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Telephone Bt).
I-• \
II ,i" . of Rirnardsville, N.
j ,\ - .i; -. i- n satisfaction in his
n ,..v i Pra.-ticai New As
trono. >. :: 1 ! '- i0 Earth has no 10
tiirv j !" 11101 ion, and proves it
i,v at: t''ti of I 'r. Cook that he had
erect e.1 a ]•••'.• or tlag staff, on the
geograv' . ."i-ih pole and watched
rattier t te flag attached to it —
for t !•«' ■•' • ,f twenty-four hours,
anil tliat ii I not begin to wind
arouuii the staff. as it would have
done I '■ Earth rotated a complete
circle d'tt that time. Leaving the
serious <1 -..'.0n0f whether Dr. Cook
ever reached the i>ole, for center of
rotation' °f consideration, we
hold that .-iicii a means of proving
a ntgativc is exceedingly unreliable
and unwori'.v of serious thought. It
is inconcei\at>: ■ that conditions exist
at the p le >vhich would cause as
small an object as a flag to remain
in a fixed position as regards the
Earth's amplitude and not obey the
slight impulse given by the staff it
self, or that atmospheric currents
may not influence even that breath of
a i r —that is supposed to " flow wher
ever ".steth in these superborean
regions. It is indeed amusing to
note how slight and improbable a
cause may U: alleged upon which to
base a theory, even though it con
flict with the understood phenomena
of ages of observation.
Bowlin, a sister of William Yeager,
Sr., who died many years ago, who
crossed the plains and settled in
Olympia in 1852. died in North Yak
ima, lately. She was born near
Marshal town, lowa, May 3d, 1847.
While at b't. Steilacoom during the
war. taking refuge from the Indians
within the stockade, the only able
bodied man being her brother, Mr.
Yeager, who even then was in ad
vance years. She took her stand at
the loop-holes and all night shot off
the guns against the hostile foe,
loaded and handed to her by the
other, women. In the morning they
were relieved by soldiers, who had
encamped for the night not far away.
She was married to James Bowlin, in
this city, July 11th, 1869, and had
lived in North Yakima since 1894.
Besides hor husband, three daugh
ters and two sons survive.
reports, Sammy Piles while in the
city recently did not succed very
well in making laboring men belive
Judge Burke is their friend. Many
are anxious to know why so many
special interest»«re working-to put
Burke into the U. S. Senate. It is
certain poor people are not contrib
uting much money, effort or inthu
siasm to accomplish this end. Taft,
it seems, has taken a band in promot
ing the interests of this corporation
lawyer. The <big man, Taft, as the
STANDARD here-to-fore disclosed, is
full of mistakes and this last one of
intermeddling in State politics will
not add to his prestige and influence
among Republicans of Washington,
who are not wearing the collar of
Cannonism. The people would not
have stood such intermeddling tac
tics in the time of Jefferson, Jack
son and Lincoln. Whither are we
facilitate tho method which John L.
Wilson declares will be for the " ben
efit of his party," the removal of bis
Mine from the ball >t for U. S. Sena
tor, Attorney General Bell, acknowl
edging that party necessity, gave
Orders for County Auditors to re
move the name from the official bal
lot. The Auditor of this county has
been advised by the Prosecuting At
torney of Thurston county that he
has no such right, and that no means
exist for removing a name from the
primary ballot when once certified,
unless by order of a court of compe
tent jurisdiction. As the courts are
presumed to be non-partisan, that
may be one of the effective cogs to
keep the party machine in revolu
A man in Kansas has figured out
that it would take f»ve hundred and
fifty -five and five-ninths years to
Oirn one million dollars, at five dol
lars per day wages, assuming he
save every cent of it and that he
worked three hundred and sixty days
each ear. No wonder many men
and women are becoming curious to
learn what produces millionaires. A
Roman statesman was once asked
why so many millions of slaves were
kept in subjection, answered because
they never counted themselves and
their masters-.
IT is said that the Chjnese people
are great admirers of Teddy. They
want him fur dictator at-a salary
of many millions American money.
They promise to place 20.000,000
Chinese soldiers i.ncler him and give
him sole coinv.and. A man who has
fought timers is the man for them.
