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Vfashinjitoa flautotl
«»i \ *i I*l \, \% tsfi.
MIM tVKMMi, Al'iilL iDIW.
Consistency No Longer Expected.
M■ K : . - i hangi- fmui a m< -t
• i -t .. d per•:-tent .id\i an- df b.
in* ' 11 t ■ i di ti nniui d -upp' i ti-r uf
fie :.j.' ,d- land.ud. i- :■ it more
' •' . O . til ,11 hi- li p up II the
st i' ni I'urto !l. ■> regarding her
trade with the pan nt government.
In id- annual m< --age, ih l:\ered only
tline months ago, he ludd that " < 'ur
plain duty l- to aholi-li ail cu-tonis
tarili- between the I mb d States and
P.u tii 11 en and give her product- free
ato uiir tnai ki t-." That was
plain and i vple it. I .t we now f.nd
that M Kinloy literally counted with
out his bust, and soon as the "pro
tected" manufacturers heard of this
] obey, they at once put the screws to
their puppet, and he immediately and
unhesitatingly stultified himself by
outlining a course in exact conformity
w.th the idea wliii h lias been the pre
vailing contention of the party, and
through which it ha- always been en
abled to " benevolently assimilate" the
growing, thriving and overpowering
trusts. So, notwithstanding the ex
plicit declaration above quoted, of the
" plain duty" to recognize our depend
encies as parts of our common coun
try, by admitting their products free of
duty, McKinley as President, was in
duced not only to log-roll through
Congress but to approve as executive,
a measure requiring American citi
zens on American soil to submit to a
tariif duty on their products, the
same as if they were aliens in a for
eign land.
There are no changed conditions, in
cither case, to justify a change of pol
icy. Otic bespoke the honest senti
ments of free conscience, the other the
dictated course of mercenary and self
i-h trusts, who after making gold the
only redemption money, the more eas
ily to handle and "corner" the finan
res of the country, now use the same
tool to nullify the rights of citizen
ship in a portion of our national do
main, for the sole purpose of main
taining monopolies that have already
fattened to such gigantie proportions
as to menace the life of the govern
EVERY pledge of his administration
[McKinley's] has been redeemed.— Ohio
How and to whom? Was not the
Republican party pledged to the peo
ple to secure bimctalism by interna
tional agreement? Was the slight
est disposition ever shown, or effort
made to secure it? Was the placing a
most pronounced, and as time has
shown, a most unscrupulous, goldhug,
in charge of the financial policy of
the nation, an effort to redeem that
pledge made the people? Was the se
lection of a commission, who pre
judged their duty and acted as au
tomata under the wire-pulling of the
active and vigilant Secretary, any evi
dence of a disposition behind it to rec
ognize the admission that bimetalism
was a desirable object to advance and
to require that every effort should be
made to promote it? Oh, no; the
record does not show it. This, like
other promises, was a mere pretense,
and it requires unmitigated gall to
claim that every pledge has beeu
faithfully fulfilled. Every pledge made
the Goldbugs, however, has been whol
ly and satisfactorily redeemed, and
probably that is what was meant in
the claim made by the Ohio Re
publicans—even to a summersault on
the tariff policy to be pursued towards
our conquered provinces. McKinley,
as a man, regarded them as integral
parts of the United States, over which
the Hag waved and the constitution
had extended its protecting a-gis.
McKinley, as a corporation partisan,
bowed to the demand of the sugar
and tobacco trusts, to protect their
products from competition with like
American products, and exact a tariff
duty, the same as from alien produ
cers. How honest men can shout the
praises of a party which can literally
turn itself inside out, on demand of its
sordid, 6elfish leaders, who purchase
its support by large campaign funds,
is beyond the comprehension of an
ordinary understanding.
THE Yakima Democrat, in referring
to the probable appointment of W. H.
White to the Supreme bench to suc
ceed Judge Gordon, deprecates that
action and says that the mass of re
form forces in this State do not justify
his accidency in this exchange of
party favors, for " they have not yet
forgotten the gibes and insults hurled
at them so recklessly, but a few
months ago, by the windy sage of
King county, and there is no evidence
that lie has since recanted. To do
so," it affirms, " would only be to an
ger, or dishearten, many of those
upon whom he must rely for support."
