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cm iiF BRIEF
A Hillings and wife arc visiting
friends in Portland.
A. II Voting, of Little Rock, was in
the city, Wednesday.
T. H. l'hipps the grocer, has been
on the sick list the past week.
Tho Sr.wnwti) is the pnper that
brings results to the advertiser.
Peter Mi'Gniro and Fred Simmons
have gone to Aberdeen to reside.
Eugene Taylor and wife, of Oyster
Bav, were visitors to the city this week.
11. T. Jones, of the Board of Control,
visited Orting this week on official
J. C. Rathbun, a former Olympia
newspaper man, now of Seattle, was
in the city, this week.
Mrs. 11. G. Richardson attended a
district convention of the Degree of
Honor at l'uyallup, this week.
Sol Simpson now has control of the
Shellnti and Southwestern railway, a
logging road in Mason county.
A son was born to Mrs. Fred. Haeger,
of the Eastside, and another to Mrs. C.
J. Van Elton, of Southend, this week.
A side-track of the Northern Pa
cific is to be laid for accommodation
of the shingle mill near the depot
The steamer Santa Barbara arrived
from San Francisco, Sunday afternoon,
to take in a cargo of lumber for Cali
fornia ports.
(iov. Mead has named Mitchell
Gilliam fur Sixth Judge of King
county, a position created by the pres
ent Legislature.
E. E. Taylor has just received a
largo stock of new bicycle tires direct
frcm the factory. Read bis advertise
ment in this paper.
E. L. Slade, chief clerk in the Adju
tant General's office, Monday, received
a message announcing the death of his
father in Lincoln, Neb.
A number of Gypsies are camped on
Eastside hill and are busily engaged
in fortune-telling aud other diversions
peculiar to the strollers.
Patrolman John A. Cameron, of the
city police force has resigned. John
W. Query has been appointed to suc
ceed him and entered upon his duties.
George W. Pease died yesterday at
his home near Gull Harbor. He
leaves a wife and six children to mourn
the loss of a kind husband and loving
The applications of J. T. Thacker
and George Milton Savage for water
franchises front the city, have been
laid over for further consideration of
the committee.
During the past month fifty-three
vagrants have been ordered to " move
on," three cows impounded and eight
arrests made, according to Chief
Braeger's report.
The Superior Court has ordered a
dismissal of the Chambers-Longmire
suit, involvings farm lease on Cham
bers prairie, and for costs to be paid
by both parties.
St. Martin's College at Lacey is in a
flourishing condition. The enrollment
is now larger than at any time since
the foundation of that excellent edu
cational institution.
Our fortnight of clear weather was
broken Tuesday morniDg by the regu
lar order of winter—rain, rain, in
terminable rain—which will probably
finish out the season.
Mrs. R. A. Brewer, of Grand Mound,
mother of F. W- Stocking, and Mrs.
Alfred Manoing, of Seattle, mother of
Mrs. Stocking, are visitors at the fam
ily home in this city.
Robert Bridges, Commissioner of
Lands under the State Fusion admin
istration came over from White river
this week as a delegate to urge amend
ment of the drainage law.
John C. Kleber, who practiced law
in thie city in the early 90s, now a
resident of Spokane, came over to at
tend to some business in the Supreme
Court, Tuesday. He was accompanied
by his wife.
The City Council, Monday night,
authorized the issue of a warrant for
$4,800 in favor of George Milton Sav
age for the second half of contract
price for construction of draw on
West bridge.
Rev. John Qvall, presiding elder of
the Swedish M. E. Church of this
district, arrived Tuesday, to hold the
quarterly conference of his charge.
He wa9 assisted by Rev. Chas. John
son, pastor of the local congregation.
County Assesser L. E. Duval has
selected the following deputies: P. D.
Moore, L. Cormier, M. J. Dempsey,
William Rutledge, Walter Longinire,
Eugene Williamson and Capt. Bren-I
ner. L. Cormier will be assigned to
the Olympia field.
An order issued Tuesday from the
office ot Adjutant General Drain notes
the promotion of Second Lieut. H.
Norman to be First Lieut., assigned
to Company D, and Sergeant Wm. T
Jones commissioned Second Lieut, in
the same company.
