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Whipping Oxen.
Tt is a criH'l am! generally a useless
net of barbarism to wliip oxen. The
best <1 rivers use tlio lasli the least.
Vpon this point hoar wliat llie editor
of Thr N"> tsncliiisdls y Kill says.
It is good sense, ami every iarinorshoiild
think of it :
"Thoughtless moil will whiji, whip,
whip. Theyd<»it from huhit—a very
bad hahit: ami we iiml it difficult to
forroct that hahit. Wc arc trying to
teach our hired men hotter manners
than to put on the whip helore giving
an invitation to the hruto animals 'to
go.' Wo have oxen that will-go'as
soon as they are invited,' without the
indorsement of the whip. It is surelv
practice to apply the lash be-
I'ore invitiiiLC the animals tt> move by
the proper words. Vet we see that
this is a very common practice ot those
who are not the owners of the cattle.
'When the common whip-lash is not
thougut to he hard enough for the
backs and noses of cattle, the walnut
handle, one inch in diameter, is used
on the noses of oxen, to make them
back a load up hill, before the cattle
liave ever hocii taught to back an empty
cart down hill.
"Cattle must be made to obey, and
the common lash, or switch stick, will
be sufficient for breaking in. Hut we
ask lor mercy on all cattle that are
willintf to do right as soon as the right
is pointed out. Many drivers ot oxen
put the 1:1*11 on first, before asking
their patient teams to move. This is a
species of barbarism which all owners
of cattle ought to prohibit. It is so na
tural for people whom we hire troui
the interior, to use force in the iirst in
stance, and gentleness afterward, il tit
all, that particular care should he ex
erted in regard to the treatment ot their
•cattle. I'roper driving is an important
item in husbandry.
So many farmers now depend upon
their hired help to do the main work,
it is important for them to see that the
work is properly done. The merciful
man is merciful to his beast."
Hints on Potato Culture.
I'otatoCS lß'Vl'l 1 should 1.0 llOiltfll ill
flic Kim before storing them, ;m<l if they
we, should 1)0 allowed to cool. The
best J tract ice is to ] >i«*lc tliein upas last
■as they are unearthed, and as soon as
possible get thcni'into the cellar or pit.
or in piles, where they are to he kepi
throuurli the winter and until sold, and
at once covered from (lie light, and in
some measure from the cll'ect ot air,
particularly drying winds. It is n<>t
important thfit potatoes should hes'.or
vd dry. We have seen them, stored
directly from the tield on a rainv day,
with the adhering dirt in a muddy con
dition, and yet they keep tirst rate.
We have an account now before us of
a man who took pains to dry his pota
toes io the sun, and he put them in the
bin in the cellar while still warm. In
a few days he found his pile of potatoes
steaming, and in overhauling, the cen
ter was in a state of decay. 11 is remc
•dy was to spread them out upon the
■cellar bottom and cool them, and
sprinkle with gypsum, say two bushels
to a hundred bushels of • potatoes, and
then return them to the bin. This
brought them back to the condition
they would have had if stored on a
damp day with the dirt adhering, just
as the plaster did. Who can doubt that
his potatoes would keep better if buri
ed in the earth, filling all the intersti
ces between the tubers. It is because
they keep " well enough" without the
earth tli,'it it is not. used. Potatoes requi
re to bo kept cool and dark. That is
the greatest secret in storing potatoes.
Tho Illicit tost boy of iv whole class lately
examined for admission to the Naval
Academy of Annapolis,was a little fel
lowfroni Texas,fifteen years of age, who
had been three years setting type in a
newspaper olHee.and had studied math
ematics and arithmetic, vith a dip can
dle,in the garret of a log cabin at night.
He was poorly clad,and had worked ait
type-setting in New Orleans and other
points to pay the expense of his jour
ney. If not admitted, he expected to
ivork his way home again.
To GET A Kiss—Some poetical chap
down the coast goes into raptures over
this thing. Hear him; "First grab
with haste around the waist, and
hug her tight to tliee; and then
she'll say, 4 do go awav—do—won't
you let me be. ' Then, oh what bliss !
but never miss so good a chance as that!
then make a dash, as quick as ilasli,
and" there," that's quite sufficient,"
as Gen. Gaines said when lie saw the
was sitting beside my destined
bride, one still, sentimental day; "Ifow
I long," said I, "but to make you erv,
aud I'd kiss the bright tears away !"
Fair Cecily blushed, her voice grew
hushed, I thought she would cry to he
sure; but she lisped to me, {touting
prettily, "Prevention is better than
OUJRO AMEKKW. —"I'II teach you to
pitch and toss! I'll flogyou for an hour,
I will.
"Father," instantly replied the incor
rigible, as hcballanced a pennv on bin
thumb and finger' "I'll toss you to make
it two hours or nothing."
- -
ft?* Mr*. .Tones was highly delight
ed and edified by a view of vessels on
Long Island Sound towing their boats
listeni, itnd exclaimed: "llow perfect
is til 1 1110 work* Hi" natinv! I.vcn the
"Teat liiir sir. {is haw ail llr.'ir littlel lies
ruiiiiiiJiT iil«>ii,u" after t!i> in just as play
ful ;ts little lambs."
• • •
- !'\>! 1 vaml in itio walls -idc •»v side.
