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ttashmjlnn m Slaniati.
ML H-M 3£
*».*«►• *•»
__ • »
- ; •
IHHMA. ' << f< * 1
k> •«»
JIVZr HT r l ifW ■■■" l
:r i*-" «•••«• —•• •» • •«
| ■■! «- >< ■1 - W-" ■»»■■»< »«"••
XT •' tar*., —i hi i »< tm%M »
—and kw if rt«f|»
IT - <*v»•«" mmbm*. v -K"' M»" ' < '•
a trru(>« «* 4r-mt%*. *iT W rw*~<t «*» k«!f -»-
uaMMi Uimw>| ntn * ' >ill M Wtrtfrr
4* tuc Im Ua r*i».
All ffwinllm. »k»lkff •» V«> »••<
M far
im W tW W»»»i*«tox Xtmhiiii.
XT BUakv btli-hrad*. r»rd>, bill* of far'. al
tera, fNfnaan,rixulHi, ratibgim, jiaiui>Ulrt»,
Mt„ rirmtrd at rea«onahle rate*.
OFFICK—Corner of Sernod and \Va*l»ington
Strreuarar the »lnmb«il landing.
Physician, Surgeon and Accoucheur,
DESIRES to inform the citizens of Olym
pic anil surrounding country that having
become permanently located at this place
would respectfully offer his professional servi
ces in the various branches ot' his profession.
With an experience of eighteen years as a
Physician, and strict attention to all who may
favor him with a call, he would confidently
hope for a share of the patronage of the pub
Particular attention given to diseases of wo
men and children, and to all affections of a
private nature.
ttaf* Office at Turner A White's Drugstore.
Olympia, W. T., July 5, 1807. 35:tf
JVew Nettle Piano-Forte!
Grovonsteen & Co.,
493 BROADWAY, x. r.
THESE instruments.aftTthi Mattering testi
monials from the first Pianists in the coun
try who, at our solicitation, have tested them
in the severest manner possible, have been
The Finest Square Piano-Forte
made In the World.
It lias always been our policy during the
Thirty-tit Years that we have aianutiirtureil
Pianos, twenty thousand of which arc now in
use in the Uuited States and Kurope, to give
the finest instruincnts at the lowest cost. Our
superior facilities enable us to oiler them from
to three hundred dollars less than any other
Frst Class House.
The tone of these instruments are remarka
ble for their peculiar Sweetness mid Great
Brilliancy. Never losing their quality when
forced to their utmost capacity. The lower
register retaining its positiveness does not de
stroy the middle and upper registers liy min
gling with them in disagreeable confusion.
The refined beauty of tone being equal de
lightful to the unpracticed and to the most
cnltivated ear.
They are entirely new style of Piano, finish
ed in the most superb manner, with four round
comen, front and back, heavily carved legs and
lyre Surpcntino Base richly moulded, and
each instrument is full warranted for live
July 27, 1807. 38:1y
• A Zj O O N !
Mala street, apposite Paciflo *fnute,
THIS popular saloon is always supplied
with the very best quality of
tfllintf) nud liquors,
Clftn tad Tobacco-.
tm erertt *tgU <a/nyi m imm*.
PVW «a«rriWf mS~~* tme ul, tV Ulm
i " «*-•« no hra
III! il • T r »' »If
11 • ii i i Wa*w awe. Ml *»
» <■» *» -
,- ■ n it «rf V « •*•»•» « mmy*
hn ~'«4 pw TV ■— I—• J •
Mt t'lM <• »»i. ijaa-
Am 'Wn>. mm to* %—* !«•» ! « A
aaw ■■■«j m»W *«••» * ia
f-- |*m>. .a 'W m >•' 4 tW »<:«*•
a < afe*£tr« «f f "*! ; t'< •
i fcjj '4 • ar» * i-i«- »{.<* ad a at>-r» .
