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£119“ smm! Q 151 mm.
Seattle, Thur-day. Anew-£ls. 1812.
Gnocnuamn Sriunxox or SEAN“
Lgtitude 47" 36 In. North.
* Longitude west from Greenwich 122"
19 m. 40 s.-—5. ‘
Longitude west from Washington 45"
19 m. 38 s.——s.
Difl‘ereuce {mm Greenwich time, 8 h.
09 m. 18 s.—7.
Difl'erence from Washington time. 3 h.
01 m. 17 s.——7.
Amhotlzad Agents for this Paper.
BED! & CO., 410 Montgomery street. San
L. P. FISHER. San Frmcisco.
L. SAMUELS, 93 Front street, Porn-ml.
Financial and Commercial.
Sums, Aug. 14, 1872.
The Puget. Sonnd Banking Company
report Gold in New}: York, 1 15%: Cut
rßll6) buymg. 86);; Sight Exchange on
San Francisco. V, per cent. premium; on
New York. V, per cent. premium for
Currency; 1% per cent. premium; for
Gold; money is lonuing at from Iy, to 2
per cent. per month.
Trade during the. week has been fair.
Among our most enterprising firms is
that of Booth. Foss 5.: Borst..whu a're
shipping Bacon, Hams. 910.. direct from
Kansas City. In purchasing from first
hands for cash they can uudersell all
others in their line. Their business is
rapidly increasing. .
We. notice a marked improvement in
our wholesale Liquor trade, many of the
retail dealers purchasing. here instead of
ordering from traveling Agents as here
tofore. Our wholesale liquor dealers.
J. R. Robbins. Crawford & Harrington,
Stone & Burnett and Schwubucher Bros.
& Cm. keep on bond large. and well se
lected stocks bought at the lowest cash
prices, and can afford to sell at. lower
rates than homes employing traveling
salesmen at a heavy expense.
The Seattle Coal Company shipped
660 tons of coal during the week per
bark Scotland.
The reported progress of the N. P. R.
R. is mosh-beefing, truck laying is pro
gressing at the rate of two miles per
day in Dncotn. Itis expected that the 65
miles from Kahuna will be completed
and cars running by the first of Novem
ber. and by the first. of January next
517 miles of the main line will be in
operation fijom Duluth Minn.
The Puget Sound Banking Company
have completed arrangements for the
dnwing of Bills of Exchange on the
London House of Jay Cooke, McCul
langh 8: CO., available all over Ireland
and the Continent. This will be found to
be u great convenience for persons on
the Sound wishing to send money home
to their friends in the old country.
Ordinance No. 32.
An Ordinance in relation to Sidewni’as.
The City of Svazttie does ordain us ful
.. lows:
That the ownera of property on the
North sii‘u- rvf Culnmain Street from
Front to Fourth Street shall build a.
good and substantial sidewalk, six feet.
wide. with planks not less than I}; in.
thick. .
In case any person or persons shall
fail to build snch'sidewaik within thirty
days after the publiqution of this Ordin
ance, the Street Commissioner is here
by authorized to bui'd such sidewalk,
and the expenses incurred in building
the same tobe collected of the owners
of property as fines and penalties are re
covered in other cases.
This Ordinance 'to be in force 30 days
after publication.
Seattia, August 15, 1872.
J. T. JORDAN, Mayor.
G. N. McCONAHA, Clerk.
Proceedings of the Board of
King Co. Commissioners.
The Hon. Commissioners’ Court met
at the Auditor’s oflice in Seattle, King
County. August. sth. 1872. and the fol
lowing are the proceedings of said Court:
Court opened by proclamation of the
Petition of R. Scott and others for a
bridge across White River. Rejected.
Petition of Wm. Pophalm and others
fur a county road on east side of Lake
Washington accepted. and Thos. Pop—
lmm. Geo. Gillette and Chas. J. Allen
a'vpointsd Viewers.
Petiti n of F. S. Clark to vacate
Clark‘s Addition to Senttle. accepted.
and plat ordered vacated.
Report of Road Viewers. Alex. GOW
and John M. Thomas, on road running
through 11. Adams’ farm. accepted. and
road declared county road. 1
Petition of J. B. Williamson and oth
era, for county road running from Geo.
