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f\ t. tors. *4i •J F '* L ' '" ri ' b«x ft
friM ItHA. i )ta l I:tt at!•*■ «j r% •»* •» iL
of tbtUiws h.n; t • -• row*
»!.dt's*n tor Mtts« i-i.t W< Lit ftv
~u. n:ly tetiii- r« <i tbt u»- c: 4um: •t»
li.akt k:.i>* ii the %aiuu!'i .. .irain
-ourcts at orr ronin>".ii<!. ' i i .i*' 1 tai'«-d
in awakening tli.- in: r. »t tiit ir ini|«>rtanc«-
merit#. At the pr« -t:it lime ihi- infania
tion would l.e paittrnlarly iit-sirable, incu
alilil)£'hi' i nmiffiatiou wliirli will soon
arrive upon the Sound, to t»cck locations
for perm.'ii eut liouii's. Tli s dil itoriness,
upon the part of those most interested, i*
o;ir excuse fjr speaking in general terms,
when we should he enabled to give expli
cit information upon all points which would
influence a choice of location. '1 hose who
liavo perforn ed the long and weary jour
ney across the plains, are not in a condi
tion to make, nor do their circumstances
warrant, a thorough exploration of as wide
a tract as the country west of the Cascade
mountains, the consccjuencc of which is,
that a choice is sometimes hastily made,
and the tract afterwards abandoned or the
whole country execrated as unproductive
and sterile. It should, therefore, be the
duty of these acquainted with the geogra
phy of the country, the adaptability ot the
soil, and matters of interest to those in
search of homes, to impart such reliable in
formation sis they possess. Ordinary dis
cretion, at least, should be exercised in lo
cating a permanent habitation. A short
time spent in a survey will be amply re
paid in the productiveness ano comfort of
a good farm.
It is true that niueh of the better class
of prairie latuls west of the mountains has
been taken up, yet some of the richest
prairies on the coast are still unoccupied.
The valley of the Chehalis and its tribu
taries offers flattering inducements to those
desiring productive farms, white good
grazing land is abundant. It is estimated
that not less than SO,OOO acres of the lat
ter are situated around and ill the vicinity
of Gray's Harbor, the outlet of the Cheha
lis, and a like tract in the vicinity of
Shoal water Hay. The land bordering upon
the Chehalis, for upwards of seventy-five
miles, and an average width on either
side of one mile, is susceptible of a high
state of cultivation. The valley is as yet
but sparsely settled, and here no doubt a
suitable location can be found with less
expenditure of time and libor than in any
other portion of the Territory. The only
perceptible disadvantage to the settlers of
this valley is the difficulty in getting their
produce to the markets upon the Sound,
but this drawback will be overcome when
more densely settled, and better ana more
numerous channels of communication are
opened. The facilities for maintaining an
extensive flour a.id lumber mill at or near
the mouth of the Chehalis, are unsurpassed
on the coast. Capital alone is necessary
to demonstrate this tart. A mill of suffi
cient capacity to employ a lin ot vessels
in const int roinmunication v <i. -an Fran-
wi'h a stc.nn tug ti tow Tt-MrW in
and o ;t, *..uld rauw an imm.*dia»e
mctit «»t ail the available lan 1 in tbc *ill- t.
JrcTi OTIC to ?hrc<- *erk» cpot. each trip
could b»- »a*cu by lambr-r *n>«4» wbich
.•btain-d car?-at «ir»T\ HuU r crrrr tW«
coming to ikw S and. aud tLi» wcmid 1—
tio »tt.ali *x% -i £ t» »«'d to llif protu of th»!
TV « bebaltt met t* u»\ ,_-»k»rf !<JC
»R.al «V««Kf -am- twrt.'t mile- froer. it*
m *• k>. at.'- dsr l; a fr«* t tii' yrar.
•«t<» •* tare-- • m** 'l>*' dwtaac*. by re
at .b* at. * «fcaCrtc«MM .a ike war «
I am ar- a** arj» *.rac*» •< JertJ' *■»-
t«a !•*.» bo upt. *W Htn* • k*i
-»• ,„■•> Tkr <K tkja tar* we
Ut re•rt ax>ar> k*T ra*»< apeak «a
aarfc >a *«••» TV >ea«aii IVraSwp.
