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Tolimic I.
SfflTCJrtljnm CEouutj Dcmotcnt:
Oflico ia Whcelsr's Stone llullding, over llie Bookstore.
Teiims To single subscribers Two Dollars 'per nnnum.
To classes of not less llian ten, Si 75 per annum. (A dis
count from these prices of 25 cents will be allowed tlioso
whd pay in advance.) For six monllis, 6"i cents In ad
vance for three months, 50 cents in advanrc A single
paper C cents. !-Postridcrs will supply their custom
ers at corresponding prices.
Jolin Whitcomb. Martin Van Buren, Pres
ident of the U. 5. May he over keep in mind llie
welfare of the family over which lie presides, and
ever exercising the spirit of Washington, Jcflcr
son and Jackson, and cnuso llie people nil to say,
well done thou good and faithful servant
32rThe 'memorable 4lli' was cekbratv In Boston by
a respectable company of 'teetotallers.1 i P(o Intoxicating
drinks appeared on the table, but tho f'lifsts, according
to tho Advocate, 'pot most, prodigionsKvJxhillrated over
their bumpers of iced water.' The folftwRg Ode-written
bv Itev John I'icrpont, was one of thfe hongs with which
......... . V
John Baldwin. The town of Rockingham. ! the company was enlivened :
The democratic citizens of'Cambridgc Port and
vicinity met and celebrated tho anniversary of
American independence in a mannor that reflect
ed honor on tho democracy of the country. The
spirjl of '7(5 was truly exemplified.
The ever memorable 4th was ushered in by the
firing of artilery, which with the grandeur of the
morning, contributed In raising that patriotic re
collection with which the day is'cvcr associated.
The following is the arrangement of tho day :
yw-LBKE. lisa A'ini.U' ,' ' Vf"
I.'Alexandlh, I
Seventeen justices, all llie town authority, high
sheriff, State's attorney, one senator, and town
representative, all whips, and the crop of one
year's product of the Bellows Falls Bank.
II. Tilden. Independence, dearly bought, long
sustained. May she ever continue to be cherish
ed as a choice gift of Heaven.
Amos Gurnsey. The declaration of Indepcn
dence, the Constitution of the United States, and
Jackson's administration, are the thrco brightest
luminaries in the political world.
The alxvc toast was rejected at tho union celebration
at Saxon's River S'iliage.
Lemuel Halls. The Democracy af Cambridge
Port. May it servo the nation both as tho morn
ing and evening star till lime shall be no more
Jesse Hisliop The hardy, intelligent yco-
pujiftuifc ill-peon, nit; oust iu jiuiii mi m icjiui m-
Vice Presidents.
M. Davis,
J." Boswell,'
K. Weaveii,
II. Wheeler,
IZcv. II. IlAnius, Chaplain.
J. Howaiw, Orator.
A. Stimpson, Reader of the Dec. of Indepcn
J. Balowin, Toast Master.
Capts. 1'. Dyke, and )
Cephas Bailey,
At half past ten the procession commenced its
march to the union meetinghouse, escorted by a
band of music from Acworth, N. II. The taste
and regularity with which the procession was
conducted, reflected much honor upon tho mar
shals of the day. After listening to an appropri
ate and highly patriotic oration, and several pieces
of music which were sung with spirit, and with
the understanding also, the procession then moved
to tho stone factory, which was very politely of
fered them by Mr Wilson, a whig, after the public
house had been denied them by Mr Harris, a whig
of a deeper die. Here n splendid and sumptuous
entertainment was scrvod up by Mr Minard. The
cloth being removed, the following regular toasts
were offered.
I. The day ice celebrate, which proclaimed a
nation free : ever sacred to liberty, and never to
lie forgotten but with the total cxtinguijhinent of
the last spark of virtue, and tho last lingering ray
of rational liberty.