‘Onlett’s to Freeport, accepted. and
Kund Olson. Geo. Outlet and ELM.
Hanson appointed Viewers.
Report of Road Viewers. J. A. Steves,
H Goldmyre and M. W. Hubbard. on
road on east side Lake Washington was
accepted, an] road declared county
road. -
Bu port of Road Viewers, HR. Barnes
and John Wilson. on road running frbm
W. Graham’s w McLellan's farms. was
accepted, and road declared county
Petition of W -. Pickering and oth
ers. for an appropriation to a. road from
Coal Creek (0 Lake Washington. rejec
Report of Road Viewers, F. McLel
len. A. Washbnrn and John Krnmm. on
private road through Saul Gmnd's farm
to county road on west side White Riv
:1, accepted, and road dam-eds pri~
rate road.
An appropriation was made of S2OO
for protecting county road through H.
Adams’ farm from tho'sshingof the
river, and B. Adams authorized to per
form said work.
F. Pingeree appointed Road Sup“-
visor of Road District No. 20.
Ordered, that a license issue to the
Administrator of H. Smith’s estate to ;
keep a ferry on Duwumish River. ‘
The Treasurer is suthorizedto pay to
the Road Supervisors of Bond Districts
all road moneys wllected by him be
longing to the several Road Districts.
1 An npproprin. tion of S3OO was made
for opening county road on west. side of
Duwamish and White Rivers.
Petition of Smith & Lowe. for license
to retail spirituous liquor in Seoitle, ac
cepted, and license ordered issued. -
Petition of D. Benson. for license to
sell spirituous liquor at Lake Washing.
ton Precinct, accepted, and license or
dered issued.
Petition of James Good, for license
to sell lager beer in Seattle, accepted.
and li ense ordered issued.
Petition of Dyer, Combs & CO., for
license to sell spirituous liquor in Se
attle, accepted. and license ordered is
sued. ‘
Report of Road Viewers. 1..]. Hay
den and B. B. Kellv, viewing road from
beach on Admiralty Inlet. to military
road, accepted, and road ordered
Oi‘dered that Suoqnzdmie Rom! be
changed, so as to avoid the Big Hill. so
called. and James Taylor. A. C. Kim
ball and J. W. Bonn be. appointed
The rosigxmtinn of Sandra: Kel‘ogg,
as Countv Auditor, was received and ac
copted. and the office declared vacant.
Ordered ihnt D. T. Wheeler be up
pointed County Auditor. to fill the va
cancy caused by the resignation of G.
Petition of John W. Pinnel], for li
cense to sell spirituous liquor in Seattle.
was accepted. and license ordered is
An appropriation of $926 was made
for the purpose of purchasing a safe for
King County, and the Treasurer autho
rized to purchase same.
The Treasurer was ordered to pay L.
V. W; ckofi‘ the balance due him, as
shown by his accounts 511 the Auditor‘s
Bills to the: aggregate amount of
$1315.08 were ordered paid. ‘
The court ndjoumpd. ‘
United States District Court.
The August Term of the United States
District Court. for the Third Judicial
District of Washington Territory, for
the Counties of King, Kitsap and Sno
hnmish. commenced Monday, Augnnt 5,
Chief Justic:-Jucobs presided. The fol
lowing cases were acted on.
J. P. White vs. C. H. Preston Debt;
continued from 1:15: Term. Cause con
Waterman & Katz vs. Pres on & Mills
-Dc.‘.)t; cuminm-‘l from lust Term.—
Cause continued.
‘ James 1“. Keller v_,s l’upc S: Talbot ——
Petition to l'ln'JUVt-l‘ drumgeq and for a
division of property; continued, as per
stipulation, from last Term. Coniinued
by stipulation.
G. A. Meigs vs. Philip Kench—Dnm
ages; continued from last Term. Judg—
r went for plaintiff, 5y consent, for $l6O
and costs.
Robert McLeod vs. Garvin. Wood and
Heine—Damages; continued by consent
from last Term. Cause dismissed as to
defendant G. A. Meigs, and continued
as to the other defendants.
