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j ' \I - ■' *■' ' 4 •
I ' ■ - . . i L-■ ' F;;»t L- i i. : t . '
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n;no 17
wbek before 1 4 : .
Mr. t rr\ t ..Ir~.:■.
,01. n.' ato ' 01:. ... ,
gie mill.
Mr. Lea of Olympia motored u
Bl:uk Lak 'in :.
Mrs. White of iiciidersoi ; y has
returned to her home, af . fev.
da:;-' vf- t \v ;h In-; ,:alf. Alts.
11. F. Sandbcrg.
Donna livers spent ihe - l ie-end
at Olympia.
Mrs. Sam Bigbee made :: < ~le of
IJ\. . .- trips to Olymjv'". a- 4 week.
.Marvin Goldsby, who go hurt on
a saw, is improving rupi-tly now.
Mr. Bill Leah man, who h: ■ bee:,
hunting for several days, r turr.e i
liotne stating that he killed two ! sr.
Air. Gaiselle of Gale made a busi
ness trip nere last week.
• • * *
A basket social will be gi .-on Hal
lowe'en by the members of the Ep
varorth league.
B. F. Paul and family have moved
Into town from their farm near the
oil well.
A. J. Berkley of Puget City spent
'■A few days visiting friends here last
R. A. Langley, receiver for the lo
cal state bank, arrived here last week
rand took charge of its affairs. He
Vias made no statement concerning its
The Foresythe Brothers of Tono
•gave a dance at Bucoda last Satur
day evening, at which supper wa3
served by the Rebekalis.
Mr. arid Mrs. Dillion of KMorville
-.spent a few days in Bucoda recently
at the home of Mr. and Airs. Martin
• • • •
There's to be a big ball at the local
~ hall Hallowe'en and it's to be a regu
lar old-time affair. George W. Neat
will be floor manager.
Joe fcumpter of Tacoma spent a
Tew days the latter part of last week
with J. C. Conine at Eureka.
L. N. Rice has returned from his
trip through the South. He says he
Is Batlsfled with Washington.
Miss Lola Graybeal, night operator
Tst the local depot, spent a few days;
visiting in Seattle and Portland re- 1
ZA (daughter was born to Mr. and |
9 is always easy for the guilty to show plaus- Mr. Yeager, present engineer, and ring can- I
■ lble reasons for not doing their duty. You are didate, says it will take $4,100.00 to run his office I
9 now being deluged with excuses by the ring-chos- in 1915; that is several hundred dollars more I
■ en officials who have wasted your money. Still than in former years, but he says, "Proper engi- I
9 the fact remains—there has been negligence, neering will require that amount". He also says B
9 LEGISLATURE. waste and inefficiency in the county offices. The that those Who inquire into the work of his office LEGISLATURE. I
■ . Briggs and John S. Lynch present officers have failed to "make good" for are "no gentlemen". If the county bridges were H. P. Briggs and John 8. Lynch fl
9 , AUDITOR. Ie P eo Pl e because they owed first duty to the properly inspected by the engineer, would we I
9 F. 0. Morrison. l I U S that elected them, and have felt sure that have emergencies arising at the rate of three or TO . R - I
9 H ie lan g would put them back regardless of four per year? Is it "proper engineering" to let Morrison. ■
9 PROSECUTING ATTORNEY record. bidders on bridges submit their own plans? PROSECUTING ATTORNEY I
9 Oeo - Fl Yantu * We have neither time nor inclination to call THE COUNTY TREASURER'S office Geo. F. Yantis. ■
9 TREASURER le °PP os ition "liars" and "pigs", which terms cost, Mr. Britt, treasurer, was sl.lß per hundred B
9 Roy M. Porter. are so popular in a certain newspaper—we have dollars collected in 1913; that gentleman says his I ? RE I £ S H RER I
9 f° many real facts yet to show you. Here are cost was low. The records of fourteen other oy Porter. H
9 T^w E p S f° R some more: The commissioners refused a con- counties collecting about the same amount as this ASSESSOR I
9 ' ' * ew " tract, for the Helser bridge to W. E. Yelverton, show an average cost of $.92. Mr. Britt asks for J.W.Peters. I
9 CLERK bis bid being $864.00; they then built the bridge more money for 1915 than the cost for 1913. The 9
9 Ruby Swan Young. by day labor at a cost of $1,497.40, $633.40 more board has fixed his limit at $5,800.00, and he CLERK ■
