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VOL V —><»_ x.<
fw aisi-iM iaW
« I— | | » I «9H« • « I' W
OfTvi «*» ri«ritir«t
f* ... .mm
mm mm** » «
/vnt. tti. r /» i » *1
•*»»f 1 »"« »- >•-—.* -- -•*
*ik «»« *•- • ••• • I* n
**r -*— * •••* . 4•*
;f ifci-i i . 11 «
tn» IMI
ta* m*
Ln/ «*.-•« » ". S* (itrtM t-v tv «»•
a*> tii ii-.n-u.*:t. j ucit.jt
\T \lt -: -i » ■ fr •■« i 1 tlWt anH
•« b u -. u i••- s »• ima.i i i>ii'»n«« k .
\TSn.:-. >f •• - 1., ra irr i; » »a 1 4c»;a» is
(it: at oi:;-.
ff A'l f mnni-t.'i., «VtH*r on b
•r fur pjV.-iti n. *n i«t •»' t) lh? cdi
tar of t*i; IVti i;\ it »« SrtvtivHlt.
13* B1 m'*«. hi'.l-'i • 11', cirU, 'iitW of (\re. po«-
»r», pr >zfvun ■ ir.' »1 ir*. cit it ie-*, pamphlet*.
9i?. t Pfcut *tl a* r■ IH I:I ihlr r it"<.
OFFICE—I i UITIMN IniUitiT, <• ->rn»r of Main
CllK.r.t *tr • 't«, M•l» tS ••••■<•»••'• '
Passed at the S '"in 1S •ssion of the Thirty
Eighth C nnqresf.
Joint Resolution to p.-ovid • for thw Pub-
licitionoC a lull army Ro^is'er,
D ' it. rcso'red In/ the Senate and House
of Representative* of the Unite I States
of America in (hut/res* aswrnbleil, That
the Secretary of War ti •, and hi* is hereby
authorized and rc juir.-cl to cause to b.'
piintcd an 1 pnbli.-h'd a fall roas er or roll
of all general, ii Id. line, and staff officers
of volunteers who haw li.-cn ir. thit army
of the United S:a'cs at any time sine.' the
beginning of the prcsen*. rebellion, includ
ing all ini'oruril oganiz itio:is wiiieh have
been re irganized or accepted and paid l>y
the Unit 'd Status. sli owing wlieiher
they arc yet in the service, or hive
been discharged therefro;n, and giv ng
cau-alties and other explanations proper
for such register. And, to defray in
whole or in part the expenses of this pub
lica'ion, an edition of twenty thousand
copies >■( s:tc!i enlirged register shall lie
pnblish"d an I tnav be sol I to ollieers.
soldiers. or citums. Nt a price which shill
n >t m >re than cov »r the actual co-t of pa
per, prin'ing and hin ting, and shall not
in any ease exceed one dollar per volume.
Approved, March 2,
[RESOLUTION —N T <>. 25.]
Joint Resol it on auhoriz ig a c m ract with
William H. l'owell for a pktuie for the
Resolved bi/ the Senate and Ilouie
of Representatives of tht United Statu
of America in Congress assembled, That
the joint committed on the library b», nnd
they tire hereby, directed to enter into 11
a contract with William H. Powell, of the
S ate of Ohio, to p tint a picture for the
United States, to be placed at the head
o( one of the grand staircases in the Capi
tol, illustrative of Rome naval victory;
the pirtcular subject of the painting to be
agreed 0:1 by the committee and the
artist: Provided, That the entire ex
pense of said picture shall not exceed
twenty-five thousmd dollars, an.l two
thousand d -liars shall be paid to said Wil
liam H. Powell, in advance, to enable liitn
to prepare for the wntk, the remainder of
slid instalments at int rvuls of not leas
than one year, the last instilment to be
retained until the picture is completed and
put up.
Approved, March 2, 18G5.
[RESOLUTION — No. 27.]