2. 77ie patriots of the Revolution ; A grateful
country will do justice, to their memory
3. The President of the U. S. A., like the sun
in its meridian splendor : though the mists of
faction may attempt to obscure hisor(7iinMs,yot
when the steady breeze of public opinion shall
have dissipated those thick fogs of delusion, he
shall shine forth with increased lustre and glory,
i ;'.. rr:- ......-., tv;.,,. i
magnanimous incminc'irT comracrcrmiticTrTinir
Invincible in the field, the second office in the gift
of a free people, too poor a meed for Ins impor
tn nl services.
fj. Andrew Jackson. '1 lie Hero, tho patriot,
the statesman, and the sage ; his virtues shall be
revered to tho latest aijes of posterity, and in
every clinic where patriotism is esteemed and lib
crty finds an advocate,
0 Thomas II. Benton. Tho fearless claimant of
the people's rights and a constitutional currency
may millions yet unborn rise up and call him
7. Ifm. C. Hives. The magnanimous patriot
the profound statesman, and the accomplished
gentleman, his obedience to the people's will, has
procured for Ills name lasting respect and glory
mid set an example to his cotemporaries and pos
tmtv which shall never be forgotten
8. May the principles of democracy, that were
commenced by Jefferson, and so gloriousjy advo
catcd by Jackson, be fully confirmed, during the
administration of Martin Van Buren. Itcv. II
9 The Congress of the U. S. A. To Ilcnton
Rives, Nilcs, and their associates, wc look to pro
tect our ship of slate from the serpent tongue of
slander and corruption which may be raised
against them; the people have decided in their
favor and will again.
10. The present distress, said by some to bo
caused by the specie circular, and by the removal
of the deposites by President Jackson. Wo deni
ocrats know it is caused by a combination of the
great Bank asistocracy to change the adminislra
lion and entail on the people a Hag currency.
11. The American principle, equal rights and
equal privileges, based upon the virtue and intel
ligence of the people, it shall live when the mon-1
uincnts of Wlugcry, and Bank crruption, shall
have crumbled into dust.
12. Bank Democrats, baser than Judas, they
would sell our liberties, not for silver, nor for
gold, but for 6anc rags.
13. The Orator of the day. May he be in the
democratical circle, what a John Howard has
been in tho benevolent circle.
The following volunteer toasts were offered :
Jed Davis. Our present administration.
May she glide along gently, and soar aloft on the
eagle wings, while tories, federals, nationals and
wliigs, are flying about like a cat in a strange gar
ret. Jchial II. Stearns. Andrew Jackson. Loved
by his friends, respected by his enemies; the fa
vorite of his country, und the admiration of the
Doct. II. Dow. The Hag currency. May it
soon be transformed into something, on which
may be recorded the death warrant of modern
,A Stimpson. Andrew Jackson. Through the
mighty energies of his mind he has shaken the
thrones of tyrants, and spread dismay through
whig tory) ranks.
BjUIt. Clapp. The democracy of Vermont. A
fejwZcold .seasons may have nipped ill leaves, but
itTfimnjbuds arc safe, and will produce an obun
daiiF harvest.
vadcrs, and the last to infringe on the rights of
E. Albco. Agricultural and Mechanical la
bours. The only healthy aliment of the body
politic ; may those who presume to despise it bo
brought to feel its necessity.
V. A. Dyke. '.'Vie hickory leaf. May it cx
tend high as the heavens, btoad as the sea, and
may our motto of independence be inscribed upon
in golden capitals, and Andrew Jackson hang it
upon some fixed star, that the world may read it
Amos Gurnsey. Givo us no broad construe
tion to our glorious constitution; give usnolegis
lalion on religion ; give us less spiritual and more
temporal food ; give us less speculation and more
labor; give us less rag currency and more silver
and gold; givo us less favored few and more
equal rights. So thinks Amos Gurnsey.
Nathan oollcv. The President, Martin
an Bnren, in the chair. .May his niiniu ex
cecd the former. May his administration be gin
nous and to the hanks a terror.
G. S. Willard. The granite walls which now
encircle ns. Mny Ihey never lie filled with worse
materials llian they now encircle.
M. Davis. Toryism, Federalism, Hartford
Convtnliomsts, National Republicans, and Mod
evtt Dings. Jieasts oi the same stock; may
they be turned out to pasture seven years us was
Nebuchadnezzar of old.
Tho regular toasls having been read, the follow
ing letter irom Judge Huberts, in answer to one
from the committee, informing him of his np
pointment as President of the day, was presented
and read.
Townshend, July 4th, 1837.
