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Authorlzod Agents for this Paper.
BEAN & CO., 410 Montgomery street, Sm
L, P. FISHER, San Francisco.
L. SAMUELS, 9.5 Front street, Porumd.
Financial and Commercial. 1
Smmz. Aug. 21, 1872. I
The Puget Sound Banking Company ‘
report Goldm New York; 115%. Cur-J:
fency buying 86%. Sight. exchange on}
Portland and San Francisco 3; per ct. §
premium; on New York 34 per cent.
Fri-Illiu'n for Currency, 1% per cent. ‘
premium for Gold. Money is in fuir (le
yum l at IV, to '2 per cent. a. month.
There is considerabla complain: among
mach xnts regarding the olgl custom of
[(CLiVing cuneucy at 91) cents in trade
when it is only worth 663,; in San Fram
cisco and Portland and cannot be sold
at a better rate here. Customers are
asking too much when they expect met
clmuts to lose 3% per cent. on Ihe mon—
ey they receive in payment for goods.
Currency on this Coast is governed by
the daily markets of Gold in New York;
it. is not. our circulating medium. Our
merchants buy their goods on a gold ba
sis and must sell the same way and can
not afford to recelve a depreciated cnr~
reucy for pnyments for (my more than
it is worth in the mnrket.
There has been a. marked improve
ment in trade during the week.
There is considerable competition in
the furniture crude; Messrs. Anderson &
Hopkms, a new house, have A huge and
new stuck on hand, while 'l‘. S. Russell
A' CO., the Pioneer Furniture House,
Imm their usual large assortment. Both
houses have marked down their goods
to a very low price for this country and
persons wishing to purchase furniture
cam get in this market much cheaper
than elsmvlirre on the Sound.
The Burk Hurrisuu sailed with 500
tons of Coal for Seattle Coal CO., Sun
The Burk Amnlir is loading with Inm
licrn: the Seattle Mill fur Preston 0:3
‘.l::Kcnnou, Stu Francisco. 1
Major S. P. Warren has bee-n appoin
tetl Agent for the Phrunix Fire Insur
ance Company (If Hartford, Conn. and
will take all safe risks at bat market
Would it. not be wel‘ for our new
(,‘nuuty Auditor to publish a list of all
outstanding County Scrip, in whose
name issued. the amount of interest due
no that the bn iness public can tell how
the county finances stand.
In U. 8. District Court.
Gardner Kellogg vs. M. R. M uldocks
-—Slllt for (lam iges. Judgment for De
fenilent for costs.
0. (I. showy. d al vs. L. V. Wyckofl'.
Motion to strike out sustained. De
mnrrer to amended complaint sustained.
Judgment. for Defendent. for costs.
Margaret Wellington vs. Edward Wel
ington—Divorce. Continue-.
United States vs. Geo. A. Nichols—-
Indictment for maltreatment on the high
seas. Found guilty and fined SSOO.
United States vs. William Hilton—
Fnr same. Found guilty and sentenced
to pay SSOO. or one year in the peni
Frank Griflin vs. Geo. A. Nichols.
master and William Hilton. second
mate, of blll'k Sampson. Action for
damages in Admiralty. Judgment for
plaintiff for $2,500.
9" Jacob Hoover. Esq., of Steila—
000m. has had conferred upon him the
degree of Master of Arts, by the College
at Forest Grove, Oregon. Coming from
President Marsh and the Faculty of
that College, this is no unmeaning com
pliment. Mr. Hoover is a young man
'lf estimable character and unussnming
manners. whose sterling qualities will
eventutilly command a high degree of
public confidence und consideration.
His name has been mentioned in con»
nection with the candidacy for Prosecn
ting Attorney for this judicial district.
and we know of no man in the district
who would more faithfully and credits.-
bly discharge the duties of that ofiice,
and we believe no one would command
a larger vote if he should consent to be-;
come a candidate. ‘
Dn'ml: SERVICE ——Rev. Dr. Lindsley.
of the Presbyterian Church. Portland,
will preach at the Brown Church next
Sunday, at 11 o'clock A. u. and 7% RM.