A R;so!u'.ioi t» e-icnurtg» the Employ
ment of disable J and discharged Sol
R'*o/red hi the Senate an-l ttonne
•/ RrprrtenhUxen of the fntfeti S'mtes
of Am'rtra in Ctngrn* atfmUrA. Th «'
persons li »n >raMv d t.-hsrg*! tr-.m t>i* mil
Hary or anal *--rtice by r»a»jn f disa
bility r?«t to - tom wo it !• vrk *•«
inrun* ll* th--1 t*4 du* *. *h >s!J pro*
f-r *d he t . mil o4i cr-«
pr-»* d titer »» • v f. BS I to
tW n e pt ft e»- Mw-Y Car tlw
p- -p~r 4 of tl* <! ;t.-• a! IKS
4 -t TWr!
r% Tr-a'( i <* -*! -w ml •%*■ •. » rmr
• ■ -. '*;• «f WW»HIt
4~fc*-*-4 ti«B • » W rv »»« .1
*-*■•«* * iwj..
' » axe. » "fc» tvp„r •i « <*' l-» -»«<-*
-»•»-«•- -- - -—'Jin i«iiii«
rte«« «» to'* v tmd p- t<< m njmi'M r
»>i» -»l y »■■'» ■«%. t# pi- at « okr
* M» a. 1 Htt
.•MB- l~r- • TVa^.-«
•**l f >-»<■■ Tf Tk •—*» aw# au
•*4- '
r-v.-w 4, f .- *-«w ff♦-
•" ee-WWF* '••/'•«, f"I K, rmr.
'* " ( ' '"1 —mim-i TW
li pAa fa if nf fc la Its |sntt if JRariottai {rrxi
%*■*•W If «*• & mmi m+d Hi mr r
and prjaaaria^ the <4 the
rj aa4 Mtri tMtn af tkr L'w4 S id
it >• hereby raactrd that the wife »ad
<lnld<ea. it h« have any, of aor per* >n
th«t k«« bern. or may U, mu*ter.-d into
tlie military or naval Mmee of ihe United
State®, slimll. from ud after ibr p*»» ijjr
o' this act, be forever five, any law, UMyc
or custom whatsoever to the contrary
notwithstanding; and in determiinag who
i* or was the wife and who are the chil
dren of the enlisted person herein men
tioned, evidence that he and (he woman
cl.-iimed to be his wife have oohabited to-
RI tlier, or associated as husband and wife,
and HO continued to cohabit or nst-ociatc nt
the time of the enlixtmeiit, or evidence that
a form or ceremony of marriage, whether
such muring!* was or not authorized orie
co<»tiized by law, has been catered into or
celebrated by them, and that the parties
thereto thereafter lived together, or asso
ciated or cohabited us husband and wife,
and st continued to live, cohabit, or asso
ciate at th« time <>f the enlistment, shall be
deemed sufficient proof of marriage for the
purposes of this net, and the children
horn of any such marriage shall be deemed
and taken to be the children embraced
within the provisions of this act, whether
such marriage shall or shall not have
been dissolved nt tho time of such en
!i 'nvnt.
Approved, March 3, 18G5.
A lies ilution to authorize ami direct an
Inventoryjif arti.l. s in the Quartermas
ter's depots of the United S'ates, ttnd
in possession of the Naval Storekeeper
of the United States.
Restored hij the Senate and House of
Rcprcscntatires of the United States of
America in Congress assembled. That
the Secretary of War be, an 1 is hereby,
directed to cause a strict inspection to be
made of the quartermaster's department,
as soon ns practicable af-er the passage of
this resolution, and a comparison to he
made between the reports of the officers in
charge of the quartermaster's depots at
New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, St.
Louis, and Louisville, and the articles on
Sue. 2. And he it further resofred, That
the Secretary of the Navy, in like man
ner, be directed to cause an inventory to
be made of all the property of the United
States, in possession of the several naval
storekeepers of the United States.
Approved, March 3, 18G5.
A Resolution relating to International Ex
hibitions at Bergen, in Norway, and
Oporto, in Portugal, during the summer
of eighteen hundred and sixty-fire.