Ordinances of the Tcwu of Glympia.
Xo. 1-2.
An Ordinanee I" vacate the vest s'"\* n feet <»! th*
north iiml south itiley in Works number twelve
•(U)uuil thirteen. (l.ij on the Syhester jiliU ol'
tlir Town of iMrinjiin.
Whereas. tin- hi! li<.l.U-rs owning property on tlio
c:ift side of Main Street, in tin Town if Olympin.
have surrcmlore I -even I'd c.l" <l. j.lh Irmitinjr on
said street, mid dedireted the same 1.1 tlio town,
t'nl' till 1 purpose ol' v iileniiithe said Main Street :
All I Wherias, tlu lot holders in liloek-s iium'ior
twelve (1-) and thirteen, (I.'I) that i- \ > say. the
111• 11• Kt'r<»lllilljr on the oa-t si<!e «• I's:ti• I .Main Street.
lie!ween Second ntol I'oitrth Streets, have pcti
tioiiril to (lie trustees of Miitl town to vacate the
west .-even feet of the tin feet wide alley ni'itiinjr
north ami south through .-aiil Works. end mid the
said seven feet to said lot holders who own laud
on the east side of Main Street, of the hearing of
which petition due notiee has been ji'uen aecoril
injr tu law. Thereinto,
j I. I'.o it ordained l y the Hoard ol'Tin. tees
of the Town of Olympin. That the nr.-! seven feet
of the ten feel wnlir alleys ruimititr north an l
south tlironj;h Idocks twelve and thirteen of said
town, that is to say. the west seven tut of the ten
feet wide iiHey, between Main and Washington
streets. riinntiujf north and south from Second
Street to Thild Stree - , and the we-! seven feet i f
the ten feet wide alley hetween said Main niul
Washington Streets, riiuiiiuj: smith from said Third
Street to Fourth Street, he vacated hereafter as a
public alley forever.
V, The (rrotllld, or v.e ' si'.en feet of s lid
alley so vacated by the tir.-i seetion ot tin- Ordin
ance sh .li he niinexed tu an l lielon;: In the vari
ous persons owirti;/ ground Mid horder
iiiff on the west side i !' sai ! alley, utid the west
boundary line of In! -t wo (2) and seven. I•I in said
blocks twelve and thirteen. shall he removed seven
feet to the eastward, tin rein to the own
ers of lots one (1) and iu said blocks,
fronting on llie east side i• I -:i;d Vain Street, the
original eompleiueiit of pTound granted hy 1.1-
muiid Sylvester t.i the \urious purchasers uiider
>. 3. The Clerk of tin* Hoard i- hereby ordered
to so change till' <»t 11»«' said town e.s to show
Hit' said vacation of ground, ami to so move the
lines ot'tho said rcspeetive I«*t li«»I»!«• i*s as to col -
ft)nil till 1 same to tin* v.oation «•!' -aid ground as
an alley, ami the annexation thereof to makeup
the deficiency to lot holder.! who lr;ve snrrciidcred
their western seven feet of pronnd to widen Main
Street to its present width ot' seventy-seven fret.
\ I. All town plats showing alleys in said
blocks as honndary lines of lots hereinbefore re
cited, inconsistent herewith, are dfelarcd \ncant,
and inii he modified t • conform hereto.
Passed March JJd, liit:«».
KLWOOD K\ \ \'S,
President of the Hoard of Tin tees.
A.'test : life hard Lane, Clerk.
Ordinance !¥o* Itt.
An Ordinance to prohibit the n-e and cirry:r jot
I> -a Ily Weapons, and the discharging of Kire
A rins.
I. lie it ord.lined 1»\ tli Hoard of Trustee,
of the Town of Olympia, That an\ person who
shall draw, exhibit, or a!t"fnp? to nse any deadlx
•weapon within the eorporav limit - of this town,
upon, to, oraj/ainM another person, shall lie liable
to a line of not more than lilty. nor b>s than
t w enty-tive dollars.
£ Any person who shall, in the nosal walks
of life, w itltiii the limits of this low'ii. earn any
deadly weapon, shall he liaUe ton tine of nut
more than ten. nor les- than live dollars.
3 Any person, who shall, within the follow
ing limits, 1«> wit: between Iliidd's Inlet on the
we t and north. Adam ; street, on the en.-1. and I n
ion street, on tin? south, lire olf or di-ehar t" any
jjfim. pistol, or lire-arms of any Kind. -hail he lia
ble to a line of not less th in li\e. an I not more
than ten doll us.
\ •!. All linei arising under this ordinance ~li:» 11
lie n j-ci! mil «-ii!l ;is nt!■< T fines arc ns
si - c I :i ti>l collected under the in it nioi (■<> I rcjtula
tinn- nt't his low ii ; >i n>i it .-lull lie tin- ■peeial duty
nt' llic Town Marshal to complain of :• 11 v iolalii.its
ill' this ordinance to tin 1 police magistrate of this
Passed Mil rill :: I. ISiio.
klwood kv.wsi.
President of tin 1 Hoard of 'l*ru.-ifi - .-®. '
Atti'-st: Kit liiinl Lane, Clerk.
Ordinance \o« 15.
An Ordinance the compensation of the
Town Marshal as Supervisor of streets.