—The Secretary of State of Ohio, late
ly bv advice of the Attorney General,
refused to issue a certificate of incor
poration of the Mutual Benefit Society,
of Columbus, an organization which
proposed to insure unmarried persons
011 a plan of regular assessments as
long as the members remain single
and payment of the principal sum of
insurance on marriage. The Attorney
General in his letter to the Secretary
says: "While the object seems to be
to change the condition of marriage
from a lottery to a sure thing game, it
does not seem to be practicable."
IT is said that Dewey's nspiratious
for the Presidential nomination have
made McKinler feel anything but
DEWEY is not the first man who has
had his locks shorne by woman.
A Great Conflagration.
'"f !!••' Kg tiros •.f tin-genera
tion d -1:11111 Ottaw a, ( ;ili:ld:l, Vi s
t- :day, !■ lining nvi r !.■■•• - pi.in- miles
• f thickly built -, tenements, f.u
t"i;i - and mills. Tic ]"-s aggregates
S-'Jiyoo i.tv.io and between IH.OiH) and
I • i,oi iii men, women an 1 children are
houiih—. I lie lire broke out about
II k yi-tool < morning, and at
midnight, la-t night, bad not yet been
plat i d under complete control. Many
lumber yard- were burned, and are
now but mere piles of charred wood
and ashes.
Jit-ides thi- 10-s, in the city proper,
half a dozen churches and school
buildings, the 11 nil water-works, court
house, jail, postulJicc and convent, al
most every business place and 1,00(1
dwellings mid shops in Hull, the chief
town of Ottawa county, on t ie river
by the same name, opposite Ottawa
City, wa re consumed, bv the flames
passing over the river, a heavy gale
prevailing. The tire made a jump of
nearly half a mile. Nothing is left of
Hull but a church and a few build
ings back of it. Several other subur
ban towns sullered.
Two deaths and several injured are
reported among the casualties.
l*o l.E. —The Scientific American of the
Hist inst. notes the arrival at Welling
ton, New Zealand, of C. E. Borchgre
vink and party, who were fitted out
in Is'.lS by Sir George Xownes, for po
lar discoveries in the southern hemi
sphere. Herr Borchgrcvink reports
location of the magnetic pole, one of
the keys to the future knowledge of
terrestrial magnetism. The nearest
approach that has been made to this
interesting point was by James Ross
in 1841, oIF Mount Erebus. He had
discovered the position of the North
pole some eight years previously. The
exact location of both polar points
will soon set at rest the question still
much in dispute among scientific men,
as to whether their position is fixed or
variable. If they are nut stationary,
a comparison of their positions at var
ious times will show the direction and
rate of their motion, and this will en
able them to ascertain the law govern
ing magnetic declination, inclination
and intensity.
Xo CROWN. Lilioukalini, former
Queen of the Sandwich Islands, is quite
heart-broken over the refusal of this
government to place her upon the
pension-list, and is about to return to
her own country to die. At least, that
is the inference, for the royal lady has
made her shroud, a custom invariably
observed by her people, as to be buried
in garments prepared by other peo
ple is considered discreditable. The
shroud is of the heaviest white satin,
lined with purple silk, and gold clasps
on which her coat-of-arms appears, to
fasten the garment at the throat. A
beautiful rose casket is likewise ready
for its occupant. Queen Lil has been
a resident of the Capital City the past
year, holding a sort of semi-court in
the aristocratic portion cf the city.
Although she had set her heart upon
an annuity of SIO,OOO from this gov
ernment, she is by no means in need
of that or any other sum, having a pri
vate fortune yielding her $23,000 a
year, besides a fine estate and country
And now the news comes the seas
across that the stage is to lose one of
its brightest ornaments and most tal
ented actresses, by the marriage of
Mrs. Cora Urquhart Fotter, who has
captivated the lovers of dramatic tal
ent of the two worlds, to Gen. Kitch
ener, the hero of Kartoum and Lord
Roberts' chief of staff in South Africa.
James Brown Potter, the former hus
band of the great actress, who ob
tained the divorce freeing the parties
some time ago, it is said, will soon
wed Miss May Hanly, of a well known
Richmond family, who was last sum
mer a leading belle at Narraganset
Pier, where Mr. Potter resided with his
charming daughter, Fifi.
cation signed "Educator," written in
an unfriendly spirit on the University
project, is respectfully declined. Some
of the points made may have a foun
dation in truth, but we prefer not to
be a party to anything which may
clog the wheels of progress. The
epigratnic fling at "Crooked Joe,"
may not be devoid of truth or literary
merit but is declined for the reason that
its author writes under a mask. We
must know who is the " inspirator" of
anything and everything which ap
pears in the STANDARD.
