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3hr gnaw sm.
FEBRUARY 12. 1876.
Quite s discussion has arisen in this Cum. i
mumty ocer the eflect of the amenduxentsi
made i»: last session ofthc Legislature to the .
Retail Liquor Dealer‘s Lianne Law.
This amendment connints of only a single ‘
section. It seemed Io slight that many tneut- I
hers of the last session vrere unaware ot‘any
change being t-fl'et'tetl in the License Lanai
until some time after the adjournment of the ‘
Legislature. i
This new section confines a lit-cost. to n'
single place Its time. and to the preeinetl
for which it is granted. and providee; that
no license slndl he granted to any person to 1
retail spiritumrsliqnors until heshsll furnish
to the County (‘nmtttiaeiuners proof that in
his man at good moral character. This
clause it is that works so great a change. in
the License Law of this Territory “hen ts
ken in connection with the stringent Nui~
sanee and \‘sgrunt Acts passed at the same
session making our License Law one of the
most stringent in its provisions of any State
or Territory.
Usually e’Very one is presumed to he of‘
good moral character-dint this provision re
huts this presumption, and requires st-solute
proof to he ofl'eretl; and that proof must sat
isfy the Board of the applicants good moral
character. It is needless to state perhaps
that prooi mut-t arise from sworn testimony. i
The main difllrence will he. as to what;
shall he considered ivy the Board a good}
' moral character. Some Cotnmihiont-rs‘
migth maintsin that every man who paid
his license. and gave his bond was ot good
moral diameter, others, who dishe
lievrd in the liquor tmfic altogether
might say, no pert-on applying for a license
can he of good moral character, as no good
man wouldi‘ollow the liusiness; neither rule is
warranted by the letter or spirit ofthe Low.
As there is no state religion, or religious
order of morsls authorized l-p Law; it seems
that neither the Mosaic Law of morality. or
what any moral individual may deem the
dictates ofntstursl morality can Well he con
sidered the test of moral character. The
only mashing test being the Laws of the
Land. '
The statutes made anti provided regula
ting this luusiness.and kindred sulujects re
lating thereto. Principle among these be
ing the nuisance and vagrant acts above
gets-cred to, pp
This examination being required to'pre
vent llcmses being granted to those who
would he lialtle to violate these statute",
the hoods being also required, so tltnt,it'
the commissioners should err, or the party
who had received the license, should violate
any'of these provisions. a remedy wottld
remain to secure dues to. assessed for viola
tion of Law
It is always better to prevent the com
mission of crimes. than to allow them to he
psrpetrstsd and then have to punish. Hence
it ssrmstlse whole question could he tested
in this way. Has the applicant ever viola
ted any of the provisions of the statutes?
naming them in succession. or reading them
to the nitness for his information. The
next question being; from his past mode or
life. would you expect him to he one who
would be liable to violate any of these stet
ntuif a license was granted to him? It‘
the party had violstsd any of tltcsee statutes,
fll' “'3 license was granted exit-ted for he
lisfiing trim a person likely to violate them
him'islf or allow others to do win his house
nthen its certainly would not he a person
of good moral character under the statutes.
It ho was a person who had not or would
not he likely to violate this class of statutes
judging from his past life. then under the
statute. he certainly would be entitled to
receive his license. and he considered a per
son of good moral character for oil the pur
pom ofthis stutute. .
If any one think vie have no pot" on
Ngrt Snund kt him start I m-upuper :an
he‘ll'glt'ehet of tint hire“. the very first
week . Waking] have known that the It)"
at wmmgt'ou Territnry wu rich. blt no
t .0 ever drew-d n! We producing poets by
the “mend W m: and rhymes hy the anurt
mile. Just Itnrt the editorill plough and
scratch the _mnnd a hit. end. “oh my,"
dent's-unwrsgeerm like Jonah
gonrdt. Poetry’iu ll! lying ’eronnul lime.
under the allude of every vine-maple untl
hull-nettle in the country. The lines 30 run
ning til we: the town-ship. like black herry
vinel‘nver an old burn; and many of them
nrefuliy an green; they blossnm out pretty
well at the start, but for luck at cultivation
and enriching, the truit is sour. small. hnlf
ripe And tnltelens; and like ' green berrie'e'
eaten “ah lihitum."they gives one the colic m
rend. We are raising n “purp” w.‘ ar going
to borrow a shot-Bun nnh pruning-knife, and
little Georize'a hatchet, and him: a trni'
through then tnngling lines, that have trip
ped 111 up sud torn our editorinl toga so
often since we the mounted tripod and
gmpetl the goose quill.
