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Cnpturo nnd Imprisonment of (lie Land ArciU
of ill nine
Correspondence of llic Iloton Alias.
Senate Champer, Augusta, ?
February J5, 1839. $
Dear Sir, I hasten to inform you that the Land
Agent of Maine and six of his men have boon mado
prisoners by the trespassers on the public lands raid
carried off to Frederickton. The greatest excitement,
prevails at tlio capital. Over twenty of the llrilish
have been made prisoners by our troops and arc on
their way to Uangor jail.
3tate House, Avuusta,
February 15, 1839.
Information was received here this morning from
T.llllll was 80111 UY our OLIivu uuuiuukico
nv uavs since to arrest me trespassers on mo puu-
lie lands near the Aroustook river, Before the land
audit with his forces reached the Territory occupied
uy the trespassers, uiey nau rccciveu iniormauoii oi uinkui;iii i i iiiumn-, imm um' . . -the
movement against them; and most of them had as. Carter was pursued and taken at his residence
removed with their teams into the Province of New
llruuswick, where they have embodied and armed a
force of about three hundred men. Tlio authorities
sont from this Stale succeeded in arresting about 20
men, with a few teams, which they suppose to have
been engaged in committing trespasses on the public
lands, and they arc on their way to Bangor, guarded
bv n sufficient force.
' The Land Agent Mr Mclntirc, with four other gen
tlemen, loft the main body of his forces, and went a
bout four miles to put up for the night. The trepass
nrs got information of this, and at midnight surround
ed the house, and took Mr Mclntirc, the Land Agent,
and Messrs. Gustavus Cushman and J. II. Pillsbury,
if ltnnnnr. TlinmnS Rnrtlnlt and Col. Klipnozor Web-
ster, of Orono, who wore with mm, into custody, ami quest l wroio uiem nown,unu semi 10 you lor puuiicn- j mo noove newf. it was reoMvuu ni inu port oi nor
up to the time when the messenger who brings tho in- tion, so that tho good citizens of Texas may be on their departure, on tlr? evening of the 20th by express, con
formation left, it could not be ascertained what had guard, and if possible, bring this demon to justice. frequently tho efftett" of this unexpected appointment,
been done with them. Three persons had been sent From this shoit history of Cook, ho was, no doubt, for it can hardly ki believed that ho wns elected by
to where the trespassers were encamped to ascertain, one of tho main instigators of the late Seminole war tho people, could not have been received at Vera
hut tbfv were detained. The foices of this State in Florida. Carter does not recollect tho precise date Cruz when the Borlelais sai'.ed.
have encamped near the Aroustook, about four miles
fromc the line, and nro wnitir t for a reinforcement
and orders from the Governor.
I learn that Col. J. P. Rogers, of Bangor, has been
sent this morning to Frederickton, to demand of Sir
J. Harvoy. the release of Mr Mclntyre and the others
''ivliuvPPPWftkoliif irrtiis custody, iliid to iiet'ertniii if
tho movements of the trespassers aco sanctioned by
the British Authorities.
J . .. . . i . (
This information reached hero this morning, and
brought by Hastings Strickland, Esq., sheriff of Pe-
nobscott county, who accompanied the Expedition to
tho Aroustook, and who came
came through express to , Cook then struck nn axe into his bead, and left it , trCss heaped upon us on tlqmorning of yesterday or
cutive, and inform him of there sticking robbed the house of $1100 in paper rather in tho course of a fur seconds, are beyond cal
Agent. You can rely on ! money, and $70 or $0 in specie. He kept the pa- dilation. There is not a ilnglo house in St Pierre
communicate with the Executive,
tho abduction of the Land
it as being substantially correct.
Auousta, Feb. 18, 18311.
The crisis has at length arrived and Maine is in
arms, to sustain her honor and the integrity of her
soil. An express has arrived this morning bringing
an olhcial communication from bir John llnrvey, in
which he says he sholl repol all invasion he says he of $1119 two $10 pieces of gold and three smaller , m,d tanking the whole Island, and undecided whoth
claims EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION. 'pieces. This crime was committed in December, er jt Hhould or should not hurl us into eternity."