Gent. Yours of the 2!)lh ult. informing mo of
my appointment to preside at the celebration of
the anniversary of Aincncan Independence at
Cambridge Port was duly ree'd. Best assured
"JUu nirord mnluiuiiaitasv nlwasjirtv
m uc present nun my uciiniciutic inciius un una
auspicious occasion at the Port, were J not ncccs
sarily detained. And I certainly should liave
been more llian usually gratified with such an op
portunity, at the present time; for, believe me,
this is a moment of no small concern in the an
nals of America. Wc are about to decide on
great and important questions, as it respects the
permanency of this Republic, and liberal senli-
incnls throughout the world. Tho question is
whether the people are to govern themselves, or
whether this great nation is hereafter to lie gov
erned by an unprincipled monopoly. Por there
cannot be a doubt, that should the advocates of a
Hank be able in succeed in the establishment of a
U. S. Dank, which has the control of the revenue,
such an institution, instead of being an auxiliary
to the government, will emphatically rule, dictate,
and control the government and the people.
Where then will be our liberty? Where then
will be the benefit of an cleclivo franchise?
Gone, gono forever, mingled in a Bank, not
wortli exercising, the ballot boxes an empty
name. I close in haste with offering you n sen
timent. J. BOItEUTS.
77te people sovereign. No monopolies, cither
cif, political, or ecclesiastical.
After the toasts were presented, Mr W. Barker
and II. Wheeler briefly addressed the meeting
upon the important subject of Banks; stating
definitely the cause of the present distress in llie
money market, and the course which the people
ought to pursue to rid themselves of the evil.
No accident occurred through tho day to mar
tho general joy; every thing was done decently
and in good order, and at an early hour the citi
Izens retired to their several homes with mutual
i good feelings, filled with no bpiiht but the pure
spirit of democracy.
III Edcu'a green retreats
A wntcr-hrook, that playcJj
liciwccn son mosy scats q
licnenth a plane-tree's slu.l.'
Whoso rustling leaves
Danced o'er its brink,
Was Adam's drink,
And also Eve's.
Reside the parent spring
Of that young brook, thoiur
Their morning chant wouliljri;
And F,vo,to drees her hairl
Kneel oil the graBS I
That fringed its side, I
A...I l,A tl. II. In V
jinn inanv ivo ......
Her looking glass.
And when the man of God
From Egypt led his flcr.
They thirsted, and his rf
.Sinoto th- Ar..' l
'...u'WW.''I..t-Tl,ro tH.h
Of water gushed,
And on they ru'hr
And drank their lilL
Would Eden thus have smile
Hud wine to Eden romol
Would llurcb's patching wildj
Have been refieshed witli mill
And had Ec's hair
Keen dressed iu giu,
Would eho.havo lucn
Reflected fuirl
Had Moses built a still,
And dealt out to that host
To every man his trill,
And pledged him in n toast
How large a banil
Of Israel's sons
Hail laid their lonca
tho tavern-keeper's ear. "You'vo no monev."
said the host. ' No, deacon," said Enoch, "but
expecting a little in a day or two." "You
jwoiritgci any rum here to-night," said the dea
con; "so the sooner you go about your business
tho belter." "Do, Deacon Mixer, let mo have a
gill," said Enoch, with a whining, beseeching air.
"I won't," said the deacon. Enoch held on like
a leech. "Dear Deacon Mixer," said he, just lot
me have n taste." "Not a drop, Hunlctt," an
swered tho deacon, stamping his foot, nnd break
ing his toddy stick in his anger. " Well, then,"
cried Enoch, running his nose in the taverner's
face, "just let a poor fellow gel a small of your
breath, Deacon Mixer." This drunken wag, who
knew and remembered every body, recognised
Mr L. iu tho grave yard ; and from him, Mr L.
lenrned the history of many of tho villagers whom
he had formerly known ; and in their history,
learned too, tho awful ravages of intemperance.
At length, keeping his eye fixed on the object of
ins seaicli, ho asked Enoch whero Squire Lu Bar
on now lived.
t'WJ'yt Master Isaac, did'nt yrurknow,'
Well, as I was saying, the old creature pushed
open the door.
This devil's liird of a doctor was hauling his
poor wife about by the hair of her head, and tho
children wcie crying for their lives. He ordered
the old negro woman out of the house. But tho
good creature's feelings drove her on. She flew
at him like a tiger; "Let her alone, you dirty rum
sucker," she cried. ' Many's the' pond meal of
victuals Pvo had in her father's kitchen, and
her old mother's been kind to me many a lime,
and I wont sec her abused by man or brute."