The schooner McAUep will load
umber at this port next week. She
left Port Townsend, Tuesday, and
sailed the length of the Sound without
i^ e .. ai . * tug ' M WRS t,one bv sailers
Zilftu*u the custo,n boUBe lo
cated here, hall a century ago.
T.SI A ' F;, S T a received notice
Tuesday, of the death of his mother,
Lucinda R. Sawm, at Baldwin. Kas.
She was 90 years of age. and visited
her son about two years ago, and
many of our people retain pleasing
memories 0 f the individuality of the
oIU Jady,
P..^n Prt *? l ntgomer y, editor of the
Puyallup Tribune, visited the capital
k- *1- * representative of the
er»iln K <v lSt . r t0 ur <5« eoneid
tho a . b y U>e Legislature of aid to
at Piu-li'l Experiment station
edves a ni Standard acknowl
edges a p easant call from the genial
*nd talented gentleman.
I 1 N. De'ine, a traveling salesman
ing apartments with Ttieod ire L.
Brown m this city, attempted suicide
at Ho pii iin, last Friday. Ho st, o t
hims.di with a 28-caliber revolver
through the body. A message to his
wi'e Lint he was fearfully ill in the
hospital at liotpnain indicates that
the shot had not been fatal.
Horace Uunbar was lately injured
, lite a* verely, while working on the
.Mason county logging train. He
slipped and his foot was caught under
the wheels and his ankle was badly
crushed, and it is bared he is injured
internally, lie is a man of family
and bis enforced suspension ol labor
for a time will be a hardship.
It is reported that the late change
in train service of the Northern Pa
cific apparently discriminating against
this city was due solely to condition of
bridges oti the " loop," which are be
ing placed in thorough repair for the
heavy trains that will lie necessary
when the Kxposition begins. Soon as
these repairs are completed, we have
been promised a restoration of the
through service.
Senator J. P. Sharp, of Kittitas and
Chelan, who left the Legislature a
couple of weeks ago to return to his
home at Kllcnshurg, on account of
severe illness, died Wednesday. Ihe
capitol flag has been at half ma-t and
the usual ceremonies of condolence
will doubtless follow. The Governor
has issued ft proclamation for a spec
ial election in the 111 th district on the
2Ud inst.
Wm. McGowan, Ed. Rogers and
George Taylor, on complaint of James
Crowley, Sr., had a preliminary hear
ing in Justice's Court this week, on a
charge of violating the gambling law,
and were hound over in the sum of
SSOO each to appear and answer in the
Superior Court. Crowley claims to
have lost $1,950 belonging to his son.
McGowan filed a counter suit against
him for embezzlement of money be
longing to another, which has not yet
come to trial.
The dwelling house of FTed. Reed,
of South Union, was destroyed by
fire Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Reed
was filling lamps, when she lighted
one of them and it exploded scattering
burning oil over her and about the
room. She succeeded in extinguish
ing the flames on tho burning gar
ments, but not before she was severely
injured. The building and contents
were burned, involving a loss of about
$2,009, on which an insurance of sl,-
000 was held.
The next meeting of the Horticul
tural Society will be held at the court
house to-morrow at 1:30 o'clock. The
topic is " Poultry and Poultry Man
agement," and every one who is in
terested in the subject should be pres
ent. Mrs. B. B. Lord, who gave such
an interesting and instructive talk at
the State Dairymen's Convention, will
speak, and others have promised to
express their views. Ladies especially
are invited to be present. It will well
repay all who attend to hear Mrs.
The STANDARD is prepareJ to give
each of its subscribers who are paid a
year in advance, or new subscribers
who pAy for that length of time, a
year's subscription to the Pacific Tree
and Vine, published at San Jose, Cal.,
a magnificent illustrated monthly of
36 large pages devoted to horticulture,
agriculture, flowers and household
topics, aod a department devoted to
poultry. It is given Absolutely free
to subscribers complying with our
condition of advance payment. Sam
ple copy freo.
The bill for removal of the capital
passed the Senate last week with such
a whirl that its present slumber is in
remarkable contrast. The subject WAS
referred to the Judiciary committee
of the House and they showed a dis
position to investigate conditions be
fore taking another leap into the dark.