THE Department of the Interior,
under date of the 20th inst., writes
that the government will take steps to
protect the Indians living on Squnxon
and Hope Islands, from the purchase
of alleged oyster lands lying around
those islands, as it seriously interferes
with their efforts to obtain a liveli
hood. The letter is written to Indian
"Johnnie," (through his attorney, Mr.
Israel) who alleges that the ground
is wholly unfit for the cultivation of
oysters, being mainly hard sand.
A 111'i.ixa PASSION. —John Dorsev,
a cigarette fiend, fell in a dying condi
tion, 011 the streets of Hagerstown,
Md., last week. He had been in the
habit of smoking from eight to ten
packs daily. While standing on the
street talking to a friend, lie suddenly
threw up his hands and sank in a
helpless state on the sidewalk. He
died while asking bystanders to return
him his cherished cigarette, which
had slipped from his lips in falling.
He was 27 years of age.
THE arsenal at Pretoria, blew up
from some unknown cause, Wednes
day night, and ten workmen were
killed and thirty-two injured.
M Mil wins' ni mi; I 'K: :-ii VI EIIIAN
I'kekii. —As mi indication of that up
ward prngro.-< which tlir t'hn-tian
world i- making, probably iti an-,
llotllHCmcnt has created a deep' T pub
lic intere-t than propo-c 1 i linnnatioii
of tin 1 tliiril chanter of the Westmin
ster (.'oniT-.-ioii—the clause relating
to " prod*stination," tin- stumbling
hloi, k to many in• |'iir r- for the true
faith—which, it i- i lam.oil, is ad
voeati'il hy fully To per eent. of
the clergy of that chureh. A poll
has 11 i n made of the opinions
of the Piesbyterian clergymen of all
the larger cities, and the enumeration
fully ju-:ities the proportion given,
and it is believed that a complete enu
meration would atlord an equally large
proportion who reject what was otiee
deemed a cardinal point of I'rcsbvter
ion belief. Chapter three embraces
what has been laconically and tersely
stated l»y the laity in the expression
" What will be, will he," and is as fol
lows: "By the decree of God, for the
manifestation of 11 is glory, some men
and angels are predestined unto ever
lasting life, and others foreordained to
everlasting death." The iron-clad in
consistency of this statement with a
reasonable conception of ideal perfec
tion of a just God, never seemed to
stagger the faith of the old-time mem
bership of the hard-shell church, but
the march of ideas has caused many
souls to lot in the sunlight of reason,
and the result lias been a demand for
modification of creeds which conflict
with the plainest teachings of nature
and the highest promptings of the no
bility ot humanity that seem to flow
front a perfect and indisputable con
ception of the Creator aud his works.
WHAT, WHAT! —It seems that our
Republican friends, so noted for har
mony and love in all endeavor which
whets the appetite for the pie-counter,
have broken the record at Montgom
ery, Ala., and in their State Conven
tion, held last week, a hundred pistols
were drawn, and one man at least was
hit bv the flying bullets which accen
tuated the oaths and epithets showered
on each other by the rival factions.
The Governor of the State finally or
dered the State House, where the con
vention was held, cleared and forbade
either faction from further occupation
of the grounds. The two factions
hired halls and proceeded to elect del
egates to the Philadelphia convention
This is in evidence of the boasted har
mony that Uly so often prates about.
was the 81st anniversary of the day on
which Thomas Wildey and four other
Odd Fellows transplanted the order to
American soil, by organizing a lodge
in Baltimore, Md., calling it Washing
ton Lodge Xo. 1. The order in this
country now embraces 33 Grand
Lodges, 52 Grand Encampments, 11,-
419 Subordinate lodges and 2,010
Subordinate Encampments, and 5,033
Rebecca lodges. The total member
ship is 1,020,908. The total annual
revenue was $8,706,393 and the total
relief given $3,422,980. The order has
invested $27,185,241. The next an
nual session will be held in Richmond
Va., in September. The Grand Lodge
of Washington will meet at Seattle in
VERY little attention lias been
called to the fact that the Republi
cans did not dare to enact the gold
standard without providing a grand
scheme for inflation of pa|>er currency,
to take the place of the abandoned
metal. The relative circulation of
paper dollars may now be increased,
under the new banking system, to
amount to five dollars for every dollar
of redemption money in the Treasury.