ta a auUat ■ •aura.b- rk» %ar ••( « b •»••
aixl U« at> |» if■-"!; * .1" r nr
lor a in*. *»J lp>n llir tt;«> i.. »a of fl»«-
ir.orr d a'an! gun'* nl «Lnh ike «li"le
tx d«-ri\rd a a character ■>! im'net ».tj.
infinite Utuit and ii.finite gran.n'ir
I wa« on b«.rd a wry pretty little
stcamlioa!, in a btautiful'y rounJcil n«»• «St
of the lake; im our and nothing stirring
about tn>'; the sun m iking in the bieatli
less blue air a net-work <>f gold imtl silver
upon tin- breast of tlie little harbor in
which we lay cl">Bf u|i to shore: a huge
pile opposite me of heavily-wooded granite,
overtopping by % thousand (Vet iniii more,
the trees that fringed tint waters ; « pro
found quietude pervading the morning
dream and subduing the glory, with
which it was fraught and featured, into
the softest radienee. J'ines, firs, cedars
—all of the handsomest gjowth—came
down in open order to the waters of the
basin in which the Muri/ 3fooi!f/, swan
like, threw her white shadow ; then again
climhcd'up in massive column the moun
tain opposite-; while wild goose-berries,
currents, service-beirics, interwoven with
flowers and flowering shrubs, make a
thick undergrowth about them, through
which was heaid at times tho rustling of
the grouse, tho giound sjuirrcl. the tab
bit, and such small deer.
The little harbor is over sixty feet in
depth, cold, clear and of n golden brown,
owing to the the trees so densely crowded
in upon it, and tiint noble mountoin over
hanging it; but so clear that, close to the
graveled bench, where the water is fully
twenty fret in depth, the smallest trifles,
from a fish head to a broken saucer, are
shining discernibly. White fish, (speckled
and salmon trout, suckers, and other de
lectable swimmers swarm there, as they
do through the broader waters outside ;
and as the harbor is closely invested, tho
Spokane and Cirur d'Aleuc Indians, in
the winter months, surround and drive
the deer and other nntlered game into the
basin, where they slaughter them unmer
cifully. From the foot of the mountain
opposite—out from the roots of the lower
most trees that mount and crowd all over
it—a tiny stream, glistening as tliougli it
wer* (nil of diamond*, mid cold as the
coldest ice, splashes into the waters of
golden brown, having leaped to its Inst
home many hundred feet down from ledges
of broken granite, moss-covercd nnd piled
with whitened drilt-wood. Jutting ii.to
the harbor and closing it up, nppurctitly,
as one approaches the latter from tin*
lake itsc'f, jhcrtt rises a benutifully-slmp-d
mound, studded with tall ■ trees, straight
nnd graceful ns any sculptured columns,
but eloquent with a light and music which
no metal, wood, or marble, however ex
quisitely fashioned by the chisel is eter
fraught with. On this the pleaß int own
er of the Marn Moody designs to have a
ci.ttnge for his summer residence, nnd
heartily shall I envy him the same.
Looking through the trees across the
neck that connects this mound or hillock
villi Ibe mainland, the pine-built wall* ot
l'eud d'Oreille city faiity glittered in the
puneliint—such jewelry did the magic of
the day attract from or impart to the
pl«ine-t things that delighMul morning.
Stepping a«hore I found niy» lf ID od<>r<>ua
COOta* t wi'h a grnup of Spofcanr—a woful
of »-«i»eiale<l *jcr jnt». t4 at, m «»e«-
oil fellow rlm»i RtkrJ. kit notbit;
«m kv t«t a iH I!±-Xr'. i ti «i»!v
at tcWd is; »• -fa tLia; !ke a
»«4r* f»ma. «Uk lW kdf tf
a ~ Uii a* was •Witan; fer
« far liar JVar« W L.« f|- i■■
a«art Wat f«l ■ a «ni wr< rW*M.
