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VoI.i'MK L
u ../aqicu
E i.torand Proprietor.
viilnert|>tt"n Katei.
0,,,. . . ,t r . in advance 1 M
(!„•• ■ iarc Inch) pervear fl2 <*>
per quarter 4 (Ml
O * ire, one insertion 1 '*•
,il>He<iuent insertions.. 50
\lv r'isniii, foursquares or upward by
the vear. at liberal rates.
f,e,r*l notices will he charged to the
attorney or officer authorizing? their mser
' Advertisements sent from a distance,
unit transient notices must be accompan
|e 1 hv t'.e cish.
\ i i i i'leeiiients ot marriages. births
, . I l it!i> inserted free.
i wt'i:ir\ notices resolutions of respert
in(l , ,rtn!les which do not possess a
ei'f r-i \terest will he inserted at one
hal 11 lie ' s for husiuessadvertisements
Conveyancer and Notary
Abstracts of Title Carefully Prepared
20 Years' Experience
Wines, Liquors
and Cigars
Olympia Beer a Specialty .
I la (111 KTII STUKBT.
Conrteous Treatment to All.
Tips and Topics of the Olympia National
This bank ib under Government inspection aud
* * #
The chief function of this bank i« to receive
depoeimand to loan mouey. The*>e tkiiiiK* w«
are prepared to do iu a inanuef acceptable to
our patron*
* * *
Every transaction between the bank and lis
customers wc regard as of a private nature, not
to be divulged by u*.
With ani|ile and experienced management
this liana must rommend itself tu all who have a
need of the s.-rvices of a liauk.
* * *
The management of this bank has endeavored
hi pursue n progressive policy, to be liberal in
its treatment, and 10 adhere strictly to Ihe legit
imate lines id hanking
♦ * *
In directing the affairs of this bank, the ofßc •
era imiat upon a strict compliance with every
rule Imins lor its object ihe safety and aecorlty
of the institution. By'closely and carefully
studying the cause* I hut lead to failures, wc
have avoided the rocks upon which others have
been wrecked.
* * *
We are not unmindful of our obligation to the
many friends from whom we are deriving pat
ronsge aud support. Having one secured your
patronage it will be our earliest endeavor to re
tain it.
» * *
Among the manv patrons of this hank are
found the most careful and conservative people
iu the community.
* * *
Should anything ever go wrong with yonr rela
tloua with thia bank we should esteem it a ;av°r
tr you will frankly tell ns where the trouble is,
and llins allow us to remedy the difficulty.
* * *
The question frequently arises: " Where
shall Idi my banking business *" Our reply is
this. " At the Olympia National Bank.
I Mm: tBWBEMt !|i
g' ] j
O Tiie uWe wlll4*a«i»ed witft *ll tl»e ] |
O .lelfr-arie* -A »»» -wnon. <tl»« «»r I
O and injjht. GnoJ B'rvice, Kiglit price®. ( I
© KnUimcii* . _ .
9 Ij.iim In» I.
g 111 Fifth Street. 1 ' ,I [
V V " ■ '» % 4T
All the Popular Brands of * .
4. . . ' '
Are on sale at this place.
310 Main St. - Phone 130
NoUr ' /'l;', mock _[ Olyrapia ffahii^on
!♦. .♦ -♦. o.> 30Qk3$3£&K$$
* o
.V, T will pick layers from ..v:,
yr your tlock that will pay you w
a profit. Pay when you are $
Skr satisfied that I can.
& joc<fooc^>c^
( > Professional Funeral Director tad < |
Eabalmer. Lady Assistant. S
J i Office rn<i Residence; 414-16 Frank- <| i
J J lii Street. Phone 212. J , j
Artistic Tailor,
M• v I
Maia Street, between Fifth and Sixth
Of all the disgraceful methods
adopted by prohibitionists to draw
sympathy to their unholy cause, that
of undertaker H. N. Connell, an ar
dent prohibitionist, of Auburn, this
State, is the mast contemptible and
is the act of a poltroon, and cur. It
seems two men, laborers, were drink
ing in Auburn, (perhaps they were
drunk; if they were it's none of your
business nor mine) and started to
walk to Seattle on the Northern Pa
cific railroad-track, were killed by a
train. The dead men were taken to
Auburn, and placed in the undertak
ing establishment of Connell. Now
to show you how far down into the
depths of depravity and savagery the
narrow-brained, as a rule, prohibi
tionist will sink in bis anxiety to
play the part of the holier than thou
and "lam thy brother's keeper,''
read what the l'.-I has about this
Connell of Auburn using the dead
placed in his charge to advertise his
o bby and fad, during the election in
in ibbubo bvkuv ruiujtv bokmno bt
lalxrrl|Mlua MOO prr «■■■■,
4dirrt!iin: Rain:
T>ur Square, otic insertion, .. $3 00
Kuril additional insertion I oo
l»u»iuess Cards, per quarter, 5 00
fl&~ A lil>cral dcduction*will In- m»<lr in faror
of llui.se who sulvcrtise (our square*, or vpwanli,
l»jr the jear v
mr Notices of births, marriages Bad deaths iu-
BerU.il free.
I'ireuUrM, Catalogues, I'ainpbh Is, k< , ciccuted
At reasonable rates.