WHEBEAS the governments of the king
dom of Sweden and Norway, of of the
kingdom of Portugal, have communicated
to the government of th*> United Stites
the programmes of two international exhi
bitions to be held respectively at B *rgen,
in Norway, and at Oporto, in Portugal,
during the summer of eighteen hundred
and sixty-five: Therefore,
Resolved by the Senate and House
of Representatives nf (he United States
of America in Cnmgrtss assembled, That
the President of the United States in here
by charged with the duty at making
known to the people of the United Stue*.
bv prorl im«ti»n, or otherwise, ae shall to
him seem beat, the tacts in ki« pn ■ s im
relating to tlto international exhibitions
to h» hcM at Bergen. Norway,
and Opnrt», Portsyal, hriifttw a—iawr
of .-tghte-w ton-irvd and a»xty-#*». and •>
in' ring th-tr pnrrietpe'ioft tWrm : Pf
rOed. That ao rtprar shall he isnrr 4
fm ag-*rv with regard i« mmc i,
k 'M; nor shall a»r dm wv
Appreeod. March 1. I*U
1 t« •» Af P>U<
Jaw t- -tf-tkmt. UaAr-tf
n4 «*!'
♦- f>» •*•*> M M »„
t*» I *.-* »«■ la «B <Mr r-«r->
J<■ fi (Ml -«• f*r» tMI •» «•'
•-W »■ I T ttea «a«T kv
ac* a* pea»<4i«l * itt hk* cw * *W
•hd WiW MI tte if n»tm a: '•
rif • UK ■ t» afl p-np j»» » aant
tii> « f■> r akw H nyr *a
twfNa. m*d aAa» ta r-r«d '• ati f«f
Marr* 3. l«i
[RtwirTio« — No 33 J
A R-*o'ut»o'i dtrario; inqnir* iif* the
o»tnliti fi of lilt Inilui tube*. ao-i tlmr
tream-nt by tbe Civil and Military
RrttrlrrJ hy the Senate and Hume of
Rcpretcntat t cct of tkc United Stu'es of
America la Congrtss asirmUed, That
then be rsis.-d a joint committee, to coil
sin: of three members «f tin- Semite, to be
itppoint-d liv tli«- president of ihe Sena'e.
and four members of the present House,
in be a|>p tinted by the sperker of tlit*
U m.se ol Representatives, to inquire into
the present condition of (he Indian tribe?,
and i-spcci lily into thi* innniicr in which
they are treated by tlie civil nnd military
authorities of the United Siutes, with
power to sit during the recess of conj ress,
to send fir persons nnd papers, lo employ
n clerk, to subpucnaor compel the attend
ance of witnesses, to hear the complaints
of Indian chief-, nnd examine fully into
th« conduct of Indian agents and superin
tendents, mill nlsointo tin* management of
the bureau of Indian affair* in the De
partment ot'tlio Interior; and to report at
i lie next session of congress such legisla
tion us may be necessary for the better
administration of Indian affairs. and that
there be, and hereby is. appropriated out
of any money in the treasury nut otherwise
anji.opiiited, the sum of fifteen thousan I
dollars to defray the expenses of the san e.
Approved. March 3, ISG;>.
[Prune —Nu. 11. |
An Art to repeal tlii< Provision of Law
requiring certain Regents of ihc Smith
sonian Institution to be Members of the
National Institute.
lie it enacted In/ the Senate anrl House
of Represent atire* of the United States oj
America in Congress assembled, That
so much of the net "To est ihlish Iho
Smithsonian Institution, for the increase
and diffusion of knowledge among men "
as requires that two of tin l regents <«f said
ini ii nt i<>n .shall be members of tin* Nution.il
Institute in tint cty of Washing'on, lie, and
the same is hereby, repealed.
Approved, Jan. 10, ISGS.
[PUDLIC —No. 13. ]
An Act to amend an Act entitled "An
Act for the Punishment of Crimes in
the District of Columbia," approved
March second, eighteen hundred and
thirty, one.
