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I > >, , • ■ v \\ v H: v< .TON
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. ; ! .* i V .. i 'O, .
'• v i„\'r 1 !»:• '
■ o'.-:i.:: '. t ' lie f' < r •• :,g }
on from t
hj . arc cxcc6 iii c y noxious
.is * ■. . •" history
-* ITT 'T A .V ' - » II HOTI'XJCT
corre< loess novir f while there are liv
iiig witnesses to correct the errors of
the ignorant, incompetent or unrelia
bl :..»rr;itors. If the Oh/iiij utu n
...••■iii' it i< passed over without no
:c. . i ii'-jiit pass di v.'n posterity 1
as an actual 'act, when it is so abso
lutely false In < very particular.
That the so ca'.i' d blockhouse was
" one of those primitive forts, or re
sorts for sae ty in case of danger
from warlike assault," is wholly un
true, as was the statement that it was
built of hewn logs. It was construct
ed of S by 8 inch saictd timbers, thor
oughly bolted or spiked, with the
ends framed together, and the door
ways and loopholes for ventillation
amply protected by bars of iron, to
prevent escape instead of repelling
invasion. Instead of being the " first
blockhouse in the State," it was sim
ply a jail, built by the city tc enforce
its penal regulations. It is just as
far from truth regarding priority.
Olympia had several blockhouses
during the Indian war limes a score
or more years before. One of these
stood at the entersectionof Mam and
Fourth streets, constituting part of
the ban ieade, or stockade, of a 20-
foot fence the then entire length of,
Fourth street from bay to bay, built
at the beginning of the war, when
the few citizens—men, women and
children —worked night and day. in
handling four-inch plank, heavy posts
and digging the trench. This stock
ade connected with two large gates
beside the blockhouse, and in the up
per story was installed an old cannon
that had been lying on the water
front many years, loaded to the muz
zle with bar-load, nails and stones, so
placed as to command each port
hole in line with every possible di
rections of attack. The Indian colo
ny, resided on "Chinook" street,
the block that is now occupied by the
Carlton house. These parasites, af
ter being given a full inspection of
this warlike activity, were mildly but
firmly told to go. Their professions
of friendship were turned down with
out argument or hesitation, and they
departed. A few days afterward the
revenue cutter Jo Lane extended a
protectorate by casting anchor in the
ofling. She sent ashore several how
itzers, and 75 old-fashioned army
muskets, muzzle loading, carrying an
ounce ball, made to kick as well as
shoot, and it is safe to say that this
materially aided the " bluff" in pro
gress, for had the old over-loaded sa
lute gun ever been fired it would
doubtless have rendered impartial ex
eution on friend or foe, and had the
muskets been discharged by the in
experienced boy and woman soldiers
they would have been placed horn tie
comltat on the first round. Our peo
ple likewise in locating the howitzers
at available points commanding the
bay took care to explain the conse
quence that might result from tossing
round-shot into a birch or cedar ca
noe, or raking "fore and aft" a big
crew of braves, with a single charge
of the other eomposit ntisiles.
It is quite probable that it was
an implicit faith in these representa
tions that afforded an ample protec
tion during those perilous times, but
it will be noted that our people al
though few in number were united
in purpose and worked zealously for
any object of common welfare.
Hut as the French would say, "let
us return to our mutton." Another
blockhouse occupied a place for years
on the north-west corner of the pub
lic square, and was used some time
after the war in the dual capacity of
receptical for the war records, with
a iKJrtion partitioned off as a tempo
rary jail, until replaced by an enclo
sure of strong timbers on Main and
Eighth streets, near what was after
wards -iteof the Olympia hotel, and
used for confinement of lawless peo
ple. The "blockhouse" discovered
by the Oh/m pin it was built after a
drunken Indian, incarcerated in the
Eighth street stronghold set it atire
and was burned with the building. It
was pro!able that this gruesome
event may have led to the change of
location to the rear end of the frac
tional lot in rear of the fire-barn in
cluded in the late blaze. It was not
built till some time in th** early Tits, a
Score of years after the necessity of
any r>lockhouse ij.»d passed and was
r.ewr used, nor even designed, for
refuge from assault. Nor is there
any claim made for either of the
prim!the structures erected here for
c-f.'iw, as thetirst in the State, th*n
ieiritorv. as scores of them sprang
up us a temporary resort for isolated
' ni-v but
t:.' v li ~ ■ -< r\ '1 !;'«•.•■ ise in
. - a-.- in <>•, jiir.g
k . '1 w. u- th" lios
♦ f r ,
• ' . < 1 Y' ! Ms'
rs. Fram • s Sliaw is out upon the
• :.i • z worn bv women.