This is the substitute made for the
despised " 42-cent dollar"—a rag dol
lar"—a dollar which depends entire
ly on a basis representing one-fifth
its face value, or 2') cents. But then
the bank note issue is placed where it
will do the most good as a party fac
tor ami that, of course, makes it right.
AT last Quay is out, by the closest
of all possible margins, one vote.
The U. S. Senate thus shows 'now
anxious machine politicians may he
to favor some prominent ringster, al
though by so doing they violate both
precedent and law. The vote stood,
without the pairs, 33 for inviting him
to " step down and out," and 32 who
were willing he should remain. The
principle eustained by this action is
that the appointment of Senators by
State executives is provided for in
State constitutions merely to afford a
means for filling vacancies that may
be regarded as unexpected.
ASSISTANT Attorney General Vance
visited Chehalis Tuesday, to aid in
the prosecution of the rioters engaged
in rotten egging a physician of that
city, who hade been called profession
ally to Centralia, to diagnose a case of
small-pox, which subsequent events
confirmed, and thus aided in estab
lishing quarantine regulations to
keep the disease from spreading
Some Centralia toughs resorted to
rotten eggs as a measure of retaliation.
OVSTEKS. —The W'illapa Pilot says that
Mr. Wallace Stewart, the oyster-grow
er at Tokeland, will have his home
grown Eastern oysters on the market
next fall. His experience has passed
beyond the experimental stage, and he
is now engaged in extending his beds
of transplanted oysters from the East.
He expected two or three carloads this
week for seed.
THE total loss of the British in the
Transvaal war footed up, oil the 7th
inst., 705 officers and 12,000 men, a to
tal of 10,305. But the losses immedi
ately following this aggregate were ex
ceedingly heavy, and it is thought
that fully 10,000 must be added to the
figures, making a grand total of 23,000
officers and men put out of action.
Frankfort (Kv.) grand jury, on the
l'Jtlt, returned an indictment against
William S. Taylor, the usurping ex
ecutive of Kentucky, charging him
with complicity in the murder of Sen
ator (ioebel. Ten other indictments
were returned against the band of
conspirators. Taylor will, it is said le
arrested soon as public feeling in tlie
State has cooled MiMn pTitly to per
mit the law to take its course. It is
feared that his speedy arrest might
plunge tip' State into the vortex of
civil warfare, which the Democratic
loaders are anxious to avert.
THE S. F. Examiner, always in the
lead in all enterprises for the public
good, now proposes to send, at its own
expense, fifteen pupils front the higher
grade of the hoys' classes in the public
schools, to the national conventions of
the two great parties, to instruct them
by a practical object lesson, in the
manner of conducting party conven
tions. The pupils will he chosen on a
competitive plan which will give all a
chance, based upon application and
THE Japanese arc (locking to our
shores. A late dispatch states that
ft,ooo of the little brown men .are en
route to British Columbia and the
Sound, and a further influx of 2.*),000
may lie expected before the season
closes. They are nearly ali laborers,
and will if our government takes no
steps for protection, usurp the places
of that many white men. That is a
form of " protection" wc may may all
very properly advocate.
RUSSIA, it is said, is displeased with
the threat of the United States to col
lect an indemnity of nearly SIOO,OOO
front Turkey by sending warships to
Smyrna. The indemnity is for the
destruction of American missionaries'
property several years ago, which the
Sultan has shown unreasonable delay
in paying, after negotiations had
closed with a promise of prompt pay
AT SJ raeuse, N. Y., on the 23d, five
hundred gold and silver Democrats at
tended a Jefferson dinner given by
Mayor MeCiuire. This is one of the
commingling of "Silver threads
among the gold" which strikes terror
to the heart of the party of greed.
HANNA declines to be a delegate to
the Philadelphia convention. He
realizes that lie has become a handicap
to any political enterprise. He has,
however, his tools well in hand, and
they will boh up whenever " Simon says
' Thumbs up.' "
EHEN L. Boyce was Wednesday,
sentenced to death, by Judge Kean, at
Tacoina, for the murder of his wife,
last February. The date of execution
is not yet fixed.
