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Victor Victrolas sls, $25, S4O, SSO, $75, SIOO,
$l5O, S2OO.
Edison Amberola's S3O, $45, S6O, SBO, S2OO.
Complete stock of Edison and Victor Records
Machines sold on easy payments.
Phone 379 309 East Fourth Street
A Selection of slightly old pieces, consisting of
Leather Goods. Sugar and Cream Sets,
Fish Sets, Bracelets, Brooches,
Scarf Pins and other articles
424 and 426 Main Street. Olympia, Wash.
Scott's Grocery
329 Fourth St. Telephone Main 171
Your Spring Suit
Made to Order
800 Samples to pick from
r The Euspm'kmt
211 E. Fourth St. Opposite Old C.ty iiall
Capital Poultry Company a Clearing
house for Farm Products.
With the expectation of affording
the farmers of Thurston county some
thing they sorely need—a clearing
house for their products—Fred Tet
snll, who had previously been a local
real estate dealer, has taken over the
Capital Poultry company on West
Fourth street and proposes to devel
op it into a general commission house.
The company's advertisement, now
running in The Washington Standard
indicates the character of the busi
ness it is now handling: eggs, poultry
and general produce.
Mr. Tetsall is not a "greenhorn"
in the poultry and produce business.
For live years he was with M. Lane (t
Son, one of the largest New York City
commission houses, and for three
years lie had entire charge of the
shipping and marketing departments
of the Meek estate in Alameda coun
ty, Cal„ which had 1,800 acres of
bearing orchard at the time. Much
of Mr. Tetsall's time while connected
ivith M. Lane & Son was given over to
writing letters to the farmers of Vir
ginia, Georgia, Florida, Porto Itico
and Jamaica, telling them what to
grow for die New York markets and
how to ship their produce. His wide
experience enables him to bring a
special training to the assistance of
Thurston county farmers in working
out their marketing problems.
100 FNlucated Animals Appear in \l.
<». Humes' Show—Thrilling Arts.
More than ion educated wild and
'domestic animals, said to he the lar
gest collection of trained animals as
sembled under one management, are
used in giving the performance of
the Al. G. Barnes Wild Animal Circus
which will play here in Olvmpia next
Thursday afternoon and evening,
April 23. The Games circus was the
original wild animal show and now
is ranked as being the largest aggre
gation of its character.
Sixty-five sensational, amusing,
amazing, thrilling acts are presented
at each performance. These acts are
given in two divisions, the wild ani
mal acts in a large steel-barred arena
in the center of the big tent and those
of the domestic animals In the regula
tion sawdust rings at either side of
the arena. There's something doing
in these two rings and the arena
every minute of the thVee solid hours
of entertainment.
One of the greatest features of the
show is the troupe of beautiful horses
and ponies—soo in number, all shown
during the action of the show's pro
gram. Fifty comedy animals, includ
ing "Danger", "Dynamite," and
"Mileatninit," unrideable mules, pro
vide a clean line of fun. They are
assisted by twelve regulation clowns.
A glittering, four-hand, mile-long
street parade is presented at 10:30.
Performances will he given at 2 and
S p. in.
❖ t
$ Press Comment f
/. t
•:"X"X":-xx*xx**«x«*-x~x-***x ♦
Against Accountancy Board.
(Spokane Labor World.)
j One of tlie political evils of the
state of Washington is the so-called
hoard of accountancy, but in reality
an elaborate political machine for the
purpose of "putting things over" on
i the people of this state. This is the
i .
I way this board has worked out. Its
work has been of the most incomplete
j and worthless character, and besides
it is a heavy expense upon the people.
Its work can be done by a much
smaller number of men who could
thus be kept busy at something else
than simply doing politics.
"Nothing But Being Square."
(Columbia River Sun, Rep.)
Thp patriotic stuff about Uncle Sam j
running his own business is tlie same J
bloody shirt waving that Standard I
Oil Foralcer put over twenty years j
ago upon a trusting and foolish hunch j
of political ignoramuses. Wilson's j
repeal of the tolls is nothing but be- I
ing square. If the jobless man trusts
his conscience instead of his pocket- !
book the president will make good J
with his administration. If not, he j
will break. Bh sure of this: The j
special interests will win their sub- j
sidles when Wilson goes to the wall, i
*.* * *
Senator Jones* Canal Piffle.
(Chicago Inter Ocean, Rep.)
The Hon. Wesley L. Jones of North j
Yakima, for whose presence in the j
United State senate the republicans !
of the state of Washington ought to j
apolog'ze, has the notoriety of open- |
ing an avowed "filibuster" against i
President Wilson's efforts to uphold j
the nation's honor in the matter of
the Panama canal tolls.
In the course of his remarks Mr.
