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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, May 12, 1882, Image 3

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)[y brotherdnlinur saw 1 i
for a firstselass lnllnlhle-liiii‘; {Li‘juuldldo
all ”Vt-r :11 if he in“ {"l'h'stlugis “iv .mt
been talking through the Mitt-Vin!) [OW
coilil'm't out-n other. This hole iq i 0 0 [to
wall at thosidu of my lii-d, so ifll liittw
chair on the bed. and then eliinb u 1 l 1i
stand on tiptoe, I can we in to .loliliimiv‘
l.Ouni and a e can han- a good talk n" 3
“1,-1.0 in trouhle; and thi.~ ' I ’
happened: ‘ H how it
One dav lust “'t‘i‘ii our te'iehi r
_ . . _ - ‘ read us
a story about it little girl who hm ‘..
father: and he was going to midi-213%
deatll ‘i-auwlhe liadn‘t any money to huv
oranges: llllt everything had "one. v- '
inside. Well. the good littl:f girldii-(iilii‘i
that ii dentist wanted some teeth uuil
would pay well tor them. (1 lliil'j't see
30,. why h.- should pay money for teeth
when he‘eould have his own for [mu]:
him.) 'ltltie iitthl girl had tine teeth, so
sie wen in ie t elitist and asked him t
take some out and pay her the d:
the." Were worth. [ol' her )0 ' mum,
' ' l m father
[hen the dentist made her tell him “it
about her father; and he wouldn't take
the teeth, but he gave her the money all
the same andf went to M3O her father and
Set a doctor or him. and he didn't’ I '
It was a beautiful story, and niadediiih
cry. Johnny said it wasn’t anything to
cry about; stories like that were for O‘C
maples, and when We had- a ehanee we
must Just 5" and do likewise.
“ell, thislpioruiug. when father Was
putting on is overeoat, Johnn ' and I
:zi‘dltviili: for lalpenuy. And father. he
o‘t ways wantin e '
tltllltl he twasiti't made of money“ aiidmiiiiii
e wen ou .
Sister Em be 'ii t e- . ’ . '
said she couldnfiihiivfii I'iiewl “disgssiattllliti:
Easter. .l'lverything was going wron I
and he didn’t know what would becen‘ige
ot Ilillln, and he was sick of evervthing
. 0 may and I didn‘t er w'wi '
looked at eiteli other. 3. t only
While we were goiu" to st h ‘
. , V - ' 00l .
said this was our ehaiii-e. Weélopduny
like the good little girl, and night?"
port to our parents. Dentists 1 p~
wanted teeth, and we'd v)t h a ways
I" it . i at o the dentist
an away aftir sehool and hav 't
“Andthen,”says Johnny "ii; :29;
inelille live dollars for father. perhap:
i give us our penny ‘eaiise 'l' I
siig‘li a plelaisant surprise to him "It ll )6
0 con ( ii't hardly wait for s
lie out. I got a black mark in aritlillimlt't'o
cause who \l'- ‘ w 10“”
l “4 ins btuuiis asked me if
{genituiiiiagvl‘iiitpli'“ml if Samuel Smith
“Your te’eth." iad you lett? I said, l
Alt 2 '
mairlizzilra‘r‘ir We we’
asked him it' he waiilt‘dii awo went m, and ‘
lie and “Whv” D'l 'ome teeth, andl
w. . _: it he want to 10sel
sei‘i‘ire. .\nd we told him. “Yes," ‘
iii: 0 .thU‘lKllt he. would sit down andl
’9’ ipiliill ahoiit it, lust as the other den ‘
inii w'i, . ' - ‘ '.l
only “in“: h illeguml little girl; but 1“.
:[iket's look at em."
en he made lolii i ‘ 'l' '
high one ~' ~' "‘ ‘ "n" “1’ '“ ”“’
then llO‘Sil'id‘iMl tip his head hark; and
”You w i u» ,
the restful” the L two out that crowd
Then he at ‘ ' '
fohnny's nioiith iii‘id liiiilleiimofit "It”
. one
lieflidn't\liellii’rims ii mm bo‘V' lam”
ask A ' ' i. .