E. Carr vs. King Connty—Uertiomri.
Motion to dismiss taken under advise
D. B. Finch vs. J. G. Jackson and W.
E. Stronick—Debt. Dismissed at plain
titf’n cost.
Bernard Crosson vs. John G. Mengher
—Debt. Motion to strike out portions
of reply sustained.
John G. Mesgiier vs. Bernard Crossun
Debt. Cause dismissed at defendant's
Collins and Jameson vs. Reuben Low
—Debt. Settled.
,Nancy McCarty vs. John McCarty—
Divorce. Dismissed at. plaintiff’s cost.
I Mary J. T. Murphy vs. Charles Sn
Murphy—Divorce. Decree of divorce
Margaret Wellington vs. Edward Wel
lington—Divorce. Cause referred.
Charles Langley vs. William Benton et‘
al.——Fur recovery of wages. Cause tried ‘
by jury. and verdict for pluintifi" 3687‘
95. Motion for new trial 1
Wand. Kane 6; (‘1). vs. Gardner Kel-.
logg— Debt. Judgment by consent for"
$1213 56 nod costs. ' ‘
Henry Bowers w. Henry L. Yesler—i
. Aussumpsit. Judgment for plaintifi' for'
‘costs. ‘
3 M. S. Booth etul. vs. George Jenkins:
‘——D bt; ) ppeal from Justice’s Courts—i
Dismissed at cost. of defendant.
William J. Phillips vs. Lewis V. Wyc
kofl—Writ of Mandate granted in VB‘!
cation. Case improperly on the docket. i
Joseph Wakefield vs. Nicholas (lode-
Wages. Continued for senice.
Josephine Creamer vs. Charles Cream
er—Petition for Divorce. Cause refer
D. W. Crooks vs. H. J. Kenniswn—
Appeal from Justice’s Court. Sans:
settled a: cost of appellee.
Gardner Kellogg vs. Moses R. Mud-3
docks—Damages. Amended complaint
filed and demurrer entered. ‘
Charles Testman vs. Josiah Settle—
‘Slnnder. Cause dimissed without pre
Henry Bnpp vs. H. A. Sproehulo—
Debt. Came dismissed it plaiilfifi‘n
coats. '
Russell ct al. vs. L. V. Wyckofi, Sher.
ifl‘ of King County—Action {or trespass.
Motion to strike out sustained in part
and overruled in part. Denim-er over—
ruled. Amended complaint filed. Mo‘ ‘
tion to strike out and make more defl- J
nits filed.
Fannie E. lazbonte vs. Frederick L..-‘
dance—Petition for divorce. Referred}
.0 master to take testimony. ‘
United States vs. William Hilton—As
sault &c., on high seas. Plea of not
guilty amen-ed.
United States vs. G. A. Nichole—ln
dicted for maltreatment, &c., on the
high seas. Plan of not guilty entered.
Territory of Washington vs. Samuel
Dawson and A. L. McKenn—Gmnd Lar
ceny. Tried. found guilty and senten—
ced to one year’s imprisonment in the
M. 8. 30011 et al. vs. H. Ahlbnrn—
Debt. Judgment for $292 54 and costs
entered by consent.
ank Griflith vs. Geo. A. Nichols.
master of the bark Sampson and Wil—
liam Hilton. second Mate. Aciion for
damages in Admiralty. 0n trinl.
Mona Benz—Mr. L. W Fuss of the
firm of Booth, Foss & Burst, arrived at
Snoqunlime Prairie on the 8m inst,
with 109 bend of choice beef cattle from
the Xukinm for the Seamlv )Inx'krt.
He Started buck the next :¢_\* fur nu
olher baud.
Nzwsmnn Gamma—W. W. \lrwvll.
“I'th Wall» \Vullu \t-'I m 4 . ~ 1, '-
“land is nrgutiutiugflu rixe :... . ~v'
[he l’mflnud [llmm]. A'llhi‘ Lu ;vl’lm
pact of compl: ling rhn- grhrcimzvr Uh
son Charles is now the city umur of the
Herald, and they are both practical
printers. which goes far to assure Ill:-
_success of the paper under the proposed
( new management.