Hi' it ordained by tin' Trustees of tin* Town of
Olympin. Tlmt tin- <'ompt-iisiitiitn of tin- Town
Miirslntl for his services lis Supervi«or of Itoiuls
snul lli^rliwaiys In", iiiul the miiic is hereby «!»•-
rluri'il to ho live jut t'i'iiturn on tin' amount of
roml taxes assessed ami collected within tin' limits
of said corporation, timl disbursed liy him during
tlir yi'iir I«*.!!,
Passed March 2'J, 1800.
Presideut nf the iio.ii-il.
Attest: llichhrdLane, Clerk.
Ordinance No. 10.
An Ordinance in relation to Nuisances
tl I. licit ordained by the Hoard of Trustees
of the Town of Olyuipiu, That it shall lie the duty
of the committee on health and police, and of ev
ery member thereof to examine into the state and
condition of every place and pari of the town
where he shall suspect or be informed that there
exists any matter or thing which is or may be prc
judieial to the health of the inhabitants thereof.
'i i. Whenever it shall appear lo the satisfac
tion of either of the members of the committee on
health and police, or of the tuivu Mar. lial, that
there exisU upon any premises owned or occupied
by any person, any dirt, oll'al or animal or veget
able matter, or the contents of any hog pen, privy,
drain or vault, calculated to injure health, or by
noxious air, to annoy the neighborhood, it shall
be the duly of such member of said committee, or
of the town Marshal to cause the owner or occu
pant of such premises to be notified either ver
bally or in writing, of the existence of such nui
sance or annoyance, and directed forthwith to
abate the same, and if such nuisance shall not be
abated within twenty-four hours alter such notice,
the owner or occupant of such premises shall for
feit and pay a fine of not less than live, nor more
than fifteen dollars, iindjhe Town Marshal shall
lie authorized to cause such nuisance or annoy
ance to be abated, for the costs of which abate
ment, together with the penalty aforesaid, the said
owner or occupant sliajl be liable, anil the same
shall be collected for the use of the town in the
the same manner as other fines and penalties are
collected under the municipal regulations of said
PasscdMay 17th, 18G0.
President of the Hoard of Trustees.
Attest: Richard Lane, Clerk.
W. H. C.
of the above (iin, offer it to the public as the finest
HOLLAND (SIN, and the only (SERINE CLL'U
llOt'SE GIN imported to this market.
It is put up in GREEN CASES, and branded
W. S. C., CLt'H HOI'SE. We shall continue to
receive the uhove Gin regularly.
Fare Ambrosial Whisky,> insk*;
Pure Nectar Whisky, in new style bottles :
Pore Bourbon Whisky.
The above Liquors urc from the well known
house of Win. S. Corwin A Co., New York, and
arc guaranteed fine and pure.
hint 5o California st., fan Fruu.
IJ NT 11 IT W maw
KNOW Yi: that nl the Old l'ost Ollite,
Portland, all
Descriptions of Stationery* Bliink Books, &c.,
Ail Novels by the followiJij Authors, viz:
Mrs. Soulliuorth, Sam Si.ck,
Miss limner, James,
Mr-. Ilciitz. Mrs. Oore,
smi 1.. Mi pheiis, Mrs. Holland,
Charles Dlcken.-., Will, llowilt.
iSttlwcr. Lagctehiuikuir,
V.iss I'ardoe, Spindler,
Pey nolds, Ward,
Kniersou Hennett, • A. Murray,
Charles Levi r. Pierce Egmi,
Alexander Dnnias, De Heauford,
Capt. Marryatt, Anderson,
Smith. ' Chailes Itowcroft,
A 1 thnr. Ml - Mabelly,
Ainsworth, Knowlcs,
Mail 1., ml. I )l ' Vigny.
Luueije Sue, Mrs. S. t . Hall,
D'lsraeli. Currer Hell,
K. J. Peterson, D. Ilennay,
l.ei 'li Hunt, Whailon.
Carlile, Miss S. Fenie,
I** I It'll Pickering, Henry Fielding,
Lippard. 11,1
Frank Farlelgh, II- •<. Milnian,
Mrs. tirav. (I. 11. Lewis,
Dr. Ilolliciit, Mrs. (iaskell,
(ieo. Sand, Collins.
Tobias Smollett, Mrs. Trollopc,
and of all other authors, copic* of which will lie
sent by mail «r express to any part of Oregon, or
Washington Territory. on receipt of lifty cents per
volume in postage stamps or ca h.
N. I!.—Liberal allowanee to the Trade.
Tali's <if tlie Sen,
IJevolutionsiry Tali'*, Travels
Cook I'ooks, A: I'., &i',
Also tho following new Novels:
Rovalists ami Itepublieans, Fallen Stars, C.ucl
latiii.* or the Death of Morgan. Dickens' Short
Stories. Ai 11 -t Wind anil Tide, The Haunted
Home-lead. file Old Stone Man-ion The Mill on
the I'luss. \ nei dotes of Love. Adam Hocll. Milli
ter's Wooing. <bit of the Depth--. Lucy Croit
Self Help. Wild Sports of the South. Adventures
of Jonathan Homebred. Lizzy Olenn Love .ne lit
tle. love me long, Love- by Miehelet. from the
French, Woman—by Miehelet, from Ihe French,
The V irginians.
