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Theo. L Brown is not in good
Lewis Osborne, of South Bay, was
in town Tuesday.
Mrs. James H. Lasityr is afflicted
with a severe cold.
Charles Wilcox spent Thanksgiv
ing with friends in Seattle.
Attorney Kelly, of Tacoma, carne
to Olympia on business, Wednesday.
The Kearney slander suit, in Judge
Mitchell's court, has been dismissed.
S. K. Taylor and wife, of Oyster
Bay, visited friends in the city, this
Mrs, W. J. Jeffreys, of this city, is
confined to a Portland hospital with
The condition of lawyer Hawley
King does not seem to improve very
A gleam of sunshine —the first for
a week or more —enlivened our peo
ple Wednesday.
The STANDARD acknowledges a
pleasant call from U. S. Senator
Jones, Saturday.
A marriage license was issued yes
terday to Myrt Archer and Miss
Daisy weatherill
John W. Troy, a brother of our
popular attorney, was in the city on
business, Monday.
William Eastman, an old-time
Olympia school-boy, was a visitor to
the city yesterday.
It is announced that the "Rest
Rooms" for women will be opened in
this city next week,
Ask George Anderson what he
thinks about street grading in the
season of Fall rains.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Howell, of San
Luis Obispo, Cal., are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Otto Braeger, of this city.
Mrs. C. H. Reichel is in poor
health. Her numerous friends hope
this condition may not be permanent.
William Van Horn, of Bremerton,
and Miss Selma Peterson, of this
city, were united in marriage yester
Lawyer John P. Hartman, of Se
attle, was in Olympia during the
present week on business before the
Supreme Court.
G. W. Osborne, father of Lewis
Osborne, of South Bay, is critically
ill at Centralia, were he has been
taking treatment for cancer.
Jury sessions of the Superior Court
cost this county about one hundred
dollars p;r day. Still there is no
remedy in sight while people will lit
Leo Jones, son of H. T. Jones, of
this city, was united in marriage
Wednesday, to Miss Eva Durkin,
daughter of James Durkin, of Spo
The concrete bulkhead, contiguous
to the Skinner property, on Boundary
street, was displaced by the recent
rains. Residents on high ground
are not always secure.
George H. Himes, of Portland, a
visitor and speaker at Saturday
night's banquet, left Sunday for
home via Elma, where he visited a
sister, Mrs. W. H. Ruddell.
It is said Michael Neylon does not
feel at all badly because the Town
ship organization proposition was de
feated. However several of his neigh
bors are not in accord with Michael
in this respect.
_ The building in process of erec
tion, on the northeast corner of
Third and Franklin streets, is in
tended to afford storage-room for
the patterns of the Pioneer foundry,
on an adjacent site.
The Republicans of Turn water have
lioniintrted Frank B. Cook for Mayor,
John Ricon, John Mills and A. J.
Colby Councilmen for two years and
John Ooudy Councilman for one year,
aud for Treasurer Charles Hewitt.
The beautiful Loving Cup present
ed the STANDARD Saturday night, is
eliciting universal admiration. It
has been on exhibition In Sawyer &
Filley's Fourth street show-window.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
The Supreme Court has affirmed
the ca*e of Peter Ouelette r*. "Olym
pia Jim/' an action to establish the
boundaries oyster ground. The
decision was in favor of the Indian.
A petition for rehearing may be
Mrs. Myrtle. M. Boone, arrested
•or insanity Saturday morning and
given a hearing by Judge Mitchell
and adjud«f*d insane on examination
of Drs. Riley and Strickland, was
committed to the asylum at Fort
The authorities are trying to find
ft nonie for little Roy Shelton, of Te
ntno, eight years of age, who is
omeless. Any good family able
and willing to adopt him may com
municate with Sheriff Gaston for
.. 'f° r , g0 N. Talcott does not like
things in the neighbor
ed of Sixth and '.astside streets
induced by the re ent winds and
rams. There are others, among
hom arc the McFa -lane and Saun
ders families.
„ recent rains have damaged
residence property in Improvement
District No. S.*», 011 oust side of Sixth
street. fhe delay in grading this
street is doubtless responsible for
| the injury and the city may tiud it
self inculpated.