So she caught him by the throat, and drove him
up in a comer among a parcel of gallipots and
bottles. She was full a match for any sober man,
and could whip a regiment o' drunkards aforo
breakfast any day. A neighbor came in and took
away the wife and children for the night. The
doctor was in a boiling' rage, and threatened to
bring old Ciloe tip afore the court, for a vagitfiit
and a forlunc-lcller. The old woman ncver
wanted a ready answer, so she told hitn sho was
afraid of nothing but his physic, and that sho
J u Canaan's laud 1
'Sweet fields,' beyond dcath'f Hood,
'blnnd dressed in liung geen ;'
For, frouilhc throne of C!od, 1
To frcxhen all tho scent, I
A river rolls, , J '
Wheio all who will jj
May come and fill
Their crystal bowH Jft
If Eden strength and bloom
Com Wateii thus halh gWcn
If, e'en beyond the tomb,
It is the drink of heacn,-
Are nut good wells I
And crystal epilogs
7 Vic rcry things
For our Holds 1
-wiiy, Master Isaac, uid'nt vruiknow." wns would toll His fortune neht off. without n.trw'i.
is Deacon Gooseberry?" "W hy Deacon Goose
berry has been a distiller in this village for twelve
years; and this grave-yard is called the deacon's
farm ; and here, step this way, Master Isaac, a
piece; here is the Squire's head-stone." "Is it
possible?" said I. "Was he intemperate?"
"Wery, wcry," saiil Enoch, with a ludicrously
solemn expression upon Ii is countenance. "And
pray tell me what has become of the Squire's
family." "The old lady is gone; she look a lit
tle spirit herself, in a sly way." "And whal,"
(lo conic lo the point nearest his heart,) "what of
Miss , his daughter I" Wc will hero give an
extract of some length, tho' a copy-right work.
Why Muster Isaac, you huvn't forgot her
name, I guess; Miss Nancy, you mean. She was
your old flume ypu know; I guess you've got
married afore this, Master Isaac." I fairly wish
ed myself rid of the (ullow; but pulling the best
face upon the matter, I observed, with an uir of
indifference, that I had seen some children at the
mansion-house window, and thai I had conjec
tured Nancy was married, and that ihoi-e children
might be hers." "I guess they are n'l," answered
Hunch, "Master Italic, I always thought that you
ami me Kiquire's iiaugiiier would nave uiiiue a
good match, but Miss Nancy tlio't she could do
butler; so she went farther and fared worse by
great chalk. It's about nine years since she was
married; and for so good a lady, and for ore who
was brought up so delicate, she has had a hard
The following notice of this fyteresling story is
taken irom me Journal oi mo incricuu Temper
ance Union. ,i
We defy any man tn stand 'y soma beautiful
piece of mechanism, and sec, lrtJts constant cvo
Unions, producing towo finishetf and valuable ar
lielc, if it bo only n cut nail orf card wire, with
out., admiration. But how iilrch more is the
1. ..v s.it.i ,t... ...f.l aAf.luvlif ... ft u.t..
contHtually rcvolvlngi.iHftr forth mi-Vih.' I
worm ricu prouuciiuiift. -jiygin which um iu
act upon mind and heart,' acw reform and bless
the world. '
Wc had thought Mr Sargeit had about ex
hausted liis subject, or used upuli Ins materials,
though wo saw his machincryvfow brighter and
brighter by action. Hut we icre, and wo are
glad to find it so, although mi.iaken. Nancy Lo
ii r.n . i. ..i .... r ij'!',,...,. !.,!.,
nuiiill Hills uoiuiiii iiuiiu ui i(f wiiiji.i mi. u iwiu--,
and we confidently believe ii"a to lie the means
of having many a lovely fem.le from connecting
herself with a man who wojld prove a drunken
husband, and as a matter of purse, (for Temper
ance, like a two-edged sworqVcuts botli ways,) of
compelling ninny a young Dan, who, without so
doing, would lie rejected, to asl from him the in
toxicating cup. Our youtlifil bisters have- needed
such a beacon. Not that tmy have been entirely
without. There has not bee , we venture'to say,
a town in oui country whiciihas not furnished as
alleeting n talc as that of Naicy Lo Huron. Hut
it needed the genius of a lTgcnt to draw them
out, and lo present, in one picture, the two ex
tremes of happiness and niscry ; tho young fe
male, in all her lovclinessjaiiil hope, and prom
ise, and the drunkard's wih and widow, cast out,
despised, forsaken, and dfngamid extreme pov
erty and wretchedness.
tunc on it. She married a Doctor Dairoch, who
.soon lost llie chief part of his business, and treated
llie poor creature roughly enough. She has three
little childieii, and they're as poor as snakes in
winter. He cheated her by a great show of reli
gion. May lie, Minder Isaac, for sake of old an
'luainlance, you'd bu willing to givo 'em a lift."