OrricE—ln Uariin i Ruildiiig, earner of Main
Bud Kiftl .Streets, .near the utcauiboat lauding
*ar All (ontiuiiiMcatious, t\liellier on busine*B
«r I'or puhiicalion should he ad«lics.std U> ihe t,di
itor ol the Wabiiiictox StakOabd.
p c» i; Til y .
The Patt and Future.
The following is the last poclit effusion of Tom
Hood, published ill the " Memorial.*" e-litcd by his
daughter lie had heeu gives up to the *• Klngef
Terrors" hy bis physicians*jtndlhc earth was fad
ing from his while faith 6f»eued lh« door to
thai better home * „
Farewell Life! my sense* swim ,A * .
And the world is dim , . $
Thronging »hadou » cloud the light.
Like the ti.lvcut'ol ifcrfoi^hl, —
' • i ('-older, colder, Voider sfifi,—
Upward steals a va|*>r chill—
Strong the earth) odor jjftini—
I sßicil the mould abtve the rose I
Welcome Life f The Spirit strives N" f •
.Strength returns and hope revives,
Cloudy fears and t>bi\pe» forlorn *
Kl|f like shadows atlbe morn,— "*•
O'tr the earth there eigne* a h!oo(U
Sunny light for suited gloom,
Warwt |>erfumt,'4iir \a|M»rs cold—
I aiu-.1l the rose ahoVB the mould I
The Season Why
Do jrou wish to know the rcusoo
Wtij your neighbor ofti-n twill
On the dashing widow WilkiuB r ,
And attends Iter to the balls
Why his carriage is seen stopping
At some noted clothing itkiir, >
* Awd the widow .goes* slidpi lftg
JH'here sh£ never went lwfo»a?
If yon whlt'lt, I will lell jpe v
Let me whisper lo )<iwlj-
If they esteem it proper, '%
* • It is Wot your business wnv
Would you iHp to kßow the secrete
• tlf your neighbor'shouse a*4 lUhTj'
lt#» he lii*4,«»r how |»e * »
Ami just how he areata his£tfc T
How he H|K'nds his tiie of ijyiif,
Whether sorrow ful or
... - - Ami whejx hejpoes fcfr plcaeve,
To ttcTonoert or die play
Ifyouuieh it, PBriU tel^yoa—
Let me whisper to yoa aly— , v
, 0 . If y<*ir MMghlior is but ehrU,
' - It is nofyoui4fcußiaesß war.
John Unudolph was in a tavern, ly
iug on a sola iu the parlor, >vaitin«: lb
the stage to conic to the door. A dan
dified chap atopped into the "room wW
a whip in hand, just cortie from adritc
the mirror,arrange*
hia hair and collar, finite iftconaeiou
of the presence of Mic o
the aofiw After attiiudinirin-r awhih
he turned to co wheif. Mr. liar

fop, "I liavo notiiiiiir to do
44 0h! I Inn; your pardon, ttaid ICaii
r >' ou wua , th
-4 v
j <.4nw|r|i»iQ juinfarmci- iioftrarf
tfiat lie win. sta&ornis jfruui tlic excct
«ivc liix hat, lioin
n Bo# pf Teni|H-Riuc<
rqinetl"Tli?-—no-«iio. relation —nu
'•even ui» OctiuMiituneaf". • ■
J pHchangc'.rtoti<*«tlie niarrinppc
rtu«"A)itcTin(l Bi-ahsi4,'a duujrtiterk
" " Wcc^vi
'£rahfl«ft' th« W<lrtfi»<yii ii[Kin hisprK
•WUo"iof v TCfidaßl(», o»t»i un earth,'ol
' A.UrtriiMafe bMotn.* |
OTM *°y» hark will
ohJCIIUts their niui
• Tiiasftr a hrtmler.
Mr. G., a ltoin? lecentl;
Uncut from lioiiu', liittatin, (if ioiiryeari
was asked to iirnnoSiMW* thu Miwtins
. - u 2fo r " -V s'l iksifx ;, ftk'c Ur
looks of titena talcrsr': .* *" *® " ■"
Loe»w4Wwss3fc*-r-|f Jhne i tianin
• aniEeaiiil> giiM tiO a :chiM of aix, nr
'-bWeii ineaiK Wp a*mster «fnixtptn.
Tlic Woreeater
tlfcs its OOtli l>irtl«luy,;ia nnnilw
havum "accii the iiglij the If tlf o
July, ii- f °; V
More tondev .aKd mortal eased ,is
♦on the brtHHiin.triiirtueiiccpf flic
than of tbu liyini:.
"Hew to the JLine, Let the Chips Fall "Where they May."
S ' * J 1 * I
Auburn IJiof. Ijtty -action, r6-
'dyud mien, 'tbjJ ;
dt?vil, and if I had the power. Cod»ell ;
would go where he deserves,
.penitentiary fpr life. He is an inhu
, man degenerate, that's all.
» • „ ' , •**»•«»*-%. ■* K . •<>
■ *•* ... .r„.
PORTLAND'S Hose Festival npxt
year will be held during the week r be-1
ginning June sth. The management]
of the affair decided this during the j
jiast week, these dates being thought
to be the best suited to bringing out j
j the best roses grown in the Pacific i
Northwest. Next, year's show will ;
lie un a scale never before attempted. !