Our opulent City Council, at its
last meeting, appropriated S3OO for
an adding machine for the City En
gineer. One would scarcely Itelieve
that any one connected with the city
I would need an adding machine, with
jthe expenditures constantly climb
i ing without one.
A beautiful Morris extension chair
i was oneof the birthday gifts received
|by the STAM>ARI> from President
| Leoixild Schmidt, of the Oiymp'.a
Brewing Company. It tills a long-
I telt want and nothing could have
i been more appropriate as a token ot
j respect for its lot.g stewardship.
The basement of the Baptist church
jon Ninth and Franklin streets, has
it en flooded by the late rains, but
what damage has resulted is still un
known. The vestibule and entrance
of the First Presbyterian church was
also flooded by leakage from the
spiral roof, that has done some dam
age to the plastered walls, probably
\\ hen you shall have paid your
last year s taxes, the second install
ment of which will soon fall due, do
you thinkyou will want any further
street assessments before next year?
If after having paid your taxes and
assessments you still have a surplus,
there are opportunies afforded for
the purchase of Christmas presents
to distribute among the deserving of
God's children.
The only bid submitted for the
East Hay avenue improvement, ex
ceeded by over $1,500 the engineer's
estimate and the Council at its last
meeting rejected it. The bid offered
was £13,874. and the estimate was
for only $12,350, and it was said by
one of the Couucilinen that the prop
osition was now tucked into its little
bed for a final slumber.
The fall of a pole carrying the
electric wires on Tumwater Hill
Sunday night, as a car was climbing
that hill, made lively if not danger
ous times for Conductor Brautigan
and Motorman Hogue. No further
damage was done, however, than
smashing several of the car-windows
and throwing the car from the
tracks, but the display of lightning
for a time caused considerable of a
The jury in the case of Thurston
County against John Gunston, pro
ceedings in condemnation for the
establishment of a highway over re
spondent's land, ; n the vicinity of
of South Union, awarded Gunstone
nineteen hundred dollars damages,
the cost and jury fees amounts to
about six hundred dollars; all of
which the country must liquidate.
The fewer there are of such contro
versies, the better it will be for the
welfare of the pocketbooks of the
The long drawn out litigation be
tween Glen Whipple as plaintiff and
James I. Murray intervenor, which
was a controveisy over a cow, has
come to au end in the Superior Court.
The jury awarded Whipple s2a dam
ages. the plaintiff having replevined
before the Justice of Peace
at Little Rock, from whose judgment
an appeal was taken. From the
time the case first came into the Su
perior Court, Judge Mitchell was
called upon to decide numerous legal
questions of insignificant dimensions.
.Miss Marie Christenson and Harry
E. Van Arsdale, both of this city,
were united in marriage last Satur
day, at the home of the bride's par
ents, by Rev. R. M. Hayes. The
happy couple, after an elegant re
past spread for themselves and
friends, departed on the evening
train for a brief wedding tour. They
will return to a fine home prepared
for them at Ninth and Jefferson
streets, where they will be "at home"
to their many friends. The bride is
one of our most popular young ladies
and is well known to the business
life of the city from her loug service
as book-keeper of the Olympia Hard
ware Company.
James H. Levee, an old army vet
eran, died Monday, after an illness
of fifteen weeks from paralysis. He
was buried with G. A. R. honors.
Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Dr.
Hayes preaching the funeral sermon.
Deceased was born at Dunansburg,
N. Y., Jan. 12, 1830. He was mar
ried to Mary E. Carpenter in 1855,
who died in this city in February,
1895. He entered the war service
in 1861, and received an honorable
discharge in 18S2. He came to
Olympia with his family in 1889. A
son and daughter, W. H. Levee and
Mrs. Emma Bolton, were with him
in his last hours. Another son,
Charles E., resides at Ramona, S.
A collision between an auto and a
fab belonging to the Reynolds stable,
occurred in front of the Y. M. C. A.
building Saturday night. It seems
the cab h&d been in waiting for some
attendants at the banquet and the
driver on being told that he was too
early had turned to diive away, when
the auto driven by Muir Fairchild
turned the cqrner into Franklin
street, from Fourth, and crashed
into the cab. The horses and driver
were hurled to the ground and the
cab wrecked. One of the horses was
so badly injured that he hod to be
killed to put him out of his suffering.