> • uses the word itngrrie, which is
i and e --ai-s iiterally
I; * i ' S , f dIV-S I.S'hl col
. .». ■ i■ ; 1 >t*• s means that
: strapping bv which
. ,s . -d *ci>m circu.ati">n
• ■ atid >.••;!»: de the .-ii.gs, that
<! , ;• ng of tne poj-es that produ e
mental and physical degeneration
.. i i -r* pit,ale. >;e says there is
no /-a- -a mmi'-n .should n >t live
{•, !. a itvd \ • ii's. or more old.
She il.- lares her belief that had she;
. ,A n a! •• •• i. 2 i enough iiUiiit '
ierweat to have cSottted sensibly j
si • -i-.. -d for 150 years.;
i•• • y believe this when |
. tile c 'infort sacrificed i
: rls, or the inconven-;
i . :ul y borne for .such mon-j
-It! - as the harem or divided]
the wash-tub, coal-scuttle or j
- nokc stack hat.
Lillian Hasbrouck, of New York, bit
terly condemns the imposition of a
bachelor's tax of six dollars a year,
placed by a Wisconsin town, on all
unmarried adults of the male sex.
She says the provision is " insulting
and unjust." She very properly asks
" What woman wants a husband
who marries her rather than pay a
bachelor tax?" A canvass of New-
York's aldermen had revealed that
of eight unmarried members of the
Ixiard, three were in favor of a
bachelor tax and five against it.
Five married aldermen agreed that
such an ordinance would be desirable.
Mrs. Hasbrouck, author aud club wo
man, went on record without a mo
ment's hesitation as an adversary of
such a measure.
THE ROY SCOUTS.— This is ac or
ganization, begun in Chicago, that
has spread from the Middle West to
New England and Westward to the
metropolis of California. The ob
ject, broadly stated, is most com
mendable: to do some good daily,
.vithout hope of reward, for some
branch of society and thus promote
the general welfare. It is by this
means that it is hoped to give the
movement a national scope that can
be acquired in no'other way. Prob
ably no movement could tend to de
velop patriotic devotion to Ameri
can citizenship more thoroughly than
this incentive for harmonious action
and concentration of effort.
THE word "kerosene" seems to have
been first used in United States pat
ent No. 12,612, of March 27th, 1855,
granted to Abraham Gesner, of Wil
liamsburg, N. Y., and assigned to the
North American Kerosene Gas Eight
Company. In the preamble to his
specifications Gesner states that he
has " invented and discovered a new
and useful manufacture or composi
tion of matter, being a new liquid hy
drocarbon which I denominate 'Kero
sene.' " So far as we are aware, and
so far as the Patent Office examiners
are aware, this is the first instance
in which the word "kerosene" was
suggested as a trade-mark or a name
for what was then generally called
"rock oil."
A PRIVATE letter from Haney,
Oregon, notes the fact that some
" fool sports" had shipped in and
set loose 75 jack rabbits, to create a
field for recreation amusement. Such
men should be punished by heavy
fine and imprisonment, for nothing
is more destructive of the work of
the husbandman. Their prolific in
crease is noted in the fact that a pair
of these pests were placed on an
island in the Columbia several years
ago, and now 5,000 are killed each
year thereon, and the land is abso
lutely worthless for any form of use
ful vegetation. They eat even the
potatoes in the hills before they ma
IT seems that editor and manager
A. A. Batterson, of the Cle Clum
Echo, is having thouble with local
trade unions. Some of his criticisms
have been rather pointed against cer
tain memoers. At this distance,
the misunderstanding appears to be
more of a personal affair between the
editor and certain officials in the
miners union, than a question involv
ing the principal of trade-unionism.
