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l i.ANN \KI: LI xi.x DM M(>\ HI
xiTKiT Mill; i»i;st«ovs
vrist in itk.
Within a mi nth at tor s<ho»'-
house was eonsumril b> tiro, tho ooni
munity of McKenna decided upon re
placing the institution according to
plans made by Architects Hill. Mock.
& Griffin of Taeoir.a and will make
the new building one of the most
modern in rural districts
Two years ago an addition was
built to the former school house and
when the fire d prived McKenna of
it the citizens, most ot them employes
in the mill of the McKenna Lumber
Co., stripped the walls of every avail
able vestige of framework and doors,
saved much of the plumbing and the
504 MAIN ST. PHONE 289
Travelers Hotel
A C. S. Coffin, Prop.
Near tho DeptJt
4 For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bean __
Mgnatura of
4 oounro TO
& Co.
WtU be at
V Mon., T«ea., Wed„ Joae 16.17.18
'Office hours 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The doctor ia charge, on account of
having boon the United Btates
army service, has not been able to l
visit the different cltlei for the past]
seven months, hut from now on will'
again make Ida regular calls. He is
a graduate iir medicine and surgery,
"and la licensed by (he state of Wash
ington. He visits professionally the
more Important towns and cities and
offers to all who call on this trip,
consultation and examination free, ex
cept the expense ot treatment when
desired. *
Acoordlng to his method of treat
ment he doee not operate tor chronic
anpOnftlcltls, gall stones, ulcers of
stomach, tonsils or adenoids.
He has to his credit many wonder
ful results In diseases of the stom
ach,' liver, bowels, blood, skin, nerves,
heart, kidneys, bladder, bedwetting,
» catarrh, v weak lungs, rheumatism,
sciatica, leg ulcera and rectal ail
If you have been ailing for any
length of time and do not get any bet
ter, do not fail to call, a* improper
measures rather than disease are of
ten the cause of your long standing
Remember above date, that exam
ination on this trip will be free, and
that his treatment is different.
Address: 336 Boston Blork, Min
neapolis. Minn. (Adv. 5-5-3*)
Mr. McKinfey's fetter
brings cheer to all who
may be * sufferers as he
was. Read it:
"I can honestly say that I owe
■J life to Peru... After some of
the best doctors In the country
gave me up and told me I could
not live another month, Pervna
saved we. Travelling from town
to town, throughout tho ooiintry
and having to go into all kinds
{>f badly heated stores and bulld
ogs, sometimes standing up for
hours at a time while plying my
trade an auctioneer, u is only
natural that 1 had colds fre
ooentlyi so when this would
occur I paid little attention to It,
Until last December rlcn I con
tracted a severe case, which,
through neglect on my part
settled on my lungs. When al
most too late. I began doctoring,
bat, wit boot avail, until I heard
of rerann. It cored wet so 1
cannot p'also it too hlg.ily."
liglr ng ••■■i - I ool.u <?
. v ' 1 ' 1 ;i m i>',!! . i* -. iii ' :'
community meetings and each room
,\ ill ?».» :« .. p.ir.i ■ e\ir t In •
iug tiif nlrl furn«t> •• i l . repair.- v\ i,
bo used, ' iib tight and power fut
nished by »hc McK>en; 1 t>- r plant
Under tho fo .r t la--room* on til'
main floor, a d« ; -■ ssod area will bold
largo and well-lighted room.* fiv nian
u;:T ti.iir.ine in one ,'. ing if the build
ing and a domestic econotu;. depart
ment in 'he other wing.
Official announcement was made
this week by General March, chief of
staff, that all of the original Arch
angel expedition will have sailed for
home within another week. Compa
nies E, G, I, M and the machine gun
company of the 339 th infantry are
now en route for Brest, having sailed
from Archangel June 1.
There will be left at Archangel
temporarily the railway engineer
units sent there recently to assist the
withdrawal. General March said- he
was unable to forecast the date for
the withdrawal of the Siberian forces.
Homeward movement of national
guard and national army men from
France is complete, Chief of Staff
March also announced, all units hav
ing embarked for this country. .
The movement of regulars has
begun, he stated. The 6th division
began its sailing this week.