Nobody in t!:is country will object to
his going. Take by all means, or
Bwano Turn bo.
IT is impossible to dodge the un
u(-'ky 13 in the primaries this
>'ear, and it will doubtless be to that
n 'any unsuccessful candidates will
ascribe their defeat. It is well to
have something to fail back on if it
M not h' n £ niore than a superstition.
Some Pretty Pointed Remarks.
The Council met Wednesday even
ing in regular session. Mayor Harris
presiding. All members present ex
cept Kaler.
Protests were submitted in refer
ence to the East Hay avenue improve
ment and also against the confirma
tion of the assessment roll in local
improvement district No. 7S, be
cause the charges were t< m> high above
the estimate and contract price £2,-
300. while the assessment was for'
£2,959. The protest was pretty gen
erally signed by the interested prop
erty owners. Remarks were mad
by Messrs. Mottinan, Millett an i
others. Mr. Mottinan said he could
not understand why this expense,
including a charge of S3OO for engi
neer's services was legitimate or
justifiable, because the district was
small and the ground level. He did
not think the owners were served
tight. Mr. Millett said he signed
the protest; further stating that
none of the property was described
properly in the First Addition to
Capital Place in the original resolu
tion and ordinance, because all refer
ence to blocks in this addition had
been omitted. While this error
would render the assessment void as
to this property, he would make no
serious objection if he and neighbors
arc treated fairly; that on Seven
teenth street he and wife had been
charged upon the basis of 96 feet
frontage while in fact there were
only SO feet.
The lively tilt came when the East
Hay avenue second proposition came
up for consideration. Mr. Eaton
said the increase in the estimate, 50
per cent, over the first one submitted,
was unfair and he did not want the
improvement to be made on the un
couth grade submitted by their engi
neer, which brought Mr. Van Epps
to the fore, who said he had endeav
ored to subserve the best interests
of all the property owners concerned.
Mr. Holopeter, at the request of
Councilman Wertheim, came for
ward and said he could not stand the
expense incurred on account of the
proposed improvement. It was at
tempted to be made for the benefit
of the city which should contribute
to the expense and also automobil
ists; that considerable property had
been "swiped'' from owners through
tax sales, on account of high taxa
tion and unjust assessments, and
now another attempt was made
through the same process to steal the
property of resident owners.
Mayor Harris stated that as near
ly all the resident property owners
had protested, and as the park would
not be used much during theapproach
ing rainy season, he saw no barm in
postponing the matter for considera
tion of the next city administration.
The trunk sewer project was
shelved for the time being, but is
liable to bob up at any time. Many
owners in the southern part of the
city cannot understand after they
have paid one special sewer tax why
tboy should be asked to help for an
other; that such a project is for the
general benefit of the community,
and the city at large ought to bear
the expense. If the city is too poor
to bear th* burden, the project
should be deferred. These special
assessments for the same purpose
when one is piled on top of another
are becoming obnoxious. The har
vest is apt to be attended with un
pleasant consequences. It often hap
pens would-be contractors become
very solicitous about the public wel
fare whenever they can serve their
special interests and make property
owners contribute to augment their
Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy la today the beet known med
icine in nse for the'relief and cue of bowel
complaint*. It enree griping diarrhoea,
dyeenterr, and ah on id be taken at the ftrat
on natural looeeoeaa of the bowel*. It ia
equally valuable for children and adolta. It
always cure*.
Primary Election Officer*.
Following is the list of the election
officers of the primary election to be
held Tuesday. September 13:
Black Lako Clarence Marklan,
L. Lehman and Gus Meyers.
Bucoda —E. A. Nichols, L. B.
Loomis and Tom Gaines.
Chambers Prairie— A. W. Kelley,
M. F. Neat and A. H. Roberson.
Grand Mound —Will James, John
Morris and Henry Pratber.
Gate—M. Spinner, Dave Johnson
and Tighe Mounts.
Gull Harbor—Will Young, E. H.
Honey and B. C. Carpenter.
Little 800k —A. Adair, Clarence
Maynard and .Will Rutledge.