"Not “work“? i" [l lllll't. and he said.
famil K' . Di, ‘. on t you disgrace the
"Vii ltty ‘} lllti'. liy Howling."
tistA “ vétiiiy little lady," said the deu- ‘
gentle“ into "tilltil'llltll', and I'll iit‘ as
the ebali: 1. NHLI So he helped me into
looked. , .md Upped back my head, and
“You i . ..
like vo"frtgetltilaio «niowded together just
“Wills to 1:1)“ ieis, he says;aiid then he
My how ' ' i - v
anoiiio! l tiltllililirlt.t And didnt I make
Ofi'. But it w' gi. in} head was coming
the denti t .is OH'l' in a minute, and
| s told Johnny not to l 7h
me, cause in .ti ‘ um.l at
did. 3 (,etlitome harder than his
When 0 - .
thedentigi" tmlth we're out we thought
, mm dpm as. H k
Whose hm" l . ..oas ed as
when! M. “Wiley and girl we were, and l
ant weather flit" l‘iiltll Hiullk this WM pleas-
After awl 'l 0‘ 0“I
hire,“ ii ehe said: "It‘s {our dol
“Wethou 1
it i 9 ‘
“s‘. and heldgout iililii‘liiiiiiluliiiigiiifllfilfo'r
81m ‘us any i'ionev. [i ti. 1 ttH n t
he said: “Have ‘t 5 IH“ 0' that
Johnny er ”ii. “in not any money?"
lbwlght'lm g”; iltllllti to him that we
80 that w" muiliilil pay us for our teeth
The dentist 1:0 'lOlll our poor father.
he didn't - ' hill! to laugh, and said
-. [my {ol' teeth' ltlt l
Elie “a a l('l.l.t‘ tl . ilO would
fight, r iat would make it all
80 ll)
told :fol‘ifiiiitf’ t: letter. and sealed it, and
Father. High-{it l’ii Elu'm tol‘lgive it tn
m Wasw . _ ,~ Ilg imar a the time
the pleaqmmk it, and we thought he was
when. tiniest man in the world.
better“ \vl‘iitggtlll‘ml-P‘ Juirnnv 3"“! we'd
hither his ll"! alter dinner to give
firstl \Vas pl. .isant' surprise. And at
roast hoof~ w.“ ad w" ‘1 waited; for the
a“: "'l‘hei-Tn ii’m hrolupi and father
of done r‘; 5 er 9”“ ‘ 1w“ “9"" M
White, mv :fllli}:niiftl‘iis iHHlHli'l, and Mrs.
a cam - ~ i ."m mu I only have
“(We ygsrkpite that would eat! I he
“ luckknife .on uses the earvmg knife for
We felt s.
.0 sorry for . ‘
twelliought we'd rii'o ip‘om fathi r that
lien, so he’d feelbl imi his surprise
out the letter and ,‘ie'tter. Johnny took
{at to (Btlier an hue it to him. He sits
I'athm- took tli 1‘ sit next to Johnny.
”What! .0 etter, and said:
And an“ “"5" my?"
att‘l‘. “co." ”m! ““11 “Read it. dear Im.
hen fatli ‘
forehead 31101: maildlt. and wrinkled his
80in P. up we thought he w
8 to burst int ' as
man did When 10 tears. like the sick
tis good little girl
brought him Hit‘ oranges. But hmlidu’t
burst intuteurs. H 9 throw the pupvr
m-ross tho tuhlo. and Nail]:
"What's thi~', Mrs. White? Hnw you
been running mu into debt, ut‘ter what I
told you this morning?"
Am] nmthvr said: “I'm sure I don’t
know what you mean, ulmu‘." Then she
rmul the h-ttt-r.umi called us “mighty
«'liililrvn,:\nd “how dare you 1.!" and
him- MHIHJ tooth out without my con
And father said thut, “What we had
dmw \vus mtummmt to rnhiwry: {wing
and gutting him into debt of our mm m
mml; mm yum may 9;” to your rooms mul
think uhuut it till yulu‘ mother and l
\Vu'vc been in our roams ewr sinm'.
und huth father and muthvr mid thuy
wvrn mnlvr the n‘uessity of ——
Well. Johnny says a switch i\ tho
WUI'SLIHIt ho doesn't know anything
ulmut :1 slip n-r. Anyhow, it's over fur
thix tillll‘.“'}i\llu Nay], in St. Nivhnlus
for May.