'F HE Tacoina News says tliat Judge
Stallcup has tendered his resignation
as a member of the State Hoard of
Audit and Control.
THE U. S. warship lowa arrived at
Seattle, this morning, en route for the
dry dock at Port Orchard.
Proclamation Throwing Fifteen Townships
Open to Settlement.
Surveyor-General Kingsbury has re
ceived from the Interior Department
at Washington the proclamation of
President McKinlcy restoring to the
public domain those portions of the
Olympic forest reserve which, accord
ing to the report of Forestry Superin
tendent Shelter, were more suitable
for agriculture than for forest culture.
The lauds thus restored are described
as follows: Township 2S north,
ranges 13 and 11 east; fractional
township 28 north, range l."» west;
sections 1 to 18 inclusive, township 2t>
north, ranges 3.4 and a west; sec
tions 4, 5, 6 and 7 and north half of
section 8, township 21) north, range
13 west, except sections 13, 23, 24, 25
and 26; township 21) north, range 14
west; fractional township 21) north,
range 15 west; sectional to 12 in
clusive, township 30 north; range 1)
west; sections 27 to 34 inclusive, town
ship 30 north, range 10 west; sections
25 to 36 inclusive, township 30 north,
range 11 west; sections 17 to 36 inclu
sive, township 30 north,range 12 west;
township 30 north, ranges 13 and 14
west, and township 30 north, range 15
The lands thus restored to the pub
lic domain are ojicn to settlement
from the date of the proclamation,
which is April 7, 1900. hut shall not
be subject to entry, filing or selection
until after ninety days' notice by such
publication as the Secretary of the
Interior may prescribe.
Weather Crop Bulletin.
U. S. Department of Agriculture,
Climate and Crop Bulletin of the
Weather Bureau, Washington section,
for the week ending Monday, April
2d, is as follows:
The week was about an average one
for this time of year, and was very
favorable to the growth of grass and
grain. There was hardly enough sun
shine for the rapid growth of veget
ables. There were showers near the
end of the week, which were quite
copious iu the wheat districts of the
eastern section. There is now an
abundance of water in the soil. .Seed
ing and planting has been interrupted
on wet, clayey soils, but, as a rule,
seeding i< n> iri done.
Fall wheat is in a very flourishing
condition, and spring grain where it
is up looks very fine.
Latest advices indicate that the
damage to the fruit crop by the frosts
of ten days ago was not great, except
in a few localities. Some prune
orchards in Clarke county were very
badly damaged, as indicated by a
report from Ridgefield. As a rule
only the earlier varieties were injured,
and the later ones escaped. It is the
prevailing opinion that, unless further
damage is done by frosts, there will
still lie an abundnut fruit crop.
The Commercial Club, of Centralia,
is negotiating with Seattle parties for
the erection of a large foundry and
machine shop at that point. The
plant is to cost SIO,OOO, and employ
20 men at first.
Manna wiil "Jingo" Turkey—An Endeavor to
Take the Nicaragua Canal Bill " Off the Ice"
Hawaii Accorded Bread and Porto Rico a
Stone—Col. Bryan and Admiral Dewey to
Sit " Looking at Each Other," on May-day
Druggist's Protest Against War Taxation in a
Time ol Peace Pedutah, Ky., Presents Ad
miral Dewey and Wife with a Dozen Bottles
of •• Mountain Dew" with which to "Tone
Up" for a Visit to that Commonwealth
Senator Horr Arraigns the Administration's
Misdeeds, Pronounces Them Decidedly
" Tough," but Declares " He Likes It."
From our llegul«r Correaiiott tent.
Mr. Mi'Kitiley hits gone nil* on n
pleasure junket, But Boss H.mna is
working over-time. lie is fixing up
ttie platform that will bo adopted by
the Ohio Republican convention, next
week, and he is trying to figure out
i whether the country can be enthused
by a little jingoism in connection with
the failure of the Sultan of Turkey to
keep his promise to pay $90,000 for
property belonging to American mis
sionaries, which was destroyed several
years ago by a Turkish mob. If he
decides that jingoism is advisable,
Secretary Hay will probably give the
Turkish minister his passport, and tlie
Republican press will he filled with
spread-eagleism about the determined
stand the administration has taken
for the protection of American mis
sionaries and their interests. Mr. Mo-
Kinley can find time to go away for a
week, hut his task isu't as heavy as
that of Boss Hanna, who has started
out to try for four more years of auto
cratic power and hasn't time to waste
on pleasure.