All the above works arc by the most noted au
thors in the world.
Also. N'ev.-iiapers Periodic als. Ac. Agent for
the San Frain i-eo Bulletin. Alia California, nml
Washington Standard, the bc-i papers on the Pa
cific coa-l.
A ?u'i rriplioti li-t. with sralc nf prices, will he
sent ti> ;• 11_v part. it' ile-ired.
\|.o dealer in Apple-. Pears. Plums. Ac.. nml
nil kinds ol' (jrocti nml dried 1-'r«iits, Candies, l i.-li
Sauces, S\rnji-. Powder and Sln.t.
,v All ill' the nlmve will lw tarcl-illy packed
anil M ill to liny |inrlioti of tin' country desired.
EN \I:I.I:S I! MINI:IT. Pro.,
At the Old Post Ollice. Portland, Oregon,
November IT.
Vol ire lo Donation Claimant*
MIIUK thin I'oiiiti in II ii nil ro«l Pollution l'a.
jiiT.i. I Notifications nml Final Proofs,) nrr
now |V in" iii tli** piircou-holcs »>l tin* lieiristcr s tM-
Ikc. ii ;><>n which < « rtilif-at«•< «in !«• issued as somi
;i. I I I, I t'OMPI.KTfi CtM'IKS Altli MAI»K.
Tit ilii thr w hole df tliiit work would r,n|iiire the
niii-iiiiit i iliur of tin' Register from two tn three
\riir . pt'ii\iili 'I tli.it lie liml ini ntlii'i* duties to per
form. Hut win II it is known tlmt two-thirds of
Ilis timr i- occupied v illi i-oullit-tiii^<l<>lintiitns nml
pre-i iiij.li.mi .i^i l -. |' liming donation pn|>«-r.»
ill tin- nllirc may will I.ink to the filtnri' for
tin ir ii I'iit'n nil*- iiii'l Patents. Ili-l ifvinjr I lint many
would prefer li:i\iiiir their donations completed
IH.H . rater tliiiu wait lor the inlcliuitc 'course of
human event.-," i'.inl I n-i IIJJT w«•! I acquaint «'i| with t In 1
I ii-i:n --'. I mil prepmed lo iiinke out pallet's nml
pi mi' CiTtilii ales I'ur chiiinitll ts in all parts of I lie
Ti'i riton Iv\ ill ulsu atteiiilto tile pro|niratinn nnil
liling nt ili' laratory nt.ilemcnts mnl final proofs fur
pre-empt ions, mid drawing maps ofclaitnnand Ton n
sliipji, from tlie nriginnnl surveylonium' dc-iring
tliein. I'or preparing the papers nml procuring a
rertilieate for a donation claim. w here there is no
eoiillirt. in.v charge is live iloll .i-s. For preparing
ainlli Iiiii?" ileelaratory stnteiunits ami paying the
troM-runient fee, three ilollnrs. KorTow nship map;,
ti VIA dollars, and claim maps one dollar each. In
all cases the lee must come in advance.
Person* having bought In ml, ttci|iiircd under the
Itniiiitioii l.iiw. cannot he too careful to see t'crtiii
cntes arc issued. A. M. I'OK.
Nov. 'J-l, IHiio. [:t:tf] Olympia, W. T.
Clothing- Emporium
1 IT, l ift and 151 Washington St.,
November 17, 18G0. I:iu3
onice in Wright's New Uuilding, first door cast
of Main Street.
Nov. 14th, 1800. 1 :ly
Ciray'H llnrbor, W. T. *
DEALER In General Merchandise is prepared
to furnish supplied to settlers in this section
of country on reasonable terms.
Chchalis. Deccuil or 22, Itf'in. o;tf
ltf'J i:iiiilsoinrr.v SI ire*, corner Mer
cliuitt, Mm I'raiiilNiu.,
Legal Cap. Writing, Letter mid Note Paper anil i-n
--' velopcs in great variety. Cold IViu of the best
lniinufucture, Blank ACCOUNT BOOKS
of the lust material nml workinuu
l'.lmik ('arils, Law Hooks,
Law I tin 11 ks. Notes, Drafts
Hills of Lading, Order
Rooks, Shipping Receipts, and u large assortment
of Custom House Klanks,
A complete assortment always on hand. Orders
from teachers will receive prompt attentiun.
Subscriptions received for magazines, newspa
pers, mill other periodicals, at publisher's prices.
A cifcnlar will be sent to any person on request,
giving mi extended list of periodiciilsand the prices
annexed. The following nrc among the most
popular: per annum.