9 of good tax money gone to waste. Oh, yes. It can't do it for less. Mr. Porter, candidate on the Ruby Swan Young. ■
8 Rowt f wStham served a purpose. It made a larger fund to spend Non-Partisan ticket, will make a deed to the ENGINEER I
9 among party workers. president of the Taxpayers' League, of prop- Robert F. Whitham. ■
9 SUP'T OF SCHOOLS. Ibe auditor's office cost the county $1.33 for ertv to the value of $1,600.00, in trust, for the I
9 B. R. McClelland. each dollar collected in fees during the year 1913; benefit of Thurston county. All Mr. Porter Sin*'T OF SCHOOLS. ■
8 rTM . _ T __ *be next nearest cost was $1.20 per dollar col- spends in his office for anv one year, in excess of McClelland. ■
■ th ? yf r 1909I 909 - TIl « aver "ge foe offices $5,000.00 will be refunded to tile county by the COMMISSIONER-FIRST DIST. I
9 of like size m the state was sl.lO for 1913. Asa proceeds of the sale of this property by the trus- Frank Littlejohn. I
9 COMMISSIONER—THIRD DIST. b>cal newspaper put it, Mr. Burr was not in the tee. This is a guarantee, Mr. Taxpayer. *lf you I
■ T. Ives Dodge. office enough to really be able to tell what would mean what you say when you kick at high taxes, COMMISSIONER—THIRD DIST. I
8 ttt«ttpp OTP tup upapp a reasona ble cost. Miss Gaston offers to cut you are obliged to vote for Mr. Porter, and save ' s Dod^6, B
8 1 E N Steele !.' u " - SBOO.OO. If Mr. Porter can't run the office on JUSTICE OF THE PEACE B
■ ... fer after a vigorous protest from the Taxpayer's $5,000.00, he loses. You are secured. Mr. Porter E.N.Steele. ■
■ CONSTABLE League, however. Mr. Frank P. Morrison, can- ' • ■
8 Scott Shaser. didate on the Non-Partisan ticket will cut the 111 treasurers office four years, and CONSTABLE 8
■ office cost $1,000.00 by the simple process of knows what he can do. Scott Shaser. fl
B working in the office eight hours per day, thereby We are talking business. If you want busi- 8
8 eliminating one clerk. It will lie a new policy in ness to rule, and not politics, vote the Non-Parti- 8
9 that office, but it will pay you, Mr. Taxpayer. sail ticket November 3rd. B
I Thurston County Non-Partisan Organization |
" T ~" - j
!i on the Me

' ■ ■ ra! . ■ ■ : lvort < ;:re '•< -
in ft n )<!■> < . ;h ones.
-'".or< bfi of the b l tlegli u \c: •
:igo from uhich lie had :.ut fi :!v r
i l-.-ii a slight fr:u ir«- of
ili" tame leg below the knee last
' ■ when a log which he and his
cr; v. were rolling, swerved and
. . k lifm. lie was taken to the
Taeoma General hospital for treat
'* * * *
Miss Esther Bergh spent Sunday
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Mrs. Ben Henry and baby of May
! town were callers on Mrs. L. A. Ran
dall one day this week.
] Mrs. C. A. Besse and daughter
I were entertained at dinner by Mr.
and Mrs. Dave Baker Sunday.
Mrs. John Ismay spent the after
noon with Mrs. John Gunstone Wed
Mr. J. E. Burbank of Cheney,
Wash., Mr. Ben Collins of Spokane,
and Mr. George Pearce of Grand
Mound autoed to Mr. John Gunstone's
farm to spend a few hours Tuesday.
Mrs. Ida Curtin and daughter Lo
retta were entertained at dinner
-Wednesday by Mr .and Mrs. Fred
| Schulze.
i Air. Schulze has finished hauling
| ties.
Airs. W. K. Ball went to Tacoma
Friday to visit relatives and friends.
A baby girl arrived at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. La verne Campbell Mon
Mr. Bollinger had the misfortune
to lose one of his horses last Sunday.
W. J. Abbott was in Olympia on
business Monday.
• • • •
Mrs. W. H. Lohrer and Mrs. Cape
hart visited the school last Tuesday.
Mrs. E. E. Cole and daughter, Dol
lena, and Miss Doris Adair called at
C. A. Rose's Tuesday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frieske of Olympia
autoed out to William Shincke's
Thursday evening.
S. T. Madden and children, Lois
.. • t • udj ' •
• k : , y. . . j*-,
- i < t ! ; |"
- - f Wi
■ ■ .* ' •• * •' ia ii an u '■ i
el 1-moo i :i
c. A. l!o- '
blren visit
Hryniug, o'
d- ■■ 111 • i k.
"Mi- - ;i couple of
days last wet k In Olympia with her
hter-in-law, Mrs. Walter Dobbs.