The House is in open revolt against
the administration plans of preventing
action on the Nicaragua Canal bill at
the present session. Two hundred
and fifty members, half Democrats,
have signed petitions to Speaker Hen
derson, asking that a rule he reported
for the consideration of the Canal bill
on the first of May. If he ignores
that petition, those who signed it, be
ing more than two-thirds of the
House, can force their will if they
slick together, and the indications are
that they will.
The House bill providing a form of
government for the Territory of Ha
waii, which has been agreed to by the
conference committee and will he
come a law, extends the tariff laws of
the United States to Hawaii, making
the Territory a customs district of the
United States with four ports of entry,
which serves to accentuate the injus
tice of the treatment of poor Porto
Rico by the Republicans. Hawaii is
to officially become a part of the
Uniteil States, while Porto Rico, al
most at our doors, is to he only an im
perial colony.
Lol Bryan and Admiral Dewey are
to meet in Chicago, May 1, and the
prediction is quite frequently heard in
Washington that the result of that
meeting may change the Admiral's
aspirations to the extent of making
hi in a candidate for the second place
on the Bryan ticket.
About one hundred gentlemen rep
resenting the drug trade are in Wash
ington spending a lot of money in
hotel bills while they are trying to get
a bill repealing that portion of the
war taxes affecting their business fa
vorably reported from the Ways and
Means Committee. They are on the
wrong track. Hanna is the man
they will have to see. He has decided
that no reduction of war taxes shall be
made at this session. He figures on
getting campaign contributions from
every interest affected by those taxes,
and the interests which chip in the
heaviest will he the ones favored when
the reduction is made, at the next ses
sion of Congress.
Representative Wheeler, of Ken
tucky, representing the city of l'adu
eah, this week presented Admiral and
Mrs. Dewey about the most unique in
vitation they have yet received. The
I'aducahaus want the Admiral and
his wife to stop with them while on
their Western trip. An oak casket
about IS inches square, with gold han
dles, and silver corner trimmings, and
a silver plate on top engraved with
"Welcome to Admiral and Mrs.
Dewey," contains the invitation
proper, which is on a sheet of curly
birch and reads as follows: "To Ad
miral and Mrs. Dewey: This town is
yours. Dull the latchstring—we will
do the rest. Duu't surprise us, but
inform lis when you pull." Inside
Ihe oak casket were also twelve hot
ties of 20-year Kentucky whiskey, and
a cut-glass decanter incased in silver,
and hearing this greeting: "Admiral
and Mrs. Dewey: We extend greet
ings and earnestly request that you
visit l'aducah, thus honoring our city
and citizens."
Senator Hoar told somo truths
which were decidedly unpleasant to
the administration, in his speech 011
the Philippine question, which be de
clared was a long way from being set
tled. For instance, be said: "If
there had been a single assurance
that we intended to respect the inde
pendence to which they aspired, there
would have been 110 war. If we had
dealt witli tliern in the treaty of peace
as we dealt with Cuba there would
have been no war. If wo had not
hurried reinforcements to Manila,
both of ships and of men. strengthen
ing the forces of our army and navy
there, after Spain bail yielded, there
would have been no war. If the ur
gent request of Aguiualdo, after the
outbreak of Feb. 5, that hos
tilities might cease, had not been met
by the declaration of Otis that 'fight
ing must go on,' there would have
been no war. If Aguinuldo's ofl'er to
withdraw had been met in a like
spirit, there would have been 110 war.
If Senators had not been talking
about holding 011 to all they could
get, about making money out of their
great act of liberation, about keeping
from the people of these islands their
liberty and iheir independence, for
purposes of gain and trade, there
would have been 110 war." Notwith
standing this arraignment, Mr. Hoar
will work and vote for MeKinley's re
election and a continuation of the
policy he now attacks. DEM.
Mrs. Susan Ilall was arrested Sun
day afternoon at Walla Walla, charged
with arson. A building in which she
kept a lodging-house was partially de
stroyed by lire Friday morning, and
several people had narrow escapes
from death, one King (colored) being
quite badly burned. Officers have
worked on the case, resulting iu the
Conine Again Cuffs Olv.
