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The northern star. [volume] (Snohomish City, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1879, September 02, 1876, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
Elm gamma sm.
.——_« «ow-~—
Saohomlsh City. Snohomlsh .County. l
\VASIIIMH'ON 'l‘suununv.
lly Enormous Mouse. Editor & Pmp'r,
_ _. N... W---
Terms of Subscription.
£3.09 per mmum lu U. S. Coln: $3.50 per sn
muu in l'urruucy. lsnsuemr IN Ann/Anus.
Mala cf fiducuising.
l Column per year, In U. 8. Coin. 0100.00
“ st u II HII u st w‘w
.‘t’ u u un u n u saw
Hue square [0 lines. I 1n5crt10n,........2.w
" “ “ .. Xmuulh ............500
Legal nolloes ".00 per square em. lnserllon;
all Is. mar ulusrs cue-ll subsequent lmsrslun.
Special mucus, spul-lul rules.
Lem“ notices charged to slwrney or on!-
.Iqu urlzlug Llwlr lu-eruun.
Advertlsmente sent [mm s dlsulnce. sud
mush-m nollces must he scuompunlcd by
———n——— ‘
Local .Agents. .
K. L. szcu. Scuttle. (or Klnu County. 3
I‘. U. Wllllsms. (or Klmp County.
Sherlflu. W. L. Allrn. {or thu‘om Co.
U. 11. Boulurd. for 'l‘scums, Plerce County.
J. B. Blugusm. lor New ’l‘scomu. PlerceCu. j
" 3' L. Martin. for Le Conner, W. T.
D. E. (leafs. for Skull our W. 'l‘.
llenry 0| vet. for Cmmvll e. W. I‘.
Our agents Ire eutuurlscd In receipt. {or
:11 ~ums psld them {or use of the paper.
pl’l’lClAl. nlnswrolur. 1
Hon Jesus '- _.nm Clue! Jnsuee‘> Ind}
Jsdgeal m ’lesru mu}. ll Dlstrlct on uhl
3m Tar-riser, ; J edge at the District Court.
‘ Ills Gluing v‘l Secularism.
Geo. N. V ‘onnshs. . mm: Au'y.
11. A. Gregory. ' . . Clerk 0' Overt
len). Stretch. . . . . ‘- . . WI.
WJLWsrd. . . . . . . .Amsr.
lldrldge Morse. . . . mm. l
31 I" '"kf'ndnh. ' ' has. has:
on. . .
germ-u . . W W
.3 My mum
.l’. Kyle. (3.th Md.
0. Ferguson. .. «Mullen, “
.I’.Wlael.. .. .. w ”
District, Court-Third Tuesday of Much.
ssl henna Tuesdsy 0! November 0! «a: you.
Probate Conn.
foul-eh Monday 0! Jenna. April, July
ad Omher 0! seek yur.
Ilsa-01ml ATIII‘UI-Onlclll.
N. 0. I'm“. ; . mm.
m A- Gm.
W. H. Wed. } . . mm
M cur"... “hurls
. We one, . . s.
I. W. hem. . . Tmsnr.
”5' o'. C" Whom. . 5 'PI s.‘Hsrrrtary.
. u . II .
w.n. vine“. any. Tho-(rifle. Amt-0%.
‘ ”unless.
' Messrs. Penman. G ry,Wsnl Cuban,
Morse. Pucks"! Ind me. '
museum! has Reunions Assocuyos.
, I Omens.
‘ [Adrien Morse. .. .. President.
l L“. Ferguson.
l A.(.‘. Folsom, ~ Vin-Mm.
MI. Stretch ,
W. H. Ward, .. .. Sawing-y.
Messrs. N , .
I‘M w“ om Ferguson. Feleom. Lretch.
Pnnssnssuu (.‘omnanmos or
:Ssuuomu. Cm. W. ’l‘.
"ugh Ron. .. .. Pruidmt.
1" C. ll'“Wusnu, . . . . yetnlsru.
Mm um“. .. .. .. rm}.
“Mrs; Wilbur, Haskell, Mastersou. Bar
'"U’cmusou sud Ross.
Ewsss or rm: stus Psuxnmux
Royal Haskell, Robert Bsmn.
“Naomi-In Cues-n Aamcuwnu. 80cm".
:xémmxlt‘wnn.‘ .. .. ' nwivinl.
. - um s, .. .. Hat-I‘wa'nltnl.
hldrldge Moray, .. .. SJLTCIIIIV.
J M Trustee“.
