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The northern star. [volume] (Snohomish City, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1879, June 17, 1876, Image 4

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0 hr iiux‘thu‘n SW;
~.\'H mm; 11 ‘ ‘. ~17
‘3 1 7 €ls. S 36 “i (i.
( -!:‘ll‘.:‘.‘i ‘. « I “ ‘ i‘wn' 'l-“;'§ ' ‘
~71; 31 '.‘hfiuJ-ui ', a .‘v | * “1'1""
Mir-”1': I’r"wv'7 . 1' . H II “‘3 :',-.| illwh
‘1 "mm - I '.z ' ~‘xnzt'w; '1 JH'} i’w-i.
~hr 11m ~»mzin'«lw}vx.w If \‘f. H
Mm].\\lv.v~.--..:xv-- :~'«~n-- 1- «:51 firm! r
-1‘ 11mm“ :m n::‘.rtf.r-Inv.l ‘3' 3-1111 'H‘
In: on Hw “maria: I-t I’vHXrXlu
'.u‘rv WI“ 1.. ihl- . I:~:u:nnrj. i‘::l:‘;{nf ~-L
ma. Tn lm I'..'.'_.»\\ml ‘.‘y u luminvninl
5-'..r.ulv. lvnth this m»! min. rs' in whi. h
“A:'l):|rl'(i}:,||l‘.~. :vl'l' t-x‘iu-n-tu‘. h) nmwnr
‘7] Nu: Irv-lumi- "l T"). In lhh pul'mlv
'hl- MUM :er 1'1" ('iaily invihwl t 1) lmr
'n-imtc. 'l‘hv' lh: Mum“ Brigade i‘
x~O (Kym-In! tn {all intu lnw. This dc
.mrum'nt ul l‘m- «xrn'isw‘. “ill Irv unnlrr
3w (lirvclinn nt' Hug-h Rose
The litq-rury Hl-n‘lsvs “i?! mmistnf
mulling of Hu- DH-lurutinn 01' [mir
.l\'ll|‘('ll(7(‘,llll Umriun, npprnpri-Itu wn‘io
I:th HUNT ('th‘rirtw‘. TI“- _~ ”.10 gl‘nlllllh
nu] Inst )‘xau‘ “in 1:0 mm] this war. li.
‘. Ferguson “ill supm'intcmllhis ch:
l’.. Mdrsu 12%]. was nppuimml C(‘HU'D
'.iul llietoriun to write up the history (\l'
The me‘siscs \sill chm) with a grand
' All at the River Sltlll llohl uml-r the
.‘:.le mnnngrnnnt ot' the Show: Brothers.
.-\rr:uigenwntq have been made with
‘.ipt. ilill, nl‘ the ~'tvnmer Funny [MI-r
o leave Seattle .luly 2d, for .‘ululiiltoe.
l‘ululip, and the Stillngnumirh region
«upping over night at. ('tfllll‘t'l'lllt‘, Until
I nnhling all 01' the settlers in that region
to ntteml our celebration. He will lum
tentieville on the morningnt the 3M.
1, svnson to unite here In fore night, no
that all can nttcml the concert on the
vwninguf the sumo (lily. He will stop
..'. any point. lit-tween Centrex’ille and
this plncc, when: any passengers desire
in mine on nnm]. He will remain here
.ntil the mornim,r ol‘ the filth, um] then
return to Centre-ville xm‘l {rum theme
jll'OUL'ctl to Scutt‘le‘ thus enabling nur
" lends nt Scuttle and the Stillugnmnidl
:r-gion to nttcml the entireentertaimm-nt.
No pains will he spared to make this
-I'entenninl Celebration nn epoch in the
history of ourmunty. Bully oncandnll
iml Innkc the occasion memomhle. Not
A soul now living will ever witnessunnth
er Centenninl. Let. every citizen nt‘ the
t-mlnty consider lain honor at atulzeaml
make a record on the Fourth of July
1876 of which not one old or young “ill
ever be ashamed.
Fuller printed progmmme will be dic
*n-ihutcd next wcdk.
l‘er Order Centennial Com.
lhzxa. Smart-n, A. C. Nahum,
W. 11. WARD, 19.0. Fuuumn,
E. Home, l. Cnuum‘,
lltmx Rom.
