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Washington standard
111. %JT IMA, U IMI.
' i
Factional Partisan Points.
TIIP Walla Walla correspondent of i
the Taconia T.nh,rr lias eith-r an rib- j
servant eye and an active brain, oral
vivid imagination, to give out so many
and so probable political forecasts of i
State politics. A few days ago lie j
showed how the combine between l
lloycis and Turner bad become a rope
of tand, and lie now indicates the pro- j
gross of future combines and notes the j
cloudlets on the political horizon
which constitute the nebula- for his;
course of reasoning. He declares'
that simultaneously with the appear-1
ance of the State Board of Control in
that city, lately, whose oflicial duty :
afford an ample excuse for their pres
ence, were noted several prominent j
Republican officials, whose personal or
official duties did not call them there,
and by putting tbis and tbat together,
he predicts the christening of a new
born boonilet.
It seems, from his surmises, tiiat ex-
Govcrnor Miles C. Moore has been
slated for the coveted Scnatorship, not
so much for election, as to train the
legislative forces to move iu harmony
for somebody behind the scenes, who
is now and then will bo the real can
didate for the position. The necessi
fy for a scapegoat, probably lies in the
(act that the Ankcny boom shows pos
itive evidences of a collapse. He will
be withdrawn, by his own consent,
soon as the forces who prefer him can
be safely switched off on the new
Strange as it may appear, Henry J.
Snively, evcu after the exposures of
1892, and his crooked course since,
has aspirations for a scat in the House
of Lords. He professes friendship for
Rogers, but those who know his cold
and calculating nature, see little heart
in his choice when it runs up against
his own interests. Rogers is, however,
his servile tool. He cannot be other
wise, for Snively holds the jvhip well
in hand. All executive patronage is
now under control of Snively, and he
will use it to promote Rogers' claims
for advancement, with a string to it
that may be pulled at any time for
The correspondent asks the public
to watch the cource of the Board of
Control and see if the moves made do
not justify his prediction. He nsks
the public to keep an eye on the
Board while in session soon to be held
in this city. See if J. B. Catron is not
re-appointed Superintendent at the
penitentiary. See if Rogers doesn't
appoint Snively's friends to all the
petty offices under his control. See if
he is not as subservient to Snively,
there, as he was at the State Fair at
Yakima, where it provoked unfavora
ble comment from leading Democrats,
who declared that the executive could
not foist upon tbem a man who was
so plainly repudiated for cause, in
1892. If it be true, as is presaged by
this correspondent, that there is a
deal to unite a wing of the Republican
party and the Democracy in the Sena
torial contest of 1892, and that Rogers
or Bnively is to be the dark horse of
the opposition faction of the alliance,
the sooner the people know it the bet
It is not written in the stars that
Democratic leaders and party princi
ples may bs thrown about as jack
stones, to forward anybody's selfish as
pirations for political preferment.
toned literary production, the Anglo-
Saxon Review, published in London
and edited by Lady Randolph Church
ill, has suspended publication. It was
so esthetic, so etherial and laledab,
that no wonder it has flown aloft to
dwell with the angels. It was a quar
terly publication which sold for one
guinea (|5.25) a copy in Great Britain
and $6 in New York (or s2l a year in
liondon and $24 in this country.)
Each number was called a volume and
was a superb specimen of the printer
and book-maker's art. The covers of
no two volumes were alike, a point in
sisted upon by the recherche patrons
who don't want to " pattern" after any
body. No tradesmen's advertisements
were admitted to this aristocratic
IT is more envy than anything else
which impels the Republican newspa
pers to make war upon Mr. Hearst's
journalistic enterprises. He excels
them all in the methods of gathering
news from all parts of the world, and
is absolutely fearless in exposure of
frauds, and that has impelled them
with one accord to chirrup the charge
made of "yellow journalism." If
there were more such fearless advo
cates of right, the public would be the
better for it.