'“- fl‘lt‘rsnn. Salem A. “100 1.4, l-llxlrldlzl-
Morse, “ennu- sziur, John Davis, J. N. Law
“a 0- 3- Young.
. --»——~o____.
u"Olmuml 'l‘nmrumru Uom’ssr—Orrnunm
{s' .' “Wilson , , l‘p'c'xlrlrllt
"'6'":- K’runn-r. ' l I.
v .1 . , ,
iflsc‘l.‘utln(o‘f:rlt).n‘ l H VW'P‘MJW'“
‘m’ldxu Mnl'mn . . . . Sun-plum.
K ‘ . Trunks».
J .(,. lwnzumn. B. D. Kramer. llnnry
‘s‘"‘3oo. I‘m“ (Slam-2m. snll Flvlrlduu Morse,
Representing {he Inte}ests of Western Washington.
Summxmu Cuunuur Assocnnon.
Hugh Rim. . . . . anidml.
lune Cullimrt. . . l’la-Muleul.
E. C. Ferguson. . . .b'ocrtlw‘y.
' Mama. Ron. Cnihcurt, nnd Ferguson.
Dr. A. c. FOLSOM, i
Physician and Surgeon.
‘ omlcclnNonrnnu Sunbulldlnmupmlra. ;
Ofiice in Stone & Burnett‘l new build
ing an Unmmmerciul are“.
All work warranted. ‘
William B. Andrews,
Attorney at Law.
Olen Dunn‘s Bmunno,
' 0p lle Occidental.
vi 8
GIOIOI McNLmn. 0. 11. Haifa-nu;
Sfiflmeg WI T- / '
(Manama upwaoommmnm
in building.
vl fl
1. M. HALL,
Seattle, W. T.
Practim in the Courts of Walling
v 1 4.
if. N. L O W,
Snohomloh County. W. T.
Conveynneer. Dealer in Rm Dune. M.
“II on hand a lull net. of legal Ind busi
ness blinks. Will endeavor to do 11l
bunlnm entrusted to him with prompumu
and accuracy. v 1 5
swiluoom. W. 'l‘.‘ : Battle, W. T.
Attorneys at Law, Solicitors in
Chancery and Proctors
in Admiralty.
to all business entrusted to us.
v 1 3
Attorneys and Counsellors
mums Iron
.Vloney Imam-1L!
lineal I'll-tune bought and mold.
liollecllonu made.
Conveyancing. ac. aw.
fl EATTIJE, ‘V’o rro
\' ll '
[-1. C. VINING,
Notary Palms. Conveyancer, &c.,
Full stock or Blank: on hand.
Buuiuras (lulu: Willi accuracy and
1:24 dispatch.
RAcmn. 'Wla., Aug. 2l.—Tha ynlch
Sylvia. running lwtwuen Milwaukee and
Chicago. wuu-uught ina Ilurm Emir
-I.y night ufl‘ “amino, and capoizud.
For um-ml hour: the occupants. six
ymlnu mm. clung to ilk: side. and the
rhmucls. hul finally two were washed off
nml drowned, and the others ruched
llltm- in un t'lhflflr‘led condition.
‘ NEW You. Aug. {Li—One hundred
1 In" filly masons and alone cutters uiled
i yeulcrduy for Scotlnnd. under a contract
\ with John Coghill to work on the paro
cuinl huilJingn M Grccnnock. They are
to r-‘cciw ten pence per hour. for eight
hmm per (lny. One hundred and fifty
> more an: to sail won for scotlnnd.
1 SAN I-‘qucmco. Aug. 2l.—The bnrk
i Fame Queen from Port Ludlnw, report:
i that an earthquake Wu fell. on the “111
in". , In Int. 41 65 north, longitude 3035
went with nmooth nu md light nonh
wnn Wlnd. The shock occnrted II 1:15
PI. . was quite heavy Ind hated about
16 woundu. ’ .'
Bu l'nncxsco. Aug. 83.—T0-mémw
morning the Wellern Union Telegraph
Cmnpuny WI" lay I cum» mtm
hung-gr flue-cm and Ottluidfi n\
the mound I'm um exclusivity dam,
ml to the me of file Minna.»
Within this track vane). are not permit
ted to dmp tnchur; connequenlly it ll
believed till! the cubic will In comptr-
Itively safe than.