E'The snug little steamer James
Mania was purchased by ;‘lessl’h. Bomb.
Foss & Born. of the Seattle Market.
We understund she is to be used for
carrying their meats from the slaughter
hODSe on the annmish river to the
market. and for other purposes connec
ted with their business.
Sun-Ln, August 16th. 1872.
Editor Dispatch : —VViII you be kind
enough to inform me why the Post M as
ha: of Seattle will not look in the box
for letters when calied upon to do so ?
I called to-day for some letters that came
down from Olympia on Thursday mom
ing, but without taking the trouble to
see, he informed me ” nothing." Now
according to the many complaints I hear
from other parties, this must be a com
mon occurrence with the P. M.. and
this is the third time it has happened to
me, when I knew that there were letters
in the oflice for me. If he would trust
lent to his memory, and more to eye
sight, he might sue further cause fer
complaint. JAS- Bow.
THE Mamunnns.—Brown and Ship
my, the despemdoes who for the last
month evaded the vigilance of the police
and spread ten-0r over the country, are
yet in this neighborhood. One of them
entered Port Blakeley a few days since
and carried away his cloochmnn; on
Tuesday one was seen at Freeport, and
on Wednesday morning they were both
seen in this city at an early hour. The
audacity of the scamps is wonderful.
Sums, August 20, 1871.
Editor Dispatch :—lc seems that our
astute and august City Council. after
carefully compounding a. medicine with
which to cleanse Seattle from the efiects
of, and prevent the further spread
among us, of all contagious or infectious
disease. are themselves making wry
faces, and refusing to swallow a dose of it.
It is no use gentlemen, you may strug
gle its much its you please, the public
are holding it to your lips, and it will
kn. you politically if you don't swallow
it, and it will just as surely kill you if
you do. In other words, you have en
acted a Health Ordinance compelling
the people of Seattle, under the heavy
penalty of one hundred dollurs to misc
8 yellow flag on any building where a
case of contagious or infectious disease
exists wllnd then when the citizens peti
tzon you to carry out the provisions of
the said Oldinancc by placing a yellow
flag on the house of John W. Pitmell,
(that brothel of pollution) you in order
to escape from it task your fear or inter
est deters you from undertaking shrink
the responsibility h'y deciding that in
your opinion, John W. Pinuell‘s premises
do not come within the provisions of
City Ordinance No. 30. (a. decision in
which the the puplic, happily do not
concur.) Let us look at some of the
provisions of this Ordinance. It says
expressly, " Any contagious or infec
tions disease." It does not define
nor specify what the disease shall be,
so that it is contagious or infections. It
may be mumps, measles, itch, chicken
pox, whooping cough, syphilis, small—
pox. sent-let fever, typhus tever, or any
other contagious or infectious disease.
Thut they all come within the provisions
of City Ordinance No. 30, no sane per- 1
son will deny. But, say these gi'nve 1
and learned Councilmen—this is n. snmll— i
pox Ordinance 1 Then why in the name
of common sense does it not say smull
pox. No, no, gentlemen that Will never
do. The people would never infer from
reading the Ordinance that the Count-i 1 ,
had ever heard of small-pox, much less ,
that the Ordinance was made in i'el'er- ‘
ence to it. Just look at it ! Here is an
Ordinance of nine sections, said by our
learned City Council. to be a :matll-pox 3
Ordinance, but in which the word small- ‘
pux does not once occur. While the
words “coutuglous or infectious dis-
ease,” occurs no less than six times.—
Blit then our City Council is composed
of very wise and very learned men, and
it Would be doing them gieut injustice
to suppose for one moment, that their
“ Otliuilucc uiuehinci‘y " might huvcgot
out of 'rder by being too freely oiled
with lager. and so have ground out “any
contagious or infectious disease,“ when
they meant small-pox. Oh, no !we will
rather believe they meant just what the
Ordinance says, and that they only got
frightened because they weie petitioned
to begin the process of purification by
cleaning out John W. l’innell's estab
lishment. Then again, sec. 4 makes it
the duty of the Mayor or Health Ullicei‘
to restrain from going upon the street or
from house to house, or in any public
place whatever, any person who has
any such contagious or infectious dis
ease, which section the petitioners urged
them to carry into efl'ect but which they
have neglected to (lo—not even ginng u
reason for neglecting their duty, no, not
even as shallow a one as in the case of
John l’iniiell. " Why." said one “ho
seemed to be. pasted. to whom was pre
sented the petition for signature, " it'
that provision was carried out it would
brenk up more than half the families of
Seattle." I replied. then God help
Scuttle. if that is the case, then't‘nc
sooner this Urdinuuce is ent' )l‘Ct'd the
belter. Said another. “ John l’inueil
keeps Uloochmen. mid respectable men
don't go there as much as they used to,
for now they hhve got another establish
ment of the some kind right here in
their midst, where there are white wom
en.”" Think of that wives and mothers.
