested
thetnilitnry to arrest t'upt. Jock. who
was in the viviuity of Fort Wushukie,
Wyoming. The arrest was innde April
2”“). Shortly utter he uttempted to es
mpe and fled to u tepee neur by, where
he seeured o. enrhlne and killed Sergeant
ltichurd ('uxey of the 3d cavalry. .\
mountuin howitzer wes then tlred into
the topee, killing .lau'k instantly. ('upt.
.ltiek wns n notorious lender in the Thorn
hergh and .\[eeker massacres, and was it
very dangerous and [Lid lndiun.
Jay Gould reached (‘hieaigm Muy lst.
after u. trip of inspevtion eorering ten
thousand miles at l'IHLtl under his control.
He pronounces the rumor thut the War
hash is uiiout to puss into the lutnds of u
receiver to he absurd. nod says he has
practically taken it on his shoulders be
cause he t'onsidors its. rnhmhle property.
He expresses great gi‘ittitleution it: the
outlook for crops nnd trullie in Illinois,
Missouri, Texus, Kunsus und Nebraska.
He snys the only thing the railroads ot'
the west hereto fear is unwise and ud
verse legislation. He does not nntiei~
pute at war of rates between rouds west of
Missouri river in consequence of exten
sion of his Missouri Pacific to a. junction
with the Union l’ucitie and he says he
still favors estublishnient of new stock
yards ut Chicago, und has pledged $500,-
000 for the work whenever it may be
deemed advisable to put it in operation.
I'INAEQPI-I .\.‘D 'Cflllbl I'2fl(’l"-
um qucmun. May 3 -—Blerllnu excuuuze on
Lmdnn bunkers. ml drum. $4 5.5,». do dlwumuullry.
H 8159).
'l‘mnul't-rs—Par to 5 «Hm-Hunt.
llnuk of England rat? or “new". 23¢ per cent.
an You. May '.'.-Slerllm( autumn, prime
o-uneru'. long. H m; short. a tum. (luml rum
mer-lal. irom lull“: lower: (luculuemnry
'.‘twl hr lower.
1 fillVl-r bulllon. Imm Ilm», per llne ounce. 1H '.m,
H ..
L'. s. “mas—:l3“. mm; 4!“. l]3'.; ha 120*...
Lnsnnx, May :1.~-Cuunuln. 10l 'J-111.
l'. s. bundle—ll)“, llll; “fin, MB. 4». 123”.
Gold und ltock Renal-ta.
aas l-‘lt.\N\.‘ixcu MARKETS.
HAN memco, May :I.
llCt‘Plfts—Wheal. 60.000 ctl-i.inclmliuulls.ol;o ctla
on boart ; flour. 110,000 5. units ;oala, 2750 ctla; pola
tuea. 6000 aka; eggs. 111.000 (10:.
Wheat—White No. 1 shipping. 51 ‘lO asked; along
side. 8165 bid. Market is very iirm. but quiet.
Oileringa are small.
1-‘iour—Mariwtiirm at full prices. Good Oregon
and Walla Walla $4 tiMui 70. from wharf.
Barley—No. lleed. $1 (17% asked epot and May.
31 m bid: No. '2 sold 31 10. Sept-. 81 07% the year.
Oats—Tire marketing hardly active, but there in a
good demand at lull prices. Salsa: 30!) aka heavy
anrpriaa at $2 1:1; 125 Ilka slightly discolored. $2 10;
400 aka good Oregon at s').
Grain bani—Calcutta. 100,000 at £0 ‘2O, buyer.
June;so,i)oilal 8'! 17M. aaller. June; Oakland in 43
aalied. apot.
Bran—The market iaiirm at the advance aalea at
sl6 apot; 313 Sept.
l’oiatoea—Uarnet Chilea aalea embrace 1000 alts
choice at 32 1236:4001!“ poor. 111 N). The demand
in good (or conaiunmenta from your aectton. Stocks
on hand are rinsing out rapidly.
()niuna—Ohuice Oregon oil'rrinu at SI 75.
index—Dry. uallal selection. lituultmc. Pelta: The
market is quiet with pricea against aellern. Buyers
bill lower aboui 10 per cent.
Egga~lfieahCniii‘ornia,lnarln-i steady at an ad
vance. mam-M1...
lintter—‘l‘he general features oi the market are un
Portland Produce l’rlcea.