fcilpiac has •. k ' W T
TW rf IW dL tBR-eeew—a* rit
• w* a fAt-oar a*
baoMctaM* cisaa *m w>4w( a Imrt
t m m ■ <4 mmm»~ hart ■ •'«SHI
Wm mm ■ «ag ag -4' -om— at'
tar m *■ «g -Maarift
b - -*•»-**» tut r w-i • **- «• •»
k ■«* «4aay 4a»«r *W *»" f~- • *■*«
ai mi l '*J 4 ' +*-.-* r.'_' •ti a
■yoi rb aa tbr " i«r> •»'*«•»• af tb»
Ind* aat! tW f-irtaan'U
la a>nr*p>'*" of I. - eii! rav -»
tj.r -nitb tbia par? ••{ tb- coantry. in 1*
and I N -".4 •«- Utt I tfu'hful and. fi»r tb-*
V- rv r< *• »*i i; t* a trutl.ful, a u y l»auti*
ful «»f tbi« r tit rant iiC lak< ;
th<- d<-»eription rlo-iug with the predicti >n
(bat ill " in » coming time. not vrrv re
mote. the repose of tlirM utter* will be
I roken by the shriil scream ami the pad
(l lon ot the a'enmboit." In le»s than fif
tci n year* this prediction of the most gal- |
lant, indctatigihle, nnd triumphant ot all :
our explorers of the Great Mountains has
been verified ; and no one who now bea's
rapidly "fiver Luke I'end d'Oicille ill the
Mary Month/, calling to mitid h : s persi»t
ent and invincible labors, and tJie ([utilities
of In ud and heart that ennoble him, can >
refrain from a deeply monrnlnl regret that ■
Isaac 1 Stevens was not spared tocontem
plate, as he would have done witli enthu
siasm, the ripening into civilization of the
wild region his intrepid researches threw
open to the Government and people of his
country. llut tht« keen intellect and
dauntless spirit, which conquered to the j
knowledge of the country this vast wilder- '
ncss, so full of marvelous urindeurs and
resources, passed irrevocably from us in
the rain and tire of that fatal night at
Chantilly, in the autumn of IMJ2, and his
reward for all he did here is but the remem
brance in which his enterprise and achieve
ments, as illustrious as they wi re incalcul
ably useful, are now, and lor generations
to come, shall with his name be gratefully
I have spoken of the Jl f<iry Muwly in
diminutive terms of endearment nnd
esteem. This may be considered an error
when one is told that sin- is 108 feet in
length, has 'JO feet beam, *1 feet 'J inches
depth of bold, nnd is No ton burden, Iluilt
on the lake in the winter of 1860, all her
timbers were whip-sawed. The planking
is of yellow fir. lfcr upper wooden-work
is of white pine. Four months after the
first tree was felled for her she was afloat.
Fifteen days alter lhat her stenm-whistic
staithd tint echo of the mountains, the
lonesomeness and mysteriousncss of which
she has forever banished ; and elk, and
bear, and lied Man stood with straighten
ed hair and ears nt the shrill challenge of
their invader. Her engine—2o horse
power—came nil the way from Willington,
on the Delaware. The first trip she had
on hoard 85 pack-animals, 10.000 pounds
of freight, and SO passengers. Designed
to be the first of three boats tl(at nre to
navigate Clark's Fork of tint Columbia to
the mouth of the Joeko —ten miles west
of the main rang*; of the ltock v Mountains
—she stops short at the lauding at the
feot of the Cabinet Mountains—some fifty
miles from her starting-point nt Fend d'-
Oreillc city—tho ltapids, immediately
above the landing, being too violent to
permit her pushing further up. Aliovc
these ltapids the second bout will ascend
to Thomson's Falls. Above Thomson's
Falls the third boat will complete the
chain of navigation to the Jocko. This
p!an in operation, the northwestern potlion
■if Montana —surpassingly li .li in ngricul
tuisl facilities, and, far away, the most
Uauti ul portion of tho Territory, the
mrinrry of t bleeding all the »'»• rie r and
loftier with all the gentler fearnn-s
S».u r'-aud aiid tin Tv i ■ J—» ill be
pn-r.-cd and ojwn. J fiorn fV Pacific at.d a
futurr <4 pro»per«»* act inly M-curt-d f « a.