For the benefit and peace of the
community the disputation ought
to be amicably adjusted. " Right
wrongs nobody."
A BOOT-SHINER, lately at Pendleton,
Oregon, spoke fluently eight lan
guages, and knew enough of half dozen
others, to make his wants known for
about everything desirable on Rarth.
His name was Albert De Hall, tho
"de" being doubtless a badge of hon
or deservedly worn for his prolicient
use of his tongue. His age was 29
years and he was born on the island
|of Trinidad, the most southern of
the West Indies. He gained his
linguistic acquirements by drifting
around the world, being of a specially
.acquisitive nature in mental capa
IT is reported that Chehalis now
requires lady church-worshipers to
remove their mountainous hats be
fore sitting in the sanctuary. Good.
The plan was once successfully in
augurated in Olympia Theater (un
der its former management) and was
universally respected, except when
occasional church services were held
therein, when feathers and plumes
waived aloft as usual.
Tuniii -Opinion of Teddy.
\\ hi> til.' opinion i»f Samual 1..
' in us ,i< " Murk Twain.' may Ito
somewhat ii .Mliti.-vl by his evt r-mani
f. *«•< 1 disposition to reyranl the world
and uil there is in it. as a joke, wec.in
ru>t he'p l-elieving that he was in pro
found i urnest wht*u lie stigmatized
lhcudore Roosevelt as a ''charla
tan and imposter." when, in one of
h'.s |H)stliiiuitis articles that h:is just
come ti> light he congratulates the
Ameri an people on the possible if
not proi.ahlr from an ineubus
that !:ad so patiently home.
Among the manuscripts lately ex
posed for sale at auction among the
effects of the departed humorist, was
;ii> article on "The lnaugratiou of
President Taft and the Deliverance
of the Country from Mr Roosevelt,"
dated March 6th, 11*01*, a portion of
which is as follows:
Astronomers assure us that the
attraction of gravitation on the sur
face of the sun is twenty-eight times
as powerful as is the force at the
earth's surface, and that the object
which weighs 217 pounds elsewhere
would weigh 6,000 pounds there. For
seven years this country has laid
smothering under a burden like that
of the incubus represented in the per
son of President Roosevelt, the differ
ence between 217 pounds and 6,000.
Thanks be, we got rid of this disas
trous burden day before yesterday, at
last! Forever? Probably not. Prob
ably only for a brief breathing spell,
wherein, under Mr. Taft, we may
hope to get back some of our health —
four years. We may expect to have
Mr. Roosevelt sitting t>n us again
with his twenty-eight times the
weight of any other presidential bur
den that a hostile Providence would
impose upon us for our sins.
"Our people have adored this
showy charlatan as perhaps no im
posed of his breed has Ijeen adored
since the golden calf, so it is to be
expected that the nation will want
him back again after he is done hunt
ing other wild animals heroically in
Africa, with the safeguards and ad
vertising equipment of a park of ar
tillery and a brass band."
IMMUNITY? —It has been charged
that. Congressmen W. E. Humphrey
travels at times on a free pass, is
sued by Oceanic steamship compa
nies, and that it is true is evidenced
by his attempt to justify that course
by a statement that there is no law
against his doing so. This may be
true, so far as Congressional statutes
are concerned, but it is no less true
that private as well as public citi
zens are prohibited from traveling
on passes issued by railroad corpora
tions, and the same principal is in
volved in the
crease of salary applying during the'
tenure when such increase goes into
effect, and the laws adopted by some
of the States (and lately by Califor
nia) prohibiting nepotism, or the
appointment of relatives to salaried
offices by relatives holding the ap
pointive power.
Ir So, WHY? Gov. Charles S.