TTt: r. :a»*» » *k»
.j, rta a»T -»• 1 '—> i'"4mr.
a»; \«-taakk b«r«« ba4*
* ■*. - c t»e «* a a U< 'aw la K*a aa
■ v*m&4 *-"•* TW - Waatwe
||flW II T** *
• n-jf f % 4B • »WS f **■
« * .*• ««r. <«• la— *
■ *■» •«* •% **r» •«& *"•**• • -
«» tMT » -*mm -» * 'W*— I«rr--^
jMitr jb ► * «■ '** • «£*"•* «■ £tor ee»*eaß*»fc
•M •>» •«fer- tern* % l»> * f" ■ •
£ AV mtr •* •• *•*
4T W4' • *•*-«< tS* * *-"*
i. yv & afe* i.At* «r
ii iiif * - cm « tfedPwoci^-tf! iu «•!■«•
**a< « l+M.-r*o~+ «*rT «€•!*•»- >£A ' r C'' *^ r
m'f iiwt. <t» BjtutK <■>!;< »*-
■ : « aut of bri? at-: ■».-" f
itxi k t tW |«n ro<l I**- nr Ir os "t* .*r»n.
» . *> to n4 r it it.no\k>»»
\\ iti m.cL a < hm*t<. and tbr ku& lr« «i*
rf r '.in-.* *t our cooin us<i. H" t*ff»
i rn mu I* UmnJ lh*n < »•• light Ltn i-
Washington Territory. TW best evi
dence of I his fact is that tlioae uno bid
adieu t > our *i|i«»r»M* to seek homes o!*e
wht-ic, in'aiial.lv return, and ever nfter
waids remain contented. '1 hat some
should bo dissatisfied is to be exp-cteil;
but filter tlie\ have become used to pioneer
life, tin-}" bave 110 desire to change it for
tin; staid and irksome* routine of that in
the older States.
—The Eastern news published elsewhere
gives an account of the destruction of liar
nuin's Museum, and the oonsequ<»nt loss
of many curiosities and works of art, most
of which can never be replaced. The col
lection was large, and gathered at great
expense from nil parts of the globe. The
customs of ages gone by were here indi
cated by the disentombed relics of antiqui
ty. Here too were deposited many of the
mementos of our country's history. The
loss will not be regretted alone by Mr.
ltarnum, but by every lover of the marvel
lous and beautiful.
Eastern exchange says the radicals have
" opened the campaign" against President
Johnson and his reconstruction policy in
dead earnest. A reconstruction meeting
was held in Hoston lately, nt which Henry
Ward Heecher, Senator Pomcrov, 11. 11.
Dana, and other noted radicals held forth.
The burden of their song was suffrage for
the negro and the disfranchisement of the
whites of the South. It is understood that
this is the first of a series of meetings to bo
held in all the cities of the North, with a
view to create an apparent public opinion
in the North that will force the President
to adopt their views on the suffrage ques
—Wc are informed that Mr. It. H. Hew
itt, our amiable cotemporary, has taken
unto himself a helpmate and bid his bach
elor friends goodbye. It is seldom that
wc have an opportunity of congratulating
a fellow craftsman upon taking this impor
tant step in life, and wc do so now with
unaffected pleasure. Our best wishes at
tend the happy pair: may they enjoy a
useful life, a happy life, a joyous life, and
—live forever!
SARCASTIC, VERY. —The Walla Walla
Statesman of a late date contains a charac
teristic thrust at our efforts to open a wag
on road over the Cascade mountains. It
is not at all surprising that our Eastern
neighbors should feel a little selfish, aud
desire to keep closed all avenues of escape
from that delectable region. Your hope,
Mr. Statesman, will not be realized. We
intend to put the road through, this tim?,
and rasr you of some of your surplus pop
Temperance e—Geo. B. Taylor, a Itc
tnrcr of totDr note, writrs u* from \ au-
M«m. tltat Ih- *ill b> id tki» p'.acr in a
tew wr-it to Irctnr* oa auu
in*ti?ute a iodp o< Good TVmjJar* Mr.
T La« W-ea ragag<-d ia tht t»-mp*Taooe
work •« tbi» d>aat for tkt. pa*t
Utn. «.tfc p>a: MKRic We beep— k
I * b;». ti»er*<o«e. a rurdial lt<»ftwe bj
•L« fnc ad* »A irmftrmtrr rriarm
l'lfonnw*—TV S > rw/mt«
•£.»■ tW akitr poyelerwo of tkt* roa»t »
tirrium jt*j iaU « feat, aad a"nb«rtr- tk*
'»»► to tV layartiw mt Ouacae labor
er* Tkua Mb W uprtW. aad if ear
(«*»t «• U" a* «ai* tW* be
*a»rV b* .«*>~r«r te I«wyec. tfee «f
wkfe 'atww
fiull V tUi V an* —A daaaTaaa
ko at»'i»J a*. Walk * alia oa the lc
Tai«it—T» (aft fack «f tke mm»
r 4»< aa. far aaan k<M b>«n
~ * ha' * f «fc» —< *?- - * •• •
at Mr— »*■*-• <m a>» j»-»
« * «»♦ 40a Mia a»
• «a*r . » -Hi Mac tafl»
+~*m mtdtm *-Amt »M a.
f> ' * «*i Ua pM -M.