Jones declared that the people of the
United States are now asked "to
place their coastwise shipping at the
mercy of the nation that, from tlie
foundation of our government, has
used every possible means, from pira- j
ey, war and discrimination, and sub- !
sidies, treaties and conventions, to
hamper and destroy our shipping." j
The Inter Ocean does 'not propose
to join Mr. Jones in a coroner's in- I
quest on the causes of the war of
1812. It was ended nearly 100 years
ago, and the only point then left un
settled, that of "the right of search", j
was yielded by England in the Trent !
affair the year before Mr. Jones was j
It is modestly suggested, however,
that some colleague ask Mr. Jones to
explain how the repeal of the tolls
exemption clause will enable England
to injure our coastwise shipping.
In our coastwise trade no vessel
owned by foreigners is permitted to
engage. Yet further, no vessel built
in a foreign yard, though wholly own
ed and manned by Americans, is per
mitted to carry goods from one Amer
ican port to another.
That trade is an absolute monopoly
of American ship builders and ship j
owners. Mr. Jones must suppose that
all are ignorant as he shows him
In the light of these facts the re
marks of Mr. Jones can be described
only as jingling piffle, on a par with
the Hon. Champ Clark's declaration
that the repeal means "the* abandon-j
meet of the Monroe doctrine."
They are worse than irrelevant to j
the real question, which is that of j
fidelity to a perfectly plain treaty en-
* * * *
Tito Atote and the Beam,
(Sunnyside' Observer.)
The resolutions in opposition to the
proposed appropriations respectively
of SIOO,OOO for permanent State
Fair buildings and $75,000 for main
tenance of the fair for a two-year
period, passed hy Sunnyside Pomona
Grange at a recent meeting, in eon
junction with resolutions condemning
"pork barrel" methods of pledging
candidates supported by the (Iran"re
to their elimination in legislative
practice, are certainly consistent. The
stale fair is in many senses a local
institution—a Yakima county insti
tution —and the action of the Grange
in proposing to cut out pork barrel
expenditures by cleaning up Yaki
ma county's little kettle of pork first
is e euniendnhle. If we can get the
State Fair beam out of our own cie,
possibly we may bo aide to see clear
ly enough to remove a normal diool
mote from the eyes of Cheney and
Fllenshurg and assist in removing a
few grains of sand from other dis
abled optics here, there and else
where, with a resultant vision of re
duced taxes beautiful to behold Just
~i tons as legislators are expected to
sw ,i)> armories for norma! schools,
normal schools for fairs, and fairs
for other jim-cracks, just so long will
the burden of taxation swell and
swell, as will also the indignation of
the gentlemen who have to foot the
bills. It tal.es money to bu\ jim
cracks at $175,000 a crack.
Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, 67, Says
All Will Vote by Time She Is 70
Photo copyright by American Press Association
PKIiIIAJ'S If tlie Kev I)r Anna Howard Shaw hail not been fcrmiifiii
from England by her parents when she was four years old she might
have lived to be one of England's shining militants As it is. siie is
America's most shilling suffragist, and a little lot militant at that. t>r
Shaw was born at Newcastle on-Tyne. England. I'eb 14. 1547, so that she is
now just sixty-seven years old. Alter a brief but stormy |iti!|ilt enreer—stormy
because of tier sex— she began active suffrage work in iss', and has boon presi
dent ot tlie National American Woman Suit raise assoi i.itiou since l!M>i
Since tlie death of Susan U Anthou.i she has been regarded as the "grand old
woman of woman suffrage." She thinks all women in the United States will
have the vote within three years " «
Slip old stockings over the handle
bars of a bicycle when storing for the
winter; then they will not rust.
Chop suet with plenty of (lour and
put n good sprinkling of flour on top
and it will keep fresh tor weeks.
If linoleum is polished once a week
with good floor poiisli it will rarely
require washing.
Clean your knives with a cork dip
ped in emery powder if you are iu a
hurry. It removes the stains and pol
ishes them beautifully.
Sprinkle a little permanganate of
potash dissolved in water on the ref
use in the dust bin. It will prevent it
from smelling unpleasantly.
Ivnlves ("in be cleaned in half the
usual time if the knife board is thor
oughly warmed In front of the Ore be
fore being used.
To keep cut flowers fresh stand them
in water to which a pi: 11 of bicarbo
nate of soda has been added. ,
Instead of using a leather 01 cloth
for cleaning windows, try newspaper.
Pip a pad of paiier in kerosene, rub
the window well with this and polish
with a soft duster.
Trick With Numbera.
Tell your friends to think of n num
ber. multiply hy t'». divide li.v 3. add
40. divide hy 2; then let him name the
result and you ean tell him the Hum
her he thought of. The method is:
Multiplying hy »l and dividing hy H
gives twice the number. Add 40 and
yon have twice the number plus 4u
Divide hy 2 and yon have ouee the
number plus 20: hence, if you sul>
tract 20 front the result he gives you.
you will have the number lie tirst
thought of
Saved by Boy Scouts.
A recent fire in the Stoddard Bap
list home at Gnriicld Heights, neni
Washington. I> ('. endangered the
lives of tile seventeen aged inmates
A party of hoy scouts from Amuostii
on a march in the neighborhood, ear
ried out those who were til, crippled
and in It rut from age All the inmates
c ere negroes
A Vacuum Abhorred.