Liszl al Bomv.
The grand piano was open behind
him, but we wcrc not to hear it. he scl
dom touches it now, althounh last year
he played a good deal of Chopin to me
at the Villa U'Estc. I told him of the
piano rccital mania in London last sea
son. He said of Rubenstein, “He is
the king of all pianists now before the
public, he must carry all before him;"
and of Sophie Menter, whom he had
specially charged me to hear, “No we
mancan touch her—in every style she
is superb.“ He said he was at work
upon orchestral composition,whichhc
intimatcd the public did not always care
about; and I spoke of our painter. Watts
who now dclights to paint for himself.
and often declares that his favorite con
ceptions are those least understood by
the public. “Ah!" said Lizst; “but
here is an artist," turning to a stranger
prescnt, "who paints for the public and
is appreciated;" it was his graceful way .
of turning the talk otl’ himself; and then ‘
he went on to speak of that eccens ‘
tric Belgian artist, Wirtz. whom he had 1
known. The Wirtz gallery at Brussels}
is very famous now, though Liszt scented i
to fancy Wirtz was still little known.
“His creations were strange and fantas
tic, he was Voted mad. and the critics ;
abused and laughed at him. Ircmem-r
her he had a great studio, and at one end i
a kind of pulpit; he used to get up in it .
and preach against the critics and society
and dcclaim about all sorts of things."
Liszt told a good anecdote about him.
“He used to send these odd pictures to
the Salon year alter year. which were
always returncd; the judges would have
nothing to say to him. Well, he hap
pencdfto bccome possessed of a veritable
Rubi-us, and the malicious idea occurred
to put his own name to it, and semi it
up to thc Solon. l‘hejudges. takiiu,r it
for morc \Virtz rubbish, sent it back.
t’oor Wirtz you can ima'rine that he
went up in his pulpit next time with a
good tcxt l" Isaid to him later, "So
you will not come to England?" “1‘
have travclcd so much: I hive gone .
about the world till I am tired. I change ‘
rcsidcnccs, as it is. three times a year:
l’esth, Wcimar, Rome, and it I went
about more I could not get through the
work which I have set myself to do. The .
first time I was in England I was taken
there by (“.ount Esterhazy; you know he
was a tyre-at fricnd of ('reorgo I\'.;hc took :
me down to Windsor. I saw (ieorgc IV. i
there -it was in Nit—and I playcd to
him: [was about twelve years old. I
rcmcmbcrthc King; he was a title, pom- r
pons sort of a persoii-—I Ilaweis, in llcl- .
I'III'HM‘H About Women.
Wrinkles distlgure n woman lms tlmn
ill-nature. .
Wonmn is an idol that man worships,
until he throw: it down.
Women love ulwuya: when earth
slips from them, they take refuge in
The whisper of u bountiful woman enn
be heard further than the loudest cull of
There is no torture that a wmnnu
would not sufl'er to enhance her henuty.
. l'.-fore promising a woman no love
only her, one should have seen them all,
or Hhould see. only hen—l A. Unpuy.
We meet in society many beautiful and
attractive women whom we think Would
make most excellent wives —for our
We censure the ineonsistency of
women when we are the victims; we find
it ehnrming when we are the objects:—
I L. Destroyers.
The highest mark of esteem n woman
can give u nnm is to risk hi 3 friendship;
and the. must simml proof of her indill'ei
euro is to ull'cl‘ him here.
At twenty, man is less at lover of
woumn thun of women; he is more
in love with the sex than with the,
individunl. however charming she ”my
he, ---I “will iii? In lhetonne.
\Vumnn among the savages i=4 n ‘.wawt
of burden; in .\sin she is u pin-e of fur
niture; in Europe she is a spoiled child.
——[St-n:u- de .\lellhnn.
SHALLI‘ZM‘ meiu’rivn 1N Tm: Won”).