Eight Thousand 'Troops base been ordered out to ' 1830. From B.iinhridge he returned to Columbus,, iOur cities of Martinique, when will they ever bo
enrry into execution tho Resolve passed by the Leg- Go., hi residence. .rebuilt? Our windmills and other establishments,
iMatnro of Maine, which was to seize the Trespassers
and the lumber cut upon the disputed Territory. ,
AT..1 r..i..1.1t. ,1... T .....1 Arm.. ll.r. Dn.i.innn. Iw.c
i'lL 14.111111111, lilt: Ji.iini 411-111. til inu 1 1 11, HiLi-f, una
been arrested, and is now nt B.ingnr. The greatest
excitement pievails, and a fixed determination to sus
tain our rights nt all huzards.
State llousn, Auousta. )
, Monday, Feb. 18, 1839. (
C hero last night Irom
t of the Prov-
.1 .
:, that have
ers on the Aroostook,
(! 11 11 1 UIIUIV ri'U MVl'U 1 IU 1 1.1J41V lltil-
lES'm'S DOflllMOISS. The Messenger lroni
Sir John Harvey informs our Governor that Mr Mc
lntirc, our Land Agent, is at Frederickton, and that
ho will be retained there by order of the Provincial
From the Aroostook, I learn that Mr McLaughlin,
tho Warden of the disputed Territory, appointed by
Sir John Harvey, came to No. 10, on the Aroostook,
whore our fnrcb are stationed, and command them
to leave the territory forthwith. Capt. Rines, who
was in command, arrested him and sent him to Bangor, '
where ho arrived yesterday. Governor Fair he d has
directed General Jlodgdon to order out one thousand
of his divison to proceed forthwith to the support of
our forces on the Aroostook two hundred men are
now there, and Shcrill" Strickland has enlisted five
hundred more, by order of the Governor, who are on
their way there sixty of them left town yesterday,
making, in all, n force of seventeen hundred men
now at, and ordered to the Aroostook.
Our Governor has this morning is-iiied orders to
each of the commanding officers of the eight divisions
of the militia of this State, to order one thousand
men to be drafted from each of their respective divis
ions, to hold themselves in readiness to be called into
actual service.
Uij Last JfigM's .ttait. We have accounts from
Bangor to Monday evening. Troops w.ero preparing
to march to tho frontier.
Tho Dexter Rifle Company of that city, one of the
best Independent Corps of tho State, on le irning that
volunteers were wanted, came forward, every man of
them, and offered their services. Huston villas.
The Legislature of Maino has passed a Resolve,
appropriating $800,000 for the support of 10,000 men
which she is now calling into tho field.
The Governor of Massachusetts, on tho 20th inst.
sent a message to the Legislature upon the subject
of the troubles in tho disputed territory. He says
the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the land belongs
to Maine and the United States, and if, unhappily,
circumstances should render it necessary for the Ge
neral Government to call on Massachusetts for force
o aid in protecting the territory, that siie will cheer -
lully respond to the call. .
. . . . . '
From llio l!osl,)n l'ost of Siiturday. I
The Eastern papers received last evening contain
ed nothing of moment relative to the troubles on tho i
frontier. The Augusta conespondent of tho Port
land Argus says that there is some doubt of the pas-!
sago of the Resolution, without amendment, direct- !
f i :i: i . .1
jiijj vne uuvrriiur 111 iimniuiiii a imuiury lurco on uie
Aroostook and St John. The Argus states that there
was a rumor, on W ednesday morning, in rortlanu,
press had passed through that city, trom
Augusta, bearing the intelligence that 1500 British
troops were on their inarch from Halifax to the "seat
ot war,
Bangor presents, according to the Whig, quite a
warlike appearance. Its streets are filled with tho
busy preparations for tho Aroostook expedition. Ex
presses arc daily arriving and departing. Artillery,
ammunition, provisions, nrrivo every day. Twenty
men nro employed in casting balls at the foundary.
More than 500 volunteers havo already passed thro'
the city. The Augusta Light Infantry arrived there
on tho morning of tlio 19th. The thousand men who
havo been drafted, wero to have marched to the scene
of action on Wednesday,
(E5 The Boston Atlas of Monday states that some
regiments of British regulars wero on thoir way from
Halifax to the disputed territory ; and that the Gov
enior of"Mnino has ordered forward a reinforcement
of two thojistind men, &c.
From the Mississippi Southern Sun.