It is promised by those in charge of
! the affair that the spectacle will be |
more magnificent than ever. ,and
! many new features are being planned
that will prove surprises to those
who have attended former festivals.
ONB thousand Chinese were lately
drowned by rise in the Han river.
The Republican Platform.
IvHHtbv ki>, That we, the delegated
representatives of the lCfpuMicau elec
t<'is t»f tlic Uiiitcd States, iu Convention
assembled, in the dist-liartre of the duty
wq owe to our constituents and our
unite in tlie following doelar
»ti«iiM *
FIRST, Tliat the liistory of the nation
duiiusr the last four years fully eHtalv
lishcs the propriety and ueceaqity of the
orpmi/.atitHi and [K;rj»ctnation of tlic
Kcpuhru-an party ; au« Ijliat the causes
which called it into existem-c ah' i«t-
Uianent inilicir naHirc, mill now, more |
than ever!U'Rire, dciii;unl Hs peaceful j
atiil eoiistifntioiial IriilTnph. ~<'
Kkconii, That the inaintcnnnce nfUic
pr'rmi|ile» prNHiit),!r>ite<l ill '.he lH*-!:im
ti<m lll<lc|M'lHll HV<%lHill Hutu-Hlivd 111
the leilcral coiiatitiilion, That alt men
arc ereatetl e<|iial; that they arc eiidtiw
eil liy tlicir Creator with trrt.nin iintln-n
--aMe rights; that among th<'sc girj! life,
liliertv and the puiauit of liappineax:
that tooeonre.tliCHC ijghtrifpivcmuiciitf
are instituted 'among men,
their |«nvers fifilu lite consent »f
the governed " —is essential to the pre
servation of our republican institutinna,
and tlic Federal Constitution, the Kights
of the States, aud the Union of the
States, must and shall !*• ida'scsvcd.'
Tinaii, That to the Union of the
States this tuition <#vr%ita uiipret-eJfiit-
its sinßrMiW
(levclopineltt of nafural iuwiiKßi,*it
rapid augmentation of wealth, its hap
piness at home aud honor abroad; and
wj? hold in nhtiorrtuec. Vlx'iiiOd of
disunion, come from' whatever acUt<*
JUicyMnay; |rnul >wc e<vg>«tulalc
country that no ttcpiilflicun, menipct- of
CongrcsH has uttcrcil «r
tlic thoughts of disunion, in case ol a
popular overthrow of tlicir aseeinleiicy,
an denying tlic vital principles of "a tree
ffjuwiNiiMit, aw an avrrwnt ot'Tvntr\ii|4ft
ted treason, which it-is .the imperative
duty of an indignant (icoplc sternly to
rebuke and forever sileiiu*.
. Kulkxji, That tlic nmiutfnancsjnvj
olatc of tlio right* of tlio StaUnj, V"".
of the ,ri)jrhi.V>f, h),
order and control its domestic institn
ti«M 'tf
clusively is essential to tnht iialance or
power on. which Uiq |>vrtcfctioii and en
durance of our |«>litical fabric dc|icnds;
Ind WQ denounce tlio.ttwlaw itlvamo#
hy ajtried jorvfc of the jM>ilftf ;juty
or Territwy, ho matter, under \tffc«ievttr,
pretext, as among the gravest of crime*.
'firm, That, the prvscNt Dufiiouralic
ailminis|nitioii has_far ejieeedcd our
worst apprcllcnsiofis Hi its measureless
sullen icycy Ui tliQ of _a we
tiiinal interest,' as especially evince® Tn
its des|H'iiUi' exertions to foroe the hifa
mons Vcoinptm lijiMrtln!
protesting |>eoplc of Kamuis; m eon
atnicting the pcnumnl n lation l)?twccii
master and si-rvant is imolvod an un
°|iialilicd pro(>erty in ill its at,
tonipUal e verbs'here,-yp
lainl and sea, through intervcntioiK
of Congress, and the fisleml courts, of
the cxlrt|no pretensions u>f S purely
lortrt iitten st; and its general and mi.,
varying abuse of the |«iwer entrusted
U> it hy a coufiding jifoplc.
SixTir, "f fiat" the' justly view
.xyltli .alarm .'lie Teckh-ss cxtrnvagftnec
every J? ! pa?tmenf prUlb'
federal government; tliat- a return to
rigid economy ami aci-ountability is in
dispensable to nrivst - the systematic
plimdcr of.thtf puhlii' treasury hy faVor
e«l |iartisans; wliile tliA -riicent startling
developments of fraud and corruption
at tlio federal ipctro|H>lis, shovy. tljiit an
entire cltaHgv af is iSi
Skvknt», That tlio new dogma that
thu constitution, of its otyivforcc, ean-ies
.slavery, into nny.or all of tlic Territories
"of tlio Cuftcd Ktatmt-ns' t£fMii;tTiSiilM(W-'
KM<H th % c^,
plKit proviMuus of t hi\t instrunwnt'iwell,
wtflf 4ho eot uis
and subversive of the )>cnce and liarmo
is that of frcodom, #Th« as our Kepult
lican fitthei"*,'\#liehTli^y
very in all onr national territory, or
out dui pna ess ol law, it la-comc* our
duty, hy leg
islation is ni l|j jc
provision of the constitution against all
atli'Uk|ita Ui viojatc it: and we deny the
ailhorrty fcf Cong!'c.-2, of'H Tqaritoria!
lArislatuH-, or of Ay iwlhlTtiiiil, to
gjw ftiverj/'iii ani
Territory of the United States.