—-l[enr3 (EnumniJumentown, hm; enn
struetmi 11 perfect locomotive thut iu the
smallest of any in the world. He has
spent the best part of eight years in its
construction. It measures in length
eight inches and n hulf; with tender
twelve inches; its height. three and a
half inches. The pumps throw one drop
of water per‘ntroke. The engine has
585 fit'l‘t‘WH to hold its parts together. It
weighs one and a halt pounds; with
tender, two pounds three and 1111qu
Iflow Wm. 11. \‘amlvrhllt was (‘upturod
l by n Coy .Vhlden.
Tlicre is a very pretty romance about
'llt.‘ marriage of Win. 11. Vanderbilt, Jt‘.,
and Miss Alva Smith, the story of which
is often told in uppci‘tendoiu. The young
lady and her sister were at school in
Farmington, (‘t., in Miss l’orter‘s acad
emy, whence Nellie (ii-ant was expelled
for insnbordination. Nellie (trant had
counted a little too in ueh upon the pom-r
ot‘ the name of her father, whom she al
ways called l’lyssesaind Miss Smith first
gained a reputation by being one of the
spirited girls who recognised no dill'er
once between her father. a very smart
speculator in New York, and the
t‘mlena tanner, and she was recognized
leader in the agitation which resulted
in Miss (‘rrant‘s retirement, and
there has been ever since between the
two such a lead as very charming women
are capable 01'. While at school .\liss
Smith suddenly received word that her
father had met an unlucky venture, that
his fortune had gone up in a balloon,
and that she and her sister must at the
end of the year, then near its close, go at
once to the home ot~ their grandmother
in Virginia, there to remain until their
father could summon them north again.
This was not suited at all to a demoiselle
of her own attraction. and she deter
mined to make a venture on her own ac
count. She borrowed some money from
her teacher and made an arrangement to
go with her to Richfield spring for a
few weeks,so that when she appeared
there she had as a dnenne a well known
instructress, and this piqued the curl
osity of the young men about the resort.
There wasacoterie at New York girls
there. A Miss 'l‘—, daughter of a
broker, a Miss U—. daughter of a rich
brewer, and several others, who knew of
the misfortunes of the Smiths, and who
also tried to make it appear that the
young Miss Smith no longer deserved a
place in the ranks of the "nouvean
riche," as her father had “gone up.”
William Vanderbilt, Jr., came to the
springs to attends. ball, and the New
York girls were all in a tlutter, because
each one desired to capture the'son of
the great millionaire. Miss Smith took
in the situation at a glance, but she had
nothing to wear, and she had only forty ,
dollars in her purse. She proposes to 1
Miss 'l‘. to buy a dress, and Miss 'l‘. hav- l
inga big stock of dresses nnda small
amount of pin money, was ready to
oblige her. She was not, however, in
chued to part with anything that would
he becoming to Miss Smith, and accord
ingly she selected a yellow silk. with a
wine spot in front,and ott'ered to sell
that for Miss Smith's 540, being assured
that Miss Smith, being more of a blonds
than brunette. would look “horrid"in
yellow. But Miss Smith paid the price,
and the fair dealer in second-hand clo‘
chuckled over thebargain she had made.
tier pleasure was changed to chagrin
that evening when Miss Smith appeared
upon the ball-room flot r a queen of
beauty, and in that yellow silk too.
Instead of putting: white upon her
lace, she made her complexion brown,
and having borrowed a lace inantilla
of her teacher, and a big black fan,
she came out the picture of a bewitch
ing senorita. Her coy glances shot. into
the Vanderbilt heart. She tossed the
soft ends of the. mautilla over her shoul.
dcr as she strolled the piazza, and used
the tan most bewitchiugly. The New
York girls stood aghast, and Miss 'l‘.