Re it enacted by the. Senate and. House
of Representatives of the United States of
America in Congress assembled, Thnt
the second section of an act entitled •' An
act for the punishment of crimes in the
District of Collumbin." approved March
second, eighteen hundred nnd tliirtv-one,
be, and the same is hereby, amend* d so
a* to read as follows : Thnt every person
duly convicted of manslaughter, or of any
assault with intent to kill, shall he sen
tenced to suffer imprisonment and labor,
fo» the first offence, for a p-riod not less
than two nor more than eight yeats, for
•he second offence, for a period not less
than six nor more than fifteen years.
Approved, Jan. 13, 186?.
[PUBLIC —No. 12.]
An Aet making Appropi iat'mns for the
Pavment of invalid and other Pensions
of the United States for the y.-ar ending
the thirtieth of Jnne, eighteen hundred
and a zty-aii.
Be it rmmcfrd 4* the Seuat* mmd He**
mf Hcftrrmrmtntrmr* mf the UmitrJ Siilrs
*f Amrrtem tm f Ww" mnrmUrd. Tba*
tSef l-owi»f xm b-. and uw arr
h-vbr. app*«frw«>4. oat ot asr wxvn, r
•a 'W- tn —TV ma* rhmm e awp»
f* tW p awm of t<y ib* rear
tbr J nr.
""d tin / mnr+Mm ■<
iburTi --sgb |a-i>tkM a Jti— .
bN •W W n-- ta
*** nmd i' am i •*
tV ** f i J «' * V - J
ta "** » ar J» , -t-w
' g ~-m mrnrn i—i fw
•-r tW a - F- »wr z-m*.
'•' r a mmd * * - - m
»>—• S w m •»—ft* « * Twe
S» -W m
■*** mmmrn * art a/ Umnki
um4 Uir *-* I id) > ■ ■>!.
aad larti
Mffc »W4
l*rkt)-M»k.M|Urrt fcftj -
tWf. hi-j -i» t than—ad 44 an.
Fur ifc- ptrwtmt U praa o-w wmirr tW
firat Ifc va ot thr art of Jaly foarth.
l undr-1 anri t>itrty-ais; act« 4
Jul* twenty-firtt. r-gfht-en hun<li>d a»d
ffHty-eijfht; tir»t *rrtma of the act of
February third, eighteen hundred and
fif'y-lhree; June third, eighteen hundred
nnd and fifty-ei«lit; an J J:ily fourteen,
eiph'een hundred and sixty-two, three mil
lion five hundred thousand do!Un.
Approved, Jan. 11, 1466.
[l'fßt.tc. —No. 16.]
An Art to amend an Act entitled " An
Act to piovide tor carrying the Mails
from the United States to Foreign Port*,
and for other Purposes," approved
March tw-cuty-ilfih, eighteen hundred
and sixty-four.
Rc it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United State* of
America in Comjress assembled. That
tlm fourth section of nu net entitled "An
net to provide for carrying thu mails from
the United States to foreign ports, and for
other purposes," approved March twenty
filth, eighteen hundred and sixty-f.ur, be
so amended as to insert in the proviso in
said section, uf.er the word " newspaper,"
the words " periodicals, magazines, and ex
changes," so'hat it will read: Prodded,
That this sec ion shall not be held to ex
tend to the transmission by mail of news
papers, periodicals, magazines, nnd exchan
ges, from a known ollicn ot publication, to
bona fide subscribers, not exceeding one
enpy to each hubsciiber from any one
Approved, Jan. 20, IBC/i.
[Puih.ic —No. G4."j
A:* Act proviuing for a District and a
Circuit Court ot the United Status for
the District of Nevada, und for other
/'•• it enacted by the Senate and House
of I'rprcarntntirc.i of the United States
of Ameri-a in Comjrets assembled. That
tlie State of Nevada shall hereafter con
stitute one judicial district, and shall be
called the district of Nevada; anil for said
district a district judge, a marshal, and
n district attorney of the United States
shall be appointed.