“ Respectuble men don't visit Pinnell‘s
as often as formerly.” They hziVe ill]-
other place of resort of like character
more conveniently situated. Respect
able men ! comment is unnecessary.—
Bnt we would not for a moment enter~
tuin the srspicion thnt any of our City
Council might passibly belong to the
class of respectable men hind for that
reason are afraid of too close uu investi
gation, and so gave that part of the pe
tition the go by.
No indeed ! We will rather suppose
that theimportnnce of saving the premi
ses of John \V. Pinnell from the cleaner
ing they so much need, in order to stop
the spreud of so mm b infection, so oc
cupied their astute minds. that they en
tirely forgot everything else. M.
QUITE A Du‘nnxscn.—We mentioned
ately that a ton of freight transported
from San Francisw to Kahuna. cos} the
sum ot $11.25. including the charges
by way of Portland. We see by u no
tice of the item in the Olympia Tribune,
that to Puget Sound from San Francis
co freight 'is only 34,40 per ton by
steamer, and we believe that $3 is the
rate by sailing vessels. When the rail
road is completed to the Sound, the ex
cessive Columbia river chwrges must be
greatly reduced. or the line of trnnsit
for Columbia Basin trade will turn in
that direction as railway is the cheap
est seaboard connection.—-Kalqma Bea
.. ‘ . 2 ‘ ‘
x. » 1‘ , , ,
. l \7 ‘,
Pump, 1118., Angus; l4.—Homce
Greeley arrived here this afternoon, and
was received at the City Hall.
NEW YORK. August IS—Twenty-three
cases of sun-stroke occur-ed in this city
yesterday. five of which were fatal.
Seven cases occured in Brunklyu.
The Sun says the report that a Cuban
filibustering expedition is forming in
Canada is false.
CHICAGO, August lii—White & Wa
ver's manage-tie exhibiting at Bed Bud,
Monroe county, made an experimental
exhibition of I rl-inocerosxn the ring,
whirh resulted disustrously. File an
imul broke away, stumpeded the audi—
ence, killed two men, wounded sev
enothers, demolished the museum,
knocked down the center pole, and
rushed out of the tent and bolted into
an unoccupied house, where he was
captured. The damages was about
Mox’raoxzm’, Aim. August lG—Tne
Democratic and Liberal State Exem
tive Committees were in conference at
Tnlztdegn. They agreed upon a ticket,
consisting of two Liberals and two
Democrats, for Electors. The Liberals
1m: pledged to support the Democratic
State Ticket. which was nominated
prior to the Baltimore Convention.