shed a tear over the loss of her yellow
silk and felt that she had been cheated,
for she never thought that dress looked
so well. The result wast that Vander
bilt fell desperately in love, pressed his
suit, became all the more ardent because
of the lady's studied liesitancy. and was
the happiest millionaire anywhere when
he gained a kiss and the privilege of pitt
ting on the finger of the senorita .1 dia
mond engagement riiur. Mrs. Vander
bilt at once visited ltichtield Springs,
was charmed by her prospective
daturhter-in-law, and invited her
to spend the summer with
her. The smart young; girl, however,
pleaded that she had a dear, dear grand
mamma in Virginia to whom she owed a
duty Visit, and she said she must go
there first. Thither she went, and tak
ing an account of stock, improved her
wardrobe as a smart girl with little
money only can. and then she accepted
the invitation of her prospective mother
in-law. She confided to her the story of
the bitterness of the fashionable New
York girls, who were so anxious to get
her expected husband. and the result was
that the mother had her pride touched,
and she at once cut the 'l‘.‘s and o.’s
much to the consternation of the fami
lies aforesaid. Wcll, all went well. The
millionaire married the pretty girl of the
yellow silk dress and black lace, man
tilla, and they are living happily upon
the avenue.
How To Mmsi'm; as Avin-z.- Few
farmers know the size of their tiolds. or
how many acres they contain, though it
is dosirnble at all times, and sometimes
nm-vssury that thvyshnuld. An exohangv
referring to thix nmttur says: A inonsnr
im; word snould he part of the furniture
on the farm. To mnko ouo. proviirv U 7
foot of strong rope, one inch round;
make a loop or fasten a ring on a bar at
each end, and make these precisely til;
foot apart. This ix four rods. ()no new
of ground will be a piece of four of these
cords (chains) long and two and one-half
Wide, equal to sixteen by ton rods, mak
mg 1050 square rods to one arm. The
advantage of tho ring or loop is that one
person alone can measure alone by driv
ing a stake in the ground to hold the
rope while he stretches it out. The
rope should be soaked in tar and dried.
which will prewnt it from shrinking
when wet.
A great mnny better things van to said
o.‘ firemen than of higher men.
)lleEl LANEM’S I H. m.
.\n (\lbellllllllls mun—.\u umim-talu-r
’l‘lw hump of (lesti'uctiwm-.~,.~ .~.\ mil
roml collision.
Dogs im- grout human-HM, i‘u‘ [ll|'_\
always have u \vnggisli tulv.
A lllm‘ksnil'h is Ht‘ltlUlll arrow-. 1 {m
forgery. though he liVus by it.
A wit being asked. on the l'uiluru of u
lmuk, "m-ro you not upsul'." i'uplivul:
.\‘o. I only lost my buluut-w.
[f brevity is the soul of wit. what u
vast amount of fun tllt‘l‘u is in the pn
vuiling style, of swell young men's (routs.
.\u vmiuont historian h‘m'us lmse bull
Inn-k 'o the tium wlicu llulwcva went
down to the well and caught lsuuc.
“What is tlu‘ Nutionul FiN‘llL‘l‘y Ques
tion?" pompously exclaimed nn opomtor,
and u squeaking valve in the llllllll‘lu't.‘
respomll-«l. “It's have you got u lute?"
()X' n mim‘rly mam who died of soften
ing of the [mm], a local paper says:
"His howl gave way but his hand never
did. His hruiu softened. but his heart
It is not may to be a widow: one must
reassure all the mmlesty of girlhood,
without beiugullowed to feign its igno
Congress [ms u bill to punish persons
who usuprufunu language in any post
ofliue. If the postmaster is any 501‘! of a
man he will stcp out, on the street tn be
talked to.
A friend of nnrs objected m his physi
cian's prescription, to run van the
street every day, on the gruuml that it
was an excellent, street, uml he didn't
wish to injure its replltatimL
The barber's children an,- little shavers;
the uplmlstemr‘s are little tuvkcrn; the
butcher’s are young lambs; the carpen
ter's are chips from the old block, and
the angry umn's little pets.
Women of the world never use harsh
expressions when cumlmnuiug their
rivuls. Liko thv savage, they hurl
elegant arrows, ornmneutud with feath
ers of purple um] azure. but poisoned
lere was u social gathering at the Mo-
Spilkins' mansion the other night, and
Mrs. )Ir'Spilkius naked Gus de Smith
what he thought of tho ovcnpution of
Tunis. “What’s he getting a month?"
asked Gus.
Attorney at Law, Proctor In Admiralty anti
Notary Public.
chnln‘. attention ziwu in no in: Marine Pm
tem. \~ nrme surveys and an matte” pertaining to
ma. “Ilm! MW.