Prof. Ilulcv Coming to Ann—
Whether the ships thnt sail this spring
crud summer hear such numhers as have
been anticipated hy the l‘hilmlelphinm
nr not, I nm happy to say that (me ol
them will bear a visitor whom mule
:uuong us will regani as I host in himself.
l‘rnf Huxley tell»! me thut he has deli
mitcly mmle his nrrnngcments to sail for
.\mericn in August. This will um’efisn
rily be brief; it will pmlmlnly he the
Enroll-semi ordinary vacation somewhat
lengthened out. He will nu doulut have
been subj..tce«l to solemn [Maniacs not to
«lo much wnrk, for it will be just after
Irillilllng for a second time the extra (u
lies uf lecturing for the students at Htlilh ;
Lurgh, in the absence of Prol. ’l‘hompwn l
on the ship Challenger. 80 itmimtnnt he l
. xpeetecl that Prof. will do much in the l
wnynf lecturing; but! suspect he will‘
lo n great deal in the way of hiring up
new the“ and materials for Ill“! huge m:- l
«limry in England. He has lit-uni :. ‘
great deal of the vuat noctuuulntiom of
navel forms nml fossils \\ hich hus been
nude in various parts of Amorieam non-l
p). by Prof. G. l’. Margit, at Yale. it is
null! that not long ago, alter he ha I de
a ‘libCll in a letter thopralui coulumw
'l'.” ‘}‘-“ '."\‘l'-'! :‘l‘:. “W“?
H E"',.'v""w'l‘\\.l"|ll‘HJ‘
‘ ‘ "':.f"". (‘4' 1'”) «‘.V"‘I7"I.
' -.- "111' tint "V t‘w, '.vr:.
1:'l|" , l"‘ F 5' {NJ-w- vt'flnv
"WWI" m -. H.-
”1‘ “va “.H.‘!’ ‘l ‘.3"l'T»"wl
m 3.3!]: -"-E Z. W"; \\i': -‘ ‘~ “ - :.;..!:.: ‘.
ii; H ‘ WEI \\ 1'» 3"".1‘. I'. and. i"
W": "HI I, 1" "ml“ ‘1 '"- ’.iz't" l'.-v“ ’.'~~ 1'
;,I.'\:_"."-\'l :1" wh.’ \“ . "I: ‘l'! L 3'11'34'
wry! 4wrl.i~l"‘~]k~l!'.}3!‘i|-. |‘|':.l;‘|T"‘i‘lll
'l"".f»':"l,\'.'.|.|l w - nnm ‘1“ viii FI'H iv“.
I Uw w" Mum ‘alwiiuv bin :muugnu-nh
thi-L!«-:z\';~l'~1'u‘ Zm'unzniJmitiHln'
until“ ‘v_v ‘.h -' [w uifi ‘u imlm-ul '1: Huh!-
:m riT-n'. 'l' HIM-t ”H: 'l'}mle H'-" "I'
"(MUM-Ir" :xlu‘. if RU. lilt'l'x.‘l"i'.'| [sl‘uh'li’
1).-"v '"llll?:lll|lm£_\nn “\h" “HUM xlO
Weir In»: In ulhuu him in (‘ina-mnuxi.
.___.__------ ~,._... - -..--
'i‘iw “yr-wry ul' llll' Clo-uh.
'l'lm ruin “under him now run-hm!