NINTII, That we brand the recent rc
hy ol judicial Jumcj-, as a
nW Ojfi
crime against humanity and a burning
shame to our country and age ; and we
call ti|K>n Congress to take prompt and
ellicicnt measures for the total and final
suppression of that execrable tralKy. .
I KNTII, That iu tht recent vetoes, by
their federal governors, of the act* of
Ll.c legislatures nf Kansas and Nebraska,
prohibiting slavery iu those territories, 1
we tind iv practical illustration of the
lioastcd'democratic principles of non
intervention and popular sovereignty,
< cmliodicd ill the Kansas-Nebraska bill
and a demonstration of the dcccjitiou
and fraud involved therein. ' - ,1 .
KLKVIENTII, That Kansas, sliould of
right, IK- immediately" admitted as a
Ntatcnudoi' tlie constitution recently
formed ai«J adopted l>y her people, ami
[ accepted by the House of IteptxAula
TST.U'TII, That, while providing rev
enue tiiMtir gov
ernment by duties upon imiiorts, sound
policy pts|ujri's (mil nu ndjilstiuclit <it"
iliese imjs>ns ailHo oucourage the de
vel»|fflicnt <jf thu industrial interests of
tin.'whole iuij*we j'onimcnil
that jiolicy of national exchanges which
secures to tlie working men lilier.il wu
ges, to agriculture remunerating prices,
to mechanics and muuiAtotuivrs an ad-?
eqi|a,te .reward for their skill, lalnir and
enterprise, and to the nation commer
cial prus|«.'rkv and iiiduMcmlcnctf. »
salt* orSdicmition dintlieUin |S|l>-1
lie lands held by actual sctlfcrs, mid
against any view of the free homestead
J til icv' wjiicb re''an Is settlers as
p"ni|i(is brsuppliitifts for p'ublic bounty,
and .we j<V'mauiL-the.passage .by Cpn
gress of ;tlie tesnplcte >»ml
lmnu'stcsd njcamire iMiiiai .(ins already
passed thcTliiHsc.'
Kni 1 uTBKNTii, That the Natinnnl Re
publican portv is npposed to any change
in oiir naturali&itiiHi laws, or any State
legislation by,which tlie rights of .citi
zenship hitherto i«r»KleJ to emigraitts
from liireign lamls shall lie aliridgvsl or
imbiiireUi, and ,iii_ f»vqr of. givijig a. full
JIIUJ cljicient [»T'iU)ctio« to tin'riglita ot''
«l U^iiM^oT <fiQtt^|L^«l)«titci , )U|t iVe ob
naturalir.ed, IKitli atnoiucuiid anroa<y
KirrKSNTti, ■ TJittt appropriations
Congress fir llivcr and Harbor iin-
of a national clighctcr re"
•piinsl-for the accomodatiou and. securi
ty 11 rfin existing'on 11 jfiAce, are'author
.i*ed\t>)' the Constitution,
by thcobligutimiof gowrninqj to.
ti-et tiht'
That a Kiilroigl to
racilic'ocoan is imiK'rativuly flemamled,
by the iiifcrcsU of tjie whole country';
that thu Iwlcnu government ought to
render ihimciliale "and cflhicnt aid in'
its aiustruetiou; nnd tlitt,'as prelinii/
nary "trterdto, •- daily * Overland Mail;
should be promptly ustablislie<l. \
B(VKNTKE.NTII, Finally, liaving tlm,*
set forth our distinctive jiriiui pies,
and vinws, we invito tlie co-opcr.itinn
of >9l cititensf however ditPiiring oni
otfio# questions, whosiilwtaiiUally
witJ» us in- tlieir affinuiuice and support
IjJco Erie in mily 60 or 70 feet deenjj
JtyEi beltorn tif Laics Ontario, wlihV
is K)2 foci deep, is 230 foot hclow the
most parts of the (Irtlrof Rt. Law'reriTe,
an J the bottom* of Lake Ilnron, Miolr
igan and Superior, although their sur
tJJre in ..so mitch higher, are all, fron»
Jllieir viit depth*on a level with the liot
*£om ofLtki Ontario. •• * •*' A
. Now, as the discharge through the
river ])etroit,*fter allowing for the full
p£ibid>lc ptujmn. carried off lty cvn[»o-
apjiear by any means
equal to the quantity of water which
the three upper great lakfs receive, it
iusiliQcu that, n suhtcrra
liwn' n vef 'rtSv fun' froni'tiiKc Bu]>erior
aijjf ,()>tarm. Thin
eonjectonsi# by no means Improbable,
Wid ifcwunts for fiu-t that
nJntyp'Apd herring nru/«|>rht in all
rominuniculmg with the St.