FLOUR—Standardbranda $5 'l3; country. 5-1 [email protected]
i 60: lupornne, t 3 mm 15.
OA’l'ii—Mwsulgc per nahel.
HARLEY—H cum-21. cantal.
HAY—Balm lluiuthyal‘luyl‘ I ton.
MILL FEED—Quotation. : .\liddlinga ”‘1 60(03‘25;
ahnrta. ”OWNS: chop feed sewn: bran 815.
CUItED MEATS—Harm. Oregon sugar cured “(to
150-. eastern ”(glam bacon. isobliie; ahauldera 10
bum—Quotations are llwlihc in kegs; “@lll in
mm. andlbmlnr in Infill-
DRIED APPLES—Sun dried, 01911:; Plummer dried
DRIED PLUMs—With pita. 6c; pitlma [email protected]
for ann dried: I‘2 “(tonic for machine plnlna.
“IDES—Quotations are lie for lint-class dry;
zlflgwxc lot-green; culla, 55 on. sheep pelta 500(1)
1 2.3.
BUT’I‘ER-l-‘ancv 3001:“ he; good to choice. Tim»
25c: lair. ltizaldc. in bulk. mm: in briueplsuy'
ONIONS-Quotation $1 003 m 'ls a ct].
CHEESE—B"t‘. iamily. l'lwlric.
APPLES—Per box. Slayl '.iJ.
'l‘nlii'l‘llY SEED—Per lb. Mafia
ClllCKl-INb—l‘er doz. 05; small and medium.
:3 mus 75
SALMON—Columbia river. 1i bbl. $100911; hf bbl,
‘5 641 mm; bellieu. hl' Mb]. 51').
l’O’l‘A'l‘OEfl—(inrnet Chile. 0410. per buahel: Peer
leaa nr i‘bUlCO wlute vane-ties, “Ut' per bunhel.
CHMENT—Jioaeudaln, ”1| bbb iii 00, Purlllud. U
bbl. $1 aim-i 75.
SillNuLES—Shaved. $2 :Ime 75 per )1.
BEEF—3O32i!“ it lb “mail.
P-lltK»—~Zuy?v. net 7591914.
\I "‘l"l‘i lN— :qu. urwa.
M. Munkucsy, tiw now eminent [lnn
gariau painter, was not vsteemed a pm.
digy by his own countrymen in his
~youth. Some twenty years ago he ap.
plied to the Pesth'b'ocicty of Fine Arts
for monetary assistance in order to carry
on his studies. The society gave him
S3O, reporting his mum us “a mediocre
talent to whom not more than thirty
vonlcl be granted." Soon attenyonng
Munkncay, who had gone to Viennaaohl
apivtnre themfm- S6O, and the Pesth
Society, on hearing of the success, re
marked that "the young fellow must
have had more in him than they nup
.\ Queer l‘unvlul.
('hinese funerals have been written up
‘0 in my times that the snlujeet has be
come somewhat notorious, but one day
recently omethingmwel in this line was
pl'c'v'llitwl worthy of more than passing
mention. in the funeral of .\[an “any,
a ('hinew miner, who was killed in a coal
shaft at ('4-mbo by the falling of a large
lump of «Hull. .\lan Bang was a (_‘hinese
l'ree .\lason in good standing, and quite
prominent in the order, and as the (‘hi
new .\[a‘olh are very fervent in their
Ilt\.~'lli"' ties they determiuwl to use Far
West slang to spread ibt'liht‘lVes on the
funeral. At first it was determined to
hold the funeral service on Sunday, but
the luob demonstration of a few weeks
an") determined the Celestials to bury
their comrade on Saturday, when honest
men were at work.
At lzilo o'clock the coilin was taken out
in front of 404 Wazoo street. and the
first tites begun. I'mler Sheriff Farmer
had ordered out astrong posse and (‘hief
of Police Lomery was on hand with a
squad of ollleors, and these formed a
hollow square in which the (‘hiuese bo
gan their mystic rites. Although it was
a Masonic funeral there was little simi
larity with such a ceremony as performed
bv white .\lasons. More and there a
glinuec could be caught which might
indic do a similarity to the initiated, but
the swobo of the ‘oss sticks, the uncouth
dre<ses and the lihleous jargon obscured
tiles» familiar signs and left only an im
pl'essiun of a strange custom.