Sec. 2. And he it further enacted. That
the said district of Nevada shall be at
tached to and constitute a part of the
tenth circuit; and a term of the circuit
court of the United States for the said dis
trict shall be held in the city of Carson,
in the State of Nevada, on the first Mon
day of March, nnd on the first Monday of
August, and on the first Monday of De
cember of each year; and a term of the
di&tiict court of the United States for the
said district shall be held at tbe said city
of Carson on the first Monday of Febru
ary. and on the first Monday of May, nnd
on the first Monday of October of each
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That
the district court of th« United State* for
the district of Nevada, and the judge
thereof, shall possess the same powers and
jurisdiction possessed by the othe district
courts and district judges of the United
States, and shall be governed by the Mine
laws and regulation*.
See. 4. And he itfurther enacted. That
the circuit court of the United State* fur
the distr'-et ot Nevada, and the judge
therrf. sh*H possess <h« same powers and
jnrisdi -non in said Hisnict which srv reel
ed in siid court and said jadg« in lb* other
distiii I* «t tlv ten'h circuit.
Sk 6 4»i he i' further in meted. That
tbe disrr;r j* Ire appointed for tb* d-s
--tnrt \md i alial! aa hie CM
pr*M»«s the las tfcift 6ve k«*M
•Mlara a year, parab-e »a t*m aqaai «a
--»:»!•*••*. ««• tb* fcvt 4»ti of JMSCT.
April. Jah. a»" <Vt Jwr. «< -mek rear
Xft 4»W lr m fw—Lrr i—W TW
rthr MTJI.; aad «rt m"~rmrr wl
% as « W tar e£ V»
a'« tar iW M * My«.
■**£ «-»•** ft, sui d •• t'atii
« '« ' W (RUN* T>rv W< PPIRA
In ■ me- ewe «ft<4 -As ar* »• mfwm*
•he fc»-» a*> 4 ea#< W fc.iw ed rtrfftv
4 <rr faat- mf «at I a H k«s. ss4
an i art.
LAI I«W I»I m 4 "FT
>*« F' «v«ar« ii bTI r f w--% ka»
#" - « md. wp i I mm. »m* M -to ar
a3B-*"» .«■ " aC. ami »-ar ■ sa. ••
ar» *- * - NVS 4*
*• f «*••■• • 'ir»4>nl i 4 ■'**! tasw. dknZ y
■■ m thr cane amn* « -«* 4 -Tin
mmanrn af tk* totri af S»«>i t
w4 'te' tfa- < ail « La* i XTT -J'
■MI UMna mmL W aa» -*•• k -4m *»
WW far I4r kfiirT% the »•■» lr-> MM}
*kU ar* tl «r4 fc* b*
»• At i*rlt< «f iW e e a« i-tiut
NM flf ttr I'wW l»rtrt M UM fti
That tik tl rk i« Mrk »«f m
4an«ca»afeail U- alwweU t T rw feern >
gf (to atmor to r" *m. of ttit It i >&!
IT1«H»II WIRRT br BIM a« D -IK of
bath t fla. »m a»d abort rt* »f«v«"vy
•iptaM <4 bia 181 and neor»*«M DT ik
birr included, to be aud tnl ana «ii •*•-<(
by the proper accounting ofic'-r* of the
treaanry. onlv »-eh num p»-r annum n* it
now allowed bylnw t« the clerk of one of
raid court*, and shall pay the remainder
into the public treasury, under mth. in the
manner and under (he regulations now pre
sence* by law..