Lawrence, but in no other*. As the
Mis al Njomi iuu#Vhave always cyst,
9 * ?#{?
wv now Inese fish p>t intii the upper
Kiieli subterranean
any iKriodn-j! olwtnie
■t ig|>, lif Jiic, ri-vqjty.d'l fnnjish a no}
«nqiriilail4o subitum uf tUe iwx>md jji v
-ffiuß&fjlfv.lukvXrTfKicV- •
... m * —.—■■ "• *
jtejWlr. Elias llowe, Jr., who ha|
lft.MP flvln-lv half a million .dollars out
of his sewing maeliine i>nteiit,ja pre***
rng a renewal of Jlie wane, it Ihlujt
alSut .toexptv.: lt/trikcsusthathelt?
alJhidy inaifc unohgTi, an j we ho|xth<f
[w#uoVsu««'ed. £ ' s;',
i- '
. 1 U:ME*I: Kr.—Oii .the heejs of MljJ
tb S
*bumcth ronorae. • .%
1 9#\<£*r**''S •*
•« -A*! CsSed valuation cjf She Wash-.
; jngtpn jjiilroads the *IOO,-
1000,000 mark, after' gradually in'-.
I ten years. Itv
! 1891 the of Evergreen
I State were assessed at |*l!£ol4,7flß.
"lißjjss£ssin eflt Is, of course,
i-wtivlttho-ltujti valufi.of.rail
! wsy properties than that of ten
i Tears- ago, Wt these- figures show
a tremendous gain throughout the
State during the decadfe fh industrial
and agricultural progress.
THE Washington Good Roads As
sociation will hold its annual meet
ing at Walla Walla, Nov. 29th to
•Dec: Ist. The session promises to
|be the most interesting in the his
tory of Governors
and representatives from Oregon,
Idaho, Montana and liritish Colum
bia will meet on Nov. 28 to discuss
with delegates from Washington
some vital questions bearing on the
good roads movement.
I torn the Aupu-U (Mc.) Journal
Lfjtftr from Abraham Lincoln.
Tine Republicans of Huston celebrat
ed Thomas Jefferson's llirthday on the
13th of April, 1859. Anion? those in
vito I tji Uu present wan the llou. A Mi
lium Lincoln, who responded in a let
ter of gtoat power and remarkable fe
-1 Keiiy oP expression. We thought at
the time that of ull the jmlitical letters
we had uv'tfr read, it wan the most |>oint
ed anil most Ibreible, and our threat sur
prise. is that Bp. to this time, no far as
we have observed, it lion iiot been re
published. After diligent *aixli anion?
soiue old."clippings" we have succeed
oil in finding it, aiid witli peculiar pleas
ure Uy-it lo lire our reailors. It is a
platform iu.itscjf, worthy, of the en
dorsements of all WVIO'IKTICVC in the
fumlsmOutaldoctrines of Kree (iovern
luCut as taught In Thomas Jefferson:
Hi-KiKuiiKLo, 111., A|ir'd U, isil'.
(■ our ki'ml note, invito
iug mc to attend a festival at Boston,
Kn> tM 1 li'.Uc Inst, iu honor of tliv birth
day vt»'l'ljoiius was duly re
ceived. My ungagcmeiits are stlcli that
I faiuiot attetd. -JSuariug in mind that
aU't^tovcnUi years ago'tw«j great |«>-
litjcal parties terd formed in this'eou'ii
try; was tire Ik';ul
ofjOnc o(U.iunt, and tho
Hijartera of llii other, it Is birth c'unous
aiyl iutoreatiiijt'tlnit tliuwe supposed to
dtfeand, JH>) i t'(ualJy,f MlL I ; the party O|K
HKiseil t«;JcflcMnn, should now be celc-'
bniting his'biiittdjiy in tlicir-owu orig
infil scat i(Jje|n.pjn'» wl/ile those.claiip.
ing tHilitieal ife-sent frinu him' luivo
liuoHy '-cbjised to breathe his name
bvcrjwhtrc. t .. - »
f. Itcincmbcring, too, tliat the JeUor
»on party was formed upon its 'sup
jHiseil superior devotion to .the |>credli
al rights of.men,, holding tlio rights (if
property to be'secondary .only, aiid
greally then assuming the
so culled Democracy of to-day are the
.lellt'rson, Xud tlieir opponents ihc.onti-
JcdcnHMi I>arties, it,wJl.h^,equally In
tcretting to note how completely tjje two
liave changed grounds as to tlic priuciJ
pics upon whiclr they were originally
subnowtl to be divided. ~
srlw Ucniwqracy of to-day h<4J Uie
Jiberty or 'o'nV liian to lie absoliitely !
unthi»g,'wlnnrin Conflict with anoUiur
mairs riglit (>rtjier|y..
cOi< are bo'Ui for the Hian
aiultlke dollar, .Imt in case of eouflicts
tlie man before.the dollar.
. remember Is-ing once much amused
'atise»inji-twio partiiillv'siiUixicatod men
(engine,l 4ll a lighj with their great co«ti,
oil, which fight, after a long and rather
hannl<*s coiitest;«n<lt«l iu each having
fotight Jiiiusc|f out of; Ins o\\(j ,cqat anil
into Hint of the other. If the two I call
>ing parties of this day are identical with'
the t\yp in the days of' Jetl'erson ami
A«lain.Sf,tM'.v have 41crfonned the suae
tc'iit os tho two druuktsu'inou. a, . •
jllut soUsrhyit is now uo child's,play,
■ft) save the principle* of Jelf«i>oti fyoiit
the tot;(l ovcrthpnv of this nation.