Through the exertions of John J. Smith mid Mr
White, Sheriff of Scott county, the murdorors of the
unfortunate Silos 1). Rives, which occurred on tlio
19th of September last, havo been detected, and one
of them is in close confinement. John V. Carter,
calling" himself John W. Collins, wns taken a few
days ago, in Lauderdale county, nnd brought to this
placo yesterday, by Messrs. Smith and White. It
seems that Carter and Cook had been a short time
nrovioiis to the murder ot Kives, prowling anouiiiiiis-
borough, in Scott county, seeking employment us well j
diggers ; that for a week preceding the murder they ,
aliseuieu memseives wiin provisions hiuuuiuiu njuni
them eight or ten days. These provisions wore found
n the swamp whore ntvos was khioci. suspicion
resting upon them, they wero immediatolypujsucd,
and wire not hoard of until Cook, calling Himself
Johnston, got within ten miles of home, and gave $30
to ride ten miles. Conk with his wife and children,
in Lowndes county, where his property had been pre
viously levied upon by the sheriff, und upon hi re
turn he paid up the execution and released it. Some
of the money he paid the sheriff, has since been idon-
tifiod to ho Rives'. It is unknown what amount of
money Rives had at tho time ho was killed, but it is t
supposed he had about $10,500. Cook, who is prob-,
ably now in Texas, has no doubt the major part of this
sum. From the character Carter gives' him, ho is as i
bad or n worse robber than Jo.hu A. Murrell, now in
tho Penitentiary of Nashville. lie once lived in
Florida, but wns compelled to leave for his crimes.
The following are some of the crimes ho committed,
according to Ins contession to Carter, who related
them to mo in tlio presence ol inr bnutli, at whose ro
inesu liinrourB hiio ruuuunua nuru uuiiniiuiuu, uui suiu j
it was about tho commencement and during tho Sc- i
miuolo war. Carter states that Cook and a man by j
tho name of Bryant, who lives at Lake Pontchartrain, ,
killed a man by the name of Allen, in Tulhihasse,
.1 -.1 i t.i - :. J !..., :.i i
norma, ami rouucn mm oi jji,MU cash,
Cook painted himself like an Indian npd IicaOcd a!
large number of Seminoles, and butchered oncol the '
most wealthy families of white people on the front- j
icrs of Florida. After killing the whole f.imily, ex-
cept a young man, who stood over and fought for his
sister until he was wounded by n shot from an Indian
per uimseii ami gave mo iiunans ine suver.
Cook then went to Appalachian Bay, and from j
thence to B.iinhridge, Decaturo county, Georgia, and,
in company with a Virginian, with horn he had been stnnds a ruined city such as arc found in the histo
travelling in the stage, and supposing ho had money, rics of Herciilanoum, Pompeii, and Messina. One
nt Cook's instance, walked to the spring, there killed 1 quarter of tho town is nrt.yet dug out, and already
the Viininian, threw him in the river and robbed him ;m ,lnnd bodies havo beenfcnind. It was like an iron
in l nilaiiasse, I'lonun, no saw a traveller pay ins ,
bill. Discovering he had money, ho told the htrangcr
llO 1'HU t r !l 'fl 1 i I, It ll)4 Vlltr fltwl HQ it W.Hrit fl flwIIVll
...... p ... Uu .b .-..w ...-....( .
rouu 111; wouiii iiu ginti u ins (.".onipaiiy. 1 nu sirunirur
thanked him, una they travelled about seventeen
miles, when Cook proposed they should drink togeth
er, and while the btrauger was drinking out of the
bottle, Cook shot him through the buck of the head,
ntu rn thni him nt nhnlit Slilr'
Cook and his brother-in-law. Charles Ilollis. killed
tho ferryman of St John's river on the Augustine trail,
turned the Hut robeUMlvuio
su . , . . r . tn , ,
Cook murdered a man not fur from Tallahasse, and
robbed him of $2400, and $18 in cash. '
He then went into tho Indian country, and purchas-
cd n pony, and stole peventeen more and hired an In -
dian to a-sist him. When ho got into the White set-
.1 ... l. l l I . n 1 ... 1 : .1 1. I ... 1
tlcmcnts, he then maue the Indian urunK and cut his
Cook and Capt. Minny (a celebrated pirate,) went
to Snake Island, understanding that n vessel was com
ing from Key West murdered the crew, consisting
of seven or eight men and three ladies plundered
the boat of $17,000 in specie, and scuttled and sunk
ie vessel,
Cook was then taken in irons to Tallahasse, hut
( was released, by force, from the civil authorities, and
I the irons knocked off. The names of his friends are j
: Augustus and Willis Austin of Texas,
j Cook and Capt. Minny came across a vessel going
' from St Murks to Almony Lake, laden with provis
1 ions ; murdered tho whito persons on board, sold the
' provisions and seven negroes which were on hoard,
and sunk the vessel. Capt. Minny died at St Marks
last winter.