Re.' Je Logan Is stopping for a time
with liis father in Olyuipia,
Mr Toy" null! i tr:»nds were
j'l ' ) l< r i hat he was abl - to
!•' ci -r ;• buggy rit.'e last week.
Mr. -il- -old Ib'.c b . mid Mr. Hick
i Nolan of Olympia spent Saturday e\-
lening at cam Madden's.
| I-Toyd Rose tool* live iiigs to town
Saturday and was successful in sell
! ing them ail.
| Mr. Henry Sanborn of Olympia
, siicnt Saturday night and Sundav at
j W. if. Ro!:rer's.
Put!) Adair has recovered from her
j accident and is in school again.
■ .Mr. and Mr.-:. Frank Hannaford are
! the happy parents of a baby boy.
i Mrs. Hryning and Mrs. Walter
Parse visited at George Parse's Mon
Mrs. Watson is visiting at the Scott
Mrs. Dibble was taken seriously ill
■'Sunday evening.
i Mr. Charles Spear of Seattle is vis
i iting at Mr. Teets'.
Mrs. Fred Hawthorne was a visitor
j in Tacoma last week.
i Mrs. H. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. John
Dodge and Mrs. Husk visited at Mr.
Hannaford's Thursday.
j Miss Delia Chiman is visiting for a
. while in Olympia.
Hadley Moe, Darrell Teets and Mr.
Charles Spear went fishing down
V.'oodards Bay Monday. The result
was a big soaking and also five fish.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Robbins and
mother visited at Frank Hannaford's
Thursday evening.
• • • •
Miss Maude Jamison, who Is teach
ing school at Tenino, spent Saturday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
F. E. Bullard. She returned to Te
nino Sunday morning. i
Mrs. Cole and daughter of South [
Bay visited with Mrs. George Evans !
Friday. j
Mr. Chris Brown and two children
of Cle Elum are visitors at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Arnold spent
Thursday of last week in Olympia.
Mrs. H. Crowell spent the day with
Mrs. George Gartley Thursday.
, i't -• i Sway :.c art:
tin proud owner; of new bicycles.
Mr.- . J" :t-i 1 <'r:« ksrm and baby Claude
are vlsiiors at the home of Mrs. Fred
rick on's sister and husband, Mr.
' and Mr . (v. i lartley.
Mr. Horace White is confined to
li * bed, suffering from an attack of
, pleurisy.
Miss Editli Shall spent Thursday
l ; >'*t * « * k with Mrs. George Brown.
Miss Kate C'ary and Miss Ina Bru
;. et" vis ioi's at the school one
day last week.
Mr. and .\lr-. F. E. Bullard were in
| Olympia Sat unlay.
Mr. Harkley just returned last
| week after a short visit with friends
.[ill Tenino.
diss Mildred Birkle was a visitor
at ilie Sunday school last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. I. Evans and
j daughter Wilma made it trip to
! Olympia in their launch last Mon
j day.
| Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schulz left last
{ week for their old home in Cleveland,
Ohio, where Mr. Schulz expects to
j work in the postoffice. They will be
greatly missed here oy their many
friends and neighbors.
• • • •
Mr .and Mrs. George Bell have re
turned from Seattle.
Mrs. J. E. Noble is visiting at the
M. McDonald home.
Mrs. Zandell is visiting at the J. E.
Dolan home.
Mr. and Mrs. McCandle, who spent
some time recently with Mr. and Mrs.
George Bell, have gone to Seattle to
A. T. Thorensen and wife and
Charles Thorensen of Tanana, Alas
ka, are visiting at the H. G. Kempher !
The next regular meeting of the
Thurston County Pomona Grange
will be held at the Chambers' Prairie 1
Grange hall next Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Gillian and
children, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Flinn,
Mr. and Mrs. Bates and George Ew
ing. spent Sunday at H. G. Kempher's |
Eighteen new members were Ini-!
tiated at the last regular meeting of
the Chambers' Prairie Grange, which
was well attended.
Mrs. A. W. Clarke, who has been
very 111, is now rapidly improving.
* • • •
WANTED TO RENT—Small farm,
with or without stock. Cleve Cooper,
Box 135, R. 2, Olympia. (adv 10-4-4)
• • • •
The commissioners this week
granted a franchise to the Eastside
Telephone company, of which S. H. I
Westover is president and Harry Gar- i
stang secretary-treasurer, a farmers';
co-operative line furnishing service
in the Boulevard district in about the :
same territory as covered by another !
company, the Chambers' Lake line.
Mr. ;iinl Mr.-. Hurry Elbs \ishcd ni
the George Sleatcr home a few daw
last week.