Maxfield (Sherlock)—Frank Hart
man, W. L. Gray and Mr. Seifke.
Mcintosh —A 1 Perry, Walter Ney
lon and W> Hoyt.
McLane —Allan McKenzig, Arthur
Austin and Matt Twohy.
Olyrapia, First Ward—T. L. Brown
JoeJeffers, Frank McFadden.
Second Ward —John Mack, George
Lincoln and Tom Taylor.
Third Ward—C. C. Huggett, Ray
L. Bigelow and E. L. Bradford.
Fourth Ward —Duncan Bigelow, J.
W. Peters and Tom Brown.
Fifth Ward—Joe Laminon, A. V.
Lewis and O. B. Friecb.
Sixth Ward—W. W. Work. B. MC-
Reynolds and A. C. Patterson.
Peninsula—C. Christianson, Fred
Krahm and J. R. Johnson.
Rainier —Robert Pettit, W. A.
Smith and William Waddell.
Rochester—S. Gordell, sr., C. J.
Barnett and Joo Shamblin.
South Bay—Milan Wright, J. P.
Elliott and George Langridge, jr.
South Union—A. W. Moulton, J.
F. McCorkle and Ed Drewry.
Tenino —P. C. Kibbe, William
Wherritt and A. S. Yantis.
Woodland (Lacey)—Tom Steater
Jake Gunstone and Dave Fleetwood.
Yelm—James Mosman, A. Moore
head *nd William Hill.
Tumwater —Frank Eastman, W. R.
Turner and Alf Williams.
■CM be depended A pea" is in expression
we all like to hear, aid when it is naed in
connection with Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Bcmedy it means that it
sever fails to cue diarrhoea, dysentery or
bowel oomplainta. It ia pleasant to take and
equally valuable for children and adults.
Greg Hildebrand, an Olympia boy
now living in Seattle, is said to have
built a "freak" boat that, contrary
to all preconceived rules of speed in na
val architecture, persists in beatingall
1 >oats of its size and power on Lake
Washington. It makes 15 miles an
hour with a 6-horse-power engine.
It is 18 feet long, 3 feet 7 inches
wide, and draws but three inches aft
where it sits deepest in the water.
The bottom of the boat is absolutely
Yx>ur complexion aa well a* your temper b° x have not been united nor the
is rendered miaerable by a disordered liver. AH °f the ditch made. It is several
By taking Chamberlain's Btotnach and liver weeks from the time when the water
lablsts yon can improve both. {can bo turned in.
Standard Handy Calendar for Current Month
1910 SEPTEMBER l«» 10
sin mon rot wed Tin no sat
1 2 3
4 6 G 7 8 9 JO
11 12 13 14 16 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
26 2b 27 28 29 30
'j~ ";i "ii
The following nvml of temperature
anl rainfall for the week etuling Weilnes
«iav 7 Sept. 7 is from a record kept an«l
kin«lly furnished the St\si>ari> I>v M.
O'C'inn<»r, Voluntary Observer depart
ment of Agriculture Weal her Bureau:
Ifiu|»«r«turtr, lUin
inn* nun fill
Thursday, 1 . 74 4:i
Krulay, *' 2 *1 lr*
Saturday, % * M 71 41
Sunday, " 4 77 43 . .
Monday, " f; . (i 5 41
Tuesday, 11 f» t'.S 47
Wednesday, •• 7 73
Quite u shower of rain fell yester
The books are now open nights for
A son was born to Mrs. John F.
Charles, Monday.
Capt. H. M. Pierce has returned
from Scenic Hot Springs.
Harry E. Phipps is engaged in
newspaper worth at the city of Aber
A daughter was bom, Monday, to
the wife of Clarence Rutli'dge, of
Little Rock.
Judge J. YV. Robinson thinks Poin
dexter will bo the winner at the
coming primaries.
Mrs. Samuel I*. Ivinsey is visiting
at the residence of friend Mrs. C. E.
Dyke in Aberdeen.
Mrs. Katie Kane was in Tacoma on
Labor day and was pleased to behold
the face of her little nephew.