Washington Weekly
. Industrial Review
The Pacific American Steamship as
sociation has been organized at San
Francisco, representing 25 or more
stramship companies on the Pacific
• Cdast, for the purpose of building
up an American merchant marine and
dealing with legislation and policies
of national, state and municipal
bodies which affect shipping inter
ests. _ 1
The IT. S. National bank of Port
land, Ore., has just issued its quar
terly Business Digest, containing the
best opinions of men of national Rep
utation as well as an accurate state
ment of business and crop cohdltions
in all sections of Oregon, Washing
ton, Idaho and Montana. (Everything
points to increased business and the
general-conclusions to be drawn from
the reports say "go ahead." The
facts contained in this booklet offers
encouragement to all lines of busi
| Plans to pave $5 miles in Walla
i Walla county are being considered.
I Montesgno -r- Contracts have been
let to build a derrick for the first oil
well near here.
Spokane —r- Contract let for con
"struction for 22.8 miles standard
highway from Kooskia to, Lowell,
I Idaho. Will employ 200 men.
Manufacturers used 45,000,000
ppunds of wool during April, an in
crease of 32 per cent over March. The
Increased consumption* Indicates "a
rapid return to normal conditions."
| Recent rainfalls insure big yield of
;Vlnter wheat In Eastern Washington,
j Yakima—Local sugar beet men es-
J timate value of sugar to be made
from crop of Yakima valley during
present season will reacll $3,000,000.
Expect to harvest 162,000 -tons of
beets from 9000 acres tylantedv
Spokane is to build a SIOO,OOO la
bor temple.
Spokane Silversmith mines aije
putting 100 tons of ore through con
centrator daily:
Spokane—Copper King Mining &
Smelting company may resume opera
Spokane—Work on $35,000 pack
ing plant of John Lewis & Co. to
Cheney—Four hundred and eighty
acre ranch here sells for $7200.
Molson—Upper Okanogan country
Mr. Smtl McKlnfry. 330? E.
13th St., Kansas Cit>, Mo., Mem
ber of the Society of U. S. Jewelry
Sold Everywhere.
Tablet or Llgnld Pent
ii: •• \ : 1 •• < IN" >T\:."AKD. OLYlll'U WASH., FRIDAY. JUNE 13. 1919
t ix n<>\ i«i 111 -1 tGED
ii N i : 2i.
7i hail men of i lie com in it tecs on
arange,iiont., for the celebration to
he -'aged in Tenino on June JI in
honor of returned soldiers and sail
or- have icported the following com
pleted list of committees:
Grounds—-A. I) Campbell, chair
man. Rev. K. Decker, R. Vt. McAr
ihur. I) 1,. Barlow and S. W. Gass.
Speakers—L. H. Hubbard, chair
man: S. W. Fenton, J. E. Zenner and
William McArthur.
Decorations and Parade—P. F.
Knight, chairman; T. H. McLulferty,
M. .). N'eylon, William Wherrett. J. J.
i'erklns. George Sumption. Frank
Whalin and George H. Jones.
Barbecue and Clams Wilson
Howe, chairman; William Mullaney,
William Madison It D. Axtelle. Lloyd
Axtelle, Ed Belts. I. D. Jones, Tim
McArthur. S. W. Fenton. E. W. Ols
son and Jake Harti.
Sports—J. B. Taylor, chairman; L
11. Hubbard, F. R. Stokes. A. D
Campbell and N. T. ('lowers.
Music and Dance— J. D. McArthur
chairman, and Mrs. A. E. Davis.
Finance —L? H. Hubbard, chair
man;, George S. Mayes and T. F. Ment-
Soldiers' and Sailors' Banquet-
George Simmons Jr., chairman, and
S. S. Vanderslice.
Reception—S. M. Peterson, chair
man; E. S. Brooks. Martin Board, L.
A. McLain, N. W. Everts, Rudolph
Marsbach, E. P. Krupp, J. Sox Brown,
L. M. Tyrrell, S. D. James and G. F.
Printing and Advertising—J. E.
Zenner, chairman; Dr. A. E. Davis
and Frank Peagley.
Red Cross—Frank Newell, chair
Dr. A. E. Davis will be marshal of
the day and will be assisted by How
ard S. Barclay and Fred Colvin.
has largest grain acreage in history.
Yakinta—Pennington & Co. are to
erect $20,000 warehouse.
Spokane candy manufacturers to
pay government between $75,000 and
SIOO,OOO in taxes this year under
hew revenue act. Children pay most
of it.
Winona—-1100-acre farm near here
sells for $28,000.
Wenatchee— 124-acre orchard in
East Wenatchee brings $100,00(1.