Silence in the fittest reply t 0 folly.
The smallest hitir throws a limiiqw.
Cheap living—Living on excitement.
A hootlm enterprise—Going hurri'nut. ‘
Th ' greumt can but hlnze and puss away. ‘
nuilby-imm's are rienrvr than Arab steeds.
What :2. barlmr mnin‘t tin—Luther hiq‘
The worst kind of education-JR) he‘
“WK!"- '~IP by n policeman. ‘
Nun“, Gem." IBYIR also Dmmr- l
mac-Worm. [.3 tie Seattle paper: that“
More“. Scarlct. rm: and Diphtheria uni
pending in that town. AI tie relsutrongl
probability of those infantile scourge“
reaching here. ue publish the following for t
the benefit of all. more erpwlally those!
li\ing at a dintance from medical nid. [
GiVe your children an extra V'al'm linthl
every night. See that. there is pienty et'll
clothing on the “Hi. Increase their flannels I
during the day. and kuep them indoors in i
damp Weather. Put them on a mild diet‘
and see to it that. the bowels are loose.
l I’t'oeure the followin; nrticles and prepare
‘ as lniiows:
G'vhlen Seal. Alum. Table Salt. Sallpeter
and Sage of each one half o'Hlt't'. Put them i
in a pon-elain or earthan dish and pour em"
pint of hosling' Water upon them nnd ht
them slut p. not. boll. one hour. keeping them
covered and atiringr oeeaainnally. Strain
and if Iteuled. on amount. «it evapntatior.
mid enough hot water to umke a pint hf
the liquid. Bottle an let rk; and, when any
syniptmn of sore thrumt'npprara, let it he
on d freely every hour or two as a gurgle.
and place but flaunt-la aruund the throat.
and il' a had ease give very hot baths and
put. to hen". lt' th sis done, the phyaietan.
when he arrives. will find his patient in ex
cellent condition for at'tive treatment should
It be needed. We haVe neVer known ot'a
.t'atal case. where the almve precautions were
used. For scarlet. fet'er, if small dome of
Belladonna are given two or three times a
day, it tnmlifien the disease, and often,
when need as n preVentative, will stop its
Ipreadingamong the unafi'eeted menihera ol'
thefatnily or 0W 1‘ the netuhlairhtmd. ile alm
alum: all things, wieu tl.edi.~ca.~e once makes
its appearatwe in the family, that all eloth‘
ing. worn during the. day. is often changed
and well aired; the bedding mlut he often
changed and pure air, by careful ventilation
should always be in the sick room. These
disensts, “hen neglected or intlm-u rly
managed, often leave the patient. in aueh a'l
condition. that death would be preferable‘
end a blessing. We have witneaaed the
ravages of these disease, among all ages and l
elasscs, on the Pacific slope. for a period of
over twenty years, and believe that it re~ults
fahdly, generally, because proptr unitary
regulations are neglected at the start. It
allowed to have ita course the whole neigh-
Imrhnod becomes infected. It soon aa-nmea
fl malignant form and becomes: uncontrolla
hle. There are a great many little ones on
this river who are in danger. 84 your
house-holds in order. The enemy is only
twenty mile: away.
We have m'vivul a copy of the Sun Frun
clsco Juurnnl qf Comnmea 'nmtuining u
lnrge mnp at all the commercial routes
lending fmm San Francisco to all punts of
the world, as m-ll n 5 tn the inh-rinr mul
norm the contlnmt. It «mmlnlp ru-view
of ullcmumrrclul trunmctiom on the qul‘ific
coast fur thuyrnr 1873. II in l weekly paper
and must. be invaluable for I" w mgr-«l in
commerclll hllfllMFl. Term- 0f filmrip
lion .5, per annum. Publilhed by the
Journal of Cnmmvrce Publication Co.. San
Francisco, Cal. W. 11. Murray, Business
an Yonx.Jnn. ail—The Dim! Cflhlt‘
Company has resumed business via Nnvn
Hmtin. The oificern of the Co np'my in vitt'
the most, uenrching investigation in rcgnnl
to their actinn at the time of the hut break
in notmnunicntinu and um prep-”ml to prom
thnt tho int.rruptinn was knnwn at the
Stock Exchungc as mum us it. w: a possibly
to cmnmunionto tho infnrlmtion Min-r re
ceiving it thrmselvm. It is intimated that
some veryriinuureenhh- disclosures will he
mmle at thin investiwtinn which will not
reflect any great credit on thaw whose in-
Meat. it in tn'op‘pose the Direct. U. S. Chit]:-
The Mnnhali (GIL) lemger cries: Fur
the Lord‘s Inky, friend. don‘t keep telling an
editor hriw in mm hi: paper! In: the poor
feiinw find it out him-vii.