•«« M »*' A *«Bafc -<•
■I <|B Til •• - Hwi » Ttfc' 't* —«•< «C -*af —-
» •> 4 - '•■ 4* *- +**"■ •• 4» <pii II
to* * j? —i in; - • cfc %«r* .
I ' k , k * h v i-lf • *
+ *if |«f a V *. * --mtJMV '»•
4 * *r»i Um- t» a» <» • ir*
• 'WHK» 4| SuKW-t MMk tkr . <•**«"% IB 4L* *Wm
%«a 4 i y* »> ■** •» ik <di zt» ■'*-■
ftat «I«"W ■> t- JMMK *•-. MMB*%
• B •I.'
' ••■.mm 4 am-x +- » riu . iv *•* •#
I# »t- ?■ % a •»" • T*A. - •
» r*ac
A Nl « —T fc>r jfl »t." /..•
f rr»j • TW I#" i % t4*» I f
( -«upn Li«' f*ut J ' f*r e*n~?Twc
t4n •; a * r%! • *** •* * I: n ( .
•fiJ >' IdMHI Is t i'i :»• -•? Nat i r«'
rt*ro. TW I.nr «J! kx t ti.j-1* f#ni !«•
m tliif \ f .
\v*r. Hi* re i* I »j» )•! of li-i.tij; r«j*u-
Ur and ihc:tj» !• I jrruj .»i-i».
OcnMniiai Wi %n it —S int r Xyi
N« \ aila, at a uceut briiMjU' t in Nt*w
York City, prcscntcil a f»rcil»lt picture of
the roourccfl h ronr« aleel in the north
western Territiiries. Hentlirmeil that with
little encouragement from the fiovernment,
they nlono conM pay off thu National debt
in ten years without feeling it.
Ax I ML'KRTIKFAT Dux.—Among the
prisoners of war released from I!ock Island
barracks lately, was one who went straight
to the telegraph oflice ntul sent a dispatch
to JefF. Davis, at l'ort Warren, requesting
hint to icinit the nmount due him lor eigh
teen months' service in the rebel army.
vis's commission as a First Lieutenant of
Dragoons, signed by Andrew Jackson n>
President, and Lewis Cass, Secretary of
War, dated April 10, 1834, has fallen into
the hands of a member of Gov. Oglesby's
rr The manufacture of glass lamp
chimneys has been commenced in San
Francisco. This will reduce the price,
which has been very high compared with
Eastern rates, owing to their bulk and the
percentage of loss in transportation.
-■• • -
CONTEST. —Secretary Evans has issued
a certificate of election to Mr. Anderson
Cox, as Councilman from district com
posed of Walla Walla, Stevens and Yaki
ma. The Walla Walla Statesman says
Mr. Dugan will contest the seat.
rr We don't know, says Geo. D. Pren
tice, as those radicals who aro trying to
revolutionize our Government should be
hung, but we should like to sec some of
thcui well belabored with cudg; ls cut from
the gallows-tree.
rr The Louisville Journal says that
but for the capture of the Confederate ar
chives, we probably would never have
known more than one half of the horrid
and attroeious character of the rebellion
and its leading spirits.
"WOMAN'S RIGHTS." —The Emperor
of Austria has submitted to his popular
Assembly a law giving tho women of his
empire a right to vote. Another indica
tion of the " March of Intellect" —prob-
VRIGHAM'S FAMILY. —Large accessions
to the population of the City of Saiuts have
arrived at Salt Lake. Between 400 and
500 have recently arrived from Kngland
and Scotland.
RECOUPED.—TIM- records of theConfed
crate Htatr* Treasury Department, and
the secret journal of the Provisional Con
gress. with other important records, are
now sat. ly d' [K»-iie»l at Washington.