The bill will come up for final con
sideration next Wednesday evening at
7 o'clock. It is proposed, likewise, to
make the Supreme Court migratory
in its nature and to hold terms at
Spokane, Seattle and in Jthis city,
The Fraternal Union of America
Lodge No. 370, assembled in Rabeck's
hall, Feb. 4th, and installed the fol
lowing officers for the ensuing term,
A. Taylor acting as installing officer:
C. J. Swayne, F. M.; Mrs. M. Howard,
Jr.; A. Barnard, Bec.; Mrs.C. Barnard,
Treas.; Mrs. A.J. Skinner, Pro.; Mrs.
A. Swayne, T; Mrs. J. Lowe, Mr.;
Mrs. D. McNamara, G.: J. E. Urqubart,
Gr.; J. Rhue, Sen.; J. Barnes, J. R.
Bolton, F. Clayton, Stewards; Miss A.
Safley, Organist. After the installa
tion refreshments were served and a
good time enjoyed by all present.
Superior Court Proceedings.
The following xeoord was made in
the Superior Court this week:
A. W. Luders vs. Fred Kulin and Ber
tha Kuhn. his wife: defendant granted
leave to file an amended answer.
Duncan Bigelow vs. J. McNaught; de
fault of defendant entered.
State of Washington vs. Albert Wilson
and Peter Querrie; bound over from Jus
tice Court on charge of grand larceny.
A. A. Phillips and H. B. McElroy, as
Executors of estate of A. H. H. Stuart,
deceased, vs. Annie S. Garvey; on mo
tion of plaintiff, cause dismissed.
Oliver Forsyth vs. J. O'B. Scobey;
judgment entered against defendant in
sum of $4,833,310, with interest and costs.
Chas. Walker vs. A. S. Gallihcr;
plaintiff ordered to furnish cost bond.
David Chambers et ux vs. J. L. Long
mire ; case dismissed without any recov
ery of costs.
Mrs. Clara E. Sylvester and May Syl
vester vs. State of Washington; State of
Washington made party defendant and
substituted for defendant, Allison.
Canadian Mortgage & Trust Co. vs. L.
S. Barnard; complaint to quiet title
Hair Wagner, respondent, vs. Directors
School District No. 1; remittitur from
Supremo Court.
Orlando Morrison vs. Bertha Morrison ;
plain ted granted divorce and custody qf
Henry Sallee vs. Robert A. Aver;
complaint for recovery of damage.
It is quite evident that had the
newspapers of the State the decision
of the capital question,-the seat of gov
ernment would never be removed from
Olympia or such an unjust and ex
travagant idea suggested. They are
universally to be a true index of popu
lar opinion, and presage what the re
sult would be should the vexed ques
tion be again opened.
The firemen's pension bill baa a cat
life. It was defeated Wednesday in
the House; resurrected yesterday by
reconsideration, and will now undergo
amendment for anew existence.
Vincent Konesak, after tying a re
volver to a fence-post at Bingham
Springs, near Spokane, pulled the
trigger. The bullet passed through
his heart, killing him instanfly.
roiitiimorl frim S coml 1':,.'.-
money to pay the wages of several per
sons employed 'o mark teachers' ex
amination papers.
No. by Clapp—Authorizing tlie
incorporation of clubs, societies, etc.
I lie bill is said to be designed to allow
lumbermen to form a mutual protec
tive association for grading and in
spection of lumber.
No. dS, by Lindsley—Providing that
the Clerk of Court shall keep a record
of attendance of witnesses in civil
cases the same as in criminal cases.
The Senate Committee on Mileage
presented a report fixing the salary of
Senate employes considerably higher
all down the line than two years ago.
The Secretary of the Senate's salary
was raised from $6 to 7.50 per day, and
other increases were correspondingly
high. The report was adopted with
out opposition.
The President named Senators Ve
ness and Rasher as a committee on
behalf of tho Senate to visit the Slate
Reform School and report on the ad
visability of purchasing more farm
land for that institution.
The following hills were introduced
in the House, Tuesday:
Nt>. 2(12, by Morgan, Snohomish—
Amending the act creating a Bureau
ol Labor, authorizing the commis
sioner to appoint necessary assistants.
No. 2611, by Schultz, San Juan—
Providing a close season for clams
between April 1 anil September 1.
No. 261, by Johnson, Chelan—
Amending the act for the protection
of game animals, song and game birds
and gante fish, authorizing .State
Game Warden to appoint a chief dep
uty at a salary of $1,500.
No. 265, by Todd, King—Direct
primary election law.