Leading lumber mills in Oregon
and Washington make advances in
price of seven of the 27 index items
of West Coast lumber manufacturers
on account of shortage in stocks at
mills and growing demand for items
Oroville —s6o,ooo to be expended
on highway between here and Tonas
Richmond—lncrease in number of
homes causes phone company to ex
pand. h
Chehalls—New brick business block
to be erected here. *
Hoquiam—New home of L. L. L. L.
planned here.
Belllngham—April' lumber ship
ments here totaled 6,327,084. Mills
running full time, doubly shifts.
Everett—Erection of five or six
story hotel planned here.
Centralia—Erection of new court
house favored here. '
Pullman —$35,000 price paid for
320-acre farm four miles west of
Seattle—Six-cent car fare may be
reality here on city-owned line.
Spokane 550,000 garage to be
erected here.
Clarkston- 1 — Erection of sugar beet
factory discussed here.
Deer Park favors $3,500,000 road
bond issue of Spokadh county.
Everett First run of spring
salmon commences.
The rapidly increasing use of pneu
matic tires on motor trucks rendering
service on many big ranches of the
West is emphasized vividly in the
case of the Lone Pine ranch, near
Loomis, Calif. On this tract are 90
acres of fruit trees. During the fruit
season many trips are made each
day. delivering fruit over a sjx mile
■•route to the railroad by a two-ton
I White truck, equipped all around
with 38x7 Goodyear pneumatic tires.
IA year's experience in using pneu
; matics in this service shows that the
i fruit hauled has been free from bruis
ing, thereby saving many dollars, and
that many more trips can be made in
a day than were possible before
; pneumatic tire equipment was in
: stalled. The truck is run over the
! rough ground in the orchard, picking
up the packed fruit, yet in a year's
time it has run 3,(100 miles without
repairs to the truck or removal of a
| tire from the rim. An average of 14
! niiies to the gallon of gasoline has
been established.
The old Gowey home at Columbia
and Union afreets, one of the largest
residences in the city, has been sold
by Mr. and Mrs. Wood Duane, who
occupied it for years to Mr. and Mrs.
Ira R. Moor, who will make their
home there.
A large number of local people took
m the annual Rose Carnival in Port
land this eek.
HO I - I'M pare to Itc Ttravel l or
iiotteii I rail- of Early Days.
. i • • . ;• . I points buried in the big
I"' ib'iig the neatly forgotten
i ' i tra Is that led through the
iin . i ■'- —. will be sought out by
in Xb "Iter, Puyallup; George 11.
!• ' ■ Portland; clarence B Bag
b . Se.ittie, and others who have
nt to. years or more in Washing-!
ton mil Oregon.
Meeker has issued a call for the
"big hunt" to begin at Steilacoom,
July 1. and to last 10 days. He asks
all pioneers of GO years' standing to
join the party. Historical points lo
iv.ted will be marked for future per
manent records. The trip will be
made partly over the McClelian Pass
highway and partly afoot.
Will aliens who withdrew theit
declarations of Intentions to become
citizens of the United States as soon
as this country declared war on Ger
many be allowed to retain their prop
erty holdings in this state?
This is the question that the courts
of this state are now being asked to
settle and is the object of controversy
in the case of the state of Washing
ton vs. Jacob Rychen and C. Zursch
melde, farmers of Yelm.
In making an answer to the com
plaint, the defendants claim that the
state allowed them to make improve
ments on their property recently and
that, since they were allowed to make
these improvements, the state has no
right to bring action against them at
this time. The defendants also claim
that by virtue of the treaty between
Switzerland and the United States
they had a certain time in which to
sell their property aqd' retain
money for the property.
The state of Washington last week
appeared in the local superior court
and demurred to both the defendants'
defenses and Superior Judge John M.
Wilson sustained the demurrers of
the state.
The state argues the case on the
ground that, since the
withdrew their declarations of inten
tions to become citizens of the United
States, when this country declared
war against Germany, they did not
declare their intentions in good faith.
The state in the trial, which will no
doubt be set for the June Jury term,
will attempt to prove that one of the
defendants cancelled his declaration
of intention so that he could escape
military service.
This is the first case of this type
that has been brought by this statO
and any decision in the case will set
a precedent. The property is valued
at about S4OOO.
Goodyear Cord Goes 40,000 Miles.