THE national financial policy seems
now to be an effort to enable the pet
national banks to conduct their busi
ness with unlimited capital on govern
ment credit. It is thought that by
judicious widespread loans they will
be able to bring the people np to the
ring-bolt on election day and thus
perpetuate the reign of spoilsmen.
They point to past success of the
scheme as a guaranty of feasibility.
WONDER if Col. Watterson has or
dered his coat of mail to wear on in
auguration day. The fate of Gobel
surely impresses the necessity for
some such protection from the cow
ardly assassin's bullet in the "Blue
Grass State."
WATTERSON wants to be elected Gov
ernor of Kentucky so that he will be
in position to make goo-goo eyes at
the Presidency. Some people, how
ever, look only horrid when they try
to smile.
Attempt to Exclude a Nobleman.
An effort has been made to exclude ■
Earl Russell from visiting the United
States, on account of his conviction for j
bigamy in England. The matter
came up on a protest tiled by a man
named Horace Smith,of (Sermantown,
Pa., with the Bureau of Immigration, j
alleging the Earl's ineligibility under
an I . S. statute, excluding persons
convicted of crime.
The Treasury Department, it seems,
took rifficial note of the protest, and
directed the Immigration Commis
sioners to make an investigation of
facts whenever the Earl should at
tempt to land at any U. S. port. This
action did no», however, imply that
he will be denied admission. The
fact that he was divorced in Nevada
and married Miss Soraerville there,
will probably be be considered as valid,
notwithstanding the divorce was not
recognized by the English courts.
The question, (imply presented, is,
whether the Earl may be Held guilty
for an act committed through and jus
tified by American laws, tbat is re.
garded in his own country as a felony,
and that he may be excluded under a
statute plainly framed to restrain
only the vicious and acknowledged
criminal classes.
Anyway, the matter is now " up to"
the Treasury Department, the Earl
having appealed from the Board of
Special Inquiry, which lias evidently
performed a perfunctory duty, leaving
the Department to make the final de
of wolves could not have mutilated
Czolgosz's body more horribly than
did the medicos who performed the
autopsy after lightning had stricken
the life out of his poor weak body.
They sawed open his skullytorc out his
brain, sliced open his body and hauled
forth his cntrals, and dissected every
portion of his remains, doubtless to
ascertain the origin of the hellish im
pulse that made him an assassin, and
then completed their gruesome work
by covering the several members wi||i
quick-lime and a carboy of acid, which
in a few lfours blotted them out of ex
istence. And the Associated Press be
trayed its hyenaish instincts by trans
mitting the bloody account to every
hamlet in the land.
LECT. —Somebody sent out a report
that Secretary Gage had said that be
could place a large number of capable
young men in positions in banks, at
$25,000 a year, if he only knew where
to find them. There seems to be thou
sands of young men who have made
an effort to enlighten the Secretary re
garding possession of qualifications re
quired and the original goldbug is kept
busy dictating letters of explanation
that somebody had started the story
simply to annoy. The colossal salary
paid the manager of the steel combine
—a cool million a year—makes it pos
sible for young men to believe that
very fat slices may be com mon on the
ottrving platter.
OVER 1,200 passengers came down
from Nome, last week, by the steamers
Senator and Garonne. Winter was
setting in in earnest when these ves
sels sailed, and the icy fetters had be
gun to restrain all sorts of labor on
the 19th, the day of departure. Pre
parations had been made for a long
cold winter by those who remain.
The Queen was at Nome aud the Ro
anoke at St. Michael's and a severe
gale blowing. They will be the last
steamers out, and will probably bring
down 2,000 more passengers.
A QUEER interruption to funeral ser
vices took place at Summit, Miss., last
week. It seems that a spectator ob
jected to the remarks of the preacher
being too laudatory of the deceased,
and drawing his revolver began to
shoot by way of emphasis of his pro
test. A row ensued, whereupon O'Neil
was overpowered, brought before a
magistrate, fined sls and sentenced to
150 days imprisonment. It will be
noted that the punishment is that us
ually dealt out where "gun men" are
in favor.