Hnrvrmm. Conn. August lii—David
( lurk. of this city hm: written a lett. r
in replv to a dispatch of Gen. Howard
to Secretary Belknup. containing Clark’s
reported conversation with Gen. How
ard. in regard to the court-martial for
the trial of colored Cadet Smith, in
which Howard is nilegt-d to have stnted
that the Secretary of War told hizn that
the President, in whiting of the court
umrliul, expressed a hope that the Sec
utury would so make up the Court as
to Smith's removal, as he hni received
several letters from his son Fred, who
stntotl that Smith was very objection
ul>lcu Chm-k affirms the correctness of
his statements, and says he could not
convince Gen. Howurd of his forgetful
ness in the matter. and in the nbsence
of Howard, calls upon the Secretary of
War to publish his -(L‘l;trk’s) letter to
Gen. Howard. written by agreement
soon after the onversutiuu tefc'ed to,
with the request that he would hand it
tn the President and Secretary of \\':u'.
und copies of \vhit't he Mihsbquentl)
informed Clark were placed in thu
hands of thohe ofiiciuls.
Bos’rox. Angus: 13.—Greeley has
written the following lett r to one of
his friends in this city:
DEmJL‘msL': Yours vi the 3d fiuds me
here. News from North Carolina did
not Justify first reports; but If we work
hard. lam sure we will carry it in No
\'umber. “'3 shall carry New Hump—
slxiac, (Yuuux ciicut, Now York and N 1 w
Jx'l‘rey. This is the extent of our wax-Ex
in the East. The rest will have to be.
done in the South and West.
BOSTON, August l7—Greeley arrived
here this “flex-noun, and left for New
York this-evening.
It is stated that a meeting held here
today, it was resolved to ask (hurles
Francis Adams 10 be 11.-candidate for
Governor 01' Massachusetts. A telegram
on the sulujrct is sml to huvu lweu dei
pulched In Geneva.
' NASHVILLI-i‘, August l7——Audre\\' John
- son spoke here to about three thousand
.people; the speech was mainly against
:the policy of placing military mun in
lcivil ofices, and in favorofamnusty.
Speaking of amnesty. he asked amnes
ty for himself; it is infered from this
that he destres a nomination for Con
gressnmn at large.
CHICAGO. Aug. 17- Thirty-one Starter.
have already organized and sent. as
surance of full delegations.
MEMPHIS, August 17—Early this
morning a fisherman discovered the
steamer Helen Brooks afloat down the
river some ten miles above here, appur
eutly übuuilnued. Rowing out to her
he made a line fast to his skiff and
started for land; before landing, how
ever. he disco.ered a negro sitting us
leep on the lower deck. with a. shot gun
in his lap. When the bout. struck the
bank. the negro started up, jumped
ashore and run into the woods. The
fisherman, on boarding the bout, found
tmces of u desperate struggle. and the
decks‘ covered with blood. He came to
;the city at once, and reported what he
lllttd done. Subsequently the Grand
iTower from St. Louis arrived here. the
inflicvrs bringing a message from the
jMugistrut-a at Bradley's Landing, 1!"
miles above, where the crew of the Hel
en Brooks and proprietors. and the
fnmily of a trading boat which the Hel
en Brooks had towed up. had been mur
dered, and the ship plundered. Assis
tance was at once dispatched; the re
port is that Capt. W. H. Pratt and broth
er, the two proprietors of the trading
boat. and their wives and two daugh
tern. were all murdered. and thrown in
to the river.
Murine Int ‘1 lzellce.
Str. California. Capt. John Hayes.
ten Ponlaud at 5 o’clock P. m., the 18th.
with 32 passengers and 340 tons of
freight: crossed Golnmbin river Bar the
same day at 7 r. 31.; had fine weather
up the Coast; stopped at Neah Bay.
landed two passengers and 18 tons of
freight and arrived Pout annsend at 5
A. I. the 20th, discharged passengers
and 40 tons of freight and left at 9 A. X.;
‘ arrived at Seattle at 3P. M. The follow
iing is her list of passengers and freight :4
inst-Imam lain—Win. Williams. D.
Chrishalder, A. H. Vanderrt, Wm. Miles,
l Geo. Carrier, ADIOS Caurfiels, L. Smith
{'R. Grimm Kirk Woodard, Octavo Mer
: cier.