No. 266, by Ratcliffu, Spokane—
Making appropriations for the main
tenance and increased equipment of
the State Normal school at Cheney
in the sum of $110,516. Additional
buildings are asked as follows: Train
ing school and gymnasium, SIO,OOO.
S. B. No. 71, by Moore, relating to
the organization and management of
private corporations witli relation to
insurance companies, was passed un
der suspension of the rules.
The following House bills also
No. 106, by Kudeuc —Relating to
the punishment for the crime of seduc
tion. It provides that a man who
consents to marry a woman in order
to eseapo punishment and Afterward
deserts or abandons the woniAn may
be arrested agaiu and tried on the
original charge.
No. 128, by Booth—Providing for
and fisintf the bonds of guardians.
No. 150, by lloth Relating to
maintenance, repair and renewal of
sidewalks and providing for the pay
ment thereof by owners of abulliug
No. 83, by Stilson—Preventing the
sale of lands set apart for use and en
dowment of the State Agricultural
College without consent of board of
No. 57, by Roth—Making deficiency
appropriation of $5,000 for State Oys
ter Board.
A committee consisting of Kinnear.
Baker and Sumner was appointed,
Wednesday, to investigate iho report
that some of the Seuate employees
had not performed the least service
since their election and had drawn
their per diem with absolute regularity
aod precision. It is also a matter of
some discord that the Senate has,
in its generosity, provided pay in ex
cess of that allowed members of the
The Senate Wednesday passed the
following bills:
No. 2, by Vila6—Juvenile court l.aw.
The bill applies only to cities of the
first class.
No. 106, by Welsh—Submitting a
constitutional amendment giving log
ing companies the right of eminent
No. 95, by Pavis —Relieving land
lords of liability for damsges to per
sons injured while under the influence
of intoxicating liquor.
No. 81, by Baker—Authorizing
boards of County Commissioners to
levy a one-half mill tax for the purpose
of county exhibits at Lewis and Clark
fair. Senators Boone, Bratt, Bronsou,
Christian aod Palmer voted against
this bill.
No. 20, by J. B. Lindsley—Extend
ing the age limit for committment of
girls to reform school from }G to 18
years. ,
No. 8, by Potts—Authorizing the
State Land Commissioner to extend
the time for the removal of limber
purchased from the State from State
lands. The bill provides for " reason
able" extension. Senators Boone and
Palmer voted against the bill.
No. 116, by Venoss— Permitting the
sale of the Slate's granted timber
lands in such a manner as to realize
the greatest revenue for the State.
The bill provides for public auction of
both land and timber or either separ
ately, and provides that timber shall
be removed within five years.
The first House bill to be defeated
to the Senate was No. 88, by Liudsley,
limiting appeals from Justice Court to
Superior Court to sums not exceeding
The following bills wero introduced
in the Senate Wednesday :
No. 148, by Sumner—To regulate
the organization and management of
bonding companies within the State.
No. 149, by Bronson—Providing
penalties for violation of the Horti
cultural act.
No. 100, by Earles—Providing a
close season for aockeye salmon be
tween July 10 and August 25, 1906
and 1908.
No. 151, by Pogue—Appropriating
SIO,OOO to bore artesian well on a sec
tion of school land in Douglas county.
No. 152, by Stansell—Creating the
office of State Mine Inspector, exclu
sive or coal mines, and defining his
duties. The bill gives him general
supervision over all placer and quartz
mines, and provides for reports estab
lishing the vidua of mines.
No. 153, by Btansell—Forbidding
Prosecuting Attorneys itom compro
mising civil litigation wherein the
State is involved without the consent
of the Attorney General and where the
county is involved the consent of
County Commissioners.
No. 154, by Wilson—Providing that
no person shall advertise his ability to
cure diseases of sexual organs and
making it a misdemeanor; also mak
ing it a misdemeanor for newspapers
to publish such advertisements.
No. 155, by Tucker—Amending the
inheritance law,
No. 150, by Stewart—Appropriating
$25,600 for the Wostern Washington
experiment station at Puyallup.
The following bills were introduced
in the House.
No. 267, by Megler, Wahkiakum—
Providing for the protection of and
propagation of food fishes and salmon
in the waters of the State. The bill
J That we give better value in Men's <
> ready-to-wear Suits and Trousers !