AN American company has made a
proposition to buy all the city and pri
vate street railways in St. Petersburg,
Russia. A Pittsburg capitalist, Mur
ray A Verner, is at the head of the en
terprise, and he proposes to organize a
company, under Russian laws, to as
sume ownership and control of the
whole service, including a stone or
steel bridge across the Neva. The
proposition, it is said, has been favor
ably received.
THE total shipment of gold from
the Klondike for the past four months,
ending Ist of the present month, has
been of a value of nearly twenty-two
million dollars—to be exact, from the
figures made by the Gold Commis
sioner at Dawson, 121,640,000—and it
is thought that it will climb to $24,-
000,000 or $25,000,000 when the final
shipments are all reported.
THE latest characteristic act of boas
Hanna has been to appoint a man
named Caper a member of the Nation
al Republican committee. It is ten
to one he has adopted the proper Ca
per for promoting bis arbitrary
methods. »
THE "yellow journal" just now
seems to be the yellow-jacket in fields
of publicity. And it is envy of the
blow-flies that makes them buzz about
it so persistently.
ALL the irrideacent coloring has
vanished from the President's bow of
promise since it became overshadowed
by that cloudy guest at the state din
Is it not significant that the storm
center of the Rogers-Snively boom
centers about the State penitentiary?
other woman has made a fool of her
self by passing over the Niagara Falls
in a barrel. This time death did not
ensue, but it was by almost a miracle
she escaped, llad tbe anvil, fastened
to one end of tbe barrel, to keep it up
riglit, shifted, she would have been
crushed to death and her neck broken.
She was seventeen minutes in the bar
rel, and when taken from it was un
conscious, but soon revived. She said
she would never do the act again, but
was not sorry she had done it " if it
would help her finances." She said
she had prayed all the time she was
in the barrel, except during a few mo
ments of unconsciousness after the
descent. The barrel in which Mrs.
Taylor made the journey is four and a
half feet high and About three feet in
diameter. A leather harness and
cushions inside protected her body.
Air was secured through a rubber tube
connected with a small opening near
the top of the barrel. Mrs. Taylor is
a school teacher aud ricently taught
at Bay City, Mich.
OCT" AS A SUCCESS. — As a business
proposition, the Pan-American Expo
sition has been a complete failure, the
management running some four mil
lions dollars short in receipts of meet
ing expenditures, and leaving a legacy
of lawsuits to determine where the loss
shall fall with the least severity. Be
sides this enormous aggregate of losses
direct, upon the management of the
big show, must be added the cost of
heavy municipal burdens assumed to
promote its success in the largest de
gree. It is probably owing to the fre
quency of these so called " World's
Fairs" that has rendered their success
decidedly problematical as business
ventures. They come too often and
stay too long to ensure the cordial co
operation which justifies success.
MUCH as we may deprecate the
crime of Czolgosz and despise the as
assin, there should be bounds to
which popular expressions of indigna
tion should be limited. The hanging
of the whelp in effigy at Hampsteod,
L. 1., the day of liis execution, and
shooting holes into tiie lay-figure, and
then burning it, amid hisses, groans
and cat-calls, was the act of wild-men
and absolute proof that, for the time
being, Reason was dethroned. It is at
such scenes that mankind cannot be
trusted, passion for the time subordi
nating all the higher Impulses of the
WHILE President Roosevelt was on
a trip to Connecticut, last week, eight
secret service agents and five detec
tives followed him to Farmington,
which had organized a special police
force to protect the President during
his slay, but in conformance with the
President'* orders probably, and his
inclination surely, the train arrived
early in the morning instead of the
afternoon. The object of the Presi
dent's trip to the Nutmeg State was to
participate in the Yale celebration of
its 200 th anniversary.