The driver escaped with a Jew
scratches. The auto driver and a
young lady passenger wapod with
out injur)*.
The old, old story, told time* without
number, and repeated over and over again
for the last 36 yean, but it is always a wel
come story to those in search of health-
There is nothing in the world that cures
coughs and colds as quickly as Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
Sad Case of lasaaity.
Mrs. Myrtle Boone has been sent
to the asylum at Steilacoom, by or
der of Judge Mitchell after examina
tion by a commission of two local
physicians. Her case is a sad one;
her insanity developed several
months ago, prompted by reiigious
excitement; further it is claimed she
had a grandfather. who became in
sane shortly before his death. Clar
ence Boone, her husband, and rela
tives. endeavored to avoid the neces
sity of taking her to the asylum, but
finally concluded there was no other
course open for them to pursue.
When a cold becomes settled In the system,
it will take several days' treatment to curs
it, and the best remedy to use is Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. It will cure quicker
than any other, and also leaves the system
in a natural and healthy condition.
TIIERK is not so much handshaking
, as there was a couple of weeks ago.
[Concluded from second page.]
size, with a succession of editors,
among whom were Amory Holbrook,
">f Oregon City. Win. Lair llill of
Portland and Urban E. Hicks of
Oiympia, audi,/ lie it noted
E. T. (iuim, also of this city was at
one time an associate publisher.
The same business sagacity enabled
Mr. I'ittock to see in Mr. Scott, the
qualities that afforded the Onyonimi
the staid and dignified course that
gave it strength and permanency; so
the daily edition had a rapid gro.vth
to a full-fledged city newspaper.
No such <>p|Mrtunity was present
ed the ST.\M».\HI». \Vlien the Nor
thern Pacific Railroal located iis
Western terminus at Oiympia. how
ever, it was thought to be a turning
point for speedy development. The
STAM»AKH at once secured and u-ed
the first steam-power press ever op
erated in the Territory of Washing
ton; it also associated for a year in the
editorial work with its founder and
hitherto sole editor, Hon. Beriah
Brown, senior, a writer not only of
coast but national reputation, and
made diligent effort to catch the ap
parently favoring gale for develop
ment and permanence. The history
of the infamous betrayal of trust by
that company, under manipulation of
the Lake Superior and Puget Sound
Land ring, who planned to extend
the alternate-section land grant
much farther than was intended, and
induced the company to break faith
with our people and move the termi
nus on parallel to the Sound to some
other point, in the stipulation for
striking tide-water. This was a
death-blow to Oiympia and all bud
ding enterprises for a score of years
and completely frustrated its hopes
of being a large city till at least the
present time.
That is why the STANDARD re
mained a "four-page" paper, as Mr.
Scott used for the devisional line,
and many other enterprises were
crushed that would have speedily
built a city far excelling Seattle or
Tacoma in importance, had the mat
ter met with peaceful adjustment.
It might have saved from bankrupt
cy the financial backing of the rail
road, Jay Cooke & Co., quite as well
as the device of building in to Taco
ma. notwithstanding the clearing
and grading had passed that city
some ten miles in the effort of farther
progress when the order for "any
port in a storm" was given.
The location at Olympia aroused
thegreatest enthusiasm. It wasmade
as a Christmas gift in 1871, by the
acceptance of the Peoples' donation
of land by the company's accredited
agents, John A. Goodwin and John
W. Sprague. The news was an
nounced by the ringing of bells and
booming of cannon at midnight, and
the people all turned out and trudged
about through snow two feet deep to
mingle their congratulations. For
six months the delusion of perma
nency existed and no property was
for sale at any price, and after
abandonment of the site, it could be
sold for no price.
Some leading men in our Territo
rial history were connected with the
advent of the STANDARD. Hon. El
wood F.vans gave it lasting and cor
dial support, L. P. Beach, afterwards
Surveyor General, was on its typo
graphical force, several years, liobt.