J than any other store in the county. 2
j The Emporium j
i 1110 Fourth Street. Phone lied 1813. J
!*M»*»»4444444+'»44444444444*»»MHM»H 444f4444*4+4..*.
A Royal Range f
No. 8, (>-llole, 18-in. Oven. 4
Warranted for 10 years.... 1
$35.00. $35.00. $35.00. I
44»MMMMMMtMMM»m4»4444+m»H ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 4f4
embraces the principal features of the
several bills on the subject introduced,
including the agreement reached by
the joint conference between commit
tees from the Oregon ond Washing
ton Legislatures. It relates to the
waters of the Columbia river princi
pally, and does not affect the fishing
industry on Pugct Sound in any now
No. 2(W, l>y Ifenn, Chchalis (by re
quest)— Relating to the Whatcom and
Cheney Normal aehool warrants, making
such warrants a lieu on the properties
of the schools ami providing for tho
foreclosure of said lien.
No. 209, by Iluxtahle, Spokane—To
provide time to allow workingmen to
vote. This bill was drafted by the Leg
islative board of the Brotherhood of Lo
comotive Engineers. It provides that
workingmen be billowed to absent them
selves from their work a period of two
hours while the polls are open.
No. 270, by M-doqey, Slovens— Requir
ing corporations to file semi-annual
statements of receipts and disbursements
witli the Secretary of State and the pub
lication of the substance of such state
ments in same newspaper in general cir
No. 271, by Booth King—To prohibit
the advertisement of treatment or cure
of diseases and disorders of the sexual
organs, aud declaring same to be a mis
No. 2T2, by Retter, Lincoln—Relating
to peddlers and venders of merchandise
and providing county licenses for same
as follows; (') Peddler on foot, $100;
(2) peddler with one horse und wagon,
$150; (3) peddler with two horses ami
wagon, $2o0; (4) peddler witli any other
conveyance, $llOO.
No. 274, by Shultz, San Juan —To pro
tect deer anil other game animals. Pro
hibiting hunting of same with dog?.
No. 275, by Van Slyke, Pierce (by re
quest)— Amending the act relative to the
election of school district clerks.
No. 27G, by Weber, Walla Walla—To
amend act authorizing oities and towns,
to construct, condemn, purchase, acquire,
etc., systems of water works, sewerage,
works of lighting, heating, fuel and other
purposes, cahle, electric and other rail
ways within or without corporate limits,
No. 277, by Houston, King —ln relation
to deliveries of goods to consignees by
common carriers.
The Senate passed the following bills
ih t originated in that branch, yester
day :
l'almer's bill providing s $5 bounty
on o nigars and $2.50 on lynx and wild
Has ton's bill, giving well-diggers n
lien upon land for unpaid services.
Rasher's bill, appropriating $2,000
each-for aiding the Crittenden Homes
in Seattle and Spokane and the White
Shield Home in Tacoma.
Hnoter's bill, providing that alt
claims against municipalities shall be
invalid unless presented within thirty
days from the lime when the olaim
J. J. Smith's bill prohibiting the
adulteration of any ground grains fed
to live stock under a penalty of $25 to
SIOO fine or imprisonment from one to
six months.
In the House, yesterday, Megler's
bill providing for the purchase by this
State of two and one half acres of
school land near the mouth of the Co
lumbia for presentation to the govern
ment for use as a quarantine station
site was passed without opposition.
Tho following bills were indefinitely
postponed by the House:
Providing for a State road from
Methow river to Barron.
Regulating mill me9s and boarding
houses. .
Providing for the examination and
licensing of stationary engineers.
The Huxtable fellow servant bill
came iq from the labor committee
with a majority report recommending
its indefinite postponement. By divi
sion the House adopted the minority
report favoring passage, which action
places the bill on the calendar.
Following is a list of real estate
transfers that have been recorded dur
ing the past week;
Joseph R. Kincaid and wire to David
R. Kincaid, lots 5, (1 and 7, blk 8, Squires'
-add.; $750.
Fred Schoraber, Treasurer, to Tacoma
Mill Co., ne l i of nw.y and sh, of nwtj,
see. 20, tp 10, r 1 w ; $lO 95 aqd $47.80.
Fred Schomber, Treasurer, to R. M,
Price, lot 17 and east feet of lot 18,
blk 1, Maple Park; $29.30 and $138.05.