PRESIDENT Roosevelt was oue of
sixty-two men, eminent in science, art,
statesmanship, or letters, who were
granted degrees by Yale, at her late
bi-centennial celebration. The Presi
dent was made a Doctor of Liberal
Laws. It is questionable, however,
whether a college degree adds to true
merit, and if it is not genuine no such
device can make it so. Samuel L.
Clemens (Mark Twain) was one of the
honored 62, his degree being Doctor of
OLY, whose projector is engaged in
canning and preserving smaller fruits,
alludes to a new branch for adaptation
of natural products, for an utilitariao
object—the compression of grasshop
pers into "bricks," and selling them
for chicken food. This would probably
be united with the local " jammery"
trade, were the grasshopper crop ever
large enough to justify the effort.
Cut worms might be substituted, but
they are by no means a reliable crop.
THE assassin Czolgosz died in the
electrio chair, at Auburn prison, at
7.12 Tuesday morning. He did not
reveal the names of accomplices, if he
had any. The autopsy did not reveal
any unusual conditions of brain or
body. The remnants of the body were
destroyed by lime and acid. Thus
ends a dark page in our national his
A RACE-WAR between blacks and
whites took place at Balltown, La.,
last Sunday, at a camp-meeting, in
which one white man and nine negroes
were killed, and many of both sides
wounded. The conflict resulted from
an attempt of a constable to a serve a
warrant on one of the "culled
gemmen," for creating a disturbance.
FORKBT fires on the western slope of
the Alleghanies, in Pennsylvania and
West Virginia, last week, have com
pelled many families to leave their
homes, and the loss in buildings,
fences, stock and crops has been enor
mous. The fires started from hunters'
THE Schley investigation approaches
a close, and the evidences are that he
will come out of the conflict as "tri
umphant as he did at Santiago, when
he sank the fleet of the enemy.
THE New York World announces
that Cleveland will endorse Sbepard
for the Mayoralty of New York. As
Peck's Bad Boy would say: "That
settles it."
THE Filipinos have again surren
dered to the American forces.
LAST Sunday, President Roosevelt
was 43 years old.
THOSE who live in fragile tenements
should not hurl dornicks.
ADMIRAL Casey, with the flagship
Wisconsin, has been ordered to pro-'
ceed to Samoa, several thousand miles
distant, to investigate a charge ol
drunkenness, made from missionary!
sources, against Capt. Tilley, in com-;
mand of U.S. X. forces at Tutulla.
Capt. T.'s record at that station has
been highly commended, and his ad- i
ministration of affairs has been very ;
satisfactory to the department. It is
said that a vessel of the size of the
Wisconsin was sent to enable Admiral
Casey to have a sufficient number of
.officers of a high rank to form the
! court, if after inquiry one is deemed
; necessary.
HAS John 1). Rockefeller set a new
gait for wedding marches? At his
1 marriage, celebrated at Providence
lately, where 1,000 guests were enter
tained, wine and all other alcoholic
, drinks were strictly forbidden. He
. married Miss Abbey Greene Aldricb,
! daughter of the millionaire Senator
j from the little State, and while the
i nuptials were brightened by a fortune
I spent for merely floral decorations,
not one cent went for ablutions to
i 1 King Alcohol.
THK Turks seem to be forcing the
missionary question (o an issue. A
Sofia dispatch of the 19th states that
five fugitives from Baniska, Macedo
nia—among whom was a brother of
Mrs. Tsilka, Miss Stone's companion—
were shot by Turkish frontier guards
while endeavoring to cross into Bui
garian territor. U. S. Consul Dickin
son, believing they were members of
the American Mission Church, lias de
manded an official inquiry.
PRESIDENT Roosevelt is reported to
have said to Senator Mason of Illinois,
the other day, who was urging the
claims to " recognition" of a party
striker: "I will support no man to
office, even if recommended by the or
ganization, unless he is wholly quali
fied for the position he seeks and is a
man of integrity." That kind of lan
guage makes one believe that Teddy
must have some Democratic learnings.