Harper's Magazine $ 3 00
(lodey's Lady's Hook Oil
Leslie's Magazine :t 00
Peterson's Magazine - 00
Halloa's Magazine 1 50
Hall's Journal of Health 1 no
Atlantic Monthly 3 00
Kelcetic Magir/.ine ft 00
Knickerbocker Magazine 3 oo
All the Year Round l Dickens') 3 00
(bice a Week 4 00
Cnrnhill Magazine (Thaekcry) f> oo
Hlackwood .'too
The four Foreign Reviews and Hlackwood.. 12 00
The Chess Monthly 3 on
Le Hon Ton of Fashion ft 00
The World of Fashion ft 00
The llortieultur ilist. plain 2 00
The llnrticnlluralKt. colored ft OO
The tlar.teller's Monthly I ftO
The Countrv (ientlem.iii 2 oo
Harper's W'eeklv 2 50
I.i-lie's Illustrated Paper 3 00
111 ii >t iat < d London News 12 00
Illustrated News of the World 12 oil
Hi li s l.ifc in London 12 oo
New York lllu-trated News 3 oil
New York Weekly Ledger 2 00
Wilkes' Spirit of the Times 8 Oil
llanner of Light 2 on
Wavcrly Magazine 3 no
New Yoik Mer. ii rv 2 ."id
New York Weekly Clipper 2 fto
Seientilic American 2 oil
The Century 2 fto
Yanl ee Notions 1 fto
Niek-Nn* 1 ft"
Yanity Fair ( Weekly) 2 fto
N. Y. Herald. Tribune, or Times, for Cal'a 300
December 2ti. 1 HUH. 7:m.'l
■>u. inoi.rii'N
.ttili-nShriiiiinlic Cordial and
ii i !>l<* ait < I un«-ut passed remedy lor Klic iimntism
nml ('out to lie fount! in the world utitl known ut
present. The diseoveier of the uhove medicine
iloes i*lniin its iiiia!lihilit\ in nil ruses of IShciimu
tism mill (lout—when used according io direction
—ami does oiler u reward of li\e thousand dollars
to any medicine that will supersede it, mid is en
tirely table. The Doctor i- cimoled to otter
the uhove reward on account of his having used
the ahovc for ten years iu his practice, and has
never Known it to fail in the cure of the most pro
traeted eases of l(hcumuti>iu and Uout. I>r. Adol
phns is knu\vn and hli?hlv celebrated I'll over the
State, tor his eures ill IthettiimlUm, Cout and
Chronic Diseases.
In secondary and tertiary Sv,diillis, Scrofula,
enlargement of the (via nils, Propsy, and all ner
vous and ( *ll taueous diseases mill the whole train
of Chronic l>iscnscs. whose very name is n terror
as well to the Physician as io the |ii\llcnt, this
tiiediriuc has proved to lie superior lo any iu exist
cin e. and has cured them in MI short n time that
they appeared like being aludisheil liv limbic inlln
cnee; in tai l a lew more fuicii di.-covcries. and
druggists v. ill nut need to keep a lot of useless
medicines on hand, whenever ihev are prescribed
once iu a ten •core, they have lost hy lime their
properties, in which their value did reside, if there
uas actualh am iu them.
Take this medicine w lieu \oiir dinesiive orpins
lire ilisoiilt-rcd and \oiir lilood is impure, anil it
will sun k act btnour limvels.
Take this lucdiciue when \uur liuvc u colli, and
it will make Jim |ii'rs|iii'r freely.
Take this medicine when jour urinary and üb
s<»rl»illjr organs tire disordered mid it will n« - l on
yiini" kidneys, it penetrates every part of the body
searches eicn the mint remote nml secret recesses
of your system, and removes the discuses located
there—it restoies heiilthy action nml give tone to
every orpm in the hiiiitan I oily—therefore it litis
righteously deservi d the name it bears HKALTII
The Pnctor. who is averse to nil patent medi
cines, wishes to lie understood that the above medi
cine is 110 such thing, hut that he has through the
introduction of this medicine with its treatise and
direction for use. made every sufferer to he his own
[>h.\ licinu in the above named diseases.
Thinking it under my dignity to follow the mode
of quacks'by appending the certificates of physi
cians or private persons which it is too well known
can be had for certain remunerations, applications
of friend.*, or by the mode of boring it man half to
death, for even the most worthless trash, I will
therefore leave to those in want of medicine to en
quire personally of men who have been cured by
my medicines of the above diseases, and who can
be found in almost every city and villiage through
out the State. I consider such personal convic
tion far more superior to certificate* of persons that
are fur from being known to theiu iu wunt of medi
cal aid*
Hut should any one care for written testimonials
or certificate* regarding the cures performed by
this medicine they call at my oflice and I will shoiv
them certificates of true merit, which have been
sent to me voluntarily, without applying for tlieui,
or by boring individuals to get them.
l'or sale by
•H! Montgomery street, three doors from Hush,
and liv all the linguists in the city.
AllKSTS —('rowell (c Crane, corner of flay and
Front streets—Hedington it Co., ('lav street—Mor
rill, corner of Washington and Battery sts., San
Francisco. 1:1 m
ritoisiTG Notice.
In mutter of Estate of Charles 11. Mascn, deceased
Petition for conveyance of certain real estate.
Takk Notick thut 11. A. (ioldsborough has (ileal
liis petition in the Probate Court of the county of
Thurston. prating for an order to issue to the ad
ministrator upon the estate of CHARLES 11. MA
SON. deceased, to make n conveyance of nn undi
vided third interest to certain lots in the town of
Seattle, \V. 'l'., in conformity to theterms of a cer
tain written agreement, executed by said deceased
during his life time : which petition will come on
to he heard at the January term of said Probate
Court, to lie held in Olvnipia, in said county, on
TUESDAY, January 22d, 18')1, at II o'clock in
he forenoon of said day. All parties interested in
suid estate can Then lie heard why ttaid petition
should not be granted.