FREIGHT Lxsr z-Coupevifle—G. 0. 8.,
311 pkgs.; J. P. U., 38-1.
Seattlkcq 11;C. & 8., 400; 0*?"
3: Capt. George Fry. 2; Edwin Ells. In
dian Agent, 6; E. R. Hill. 4: E. O.
Cronson. 15; L. B. 8., 20; S. Davis, 27;
S. 8., 528; S. B. & CO., 302; 'l‘. S. Bus—
sell, 1; W. P., 1. Tacoma—T., 100.
The California had on board 8 passen
gers for Victoria. 20 tons of freight for
Steilacoom, 40 for Olympia and 203 for
Victoria. She win came back from Vic
toria to Port Townsend and then to the
StOLe Qnary and back to Port Town
nend and then to Portland on, or about
Monday, the 26th. '
Pom stcovzny.——Sai]ed on the 12th,
bark Salnnsett, Gorf, for San Francisco;
1511:. bark Glimpse, {or San Francisco.
Pom Bum-xv.—Sniled;mchol
ns Biddle on the 15th; bark Atlantic on
the 13th for Culao, South America.
Pom MAmsoN. ~Suiled, ship Dashing
“five, on the 18m for San Francisco;
nrrived. bark vale)‘, on the 20th from
San Francisco.
Special Notice-
INDIGESTION‘ is [he cause of nine—tenths of All
iiseuel the hnnu machme iq subject to! Gin
mm to the stomach uml digestive organs. «at! you
will save more than half in your doctor's bills.
Dr. llr-lf‘v I» («wanted I): l , nun-r» .re mom
mended by all physicians to DYsPEn‘n’s and to:
DnGANs. See ulveninement In mother column.
z:./-; }’ $55 x
E‘W? REX-1: A 24;} ' S
Q?s¢amu (fimCEHS
S6O $001130“ icd; 1‘ L” sll6 gar: :2;»:13‘: :
Elitrfiuswo roar PRICE LIST’
Aim]; Goods, Groceries and
HM ~zmre,
Have rvccivul a fresh supply uf
Boots and Shnes, Glass \Vare, Rope,
Plows, Lead, Paints. Trunks. Pails,
(mt Meal, Sugar, Soap, Iron,
L‘vmt-nt, Gun Powder, Dry
Goods, Groceries. &c.
me 13, 1872.
Sugars of all grades, Best
Dutchess Cumi‘y Cheese, Cod
fish, Olives, Citron, St. Louis
0n the way and to arrive shortly, a full stark
Groceries, Provisions, Haid
Ware and Ship’s stores.
Seattle, July 18. 1872. 331!
‘S'urccg/nr, Draughtsman and
Cicil Engineer,
Olynlpia. W. T.
’of lhe North Pacific Gardens are to let for
Picnics. Balls, Fairs, or other Social Entertain
ments. It reasonablr ran-s. Apply to
Seattle. July ‘25. 1872 35“.
w '7 I
J list Rescue d,
Iflv-B/U'kcxtinc ILJBRISOJV,
A fine assortment of \Vil
10W \Vare consisting of sofas,
chairs and baskets ofall sizes
and descriptions.
T. S. RUSSELL a. 00.
Seattle, August 8, 1872, tf.
Physician and Sul'frcon
OFFICE—Next door to the Custom
3': .
Ornamental Painting.
Jlill strcrt, near the P. 0.
A Ornamental Puinling and Gil-hug on
Glass. Chm-get: reamnable.
Seattle, July 114. 1872. 33“.
A. B.\GI.EY, 11. D.
Homoepatnic Physician and
At the United Slates Hotel, Seattle.
W. T. jylS.
CUBED RAMS, of our own curing, for
8.16 It 13 cents per lb. ‘
i Art-114. 3
‘ i
1 m \
Real Esta/e, Insurance and:
General .Agency, Notary Pub
lic 59- Commissiuner of Deeds.