THE Board of Control are now agi
tating the matter of putting in a
printing plant at the Reform School
to print blanks for the Stato officers.
This is but a modification of the plan
of Gov. Rogers to have the convicts in
the State Penitentiary to print the
text-books for the public schools,
submitted in his first message to the
HAD Mr. Smith—Mr. Horace Smith,
of Germantown—been a resident of
Chicago, instead of a small municpality
in Pennsylvania, it is hardly probable,
that he would have objected to a visit
of Lord Russel, simply because he was
too much married, nor would he have
invoked the aid of an obsolute law to
to keep him out.
-s ♦ •
THE sales of the closing season in
dicate that the bicycle craze is on its
wvne, and unless some further im
provement is made in efficiency and
reduction in price of the motor bi
cycle, there is likely to be a slump in
wheels next season which will place
them among the discarded fads.
THE Ohio Republicans expect to have
a walk-over this fall but they are putting
on their big boots, just the same.—Olym
They seem to know which extrem
ity needs protection the most.
"If you want to hurts ul«a\ Je»t kick Mm
on da heel."
A CALIFORNIA boy has gone insane for
love of a Chicago boarding-house keep
er. She must have kept the prune
away from him. — Olympian.
Oh, no; it was " a peach" he was
after, and like most good things he
couldn't reach it on tip-toe.
PAN-AMERICAN postage stamps have
been retired; that ia they will not
hereafter be supplied by the govern
ment. So if you want to possess a
souvenir and curio of the big exposi
tion, you had better pas'e a few of the
pretty little cbromos on the wall.
PRESIDENT Roosevelt set up a marked
contrast, at least, when he feasted a
black man in the White House. As
neither shade is, however, considered
a primary color of the solar spectrum,
it should not lead fo a drawing of a
distinctive color-line.
AND now the kodak companies have
combined under a capitalization of
$35,000,000, and the photographers
films and "seed" will probable ad
vance so radidly that a picture trust
will be formed.
IT seems quite difficult to Piatt any
map that shows a prospect of Repub
lican success in New York. It is
a pillar of cloud that is continu
ally leading this lost tribe to the
" promised laud."
W ILLIA.M K. Vanderbilt is a swift
number. He lately made six miles in
six minutes and forty-seven seconds,
in his automobile, over the Empire
City race track, in New York.
TACOMA claims that the foreign and
coastwise exports and imports from
that city, aggregate nearly three and
a-half million dollars in value for a
GEN. Buller became England's scape
goat simply because he talked too
much. Let it be a warning to all
who are afflicted with a plethoria of
It is said that Hi Henry's locomo
bile drew the overflow to the theater
Monday night.
THE name of Brighton park, New
York, has been changed to McKinlev
THE pet name of the automobile
has Anally settled upon plain " Mobe."
FAMS is the perfume of heroic deods.
Roosevelt's Diplomatic " I'll Look Into the
Matter," Seems to Have Been Barren of Re
sults—The Appointment of William Dudley
Foulke to the Civil Service Commissioner
ship is Disappointing to Republican Con
gressman, for He Has Not Learned " How
Not to Do It," and Will, It is Feared, Have
Some Respect for the Law—The Navy De
partment Should Be Investigated -Ito and
Roosevelt Cement Bonds of Friendship Be
tween America and Japan—Chicago Postal
(From our regular correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24,1901.
When President Roosevelt left
Washington on Monday afternoon for
New Haven he left behind him a sad
ly disgruntled politician in the person
of Senator Piatt of New York, who
was nursing his wrath in his apart
ments at the Arlington Hotel. When
the Senator was in Washington some
weeks ago he discussed New York pol
itics with the President and, while
Mr. Roosevelt did not actually com
mit himself, he went home with the
impression that he was to have things
pretty much his own way. His most
important request had been for the
removal of Appraiser Wakeman who
is said to have shown too keen an ap
preciation of his duty to the govern
ment and far too small an apprecia
tion of the allegiauce due to the Re
publican dictator of New York. For
the good of the machine discipline it
was essential that Wakeman's scalp
should dangle from the dictator's belt.