«lurb bo out c>* |V.->UBS , at I bit tau
la tkWii* fjitk. e-«ck 1 u to < »l.
1 llrriif ("*l» K»rk at thr
« tW CbutW l> v. mum * i<
e 1-4 •« M »■< tvr*t* MJt* '• *.k
—m ctiaaMM pr tav r»« r
jm «MM» «» aitor iHWp «M •*a fSm -rm
mmi 1 i— <■ 4* Hht *■*-* -«•»■•;•
*., ' jfrllT
Iter -# ft~> #>f pmmm mrt %r - ♦ Jfc"
liTl«* U»4 rf (MMnip ««*r*
Mn tfc, «•*«-« a* :*■ taw J tor lU
HT Tk» |i»mi ■! rf v-* t«* «•
' #h*«< <Mte "'%»• «■*" #■' 's■>*' -40****'
WMXto 4 I I Umaa BMP* "• trn 0
. * <«c p tc* 1 " • «*■. "*» ri ah *t
*, . k •> trw«gM ay t»-aa -aar t fimr to
t£» i.a»4i«s tor tW car W lar aa :aat
».! tuj i Mt atf Vuo'ici b« tia
to «' j. 1 *r. ». v* *4 fiaih It an at a: £•
< «'!>•'. itodn4. a .tk tlr friai'i" rni
at ( L aft r. at»l trnik mi-Wil
lu uf »h Lax frxif Orrilm, UtC
• ith a l-raan) < *t*i A H(k a«
. n> -f « at ii trr*al« tpnn a »bip'i Sfirt
head, almoa: aia>|» rrrptiMy inpr|« apiial
the a'r.arn —a j.ljmij d if, »trjiDiug hi*
aith the citrri-r, folhia injs df
f t' titially in his tnvter'* ask'*, ami !om.
croun.l 11 cry strike. A li!tle higher uji
the Pilot direct* my attention to a withered
pine—a vciv tall, dead tree—in the top
branches of which, ns iu a bo<vl, a wild
lioose has built licr nest to keep her young
ones sal<' from tliw wolves mi l other depre
dators «>f the like.
" A wisH goose that!" observed the
Pilot with a mirthful wink, ns though he
says something equally as wise as the
bird ; and then whirling his wheel until
the spokes blend and disappear, seems
immensely pleased.
As we near the Landing, all along the
left bank, a little back from the river,
grandly overlooking, nnd with precipitous
bold cliffs of red slate serving as an utilift-
Ed shield to every thing—woods, meadows,
Indian lodges, and nil the incidents and
figures of the scene—tho Cabinet Moun
tain magnificently towers and spreads its
ample wall, tile face of which is deeply
furrowed, nnd the upper lino of which is
broken, pointed, or rounded" into tablets,
suggestive of gigmtiegates, or monstrous
head-stones in n grave-yard of buried
Titan*. In the full blaze of the sinking
sun We head tip against the Landing, and,
making the Mary Moody fast, scrambling
up the shelving bank, to find ourselves iu
a bustling little place—some future town
of prodigious consequence, it may be, now
in its noisy infancy—consisting of two
houses, nnd a capacious shed for horses nnd
mule«. A saw-mill is in vehement opera
tion here. sweating nt its work; which
fait tho big drops of perspiration oozing
from it are evidence enough. The owner
of it, Mr. Abrahams, a rigid religionist,
who shuts himself hermetically up on Sun
days, invites Colonel Cornelius O'Keefe to
his house—onu of the two just mentioned
—and courteously entering it, the Colonel is
introduced to Mrs. Abrahams, whose table
is perfumed with a bouquet of mouutain
flowers, the ottering of the men nt work
about the Lauding, who thus, even in thtse
wild solitudes, vindicate the proverbial gal
lantry of Ameiicausto their countrywoman,
nnd, indeed, to women generally the world
over. Another ladv is present, whWson
served in the Second Wisconsin nt tho fust
battle of Hull llun. Tho Colonel, being
shown his photograph, recognized an
accomplished and brave young comrade,
who, having entered ntiothcr regiment
from the same State shortly after that cel
ebrated event, fell at Fredericksburg tho
day that General Hurnsido knocked his
head against it.