Mr. Conine cannot refrain from
culling little ('/;/ occasionally, ami
from a letter received this week we
make the following' extract, omitting
the paragraphs in which some allu
sion is marie to the way that journal
takes the sage of Yelm to task for
drinking a glass of Ivor while on a
late visit to Olympia. The sage can
not atlod to meet the little peneil
(Mt.-her on that plane; it is beneath
tin- dignity of a gentleman to take
note of such a flagrant violation of or
dinary social amenities.
The Sage reaches for the scruff of
the neck of our contemporary, in an
other manner, however, as follows:
By the way. Oly, 1 have just read
your little comments on Bryan's
speech in Olympia—"it's better late
than never," you know. Well, it's a
corker, and fully up to the d. o p.
standard for veracity. It is just as
impossible for ad. o. p. journal to tell
facts about a speaker opposed to Re
publican cussedness, as it is for the
devil to love holy water. I think 1
have asked fifty men, at least, what
they thought of his speech both in
Olympia and Taeoma and the univer
sal reply with one exception was
" splendid," " grand," " the best I ever
heard," etc., and when you say there
was no enthusiasm manifested in
Olympia, nine tenths of the people
present stand ready to dispute the
statement. Say, Oly, there must be
something wrong with your upper
story. Are you sure you haven't a
plugged artery leading to the brain?
One certainly wouldn't be guilty of
making the statements you do, if your
bead were all right. A well balanced
bead couldn't help but see some merit
at least in the most fearless champion i
of the rights of man the United States \
ever ""produced. Let me tap you on
your little head and listen for an ecliol
I feel charitable toward you Oly; in
deed I do and hope the time will soon !
come when that affection of the brain
with which you seem to be atllicted:
will he removed and you will been- 1
abled to appreciate a good speech
when you hear it and comprehend the j
dilference between a republic and an
empire. Say, Oly, I understand there ]
is going to be a monkey show 111 Phil-1
adclphia in June. I wonder if it lias i
any connection with the Republican i
convention of same date?
Please let me know. J. C. Coll. i
A General Convention of tlio Demo-{
cratie party of the State of Washington is !
hereby called to meet in the City of Spo
kane, Wash., on Saturday, May 19th, :
1909, at 10 o'clock A. JJ., for the purpose of i
selecting eight delegates and eight alter
nates to represent the Democratic parly
of this state in the National Democratic j
Convention to he held at Kansas City,
Mo., on July 4. 1900, and the transaction
Of such other business as may be deemed j
necessary ami proper by said convention. '
The several counties of this State are !
entitled to tire following reprusention in !
said State Convention, viz:
Atlatus 5 Lincoln 11'
Asotin . -ft Mason ...... 7
Chclialis 12 Okanogan . 9
Chelan ... S Pacific, . 0
Clarke. .13 Pierce . . 39
Columbia. . 9 San *1 nan .... ... ft
Clallam s Skamania 5
Cowlitz 9 Snohomish 22
Douglas s Skagit 13
Kerry S Spokane ...... .41
Franklin ... ....... 4 . Stevens lb
(mould . tl Thurston ... 12
Isliuul 4 Waila Walla 14
King .. ... .ft3l Wahkiakum ri
.letleraoit .0. Whatcom ... .IS
Klickitat 7 Whitman .27
Kittitas 12 Yakima 11
Kttsap Si
Lewis 14 i Total 4t',4
All citizens of the Slate who will be
legal voters therein at the genera! elec
tion to be held in tho State on November
G. 1900, who will sup|M>rt Hon. William
Jennings Bryan for the Presidency dur
ing the ensuing campaign, sud will vote
for him at said election, are urged to
participate in tho primaries, and county
conventions which will lie held to select
the delegates to lite above named conven
It Is recommended that unless other
wise ordered by the County Central Com
mittee of any county, that musse primar
ies be held on Saturday. May 12tli, 1900.
at 2 p. M. in county and 7:30 p. M. in city
precincts, and that the several county
conventions ire hold at their respective
county seats, on Tuesday, May 15th, 1900,
at 10 A. M.
By order of
Tans. MALONV, Chairman.
Spokane, Wash., April lei.lt, 1900.
Farm for Sale.
A highly improved and finely lo
cated farm, in this county, for sale
cheap on easy terms. Apply for par
ticulars to j. F. KEARNEY & Co.'s
grocery store.