Mr. Roosevelt had diplomatically
promised " to look into the matter"
and Mr. Piatt supposed his object was
On investigation, it is said, Mr.
Roosevelt found nothing to warrant
Mr. Wakeman's removal and conse
quently no change was made. Final
ly Senator Piatt, notwithstanding the
fact that he had previously intimated
that Secretary Gage was not minding
his own business in recommending
Mr. George Whitehead for the ap
praisership, joined forces with the
Secretary of the Treasury and wrote
to the President endorsing Mr. White
head and still he heard nothing from
the President. Finally on last Sun
day he came to Washington and
again he got no satisfaction. That
evening he wired to Governor Odell
and early next morning Odell ap
peared in Washington ard breakfasted
with the President, but the President
left for New Haven without giving the
slightest satisfaction to either of the
gentlemeu, and it is understood that
they held a consolation meeting at
the Fifth Avenue Hotel, in New York,
on Tuesday evening.
Senator Piatt has also found Secre
tary Gage a weak reed on which to
lean, for the Secretary of the Treas
ury, whose attitude is, " I'll endorse
anything if you won't ask for my res
ignation," has reconsidered his posi
tion and expressed himself to the
President to the effect that he " guess
es Wakeman is not so bad, after all."
The belief that Setli Low stands little
likelihood of election does not add to
Piatt's influence and the calm dignity
with which Croker smiles and " keeps
sayin' nothin'" is an additional ag
gravation to the New York boss.
While the Republicans are trying
to make the best of the appointment
of William Dudley Foulke to the Civil
Service Commissionership, they are by
no means pleased with the appoint
ment. It is understood that Mr.
Foulke exacted from the President,
before accepting the appointment, a
promise that he should have full sway
under the law in the administration
of the affairs of the commission, and
that means that a good many of the
prerogatives of Republican Congress
men will be cut off. The Commission
has, in the past, been obliged to wink
at many things in order to secure as
much freedom as they have had, but
in the future, with Mr. Foulke as
president of the Commission, for it is
6tated that Mr. Proctor will resign the
presidency in Mr. Foulke's favor, the
Commission promises to stand serious
ly in the way of many of the petty
little patronage schemes concocted by
Republican Congressmen.
It seems as if the Fifty-seventh
Congress would be compelled to inves
tigate the Navy Department. On top
of the Schley-Sampson affair comes
the report from the captain of the Al
abama that a large percentage of the
shells, which of course had been in
spected and marked " O. K." by repre
sentatives of the Department, was
found to be defective and that the pre
mature bursting of one of them com
pletely disabled the port, thirteen-inch
gun. Moreover, the story of the De
partment's permitting the cruiser Co
lumbia to go to rack and ruin in the
League Island navy yard will not stay
as completely buried as Secretary
Long thought it would, aa is evidenced
by inquiries into the subject that are
being made by some of the Congress
men who are coming to Washington.
Altogether there is ample warrant for
an investigation and if some unruly
Congressman, with more regard for
bis own standing with his constitu
ents than for the good of the party,
does not persist in dragging Secretary
Long's skeletons out of the closet, it
will be surprising.
The Marquis Ito, who was for a
number of years Prime Minister of
Japan, lunched with the President on
Monday. Mr. Roosevelt urged him to
return to Washington after receiving
his degree at New Haven, as he
wished to give a dinner in his honor,
but the Marquis declined the invita
tion, alleging the condition of his
health and the political situation in
Japan as his excuse. The Marquis
told the President that the commerce
of his country now amounted to more
than 1250,000,000 per annum, that
Japan had 846 steamers with an ag
gregate tonnage exceeding 528,000
tons and that she had built up all this
within the last thirty years, that the
time would come and that it was not
far off when, next to the United
States, Japan would be the greatest
commercial power on the Pacific
Ocean and he expressed gratification
that the relations between the United
States and Japan were so cordial and
assured the President that Japan
would lose no opportunity to more
closely cement the bond of friendship.