~“Iln10” lmhne'il prrrlruhly derive their
name from"lhc" 'ucllmmion «I hulbamll
when they see the Ml]. '
Thr- yonng King of Bavaria llmalem to
nhcflcnte. lmt he'd Immr not. Bitualinnlure
lures news—Detroit- Fm Ifruf. ’.
’Thchighmul priz'c of a Chinese lottery ls
Manly-nine come, but the swearing in jun.
NI lnud and deep an at Huvma.—Baa!on
A Green Bay gir! shook an old hnrso pin
ml at her fmher until he came dnwn with
.50 for | new fur clnnk. ~Do'rm'c Fm I'm".
A Dutchman duacrihen New Yorkers us
‘,‘.herry fine pecplen,“ who “go Mmut (M
ntreeu ahentmg each oder, and dey call dnt
It must make a man feel mean to pay an
old duh: bgmuuw ho Vlhinkn he in going to
diehnnd then have the doctor pull him
through all right.
For sport go to Texas. They have pan
the" thvrc thirtm-n feet lam: and exceeding
ly vlgnmuu; and If you have nu sport, the
beasts certainly will.
Lines-not by Tennymn, but by some
hody also:
“ Thou: who In qunrrels imr‘rpow
Mun! often wipe u bloody "use."
To a poor man will) as ‘ large family, glnry
is of but liiule account.
Gem—- nevet «In-w his w on] but
uncr, and Ilmz. wu: in a raffle.
A mac man may keep Ilia mm onunml;
ennfiemleuily has no jobs I'm- “rungs law
~ ~ Sunttlc.flb.’6.lß7§.§ ‘
Dr. Mme: ' - / ' i
' ‘ ‘ _ Nothingln particular to write}
About the uiual stir nt Mimic kel'pi up. Thé;
lmrkn. Jcnny Pitta lmllt Fret-porntlwli'mmtz 1
Atrgurta the ship Cunmud nv, l rig Let-i
Stew" all Went to ten last \m'k. Tln- harks
Aurwln, omm. Gem 14;].th "Ctd'l, Icanium
Summon, Nontanu uml J. B. Bell llrerL‘d.
The Revenue Cum-r pilltl us two \isits.
The snw mill in only runningtun-thirds
tune, No (lt'lllttntl t‘or lUIIIIM‘r in Sun Frunciu.
ion. The (Inlet are mostly llt'l‘t'. Urn-o in a
while tlu-y slum.- on some cool Vl‘Sh'l‘l n snnnll
(lt‘t‘k lnml.
lmn lnt'nrmevl thut Ctlltflmm will anon got
the ll'imltmrrl ntlout. flu isl‘uiltlingnlurgc
utr tnnk fur the purpose.
‘ Thumn‘t is running i‘tll strength. nnrl 1
am int’ornu-tl the Judge, sctn chumim/a wuy
l up. Was ht-to (in his duty he would srt up
holi‘the town.
Stt‘nmuru Yul'imn, ('yruu Waller, Gullah,
I’ulilqfivl'y nnd Mastic, hove nll been in putt
Iht' pm! WEEK.
Lvttvrs hnt'v been received from Chnttrnon
Brn's. Lnkt- Erin. sitting tin-y lll't‘ mruvm: with
innino hundred ton irnu tug hont nt'innnt-nsu
I power to ply nn tlur Snunul, and to he cum
umntloll by (". B.C|inltcr€tin.-
Ml‘lltllt'fl, scarlet rpm and 'diptlnrrih'nro
prcvniling in town. Plkt"s iiunily, ull exu-pt
lthe hny prvan. urt- (luun sit-k.
Story is \‘till l-nilllingnn his lots.
Putntm If.r eggs nml nnt'h \'l‘f_'(‘ll|llit'§ urn t'l
evntml; the l'nrnn-r, it' puru lrish, an' mlling
nt 81. per husnrl.