CRMVI.ATIVV. VOTI lornco G reeley
who is a number of the New York Con
stitutional Convention, has introduced
into that body a proposition for ctimulntive
voting, lie proposes to divide the State
into fifteen Senatorial district", each to
ciioase three Senators. Kacli voter msty
th< II cast them for tlirec different Candi
da. -. <>r concentrate them all upou cne
r.,ndi 'ate. as he rhoo»e*.. lly this
p'»n. it ii rx;<rc , <sl that in districts where
. it'.ier |*afy has a "t-nJwl majority, the
mn »t| aIU I* t' «»
NuUx lr r ©ntu tr. *i' St Us «ste» Bj«u
kua Mr pUa a mmnimr
MTtafiwat for tW iam of iU V»wer
t* rfcr mt ■ —r» wm» '%* fmu, t
rrrt&ei by »kf |f«j rr arrow auftci
t4 tW t.rtMtfJ It k< du- ■;«« mccomatl
•ti* aai Krrrled !•« tKen; ai.d
Mrb • a rant- m ► ir»»-d «4 ali be in all
caara >■( lb«* um- talid :ty aa it tbrv lied
l«n M~t»rd bj tUc VctrUn of the Trena
il rv him* If.
Approved, March.2, IBC7.
An Act ti amend an Act entitled ''An Act
to incorporate the National Theological
Institute," and *o define and extend the
I'owers of the Same.
Jlr it enacted ly the Scuttle and lion.if
of Heprttcntatires of the United State* of
America in Consrest assembled. That, the
act entitled "An act to incorporate the
National Theological Institute," approved
May tenth, one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-sis, be and the same is hereby
amended as follows
SEC. 1. That the name of the aforesaid
corporation shall be and hereby changed to
that of "The National Theological insti
tute and University." ,
SKC. 2. That the said corporation mny
hold property in real estate in value not
exceeding two-hun.lrcd and fifty thousand
dollars at any one time.
See. 3. That the said enrportifm shall
be authorized to extend its priviledges and
facilities of instruction to others than those
connected with the Christian ministry, con
fer degrees and do all other acts and things
which usually pertain to universities in the
United States the terms of admission to
such priviledges being the same us those
usual in said universities.
Approved, March 2, ISG7.
An Act extending the Time for the Com
pletion of certain Street Kail ways.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Represcntatices of' the United States of
America in Congress assembled. That
section seventeen of the "Act to incorpor
ate the Metropolitan Rtilrond Company, in
the District of Columbia," approved .July
first, eighteen hundred nnd sixty-tour, be,
and the same is hereby, still further nmend
ed, so ns to extend the time for the com-
pletion of their railroad line, except that
part thereof between Seventeenth Street
and the Capitol, for three years from the
first day of January, eighteeu hundred and
Approved, March 2, 18C7.
An Act making Appropriations and to sup
ply Deficiencies in the Appropriations
for the Service of the Government for
fiscal Year ending June thirtieth, eigh
teen hundred nnd sixty-seven, and tor
other Purposes.-
Be it enacted by the Senate and House
of liepresentatires of the United States
if America in Congress assembled , That
the following sums, or so inoch thereof ns
may be necessary, be, find the same are
hereby, appropriated for the objects here
inafter expressed, for the fiscal year ending
June thirtieth, eighteen buudred and six
ty-scven, namely :
Pension Bureau.— To meet deficienc
ies of the present fiscal year on account of
pensions f.ir a firry widow* and others vari
ous acts, ten million dollar*.