• • •
rr The editor of tiie Mar VM ille Ei
prru bx« been «knvi a tig of the Smyrna
variety, -mwn at ftai*uu. which w< igbrd ."•$
owe* What a ahopjwr
RR«-» (tran* KTHT« fl.Wi TOper
Booth. iue<>n»- tal aud 1>» >-.•■>
wata-mc nf qoartr r«. rtf_ to
b>ar°T a* am t norr
("mruu' i —Tbr tamol se»«ano at
iW M K ('"sf-tracr Irpu ta Uh place
on IWaki la>: Tar a': Hmcr a«n
rr It is M«1 tka: tir r «— T. JW m( bos
tW (jmrrukrs'
aadh •' Mm rs tW ar« at M*l
IT A barp, a. .« watr fsi far
j i ;w ■ to artti* a Auxu le«|ia. aa
«it« of a aiaiysp r
m * *• * or- * flflk
• f4MT' - W" Mr* i fer * * *« |'«v
~r m m «it* *»

Tt * *MR%* %. * T»V > >4k* «
tu» * w» Ar Ibw -I«»l I rf Jfc»
»•* war •» » pr jr m at 6*w ■
- qp*< «■» • » «w *-* mm a» "«rtk •»
tmf Mr aar» mm «rl* at *• « • *■»
- -v- •» ti, JP -«_• «k i » mm
/«, M•*
l» |r- i !»•««> ' i * •*-
4 4Ur < — ' *■* * * I* • ■ ar*«
p»- " -• <•"- ■ A I ac
»*: .ur> I 4* T fc* «Mr !«■> r mt
••1m f*<*» Siil »-* a 4 «L*r wt Ckav
i «'» l«!i r-r^sr» i !•* < 'r» aarf aeotk •
t: IMI—*!»•«•. ' r'p a»4 tarfc.." »•
• uiJ »n I t m! 4artM« of ana*
. * iMir Wrl < ft i «r » P. »•»!* that
•!»«• u«i oi :U -p-*t!>-a: *r«l m I Lie*
en" i- M « Anna I Wi!«.n
i'rriiticr i«n"t lourb of an aUrcurT
<>f the Itmiah H<* *ar» if Martin
1". Tupp- r il«c«n'i stop writirp such mis
erable jociry upon the I'nitcd States, we
hope that Pri-idwit Johnson will find au
thority for demanding liim «.f the Hritish
Government for punishment It will lw
remembered tliat («f>. D. ha* always in
sii-tt'd thnt the int. rr. itinnal telegraph
was broken by Tcutiison's "Strain upon
the Cable."
IT* Our coteni[/orary, the P. Trih>nc,
in its " nppendum" (Wouldn't addendum
read better?) !o the advertisement of the
Seven-Thir'y Loan, says the second series
amounts to §230,000,000,000! Hasn't
there been a slight mistake made in enu
meration ? Two hundred and thirty bil
lions,, it appears to us, is n very large sum
to call for when our National debt is only
a little rising two billions.
CAUSTIC. —A writer in the Boston Jour
rial thus comments upon the cynical dispo
sition manifested by the Bostoninns
" When they go to heaven they will de
clare some ot' the harps out of tune;
that one of the angels takes liberties with
the composer's text, <ind that another
sings flat. They will also deplore the ab
sence of the great organ."
PERSONAL —We made the acquaintance
of Mr. H. C. Benson, editor of the P. C.
Adroeate, who is present at Conference.
Under his control, the Adroeate has been
much iirproved, and is now an excellent
religious and family journal. Mr. B.
preaches to-morrow (Sunday) at the Meth
odist Church.
old-fashioned wedding recently took place
at the " New England Kitchen" of the Chi
cago Sanitary Fair. The wedding party
were all dressed in antique style. One of
the ladies wore the wedding dress of MM.
Gen. Putnam, which was loaned for the
CJF It is stated that the misunderstand
ing between Mrs. Lincoln and tho monu
ment committee lias been amicably ar
ranged. The monument will be built al
Oak Ridge, and Mrs. Lincoln and her fum
ily are to have the use of the lot as a buri
al place*. _
Providence Journal announces
as an interesting fact that tho Chief Jus
tice of the Supreme Court of tho United
States bus a grandson who is a native of
Rhode Island. Mrs. Senator Sprague and
faniilv are " quite as well as conld bo ex
TIIE NATCHESS ROAD. —Lite accounts
from the road party ate very encouraging.