thru: L-nntincnls. mu] dune mm In :lumngc
j in (rm-h, .h ~lruyml many liws in linrupc
and India. 011 numy uvcuunrs (he sru»
sun is nuuwmxthy: FEM. in the quan
tity “1' min. whirh. sim-v Junu LNih, thv
prriml ulwn it mnnnouuul, hm ('Vfl'ultll
uIl pl‘u‘uh'm. 'l'luw-minlx‘y uhich >lli'-
l'q'rml nnmt \\':n~' Frnnrv. England and
Wulw nut. and India tnnl the l'nitml
Stntvs nut. Swami, in [he floxw on the
(thin) nn-l uhmg the Ruhr)“; are the mmt
Huh-\Vurthy in tln: [Tninnl Slim-4, uml
u~|w‘iu|l_\’thcdnplimtc (Ht'liiOW :llun:
tln-.\lis.si~simxi. I'lwn tln- :u'iul n-giuns
nHlniurmlo uml Wynlning mrlc \i~itwi
hy unlmrulh-h-al nnm, nhh'h. il' run
tlnul-d, wnnhl haw lllmi'l irrigation nmrc
thun ust-ltsa Ahrmnl. nhsn rww :luhm
tl’mt tht- «hadrnying rnilw of Walt-:4. ling
lnnd, Franco. Switzvrhnnl,ital}; Hun
gnry. “main and cisvwlu 1-<-. tuilnwul the
line of the Carpathian .‘lnnnmim. the
Aim and Pgrum-ru. them-u Mung the
count. of thé Atlantic. intn i:ll;_'i:llll',
whrn- thvy terminated in the Innuntuim
nf \\‘uh\~i. [llan the tx-rminutinn u!" the
storm in Europe tin-y sum to ham
swcpt m-rnus t 0 the l'nitutl Sum-s. Inuk
ing the distance thuccn sumo thmmnnl
mill-s. 'l‘hv longest rnim hanc I'ulirn in
this country, and Wit Me diupnm-tl to
n-gurd them as hut a cuntinlmtitm ot' the
ruinvl'nll which run-ml Ifi'unvv. Tho
wnrld hm haul uhnnt llvu months of
I‘m-coolly of some “real. \l'l'l
Milton llnd written a ronsidemhle
nnmuntnt vmse prior to his eighteenth
yenr; .Un‘uhmn ('rnnley'q "l’yrunms
and Thishe" wnn written at ten, his
“('nmtuntm and l’hiletm" at tWelve:
nnII theue nnd other “ poetienl blossoms"
were published when he was fifteen.
Pope composed “The (Me. to Solitude"
and pint of nnepie poem “about twelve."
All the writings of Thomas (‘hnttenon
were finished. and his own self-extin
guiqhed life was elosed, when he had no
eomplished seventeen years and three
months. Collim' “Persian Eelopnes'
were composed at Seventeen; Henry
Kirke White‘s works were all produced
while he wm yet in his twenty-second
year; run] we can scarcely forget Connop
'l'hirwill‘q "l’rilliilir." written between
eight and eleven; Leigh Hunt‘s “Juve
‘ nila," or poem written between the age of
‘twelvc and sixteen; Shelley's “Queen
Jul)" at sixteen; Byron's “English
‘ thirds and Scottish Reviewers" n! twvnty;
Walter Suvnge Lnndor'u “ Poems," puh
liuhed in his twentieth your; and the
“Lyrics! Poems" of Alfred Tennyson
incued at the same age. Henry Taylor's
“lsnne (.‘ommenm" mm written in his
fifteenth year; end James Sheridan
Knowles wrote his that drama at twelve
years of age, for a company of stage
struck hoyn, among whom he was the
“surf; Britiah Qtuu'leriy Retina
An incbrinlc frll and struck his nose
against a lmrbcr'i pole. On being
raised from the ground. he asked:
"What‘s mt wmnzm wi’ snipcd stock
ings on gut. ngin me?“
If 3 mm mm“ to know what. “ true
inwanlnom" “wanna, let him try some
early cucumlu-rd.
A lively urchin accosted a drug store
man tlm other day: “Mister, pleat-c
pive mc rs stick of licorice, your clerk
goes \\ ith my ulster."
r";/.';‘.'3._\';wf\'1) I;‘ W 'l'.
~ UVV‘ ’V’w' .l\ \l'N‘u VV'N-N' 5“» 'h-‘MA
‘5 :v‘hlugluu ‘l'm. ' I-'-;,-ouuh'n('l-.
-v. m.
"1‘ 1111‘. '.' _\:Hll \\".~: 1“I h' ‘..- ,‘. ._\‘
I I ‘ ‘1 1* v'. Hill. lly :l ~211:;nl.r rulinl
first -| 10 ‘.I ‘l- Hnml l’lill. _'.'. :mll tlv- i"
-‘l~'~-lmllnu. c-lw-n y 1111::2 “w (I);
\\:|~‘ timl‘vtnz‘v HUN 2: It; 31,? “0.1; .2: l“- M!
tln- Mnnunn-nt l'mnt. :n :1 mil ulvll‘ limn
fur lln' mulling (vl' lhv l’l‘nlll" ..'rnul) lvy
11.x11.\-.l.i.'h rum-um {l‘.llll r if. runni
l‘.:l'nl!‘{9sl3ll3.(‘H‘tll'lr‘l pmplu nlunv.