Frost, of this city, and George
Himes, of Portland, Historian of the
Oregon Pioneer Society, were inti
mately connected with its history.
James G. Swan, author of "Three
Years in Washington Territory,"
and Paui K. Hubbs, of Port Towns
end, wrote many interesting articles
relating to early conditions, customs
and habits of both the early settlers
and the aboriginal population.
At the date the STANDARD began
publication there was no Seattle nor
Tacoma. The former was known as
Alki, and was the site of Yesler's
mill and probably a. saloon and a
small store or two. Tacoma was
known by its old mill name and
new Tacoma had not yet been
born, and first saw the light of day
when McCarver of Portland came
over to act as mid-wife. Seattle had
no newspaper till a printer named S.
L. Maxwell started a small paper
called the Guutte. His plant was
small, and for several .years much of
his job-work and other printing was
done In Olympia on the STANDARD
presses. Mr. Maxwell was succeeded
by J. R. Watson, from this city, and
afterwards Samuel L. Crawford, a
graduate of the STANDARD, who be
came part owner of the P.-I. and
greatly aided that paper's evolution to
thesize and dignity of a metropolitan
paper. The first paper printed in
Tacoma was also from Olympia, the
Daily Tribune, transplanted from
this city, after several years of ser
vice here, by Mr. Prosch & Sons,
who afterwards became identified
with Seattle interests and literally
"grew up" with the town.
The entertainment coccluded with
a selection by the quartett, "Old
Lang Syne," in which the entife
audience joined.
Then another hand-shaking and
leave-taking ensued in which the bet
ter part of an hour was consumed,
notwithstanding the joyous party
had already entrenched upon a couple
of hours of Sabbath morning.
The Socialists of Olympic have for
the present concluded to hold Fri
day evening weekly meetings, at Ra
beck's hall, beginning at 7:30 p. it.
The meeting last-Friday evening was
for the most part a business session,
though there were some pretty lively
discussions prompted by certain
questions submitted in writing and
read by the secretary. The tramp
question brought cut divers views. It
was claimed the tramp is a product of
economic and industrial conditions
induced principally by the means* of
production qnd distribution being in
private nandi, which periodically
throw men out of employment and
place them in the ranks of the unem
ployed, many of whom become so dis
couraged and demoralizad that they
will not work.
A programme committee was ap
pointed consisting of Miss Berniee
Sapp. and Miss Framies Sylvester,
and it was agreed the other ques
tions, such as the white slave traffic
and the frail creatures below the
dead line, will be considered at to
night's meeting, which promises to
be interesting. A motion was made
and carried that all meetings open
promptly at 7:30 and close at nine
o'clock, as many persons who usually
attend these meetings live at a dis
tance and desire to depart early,
while others who are too timid to
speak in open session might desire to
remain and converse about the prop
aganda near and dear to their hearts.
Adolph Schmidt and wife are on a
visit to Seattle.
I. 'ij-Chi-nnich, of Clarksville, Ten
nessee, of the 17th inst., says that
Nashville that State, may have the
honor in the near feature of becom
ing the first city in the world in which
a daily children's paper is published.
A movement is on foot in the city to
establish a unique newspaper to be
known as " The Children s National
Daily." The idea was conceived by
Mrs. Ila Clyde Clark, who is her
self a newspaper women of ability.
Siio'ild the paper invoine a reality,
as every indication now seems to be,
the paper will be the first children s
daily paper ever published, and aside
from being of so unique a character,
the the paper will undoubtedly be
an innovation that will appeal to 1
very home in which children are
numbered among the families. In
discussing the question, Mrs. Clark
said: My idea is to give the children
every morning the news of the world
in a language that they can under
stand. Intelligent children want to
know what is going on in the world,
and they have a right to know about
the great discoveries in science, the
progress of invention and the news
iof the world is general. They are
' to be the future citizens of the coun
try, and the better they are informed
the more intelligently will they able
to meet the problems of life."
Many school children sutler from consti
pation, which is often the cause of seeming
stupidity at lessons. Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets are an ideal medicine to
give a child, for they are mild and gentle in
their effect, and will cure even chronic
THE conviction of Fred D. Warren,
the Socialist editor of the Appeal t<>
llnuon, has l>een affirmed by the
Circuit Court of Appeals, at St.