It. M. WALKER. Probate Judge.
Olvmpin, \\. T., DecMi, 18U0. (I:w l
SADDI.ERV Hardware, Saddle Trees, Block and
I lent Stirrup.*, etc. Shop on Main Street,
Olvmpia, \V. T. Prices to .-nil the times. Hides
and Produce taken in exchange, and cash never
t'l\tnpi.l, Nov. IT, IHtio.
('mi be found ut his
Private Medical Office and Hospital,
Opposite the southeast comer of the Plaza.
vatcly, mill with the utnia-t coufit'etice, liv
the afflicted, nt nil liours daily, from « A. M. to
8 I*. SI.
l»Il. YOl'N'C. addresses those who are suFering
under . >ic affliction of private diseases, whether
arising rom iu"iure connection or (he lei- i'ole vice
ofsel-'-abu.-e. Devoting hi* enlire time io that
particular branch of the profession, he feels war
CASKS, whether of long Standing or iecently eon
tracteil. entirely removing the dregs of disease
from the system, and nuik.i'jii IVIiPCCTand I'Kli-
He woi 'd i„U the attmtioii of the r'Dieted to
the fuel of his Ion;. -standing and well-earned rep
utation, niui thing suflicicnl n.-slivalu eof his skill
and success.
Upwards of five thousand cases have liecii dis
charged cmed in the year cutting July Ist. ItMW,
showing a >eco - d surpassing any hospital in the
United States.
CONSULTATION', by letter or otherwise, Flint:
WKAKNKSS.—Dr. Voing atldresses those who
have injured by piivale and improper
in<lulgcii'-c in hat secret ami solita'v habit which
ruins the 'iody ant' mind iiulitting them either for
business or society, with the view to imprest upon
their minds. bcibie i> is 100 lute, the absolute ne
cessity of skillful ineilie.il tieatinent. and by a
direct course of reasoning to show iliat although
we may not be ungrateful for the health given us,
that it cannot be sporled or trilled with .viihout
loss; mid when once engendered emiiiot lie •chain
ed by mere abstinence from folly, or urgent and
strong display of coin age.
It may not be generally understood by the great
majority of suS'erers from mental deji csfioiis, that
these dull anil heavy sensations experienced in the
head ami about the chest, accompanied by feelings
of anxiety and foreboding, arise froin a ili organ
ization of the important functions of the body.—
Such, however, is the laet, and in laller years to
such an extent has this been carried lliitt our In
sane A yluins are becoming tilled with patients
who owe to this cause alone their sulll-iing. The
study and practice Of years has shown conclusively
that io the weakness of ilie genital organ*, super
induced far too often by self-abuse, which has be
come so apparent in the face ; mid wlie.e once our
fathers mom' giants in muscular force, ttic* men of
to-i'av are dwaifs in cnnidari.-oii.
The symptoms of ihe disease mav be faint to-dag.
but *o sa cly us you experience that weakness iu
the hack and I"iii'i>. dimness of sight, nervousness,
derangement of ihe dige.-tive functions, and gen
eral debility. i>» surely will follow the harrowing
mental pioMialioit loouwi'ulto contemplate, ami
which will end only a- t lie last breath conies strug
gling, gasping front the breast of the expiring vic
tim. There i> •omediitig noble in dying when the
good tight has been fni'ght, but what man can
view a grave tilled by one whose life dribbled out
in pollution, without a feeling of disgust.
Ho not ly-i'iiale. Imping that time will eradicate
what it only strengthens, but call at once at my
ollicc, with ihe lull assurance of a sptt'dy and per
manent cure. Let no sense of false shame deter
you. but save yourself from the av. i'nl effects of
this dread disorder, and regain the full strength of
your manhood.
Mfifiiry in no form enters info fhr
■tentvrficM :i<lo|>f«-«l by Mr. V tiitll?
Mercury has been named, not inaptly, '• The
curse of Alan." a-, umler the treacherous garb of
a restorer, it he< t uc.'ibs the tao.-l teriibic disease.
We di> not see it i'i once, but hidilcu beneath the
fair surface, it poisons toe Idood destroys the ner
vous anil muscular system, preventing the i clion
of the joints, and rendering wreiclieu, ifder the
name of rltiuniatisni, the life of the sulfe'cs.—
••The rented v is worse than ihe disease." it' many
a poor, crippled, misetahlc. toothless weieli will
sax. while pointing to his decayed jaws a,id ulcer
ous gum-, lie tells of its ravages—or at his swollen
joints anil body niatkcd with purple or leaden col
ored sores which speak of his paiiis. mid again at
his impaired, ruined digcstioii, which tells of
wretched days it ml s'cepless niOits.
All nli'cetions arising from the it«c of mercury
perfectly eradicated mid health fully restored.
.411 «llNt*;i«fM ol" u ixittile n:«iiire
arising from impure connection, such cs I'lcers.
Swelling of the liroins, I'lcers in the Thiopt, Sec
ondary Syphilis, Cutaneous Druo.ioiis, ric«"tii'ons.