C. B. Elliott to Ellen Sypher, west 00
feet of lot 7, blk 00, Olympia; SSOO.
Daniel Finch and wife to John H.
Norris, lot A, Boutwell's subd.; SI,OOO.
Frank Mossman and wife to F. D.
Cook, lots 8, 9 and 10, blk 9, and lots 1
2, 3, 4 and 5, blk 12, Central add.; sl.
Edwin Augustus and Henry Z. Rains
dell, executors, to Conrad Hoska, 80
acres in McAllister D. L. C.; $285.50.
Fred Schomber, Treasurer, to B. M.
Posey, lots 11 and 12, blk 10, Sebree's
add.; $4.23 and $17.50.
Thomas M. Reed and others tq C. J,
Lord, n> 2 of blk 87, Olympia, quit claim;
G, H, Dodge and wife to R. L. Sabin,
blks 79, 84, 85, 80 and 87, Rochester;
George R. Sickles to Jennie Illings
worth, und, one-half iuterest in lots 5
and 0, blk 92, Williams' add.; SSOO.
James W. Welsh and wife to A. T.
Rabeck, lot 4, blk 2, Maris & White's
subd. of Avers' add.; SBO.
Homer Eddy and others to Lew Eddy,
same description, quit claim; sl.
( John Snyder to Jacoh Ilartl, lots 3,
4 and 5, blk 28, and lots 2 to 20 inclu
sive, blk 2f), Snyder Stevens' plat of
Tenino, quit claim; sl.
Ed. Arnold to Jacob Hartl, blk 14-
lots 1 to 5 inclusive, blk 29, Snvder &
Stevens' plat of Tenino; SSOO.
United States to heirs of Eugene Eddy,
nw'.j of sec. 20, tp 17, r 1 e.; patent.
Jaines K. Crowley to Lauritz aud El
sie Nelson, lot 11, blk 28, l'hoenix Park
add.; |SO.
Frauk Harnett, Belliughamg' fat
man, who weighed 412 pounds, died
this week. He was about 50 years of
age and a pile-driver engineer by
The body of an unidentified man
was found Wednesday in the log boom
of the Cray's Harbor Lumber Co. at
Hoquiam. was dressed in black
coat and striped trousers and woro low
shoes, and was about 50 years of age.
Bodies of the two men killed in a
train wreck near Silverton, Sunday
afternoon, were brought to Seattle
Monday on a special train. On the
same train were the four injured men
who were scalded by steam at the time
of the wreck.
A late train over the Northern Pa
cific had two flat-ears attached loaded
with totem poles and Alaßkan In
dian curios for the Lewis and Clark
Exposition in Portland. An Indian
canoe aud other things necessary to
the outfit of a Northern Indian, were
loaded on the cars. The whole of it
will be placed on exhibition as soon as
they arrive in Portiaud.
Tuesday evening about 5 o'clock Mrs.
Tbos. Ehrhart, living four miles west
of Chehalis, saturated her clothing
with oil and went to an outhouse and
set her clothing on fire. The woman
was burned to death before aid could
reach her. She leaves a husband, a
4-year-old son and 7-montbs'-old baby.
It is believed that the woman adopted
the method ol suicide that she did
from reading a suicide which occurred
at Covington last week. The means
of death and mode of carrying out the
plan were the same in both instances.
Win. Cooke, yesterday, bronght in a
derelict message, found in a bottle
which beached on his ranch at the ex
treme bead of the bay. The message
gave the names of Guy Barry, Will
Skinuer, Ross Forrester and Roy
Phipps, was dated June 11,1904, and
stated it was put in a bottle off the
old,cannery. The names are those of
a party of Olympia lada who were
camping down the bay last summer,
and the matter is of interest as noting
the faot that floaters gain more dis
tance iu the floating tide than is lost
in the ebb— Mason County Journal.
The anuual meeting of the State
Historical Society was held in Tacoma,
last week, and the following officers
elected: President, R. L. McCormick,
of Tacoma; Vice President, S. Pen
rose, Walla Walla; Treastiler, Frank
B. Cole, Tacoma; Secretary, Edwin
Eells, Tacoma; Curators, Johu Ar
thur, Seattle, J. M. Ashton, Tacoma ;
J. N. Bowman, Puyallup; J. H. l>ege,
Tacoma; W. N. Granger, Zellah; C.