Paul. The penalty imposed is six
months in prison and a fine of fifteen
hundred dollars. He was first con
victed at Ft. Dodge. Kansas, about
two years ago, for offering a reward
of one thousand dollars for the kid
naping of Ex-Governor Taylor, of
Kentucky, who was under indict
ment in that State and had fled to
Indiana, whose Governor refused to
extradite Taylor. Warren claimed
his course was sanctioned by the de
cision of the United States Supreme
Court in the Haywood case, which
held it was no crime to forcibly take
persons from one State into another
jurisdiction and there try them.
Now watch and hear the Socialist
speakers and press howl alxmt the
courts from Berlin to Tokio.
THROUGH the initiative and refer
endum, it seems the single or land
value tax has been introduced in our
sister State, Oregon, by permitting
the counties therein to determine the
kind of property to be taxed. Two
years ago, the voters of that State
defeated a proposed single-tax con
stitutional amendment by a decisive
vote. Oregon stood pat for a long
time, but a change came and she be
came the radical commonwealth of
the Union, with Oklahoma a close
second. In the standpat policy of
Washington for commissions, high
taxes and grafts, Washington may
outstrip them all in the way of radical
policies. The apparent stability of
the present hour is deceitful and our
local statesmen and pin-head politi
cians may expect something to hap
pen which will cause sister Oregon to
become green with envy.
Croup is most prevalent daring the dry
cold weather of the early winter months.
Parents of young children should be pre
pared for it. All that ia needed is a bottle
of Chamberlain'* Cough Remedy. Many
mothers are never without it in their home*
and it has never disappointed them.
MINNIE PICKETT. 13 years of age
and weighing only 14 pounds, died
at Canyonville, Oregon, Monday.
She is believed to have been the
smallest person in the world for her
Lam« back oomes on suddenly and la ex
tremely painfuL It la caused by rheumatism
of the muscles. Quick relief is afforded by
applying Chamberlain'* Liniment.
THE suffragettes are still fighting
for recognition before the British
parliament. The Premier, Asquith,
has a strenuous time in keeping out
of their way.
Miss Philippine Schmidt, who is
attending St. Helen 's Hall, Portland,
is home for a visit. *
CHOLERA is said to be on the in
crease in Turkey.
Washington St, Bet. 4th and sth, Olympia
Dept. 4, No. 30,259.
In the Superior Court of State of
Washington iu afiif far Hi" County of
John MuPliee, Plaintiff, vs. Randall
Kulib, anil Western Stales Investment
Company (a corporation). Kaudall
Hulib, Prest., and S. P. Wright. Secy,
Kelt ll(l:lllLs.
Tlie State of Washington to the said Ran
dall Btiht), aud Western States Invest
ment Company, Defendants:
"Y on aud each of you are hereby sum ;
moiled to apiiear wituin Hjxty days after
the date of the l\rat publication of tills
summons, to. wit j the 38th day of Octo
ber, 1910. and defend the above entitled
action iu the above entitled Court and an
swer the complaint or the plaintiff aud
serve a copy of your answer upon the un
dersigned attorneys for plaintiff at their
office below stated; and iu case of your
failure so to do judgment \yill Ue ren
dered against yoq according to the de
mands qf the oomplalnt, which has been
tiled with the Clerk of said Court. The
object of this action is to enforce payment
of a certain promissory note in the sum of
S4OO given by you to tho plaintifl above
named and which came due ou April
10th, ltllO, and to sell a certain mortgage
given as collateral security lor the pay.
inent of the above mentioned note, which
said note has not been tiaid iu whole or in
» Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Office an 1 post-office address, 318-19-2)
Pidelitv Hldg., Tacotna, Wash.
Date "of tirut pub., Oct. 28, 1910. 7t.
We are able to cut!>
!;an<l make ladies' gar-!;
laments in our plaee of;>
t Bond & Ltllard |
f Whislty *
Manufactured from Oyster
Shell is a winner, and rea
sonable in price. Should be
used in the fall. Come and
buy some and be convinced.
Manufactured and
for sale by
Salea Afents —Fruit Growers' Association.