Tertiary Syphilil, Syphilis In Children, Mercurial
Syphilitic Atl'cctions. (!o«or;h(ea, tilcct. Strictures,
False Passages, lnliatuatioit of the llladder, and
Prostrate (ilunds, Excoriations, Tumors, Pustules
etc., treated iu the most sciemUic manner.
Cure alwajs (<ii;iriin(red ur no fee
Dr. Young would state I but he has boon a pro
fessor of Obstetrics and Female diseases for the
past fourteen years, mill is fully qualified to ad
minister in all eases both medieally and surgically,
not in H superficial, t>ut in as thorough n manner
as years of stndv nnd practice—both in hospitals
and private families—can make. Therefore fami
lies can rely upon him as upou a father. All in
nflliction can find in him one who can feel and
sympathise with, and befriend them in trouble—
one ill whose seeresy the utmost bonfidenee can be
placed. Come, all ye that are nfllicted and in
trouble, and you will be relieved and cured.
Filiate Nrdlrnl (Mice nnd lloNpllnl
Oppo.- ilc southwest earner of the l'lazn,
DR. J. c. Yoi xa.
Dn. J. C. Yorrn, who has become so celebra
ted for the thousands of cures which he has per
formed on old, chronic, lucrcuridt. syphilitic, nnd
all private diseases, without mercury, is consulted
daily at his office, 210 Clay St., from 0 A. M. to
8 I'. M. A cure fiuaranteed or no pay.
Dr. Young has probably bad more practice iu
venereal diseases than any physician in California.
He cures all the most aggravated cases of this dis
ease, and mild ones he removes in from two to
five days. The Doctor has for many years been
known as the most eminent and successful physi
cian practising in the I'nited States, and what is
more important to the patient, he always edicts a
speedy and permanent cure.
Travelers, seamen, miners nnd others, who wish
to lie cured without mercury, hindrance front busi
ness, or exposure to friends, should apply to him
as soon as possible, and a perfect cure guaranteed
in all curable cases.
The following are n few of the many testimonials
of Dr. Young's ability as a practitioner, which
have appeared in the public journals of the last
few years :
Although we are opposed to the system of ad
vertising for good uud suflicient reasons, still we
deem it but justice to say that. Dr. Young is one
of the most industrious and indefatigable votaries
of the medical science in the I'liiteil States.
The subscriber is personally acquainted with
Dr. Young, and li».> seen much of his practice, mid
can bear testimony to his merits as a practitioner,
The eminence of litis distinguished gentleman in
his profession, and the very extended opportuni
ties possessed by liiui for the observance of vene
real diseases, make; his services invaluuble to
those afflicted with the above complaints.
All afflicted with private complaints should, if
possible, consult Dr. Young, whose medical edu
cation is not snrpas.-ed by any physician in the
country, lu hi> kill, honor and integrity all mav
rely with safety, while most of the medical prac
titioners in this city arc without honestv or res
ponsibility, their pretensions being grounded in
ignorance and assumption.
luiporliuif to MmitwrH nnd Oilier*
ItcqulrliiK .'Ji Ult nl Treatment.
Dr. \ uunjr i.- 'lu pic'iicer Adverti-iug I'liy.-ielun
ill California, and the only one now mlvcrti*ii<K
who has received a regular iiiedical education,
which is requisite for the successful treutiucnt ui'
diseases, Hccause of his unparalleled success,
there have sprung, from time to time, into esistl
cnce. impostors, without chnrncttr or education
who, by boasting have managed to deceive the mil
wary siiHerrr into the belief that they wire res|iert-~
11 1 ■■■»<■" 1 itii- turn. In «n iliiinp tin., i.„.
scattered broadcast their nostrums among the ln>n
est and unsuspecting; to the destruction of health,'
and in some cases life itself. Rewaie of than us
you would of the I'pas tree, for they are us dct-"
tractive. Dr. Young's office is at 210 CLAY ST.,
opposite the southwest corner of the Plaza.
"With regard U remuneration, (an indispensable
preliminary between patient and prcscribcr. and
which no * ihstidio%snes* or false delicacy should'
set aside,) Pr. Younjt respectfully to state to'
those wishing to consult him, that in ordinary in
stances the usual fee is expected as by other prnc
titioiieis ; but wlie.e paiients seek to entrust their
cures to his entire management, lie takes this op
portunity '>f t: «K«'M«in ais readiness to name a
specific coi'Hide.'ai oii lo conduci the case foru
deic*iiii>iwn* I""' ; o<l «r to a mcce sful issue, whore
by I!i« iivn'id at once apprised of the extent of
(lie r:;jieit*e io be incurred. and t!»e plrsirinn sc.
cured the punctu«l iilteuda/ic* of lii< patient w hick
the widen 101 l oitcn deters beyond the tvcniul „ r
third interview, and which arrangement l)r. Wing
will bo happy tf» apportion t» the purse—length
of the patient, as may be agvr«4 at the ferst inter
Patients residt.'g in any part «f rte State, how
ever distant, who may desire Ifct and ad
vice of l»r. Young on their fespertfre cases, and
who think proper to sn.'"nit a wfftlaw statement of
such, in preference to hoi'ling a |»«Tt!ona'l iiM*rview 1 ,
arc respectfully assured that their coniniunicntioM
will be held most sacred. Dr. takes tliis
opportunity of observing that ull le''crs are only
opened anil replied to by himself, and tl." latter as
promptly as possible.