OFFIt‘E--ln Von Bokkelru'r building. comer
.\dumu pnd \\ uthitruiot amen. (-Dml-ile court
Port Townsend. \Vllllnxmn 'l'nrltnry
mvut." erw'lliv fnr iiyntm‘ln. Mullins». (,‘nnvui
-‘m «, ervmts‘ [v‘itllllt‘ill‘. .\lt-nmi tlt-lvrmslun. Imp-w at
\lumnry. hplwrnmturlttwn. Imputmu-v. invuiuntnry
->v..l~si--IN. lil't'lllil'lll‘t' old at». (‘illlM'il hy nwr-t-xs-r
--rhm. wli-ulmw or twt-r-lmiuiuvm-o‘. whinh il-zuls tn
~ni~<t~r.\‘. 'll'(‘||\' unti‘ ‘ltmlh. line but wiil run» rvcunt
wwm Eurh imr t'uninllutmt‘"lo"thtfl‘illilir‘itlllnlt‘
Inllur n lmx. ul' «Ix lmxtm for tho (inllitrs: son! lu' mull
“AWFUL! mt rm-v-lt-t ni Ili‘lt't'. Wu mtnrttntws six hum-s
~.. vur» nm' t'nw. \Vltlt "lU‘h urtivr rm-o-lvwl h)’ 11* {Hr
«lx hu‘vw .lt'i‘ll‘ill'flll'l'll with fiw tinilm‘s. “'6‘ will :«Inui
‘lu- lnll't'hil‘h'r Hlll' wrltlt-n gunrtwtt‘n it) ft‘lurll iiw
«mum HUm lh-ntuil'lll (luvs nut "Met it our». (lunr
“'oth ill). MARK?) .t' (1)..
‘.\'itu|.-~x:\it- mul Ro‘tnli “matrix“. l'nrtittutl.orvw>u.
lirrlo-ru by nmii ut rruulnr Prh't".
lira-2n rllnnntl in mukol monny. Thnw who
ulwny-t tttko- mlvxutltuz - of [hp ttnod oimnmts
" inr Inu'dnu umnvv thin nrv Ufft’i’t‘d. tnuwr
~ ’:III_\")|'t‘IIIllP Wr‘llllh)’. while those who ill)
'4” inwruw mu'h l‘hlllt‘Pfl rt-nutin In poverty. Wi
\‘.lHl nmm- 1111-ll.Wunli'lhhflysmlll zirli to work tnr
mmm M. {lit-Ir nwn Im‘llllfli‘s. .\ny mm run dn tlw
\v'vrk lll'l||l-'ri" {mm (“P first mm. 1110 inmim-u will
un' mvru :hnn tv-n limo-s nrtiinury \Vnßi'fl. Expmwivn
mt'llt {urniohwi trim. Nu mu- who t-mrum-it inllstn
-v:~r:~- 't‘mu-v rupinlly. Ynu "111 l nit-vote yourwhnio
"mu lulh-‘wnr'x‘. urunlv your npurt- moments. l-‘ull
' inmm'i‘m umt nil tlmt I: mvettwt wnt frpo. Atltirvsu.
- rr,\'~u)N & t'n.. i’orthuui. Main».
, ~ ___—___...
vi‘uu-I luwmrnwn tl\‘\'lL h Outfit {rt-v. \'n
"itk. l“\il‘\'“|‘ll‘.’l'i'\\'. ('.ttn'titi imt rt-quirml
\\'.- “all (nrr|~h \‘nu l'\‘l'i‘f'”|l‘|L’. .\luny :Il‘w
mukin: {Ht'liilw-t. [JHHO'K lllilki' :w "lurk in mv-n
‘I- it “03‘ ”ml -:u1~ nmku L'rn-ut pay. Rumor." raw
|\ n.lt :t |m~im~~~ zit whit-it You run nmkt- Krt‘llt |l.l\' :l”
Hi" tnm- not work. wrlh- tu-r [litrlll‘uhti’i to H. ii \l
Her .\' I -- l'nxlimul. .\lnlru-
C). F. GERRISH 86 (30.,
General Merchandzse
House & ship carpenters' toolsg Buckeye Mower and Reaper.