For csutiifrut rxpeuaes. ten thousand
For navy widows and orphan*, sevettv
thowMnd dollar*: I'rmrnint. That *aid
be lnacfrrrrd fr<Ma the nary pn*>»v
Ofrr. — T« wt4(<(irarir<
uf tkr yarat kwtl UM oc me* M oi r»-
gtmevr iMtrr iWwfnitMi •* «ie
I wmm rwfcW «W brwrW*. M
W ,1
rrJnrriirrl CßS
■» •■<» A* TW H pan rf *w
lm<L *a Bmrrmm .—F-m I La* mmM, or wm
iWitWm m; U mmmtt, N prr
the :»4rbrr4»e«« incurred for iW
•«*•« in tkf Sutc M Orfpc aa4 T*rri
turv .if VVitbiiigtos, in the mn fi|bln ■
hundred and ci|{Lteei. and
►ixiv one, »rni eighteen hundivd and Milt
two, fitly ilioiiMnd dollars: Prmeidrd.
Tint rucii payments aliall be made only
t<j ibe Original o#nef of the efaifM; and
upon satisfactory proof furnished the ac
counting officer.
To enable the Secretary of the Treasury
to pay Isanc Strilim for additional services
ns a clcik in the Treasury Department
from January first, eighteen hundred and
fifty-four, to March first, eighteen hundred
ami fifty-five, nt the snme rate paid for sim
lir additional services prior to that date,
four hundred and sixty-six dollars'aud six
ty-seven cent?.
Library of Congrett. —To enable the
librarian of CongreSSi to employ two addi
tional assistants, commencing April first,
eighteen hundred nnd sixty-seven, two
thousand four hundred dnllnrs ; and there
is bef-by added to the cotitiitgerit'fund of
said library the sum of one thousand dol
lars, to be expended for temporary help.
For six iron stairways, repairs and re
printing in the library of Congress, nnd for
a new skylight in the central library, five
thousand two hundred and sixty dollars.
Public Building* and Groundi. —To
pny for fcoinphtingjthe repairofand furnish
i'ig the executive mansion, thirty-five
thousand dollars : Provided, That no far
ther payments shall be made on any ac
counts for repairs and furnishing the exe
cutive minsion until such accounts fshall
have been submited to a joint committee of
Congress, and approved by such commit
To replnCe the bruised afrrf wotn copper
water-pipes or roof gutters of the Capitol
building with iron pipes, three thousand
To supply a deficiency in fuel f.ir the
President's house and for the Capitol, two
thousand dollars.
To pay for a pou-lrette pit at the Prea
ident's stable, five hundred aad sixteen
dollars and nineteen centft.
To pay for repairing streets passing
along government reservations where they
were washed away by the great' freshet in
(icfUttf last,- on# thousand (Site Atindred
To pay for sewer in the rear ofH. street
west, to abate a public nuisance, two thous
and five hundred dc 1 an.
To thoroughly repair the roof of the ex
ecutive mansion, two tfcoumrtd five hund
red dollars.
To pay deficiency and keep in repair the
bridge at or near Little Falls, Potomac
river, three thousand three hundred and
fifty dollars.
To pay deficiencies in the contingent ex
penses of the Senate 6e follows
For additional messengers, seven thous
and dollar*.
For additional f*b«r in the fcl<Krig-ro«m
and materia', ten thousand dollars.
For stationery, ten thousand dollars.
MUctllamtom*. —Foe deepening mad im
proving Westport harbor, Coinctic*,
twenty-fire hundred dollars/
For dredging and maintaining the chan
nel of 'he river Thames aw Norwich, in
the S ale of Coaaecticat. ta complete the
work, tfcirty-aii thuassad Mm.
I'«r serviea* koAmW ky fh* lale F. %.
iUtrk, ia taeaiafciog aa anginal aid*
" u eattW spiedMA afSR rf
r<|W"n iMMdrm aad twa haaA
wJ *ad t»rh» iuhmn mm Iftjaaia, bis
•if SbrlbZL b»*a
►- w »« w sa
Irnqmrnmrnm & Oftr
4MB* iMHS 4MfeMO tor fltor

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