If the case be fully and candidly described, per,
sonal communication will be superseded, as in
structions for diet, rcjrimcn, and the general treat
ment of the case itself, (including the remedies,)
will be forwarded without delay, and in such a
manner IIS to convey no idea of the letter or pared
so transmitted.
Consultation gratis. J. C. YOUNG, M. I).
Tlie French I.imar. or Female
Monthly I'IIIN.
The best remedy ever discovered for suppressed
menses in females. They are safe and sine,acting
in the most easy mnnner possible, never creating
sickness, lint renovating tlie system, and at the
same time they remove any obstructions which
may impede for the time the natural flow of <he
menses. Xo family should be without a box in
the house, as they greatly assist in the delivery, at
maturity, of the child. They should not be taken
under some circumstances, in thfe early stages of
pregnancy, which will appear plain to Indies.
Price $5 per box, with full directions, sent to
any part of the Pacific const upon receipt of the
money. Address
210 ('lav street,
Opposite southwest corner of the Plaza,
I :m3 San Francisco.
Sands' Sarsaparilla.
The Great American Remedy
For Put Hying the lllootf.
Scrofula, Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores, Erysipelas, Pimples, Biles,
Mercurial diseases, Liver Com
plaint, Cutaneous Eruptions,
Stubborn I"leers, Loss of
Appetite, General De
bility, &c.
* '
I'XKIjI'.M.LKI) I ! 1
A plentiful supply of pure blood is as essential
to animal life as light, heat, and genial showers arc
tit the vegetable kingdom. When the proper cir
culation of the vital tlnid is impeded, sickness is
the inevitable consc<|Ucucc, the secretions become
unhealty, the li\er becomes clogged with impure
bile, which, forced into the system, vitiates and in
timites the blood, engendering scrofula and cutane
ous and biliary disorders. The experience of six
teen years has fully established the high reputa
tion of this invaluable medicine; its curative pow
ers have been thoroughly tested in long-standing
and obstinate cases, with such invariable success
as to call forth the most Muttering commendations
from eminent physicians throughout the country.
The following recommendation is from one of the
oldest physicions in New London. Conn.:
Messrs. A. B. k D. SASllS:—Uentlfluen:—Your
Sarsaparilla has been very extensively used in this
city mid the neighboring towns, nnd so far as mv
.knowledge extends, uniformly with success. In a
great variety of diseases of long standing, and of a
very distressing and dangerous character, which
have resisted a long list of remedial agents, it has
been used—in many of tlieni with complete FUC
cess, and in all with decided benefit. It is regard
ed by the medical profession as a medicine of great
efficacy in a numerous class of diseases, such as in
veterate constitutional complaints, vhen the sys
tem lias been long diseased; in eases of long stand
ing: iu obstinate diseases of the skin; in enfeebled
conditions of the system; in chronic abscesses, at
tended with profuse discharges; diseases of the
bones; obstiuate ulcers; chronic pulmonary affec
tions, enlarged glands, and various other maladies
connected with a depraved state of the system,
lis use is usually followed with improvement of ap
petite and digestion, increase of strength and flesh,
better rests ill night, the production of a more
healthy state of mind, and complete restoration to
health. Truly vours,
Prepared and sold by A. 11. & D. SANDS, whole
sale druggists, lou Fulton street, corner of Williiitii,
New York.
For sale by 11. JOHNSON A, Co., and RRHISOTO*
& Co., San Francisco; KICK k Corix, M arysvillt'
It. 11. MCDONALD & Co., Sacraiueuto; and by drug
gists generally. I:3m
The Grent Jupnnene Remedy.
Japanese Venereal SALVE, nnd used fur tlic cure
of Syphilitic Sores mid procured lit great troublo
and expense, i.o now plticed in the hands of dnij
l?ij»ta for sale, where person* afflicted tnu purchnw
it, nnd effect cures without the consequent mortifi
cation and heavy charges incurred by going t»
physicians. The ingredient* procured from these
scientific nnd wonderful people are such as have
not been known to the rest of the world ia the
enre of loathsome corruptions, nnd fur excels any
thing heretofore used. Testimonials of astonisluntf
cures could be obtained if necessary, but it is only
requisite to test it to prove its great Itcnlinc quali
ties. The cost is nothing complied to its value-
For sale at all the Druggist*.
For the cure of Cuts. Burns, Sprains, (■ unsbot
Wounds, l'iles, Boils, Chilblains, Bruises nnd *»
kinds of Sores, has been discovered to be the lie'
ami most wonderful preprration ever used. I"
healing properties are astonishing, almost magic* l.
It supersedes all salves now in use. and develiT*
one great good thai lias resulted from the openi"*
of Japanese ports to the commerce of tlic werld,
nnd will cause nil flint use it to rejoice th-it so <l f *
sirable result has been accomplished. This
has been sufficiently used to its qualities.--
Try it all—everybody. No family should be will 1 *
out it—and although the ingredients are rare i"' 1 '
expensive, only FIFTY CKXTS is charged for*
box. it can lie obtained of all the Druggists.
DR. KKXT, Agent, Nevada. I
-The best purifier of the blood is Hail » B#'
tap:' I'ilill

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