(nxturw A. ll"~i.lv« I'nrni‘hivg llll'1‘l‘rl
("'ul, nn-lu- tlu- day 71 I|. lixlny, :m-l all the
Deluu‘m‘hntq \vm't- «'IINHI.
Ruin lvll in the morning. um] mum rO
- \\'l'l‘l‘ r-\'p|r~.~ml that the wmllu‘r
~lmultl nnl lu- lan'nrululc for 11w Hpvrtn-«l
pl'um"~~'lnn_ and snhwquvnt (‘l-rcnmninl ut
Linmln l‘nrk: lunl it prm'ul In he not
mm-h mun: than un April Hmwvl‘ or IWO.
uml :11l \vunt ofl' wry snort-Null)".
A: l-uriy ne [0 (ft-lurk, (In: prm'maiun
lwgnn tu frmun K ail't't‘i. It paw-«l in
ruin-w :It thv \Vhilt- llonsm nnnl thvnvt'
ir)‘ l‘nin.~.\'l\'-mi:t nwnnc tn thn l’urk,
whit-h ixnnv Inih- Atlrgctly nut nl' tho
In this l'.uk or suntan-. 3! mu prnpmv-l
|~_\' thv original «hmigm-ri Ht llw «mi-Mish
nn-ntx at the city JVnuhingtun, .h-li't'r
«in and ()lilt I'S,-<il) H'N'l at Historic Cul
tunn. “hit-h mu also to at-n'v :H a mile
ur itim-mt}~ t-nlunm, [rum Whit'il ishnnhl
hut-uh-nhtml iii-tuners» :1 «wt nl huh.
nilh ~lmlu-s nf llistnm'u nulintlng in
t-wry niirt-r-tinn. and “ilil'il wuuhl h'tw
«\‘nnulml in MIIIIL‘ nlim-tinna urtuinly.
litr ln-ynntl thL-ir n man-At imagining“.
“'lmh'h‘l' may IN the dish-gum hilh~
t-t'tn nt'lhtso plnnwunl Higgt-slinnn 01' the
{numh-rs ul‘nnr Rupuhlic. nn single his
tnrivul event in thi<, its first t't-ntnry. is
hotter worth munnwnmmtinn, thun tho
vnium'iputiun of :I l'.lt‘(';-:|n rum. the
new] ol'nhich, \ri'h all the le‘um'. and
sum-ring. and ~trit'o. nml Ivloml. nnal lmr
mr \\ hivh precede :Itnl :u-(‘umplhh it.
might and would huvu hL-L-n s.t\'ml.cnuld
the Mir nwn of that tiny Inu'v tlincu-rncd
in the t-lmnl no higgur tlnm n mun'.~~
hum]. thc lu'nvy puil whit-h was to «lurk
vn nil the land, and ruin upon in; hlnotl
and tears.
Thousands nf rmplo, while and Hm'li.
made Capital Hill lhvir rallying puint. u
large proportion of ”mu nrriving in In!»
\‘unrc of the prnccssinn, by mulling: them
when of the atl'l'lrt can nnd shurtor
'l‘lu- prncwsinn it-tt-ll' was furtnml on
tircly UfCOIUI'CKI mm ;—tlifi’t-rc-nt benevo
lent, pwliticul uml masonic nrgnnimtium.
with music ( 1| ltull'tlozvn culnrul lmntls)
rt-gnliu, guy haunt-rs, uml tmtionnl colurs.
About. ‘3 l '3 u‘clm'k the procvssion
film] into the Park, where the concourse
at people nwnitwl them, nnmng “Imm
were the President. and Cullinot, n num
ber of judges ol the Supreme court,
mcmht-rs M the diplomatic corps, sonat
ora, rvprcnentutivos &c.
One Would like well to know with
what feelings the ex-Confulernlcs. ii any
\vere present, which I am inclined to
doubt, could look upon uuch a scene,:ind
remember how impossible it would he.
had they been victorq in the strife. But
can there exist in the heurti ol'cduented
humuu creature-H any doubt that these
have a right not merely to life, but to
liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
Must not such a conviction now force it
self home to the very heart ol'llenrto in
even the bitterest and nurrowent of all
those who would lgvc held them in
bondage !