'Poor Nancy," said I, afler a short pause.
"Good EivmIi, tell me, if this unprincipled biutc,
this DoctDarioeh. that von Hlit'uL rif. 'nut linn..
1. . 'VIV-T.. '..
Doctor's lflit' two years, at least, upon the dea-
don't rake un nro o' niofTn..'" 'k-Wi: i !l a
... . ... .... . .. . . :v
mnus villain r said 1, involunlniily raising my
stick as I spoke. " I wish I had him here."
"I'm glad you havn't," said Enoch ; "take my
word for it, .Master Isaac, the deacon's farm is the
very best place for him."
Such was the fate of the prell'y Nancy I.c Bar
on, nor of her alone, hut of hundred? on hun
dreds of the lovely daughters of America through
our wretched use of intoxicating drinks. Who
will say il shall not cease?
I he labor of old Cliloe now kept the widow
and her little ones from the alms hoiibc. Mr L.
went to their poor habitation iu the farthest ex
tremity of the village, and was just in season lo
witness the closing scene, tho death and burial of
Nancy Lo IJ.iron.. The whole is inexpressibly
The eoflin was of the most inexpensive kind; it
was without any tablet to designate the tenant
within; and its cover was of one entire piece,
which had been slid down from off the face, that
all who were so disposed, might take a parting
look at the deceased. The sexton, with the assis
tance of the carpenter, wns proceeding lo adjust
the cover, and secure it with common nails, a
process not'uniisual in some of our remote- villa
ges, where, even upon such occasions as these,
the superior cost of a screw is taken into consid
eration at the funerals of the poor. "Stop," said
llie old Chine, ns she raised Utile Susan iu Iter
arms. The poor child took its last look, dropped '
a lenr upon the cold forehead of its mother, nnd
placed upon her bosom the bunch of violets,
which she had gathered, witli so light a heart, but
yesterday. Little Nancy and her brother follow
ed (he example, and each deposited thuir'liuuehes
of flowers within the coffin. During these mo
ments, I gn.ed upon the features of the dead.
There was not enough, amid thu wicck, lo remind
admired. Tho
hiinP llian
coil's farm here. He fell off his horse one winter
night, and was found dead in a snow drift next
Sonic folks thought die died of rum palscy, and
others that he had swallowed some ol his own
physic by mistake; but the general opinion seem
ed lo be, that he broke Ins neck. Nobody was
sorry for his death, though his wife, notwith
standing lie used her like a brute, said it was her
duty lo remember that ho was llie father of her
poor little ones, and so hhe gave bun n decent
funeral, Rtich as it was. 'Twas melancholy
enough, you may be sure, for there wasn't a drop
o' liquor, from tho time wo went in, to tho time
we lifted thu body. Old M'Lnughlm, our sexton
said 'twas the driest corpse lie ever bilried, by all
odds. It was so plain a case, that every body re
joiced, because his wifo was relieved from such a
dunking tyrant. Bum, Master laac, you may
depend upon it, has done a mortal sight o' mis
chief in this town." "Hut huocli," said I, "where
do thev live at present, anil what meails have
they of support?" "Why, said he, you know
where Long Pond is; they livo in tho old cottage,
upon the skirl of the pine wood. " The mother
knits and sews ; and now nnd then gets a chance
to wash and iron, when her strength will let her,
Ihnugji she's quite down of late, and two of the
children arc old enough to pick berries in stun
i iner; and iu one way aim anouier, tuny uiuko oui
trade in the metronolis. retimed afler fifteen years to rub along." "What a reverse ! thought I.
absence, lo his native villaic, to seek, the hand of I The old squire and his lady were the nobility of
me ( ilie loveh'.Jubiie U i.?ce
tlfirvroodlcss lip, i-ntl llte'Vair, prc'mi
Tho simple lale is tliis.l A Mr L , a bach
elor of thirty five, who liaUtnado his fortune by
Somo people arc willing to be your friends if you will
think as they do, and act according to their opinions of
rignt anil wrong, llo only is your true menu who seeks
no recompense but vour friendship for whatever favor he
may do you. Fuvurs offered on any other principles aro
bribes, and should be rejected with disdain by an honora
ble minu.