Sec. 8. And be it further enacted. That
all cares of appeal or writ of emr here
tofore prosecuted and now pending in th«*
supreme court of the United States, up >n
any record from the supreme c >uit of the
Territory of Nevada, may be heard nnd de
termined by the supreme court of the
United States, and the mandate of execu
tion or of further proceedings shall be
directed by the supreme court of the
United States to the district court of the
United Slates for the district of Nevada,
or to the supreme court of the State of
Nevada, as the nature of said appeal or
writ of error may require, and uacli of
these courts shall he the successor of the
supreme court of Nevada Territory as t >
all such cases, with full power to hear and
determine the same, and to award mesne
or final proct-ss thereon. And from all
judgments nnd decrees of the supreme
court of the Territory of Nevada, prior to
its admission into the Union as a state,
the parties to said judgments and decrees
chull have the same right to prosecute ap
peals and writs of error to the federal courts
as they would have had under ihe laws
of the United States if this act had been
passed simultaneously with the act admit
ting said state into the Union : Pro aided.
That said appeals shall be prosecuted and
said writ* of errors sued out at any time
before the fir.'tday of July, eighteen huu
dred and sixty-six.
See. 9. Aml he it further mud cl. That
no pigsenory action between individuals
in any of the courts of the United States
for the recovery of any mining title, or for
d.tm.'igi's t > any such title,shall he affected
by the fact that the paramount title to the
land on which such mines ate, is in the
United States, but each case shall be ad
judged by the laws of possession.
Approved, Feb. 27, 18G5.
[PUBMC —No. 67. |
An Act to revive ct-rtain Provisions of the
Act entitled " An Act further to pro
vide for the Collection of Duties on Im
ports and Tonnage," approved Murcfl
three, eighteen hundred and fifteen.
and for other Purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the United States oj
America in assembled. That
tin* first sentence of lite second sec ion <>f
the act entitled "An act further to pro
vide tor the collection of duties on im
ports and tonnnge," approved March three,
eighteen hundred nnd fifteen, to wit:
" Tliat it alimll be lawful for any collector,
naval officer, anrveyor or inspector of the
customs, aa well in any adj lining district
as that to which he belongs, to stop,
search, and examine any carriage or ve
hicle of any kind whatsoever, and to stop
any person travelling on foot or beast nt
burden on which be shall au«pect th r
art goods, ware*, cr meit-handi«e which
ar» subj-ct lo dutr. m which *h 11 haw
bans introduced in'o the United S i'c« in
anv mia—r coa'rm r r *o U>; and if Mrcb
otwikdl amp any |M*. ware*, or mer
chandise on anj »ocb r«m'fc. te'.icl-.
|»si lOQ tr**rllilt on foot or bn>t 'i bir
4*r. ■ ho ska!! Ware pr b«U- r»B-r
le Haw aw sabfect >• e or Inr
W-ra rmiawtaSr MO B«
W «408 »-■>•» a»i tm ■« fee •*-**
f* ws»L~ be. awl tW »w a Wr »•». t
riri aad w mrW. ar-i e»arr wr
> »at ti luar tea, taru fi. «w »rajt t t
frtkar wwh 'W i w •* *cvrr »<• i«*
n4 a* *W apy i wvf *» i -
pa » i-wmi «• ««ek p»« - •*—.
md . aari aS In. m
tvlaar w naMaai aaor* •»* - »
S»7«aM*4te Mian rf i* *> ei
m*wL «4ar» MJ *■•»*»
•%■ • <K*M «# lfc» BMrt hHL-«*~
t-» '* ha «kd *%» m!■ «r» J. *
T-*mk •■ i— »«« flf *%*
* Hi LE SO. HI.
* ■ : r .*» •• .wt tmi .**» *« >iWl «f A*
J»- tten-ea. «b4 sac* mumM
M-»_ MI otfr >t m: ■ miw «f ha «*
Wt <* re * ;aarrc»S m vMt few. ftmitf.
« ivtcm.