A tire mileage record which illus
trates the durability of Goodyear
cord tires is the one that has been
established on the Franklin touring
car belonging to E. M. Murray, of
Pasadena, Calif. This tire has now
travelled 40,300 miles and is still in
condition to go several thousand more
miles. Included in this mileage are
5,500 miles of transcontinental tour-,'
ing. much of which was over roads
that severely tried the tires.
Just Any Kind of a Boy.
Advertisements are meant, to
"pull." During the war an office
manager in desperation tried to get
pulling power into his desire for a
messenger. The advertisement he
printed read: "Boy wanted—young
or old—either sex."—From The Na
tion's Business for June.
Legal Notices
State of Washington, In and for the
County of Thurston.
In re the estate of Allen E. Palmer.
deceased. No. 2306.
Notice of Settlement of Final Aeeount
mid Hearings on Petition fur
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned administratrix, with the will
annexed, lias filed herein her final ac
count and petition for distribution, in
which she asks tlie court to settle her
final account and distribute the prop
erty of the estate to the heirs or per
sons entitled thereto, and that the
court has set July 2, 19P.1 at the hour
of 2 o'clock p. m. and the court room
of the court house of Thurston county,
at Olympla. Washington, Department
No. 2 thereof, as the time and place for
tlie settlement of said final account
and hearing on said petition for distri
bution. and all persons having objec
tions to the saftne or any portion there
of are hereby notified to present tlie
same on or before said time and at
said place. 1
Administratrix with the Will annexed
of tlie estate of Allen E. Palmer, de
Published June C, 13. 20 and 27. 1919.
State of Washington, in and for the
County of Spokane.
| In the matter of the foreclosure of De-
I linquent Tux Certificate L-7707. John
T. Mallery, plaintiff, vs. Reed and
I Continental Land Company, a corpor
j "atlon. also The International Casu
i nltv Company, a corporation, also all
] other persons or parties unknown
claiming any title, estate, lien
or Interest in or todhe real estate in
' this summons and notice described.
| defendants. No. 59339.
The stute of Washington, to Reed and
Continental Land Company, a corporu-
U'UI. ai.so I lie lnternaticiTiiil. Ca-inltv
< <>mi>any. a coi'|>orut Imi. also all ..lla i
pi i soil s (,r [lartios unknown, claiuiins'
unv nKln. title, estate, lien or irir.n-t
HI or to the real estate In lliis suniiii<>N>
ami notice describee]
, ou and eaeli of you are ltert-lr.' J 1
That Heed o"d Continental I.ai d Co
I' "iV- a • orporutlon, also Tie- Intel
national Casualty Comj any a < ormo 1
tlon, are th*' tax record oWtters of thl
leal property hereinafter d™ rile d t - a
J nil II I Mailery, tile plaintiff In - m I
t ow nei and holder of <t.■ i ii,,| ■,, ni re
• ert itleate 1,-7TI>7; that said eeitHi ~t
was ISSUI'd I.V the treasui'el of Spokane
eoiinty. state of Washington, MI: t U
jhtli day ot Ainrust. 1917. to Alhert
I aisley and by him..for a uooil and v.,!-
uahle consideration, assigned to John
1. Mailery. the plaintiff herein, for tie
sum nt $22.53. whih It sunt Is the amount
ol said eertlrtcate paid hv the owie-r
and holder thereof .fos the t ax. - then
assessed, unnaid and dfflin.tuent awrainst
the •followniK described real proiiertv
situated and briny in the county of
MA' <J f Washington, to-wit:
I lie North lialf < V 2 > of the Northwe st
quarter |i,) and all of tile Northeast
quarter ('<,]. except the Southeast quar-
C'( 'i i thereof of Seetion Nine c.i>.
rwp. Twenty-tive (25). Han ye Forte
two (42). fo r the years 1915 and 1911'..
together yvitli interest thereon from the
date of delinquency thereof to June 9.
191 c. tile date of the purchase of said
certificate, at the rule of 12 per cent
per annum, and all penalties thereon
accrued or accruing, that the said plain
tiff. as the owner and holder of said
certificate, has paid all taxes against
said described real propertv. as follows:
"n May 28. 191 'J. $14.77. for the year
On June 1. 1918. $15.92. for the year
That the plaintiff hereby elects t<>
acquire title to said described real proo
ert.v. subject to assessments for local
Improvenfents against tlie same.