One wiiYriil state with great confi
dence that IM> could convince nnjt natie
cbilil (hat tlio Aim|ile pni|NMitions of
Rnclid' nre trae; bat nevertheless, lie'
with ono who. should deny'
the definitions and axioms., Thu prin
ciples of Jefferson are the definitions
and axioms of, free society. * Ami yet
they are denied and evaded,, with uo
small show of siicct ss. One'dashingly
calls them "glittering generalities."—
Another bluntly styled them '"self-evi
dent lies.AmLntharslinsidiounly tt-
apply only "to superior
races.** 4 " *" •••"»■ •••'
TlwU diftering iniform,
are iji object and effect—the
sn^iTuiti j»f frfce pjov
enm»olil,.|iiK| j-cstorinft tlunw of classic
fietition. e.wtx', jUiid legitimacy. Thcv
would ncli*llt a convinuxtioil of efowd
islt hea>U{|(tßtting against tho portjilo.
They are the vanguard, the sappers
and miners, of retiirtunjf despot iAn. We
must repulse tlieiu, or they: will .sabja
gaUins. ...
This |s a world yf compensations; qui}
he would bb no slave must'eon
sent, to lnve no slave. '-Thoao who.
deny I'repjkim to, othejp. ilfjcr\o it not.
tor ai'ul, uinlor a just GoJ'
cufirnit 1 Uxt'Wtai 11 it.' ' ** * I
All honor roan who,
in the (.-oheretc pK-ssure of a
for uhtional infK'(nitdniee by » single
e»|iacit v to iutoa merely revo
rfiitiniiaW dot'nurMHt a>i alwtrjet truth
appli<-able to all men and all times, ami
HO t<> embalm it there, tliat to-day, ami
ill ull coining days, it shall, !>e a rebuke
atrtf'a Ktnnd'liiiLr block to the harhin
<Vf rc*ajipear.'"S tyranny
pression. our obedieut servant, ...
> •' A. t,rNOOI,N.
* Messrs. JI. L. rjEKCK, vnjl ollie-rs.
Rfc Ti'jjjtitircani. .. ,
Two Die UaiesTinf Tomb.
St'toata Republic
A Bristol, Tenn., dispatch, of Oct. ,
30th,says: '
"Curious as .to what had Ixxjome
of the, body of Doctor Teed, w.ho an
nounced before his death
that he would rise from his tomb and
become the Messiah of the Koreslians,
two members of the cult, according
to Henry L. Silverfriend. attempted
to unseal the tomb, but before this
was accomplished both were deprived
of their reason and died before they
could , be. removed to an asylum.
Silverfriend is prominent in the
Koreshan colony in Estero, Fla. He
said that. Doc tor Teed has not yet
risen,.but that members of the cult
were confident,.he would come, forth
as their Messiah in due time." i;
Tilk present high prices make it a
matter of interest whether the tur
key crop may not soar to the higher
branches to roost.
How tke Prcsid nt Lives .
. A correspondent of the Boston Cou
rier furnishes an interesting account of
the President's mansion and his mode
of life, from which we extract the fol
lowing paragraph: • ..
To a large majority of the strangers
to the federal mctro|>olis, who visit
'Washington, there is 110 object which
excites so much attcirtiou as the Kxe
cotive Mansion. ' The truth is, that up
to the time of Mr. Polk, the White
House wits decently furnished. Con
gress then made an appropriation w Inch
being judiciously expended, improved
somewhat. After that, 110 con-
MTU'ralile appropriation was made till
the year IK&3, when 'some fifty thou
sand di.liars were appropriated lor heat
ing, ..ventilating, paintiiig, enlarging,
ami rcfurnUhing the house. '• ;••
.f.The silver in the house,' 1 am told, is
mostly tint bought <ll Paris during the
adininistratloii of Mr. Monroe. There
are but two or three pictures in the
lifiw l .. One in the red room, a |K,rtrnit
of Washington, t which was cut ft*»ui
the fralne and secured by Mrs. Madi
son when Washington City was occu
pied by the liritisfi in tli( war of-1812;
another, in the President's ollicc, a mir
trait of Kolivar,' the' South' Ambnca/l
TliOrc are no household orna
ments about the, house, except vases
scattered litre and there on' mantles,
ami articles brought from {Japan by
Conimodorp Perry. The White House,
iii a won 11 is furnished more like a ho
tel than a. first class residence. There
arc articles of uso in abundance, rich
and massive, bat no articles of art or
atjornmeut. . • • 1
Tlio President receives twenty-five
thotisand dollars salary. Next, ho re
ceiver a house, garden, and stables, free
of expense. The house .furnished
and (lie garden it cultivated by the
government •• Every article of. l'urni
turp necessary to lie (applied, by the
United Sbtet The government also
lights anil beats the houao. It pay* for
stewards to take care of the jrtrtJtlr
pro«ertj-;'nnd a fireman, iind for uo oth
er domestic servants. Tlie Exocutivo
office It iu the Exeeutite mauttoo, and
for the footer the gov eriimeiit provides
a private secretary; clerks to the secre
tary, two! messengers. aiuf . a porter.—
for all dymestlc* servants, bowevor, ex
cept stcw&rd and- fireman, the I'reai
.dejit must.pay oat of his own pocket
He must pay fpr his rooks, his butter.