The total number of schoolchildren
in the State is given at 268,972 by
State Superintendent Dewey.
Mrs. Fiances Adams has returned
to Seattle after an enjoyable visit to
relatives and friends in this city.
Frod Weiss, the popular tailor,
has just received a large line of ex
clusive suitings for fall and winter.
The Recorder enjoins Republicans
to "ginger up" in theClaypool cam
paign. It is notaoly in favor of soft
Nesqually bridge is now closed to
travel and will remain impassable till
the stcel-wqrk of the new bridge is
Dr. Daniel W. Hull and wife will
in the near future take a trip through
California, expectine to be absent for
several months.
Robt. Yantis and Miss Pearl M.
Duby were married at Centralia near
where the parents of the bride re
side, Wednesday.
The Ladies Relief Corps are ar
ranging for a picnic at Point De
fiance on Thursday of next week, the
15th inst., by the steamer Grey
Weller and the boiler works have
been granted permission to build a
spur track on the Water street fill.
Thank fortune, we have found some
use for it at last!
It is reported that George Lang
ridge has sold his farm at South Bay
to a Seattle party for $12,000, and
that he and family will come to
Olympia to reside.
It is said that a large force of
workmen are clearing ground for the
embryo city platted by the Chicago,
Milwaukee and Puget Sound Rail
road near Offutt's Lake.
Peter McKenzie was in town last
Saturday, and talked very much PS
ifhe wereaPoindexter man. At any
rate it is said Postmaster Cavanaugh
so understood Mr. H's position.
Miss Minnie Ames and her son
Monroe Ames have purchased of
Miohael Anderson lots two and nine
block thirty-three, Swan's Addition
to Olympia, for the consideration of
The registry books in the. City
Clerk's office will close Monday af
ternoon at ft o'clock, and no one who
is not then on the lists will be el
igible u> vote at the primary elec
tion on the 13 th.
The ceremony of flag-raising at the
city park has been postponed from
to-day to some time next week, ow
ing to the absence of Mr. Leopold
Schmidt the donor of the beautiful
present to the park.
James K. Loash, of Fruitland. Ma
son county, was instantly killed yes
terday by a falling tree that was
burning on his farm. He was 67
years of age and is survived by a
wife and nine children.
State Fire Warden Welty reports
that fully 100 families have lost all
their earthly possessions by late for
est fires in Clarke and Skamania
counties and a fund for the destitute
has been started in Vancouver.
The City Council propose the fol
lowing increases of salary: City
Attorney from 1600 to *900; Health
officer, from S3OO to $430. and Engi
neer from SI,OOO to $3,000; Fire De
partment (salaries) from SB,BBO to
E. A. Collins, a well-known ranch
er living near Bryant, the new town
at Offutt's Lake, believes that a sec
ond attempt to burn him out was
made Monday. A ranger has been
stationed in that neighborhood to
keep watch on loiterers.
The Equality Club met at the Mc-
Dowell residence, on West Side, last
Tuesday. Measures wert> canvassed
and adopted looking to the prosecu
tion of the coming campaign in be
half of the Woman Suffrage amend*
ment to the State Constitution.
How about a Thurston County
Tax League ? The movement is act
ive in several other Washington
counties. There is one thing cer
tain: this county can make a good
showing in the matter of high taxa
tion, especially in the city of Olym
A son wa9 born last Sunday even
ing to the wife of Roy Bond, who
was formerly Miss Nellie Kane, of
Olympia, and prior to her marriage
about one year ago was an employe
in the State printing office. Mr.
and Mrs. Bond are now residents of
The Twin* announced several days
ago that the big flume where it passes
through Fourth street was finished,
which is not true. The sections of
Mrs. Lillian B. Aldrich, manager
of the Kneeland Hotel has paid the
inspection fee levied upon hotels,
rather than to test the law and in
cur heavy costs, which course other
landlords heartily approved but re
fused to "chip in" to pay if the
costs fell U;K)II the plaintitT. Had
she persisted in her course, a tine of
#IOO is provided by the law besides
tl\f costs of an appeal.