That Heed and Continental Land
Company, a corporation. also The Inter
national <'RMiialty Company a corpora -
tion, defendants above mentioned. claim
some interest in and to tlie real prop
'erty above described, but such interest
if any. is inferior to that of the plaintiff
herein. t
That each and all payments herein
mentioned, made bv the owner ami
holder «»f said certificate shall draw in
terest at the rate of 12 per cent per an
num from the dates the sain«| were
That the plaintiff herein claims a lien
against all of th»» above described real
property for the total amount of said
payments and interest, ami will apply'
to the above-entitled court for judg
ment foreclosing said lien, subject to
valid .municipal taxes, if any.
That you and eafdi of you are lmreby
summoned to appear yvlthin sixty days
after the date of tho first publication of
this summons, which said date is June
19, 1919. exclusive of the dav of said
first publication, and defend the above
entitled action in the above-entitled
court, or pay to the treasurer of Spo
kane county tlie amount due. together
with the costs of this action, and in
case of your failure so to do. judgment
will be rendered foreclosing the lien of
said taxes, assessments, penalties inter
est and costs paid and accruing against
the land and premises above-described,
and that all process herein may be
served upon the undersigned attorney
for the plaintiff.
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and At
torney for Plaintiff
Post Office address: County court bouse,
Spokane. Washington.
Published June 15. 20. 27. July 4. 11.
18 25. 1919.
State ot Washington, for Thurstom
County. In Probate.
In the Matter of the Estate of fJeor
giana S. Ford. Deceased. No. 2114.
Notice to Creditor* to File Claim*.
Notice is hereby given, that letters
of administration on the estate of
Georglana S. Ford, deceased, wert
granted to the undersigned, on the
26th day of May, 1919. by the said Su
perior Court.
All persons having claims against
said estate, are required to serve them
with the necessary vouchers upon H.
A. Perclval personally, or at his resi
dence No 108 Frpnt street. Olympla.
Washington, within six months after
the date of the first publication of this
notice, towlt, within six months after
the 30th day of May, 1919. and file tl\e
saipe with the clerk of this court to-j
gether with proof of such service, or
they shall be forever barred.
Dated at Olympla. Wash, this 26th
day of May. 1919.
Administrators of the Estate of Geor
giutia 8. Ford. Deceased.
Date of first publication, May 30. 1919.
Published May 'O, June 6, 13, 20 and
2". 1919.
State of Washington. In and for the
County of Thurston
In re the Estate of Ellen Sadler. De
' ceased. No . *
at to Crrdltom.
Notice Is hereby given; that tin* un
dersigned has been appointed ami qual
ified as executor of the above entitled
estate, and that all persons having
claims against said estate be and tltey
are hereby notified and - required to
serve the same on the undersigned ex
ecutor personally or at his place of
business. Central Building. Olympla,
Washington, or upon his attorneys,
Messrs. Troy & Sturdevant,, ut their
offices. No. 204-207 Olympla National
Bank Building, Olympla, Washington,
and file the same with the clerk of the
above entitled court together with
proof of such service, within six months
after the date of the first publication
of this notice, or else the same will be
forever barred.*
0 J. T. OTIS.
Executor of the Estate of Ellen Sadler.
Date of first publication. May 30, 1919.
Published May'3d, June 6, 13 and 20.
State of Washington, in and for the
County of Thurston.
C. Edna Brown, plaintiff, vs. B. W.
Brown, defendant. No.
The State of Washington to the said
It. W Brown, defendant.
You are hereby summoned to uppear
within, sixty days after the first ȟbli
catlon of tliis summons, towlt: within
slxtv days after the 30th day of May,
1919, and defend the above entitled ac
tion In the above entitled court, and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff
and serve a copy of your answer upon
the undersigned attorneys for plain
tiff at their office below, stated, and in
case nf vour failure so to do Judgment
will be rendered against you (according
to tlie demand of the complaint which
has been llled with the clerk of the
said court.
Tlie object of this action is to obtain
a divorce from vou on the part of the
plaintiff because of cruel and inhuman
treatment of tlie plaintiff by you. and
for failure to provide for and to suit
ably and properly support the plaintiff.
Attorneys for Plaintiff
204-207 Olympla National Bank Build
in. Olympla, Washington.
Published May 30, June •>. 13. 20 and
27, and July -4 and 11, 1919.
Stute of Washington,!in and for the
County of Spokane.
In the Matter of the Foreclosure of De
linquent Tax Certificate L 6911. In
; terstate Land Co a corporation,
plaintiff, vs. Averlll Machinery Co a
corporation, and Beaverbrook Lumber
Co.. a corporation, also all other per
sons or parties unknown, claiming
any right title, estate, lien or inter
est in or to the real estate in this
summons and notice described, de
fendants. No. 58402.