Ship Chandlerv, l; Mitchell’s Farm Wagon,
Groceries, Taylor’s Sulky Rake.
Boots and Shoes. Sweepstake Plows,
Provisions, i Hainos‘ Header,
Wines, . Molina Plowa,
Liquors, i ‘ Etc"
Cigars, ' Etc"
13th Etc.
Agricultural Implements of all kinds at Lowest Price
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.- - . s‘ ' '. .
3I; Home s {3—- u,
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Mvd/w/ E{a fr/uly ,3 \
Hu e’s Electra Magnetic'B 1t
Rnceived ls: Prommm btate Fair!
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lilo-q-Im-“uuu. Ih-llu. [turn A pnlimnrt. ll
lilwqru-lluun. lh'llu. 9 lumruwmenu. 2|
Guaranteed one year! 805! in ihe world!
mm. rmn‘n um' . I lil‘ “urn->1 r \wmr-wr.
llhvnmnlhm. I'urulytli. Neuralxin,
khlnm‘ INu-nw. llllpulrnn‘. Rupture.
IJwr Illu-lm‘ M-rvolnnru. "_VlMpnll.
~ltlual "hm-e. .IKIIP. I'llq-u umlmher diseased
W. JEORNE, Prop. and Mmut’r.
_M'IOZ Market St. San Prancilco.
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The lending !(‘lt‘ll'llll of to-daw urea that mm:
lino-uses luv muHmi by nilmrllvrmi Kidnea“ or levr.
If. lier-inrv‘. rim K‘tlm-yulnnl i,i\"‘l'fl|‘t' en! in pe-r
--it'l'i nrllnr. pm'fw'! ht'llilll \rlliin- liw rmllii. ‘ilifi truth
has nnly hm-n lnmwn 2'. «hurt rhm- and for yvsrn YM
lilo-wlllYl-I'Wi|zr~-llln..:un\‘ withum lu-Im; nhlo ll) rim nt
lluL 'i‘hv dim-” Von ml “Hahn" Nair Klrim-y {uni Liver
I'urv mark-4 II In-\\' mm 13. lilp Irvunxm-nl 0! them
il‘lllli)ih‘\'. Ninniv {run a «mph. nfllph'ili [Nil 0! nun
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-I~h .‘mri inn-Imm tc- hum of than (rt-m nnmns. and
“My rmum- .unl kw]: liwlu in :miv-r. il. In» Poo]-
:l‘l V E Remedy inrnll rhu ullwnwn that cause im'm
:n 'ln- iou'vr [ull‘l oi lill‘ luni)‘~ior'i‘urp|d Liver-J (IM
in-hwn.llmndhw» - lllzmuws » (lmwi- Fever, Aime—-
Siniurlui i-‘s-vur. mni nil liiliicuitivs oi the Kidneys.
Livvr illiti l'rinnry Urmuu.
it [1 nm vu'viiunr nnd min n‘mmiy {or fl‘mfliM dllr.
hm l‘rvmmm‘y. it wiilcnnlrul .\lvnsmmtlon and m
imuhmhh- for 1.0-nr'ul'rhtvu ur Falling oi the Womb.
.\ 4 n lllunrl i‘urxlin-r i! la unvquaiud, {or it. cures the
nrlqulli Illul nmkvx lhv binmi.
"il mvml my ”of—E. 11. l.nkeiy..\lt-lmn. Ala.
it in 'h-- rvmmiy that will our» zh» many diseases
In-l-uimrm worm-II." dialhvn' .\iulzuzim'.
"It hn-z paw-vi wwn hats and won undonemonm
'rum wmo- : hhu lutht mmil -ui lulnnl in the coun
il'\' " .\‘nw Yurk \Vurld.
"Nu n-up- r iln‘rvmfnn-lilac-nvurmicall he held for
ulll' "mint-t)! in vmnpm‘ in” with it."
"my. (‘3 .\. iiller-y D. II , “'unhinxlon. D. ('.