The Old uml Original (‘ontnminlninn imp
:trrivcll with u Hltnw. nnd in: :m- tohnw pm"
liirunmvua in the Brown Church mum tinn
next week.
I don't know whut who: tusuy lhnt you
will nut put, in the puller. "
Thine, '
» Plutuunt Grow, W. T.
Editor Northrrn Star: ‘ '
Thinking tlmt pt-rhnps
some nfyour remit-rs would like to knuu'
lmw we “I": gutting ulong lntt‘k ot'thc ixmah.
I will just any we are doing thu very lwst Wt:
can to tunkc muttortnblu lnnncu, lllltl I think
we alrull succeed.
Since the storm of Nov. it)? working the
rnml~ Inns been our cniplnynn-nt. Frmu my
house to Mr. Hurst's. n tlintnnmot'tlmr tllilt's,
1 it required '37} cloyn lulmr to cicnr thc rmulnt'
folk-n tinihcr. Since thrn, Mr. lit'fll‘ll uml
mysull‘. huw. on contrnut, cut unul Clt'ttl‘cll n
1 wagon tuml from my plncu to Mr. Wind‘s. u
tlistnnm- (it two Inilvs. Sinu- tiling th ut nun
tract. Mr. Dnvis, .\lr. l.nrrinu:r, .\lr. Board
with myself and boys, hon-put. in 35 nluy.
grinding and bridging. We hnvc built. one
bridge m It. lung, mud one 23 It. lung. lmth
I'3 I‘LWMo. But now we how to quit thc
mud and work on our rum-hen.
I will speak nt'euch rmwlm ulung the lino.
‘ Mr. Hum. has n lmmtit'ul mncltc two mill-s
frnm LuwelL He hm rulillrd there fnur or
Jive yum and lmn 30 acres under cultivation.
Next is Mr. liennl‘o. four mile-s must of Law
cll. llchusavcry nice cluiui. ham ten 0r
twulve «ma clcurutl. nml has been rmitling
thrruulmuteighteen mnntu. Thu m-xt. is
'An Davis. four and a half mills cast «it
LIDWI'". Ha.- cuuw in lust l‘nll. llmv much
he has clcuru-l lcunnut my, but he is mnk~
ing quitcn nice Iturt. Thu m-xt is W. It,
Lurrimcr, five and u hull miles lrntn LUWI'“.
llt- lma u licutil'ul ranch. with lti or 20 norm
cleared. Next uml lust. in tnyult', six Illilul
mtul’Lowell. It'ytu want. to knuw uny
tliing ulmut my'plucu cumu nut next. uttnw.
hurry time. Now, in c-mvlustnn. [will my
we have spent m-nrly twu uintcrahorc in
this country, lune formed the m-qunintnuce
olqnitpanumlwr of people, am] like the
country and the citizens. We wuut. the
cnnntry pnpulutul with pcnplc who will cu
cuumgu u'ltoulu au'd cllutchus.
WI: Us & Co.
[lf our chiu'nl hrre in this I'ity lmd mndc
one fill!!!“ the elurtiun to clear and build
road: in ihiu vicinity. thnt our mighlmrg
lmvo out on the numb since Ihc grunt storm.
we could drive a buggy frnm Luuell In
Wood‘s prairie. Won't ”Wu Ul_ &..Cu."
come and Hum us-hr'm In do itsoEd.)
Wumsvmw, Cul..J«n. 30.——A serious'
not urnw thii amrmmh umong the China»
residents which resulted in the cmuph tu (lu
cnpitution of one and wuumling of others.
1|": riut was promptly uuppréucd Ivy ‘thn
Bherid’ and Cit} Mnnlml. Five of the
rinturs urc in the cululmnse. ‘ .‘
EUREKA, New, Jun. 30.—-Tlto lifting cott
teut between Tum annnn and Ulmrlea
Allen lust evening lasted seven hours.
Bruntmn won the money. Allen lifted the
14-poundtlumh-lnclla twelve tlmuattnd nnd
three hundred times before throwing up the
Eussvth. lud., Jun. 30.—L. J. Tanner
gave himself up to the authorities here and
Confesses] to being one of the gang thttt
robbed the bank at Quincy, Illinuin. in Feb
ruary. 1874. Forty thousand dollars rewnrtl
was offered lty thulnmk for the recovery of
lmmls stnlvnnt the time. Tlrtlll‘l' “I“th
luken tn Quincy.