Sexton and Knker played a match
gnmo of billiard: this evening for .500,
French cummn, the former playing 500
points to the Intel's 175. Sexton won,
Krnker making only 184 point; So:-
lon'n average of 88} points in the largest
ever morded in I similar gume. 11in
bolt run was 188.
anexwomn. Kan. , Aug. ilk—A tn
rihle wind and rainstorm passed over
Northwestern Minnuri. end eepecinlly
along the Chicago, Rock blend end Pe
ciiic Railroad. Beturduy evening. At
Edgertnn depot levernl dwelling houses
and shop: Were destroyed and two
or three oceupentl seriouely injured.n
Several bridges on the railroad pnrtly
damaged. large mm were uprooted and“
twisted 03‘ like pipeeteme, and Acre-oi
corn lnid tint on the ground. Within A
Ipnce of about thirty miles «were the
dumegen are animated at over SIOO,OOO.
BxLonAgn, Aug. 25.——The Turks, yen
terday, nude three desperate attacks on
the Servien position at Alennitz. Some
of the Berviun buttullione lost more than
a quarter of their strength. Several
Russian officers were killed. The Turks
also lost heavily, being exposed to it
erase-tire of artillery from the intreneh~
menu. Uen. Tchernyoti. who commands
the Sefliuus in their poeition. succeeded
in repainting the Turks on each oecueiun.
The Turks renewul the attack early this
morning and were repulsed along the
whole line, and tell buck two kilometres.
Gen.’l‘(~hernyotl' is understood to huve
decided, in the event of u deleat, to full
incl: on Ilelgrude. (Ful)ryxt,t)tt Moravia
river lnut him 'heeu l'ultilied as n third
line of defense. ii' Geueml 'i‘ehernyoll’ is
unsucceaaful. 1m will ndmnce on
Nich. in thc direction in which tho- Serv
iun (EL-nerd! Hurwlilch in no» udvnncing.
V!ENN.\,Aug. Bil—Prince Milan last
night invited all foreign consuls to n
cont-me. u~lutivu to negotiating on
armistice and peace. The Prince expreu? ‘
ed a desire for peace and requeltod
mcdintion looking thereto.
The Turin yesterday crossed the Allin
trinn t‘ruutier. near Owinink. wind 90
sheep and cattle and tired upun a peasant.
One was (ruptured and tlccupitnted.
They also fired at the Austrian General
‘ Burma. and retreated into their own tel
‘ ritory with their booty. Twoconpanlu
of Austrian troops In" ”find It
Cameo, Au“. 25.—-The p 3“: commic
sinners, some liny in number,arrive(lw
day no mm for Omaha Ind point: We»,
to talk with the Sioux. Bishop Whipple
will arrive und join than this awning
and they leave in meaty-four hour: on
their mission. They m: I" fuminlwd
with inuructionl from the Interior De
partment to inform the Indium am they
must not Inveltheir rurvutionl. Ind to
flop their depreduions on the Black Hill
mnien, or submit to extermination.
Clllmmt, Aug. 25.—-A gm, of fit“-
teen nun, on their ntnrn trip Iron: Dead
wood, were attacked by the Indium on
the 90th in». ten mild beyond Hugo
Creek, whim Lieut. Tnylor’n company- of
the 10th Inlantry is stationed. Two
homo wen killed, tun wounded ond Ii:
"Men. The men ”coped union to the
notion, md Llelll. Toylor tent out I do; ‘
“chm-t, which mound the wt
nil pnpmy. i
The Intent news from the Block Bills,
publlM It Daldwood. in «mum;-
13;. beyond menu". Eightm bandied
i Imequ in thin my;
to (it). You'll”? I mime: of
qnnm wu couigiml to the Gun
for exhibition, which Mime. with m.
gold all ova. It weighs ’5 pound. and
in utimted to contdl our .100 in gold.
This in I‘m the Alph- nine, Ind Ipecig
moon of the am on Innuhilition in‘
Pbilldelphil ii: the mo of W. 0. Ben- ‘
nett. .
’l‘ho telegraph line, which his bun
making rather slow progress. owing to
the absence of an escort for the working
pnrtieu. in now talking hudwny. All
the pole- mm to Hot. Crack. 65 miles
heyond For: Lurimo. mad the work of
winning. m win hguu The am can
municalinu.mm but fish: from
the Plum River.
‘ News Ito-I.
The following item nretrom an In-
[Amman—We learn from I gentle
man up froui Port Ludlow, th-t the new
three muted schr. Raporur. was launch
ed there last Saturday. He say: the
went off Ipluldidly, and tin-lo wu quite
Acrowd of spectators; who'm from
other places, to witncu the launch.
Bunnum.——Whilo Mr. McM-nder
ville and lunlly, of Duwnmish river, were
away from home Wednesday lut, their
house wen broken into and a watch and
chain and other jewelry stolen, also some
money. Mr. McManderville has got u
clue to the parties which leads him to be
lieve that. the burglary was committed
by some Indiana, who have been hung
ing around the premises lately.