Prof. Langston. the colored member of
the Board of health, presided over the
exercises, which consisted of music,
prayer, reading of the Emancipation
Proclamation, and a historical ntntement.
To him also had been assigned the honor
of unveiling the monument, but he very
uracelully and appmpriately invited the
President to perlorm the duty.
The proposals was received with up
plause hy the spectatoru, and the action
of the President awakened the greatest
enthusiasm, while the band played llail
u. the Chief. ,
A very meritorious poem. written by a
colored lady of New York, Wns than
read by 3 colored man. It began '.
'~ '; -..-._! t-. Nut-IN! «m! 2-." .13, 1).,-
--uu w;
Ail-i hhv n thi‘ “w taphuL {up for...
tun-I In I“ Hl UH liu'“ . 1“! wh-fi. l\ [MIHI‘H '
\‘..1~ in!!! -l‘ll‘- ‘I rm '.‘.»‘ uI nlnl'nl‘llu' \!’I:-',
H' :uHrwi \" .4 “whi- rluily Mu:
Tw-r :>:‘ mm: —‘..m~:nm. I‘l‘ “:1." r in
9!" Pa“: "I" i.| ILHI \ «W 1», r-“IIM llzlh'
i‘ :3} ’1)“: “'H‘ L. lh-r ‘H‘l‘ I! In H)" “(1 ‘|»
4'll Miilz‘r-‘v 1! If; IL Mun-IX. n 3 hath-{3
111' .’~' 4 Emliinlfl' kph“.
“1 {hr «Luna uh“: h £sl3l!'i|'./.-.1\!l‘l
"'v!"'*~:"| In '35". ‘ h x‘we Hut liml- In
"iwuh UL lirulh. Um: thunghl hm w-
Hil‘l'ml lu‘nu: (Wm-I ruin: it. “him 'l4. lh M
II i~ :\ yin tiwwmnni.~«mu !I:l‘l nul smm
10 lirhnon‘m huh. urn il'~hv had In" H
”Him-=1 {-1 ~lh mnu- 21M in tha- Ilnwlgn.
Thu 13rd mum]! minn I)! :53 \\‘:N m Ll!-
ly u pour mlnx'wl “on-nu nl'nhin. n-mr
ml ('h.lrlnth- Sm”. on llH' Hmrning' nt'hr
lhn- n.~.~u~.~in:llinn ; thvrntirc sum was
maths up by lhu whim! pmplo : ~:uul m:
l'lnhnnn'm I.r\\'i~' Imvl nll'rmly :whim’ul
raunu- Ilium, I «In Hut, quilt: uu‘h :‘stuml
“hy lhvvnnnniasiml \msnnt gin-m tn
hcr »- which wuuhl hm‘v mmlu liu- 01hr
in: more onlirvly uml ilk-I‘H'l'lly lln-ir
.‘llhiv :th l-wmlh tinn vmlul the (wru
nmnh's. uml thv rl‘nml «lhpvrsml.
Mvunlinu‘. :nwthm' omm! of mun-what
sllmlh-rdimvminm,but. Mill hurgo, mm
gullu ring M ”II! rust front 0! tlw t-upiln',
in rvsluxncc- lu :\ (’llll lrmn the vvnugvl
inn, llznmmmul :nnl HunUy. It “"4! 11
fight, to 91-0. Thu t-npitnl r 1?! [H were
hint-km! with pmph‘, and tlu')’ fillv'tl :llu
spur-u in hunt well out towards tho 2-1;”.
m- nl'\\'ushinglm, whidl. with nplit‘lml
lu:lxnl,scnnml to 1:0 invoking u lzlmsilmg
upon the mullitudv.
In the uuhkixtfi ol' lhovrnm] “111- car
ringw mnluining nmulwm ul (_‘«m_x_‘;rv~..~*,
judgt-S. «ltrg'vnwn, lmlir: :uhl gvntlrnu'n,
\\'illl Lusim-s :uul exprms “'ngnnu. thvir
driwra. likv the nllu-rs, zlppurl-mly Laten
in: :Htrmiwly.