Miss Clara, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. T. 11. Phipps, of Kent, former
ly of this city, was married last
week to Dr. R. G. Haskell, a rising
young dentist of Kent. It seems to
have been an elopement, and the
ceremony was performed in Tacomi,
and »he young p«;ople at once re
turned home by auto and received
the parental blessing: " All's well
that ends well."
Charles King, a logger, was Tues
day sentenced to a term of 3f> days
in the count v jail and costs of trial,
for theft i f a valuable gold watch
from Joseph McGowan, who had
taken the inan to his own lodgings
to care for him while under the in
fluence of too much booze. The
watch was recovered from his per
son, although he denied having it
and afterwards claimed that it was
his own.
The city has agreed to raise the
houses of Cora Madden and Peter
McFarlane ou East Sixth street near
Boundary in order to lessen the
depth of cut on the opposite side of
Sixth street. There is still sputter
ing on the part of some of the abut
ting owners about improving Sixth
street on the eighty-feet basis in
stead of sixty feet, as first contemp
lated by the city. The complaints
coine too late.
Mrs. Elsie Warren was given a
verdict for $3,000 by the jury yes
terday, after a consideration of 50
minutes, ugainst. her brother Wil
lard Kearney. The suit was the re
sult of a family quarrel, in which the
brothers of Mrs. YV., Cyrus and Wil
lard, were sued for defamation of
character in asserting that improper
relations had existed between their
sister and her father. Another suit
of the same nature is pending
against the other brother.
Harry Williams was seen on our
streets, Tuesday, looking cheerful
and happy as ever. He owns a
tract of land just south of Olympia.
For the past seven or eight months
he and family have been traveling
through Nevada, Montana, Idaho
and Eastern Washington. He re
ported that the insurgency element
in the Republican ranks is strong in
all places that he lias visited, and
thinks Poindexter will likely win at
the coming primaries in Washing
The Casco Company, of Olympia,
is a new corporation formed to do
almost any kind of business from the
handling of realty, the operation of
railroads and steamships, dealing in
stocks, bonds and distillation of oils,
pitches, etc., and other products of
wood. Its capital stock is placed at
SIOO,OOO, and Millard Lemon and his
wife Belle, Dr. and Mrs. A. G. Cook
of Long Beach, Cal.. parents of Mrs.
Lemon, are the incorporators, who
will immediately take over all their
holdings in this State and in Cali
fornia, which are many.
Robert G. Taylor, a
logger, was killed Tuesday afternoon
at the Vance logging camp, near
Elma. He was engaged in sawing
some fallen timber, when a log on
the hillside above him rolled down
upon him, striking his back before
he could jump aside. He was thrown
some distance and was dead when
reached by his companions. The
victim was a brother of Miss Jeanet
Taylor, clerk in an up-town dry
goods store, who, with others, went
to Elma where the funeral rites were
held yesterday.
Sallie Weatherill's second suit
against Harry Weatherill's estate,
claiming that she was his legal heir
from having been his wife and had
helped him accumulate his valuable
Oyster Bay property, has come to
nought. The case on trial several
months ago in Judge Mitchell's
court was against her claim, and on
appeal to the higher court was re
manded for a new trial, with instruc
tions to admit certain rejected testi
mony, as to the marriage of the In
dian woman with decedant. The re
sult was the same, the court holding
that the evidence was insufficient and
did not show that the parties ever
had been married.
1 The State has begun suit to re
cover the amount stolen by Ortis
Hamilton, former Adjutant General,
which has now been figured down to
$37,687.47. It is evidently proper,
you know, to be exact in figures.
This shortage of the " model prison
er" has been variously estimated by
those who should know to a cent of the
amount due, and now after a mini
mum sentence on one count, the
aggregate has been reduced to about
one-half, of upwards of $60,000 at one
time claimed. As the suit is against
a surety company, and they have
been ominously^silenlregarding mak
ing good the shortage for over a year,
it looks as if they do not intend to pay
unless compelled to do so.
Another exceedingly foolish act of
the Cily Council is the proposition
by ordinance to prohibit the ped
dling of meat, vegetables, eggs or
any kind of farm or dairy products,
in the main or business part of town
without securing a license at the
prohibitive rate of SIOO. It is to
apply to Main street between Third
and Seventh and Fourth street be
tween Water and Jefferson. A heavy
penalty is provideJ for any viola
tions. That body will hardly have
-temerity to pass such a law.