They were within eight miles of the sum
mit several days ago, and have probably
by this time completed the work. Sever
al gentlemen who have lately come through
give favorable accounts of their trip
T nr. LATE DISSSTIB. —Xo further in
formation from the 11-tatrd lirmlkrr Jum*-
timm. The frail bop>-» hrmt entertained far
the saf' tv of tbo-e oa U-»fii have wrll
led. If any sarnie. w w ill j* >bahly b*
able to announce it I the time war nrxt
paper gars to pr*-s
--17 The War ' '{vartaeiit has deaignat
ed Kwk Ida*' **■ a grand depot at which
»baii W rxjli- ed and stored al the arid
arta> r insane a*d uth«i *iaphis*
raptured 4«nng tW war by Nwiwo«na
17 A i«e at tW IbchMd Ksmm-mrr.
frmm tW naaaa ia a- of the war to the
r< m ■lt* rf (W err tW I' imii 4 imr
ha* n mU »• a bt«-rarr »-
Mitels* ta Ha*** far
l w«irtnt4 I mmt '.hract te
r» ta - Bwi *
■m. ate* *» M>a m ha mm»
—%iar feaal aarii • m AHMiat*
w m mmrntmm tear a mmmmmmr Maar<
—» ►
fc» a ■ ar* ar a ■•»»«■*-» ar aa> <a*a**
• » *fl«|W a ft«.'
oaa > br*t la ter aw at *' Ihrw* idbt
r»Si«i caa ■attfc koar - iyari»»f"
lo tk titr *4 ** TW jifi I Mt Ib4*ii
■mt." *tui> tmt htemA* »he ka*» tW f*ud
or I*4 !<«tuA« la wrr* oc r<-c*-f«»o« ma
m :tm can praaikalato to the mrludin**
ch<*d«of " TW<»ooae bangs High " Ami
thru a hat a fine thing tber would I* fur
Um> •' Atktvt* TraTflrr."
—We call the attention of our Cilicem to
Mr. Vceder's Scenic Exhibition at Wash
ington Hall this evening. Mr. Veeder
conies highly recommended to us, and hop*
our people will patronize Exhibitions of
the Nature and Character, as mentioned
in his circulars. Works of Nature and
Art should always bo encouraged and pa
tronized, and we bespeak a full house to
this meritorious Exhibition. *
VT At a prayer meeting on the Poto
mac, recently, an old negro spoke, and re
ferring to the war, said, " Maf>sa, I habbent
got no religion, but I tank de Lord for dis
mighty great fuss."
CLOSED. —The Washington IIo'"! will
close on Wednesday next for repairs. It is
to be thoroughly renovated from attiek to
foundation, and hereafter kept as n first •
class hotel.
RESCUED.—A little son of Geo. Blank
enship fell from Williams' wharf on
Wednesday last, into the " salt chuck,"
and was rescued by an Indian named
THE " LEADER." —The first number of
the California Leader is received. It
takes the place of the Ledger, and is an
interesting literary paper.
rr'J I'he Committee on the Conduct of
the War exhonorate Gen. Hooker from the
charge of drunkenness at the battle of
Chancellor Ford.
rrThe United States ship Decatur
and steamer John Hancock will ho sold at
Benicia, Cal., on the 17th inst., at public
HANO HIM !—lt is said that President
Johnson receives on an arerage ten letters
a day asking for the hanging of Jeff. DAV'IS.
(7* The new town laid out by the Paci
fic Railroad Company, one mile from IL
Hnoistown, is to be known as Colfax.
py Urbanity, when separated from re
ligious charity, is rather the law of war
than a treaty of peace between men.
iy The Visalia Delta speaks well of a
large crop of cotton now being raised on
Kern Island, Tulare county, Cal.
Two breweries and a distillery have
been added to the manufacturing facilities
of the Sandwich Islands.
FASHIONABLE. —It is said that wedding
favors and slices of bridal cake are again
fashionable in London.
The first locomotive built in Cali
fornia waa recently turned oat by tbe San
Francisco Iron Worka.
CF* Secretary McCulloch report* that
the entire National debt now anwnli to
#2.605.205,753 50.
IT The wewith of Cs—cticnt. niatnh
■ted aaiowg its inhabitants. would give
|9W to tack panan.
[7 Th. Seoatary a# War haa ordered
(he release of al die prwaM af war tm
Fort MtHtsry.