To drfcat Calumny 1. Despise it i to seem disturlicd
about is tho way to inako it be believed, and stabbing your
defamer will not prove you innocent. Q. Live an exem
plary llie unit tacu your general character will overpower
i. o o i .....I r . 1 .. .l..f.
ll. o. opcait icnuuny oi every uouy, i-veii oi your ueia
mers, and you will makeHhe wholo world cry shame on
them who can find it in their hearts to injuro one eo inof
fensive. TVic best of women, is she who makes her husband and
her children happy who reclaims the one from vice and
wins the other to virtue. She is a much irrealcr heroine
than (hose described in romances, whoso occupation is to
murder the other sex with snails Irom their eyes.
7'tjWi nf hrnrl la .if nil rtlliora im innal nvnll.nl na
well as the most elevated of virtue. A Greek maid being 1 spected
usKcu -wuai loriuuu urn wouiu iinug ucr uusuanu, an
swered, 'I will bring him what is moie valuable than any
the pretty Nancy Lo Uanii, the .only girl he had
ever loved, and who in his plough-boy days
scornfully rejected him. At his arrival, lie was
thrown into a tavern, whcie, m a bar-room, ho had
an oportunity to witness s encs of toddy drinking
and coarse libaldry, forijprly not uncommon,
though now, happily (J.'Wig rarer, in New Eng
land. Tile descrintj. .Ajitlhis. by Mr Sargent,
is exceedingly graphicjBlm!Hx;i day, at church,
he looked; but looked iiSvuin, for the family
which ouco he admired ani lovud, and which oc
cupied llie highest pew ; aid iu vain for the only
the village; their wealth alone was enough, some
fifteen years ago, to give lliein rank and impor
tance; poor Nancy, pro-emineiit iu tho lillic cir-
clo of the parish, for her sweetness of disposition
and personal charms, was their only child.
The parents havodied poor and degraded; and
their dauehlcr lives, the widow of a worthies
drunkard encumbered with tlireo starving chil
dren. Nancy Lo Huron reduced to surli extrem
ities as tlie.se I Winning her bread by the sweat
of her brow! It is impossible ! "No it imi'l'"
cried Enoch, " and that's not half the misery ou't
uurefy gray,
bad )i0 part nor lot among my vivid recollections
of Nancy I.e Haron.
Tho painful process was at last performed, and
the sound of the death hammer for such it may
well be called had ceased. While the sounds
were ringing in my cars, I could not expel from
my recollection, that among the inhabitants of
Padaug, intoxicating drink ls'callcd Pakee, which
in the language of the Malays, means a nail, be
cause, as they allirm, it drives one more nail inlo
their eoflin. It may be truly said, that every nail
was driven into the eoflin of this ill fated woman
by the demon of inlcinperanco, whoso vicegerent
was a degraded, drunken husband.
The eoflin was now placed upon llie bier
There was not a follower, save the children, who
claimed a diop of kindred blood willi the deceas
ed. No other herald marshalled tho array than
common hense, which well determines the fitness
of tilings. Old Chloo went next the body witli
the two older children ; I led Susan by the hand;
the Sabbath scholars came next, witli their leader,
whose admirable prayer I never have forgotten,
nnd I trust I never shall forget. The remainder
fell in according to their inclinations, 'llie body
,vas committed to the ground, and I was about
returning with old Chloo and tho children, when
I overlook Enoch Runlet, who was rubbing Ins
eyes with the cull of his coat. ' This is too
tough for me, MrLawder," said lie, "all Ibis mis
ery conies of rum. I'll have no moru lo do witli
The Counr.M-Y. We must have a more permanent and
stable currency, co-it what it may moro specie uud less
paper. Tho expansions uud contrai tiona of bank paper,
if they aro suffered to go on, cannot fail to crush thous
ands nnd thousands of victims, every few years j and wild
this ebb nnd flow of tho tide of paper promises tg pay, tha
prices of every article of trade in the country, farms, pro
'. .. i -ir . .!.. ...i i-.ii .1..... ..l iiji. !
uuce anu an, must uu uuu iau mu- i.t.i.jii ... ,
iowor of the banks to appraise the whole property oi ma
and, to suit their interest or Caprice, if there is a great
countenance, the only eye, finch among tho mill- neither.