1 Cook then left for Columbus, Ga., his residence, '
! where he saw a traveller pay his bill, headed him, took '
deliberate aim at lum ; Ins gun snupped, which the
stranger heard and fled.
Cook met with an acquaintance from Texas in May .
or Juno laat, in Clurhc county, Alabama, whose iminc
was Win. Green. Green told him that his old friends
Augustus and Willis Austin, were then in Texas, and
were anxious that Cook should go there, as they par
ticularly needed his services.
Cook thought there was no more harm in killing a
man than there was in killing a hog did not believe
there was cither hell or heaven has killed and rob
bed forty or fifty men, and would this winter murder
and plunder as many more.
Johnston Cook is between 20 and 30 years of age,
weighs about M0 pounds, has keen blue eyes, and is
very narrow between tho eyes : his face and hands
are badly scarred with dirks and knives, which he got
by fighting ; has been stabbed through the muscle of during the year 1838 there havo been manufactured
the arm twice, with a dirk, also in the hip ; his hair is fr tho government, 1-J3 pieces field artillery, 71 pie
sandy, and one of his fingers arc broken. . ces for garrison service, 1520 percussion locks for
.Society is deeply interested in the detection and
' pun'2.lment of such a villain. From this statement
, flirt inunrnni1 clinnlil Tint linailntn 1 1 ntliiw n hnntiii
V" " -.. w vnw u y
i ,1'ftt-il tiif 1 1 , a nnnmhnnoinii
Carter denies knowing anything of the murder of
Rives, although the chain of circumstances connect -
ing him with Cook, in his tragical deeds, aro strong 1 Pointe Levi with twenty passengers, was upset by
and would go far towards his conviction before any the floating ice in the river, by which sixteen out of
intelligent jury. He in an illiterate man, and, no , the twenty were drowned.
doubt, was led on by Cook, who is a keen, shrewd, i Midshipman Wallace, of tho Navy, lately deceas
and intelligent fellow. j C(Jj u eM to ,W(J died from corrosiJvo subllmnte, ta-
Iook nas neon taiicn in i exas anu Drought to
New Orlean
where he arrived a few days since.
i j. ,in i ii a iimiiaivs. vu inani irom I'amoa iiav.
from a source wo think entitled to credit, tlmt 200 of,
the Seminoles had como in and surrendered among i
them eighty warriors. It U also rumored that thirty
warriors had sent in for a safe conduct, with a view
to surrender. Glole.
The St Louis Argus of Feb. 5th, states that within
tho last three mouths, Mr Campbell, the Receiver at
Springfield (Mi-snuri) has deposited with the Bank
in that city 1137,000 derived from tho sales of the
public lands. Tho purchases wero made almost ex
clusively by emigrants, who aro thus rapidly adding
to the wealth and population of the state.
The Now Hampshire boys proposo to elect John
Pago for their next Governor. If they succeed, the
event will form tho most interesting page in tho his-
; tory oi me state.
j Tho paper mill in Popperell belonging to E. Emer
son, wns destroyed by firo on the 15tfi inst. The loss
I is stated at $15,000 insurance S1000.
From the N V. Htining Post.
The steamer Great Western, from Bristol, arrived
on Saturday evening (Fob. Ill) with 103 passengers.
She brings London papers to Uie 20th January.
Giieat iiniTAi.v. Thc question of repealing the
restraints upon the importutioij of foreign grain is
discussed with much carnestnefo in the English pa
pers, and meetings are every whero held to protest
uoninst the scheme of starving tlio nation to enrich
the landholders. Tlio corn l&jvs cannot it is thought
the landholders. Tlio corn laws c
withstand the force which lfgintimg to bear upon
them. The Iondoti Moriiiiv'llorald says, upon what
it calls good authority, that tjg ministry will submit,
on the motting of lMiliinJ!T-a plon for modifying
the corn laws, oquivnleiittyjatpoal.