April 20, 1000. tf.
Bear. th. * inil You Hate Always Bought
! Wall j
| Paper... j
T Now is the time to paper }
t your house. Call ami see X
♦ our line while it is coin- X
T plete. X
♦ We have up to date styles i
♦ at prices from 10 cts. per t
j double roll up. All of our T
♦ paper is full length. ♦
♦ Tcle|>bone|SSl. Cliilberg lihck. X
Application So. j!U.
Notice of Sale of Timber on
School Land.
Notice IH hereby given that on the 2d day of
Juue, 1900, at the hour of two o'clock in the
afternoon, 011 said day. at the door of the Court
house in Thurston county, Washington, the
timber on tlie following described school land
will be nold at public auction to the highest
bidder therefor, to wit:
Description of land: OntheNE** of the SE
Sec. 'Ui. 'l wp. 19 N., flange 2 \V, value of lini
ber. JJSO.IH); on the NW of the HE See. ltd,
Twp. 19 N., Kauge 2 W., value of timber, $1 "»o.ooj
on the S\V oi the SE l 4 Sec. 38. Twp. 19 N.,
fttange 2 W, value of timber, SIO.OO, on the SE
of the SK M Sec. 00, Twp. 19 N. f K. 2W j value of
timber, $40.00.
Said timber on said land will be sold for not
lea* than the appraised value as appraised by
the Board of State Land Commissioner-* in the
mauner provided by law. a statement of which in
now ou file iu the oltice of the Auditor of maid
Terms of aule are; Ca*h, to be paid ou the day
of tale.
The timber on the above described landa are
offered for sale by virtue of an order of the Board
of State Land C«>mmia*lonerH, made on the 24th
day ol April, l'.N>o, duly certified and ou hie
in the o!ijt e of said County Auditor.
11. A. UK AH AM,
County Auditor.
Dated at Oiympia, Waal)., this* '-Mil day of
April. A. D. 1900.
est persona to represent ua aa Managers
in this and close by counties. Salary fjoo a year
and expellees. Straight, bona tide, no more, no
leas salary. Position permanent. Our refer
ences, any bank in any town. It is mainly otlice
work conducted at home. Kelerence. Enclose
self-addressed stamped envelope.
* Dept. 3, Chicago.
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in liso for over !50 years, lias borne the signal m o of
and lias been mado under liis per*
sonal supervision since its infancy.
i-#taf7f t <CCCSi</l£ Allownoonotodoccivoyoii in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Jnst-as-good" are hut
Experiments that tritle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverisliness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipatiou
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Frieml.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
w ateli us grow. Growing all the time, growing in public favor,
selling more goods right along, and who is better entitled to grow
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guard your interests as much as our own: in fact more, because your
interests are our interest. Through our N. Y. city representative we
know the pulse of the market. We take advantage of it. You get the
benefit of that very advantage in shape of closer prices than any busi
ness house makes on equal quality goods. Our goods are as good and
better than your money at all times, and if you don't think so bring
goods hack and get money in return.
White Goods, special this week, at 15c, worth 25c
Men's all-wool Worsted Suits, special this week, SB.OO worth sl2 00
l?est 2-ply all-wool Carpet, special this week, at.. .02' a c, worth 75c
Ladies' Press Bkirts, special this week, at $4 00, worth SOJ 0
I'icnic (shoes $1.50, worth $2.25
We close at 7 p. m., Mondays and Saturdays excepted.
Moumaiflero Go.
y ....AND.... V
V y
Photographic J
2 Materials J
X 3
Main Street, - Olympia. *
Saturday from 2 to 3 P. M.
Miss Wheeler will gi\e a disconnt
of 25 per eent. on all Children's
An Up-to-Date Business Farmer
Who has the welfare, comfort ami happiness of his family at heart
patronizes abutter or eheese factory. The farmer's home folk have
enough work without the drudgery of butter-making. If you are too
far away, or inconveniently located to deliver your milk at a fac
tory, a hand separator will remedy the ditlienltv, as the cream is
easily transported. lam representative of the l»e I.aval Separator
Co. in this nook of the woods, and will sell on the installment plan
to patrons of my
Buj r your Shoes of us if
you want to get shoes that
will wear well.
317 Main Slrfft, Oljmpia. n« lli UiLVLIiU 06 UUt

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