H. Hanfurd, Seattle ; Wallace Mouut,
Olympia; L. W. Pfalt, Tacoma; W.
F. Prosser, Seattle; Marshal K. Swell,
Tacoma; George Turner, Spokane.
Besides these the law provides that
the Governor, Secretary of State and
State Treasurer are ex-officio members
of the Board of Curators. Resolutions
expressive of the great loss incurred by
the society from the death of its late
Secretary, E. N. Fuller, were adopted.
John C. Evans, of Kennewick, thie
Stale, accompanied by two friends
from the East, broke all Northwest
records for sprinting, on the sth insi.,
in an effort to get away from a dog
which was carrying a 6tick of dyna
mite with a lighted fuse astached.
Evans, wishingtoentertain his friends,
took them to a deep hole in the Co
lumbia to fish with dynamite. He
was accompanied by a fine bird-dog,
and when Evans lighted the fuse and
threw the stick into the water the dog
immediately jumped in after it. Evans
and bis friends yelled for the dug to
come back. This the dog did, but
with the explosive in his mouth. The
men ran about one hundred teet. The
dog ran after them. Then the ex
plosion came. The concussion threw
the three men to the grouud, jarred
them considerably and burned the
clothing on their backs. There was
nothing to mark the place where the
dog had been but one hind leg and a
hole in the ground.
Cedar Wood fir Sale.
Good dry cedar wood for sale at H.
G. Richardson's shingle mill, Third
and Jefferson streets. 25 cents to $1
per ldad at the mill.
A PROPOSITION is now before the
Legislature for making another Judic
ial District from Stevens and Ferry
CONORESS yesterday passed a bill
greatly extending the authority of the
Interstate Commission to fix railway
THE business men of Bellingham
and Seattle have vigorously protested
•gainst the proposed capital removal.
HI Never Sold so Cheap |j|
111 - TT T
444 ■ ill
Ttt ri'w" 1 - °. ffcnn i S special inducements in MEN'S AND HOYS' CLOTHING, |||
i i : NISHINGS, ETC., in order to close out broken lines before the arrival 1 H
444 our s P rin S stock. Our clothing has built up a reputation for itself.
■ The acme of perfection. The kind that has won for us many friends in the
444 a w '" continue to do so in the future. 1i j
m "S"'!! I }' sold at $20.00 and $25.00 go at this sale HI
ill th ? l usually sell at SIB.OO go at $12.50. Jjj
Uft The SIO.OO and sl2 00 variety at $9.00. 444
IM r K°y s ' and Youths' Suits ineluded in this sale. Come and seethe values of- ???
444 fered. lluy now and save money on your clothing. 444
444 SUSPENDERS Suspender in the house goes 111
111 ... at 2oe during this sale. A pair goes Ssz
TTT with every suit sold. Jjj
Ro?ena Qrover, 21 years old, began
suit the other day against James E.
Zook, Mayor of Ballard, for $25,000
for breach of promise. Mayor Zook
in his answer, filed immediately, ssvs
that Miss Grover has consumption and
for that reason alone he will not wed
her. He declares that she still has
His love and sympathy, and that he
has done and will continue to do, if
permitted, all that lie can to assist her.
Here We Are!
'■ •
"Best Seeds That Grow"
Get your Radish, Lettuce, Onion Seeds
and Early Peas at once at
Third and Jefferson Streets.
llow to Oct
200 EgTf? s a
Year per Hen
The flecond edition of A Practical Poul
try Manual I? now ready. It contaius
ntnout: other ihiiiK? the famous Sampson
Method of Peedtuig, which is known 10 be
oiie of the bent mean? of making a pro tit
from poultry. Home of the chapter bead
ing? are: Krooder Chick?; Profitable ,
Poultry Raining: Priucipal Ditticultie?;
Remedies for Roup; During the Moult;'
Economy iu Feeding; Poultry a? a Bu?i
ne?s; Trap Nest?, with plau? and illus
tration?. This chapter la worth the price
of the book. Tell? the practical way to
make poultry pay. Price 50c.
Our paper i? a 32-page Agricultural Mng
y.ino with Household, Poultry. Horticult
ure and Dairy Department?. Subscription
price SI.UI.
To Introduce our monthly into yonr
home we will aend ttie paper one year
aud A Practical Poultry Mooual for 35
The Pacific Tree and Vine
Park Hotel Bldg.. San Jose. Oalif.