In the hollow Square formed in the
roadway of the street, the (‘liinese placed
the coma and two tahles in a row. On
one table was the familiar roast pig,
and on the other were edibles of Various
kinils, with a teapot full of whiskey. On
both were burning.r joss sticks, and in
front of each was a mat.
The Masons were dressed in the most.
fantastic costumes. There were present
about forty members of the lodge. [long
Shun Tong. A. 1". and A. M. The Wor
thy master, Ah Sin, was dressed in a
hastily constructed suit of cheese cloth,
buttoned in the old-fashimml .\rkansas
style, with nails jabhed through the
fabric. It was ragged at the edges and
cut bias in tho back, with a transverse
rnehinu running from the port gangway
to the starboard jib boom. lle hat evi
dently been stabbed in the back with a
bottle of blueing, and altogether made a
startling appearance. On his head he
were a towel wound in the shape of a
turban, such as colored aunties are in
the habit of wearing. On each side of
the eotiln during the eeretnouies, stood
a standard-bearer. holding a flu: of
triangular shape with a black
and red triangle in tho cen"er. lit-side
the standard-bcarers stood a Mason on
each side, holding parti-e ilored wands,
like miniature barber poles. The re
galia of the others was equally alarming.
The Senior Warden had on a cheese
cloth aurteut, made like a polonaise with
a large rent for ventillatiug purposes in
in the waist. The Junior Warden had
his pants rolled up to distinguish him.
A most noble Prince of Jerusalem had
his shirt stuck in his pants and wore a
severe and lofty expression, somewhat
marred by the loss of part of his nose and
and his front teeth. The Ancient Free
and accepted brethcrn were red rags on
their left arms and white cloths on their
right arm. The second degree men wore
their badges on one arm and the Appren‘
tices had the breasts of their shirts
turned up with only a white ran on their
arms. The services consisted of wiord
incantations in front of each table. The
Masons knelt down on mats, recited a
prayer, fumbled some josa sticks, and
poured it thimblefnl of whiskey on the
ground. After an hour's hard work of
this kind the cotlin was placed in the
hearse. The procession was headed by
a hack in which were four Chinamen.
()ne held control of a big gong, another
held a pair of cymbals,a third beata tom
tom. and a fourth blew a flute. They all
worked hard and made a terrific noiso all
the way to the grave. This was for the
purpose of scaring away the devils, and
succeeded in scaring several horses until
they turned summersaults and haml
sprmga. At the grave the funeral ser
vices did not differ much from the usual
ones carried out at Chinese fan
erals. The clothing and all ‘
the funeral paraphernalia were burned ‘
in a heap, except the flags and miniature
barber poles, which were buried in the
grave. Fireworks in the shape of bombs
and firecrackers were exploded, and sev
eral pistol shots were tired. Every
Chinamen was then presented with a
small piece of candy and a coin five or
ten cents. by the best friend of the de
ceased, as parting token of his friend
ship, but the meats were not eaten. The
funeral then returned.
The best of order prevailed through
out. The crowd pushed somewhat
rudely on Wazee street, but the. oilicers
held them in cheek. .\t the grave the
crowd was small. .\ll the Chinese
women were out, and many Chinese
Masons came down from Como and up
from Pueblo. \
; The funeral was very interesting, the
burial of a Chinese .\lason being a rare
yoeeurrenm. 'lSlieChincse lodge here is
said to be very strong and very exclu
sive. One of their chief men said water
day that a white Mason had never vis
ited them, although he Would be admit
ted if he wasa .\lason. Their work is
said to be very odd, but readily recog
nized, and is more aneient than the work 1
in other countries, hearing some rescni- ‘
blanco to Canadian work. They are‘
said to make excellent Masons, auil are
claimish.- l Denver Republican.
A priest once asked a condemned
criminal in a Paris jnil, “What kind of a
conscience have you?" “It's as good as
new,” replied the prisoner; "for I have
never used it."
Shelfand Heavy Hardware,
Fan‘nwrs‘ and )lochanics’ Sllpplipq,
\V()()l) H'l‘()Cl{.
01‘ 1:1{1 I\G E lunnwmun,
"'-°l.'.';A=‘rr.':;.. 'l‘ R 1 M M I NG s
ANVII.'~'. vmuu,

I’ll. T'N lHllw, ll: _ " ....