Mr. Hunnnuxul Mom]. with Mu billfli'l'N'
around him, :It tln: lvl't sim- of flu: "‘1”-
nhunt half way up. just nmlvr the “gun,-
nl' ('nlumlnls. 'l‘lwrv was :1 strong wiml
blowing. 51'! (In: mum's ul' ”.0 slnvukvrs
Cnuhl, lur the most lmn, he .liaxim-liy
lu'ul'd. -
'l‘ln- :llil‘t'i~t'~l wrrc short and stirring.
and frequently inturspt-rswl with h) runs.
The singing “IN haul by a rol‘nvt,:~kiil~
fully played, and the rtl'cet of tho t-lunr,
sntt n-ttw. blended with the rulers, was
wry ~\\‘t't't nml lwautilul. I mingled
with the t-mwd for n time, upon the
broad high steps, but soon made my wny
out to the [uwomont opposite, when! I
“’lltl‘iltul the proceedings with lllllt'll in
terest, until the meeting Nt'tflllt'tl about to
dose, and the people began slowly to
In the evening also there wua some.
thing?r ofn spectacle, quite unconverted
however. with any of the foregoingr
seem-s, tn. the chant-h ot'thn Aacemion.
The announcement in the papers that the
(‘olumhia (,‘omnmmlery would he present.
in a body, naturally attracted it good
many people, who vcryfikuly would not
otherwise nttuntlotl the ordinary Goodi
Friday evening service. i
The house was well llllvd wlu-n the
knights cnlcrml, nnd two by two walked
up the middle aisle. towards the lorwnrd
sot-ta rcscrvcd for them.
It in customary lor men to uncover
their heads when they enter it ehureh.
that it gore me a slight shock, or feeling
ol‘diapleusuro to see them even enter the
pews with their hats on; but they (lid
not sit down until nll were in placel and
then apparently at n given uignul, the
huts. which bore upon the left side a
scarlet and gold cross. not] over the top
It long white feather, were lifted M the
some instant, nnd disappeared from right.
To have taken them off as they entered
would have interfered nomewhnt with
the beauty otthc scene. for tho hats are
very picturesque. both in shape and
adornment, but it fleemed to me. that
more reverence for the house 0! Wurflllip
would have been shown ; both ends
might. lnwe been secured by lilting them
slightly. and holding them in pmition as
they advanced.
But. after all it in a mere matter of
prujmlicc or custom, fur women do nut
uncover the hem] at all,and to many alas.
of their hats have neither beauty or pic
lurosquenrsa to recommend them.
The services Want an as usual, after
the appearance of u-n WllilC-lolx‘d minis:-
tvrs including llislmp l‘lcknvy, nnm xlxc
rwilul nt'l'n (‘rr l J, \\ h: n Imam-. 1 “w!“ (i
:nllm {.l'y glinxlxinif ~\\‘u"";. 11“” 4
'2'“ at r'HXpiiw lUH)l',Hlli\ll4-\sing|)”;“'
0! {hr um Humid HI lhl -‘l' «u I(-1.~m:i.-,f..
an I lilliil'.\'a|||;l'|lillg I «:wr “illnanl n.
11 t-u-Ik m- lmt‘k t.~('nlx~::nlrs :ml mu
Km .4»: ~ ’l'. lupin: tvl x-I-l In Hm llal)\.,1
mm :x'ly uin n I”! .i-_:il-n :anvl ln_\;.Hy “V...
M Mimi. ll I‘vm!lwlll|.d mulling um um
in .\'.:~l:i m l. Aurg uhvn llu; Hung. 11,.”
unhlve mlh prhll: |l llml‘ 5 Marc Ivuoj}
M‘du-lr l-l::\'c_\um1: «lnwll. 'l'hcxu “..‘
.NMH'UI]! ;; \'«~',_\' ln-umix‘nl :nul Minn-mix.-
in lllv :u'lEMll. I! mmul lu illilil':l‘,v .|
\\ Elihu”: -« Yo 115 m. and «IL; il'nml nu
11-r Hwir IHEHI.
le m- lmu: lull n-liuiulm mm, ,~ »
mllrd, in Hm tlim nnll Mumly past, hr
m lmln‘, llu'L-vu‘. Hur \\':url:n'cisut' .