Martin Hardware Co.. and the frocery stores.
o Capital City Marble < >
j \ and Granite Works \;
0 C. J. Roberts. Prop. J \
< ► a
< ► ____ < ►
1 > —— 4 1
< ► o
J [ Latest Designs, Best Materials, \ \
J > Best Workmanship. J |
<> i >
< * STATI 201. OLYMPIA. 'WASH. i >
If you (lon't Ret
Atherton Bourbon
On sale at * *
116 Fourth St. Olympia, Wash.
Olympia's Popular Resort
All the best brnnds of Im
ported and Domestic Wines
Liquors and Cigars. . . .
J). 101 Wjit furtk Strut. Km 27
Notice for Bids.
IVthe Superior Conrt of the Stile of Wtahlnv
*■ ion lo tod for the County of Thuralon.
lirre estate of Elliabelh Horr. deceased
Nftlce ia hereby given that the undersigned
aiimiolatrator of the above eutltled estate will
sell,at privste sale the following described real
estate. iltuate lying, and being In Thurston
County, Waahlnstoo. to wit:
l.ola «lx. seven,and eight of Block Ave, Swan'*
A>:<Mti »n to olympia Ihe Northwest quarter,
I. as the esst thirty feet ..f lllork eighty two.
Sylctster's Plat of Olympia
l.dts (i, 7. 8, 9, 10, of Hlo.-k fAl* of Olympia
tl<!eMnda. Lola 2, 3. 4. 9. 10, 11, and !;• of Hlock
83 orOiympia lldelanda.
Bias may be aubmitte<l therefor lo the under
algard admiulatrator of aald eataie on and after
the 12th day of UvcfnilMr, 1910. or to hla attor
lieyj. Troy * sturdevant. or with the Clerk of
the above entitled court on and after aald date.
•SaM I.lda muat be in wrttlug and maat act
termaof aale and be olberwlae condi
tioned aa required l>jr law.
ABmlulstrator of the eatate of Elizabeth Horr,
First publication. Nov. 25, 19(0. 31,
In- the Superior Cou-t of the State of
Washington in and for the County of
In re estate of Jennie Dosch, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed h:ts been appointed sdmlnistrator
of tho ehtate of Jennie Desch. deceased,
u and that all persons having claims
b gaiiist said estate a:e ri quired to pre
,ent the same to the undersigned admin
strator of said estate, at his residence
near Grand Mound. Washington, or to his
attorneys, Troy A Sturdevant, at Olyiu
pia, Washington, within tmu year trom
the (tile of fust publication of this notice
or else the si\u\e will lie forever hirred.
First publication. Nov. 25, 1910. St.
IN the Superior Court of the State of Wash
ington, lor llcrce County.
J. E. Sninmcrs. and I.yda Summers, Plaintiffs,
VH. William E. Hudson, Juhua HoatLu. Mra.
Caroline Thompson, J. L. Ma(ptt, The E.
Meeker Company, A corporation. E. 8. Oa
horue, the UULUO*B helra of William E. Hud
son and Mr* Caroline Tbompaon, deceased,
uud aim all other perrons or parties unknown
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or inter
est in the real estate described in the com
plaint herein,— Defendants.
No. 30, - &3.
The Btate of Washington To The E Meeker
Company, a corporation, Defendant!—
You are hereby summoned to appear within
sixty diva after the Ural publication of this sum
mon!. 10-wit:—within sixty days after the 2Hth
day of October, A. I>. 1910, aud defend the above
entitled action in the above entitled Court sod j
au-wer the complaint of the plaintiff*, tind servv
a copy of your >ui.«i'r. or other pleadiug, upon
the undersigned attorney for piaiulijfs at his
offl.e below stated and tn ca«e oi your failure so
to do Judgment will be reudered against you ac
cording lo Ihe demand of the cotnplatut which
baa been tiled with the clerk of aald Superior
Court. Tb« object of Slid action is to quiet and
confirm the titiu of tho plaintiff" in aud to the
following real eatate lu Pierce County. Wash
ington, 10-wtl:—The eouth fifteen feet of lot
twelve aud lot* thirteen and fouriuun iu block
seventy In Meeker's Third Addition to I'nyallup.
and to exclude tho said defendants above named
aud each and all of them from evet asserting any
right, titiu, imerest, lien or cla'm thereto what
soever. FRANK I). I>AVIS.