“’ ‘v‘ro..g-,'sm- u'.'.'3:"'l?fi?.:, "W“
.\" IR'fl'llr. -~.
or» filyndnnhiuih‘, (TIL:lu-xm‘uldushh‘l‘, Hm“
mums. (‘tlllllAGE on- Am. lusnu.
Blocks, Onkum, Oars, (‘alp-tnn-,m..
OI'R Sl‘m‘k’ 0F
1 ' '
Wflgflfl flllfl Gflll‘lflgfl Mfllfll‘lfl]
1": mm it” 11:! um! 17.’- Front “Income:
(96“8‘85AM99 0
b c?“ 0" ”’4 osss
”gs _%%
.HER {tr l. s”;
- \ "’l9-
0 Q" '
71%“ +l9
.\n- the BEST and (‘US’I‘ N 0 MORE than
Otlwr Branch. am! ll’ “no Mon-hunt with
whom you Trmh- clmw Iml lump our Goods!
it in hN-muc it PAYS lwltvr to sell a
pnlr of "ooh or shut-s (-wry TWO
Monti” lhnn owry I-‘Ol'R or l-‘IVI'I.
We make. All .\lvrchnnls In Good (‘rodll
vnn prm-uro thm- (hmdu at our Ware
hmm-a In PORTLAND or San Frnncbco.
lll‘lt‘ll’l‘ BROS. & ()0.
In the Boot and Shoe business.
NO. IINI l-‘lllfl'l‘ STREET.
I'IVIHR vulurgul nn’ u'nrv uml jlml rm't-lw‘d slurs.
lnmu-v u! Lluuu c, (ivnls' nwl (.‘hlldn-n'a
Fruln 1h» lung”: uml but Hush-m "oust-u. The
pulplu' mu rvly ”pun un-ng u tlm-rnnlrh- than
M‘cr lwlnrr ull~~rml In l'nrllnml and n
LOWE". I'lllt‘lifi.
Cull and see for Yourself and be convinced
_ r 1
11. (.A LLICK,
New York “on! and Mme “OI”- NQ I’.
l‘lru urn-H.
All orders from H e conmry wlll he
do‘lvorecl free or chnrlw- _flfl _7____
Land Bureau,
A (‘Ulll’lll{\'l‘l|lN.
Prouldont. .............................i'lmm L 153$"?!
\‘lce Pros. and lien. .\lunnm-r..... HKU- “; ““5."
'1‘r0uurcr............ .\Nu.<;-(,',\|.!FUMNIA.\ BALK‘
Huaremr5............................. F. H. “”1013
Hour“ at Din-emu. . ‘
(l. W. FKINK, ll“. :1. WILDI‘J.
Prlnclu-I Plane of Buulnnu.
22 Montgomery Street. San Franplsco.
rillb-Agvnclcs 5 MN) county mu. 0! the Male. .
Axum) [or halo and O IcIIIIIUG "I mum
“It lunch. lnnn- trnc-m nululhlded
and mud 11, nm-Ilon or pI'IVIN' If”.
li'lfolnnlnls qul lmmlumnln lm'ale'l. "“0?”
nnpmlnemenb mmle for Bank», linum. Admln z-
Imloru, 'l'ruszees, v‘v legal "mm crxup“M wll '
Fun remnlu or mlsw ln mwh vouuly on file! a! "10
Hrnoml ()tlluo. Amume omm: clm'xn' 0‘ prouerly.
pay turn. lummhn'w etc. etc.
mm a" 1'" I "L”
Fourth and Columbia 313.. Portland. Or"
Would nnnounvv m In" lmlluu 0! this count)"
Ilm has rut;t:lv~:d her
' V
7 ‘lll’. "Wlll'l‘ a." \\‘l-l H,‘ VI". ’I "IS DA Y ‘01.“
l nnr Mlllrv lllllrrt ‘t In, and lmmh-rn-dlll" My“!
Mtlu- \Vhlh-N-wiuu \lmlnm- In Mr, John H. 1m"
mu. n! 16'? Thin! ~tr rl. l'urllullll. or. Mr. uurrlsyvn
wlll IIIO'I'HIYIJF mpply ”Ml. “..zle’m 111-mum! for I .3
<11)» 1 '; -. ‘ nnP.
uy‘lb l )r In pop!“ If N. \ UK mm HILL" BARR

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