Iris stable servauts, female servants,
coachman, gnsinis, le., as any, other
persg.n does when' lit' employ* such a
retinue of servants. 1 lie supplies his
tahje,' with the eijception of L'srden
vcgptifbles, as any other-private citizen
doos, byliis own.purse.' - So with -bis
stablcji ' lu sbort, the only things fur
iiisheil by government afo hotis«<s' and
furuitiire, fuel and lights, stmanl and
r fireman, garden vegetablrs and
| All ,ejse is matter of private exiieuse.,
■ I.W'th these items its Irasis tor calcula
tion, any gentleman wh« keeps eight
een or mora servnntsof both sexes, who
kee|is a stable with horses, as docs Mr.
ltuchauau, who'dints [icrwins besnlos
RIJ own fiuuily every «lay, and oaee a
week gives a dinner to forty invited
guests, can fcfrtn some! notion how
much Mit of tweuty-five tliousoud dol
.lars tl'ic' end of tlie year.—
(Most of our Presidents, however, 0011-
trivb to save money during their torui
of office.)
LITIIAEY Cinujjy tfj A real litera
ry curiosity has I icon brought to light
of . the Book . of Vaga
bonds wd Beggarp. a Vocabulary
of tlieir Language, originally cdfttHl by
Martiu Luther in loljX, in the • roust
ftornijf periods of Ims life, to wapi his
readers against fl'e ariiliccb or this efass
ftf rogues (nhioM^'whttfn he pralxibly
had. ##. s'ye Friarn), anil'
now translated and Silled by tlio pub
lisher, Mr.'J. Oanvfen Hoften, au iu
mii(jept old of tynidou.
, ttff- Tlie'-prescnf • popufution of I)u
--' buipte, lowa,, in liI.OOU. .Thrjjc .yeani
ajrojt was 17,000; but afl western cities
and towiw, for twit br threo years iiast,
have suffered eo«uidoriiMeiuiti»yjdowii
iu tl»eir*poptilation.
' A wslow said one. day to Iter daugh
ter, V When yon are of my aco' you will
l»e dreaming of a IIKSIKIIIII." .."Yos,
mamma," replied the litis
Key, "for the second time."
I'rr i—i > ■ «
A'younjt caqwnter luiviii}; bcei»>t>dd
"tluittliu course of tniehnoxieveT did
run smooth," took Ims iilane Uiider his
sna whcH ho weLjt.ianUiti;^.,. , „
lJoston' law flic <"eritral
I'ariT fever, and irf eiigji';ed'"m p'rej«ir
iny o l'ubNc Onnkti at thi' Cxftiffco of
I '•••■ *-■
THAT tM Northw-Mt can
produce-Alio ba< on grqwn any
where, rivaling in excellence the
famed Denmark product, is the state
ment of Prof. Shaw, the emi
nent agricultural expert of the Great
Northern Railway, who has just com
pleted a ,trip through Oregon, study
ing the possibilities of the soil. He
found that the Northwest has several
advantages .over the East and Middle
West in producing bacon, among
them being the green feed that is
available for at least nine months of
the year, the wealth of succulent
root crops and alfalfa, kale, vetch,
rapejnd clovers that are grown here
so successfully, together with the
mild climate . and absence of snow
that makes it feasible tor the hogs to
harvest.their own feed in the fields.
Our .Wants.
Tis true.jiii.evtr.y man must know
(And every man regrets it).
Man want's blit little here below,
And rery seldom gets it.
Ax to DOTE. —• (Vkiuvl 1 >uk Nuliteffr
a rich story about "axing for her" in
liis earlier day. llv was <lif|ily hlnilt CH
with tlic daughter ol'a wealthy old skin
'lint residing iii Alabama. The colonel,
self-confident of success, arrayed himself
in his licrt nuit, pro<i-cdcd to call on tho
" pane lit, lor the jitiiitosc of obtaining
tin* iviisctit to the coinuiiumuliou licdo
voutly wished Mailers hail all along
gone oil smoothly. Colonel Nash hail
every jiihuiJ to lioj»e tor success. Fi
nally a convenient season arrived tor him
to approach the old'nii;sayjtlie colonel:
• "S.|HK«','iiiy hnsiness to-day is to ask
you for your daughters hand."
"It is, is it? What? you marry my
gal? Look here,-young man, leave my
premises inslaiiter. ami if you ever set
foot here again I'll make inv niggers
skin von. Marry my daughter, indeed!
You had "
The colonel liitd left. He raw the
old gentleman was angry After get
ting oil' to a sale place lie thought he
would turn and take n last fond look at
the home o! his lost idol—\\ hen hcspieil.
the old man busy with spade iu hand,
shmeling uji his tracks from, the yard
and throwiiigthcm over the fence! Col
onel Nash imagined that lie was an un
welcome visitor at the house.