”math-e and Life Insunnce Wat
lowest am. Can Ind ytompmesa gun-In.l
and, m, 3
1872.. &
5235??? ......,
‘Vnflggglxow m mu m “...;
The most exten
swe Stock of Mer
chandize in our line
North of San Fran
cisco, to which we
are adding by eve
ry Vessel and Stea
mer from outside
arriving at this
To the Trade and the public generally
we return our thanks for past favors.
Our mutual transactions in business,
heretofore, is our chief claim for in
creased patronage.
Tho rapidly increasing Trade of this
City with the Merchants of the Sound
Ports wan-ants our present iniportation.
The Stock now on hand, as usual,
consists of .
in great variety,
of the best qualities and assortment,
of several grades,
Teas and Coffees;
General Supplies for Families
and Outfits for
Joiners, '
' Shipwrights,
etc. etc. etc.
Our Stock of
is also equal to the requirements of the
trade, And consists ol the
Most Choice Brands, ‘
Foreign and Domestic. ?
An enminatior .f the Stock md pri
ces is solicited.
We have extended our
and made itin ullrupectsms‘r
CLASS. Shippers and Importer- will
find it to their interest to have their
goods landed hem.
; ‘ 9
gm gamma 6mg 3,
I 0" LONDON. .
‘ m., W. 'l'" Alli] ID, 1912. .
Groceries, Provisions,
-AND— ‘
s u PPLI 1: s i x
81'0“ & BURNETT.
whnlasala and Ifletail '
Family Groceries,
Flour, Ham, Bacon,
Teas, Coffee, Spices,
Ship and Steamboat. Stores,
‘At prices which will please the
i most frugal livers.
Shelf and Building
MINERs’ and FARMERS, Tools
and Implements,
Shovels, Spades,
Axes, Brush Hooks,
Scythes, Froes,
Grindstones, etc.
Crockery, Glass Ware,
Paper Hangings, Paints,
Oils, Turpentine,
Tar, Pitch Rosin, Oakum,
Rope, all sizes from i: to
6 inches, Blocks, Shieves,
Rigging, Canvas, Duck,
Sail Twine, Red, White,
and Green Lanterns, Oil,
and Ship Chandlery generally.
3? We are offering our
entire Stock at prices which
defy competition.
In Boots
and Shoes
We have a. most complete
assortment, consisting in part
Philadelphia, '
Boston and
San Francisco make.
Ladies’ Misses’ and
Children’s Balmoral,
Button and Congress,
Gent’s, Miner’s, Logger’s
Coarse, Kip and Calf
Also, Boys and Children’s
Boots, Shoes and Slippers,
Rubbers and Attics.
Dry Goods,
The best assorted Goods
and cheapest prices on Puget
Our facilities are such that we
can UNDERSELL any and all I
The proof of the Pudding
is in the eating. .
«3.16“. ,
“We may all be happy yet."
Are still in the field with their
General Merelmndlze,
’ And are in the receipt of more by
% nearly every vessel arriving from
; IAE mmexsee.
l Our stock consists in part of
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Hats and Caps, . .
Boots, Shoes,
Cigars and Tobacco,
Groceries and Provisions,
Crockery and Plated Were,
Iron, Steel, Shelf H'xrdwar.
Yankee Notions,
Carpets and Oil Cloths,
Paper Hangings,
Wines and Liquors,
Hay and Grain,
Ground Feed,
Coal, Lime,
Farming Implements.
In fact EVERYTHING, from a
Needle to an Anchor.
We can undirsell any firm on Puget
Sound laying claim to respectability, for
we buy our stock in the best markets
rates possible. ’
And can put Goods below
Thankful to the public for past favors
we cordially extend an invitation to all
with the assurance that
Shall be spared to please .
i —o_
We have on the way from EASTERN
and well selected stock 0! -
gal! and Winter 6min,
Which we shall offer et the love.
We call the special attention of the
tndo, with the Insurance that we on
furnish supplies at
Wholesale Prices.
1 And lower than can be pure): ed
Seattle, W. 'ls-, Aug. 26,151.

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