Pusan“. Nah, J.m. 3f).- -‘\ large pmy
of mim-rnl-ft thh morning for llll: Bhu'k
llillu Vin lheElklmrn Vulh-y mute. oxlwr
panics will follow snur.
New omm“. Jun.‘ 30. o.\ mpiaa wns
i-m'd ycntmlnynn which Jullh A Walsh
was urmignwl 'ef'oru tlxu lmr of Circuit
Court on the inllivmu-m. for nut. prmluring
”N \vlmlvsflo liqnur «lvnlvm‘ bunk nn dc
mnml of the nvmuw utflc-a-r. Plum-led no:
guihy 'l:th put under $5.000 b-m‘h.
" -'f‘--~.".1J.' ;r-.".~~!'-'J 'l
".' " " figw-roh'gg'pnm; ;
"6241} "clot-«Hi test'xn'a‘mt. "4’ - -';!
" AiMiirnl Strinéli'um ilfi’e'd'fn' 'Bruoklyn ’tri
zn'y: mu :5. “‘- . '
' Sim Linus. yen}. l
Gen. BllK‘UCk npr'o i il b 'tlt'li' United:
States (.‘in'uit Cnurt this mimnhu (it ati~Wer l
the imlictnu-nln clinrxitig him willt'cmnplic- ‘
lty in the whinkvy frutuls. ‘ h min hid first i
nppt-urunt‘c in cuurt sinm- h's indictments ‘
and the limit :lily of plu-mling tmt guilty way
gnnt- through with. Titt‘ jurors rcnnininu‘
lm tht- ulxl p-mul nml though nplciully sutn- ‘
nlt’n'lctl forthu t'ual'. were t'tllit'. omr. but
only hull‘nl'tht-m rvnpundcd; some not haw-J
ing,r tinw to nrrive. l
New Xunx. Felt. 7. l
A Sun Antonia Ttxn. «lisiuntth. 'PI Ol'll’Uf‘
ittfirtiliiititin received to tlic effect that. thu‘
Mn'xican n-wlutiun is gaining grnunil. til
grl-u‘t excitt-nn-nt pl't'VltllH tlimn‘glmut the;
Nurtlu-rn Slut-n ut' thnt C()llllll‘_\', the whole}
lwvatcrn part «if [Llillliit‘ is up in urtm an}
Itwo the l’.u-i.lil: Slim: and annlu .\upns]
‘Nvurn Fu'inhl, S'nil‘uil, anal in ‘fai-t Mll
innrtln-ut .\ll-xim. (it'lll‘l‘lli 'l‘n-vino. li nnw
Lllltll't'lllltg nu .\lnutl-rry mul :itmthvr Grin-ml l
is npprnm-liin‘; Hultjllu t'rmn the cht. 1
Durnngu lnw joint-ll liiltnh with her silim'rl
ifitutt-s in thin :Atrugglc, the Inin‘vtuunt in u
il‘llllll‘lltllllmflllc in the iutcrunt of l’url‘trin
Diitz 'lnr pl't‘llit‘lll.
varul ord ling ltt't‘l’l inmmnnul lu‘VuHh
tngtmt for cnnnuhntion nu .\(t-xiczm utl'niru.
ht' lt‘i'l )'l"~lt'l'(l:\)' mnrnitug. Tim St‘t'l'ctury
lot lill' Southern lliatoricul Society in re
iplginu tn St-m-rtnry Brikllflp‘i h-ttt-r to him.
by“ lilt' pl‘flllil‘ of tilt Sunth urc nut only
ln‘tlling lint nnxinus thnt the “little nt' tlu-ir
‘Uiiit'lxti ru‘nrtlfi ‘llllllli-l lm given In the worlul
‘nml tln t'utnn- hi~tnriun simultl lmvv appur
lunitv‘ot jlhlging llmu in tln- light at those
I rum-his. ”t' :lxfilll‘l'li them of our lit-arty cO
- in supplying the Dupztrttlmnt
3 with (,‘unll-tlt-mtu tlm-nun-nts. We will hvrr
i furnished you prnln-rly Muthvtttit‘utwl Cliplt'u
lot sin-h tlm'umvnts us are in nur litmtltfirlfll).
litutl will twin: _\ou in ptnvurinx uthvrs. it
‘lu-lng umln-ratmrl ot' cuttrwc that ymr Dc
‘pnrtun-ut will nll‘uril us mine liurilitiua in the
Iprnacctttiun ul' our walk.