Tm: MAYNARD CLAm.--“'e are inform
ed that the Commissioner of the G u
eml Land Oflice Inks afiirmed the deris
ion of the Reglster and Receiver, giving
320 acres of the claim to David S. May
nard us a. single mun l-ut holding that
neither of Muyuard's \uves are entitled
tu hold any part of the claim. An up
peul has been take-n to the Seen tury 0‘
the Interior. who u is hoped, will take
up the case at an early dny.
M.\I:RILD.--In St. John‘s Church, Viv
toriu. Augual 6th. Mr. James P. Gond
hue, Purser of atenmur California, [0
Miss Funny Unupar, second daughter of
Capt. James Cooper. of that ui'y.
APPLES.- -Dr. Maynard has presented
us with a sample of apples picked in his
garden a. year ago, now sound an of ex
celleut quality.
Fm I’nnnccrs.—-.\lr. J. Davis. of
Squuk, in this county. exhibited to us
some specimens of farm products which ‘
he and his neighbor Mr. Wm. Pickering, 3
were sending to the Fair. at Olympia. ‘
One stonl of wheat. of the blue stem‘
variety. comuined 56 heads. one of
which we shelled and counted 85 grains:
which would make nu aggregate n."
4,030 grams to tlw stock. 01‘ prodm"
of a single seed. The grain is nearly
twice as large as ordinary Genesee‘
wheat, and a much better quality for‘
flour. The product is from 60 to 70
bushels to the acre.
Norway Cats, with heads 23 inches in l
length. producing 125 bushels to thel
acre. Common white oats, producing ‘
90 bushels to the acre.
Timothy grass. six feet i' length, 87‘
heads to a stool, for the past two years
producing 4 tons to the acre. ‘
————<-.».——~— \
l'srwxsm.—Professor Hill, former-i
ly of the Michigan State University, a?
brother of our esteemed fellow-citizeu‘
Capt. Hill. has taken charge of the‘
Washington University. in this city and
will commence a term about the first of
September. Prof. Hill is an experienc—
ed and successful teacher. and brings‘
with him the highest credentials asa
teacher and a gentleman. He will be‘
ably uselsted and there is no reasonable
doubt thut he will place the school up«‘
on a high grade.
NEWDnEss.—-The Daily British Colon.
is! comes out. in an entirely new dresa—
head and body— and is now one of the
handsomest papers that come to our‘
table. The type is from the foundry of ‘
Falkner & Sou. San Francisco. humi
whom (he DISPATCH has just receivedl
large additions to its Joli department!
[3‘ Sheriff Wyckofl', has cumu‘euced
the bulld‘ng of an elegant residence on
the corner of Cherry and Second streets.
Non-m CAROLINA hi.ncno.\'.—lt is u 1w
cefluiu that {he supporlcrs of Grerlry
and Brown have clruted five at" the
eight members of Congress, and the
Legislature by a majority 0: 20 on joint
ballet. The Grant party claim the elec
tion of their candidate for Governor
by 1.500 nmjority. but the election will
be contested before the Legislature on the
ground of notorious fraud in the re
tunns, The Republican majority in Ihe
State at last preceeding election was
9,345. We see the Gmnties are firing
guns over the result. They are minute‘
guns at a funeral. 1
Fame LAxns.—-Mr. Moss, of this
city, has just iemmnd from an explora
tion of the northe'n pomon of What-i
com county. He reports that eommenc- ‘
ing about 18 miles from Bellinghnm
Bay, he examined two townships of un
anneyed lands which he thinks are the
the best ngricultunl lands he has ever
seen. and can be easily cleared. He.f
with seven! others, hue taken claimsl
to click he will return nen week.‘
They are all desirous of eating other
settlers to join them, to aid in opening
roads Ind mkingotlm public improve
ments. 4"?
The great Vivian; ‘o-mghn at the Pa
vilion. See advertisement. in another
Port Townsead Correspon
Pom Towxsm, August 13. 1875.
A row occnred on board the ship J.
3. Bell. lying in port. on Friday last.
l‘he crew had been shipped for a voyage
to China. When the order was given
to weigh anchor. some of them refused
to obey. In attempting to enforce the
order the first mate was shot through
the left breast and the second mate was
shot through the hand. Neither of the
wounds are very serious. The ship
mile! on Monday. But three of the
crew were detained—the mote md the
carpenter us witnesses, and the sailor
charged with the shooting whose name
is William Tierney. Port Townsend
whiskey was the- cause of thl muss.