’l'hlq lu-mmly. whlwh Mu nhmn Sllvil wumivrs, m nut
m, m n..- l. \hul-EH’l‘ Mlllil) llO’l‘l‘Ll-I of am madl
~r n ”pun mu Innrku'dultl w wul by hrnugists and all
-1.~.1~w mß| 25 lwr hmvln. l-‘ur Hmong, onquim
l' r ‘\‘\il.\'rli:’\ \ \Fi-L i)i.\iii‘ll‘i'l3~ (THE. it is 3
i'lb~l’i’l\'lv2 n “wa.
ii. H. WARNER & 00.. nu“""""‘- 3“- Y'
mum-w mu: Hufnrn thn public.
Yaw mm mnkm munny inst" at.
unrk {or us than M nnvlhinz
L- vii“. (‘up'lni Imt m-wimi. “'0 will
’:u' \‘w'. Si.‘ '1 I! u' :unl mummi‘l nnuiv ll! honw by
" 'l'uill-li'inllx. .\i~-lL \\'uml'll. haw umi Kill-i Wan?“
.\ \g-vuiv-‘r-I :3. nmrk in IN. NW: N 1h»I tlrln. ‘o']
up Hark 5.3 .33 vr- uxm- unlv 'rf "hu- your whnlp tlmw
'3.1!|3-l:ll~i'::"~ \W-u mu “V“ n: hum» null do the
Murk. Nu mhu-r |u|~luu~m “ill [My }ml nI-lu‘ifi' m wvlL
\'.3 um- r nu {all m mn'n- onurmnlu puy hv engaging M
3.3“... 3m.m- mm: “1.3! n-rm‘ {rmx .\lme mania
1.: nrl‘anl lmnuruhlv. .\3llln-m’l‘mu-zfi('4)..Au
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‘ ‘:~ :54]? 0 R .1!" 1W;-
:_ "\ff‘ “-3" 0 TN 'l3 3_J 3
r. ' a ’ . , '-
r: 3‘ ~\(/Qk \ r k
:5 r K‘ “331.5 / :,.
”.55 "\ , w .'
< . g BASE IM4. ,
I \ " 2,. of; “
HEALTH. '” ll At
h- ICIr-h-ur'n Huldrn nxnlunm No. 1 Cum! Chan
""' . fl 4' .‘| ‘»- ‘vw'vl «Luv-w: \' nrwnn th" [My nnvi
l‘..”Lr: .‘VI‘HI (iv ":ILIIN'H. "iwuwtl N'ulp. mml All
vv-ivn-n'v{o:an thr 4|i<>u<vu Price. SSOO per
l." "I("I!l"" Guluim “alum“ Sn. 9 (“MM Tertiary.
‘.lanlnilL .\‘\phlli'ir llllmlnmvlml. Pn'lm 111 {ha
Hu'r‘.i'll'D-i‘zlh‘li Thrnnr. Svphlllllv Bush, Lumpa.
"mam!vrml‘u'nh-w nll «Ha-umw irom m" sync-m.
uhvtlwrwmu-nl hvhml irl'ilulll‘lli or nhuw n! awr
mm'.'uuvinmhvhlnml pure um! homlthy. Prln.
”500 per name.
I.» lllehnn'u Golden Sunni-h Antidote in" tha
vurv nfflnnnrrhm-n. (Hunlmtv. Pricellfloper
I.«. fllchun'u Golden annl-h Injection. nwnwh
{u'vuru anluM. Sirll'lllrw. I‘lrh'auo I)! 'h» i’ro‘thru
mrl lllmirlu-r. Mr. Price. .1 50 per Battle.
[.O Richuu'. “Male-n "Inimrnt fur m» 0mm!"
healing"! m-nhmrn- Nun‘s und Eruption}. Price,
-I1 00 per Bottle.
Aha Azentq fur Le lllcimu'n Golden Pills. for
\u-mmuu. Innoi phyalml powers nnd All 41W“?!
urémm (mm mum» and excess or overwork. Price.
9300 p» 30:.
Sen! everywhere ('.0.1).. m‘urely packod per Exprm.
I‘. l‘. BICIIAI DR & 00.. Ava". 4'37 & mSln
«um- sun-01.00")” Hay. Hun i'rnncLsco. ('nl.

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