If they do, a supplemental section
should be added stating just where
such " Tacoma-tnade" products oan
be legally purchased. Suoh a rider
would be at least germane.
The session of the Chamber of
Commerce in the City Council room
had a very long if not large session
Tuesday night. It wm called for
8 o'clock and besides President
Marshall and Secretary Williamson,
Mr. Barnes of the Southwestern De
velopment Association (a guest) and
Mr. Rosenthal, a merchant, were
present, although it was a regular
session and the table was piled high
with "important business." At 9,
o'clock a newspaper man drifted in
and was amazed at the patience of
' the assembly and somewhat disap
i pointed that the guest was some
what diffident about addressing such
a stollid assemblage of determined
! men. The scribe materially assisted
I in adjourning the meeting.
The importance of the present po
litical campaign has had little if any
effect in causing people to be pres
ent at the meetings so far held. In
former campaigns Olympia Theater
icould always count upon a "full
house" for speakers of either party,
nor did it require a full-fledged Sen
ator nor a brass band to parade the
streets to drum up enough people to
till the parquette, which when full
is less than one-third its capacity,
lime was when the house was jammed
at such meetings and the stage had
to be used for the overflow from the
auditorium. This condition shows
i that the people are quietly doiug
: their own thinking and is indicative
• that they will do their own voting
in the primaries as well as at the
general election. That is all fair
minded men can ask or desire.
His Stock in Trade.
Dr. Matthews, the sensational Se
attle preacher, is as much of a jump
ing-jack as Billy Sunday, although
his method of self-advertisement is
manifested in a different way. The
latter climbs on the table or ros
trum, or jumps on the piano, if one
is handy and shouts, screeches and
shows his teeth like an enraged hy
ena, while the " Dr." engajjes in
mental gymnastic stunts in the pul
pit and wears strings of diamonds on
the street, to emphasize his calling
and attract comment if not approval.
He. in this respect, is somewhat of
an imitater of J. Ham. in his
political endeavor. Returning to Se
attle, after one of his periodical
jaunts, he met a reporter, whereup
on the Faber-shover apologized for
not having accorded him a line or
two of "personal." J. Ham, with
his proverbial courtesy, extended the
glad hand and radiating smile, with
an assurance of forgiveness, but ad
ded "lest it be forgot," I charge you,
after this, to say something—good
or bad, it matters not; when you can
think of nothing creditable, say
something execrable and venomous.
Say something; it is this stagnation
that annoys, and minimizes one's ef
forts.'.' Take the " Dr.'s" diamonds,
his cheek and his stentorian voice
away, and he represents the minus
sigQ in mathematics.
Don't waste your money buying plasters
when you can get a bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment for twenty-five cents. A piece of
flannel dampened with this liniment Is supe
rior to any plaster for lame back, pains in
the side and chest, and much cheaper.
THE /{reorder in quoting a " raised
date" dispatch calls the late primary
result in New Hampshire, a triumph
of the Progressives. Why not use
the proper word " Insurgents." "A
rose by any other name will smell
as sweet." it is said.
Not a minute should be lost when a child
■hows symptoms of croup. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy given as soon as the child
become* hoarse, or even after tho croupy
cough appears, will prevent the attack.
• • •
TEDDY made another mistake in
refusing a banquet tendered by the
Hamilton Club in Chicago, in giv
ing for a reason that he would not
attend because Senator Lorimer was
a member and would be present.
One registered Jersey bull calf,
5 months old. Dam Edna Bates 3d
No. 210,858: Sire Pacific Pearls
•Rioter, No. 82,165. A very promis
ing young bull for SBS.
R. F. D. NO. 1, New Kamilchie, Wash.
Paid Advertisement.
I hereby respectfully announce my
self a candidate for nomination for
Justice of the Peace, Olympia pre
| cinct, on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to action of the voters at the
primary election Sept. 13, 1910.