titude he cured to behold. I He next went by the
nlil nmimiiiii Mini (hnrrt Im saw llllllR llllt Ktrnll"(.'rs:
and from thence to the Wavc-yard, to see wliat j like a sac, and then drive her down cellar, and
ta ps tombstones niinht tefii Hero he was met by i kick the ciniurcn roiinu me room, hmj u muuj
Poor soul, she's had lo run for life aforo
. ... . -.1 .11 I.. t.w ........I ..I
now, and niuo ucr cuiiuruu in mu uuu, m u
snapping cold night. Why, ho used to flog her
trcasure'o heart unipottcd, and that virtue without a slain
which was all that descended to tne from mv nnrSnta
To lire and let lire, applies to all the social and physi
cal relations of life for the world U tho common proper
ty of all the living beings who have been cvclopcd by the
progress of creative power, and all nro necessary parts of
it (jrrtui HIIU iiuruiuuiuua biiiciiiu iu miicu it is our uuvy
to submit J while tho happiness of all ought, as far as pos
sible, to be iutccurduueo with our uwu.
one of those miserable brings, found in almost
every village, who hang-(bout tho bar-room, and
will do the most menialjecrvices for the tavern
keepor for a little grog; useful on training days,
at weddings, "and ordinations, n'ld funerals
whenever, in a word, drink is to be had,- em
ployed by all, because employed cheap, yet re-
by none ; and acquainted with every
thing that lias transpired for years. Mr L. had
seen him iu the evcn'niH before in the bar-room
of Deacon Mixer. There while the deacon wtls
mixing his toddy, flip, sling, and juleps, for his
various gtiesls, old Enoch It unlet, for such was
his name, was hanging round liken hungry dog,
determined tn have a taste. ""What arc you here
for, Hunlet?" said the deacon, witli a repulsive
tono. Enoch reached forwaid, and whispered in
footballs. She bore it they say, like a Mint, and
never lold of it for a long spell. Old Cbloe, the
fortune teller that used to be, first brought it oui.
She was passing by the house one night, and heaid
her scream, and necned in at tho window. Old
Chloo was always as bold as a lion, you know,
nnd she's about as strong us u three year old
sicor. You remember Hiiuli Larkin, Master
Isaac well, Ilijah's called pretty smart, but she
trimmed him like a saplin. He got a running onJ
herubout telling his fortune, and raised her tem
per; so says she," Bijuli, I'll tell your fortune for
youyou'll get n thrashing before you're u hair
grayer, if you dont let me alone." Hijah made
her u saucy answer, and she gave him a real
drubbing. Folks havn't left off to this day, nsk
ing Hijah if Old Chloo wasn't a good prophetess.
nntlonul .Mincuin t.i irive Hia dihI uim! move the wires.
nr.. niiial liiiv,. I. tut r nerinant-lil ttml ,!,.
stantial currency, before too country can enjoy n lasting
prosperity and men embark in business with safety and
lonlidenro. Let all men reflect seriously upon this sub-
jett, for all nro deeply Interested lor ineinscucs anu pos
terity. 1 ermoiii -airtw.
AnviRsixv. Though nil may not expect to bo mado
"constitutional kings," it may bo well enough for the un
fortunate o recollect that the present King of Prance,
when exiled in npverty, taught school for a living iu
some obscure village of New Jersey. He proved himself
a practical philosopher by conlormlng his exertions to mo
situation in which ho was placed. Some fools on meet
ing with rovcrses, would rather blow out their own
hi aius, than earn an honest livelihood in disciplining tho
brains of others. In any country, .but particularly iu
this, "honest poverty" should never "hang its hoad" the
golden maxim being that
e .... C .....III nn..n.
"Honor aim snameiroui im nimmiun
"Act well your part tiiehe all the honor lies."
J!ochetcr D. Adv.
Marriage enlarges the eccno of happiness or misery.
A marriage of lovo is pleasant, a marriage of interest
cusy, and a rnarriagc where both meet, happy i and a
happy marriage has in it all tho pleasures of friendship,
all the enjoyments of sense and reason, and indeed all tho.
sweets of life. Good naturo and jvenncts of temper will
givo you an easy companion for lifei virtue and good
sense, an as reeablo friend ; love and Constancy, agood
wifo or husband.

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