Thomas, of Colorado, a short time
ago, attended a Woman Suffrage
League meeting, to testify to the
effect of the enfranchisement of the
fair sex in that State. While he
was unqualified in the belief that it
had wrought much good there, he
predicted that its extension would
not revolutionize the world or that
its effect will continue to advance to
ennoble mankind. Now the ques
tion arises, why this belief? If it is
a good thing now and under present
conditions, why is it not probably
that the same elevating influence
will continue indefinitely? Is it
at all statesmanlike to cast such
anchors to the windward, to guard
against any possible mistake of judg
ment, or is it honest to do so?
THE Seattle papers did not place
any scare-heads on the fact that, in
excavating the hill-sides to make a
level grade, many buildings were left
high in the air, some of them in
habited. The other day one of them
fell and was crushed like an egg
shell, killing three women, who were
inside and several men on the
outside, wounding many others.
But such is the fact, and still the
work goes on.
WORKMEN were engaged last Sun
day with an immense hauser stretched
to the capitol roof'in removing the
smoke-stack for making changes to
the heating apparatus. Another in
stance of official sanction of desecra
tion of the Sabbath. Verily we
progress—like a cow's tail—down
ROSEHHRO, Oregon, has adopted a
beautiful custom of distributing roses
on trains passing through that city.
As it is almost as famous as Portland
for the production of this king of
flowers, it is a custom which will
leave a memory much more lasting
than their delightful odor.
ROOSEVELT ("Colonel," by court
esy) although "swinging around the
circle," declared he would not be a
candidate for a third term. Proba
bly not. but there is no disputing the
fact that, like the old maid, he is
ever ready under certain conditions,
to scrouch a little.
WHITE fish are now caught in the
Klickitat river, east of Husum. The
first angler is yet to be found, who has
caught a fish not belonging to the
trout family, on that stream, except
at the mouth where it enters the
As ordinary gas jet consumes as
much oxygen as five persons.
How Have lite Miirhty Fallen!
There lias never been a more com
plete vi ritir.ittun u[ tin- somewhat
uncouth i xprission: "A lawyer is a
man who*- m lit* on one side and turn
over and lie on the other, than in
ttie attitude of City Attorney Clay
two], 011 the Cariyon assessment.
Wednesday night, of last week, he
seemed to be appalled at the number
and earnestness of tlie protests sub
mitted and advised delay, admitting
unequivocally that proper notice had
not been given of the Stevens street
till. At the meeting Monday night,
he seems to have "turned over on the
other side, for while admitting that
the infliction of the bulkhead, till,
etc., charges on Stevens street were
unjust, they had to be paid by tin
few in the alleged district, because
the many of the whole city were un
able to pay from bankruptcy, mak
ing inability the basis of establishing
validity. Mis bowels of compassion
had no yearning for the few who
were liable to confiscation of prop-
erty to pay.
It is the only instance on record
where the Council were advised to
compel people to go to the courts
for relief of an assessment admitted
ly incorrect in many particulars, in
creasing costs for themselves and
the whole community.
" Acting under suggestion of At
tordey Claypool," says the O/.i/'"
" the Council officially accepted the
improvement of the Cariyon fill and
then passed the motion of Council
man Wertheim continuing the as
sessment roll."
. He did this notwithstanding a few
days further time was asked, in
which the contestants might be fur
ther represented. This suggestion
Mr. Clay pool met with the statement
that the dredger people were charg
ing up forty dollars per day interest
for delay. Well, well; what is the
City Council for if not to guard the
people against all excessive charges,
and especially for such an imposition
as interest on the time required for
consideration of the bill?
WHAT NEXT?—And now it is pro
posed to revise and change the Ten
Commandments, and it comes from a
no less authority than the Convocation
of Canterbury, representing toe
Church of England. The Second,
Fourth and Tenth commandments
have IK>e 11 abreviated as follows:
2d, " Thou shall have no other Gods
before me;" 4th, "Remember the
Sabbath Day," and 10th, "Thou
shalt not covet." An attempt, a
year or more ago, was made for " re
vising" the Scriptures, by eliminating
the story of Christ's injunction to
themagdalin to " go thy way and sin
no more," one of the most Christ-
Jike and lteautifully instructive pas
sages in .the Bible, but fortunately
this revision in nowise destroys the
sense of the decalogue, and may be
tolerated, but tampering with Holy
Writ slould in no case l»e tolerated
by the clerical Jacobins.