Of our Fall aad Winter Wool- 1 1
ens ia the latest and meet up- J >
to-dste fashions. We torn oat < J
first-class work ia oar fine ' ,
quarters at 709 Main Street. ] >
flDcrcbant Sailor j i
—Phone 343J- ' !
C A b^i^^ool
ll i
(> : {I
11 330 Main Street I I
j| Bond & Lillard j»
i 1 ~ Wlilwk y i
''. * '
JQI I will pick layers from
W your flock that will pay you
* a profit. Pay when you are
Q& satisfied that I can.
£3 C. T. McClillahd. y*
Successor to A. C. Stevens & Co.
1 (Ml 11. L DOUGLAS I
V 15* UOCU6LA3 SHOE Cop I ' *
y. for the Money, x
i AH Leat,,ers » £
jg \- a . . . 55
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R2 1J shoes, and see for ji
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K %'ott, and service, they m
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KJ custom-made j
g Everything to Wear for Men and Boys.
IN lb« Superior Court of the State of Waali
1 Ington, ID and for tbe County of Thnraton.
William 8. Towne. Plaintiff, va. Black Lake Lum
ber Company, a corporation , Defendant*.
Notice la hereby given that J. 1). Benner. Re
ceiver of Black Lake Lumber Company, a corpo
ration. In the above entitled cause, has Sled
herein his Baal aooount and petition for dlatrl
butlon of fttnds and property and bla petition to
convey the following deacrlbed real eatate to
Amelia C. Houaton, as executrix of the eatate
or P. C. Houaton. to-wit:
The fouth thirty and one half (30' i) Acrca or
Lot alx («), Section all (#). Township seventeen
il7) North, Ranee two (2) Weatof the Willamette
Alto all of Lota four and five (I and 5) contain
ing respectively 24.21 Acrea and 45.70 Acres,
both la Section seven (7). Township Seventeen
(17) North, Ranee two (2) Weatof the Willam
ette Meridian. „
Alio Land Contract with W. R. Ooodrleh;
Land Contract with E. L. Johnson" Land Con
tract with J. B. Coals; Land contract with C. L.
Pike, aaaigned to Mrs. K. J. Patterson.
Further aotloe Is given that tbe Court baa set
Monday the Mth day of September at the hour
of 10 o'clock A. M. and the court room of tbe
Coart-hoase at Olympia. Thurston County,
Waahlngton. as tbe time and place for the bear
ing or said petition.
All persons are hereby referred to said peti
tion on file herein In the above entitled cause
and whtch waa lied on the 24th da> of Augnst,
1910, for further psrtieulars.
Notice la given to all persona having say In
tereat In or having any objections thereto to ap
pear at aald time and place and offer such objec
tiona as they may have.
By order of the Superior Court.
WITHER* my baud and the aealorthe
[SEALI Superior Conrt or ssld Thurston
Connty, Washington, this 24th dsy
of Aug.. 1910. W. M. NUNN.
County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior Conrt
bate of Irat publication. Aug. 26,1910. At.
Notice of Settlement of Final Account tad
Distribution of Eatate —No. 1375.
IN the Snperlor Court of the State of Washing
ton for the County of Thurston.
In tbe matter of tbe estate of Frsnk B. Han
num, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that Arthur Reming
ton, administrator of the estate of Frank B. Han
num. deceased, has rendered and preacnted
for settlement, and Sled In the Superior
Court of Thurston County. State or Washing
ton, his flnsl sccount ss anch administrator, and
thai Monday, the 26th day of September, 1910, at
2 o'clock r. M., at the Court room of aald Su
perior Court, In tbe city of
Thurston county, hss been daly appointed by
said Superior Conrt for the settlement of said
final account and dlatrtbutlon or estate, at which
time and place any person Interested in ssld
estate may appear and file hla exceptions In
writing to tbe aald final account, ana contest
the same. _
WiTNKsa, HOD. John R. Mitchell,
Judge of the said Superior Court
[SBALI and the seal ot tbe said court affixed
this 22d dsy of August, A. D , 1910.
Connty Clerk and Clerk of the Superior Conrt.
Date of first publication, August 26,1910. St.
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