The Pacific Tree and Vine will he sent
free for one year to all subscribers to
the WASHINGTON* STANDARD who pay one
year in advance.
IN the Superior Court of the State of Washing
ton, for the county of Thurston.
lu the mutter of the estate of Thomas S. Tew.
This muter having couie on it this time for
hearing upon a petition of Adelia W. Tew, the
adminUtraltix herein, for a partition of the
above entitled estate aud It appearing to the
court that Moudav, February SOth, l'JOn, at the
hour of 10 o'clock A *., is a auiuble time for
the heariny aud scttH-meut of the same
ft is further ordered that the said petition
shall be heard on Monday, February 'Alth, lao".
at 10o'clock A. m.. before the above mentioned
court, aud the Judge thereof, at Ibe court house
iu oiympia. Thurston conuly. Slate of Washing
ton. it Is ntrlher ordered that three (3) copies of
this order be pouted as notices in three (3) of the
moat public places iu this city and published lu
the WASHINGTON STANUAHII, a newspaper pub
halted at Oiympia, Wash., on February loth nud
February 17th, LUOA. notifying all persons inter
ested i u the above estate to appear and file ids
exception iu writing to the said applioation for
tbe partition of said esta.e, and contest the
same If any llierc be.
Done In open court this Oth day of February.
A. D., I'.KU O. V. LINN,
J edge.
During January and
February in
Fred Weiss
Reliable Tailor and Clothier.
511 Main street, Olympia.
Next door tq Odd Fellows' Temple
g ;;
** f*
+♦ **
+5 **
« aw* k
•• 90S li
+♦ **
i* it
** WW
+♦ **
** Lard, 5-lb pail 50 H
IS " 10-lb pail .... SI,OO ||
SS Cottolene, 4-1 h pail ... .50 ||
S| " 10-lb pail - - - 1.20 K
*« Half-ground Salt, 50-lb sack - 20 It
+* a
** M
31 t*
1 J. F KIIHI S CO. !
H . I
I Ss£ I:
;; **
II 8
1 New Stock of Bicycle Tires |
\b ifi
New EXPERT REPAIR MAN. Have that old wheel fixed up. JJ
W You will soon need it.
i New 1905 Models of Bicycles ji
Jjj? Now in. Come in and look them over. I carrv the
W niost complete and up-to-date line of BICYCLE 1*
SUNDRIES >» the city. Prices the lowest. (Q|
$ jfi
| E. E. TAYLOR, m
W 7 «
Phone Red 1152. 203 Street.
| Fresh % Cured /Beats I
9) Poultry and Game of AH Descriptions •)
rg when in season.
g 213 West Fourth St. Phone Main 88 f)
Western Cottage
Just received from the factory at Ottawa, Illi
nois, This being the second carload rhipped 10
Olympia lii Hide of five mouth*. The Merrifleld
wins on it* own merits. It is built to last. We
now have 14 beautitiil pianos in our store, rang
ing in price from frr.o to $450. according to ntvlc
and the amount of diseouat for cash. Tue best
people buy Mcrriilcld l'ianot*.
Rabeck's Music House,
Attorneys at Law
MlsV »P< A,',W Alill INUTOII.
I Under New Management >
The Best Shave i
Illu the city go to the <5:
108 Fourth Street, Chambers Block. :|:
IN the Superior tuuri of the State of Washine
ton for Thurston comity.
In the matter of the eatate of Frauk L. fuboba,
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby t?' v en that thenixleriirnsii, Ad
ministrator of the estate of Frank 1.. Jacobs, de
ceaaetl. has <|Uulitied us aoch. All creditors of
the said Frank L. Jacobs, deceased, havinc claims
against the said deceased, or hia estate, are liere
hy required to present them, with ttie necessary
Toacliers. withiu one year from the date of this
notice to Ihe undersigned. Adiniuiatralor of said
estate at the ofllee of Israel & Maekay. li Me-
Kenuy Block. Olynipla, Washington. ihe place
deslyuateri by me for the transaction or the busi
ness of said estate, and In case aaid claims are
not so presented, they will be forever barred.
Haled at Olyiupia, Wa-hido'.ou, this UTth day
of January, l'Aio.
1 First puhllcati m, Jan.'JT, IDOS.
lstst i übl.cnai n, Fih.tl,

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