The shipping agents are honQi-übly ex
onerated from any complicity in the
A sa'nte was fired here on the arrival
of rhe propeller (‘ulifurniiL in lnrnnr nf
l’ursri' (inmlimr, who haul just been
married at. Victoria.
h‘ix mil: 5 Ufh—lr'ghlph pole: have been
put up, and Mr. Sweeny. the Superin-
IMMPUL is pnubiuu the work ml last as
pus~ihlm 'l'hr rum-Murry for six uflices,
.m-l the wire uni] unble for the entire
um- from 1191‘» to Seattle. have beau or
rlvrml. and is sufe h predict that the H]-
'l‘!' line \\ill be ompleted by the mid-
I‘lk‘ of October nvxl.
You may safely go your entire pile on
the: rirc'luu of Judge McFadden.
__,. «...—.—
How to KILL A ’l‘owx.—lf you wish
to kill a town put up no more buildings
than you are obliged to occupy your—
self. If you should have any empty
building, ' and any one should wish to
rent. it, ask about three times its value.
Look at every new comer with u scowl.
turn a cold shoulder to every business
man and merchant who seeksa home
among you. Go übroud for your wares
rather than purchase. from your mer
(‘hnnls and mmmfucuuers at the some
prices. 'Refuse to advertise, so 11ml
persons at a, distance will not know that
any businnss is being done In your
«:iiy. A prompt and close observation
of those rules will min any town in two
)enrs._—— Wu! "'l' I Slumlur l.
’lhe- Vii-9min .4t/mvl/Ird says. in cun.
eluding u long article on the I’m-widen
tial Elrctmu: "We do not pretend to
he able- to foresee or foretell what the
result of the l’reuixluntinl campaign will
be. but of this we are pretty well as
3“er that wnichever party wins, the
victory will hen lmd fought one. At
one time we thought the Repnblcnns
would win an easy victory;at present
We do not feel quite so confident of
their success.
Special Notice.
Ixnmmxox is me cause of nine-wnthn of All
iiueasen the Ilvmc mun-fume in sumac! to! Gin
ions to the stomach and digestive organs. glad you
will save more (bun l-alf In your octor'u bill].
In. lr-on's Cclq-hruh-rl Ix: Illltcum newcom—
mendod by a“ rhyicians to Disrzl'nrs Ind (of
ALL (‘onrnusrs 0:: v 2 my”: Min DIGESTIVI
”BEANS. See mlvemsemem m another column.
w! cam BITTERS
Loss or AFFETXTE 1m mama or m: um.
friij‘n‘>:vfi"ffl: N”: Zita. 1“ " ‘ .
‘%\, ,: .. v. .'
v ficagm :fifiOCERS
f \x’f‘mqr 33:57:21; _.
chw Goods, Groceries and
Ear ‘2O 71-0,
{five received a fresh sumzly of
Boots and Shoes, Glass Ware, Rope,
Flows, Lend, Paints. Trunks. Pails,
Ont Meal. Sugar. Soap. Iron,
‘ Cement. Gun Powder. Dry
Goods, Groceries. &c.
.iu1y13,137-z. , ,
dam his proh-ssinnal services to the citi.
Lens of Senttle and vicinity.
once temporarily I! the Occidental Hotel.
Ornamental Painting.
Mill street, near the P. 0.
ommental Painting Ind Gliding on
Glass. Chnrges msonnble.
Seattle; July 18, 1872. .33“.
Homoepatnic Physician and
At the United States Hotel, Seattle.
w. 'l‘. jylß.
I SUGAR cum 11mm
; A LAME SUPPLY or cuoxcn swam
‘ CUBE!) RAMS. of our own curing, for
file It 18 cent-I per lb.
morn. F 055 3 must.
April I. .