Postmaster Coyne of Chicago was in
Washington tbis week urging the De- j
partment to give him more space, as I
he says he is sorely cramped in the'
present temporary postoffice and that
it will be from three to four years be
fore the new government building is
ready for occupancy. Mr. Coyne also
predicted that by that time the new
postoffice would be too small for the
requirements of his force, a statement
which rather startled the authorities
until they remembered that Mr.
Coyne was from Chicago and that, as
one of them expressed it, " his state
ments must betaken cum grano sal it." |
The recent robbery of stamps amount-;
iug to over 175,000, from the Chicago
postoffice and various stamp robberies
of smaller amounts all over the coun
try are likely to lead the Postmaster
General to ask the coming Congress to
enact a law prohibiting the sale of
stamps by anyone other than a gov
ernment agent. Such a law, it is be-1
lieved, would, to a large extent, re-;
move the incentive to rob postoffices. i
James G. Green, convicted of mur
der in the first degree of E. V. Benja
min, last March, and recently sen
tenced to be hanged by Judge A. L.
Miller, has apparently given up hope
of the Governor interfering in his be
half, says a Stevenson correspondent.
Green has written his relatives in the
South, bidding them good-bye. He
has on several occasions stated that he
preferred to be hanged rather than be
sent to the penitentiary. While the
day has not been set by the court for
his execution, it is not far off, and the
Sheriff, in anticipation, is making
preparations for the execution. It is
not likely that the matter will be pro
longed as in the case of Nordstrom,
as Green's relatives seem reluctant in
furnishing funds. His attorney has,
however, given notice of appeal, but it
is hardly believed by the people here
that the appeal will be perfected, as
the final result could hardly be ex
pected, in a case of so foul a murder
as this one, to result other than in
unnecessary expense to a county al
ready burdened.
A tremendous blast was exploded
Sunday on the line of the Marcus-
Republic Railroad at a point opposite
Hall's bridge. This was the largest
blast ever set off since work was com
menced on the road. A force of men
were engaged'for some time in cut
ting a long, narrow tunnel into the
side of a mountain of stone. It was so
run as to blow off a vast mass of over
hanging rock when the blast exploded.
Three hundred and thirty kegs of
black powder were placed in the tun
nel. The report of this terrific blast
could be heard for miles. It is esti
mated that 70,000 tons of rock were
shivered and detached. Somo of the
huge rocks were hurled along distance.
The total amount of jtowder used in
this blast weighed 8,250 pounds and
cost if 1,200.
Jeki Miller Murpkr, liupr aid Proprietor.
Wednesday Ev'g, Nov. 0
The Grand Scenic Production of Leon M. Hat
terbach'a Dramatization of Ouida'a
Famous Novel,
Louise McCallam
Everything as in a metropolitan pre
sentation of the Play.
Tickets on sale at O'Connor's Tuesday
morning at 9 o'clock.
Juki Miller Sirpky. Managrr aid Proprietor.
Thursday, Oct. 7th
Direction W. K. NANKEVILLK.
Best Minstrel Company en Tour
Gleeful, Joyful, Tuneful Minstrelsy.
The title the only remnant of former
Grand Vocal Corps.
Hear MORGAN, the World's Greatest
Minstrel Tenor, direct from Moore it
Burgess' Theater, London, Eng.
You've got to see the Ilaverly Masto
don to hear him.
Seats at O'Connor's Wednesday morn
ing. Prices, SI.OO, 75, 50 and 25 cents.
Administrator's Notice.
Katale of Emma A. Hooter, deceased.
Notice I- hereby given, that lettera of admioix
tratloo on the eatate of Emma A. Hunter de
ceased, were granted to the underalitoed, on the
lit d»v ot October. 11101, by the Superior Court of
Thuratoo county.