A WaOa Wala«nHpa*d«*fivee
li lately
cy TW -Xiri all an Pa Marat ia
bct»« Ud m Portland an the prmafmi
OT Jahn P Hair mf Vw H [lw.
has bn |i I I V. ft. M<m<*t<r to
T " ""
Li Tii nm tm masm mL
t laMMi Mr « «»
*• abr Ml « 4 MKtt • ft tort* t» %»
M M U-1W w,
MfMa a taaaAt «• *■• Mai
v tfc. Mfcw a
tewHlWfe MM. pi g ill! : M
rrwmft?. AX *r ftj* Cair
,4U « » »■«* »P'a»4 ««<n «• tW *»<
«■ • t»> u» bra kiar •« Mm
IVee - eeasUmbb U frrbrnf m
«"W»e»tr» tk* Micr, ati cat
&** Tberr bar* rerrstlv rar
i*r*< be* nf «f tin- prsrr m whx-fc iWctl
orcd |•"•pit ot tk< city a* aa tfer col
ored trcops have U. n nti&ed „p. Orr.
H.-nnett. <he Port Commander, conse
quently fount! it aeroMnr to issue special
riders of * pretty »tring-'nt character, re
quiring all citiaens to deliver up tb« fir*
*rni» in th.-ir posession. to remain them
to remain in their homes afier 8 o'clock in
the evening. The soldiers are also reminded
of I heir duties, and warned againtit tho
perpetration of any outrages or any exhi
bition of discourtesy to the people.
Kir* In New l'ork—Banian > Dutan,
New Yovrk July 14.—A fire broke out
in Barnum's Museum at a quarter to ten
o'clock to-day, and by a quarter to one
the entire interior was consumed.
It is thought the fire will not extend be
yond the building adjoining the museum
on Broadway, and two or thren in thn
rear, leaving that portion of the block
fronting on Nassau street, including the
Herat J office untouched. Owing to the
tapid progress of the fire at Barnum's
Museum to-day, very lirt>H has been saved.
The snakes and wild animals are all
burned. Some general articles were
brought out and lost in the crowd. The
policemen saved a valuable case of coins
and a glass engine, A large number ef
thieves, during thp excitement, have been
busy plundering hat stores and boot and
shoe stores in the vicieinty of the museum
and are si lling their stolen property in tho
crowd. Pickpockets are now very active,
and manv arrests have been made. A
panic occurcd in the crowd in consequence
of the escaping of the steam from lire en
gines. Several persons were injured by
being tramped under foot. One of the
ataches of the museum wen.t to the roo f
of the building where the fire first
broke out and has not been seen since.
The City Ilall, Park and all the streets in
the vicinity were filled with dense crowds.
The walls of tlio Astor House became very
hot, but by drenching the windows thoi
oughly, the building was saved from the
fire. The Evening E.rpretn office took
fire twice on the roof, no serieus damage
was done. -Some water was thrown into
the flrrahl building. The Belmont Hotel
was tkorougly drenched. The old fire
department was out in strong force, and
engines came from Brooklyn to assist.
The Commercial says: The proprietor
and employees of the Museum are thor
oughly convinced that the fire wa« the
work of an incendiary. The fire was first
discovered in the basement and on imme
diately running to the roof to turn on the
water from a large tank, the flames burst
nut on the second floor, and on the third
floor, near the stage of the Lecture Room,
and the top floor. The treasurer, Mr.
Fanny, who had gone to the roof to turn
on the water, found his exit cut off, and
was obliged to descend from the upper
window by jumping to the balcony below ;
returning to his office he took from his
safe fifty thousand dollars in government
bonds and left the building. The man
ager had lately received an anonymoua
letter containing threata to burn the build
ing on account of, it is supposed, playing
Jeff. Davis in petticoats. Among that
works or art saved yesterday was the
Greek Slave, also twenty-four gigantic
pictures illustrating Washington and hi*
battle*, painted by Jnbn MeXeven, which
were soon to be exhibited aa a pasorara.
Fortunately they had not been taken to
the building, bat stood tit whew. Tto
American Giantess had • narrow f«eape.
She was found at the head at the stabs
in a swooning eood'hoa 6sn the amahr
and wh with mach aamaMl (snas
the baiM«f
Thr wax Cgcre of Jeff Dens was ear
ned ami test jast aa the stint was meM
its M dropped off. It waa afterwards
fmad suspended to a lanf paaL A asl
dtrr was hrod to jsap Iran a ar«aad
story windiw Ms my he had m his mm
asrwher rf the Owr Hss4r<dsad tatj-
Stwk w Iwrfc Mfgtwra. sad it ia fcseed
ttn *acAe TW Iwarf mtl •» J*
pm mi yif ■ tW neg*
yiffc < '• bw Mi tmt
*rw r»i JUy fa»t'

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