Attorney for l'lainti{,
I'uyallup, Wash.
Office, Puyallup Slate Bank Bu'.ldinii.
Date of Ijrst pui)i«(llun, Oct. 2», 1910. 7t,
♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ M ♦♦♦♦♦♦ 5.5
.«C ♦ I ...... ; n
h t th*y ..AST. i FALL STYI jES. ■■
v .«
115.00 SUITS S
M g
| Tailored by Hand, k
I; 1 Hade in Most Stylish Materials, S
| Fall Colorings, £
H :■!
| Equal of Suits sold in other Stores I;j
1 at $20.00. |
So v
K ■ K
1 jgg JXF
k Everything to Wear for Men and Boys. K
Prc«. Sec.
Corner Washington and Sixta Streets.
Abitrscts, Drafting and Blue Printing! City
and Township Plats.
Phone Black 11.
Notice of Hearing.
In the .Superior Court of tlio State of
Washington, in and for the CoUnty of
I Thurston.
In re estate orT. B. Moultou and Lydia
A. Moulton. deceased.
Notice is hereby Riven that the admin
istrator herein. P. VV. Moulton. has tiled
herein bis final report as administrator of
the above entitled estate, and that the
court has set Monday, the sth day of De
cember. 1910. at the hour of 10 oclock A.
u and the court-room of the Court House
ofThuniton County, at Olympia, Wash
ington, as the time and place for hearing
said final report.
Now therefore, all persons having any
objections to said final report be and.they
are hereby required to present the same
at said tinie and place.
.And notice is fur'her given that said re
port will be brought on for bearing at
said time and place.
By order of the Superior Court.
(siUL) W. M. NUNN.
County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior
By Edith llopp, Deputy.
First publication Nov. 11, 1910. 4t.
Notice to Creditors.
In the Superior Court of the Stato ot
Washington in and farTliurston county.
In the matter of tho estate of Jacob
Stampfier. deceased.
Notice is hereby given bv the under
signed Frances Adams, Executrix of
the estate of Jacob Stainpfler, deceased,
to the creditors of, and all persons
having claims against tho said de
ceased, to exhibit them with the neces
sary vouchers, within twelvemonths af
ter "the first pnblication of this notice, to
the said Frances Adams. Kxecutrix. at
the offloo of Harry L. Parr. 316 Main
street. Olympia, Wash., the same being
the place for the transaction of business
for the said estate.
Dated at Olympia, Wash., this loth day
of November, 1910.
Executrix of said esta'e.
First publication Nov. U, 1910.
IN the Superior Conrt of the State of Washing
ton In and for the County of Thurston.
Gertrude Hoehlians, Plaintiff, vs. Albert I'e le
and Jane Doe l'eter, his wife, Defendant*.
State of Washington to the said Albert Peter and
Jane Doe Peter, Defendants:
You and Kach of You are hereby summoned to
appear within sixty (till) days alter the date of
tlrot publication of this summon*, to.wit, sixty
dais after the ISth dav of November. 1910. and
defend the above entitled action in the above en
titled court, and auawcrtlie complaint of the
plaintiff and aerve a < opy of your anawer upon
the undesigned attorneys lor plaintiff at their
otßce below atated. aud in case of your failure so
to do. judgment w ill be rendered against you ac
cord ing to the demand of the complaint, which
ba» been tiled with the clerk of the said court.
Thia Is an action brought by the plaintiff
against you for ihe purpose of quieting title to
the following described premises, sltnste lying
and being iu the County ol Thur.-tou, Stato of
Washington, to wit:
All of Ixjts One (1) and Two (S) and those por
tions of l.ot* fcSereutetm (17) and Eighteen 118)
not heretofore sold to tieorge Llttlewood snd T.
M. McVey, and to Mr* Barbara Barnett, the
said lots neing situate In J. M. Adains Acre
traets adjoining Olympia. Washington, the plat
of which is an tile aud of record In the office of
the Auditor of Thurston County. Washington
Also Lot One (I) of Section Twenty-oue C-l).