»r «4m£ k- ipi v w*r tfcr Um4»
rr t«i *V IniH tetrt ni say
' **•#*> mrn, tU (km >» iwm m be
i*«e u.«t fo*iia n i-y«nW «r
L«tt I<t« p ao-C »hr il. of carr.t-d
or 'W 'jnf «i*bo<ii pavu»-at ofdi
ti>-». a*td in litios of law. and lb col
lator. deputy collector. naval officer, or
•wveyor ill ciiKionw, ►bail make oath be
f lie aay n,ag ktratr competent lo adminis
ter the i-anir-, that l»r« liaa reason to believe,
and <!o s be i-ve, tb*t auch oflencn baa
been therein committed, such officer ahall
have the right to search auch building and
the premises belonging thereto ; and if any
s-ucb goods shall be found thcreia, the
s.im.', together with 9itch building, ahall be
seized, turfcitcd, and (ii.-pised of accord
ing tolaw, nnd the said building shall bo
forthwith taken clown or removed. And
any person or persons who shall hare re
ceived or deposited in suck building, or
carried through the same, any goods, M
aforesaid, cr shall have aided therein, in
violation of law, shall, upon due convic
tion before any court of competent jurisdic
tion, be punished by fine not exeeeding
ten thousand dollars, or by imprisonment
not exceeding two years, or by both aach
fine and imprisonment.
Si'C. 4. And be it further enacted, That
the first section of the act of April second,
eighteen hundred and forty •four, entitled
"An net directing the disposition of cer
tain uiulaimed goods, wares, or merchan*
dise, seized for being illegally imported
into the United Statei*," be so amended
that in place of the word " one," wher*
ever the same may be found in said see*
tion, the word "live" shall be inserted.
Approved, Feb. 23, 1865.
[PUBLIC. —No. 99.]
An Act to provide for the Constrnction of
certain Wagon Koads in the Territorial
of Idaho, Montana, Dakota, and Ne
fie it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the United States of
America in Congress assembled, That
the Secretary of the Interior be, and he
is hereby, authorized nnd empowered to
survey, locale, and construct th« follow
ing wagon-roads:
First. A road from Niobrara to the Tur
tle Hill River, nnd thence, upon the moat
direi t practicable route, to Virginia City,
in Montana Territory, with a branch from
the mouth of Turtle Hill River, or amk
other points as may be selected, Jo Omaha.
S •■'oud. A road from a poini at or near
the mouth of the gig Sioux River, »"»
Yanton. Dakota Territory, to a poiut at or
nofir the mount of the Big Sheyenne River,
tlienre up said river to i's ma'n forks,
thence up the north fork to a point of in
tersection wiih the road from Niobrara.
Third. For a road from a point on the
west rn boundary of Minnesota, to be de
termined by the Sectetary of the Interior,
to n point at or near tho mouth of the Big
Slieycnne River.
Fourth. A road fiom Virginia City, la
Montana, upon the most practicable route,
to Lcwiston. in Idaho.
Sec. 2. And be it further eenaetd. That
to cn ib!e the Secretary of the Interior to
carry out the provisions of the foregoing
section, the sum of one hundred and forty
thousand (h ilars be, and the »am« is here
by, appropriated out of any money in the
treasury not otherwise appropriated, fifty
thousand dollar* of which shall be applied
to the construe ion of the road frna Vir
ginia City to Leui»ton; fitly thoaaaad
d liar* tha 1 lietpplU-d t> the coattradiss
•>f the roa I trom Viobriraand branch to
O.nshn; t*er.?r tl,o'i«v<d dollars shall We
»!') li»l to the M»«tniri«i ef the nod
f . .1.1 tin- In «tll •f•h- b e SWrraat to
it» ii»tH»ntj« »ith the real;
tfi t' • ol'jr* aSifl be i| phad la
?V- e» ~t *<ti • «f a brxig' mft |W ||g
*>l -as Rtp. or •© a«rk of rkse m oa
* - -u.z It v- »p+i*ri «• ffcr
-* •»■ Vjm S«n C'J. U*4 is rih»
lit !■*.«« l riott, m 4 Ai
f-» «•»•- ~r «Jt*l k» i»r vtW am—mm
■» * >v« «-«i haaaAvr
F«- b-4 l r>«4 Tl -LTw!
» mm
IJ « ~*mmi *|jfc i«M«w
-V » •» -I*" «< & I»w fcr *» 4»
»«r m «fcdl w haM«
*V »—L M tMe 4 »jwt «• *•
F«t Ml Wl

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