I’ill‘crcnt [{illll uml rupliu-sdim-run um
puns. 'l‘lu- swnnl is but u Kyln'NlL
‘ Just lnn-, ht me any. llmngh lhv ml;
j 1 rt rmnuh-ly sumac-sis it, nml Him-Im.»
lnnysmm sunwulmt violent. Imm in
dim-«l tn think that men enjoy flurry :u
mm In as mum-n. and that the puru. rnph
“hirh Ims lulu-1y gunu llw rnuuuls of Lhu
Ilcxvspnlwrs ullrihulwl lo limursnn, I M.
livvv. lo the (‘ll‘m‘t (Int the Sullsriannc-u
ul‘ being Well and hut-(uningly drum-d
gives to u wmnuu happy serenity
“ h'n-h ruligion mm In H r lu-smw, is quitu
us uppiit'nltlv to the stvlnrr NK. Hun:-
m-u numlu-Is of pm‘mlm in city null
(mnuty. um! never \\ illu-ut lmving; Ihla
llmught fun-ml upuu mu. Nor “ill \\l
-my fault. It is n wry lmrmlx «
\vmlnusd. il'u. “‘mlmvss at :1“. 'l'lu-ir or
(lillary than is 50 rurcmlingly uupiHm‘
vsquc —al stun-pipe hut, fur instant-u, 1 r
«mum of (In: qur U\'I'IT(I;|K‘I. llmt u~ “..
“NIH Iml lnvc llum duvuid Ufa ww
ui'lwuuly, it is (mly prupl'r Hint H.- y
shuulul ulmu W‘KHHMII‘ unjuy u (“:Ile m"
it in tin ir um n prranna. So “In: Mulm ‘-
.‘l mun. fur n {l’.lllril'ltt l'u'ling 01' prim
ulul s..(isl':u-liun, ul'h-r having tL-mu-rl hid
Hohlirl‘ uml'orm, nr his mric‘y mu'l' .nvl
Imuml givv _\'«>u nnc iu-m mnn- 1w
lunglng lu llll,“:.0.\'(!ll.‘i «M I-Inslm‘ In: u
“hit-l 1 may hc lung; 1 mm] lu-I'urc l ,\\ Iva
i i hud Occasion to go round to them-:1
:nltit‘ ot' litu'l‘l‘vufltl‘y liuildin: on Moltni t_\ ,
:uud while muting~ tor a paper to he tilled
gout, I plunred from the window whirh
i looks upon lite l’l'twi-lcnl's ground". '1 o
my surprising] lizundtlu-ni tilled with rhii
ldrcn and young prolde; hundreds ot
them, its fur us I could see, through the
trees. The l'ountuhm n'ere plnting in
the sunlight, und the guy dresses ot‘ the
l little girls, on they ran to und li'o “ith!
”heir :hoopa nud skipping l'ol)t’fl,~ tlm
ho_\'q throwing Minion-Hulls nnd playine
‘log on the bright green turl', null lormwi
no pretty a picture as l huve olten w n
Xdid not quite. understand the own
riot), though I knew that tho aehnol 4
give holidny on Hwter Monthly. Sinw
then. however, l have leurned that it iw
customary for the ehildeu to go on that
day to the public grounds uith their
Roster (‘ggi‘ und tumult: thclnselrm in)
rolling them don n the slopes and It r
rueen, until they are cracked. when it is
in order to cut them. Where, or how,
‘nr when the custom originated, I lune
not discovered, but it seems to be gener
ally olmcrvwl.
Atthe Western. terraced slope of (in
(‘upitol grounded, tho diuplny ol' exuliri
unt childhood “as greater, I run tolnl.
than utthe White House, and on him
dreds ot grown people nnsmnblml to
watch theirgnmlmln, the scene must have
been moatinnpning'nml delightful. l
have not ceased yet tohunentthnt i knew
nothing of it. I .~houhl certainly lune
begged n couple of hours of Uncle Sam.
and gone over for a fragment ol holiday
But the childnn did not confine tho-m
selves to rolling eggs. 'l‘hey swurme-l in
and out of the Capitol itaelf, notwith
stnnding the high court ol'impcuchmeat
going on in the Senute Wing. (What in
contrast 2) The lmyn climbed the piliurrt.
sealed the halconiea, slid down the roll
ingi, and kept the policemen busy gen
orally, I suspect, 1m hoyn are Went to (10.
Ilut altogether they had a jolly time.
and lam sorry that 1 mm not “,therc to -
ADE“: ls.
If men would set good examplvi. ”"5
might hutch bum-r huldw.

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