Mr. Foster Sleater has returned
home after a short visit with his sis
ter, Mrs. Horace Porter of Oakville.
There was an October birthday
party at the hotut of Mr. and Mrs.
T. Sh-att-r last Friday evening, at
tended by about 10 persons. The
evening a spent in playing games.
Refreshments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II Hawson spent
Tuesday evening at the Jacob Gun
stone home.
Miss Rids Madden and Mrs. Rower
and daughter of South Hay attended
chutvh at Pleasant Glade last Sun
day afternoon.
Miss Katie t'aplinger and Mrs.
Jacob Gunstone spent one evening
last week with Mrs. Charles Hawson
Mrs. J. R. Robbins has returned
home from a short visit in Seattle.
Her graddaughier. Miss Julia Swaf
forrt. accompanied her.
O'Neil's orchestra will furnish the
music for another of the popular
dances at the Pleasant Glade Grange
hall Saturday night. Everyone is
A carnival, the proceeds of which
will go toward paying the expenses of
the new banquet room recently added
to the Grange hall, is to he staged by
the Pleasant Glade Grange on the
evening of November 13 and the ad
vance reports of the evening's enter
tainment indicate there is going to
be "some fun." The band from St.
Martin's college will furnish the mu
sic, there will be "hot dogs," side
shows, a first class minstrel show and
many other novel stunts. State
School Superintendent Josephine
Preston will speak.
Brighton Park Grange held its
regular meeting last Thursday night,
with 30 members in attendance. An
interesting meeting was held, after
which a bountiful supper was served
by the woman's work committee.
The Misses Belle and Mollie Bush
and Carrie Drewery were visitors in
Olympia last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ruddell of
Olympia spent Saturday and Sunday
visiting Mrs. Ruddell's father and
mother, Mr. and Mrs. D. Mulholland.
Clarence Drewery is busy hauling
telephone poles.
Little Aubrey Ruddell spent the
week visiting his grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. D. Mulholland.
Mrs. W. J. Lawton was a business
visitor in Olympia Monday and Tues
Mrs. Charles Beaty returned home
from Seattle last Friday night, after
being there on business several days.
Nate Trosper is having lumber
hauled for his new barn.
Mrs. Crouch spent Tuesday after
.noon visiting Mrs. c. 3. Olney.
MIo Jessie Mulholland spent
rnursday night isi Olympia with hep
Dave Turner was a visitor in Olvm
p:- recently.
Mr. and Mrs. ,T. B. Sudman and
children of Olympia spent Sunday vis
-1 tting Mrs. Sudnian's sister Mrs n
! M ill ho! land. ' '
Everyone in this neighborhood is
petting well supplied with salmon, as
the fish man is seen here quite often
* * ♦ *
Mr. Alderman had the misfortune
to break his leg while hauling
stumps. 12. J. Hodge is helping him
until he is able to get around again.
Mrs. Clarence lirainard of Cham
bers' Prairie and daughter, Mrs.
Pearl Chase and two children of West
Sound, visited at Mrs. E. V. Brewery's
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. It. A. Cook and family
spent Sunday evening at Mr. P.
Mr. and Airs. W. A. January were
Olympia visitors Wednesday.
Mr. E. V. Brewery and Mr. F.
Reichel made a trip to OfTutts* I.ake
Miss Alma Kjorne spent Tuesday
night at Mrs. C. Bickgeiser's.
• * • •
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Preston and
daughter ATargaret spent Saturday
and Sunday in Centralia with friends.
Miss Albright, principal of the
Maytown school, accompanied Miss
Pierce, the primary teacher, to her
home at Grand Mound Friday even
ing, returning home to Maytown
Sunday evening.
Mrs. Bill Austin and children are
visiting with friends in Maytown.
. mrs John Bingman of Maytown,
,34 years old, died in St. Peter's hos
-1 pital, Olympia, this week after a
j sickness of nearly a year. Funeral
services were held Thursday morning
in Olympia, quite a number of people
front here attending.
| Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn, Mr. and Mrs.
Lester Servis and Miss Myrtle Shelley
autoed to Olyntp'a last week
The Ladies' Aid society got a fine
I new lamp for the church last week.
• * • •
The Y. P. S. C. E. of Freedom
.district held its regular monthly
I business meeting October 9th at the
home of the Misses Eldon and Olive
Bille. At this meeting the following
officers were elected for the ensuing
six months: President, Roy Young;
, vice president, Zona Jarvis; secre
tary, Eldon Bille; treasurer, Robert
Langford; organist, Leone Langford.
| After the election a delightful repast
was served by the hostesses, and then
the evening was spent most enjoy
ably in playing games.

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