All peraona having elalma againat laid eatate,
are required to exhibit them tome for allow
anee. at Taleott Bldg., Suite So. 1, Main atreet,
Olymjiia, Thuraton County, State of Waahing
ton, within twelve montha after the date of thia
notice', or they ahall be forever barred.
Thia 4tli day of October. ISOI
Admlnlatrator of aaid Katate.
O. C. IKUAKL. Attorney for Admiuiatrator.
Astliinalciic llrings Instant Relief and lVi niaiici t
After liaviiiK it carefully analyzed,
opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.
Gentlemen: 1 writo this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
-V -.i 1 Von- Astbiiialene, for the cure of Asthma. 'My wife has been af
flicted with spasmodic asthma lor the past 12 years. Having exhausted mv own
Mtriii ttf v Ve v S 'nany others, I chanced to see your sign upon your windows on 130 th
Tit,- e T „ once obtained a liottle of Astlunalene. My wife coinuienced
sit db^wra
aftUctecCw it h th?s d islressi rig* disease! C ' y reo ° mmt "' d ""dicine toali who are
Yours respectfully.
Oentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous
r"f Ve a ." 1 ra " ""ross your advertisement and started
? T I found relief at once. I have since purchased vour full-sized
I , am ever rate fill. 1 have a family of four children, and for six years
TI 1 » W ° I "IN now in the best of health and am doititf business every
day. This testimony you can make such use of as you see tit.
Home address, 235 Rivington Street. S. RAPHAEL.
07 East 129 th St., City.
IC9 S t' N W Y t CUy 0 " Ce ' " ;,,lres,,in " Ult TAFrS nrt °S- MEDICINE CD
Cloak and Fur Sale
Children Coats worth $ 4 . 00 at $ 2 75
-00 at 3.25
« i< (( , a
f°° 31 433
* 800 at 5-50
T " " at 9.00
Ladies Coats « ?JOO 5
M (4 (4 a. >
« «« « * A J
K K 11 ' j
<« « «
„ 15 00 at 11.50
" ««
~ „ „ _ 25.00 at 20.00
rurs, Collarettes, Storm Collars or Boas 2.25 at Iso
" " « (( U (|
" 500 at 3.75
" 700 at 5.50
" " « MUM
" 10.00 at 7.25
" - M « .
„ „ 12.50 at 9.00
44 " if ti (i
" " 15 00 at 11.00
" " " 20.00 at 15.00
" " 25.00 at 20.00
" " 3000 at 22.00
Man Merc. Go.
....AND.... y
Photographic i
Materials . 5
Main Street, - Olympia.
Estey Organ
And make your home happier. Perhaps you don't know how we
sell pianos and organs—the prices, terms of payment, etc. We wil 1
be more than glad to tell you about these things if you wi/
come in.
203 Fourth Street. Tel. 365.
C'uic in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthma
lenc. It brings instant relief, even
in the worst cases. It cures when
all else fails.
The Rev. C'. F. WKLI.S, of Villa Ridge.
111, says: "Your trial bottle of Asthma
lena received in (rood condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful I feel for the good
derived troni it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and Asthma fur ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. I
saw jour advertisement for the cure of this
dreadful and tormenting disease. Asiluna,
and thought you had overspoken your
selves, but resolved to give it a trial. To
my astonishment, the trial acted liko a
charm. Send me a ull-si/.e bottle."
Rev. Or. Morris Wechslcr,
Ralibi of the Cong. Hnai Israel.
New Yobk Jan. 3, 1001.
Prs Taft Illtos. MEDICINE Co.,
(ientlemen: Your Asthmalene is an ex
cellent remedy for Astluna and Ilay Fever
and its composition alleviates all troubles
which combine with Asthma. Its success
is astonishing and wonderful.
we can state ttiat Asthma'cue contains no
Very truly- yours,
AVON SPBINOS, N. Y., Feb. 1,1901

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