‘ ansmmm, FEB. 7.
i The Argentine mnl Bl'lll‘llllll Dvlrg'utcn
“ill u-uw tn lmltl nutluu'ity over l’nrnguuy
in five numths. The dispute - lictwccn l’nr
nguny mul thv At'guntinu Stun-s lms ln-vu
submitted In President. Grunt litl‘ul‘bllratllull.
LDNDUN. Fri», 7.
Tln- Sublime Porto, on m-cuum ul il'a ti
num'iul Ililllt'ultira lmviug recently n-qutml
ltu mania lnxmy hon-"slums us lrihutcin ml
umcc. Rnuumniu hna svnt a note in rrply‘clc‘
uh'cluring tlmt trc'ulivs slipululc tlmt Smu
-I‘rilrutc is payable. only in return furohligu
tiuna nssunlml hy Tl'l‘kvy, tn :h'fcml Rummy
n‘m tram illvna'nns. The Push lmn. howcw-r
almww itnull‘ incuput‘lv of quvllin: theinsur
realm. and the Roumuniun Glm-rnuu-nt in
cdnvim-ed it. run no lougvr rely on Tum-.\-
lor plotcclinn, nnd (hurt-fun. all uhllgntiunu
to pay lrinutc am.- :It m Md, The nnlc cum
cludva with the clu-01-nratiuu lhn't Shwnnin in
un indn-lx-ndt-nt Stntc, and will nmist rvcry
ultcmpt. tn m‘rupy her t'orrilury ur the umrch
of foreign lumps lhl’mlgh it.
. SEATTLE. Feb. 10.
Capt. Wnght is nguul in comummlul‘ttn-
'l‘lwlu hns twcn n uumhvr uf chihln-n din-ll
tlli+ wuck hum m'm'lt-l fut-r. Incuslus uml
The .11/mm'nu "ml t‘ll‘ll’l'll lmvo urriu-«l
this “'(‘l‘k l'rmn Sun Frnnciscu, nml the Levi
S vmu uml .llll'm’rl Fllil‘rl'.
Mum's. (hunt and lecr. llnlL .\luckixr
tlmh, .\luthiau mnl (it-org" lnm: tugmlu-r
lulu-u sl‘2J‘oo nf thu Scuttle.- uml Wnllu Wulln
lhlilmunl Lomln.
Ayn-ms, .nN. 3l‘ 1876
Th.- lufl'si- thief who walkul all from the cun
lmly hl lhc Culil'omiu Bhrrifl'hvre xv. few (hiya
ago. was n-vuplurod in ermlwn nml hruughl
in!" lawn to «luy. He hit! hml n lmnl lime
nml nearly [rule to (lenlh whih- gnaw. lh- _ii
Hanged in jail hue and ’will lcnvc rm; Cumm
ml“ by the first su-nmvri ~
1 The Chinese mmlc the council believe
lhnt the 30th Wu; the hut day ol'(‘hinn New
ycur, mid chm-(l up Sunday with n grunt. tu
mult, .; " 41., _
The Guseic Tu-lfuir, uniler the superimen lcnm
hf Engim-er Fax and her Cupmin, is noarly
traily fur busincsmmhin, mid will he in I‘ll!!-
lunl ulfnutthu middle ol lhc neck.
Thru- ncw lmtclsnre being cumllmtvvd; pru
pnring to mmonunndutc lhu \Vchfwt nut
uumnn-r. and take :ln-ir min.
Cuurt lms been in session during the week.
and will prnlmhh notudjnurn till the ennl nl‘
this wu'ck. AGcrumn, turnn-rly of yum-city
has been a purty to a uhvnrvc suit hcru (hm,
is yet underway.
BELFART, Jun. 129.-Griawuld. .hu furger,
diml in the primn lmspilul this morning.
SPRINGFIELD. Jm. 29.—--Thc authorities
have urn-ate) three Invn—J‘hnnum Kilh-n.
Wm. Walsh and John Gage, alias, “The
Skillful,—nn :1 charge of robbing the soth
mnptnn Bmk. An invvsrigulinu ii Ming
lwlnl, :m-l (-irmmmnnm gm In pmn: that [hr
right punk: have hm'n umght. .
Cmcmo. Jun. 29.—~'l‘he prom-union 'ut‘
Ihu pulivy nl' " LN nn guilty "mu mmpc" is
still in prmgrus. uml mum of the must
croukml of crook-ml cuscn «If mmknl Whisk)
are coming tn liglll-flmcl Alill llu-y cmnu.