The State of Washington to Beaver
brook Lumber Co., a corporation, and
Averlll Machinery Co.. a corporation,
also all other persons or parties un
known. claiming any right, title, estate,
lien or Interest in or to the real estate
in tliis summons and notice described.
"\ «>u and each of you are hereby noti
fied .
That Beaverbrook Lumber <*o. a cor
poration, js the tax record owner of the
• i. property hereinafter described; that
I lit. r.-tate Land Co.. a corporation, the
plaintiff herein, is-the owner ami holder
t delinquent tax certificate LbDll; that
I • rtlficate was ! sued by the treas
ir. r Spokane county, state of Wash
out >n. «»n the sth dav of January. 11)17,
■ t»i• • plaintiff herein, for the sum of
( nm-ty-six hundredths dollars, which
nm is the amount of said cer
itknte paid by the owner and
holder thereof fof tlie -taxes then
es>, d. unpaid and delinquent against
the to 1 lowing described real property
situated and being in the county of Spo
kane state of Washington, towit: The
'west 1 toot of lot 7. block 4. Alt a Vista
Addition to the Town of Webster (in
sec. 12-2..-i2>, Spokane countv. Wash
ington. for tho years 1913 and 1911, to-
Igrthcr with Interest thereon from the
!2:Y'' ,"„ r p. lc> ' 1 .' u "' ellc >' thereof to January
( ».th 1 lb. the date of the purchase of
j said certificate, at the rate of 15 per
[cent per annum, and all penalties there
i°!! s a< :?L ued or . accruing; that the said
| plaintiff, as the owner and holder of
said certificate, has paid taxes against
said described real property, as follows:
° n -J*» 7. 1917, $.11). for the year 1915.
1916 1 $-18, for the year
Tlie 19IS taxes will be paid at the
time application for judgment is made.
That the plaintiff hereby elects to ac
quire to said described real prop
erty. subject to assessments for local
i improvements against the same.
That Averill Machinery Co.. a corpo
ration. and Beaverbrook Lumber Com
pany. a corporation, defendants above
mentioned, claim some interest in and
to tho real property above described,
hut such interest, if any, is inferior to
that ot tile plaintiff herein.
I hat each ami all payments herein
mentioned, made by the owner and
holder of said certificate shall draw in
terest at the rate of is per cent per
annum from the dates the same were
taxes paid since June.
191.. which draw 12 percent.
That the plaintiff herein claims a lion
against all of the above described real
property for the total amount of said
payments and interest, and will apply
to the above-entitled court for judg
ment foreclosing said lion, subject to
valid municipal taxes, if any.
1 hat you and each of you are hereby
summoned to appear within sixty days
lafter the date of the first publication of
this summons, which said date is Mav
li.. 1919 exclusive of Ute day of said
fr st and defend the above
ientitled action, in the above*entltled
;court, or pay to the treasurer of Spo
kane county the amount due. together
with the costs of this Action, and in case
of your failure so to do. judgment will
he rendered foreclosing the lien of said
; taxes. assessments, penalties, interest
land costs paid and accruing against the
| land and ~" , emises above-described, and
jthat all process herein may be served
' tllaVntiff l,ntJ *' r *igned attorney for the
INT kKSTATK LAND CO., a Corpora*
Prosecuting Attorney.
Deputy Brosecuting Attorney anJ Attor
ney for Plaintiff.
Postofflce address: County Courthouse.
Spokane, Washington.
Polished May tti. 25. 30 and June 6,
IS. 20 and 27.
State of Washington, in and for the
County of Thurston.
In re the estate of Emitter Hull, de
feased.* No. 24 20.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned hns been appointed and qual
ified as executor or the estate of the
above npmcd. Emmer Hull, deceased,
and all persons having claims against
the said deceased, or against her estate,
be and they are hereby required to
serve the same on the undersigned ex
ecutor personally or at his place of bus
iness, No. 204-207 Olytnpla National
Rank Building. Olympla. Washington,
and tile the same with the clerk of the
above entitled court, together with
proof of such service thereof, within
six months from the date of the tirst
publication of this notice, or else the
same will he forever barred.
Executor of the estate of Emmer Hull,
Date of first publication, June 13,
Published Juris? 13, 20. 27, Julv 4 and
11. 1919.
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