A CUINKSK Hsu..—A correspondent
of the Lialtimorv Amciicau thus dtMcri-
IHS A representation of tho punishment
of the wicked, after death, according to
the lludliist theology, which he.wit
nessed in the mihiirhs of Cantou:
"Alter a walk of ulmut a mile we came
to the 'Temple of Horrors." Thin is a
horrible place—that is, the scenes are
hideous. The intention is to represent
what a bad man would *utfec.dftcr death.
It is composed of t .'n ditlcrent groups of
statuary made of clay, and many of them
are crumbling to pieces. : Tho fimt'rep
resents the trial of man—ho. is surround
ed by his family and friends, who m tir
ing to defend him; the second, wheeonc
is condemned, and given over to the ex-
tho third*- ke-W uiulafgoiag
n sdmi-tnuisformation; from tltc ninuto
tlic brute; fourth, where lie is ixit into
a mill, with his heuit down want. aitfi*
being ground WJI —his dog Is by ui» aide
of the mill licking up liis ,l>lood; in the
filth scene lie is placed between two
boanls, and is Iteing sawe<l >kiwn length
wise; sixth, he is underalarge bell which
is mug until the concession kills him;
seventh; the man is placed upon a bible,
and two men are. paddling or spanking
him with large wooden .auildles; eighth,
ho hi upon a rack, and tlic executionotn
arctcariuglusflc*!' with red hot pinchers;
ninth, he is in a cauldron bfhoiting lard;
thotMitlf scene represents liini -upon n
gridiron, undergoing the process of nest
ing. Iu all these scenes his family are
present ;ulso alarge figurcwlio represenbi
the judge, executioners, little devils, and
various instruments of torture."*
' Jolni'ttaudolph was one of the most
sarcastic men that over lived. Qua time
a young man alcinpted ftvmnke his &L-
HiiaintaiiVe. "He obtained an introduc
tion, and among the li ret remarks said, —
"I luisscd your bouse lately, Mr. Mail
iMjUi.">'l hope you always will!'.' was
the reply. i
All other one twitted him as to his
want of education." liandolph said iy
reply,— .
"The gentleman reminds mo of thb
lands about the heail waters of the Mont
gomery, which arc |«s>t by natuiv, and
cultivation entirely ruined them." -
ixan.t lowlands lived lovely Lucy Lrwlie,
Levi Lnrkins loved Lney Ltv inlily. Luuv
Jovcd Levi largely likewise, Levi lassoed
Lucy; Lumkins legal lumphoad, lushed
the lover* together, mill lots of little
Larkinses leapt limlK-rly long the lonifv
kins,lending loud luster to the land nod
likewise causing-lively pleasure (o the
hearts of Levi and Lucy Larking
healed squire, being «i>reU-iI l|y Sydney i <
Smith in nn argument, took his revenge
by exclaiming,—
"If I had a son who «as on idiot,.by
Jove, I'd make him a |«r»on."
"Very prokjily," replied Svditcy,
"hut I KCO your father was of a dilleruut
One <>f the wealthiest men in Cincin
nati never uses nn envelope in sending
a letter, if In' has a blank fcpaec suflicicnt
on the original sheet to pn>|<erly told
arid direct it lie don't believe ill squan
deringKiH rfioney in envelo|ies at twvn.
ty-ti ve cefits a-linudivd!
fcrAi' American hay cutter took
the first prkft.nnd a gold medal at the
cxhibitiiyi of (arming machines, in Paris,
a'few months' ago.
• . Kv tns —Mind your l,u>iime.
• •- K -
NO. 1.
THAT the Democrat party is on a
higher piano than its opponent is
shown by the very high character of
the mominees for Governors and for
other high State offices and for Con
gress. This is universally admitted
excep by the ultra partisans. Dr.
Butler, president of Columbia Col
lege, who is an ardent Republican,
admitted the superiorty of the Dem
ocratic nominees, and said, "it in
dicates that politics will be elevated
to a higher plane of principles in
stead of personalities."
STATES, (*rert!ny:
The women of Washington request
the Equal Suffragists of the United
States to join with them in Thanks
diving on Nov. 24th, for the great
victory they have won for women.
State President.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 10, 1910.
Your fortuno, is that yon will ho
happy if you purvliasn your drugs
anil sundries hero. The clairvoyant
endeavors to uroffnostieate the fu
ture. By patronizing this store you
are simply making genuine satisfae
tion a certainty.
The Druggist. Phone 260
GO TO THE *l* ♦
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" For Good Workmanship, Clean- ■"
1 * liness and Fair Treatment
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General Blacksmithing.
Bole agcnti for Olvnipiaand Thurston county
for the celebrated
Wagons and Carriages
Corner Third and Columbia Streets.
Olvnipia, Wash.
Fish, Oysters |
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-; 405 Water St. Olympia, Wash, f
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j Wie Froit saioon I
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I' 119 4th St. • Phone 599R |
356 Franklin St., Olympia, Vash
Ileal Eslat*% • Insurance. *.'olle
iions. Notary Public.
oo |
■ Pawl Dethlefsen. I rap. ■
Attorney at Law
Office: Funk-Voliand' Building

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