Ezwh clny brings m-w «Icn-lupnwntu, Iqu so
zuulnuq have (In: umlmrizius ho'lfnme llmt. nu
mun “ha ha ulculr in llquur at any pn-rinnl
(luring hil lilulinw can Cumi-lvr Lima-l? uh:
frmn 1L clmnncot' being hnww. 1.9 and “H
‘u‘Jrln-M "Jr- wt in\'("':,"\‘.‘ I
11‘ - . w 1" whirl. W - ,/ I.
, North 91 n - Star,
Snohom lsh- Olty, Washlngton 1' er rlto ry.
Having purchased all of the Blanks
on bond 111. llE't'lTT'S ('I:'I.I‘.‘UR.ITFII JOB Ul'lv‘ll'l-J :it Ul_\ mpin, W. T., M well no type unul't‘v
him in uvncullng his ucll knrmn Legal and utthdanL-y and unlngcmunta being pcrtcctcdturmq.
Catlin; ull kinds ‘nt .101) ll’tllth' [in the bu-t ntyh- ntfrmwnnblc prlcu, the patronage of the pup”; g,
Solit‘itctl forull kinda of Job Work usuully dam: in this Territory. '
l The following are some of the kinds of Blanks now on hand:
I . A limited number of POLL BOOKS. Enough to supply sen-ml
‘ Counting. The kind formerly. furnished to the dim-rent counties by Mr. Hewitt.
Blank 'rowxsnu' Plats, Deeds, Quit Cluinis and Warranty Montages,
‘ Bills of Rule and Clmttle Mortguges, Bond for Deeds.
Auknowludgmnont for tlUtrtlb or any kind of written instrument
requiring an iicknowleilgvnmnt. ' . ’ .
i ' -
ig’mtcr nf gttururg,‘ imam, . .
Mufmsiuu of gadgmmt,
Minimum of (Electian,
. gttnrrizigt g'irmats, @illinrd glitcnm,
‘ . ' giant: ginning.
‘ ('omplvte’ srls of Homestmd and Pres-eruption Elan/cs.
. JKJ/uu/ri (/5; fume / M; .3054”;
”luv-ants of .Irrcsls, ‘
0n (‘i'vil and Criminal Cum/s,
E ul/liidaz'z'i for ..4ttachmeuf,
l, Bond for Attachment, Juslltlcatlon of Securities.
I ' &c., dun, &c.
“Ladies Vltlllllfl Cards A speciality. -
i -..._, , , . t . - - w "7.7--. ~—- —»~-
|u , o
Shone Brothers
I IAVING nacsxnx LEISED this convenient and well known Ilotcl
Building, fut-u Term of Yt'lll" Illtl l‘t'lltlfll it in gmul «tylm heir lenvetn inform tlio
wunuunily llnit they me now prepared to ml'fllllllltlllu‘c the 'public.
I 'l‘livy prnpum limping u strictly ‘
- O
*F” " "1‘ Cl -. Hl]
i 11.5 » / ((988 0.6 .
i “/7; [MA uI” I: wry/r/ziJ/rui’l Ill} All {/I; wand! (#5215.
i I4'IIM7' QI'JLIT)’ U!" ll'l.\'h'.\’. qul'om .l.\'ll ('lmlis ALWAYS ON Imm
iEvery attention will be shown for the
convenience of persons patronising
' . 'l‘lus Ilous'e. “ . .
Doll V 1111911 8‘ Imm"
y ( / (It 0
l ' FRONT arm. NEAR. ms P 41731915:
0! the BEST 'JI'AIJTY, “ill ulwngw be wrrnl 1.) mr *nntirmm.
Gil'filfi'fl'fi’ifi @3333 3303133393 WHISEE’Z’
Arc tle "it'ru't‘lnlltlus in. this home.
Proprictx ~
l . NEXT Dunn 'm sr'uwxiiiviinit lilm‘s, Sl“..\'l"l‘Ll-I, n" T.
STA'I'ZHNERY. t'l'TlJ'let Ail'siiaili lNSlltl'fillX‘TH,
(Twins, 'l'muu-o mul Snnxmm MATERIALS.
Sulvmiptiwn‘ mlicitml (or all mu l-‘r.uivi~cri uml l'itiu'l'll l'Jva unll l'vrimlil‘ "i
1 till nrdnrs will row-iw prompt attention.

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