Gouw Anew. Mr. Jt-nse'a little
"mun-r. which is being built by Yarno in
progm-mg finely. The frame work is
all done. and yesterday they cnmnwnCt-tl
planking her. She will he 0!! in nlmut
four weeks. She is 32 feet keel. 8 feet
Imam nntl live feclfiint'hcs th-pth of hold.
She will have an onginn with a capacity
of eight horse power nml will be used
lor light towing; übuul the buy.
Fm him-Imm-Wu Clmng.ol the
Chinese flrmuf Wu Chung & (20., 0!
thin city, who left here nbnnt eleven
months since for :1 visit to China. and re
lumcll on the hull steamer Imm Sun
Francisco, brought back with him nix
large nml handsome China. puimingn.
They nu curioniliu wonh mlnu, being
wall «Xecuud and “only colored. The
frames. which an carved by hand, an
quuim Ind lithe: puny. They were
‘ housing I: present. to parties ham.
1 A Dun BID.-—YeMei-dny memo“ an
‘ individual who had been indulging in
moderately in um which inobriuieth,
lnid'or fell down on thumb, not!
low water mark, jun back of Glen‘-
ihmiim More. and In. noon bound
ulnp. A: the udu begun to riu,und
Jim :3 \ho wan-u began in Wall in upon
‘ himwm one hnppcm’d to notice bin,
and want to bin rescue,»md «tried him up
gon tho whnu', und stowed him any in'
i u: old shed.
tuner A Frne.—Seturdey night en
Incendiary broke through e window in
the buernent under the Chineee etore of
Weh Chung, and placed e pen of cher
eoel in which e quantily ot cuel oil Ind
been pored on e box. cloee up to the
floor. eml ee! the coutente oli fire. The
are, betore helng dieeovered. bed edem
‘l' en fer lhet e lerge hole wee heeled
‘hruugh the floor and the hue Were
cumming e pueotgoode eloee by. when
the proprletut wee ewuhened from Ne
deep. end firrteutely eecoeded in put
ting one the fire. fled e few ninetee
more elepeed, the 3:. would heve ohtele
ed each heedttey thet the entire building
end non likely the grater W of
the huelneee pert ot the city would have
been le hence. There in In etev ee b
MWWWW m. Inn
it b genre“: uppoe‘rd the: ticket
venetian-t. end thet it wee dne‘
through revenge egeim eone eee In
that cetehllehmeut. The) speeum- .
ed to frequent hrolle enong (healer.
and on very elight provocetlonere vino
diezlve towertl each other ee well II b
werde white berberhme. A 8500 rewerd'
ie ofl'ered by Web Chang [tor the erreet
end conviction of the incudiery, but we
epprehend the: he will not be cenght, ee
“ For Wage that ere derh end tricks the
are veln, the heethen ‘Chlete le pecalier."
The following lingulsr mph 33:
pan la the New York Enid-«input.
bee-nu latltoditu have alwnyl uphold
revivall: “Th. miniatcnnf tho ll“!-
odlnt church no «daunting to mature
the eflect ol the recent Hippodrome n
vlvul by counting the convert- nude
during that pet-lad of religious enthuli
um. The ruultn do not app“: to give
null-faction. Ind it ls almost the ununi.
monl opinlon of prerienced Methodist
mtninter’s that tevivuln do not ruch the
public lleutu well as negulu church
Ham Cmcnum ron Poon La-R.
E. Milroy. Indlnn agent. in this Territory,
Inn recvlved the following dilpuch from
the: Cummiuioner of Indiuu ufilirs:
“ Dinchnrgo all cmplnyen, enept In
terpreter, at once. Nu npplopriatlon.
Telegraph immediately amount and chat
ucter offindcbtednm incurred since July
Int. Rumuin in charge, but incur no
The peace ofllcers in Olympia having
objects-l to Indian Bob bring allowed to
mnain at Puyallup, word was sent for
him to he returned. The ofiieer in
charge ol'lhe Hum-nation not. having any
one to take charge of Bob, made thul
worthy his‘uwn guard and sent bin. up
here. Bub came acrording to orders.
an i will la.- contined to await the action
ul‘tha nerd: grand jury. The idea oh.
man who was under arrest for murder
being depended upon to report himaell'
lor confinement at the rink of having his
neck inserted in a halter seerm quite mill
to the averuge mind.~—(’uum‘:~r

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