What is_ui.it wlili It a young girl
looks for. hut linos not wish to lindV
A hole in tier stocking
The Frost Fairy.
I wonder who eite "h ell night.
All l: . lit ill t 111 i lan .out i am.
To tnai.c lie Utile -ti! - ot ice
That stick to the window pane,
The si 1 • of lei I, no I 111 lei lis
J. - r ; . II'!' I lis 111!' 1 grow
Doii'ii . I ! a sun 1 ivoutl. except
Tli'lt t ' ■ are .nit' our ol nMOW
fTo hlon n on them until tliev melt
fti c at a. ii ri iiu ■ng u • ton i ine
Ne a li In 'llli t" . ilili
T a■ i are -(lining there igatn:
Smile fit nin ■ 'I sci-so s eumea
When I am asleep, 1 Know.
A i d ! e lil tie -tin s nf Ice
A- I i n- tiny fet: -■ "I on™
lIICI I 11l ' nuts Itietll out
S.. sti I:; Jll ttl till !I; e lo >'OU?—
A ' I 'level fli|is | si Ce li.it
ttl ellts Oil S' c li I IVO
V iih's i oinpinloe.
lint and Moire Used In Creating Thi*
Pretty Spring Gown.
The bodi; e of frilled net. which Is a
feature of this smart sonng gown I 9
out low in the neck and has very full
X ~fl-.
• ij/ ™ ••': %/1 -;0, i<3
!f t iY-Ss,"" ■ W ~i!
.■ : *r ' >.. ( i
X •. ■ •" ' ■ \ ; f
& - i}
£ ■ :$ i
i ; -n
' .;* i
/.••,"• V.W
/&■'?' ; , '£fe
*«■• /" >■ .' •'•." •••V'i;'. ■:
/; fsti a
*;;; ,: h f| M
liM | . ;| > J Iff
/ -r • i
\ %■•."" - "•= ■/ Mi/
\- K ' .y
Sir?- . ". . ■' ;<rr
LM W ' ? /'aV?
se--~f_ v \ - ■• ■» ■' A'wn
5 \'r V"" -' ' ■ ■yi 7 -' :•

T ' ' ;* ■ .
■ y «' j
sleeves with frills that fall well over
the hanil. The skirt of bkuk moire
his the new | egtop outlin. s ami is
completed with i hsi::-l •no sash tiu
Ishrd with u chenille tassel.
Cleaning a Sponge.
Don't throw away your oUt sponge,
even if il Iris li •<•<•!•:« if i ntel slimy.
Flu e it in a howl, put a .■ m ill hand
ful of washing m ■!in the tup. pour
hot water over it ami hive uulU the
next day.
Then rinse the spot: e wry tliur
ougbly in 111 mi>■ lots of etear water
until all the iellyltke stuff It is tilled
with lies (11-. ipi eHfeU, ami It will lie
almost like new.
Softening Hard Water.
When visiting <»r staving at hotels
or hoarding houses the water for
washing is sometimes hard and un
pleasant to use. This can he easily
remedied hv adding one nr two drops
of i ill de cologne. which softens the
w iter and is most refreshing to the
m so*!
A one-gallon can of Patton'f
Sun Proof Paint covers
300 square feet of
new surface, and
will not fade or
peel off!
itrv rr ei om
We Lead But Never Follow
Stfcklin Bn..:crisking Parlors
11. X. STICKM.V. )lgr.
Inner;)! Director nitd
I-:inl)iiliner. Daily VNNUtaut.
Office IIIHI ItcMlilciicci Jl4-141 Srnnklk
Mrect. IMIOIIC 'J 12.
S>. S. B, Henry
Fiirly .veers' experience In Govern
ment I iiiel Snrvevlnt?, County and Citf
work Jte-estubllshing of lost corner*
a specialty.
11oi. ilMii; (till St. Telephone ItH,
Dr. Mark Rosier
Oilier Honrs: I) n. m. to 5:80 p. in,
317 Washington St., Olympia, Wash
Real Estate, Insurance, Collec
tions, Notary Public.
There's nothing to be used ill th*
school room that we do not carry. B
in need of school books, tablets, foun
tain pens, drawing paper, luk or
paints, call at
4<MI Unlit Si. OlymplM, Walk.
———— mmmmmm —— mmm —
IteKlileuce Flicne 1081 113
Office Plione 3
Vetwinary Surgeon
Uifli'i'j linberce'M Stabler, Olympia,
Olympla Wine & Liquor Co.
300-311 MAIN ST.
Rexal Remedies
c. c c
V e r.ot only c:iny a complete
line of the famous REXALL
REMEDIES but also have a good
assoi tment of
Tdlet Sets, F&fiicure Sets,
B " she?, Pe \i es, Es?ers,
Stationery, £oo!«, Etc., Etc.
C. C. <n

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