Township Eighteen (18) North, of Itango One (1)
Wei-t W. M.. containing about eleven (II) Acres,
more or les*.
Upon which premi*es yon told * •herllTs cer
tificate of sale, procured as a result of an action
in which you. the said Albert Peter, was plaiu
tiff. and one Charles Hoehhaus waa defendant,
being case No. -I of the Supetior Court of
Thuratou County. Washington
I'lahiiiff'a Attorneys.
Post Office Address: Uox :»VI. Olymnla, Wash.
Date of ttrst publication. Nov. IK. 1910. 71.
IN the Superior Court of the State of Washing
ton In and for the Couuly of Thurston.
Susie K. Koch, Plaintiff, T*. Christian KQCV
State of Washington to the aald Chtlatlaa Koch
You are hereby summoned t» appear within
sixty (Ml) days after the dale of first publlcstlou
or this sumrnott*. to wit within sixty days af
ter the (kill day of November. 1910. *nd defend
tho above entitled action in the above entitled
court, snd *n»wer the complaint of the plaintiff,
and »erve a copy of your answer upon the under
signed attorneys for plaintiff at their ottoe be
low suted; and in case ot your failure so to do.
Judgment will be rendered against you accord
Ing to the demsnd of the complaint which lias
beeu Hied with the clerk of said court.
This Is an acticu; lor divorce on the part of
plaintiff against you. on the grouud of cruelty
Committed by you sgainst the plaiutiff and your
failure to support tirr.
Plaintitr* Attorneys.
Office address, Suite 4, Byrne Building Olym
pia. Wash. ...
P.O. Address: O'ympla, VSashington.
Date of Brat publioatloo, Nov 18, 1910. 71.
IN the Superior Court ol the stale of Washing
ton lor the County of Thurston,
lu re estate of Joseph Deiblcr. liecessed
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
h»s been appointed executor of the last will and
leslsmeut of the above named Joseph Deiblcr"
and that all persons having claims against the
raid Joseph Deibler, or hi- cataie.be. and Ihe
same are required to present the same, duly ver.
liled to the underaigned executor, at bis rest
d, nee near Tumwater, Washington. «r lo bim
personally, or to hi* attajueya Troy A sturne
vant at Olympia. Washington, within one yoar
from the date of the tlrst publication of thia no
tlct or the same will be forever barred,
Executor of the last will aud leatainent of
Joseph Deibler, Deceased
Date of first publication, Nov. 11,1910.
g Pfescripiians FiHea asinei MMt If
ML In our Prescription Department you get the advant- ML
age of concentrated and constant "effort which is ob- %M
ML tained solely through our up-to-date Prescription Room. ML
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their years of labor, education and experience. We in- %M
vite you to realize the advantages of such services by ML
having your prescriptions filled at
Only Registered Pharmacists employed
Paijvts, Oils m Varxiuies
l'hone Main 201 325 Main Street
jp) 309-311 Main St. Phone 95. j
(Kjj Port or Shorry at 25c per bottle; XX Port or Sherry at 50c I
%PPr^ r bottle; XXX Port or Sherry at 75c per bottle, and all other a
if»V winossuch as Muscat, Madera, Catawba, Tokay, Malaga and An- |l
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Occidental, a nice, mellow Whiskey, per gal 3.00 1
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BAK.BR. - - Proprietor |
IAA nll n n nnu MOUSE mov,n ° and graying
ll 111 II M|l|l | V pianos handled with care
Phones—Office, 41-J Residence, 425 Y.
ii ■na ——— i— IIB mm i i ■ urn I___l u__i_
♦ (The Mark Jones Stand) *
> ♦
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Building Hardware, Ranges, Heaters, Farm #
♦ ing Tools, Carpenters' Supples J
J Tinning and Repairing promptly attended to ♦
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'- 1 Before we move to our new quarters we will dispose of many
ijrr things at a great sacrifice. Two tables in the center of store t^jj
will be used for these bargains especially, and many other ipj]
iLj] items will lie found greatly reduced. "l_L'
In == m
LLjl nJJ

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