EVERETT having gone "dry," the
revenue necessary to maintain the
municipality, it is said, will be raised
by a graduated occupation tax. Ixx>k
at these figures, citizens, and imag
ine how you would like it should the
alternative become general: Big
public service corporations to pay
♦I,OOO per annum each, banks $">00,
newspapers SIOO, lawyers SSO, preach
ers S2O, bootblacks $lO and wage
earners one day's pay. Many de
clare it is unfair and illegal, but the
Councilman declare they must have
it. The city has dispensed with
street lights, and precautions of the
health department have been aban
ous educated negro, now under a
cloud from alleged racial proclivities
developed in Washington, D. C., lias,
it is said, bought a summer home at
Fort Solenga, L. 1., in the aristo
cratic district within a short dis
tance from that of the Duchess of
Marborough, Francis H. Swayne, a
prominent lawyer; Miss Farnam. a
niece of Hishop Potter, and many
other families of social prominence.
Now won't there lie noses in the air
and dire tribulation?
ED. GHEEN, a giant with height
of seven feet, conducts a saloon at
Rockville, Texas. He is a Socialist
and a Prohibitionist. When a man
goes into his saloon and asks for the
best drink in his ho passes
out a glass of water and hands his
customer Socialistic literature. In
cidentally he «>dits a column in a lo
cal newspaper devoted to the propo
ganda of his faith. In the language
of old Mike: " Did ye ever hear the
loikes of thot?"
THE New York city government is
organizing a commission to deal with
citizens who are excessive users
of intoxicants. The commission, un
der the law, is authorized to estab
lish grades of drunkenness and to
supervise action against persons ar
rested for being intoxicated. It may
parole them, or send them to a hos
pital or to a farm colony according
to the nature of the case.
" TIIE Merry Widow" lately ap
peared for the third season, at the
Tacoma Theater, with Mabel Wilbur
and Charles Meakins in the original
New York cast. It has had the
most remarkable staging powers,
and it seems to be popular as ever.
THE Pacilic Coast Luml>ermen s
Association have agreed to curtail
the product of the mills by a shut
down one day in the week—Saturday.
COALOII, has been found in Illinois
at a depth of 780 feet, it is thought
in paying quantities on development.
Attorney General l-yle has very
properly sat down on the practice
that has become very common, of
county and municipal oflicers taking
junket, expeditions and charging the
expenses to the public. The city
instituted the custom of sending its
tire chief to all department tourna
ments held in this and adjacent
States, ostensibly to learn new
'inters regarding that service, the
only visible effects have been to send
across the continent for lire-ladders
instead of using our own forest
growth and local mechanical skill to
supply that aid. Now the Attorney
General holds that the County Com
missioners may not travel about and
charge up the expense of travel and
maintenance to the county. It was
only a few days ago that the whole
city board we tit to Portland to see
what kind of pavement to use on
Main street, and the result was that
no two Councilinen agreed upon the
different kinds after talking with
the rival contestants in that city.
Jacobs, a farmer living near Radford,
111., has developed a new method of
hatching out a band of chickens, more
by accident be if noted than hy de
sign. A short time ago, he discover
ed that an eventemperature was nian
tained under the hives and leaving a
hatching of eggs thereon, protected
by a screen, out of twenty eggs he
got eighteen chickens. He is so
well pleased with the experiment that
he has now placed under each hive a
setting of eggs and expects good re
-♦ ♦— ■
WIRELESS communication over a
distance of 1.500 miles, was lately
maintained between an army trans
port near Honolulu and a station on
tin; Pacific Coast.
AT latest accounts 118 cities in the
United States have adopted the Com
mission form of municipal govern
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r Beer Before the War|
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Over century and a quarter before Gen. (jrorge Washington
took command of the Armies of the Revolution, Father Kniek
erbocker, through his Dutch settlers, built breweries and
brewed beer in what was then known as New Nether- —S
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brave sires and sons of Liberty who fought to free the New
World from the fetters of foreign bondage, were supplied with
beer brewed in old New York. We invite you to visit our
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