Real Estale, Insurance and
General Agency, Notary Pub
‘vlie §~ Commissioner of Deeds.
m. [in and Life Insurance elected a
loved idea. 010 Ind mph“. cunn
teed, Mr
1872. m
CRAWFORD & Emmo'mi
wnamixow 111 mu m in:
The most exten
swe Stock of Mer
chandize in our line
North of San Fran
cisco, to which we
are adding by eve
ry Vessel and Stea
mer from outside
arriving at this
[‘o the Trude and the public generally
we return our thanks for past favors.
Our mutual transactions in business,
heretofore. is our chief claim {or in
creased patruunge.
The rapidly increasing Trade of this
city wnth the Merchants of the Sound
Ports warrants our present importation.
The Stock now on hand, In ulna],
consists of
in great nrier,
uf the best qualities and Assortment,
of several grades,
Teas and Coffees;
General Supplies for Families
and Outfits for
Farmers, i
Miners, 1
Loggers, i
Joiners, ‘
Blacksmiths, ‘
etc. etc. etc.
Om- Stock of
is also equal to the requirement- of the
trade. end comiete of the
Most Choice Brands, ‘
Foreign and Domestic. ‘
An enminatior ..f the Stock And pri
ces is solicited.
We have extended our
‘ mar.
jand made it in ell mpecu FIRST
CLASS. Shippm end Importen vill
find it to their interest to lave their
goods leaded here.
e 1
gm gunman Gown 5.
0' mm.
Batik, W. T?! Mall 5, Im.
Groceries, Pronsmns,
131113123813 and fictail
DEALERS m cnown
Family Groceries,
Flour, Ham, Bacon,
Teas, Coffee, Spices,
' _ Pickles,
Ship and Steamboat Stores,
At prices which will please the
most frugal livers.
Shelf and Building
Mmms’ and qums’ Tools
and Implements,
Shovels, Spades,
Axes, Brush Hooks,
‘ Scythes, Froes,
‘ Grindstones, etc.
Crockery, Glass Ware, 1
Paper Hangings, Paints, 1
Oils, Turpentine, :
Tar, Pitch Rosin, Oakum,
Rope, all sizes from i to
6 inches, Blocks, Shievea,
Rigging, Canvas, Duck,
Sail Twine, Red, White,
and Green Lanterns, Oil,
and Ship Chandlery generally.
‘3'." We are offering our
entire Stock at prices which
defy competition.
In Boots ' >
and Shoes
“'e have a most complete
assortment, consisting in part
of ‘
Boston and
San Francisco make.
Ladies’ Misses’ and
Children’s Balmoml,
Button and Congress,
Gent’s, Miner’s, Logger's
Coarse, Kip and Calf
Boots. ~
Also, Boys and Children’s
Boots, Shoes and Slippers,
Rubbers and Artics.
Dry Goods,
The bestaasomd Good.
and cheapest 'prices on Puget
Sound. '
Our facilities are such that we
can UNDERSELL any and m I g
. The p-roof of the Puddng
i. in the eating. 3
"W" my “11 be happy yet."
An till 3 a; sll rill M
General Merchandlze,
And no in tho nooipt 0! nm by
nearly "a, VOIIOI arriving _kon
BAH 131101800.
Ont nook conlilu in put of
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Eats mdflaps,
Boob, Shoes.
Cigar- md Tolinoco,
3 Groceries and Prod-ion.
‘ Crockery Ind Plated Wm,
? Iron, Steel, Shelf. Hardin.
:Ynkeo Notions,
Carpets 3nd Oil Clothsd
Ptper Hangings}!
Wine: and Liquors,
Hay and Grain,
Ground Feed.
Coal. Limo.
Farmmg Implements.
In fut EVERYTHING, from.
Needle to an Anchor.
V_ —o—
can undursell any firm in: Puget
Sound laying claim to respectability, for
we buy our stock in the best market
xatea possible.
And can put Goods below
Thankful to the public for past tum-I
we cordially extend an invitation to All
with the murmco tint
Skull be W to plan
We have on the way from EASTERN
and well ulochd flock of
gut! and Winn: 6nd,,
Which we I!!!“ ofl‘or :1 the low
We can the Ipccinl ntknfian of m
hide. with the mac M we'll
furnish applied-t
Wholesale Prices. V
And love:- than an be much 0‘
-SW. W. 'l'" LIC- ”7 Wl

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