FriAKflE. TIJp Minitmjjj!signed their plnccs
and the Duke do Broglieh! oiders to form ti new
cabinet. Rear Admiral Miir.dm has been promoted
to the rank of Vice Adflirnl for his irallantand skil
ful conduct in the can1ro of tlio Mexican fortress of
San Juan d'Ulloa. ranco has ordered tlio forma
tion of an army of bscrvatian of 30,000 men on the
frontier of Belgiui.
Loss of the l'rifcclor (Kasl lndiaman) 170 fire.
Accounts ifrnnIndia announce the loss of this ship
at Sands Ileal near Calcutta, on her passage out
from London. Out of 178 persons on hoard only 8
wero saved 1 recruits and one seaman, l lie snip
was driven ashore in a gale wlnlo nt alienor.
Fimn tic Nc
uw-Orlrana Bulletin, Kcb. 11.
t MP.YirA
The French tlup Bmdelais Packet No. 0, from Vera
C-uz, whence iho sailed the 27th of January, brings
jfusmmcuie is khu 10 n.ivt ui'un uppoiiiii-u iu inu
command of a divi.sion of tlio.nmy, consisting of 4000
men, and ordered to march ufaint Urroa at Tanipico.
The decree expelling the French inhabitants from
Mexico was to havo been rigidly enforced on the 5th
t . . . - i . i - i :..!
of the present month, (Ffhwry.)
' Tlifc T.WthqitTWftP. Martinique.
Extract of letter dated Pierre, January Villi.
"You havo doubtless hoird of the sad catastrophe
which has befallen our pon country, so much to bo
pitied previous to that evcit Tho miseries and dis-
which is not to bo rebuilt, i We have Had only two
lives lost and about twenty grieviously wounded.
ut Fort Royal is completely overthrown. Now she
will they rear their heads from tho common
( ruin ? Our population destroyed and buried tho sur-
vivnrs entirely ruined ! !"
Tho hospital has lallon and endued tun sick.
Morrison's Pills. The Springfield (O.) Pio
neer gives the following :
Mr Charles Bell, silversmith, died suddenly
m this place on the litlh inst. A post murltm
i examination was niailuy.ili inquesl was held, anil
I tho name of Hvgcan Pills, hcing inordinately nd-
. , . i- , i ., ..'
I "'""stored to him by one 1 l.onias Gnfi.lh, the
j "g0"1 l"r the sale of the pills. 1 he agent had
1 adnilliistcicd to the deceased, within five days
1 preceding Ins death, lietween yoU and 1(10 pills:
tnr .! . 1 1.. . ct I 1. .1
I ' . k
Perilous Situation. During tho late violent gale
and tide, Mrs. Caldwell, a poor woman, who with four
or five children lived m a miserable shanty, at a small
island, near the end of Coney Island, found her little
homo suddenly surrounded with water. Tho galo
soon took away tho roof of her house, and the tide
swept away the house itself.
She despatched her two boys for a boat, and they
with a man came near the snot to take off the woman
and two small children, but tho strength of the wind !
drove them from the shore, and they could not ap-1
proach the island. In this fearful dilemma, the woman 1
tied a wagon to a tree, and herself, children and dog, I
got into the wagon. Every treo around her except
the ono to which tho wagon was tied, was washed up
by the force of tho water, but the little company on
the wagon were thus saved. j
Trial for Biting of a Xosc. Tho trial of Edwin ,
Norris for biting off th nose of William Russell 1
during a disgraceful t-oudlc at a house in Park Row
Homo time aiirce, i. ".edtorday in iho Common i
Pleas. It appears both parties wero drunk and that
planum was the aggresscr, by threatening to win
and lick defendant for some, remarks he had made,
also by putting his fists in defendant's face. It was
also proved that plaintiff had his teeth in defendant's
cheek, and tho latter then in defence bit ofT a piece
of his nose. The damages were laid at ten thousand
dollars. Tho jury gave a verdict of two thousand
dollars. For plaintiff Nmglc, for defendant Tall
madgc. JV. Y. Star.
Manufacture of Arms. It appears by the report of
Col Buniford, chief of tho Ordnance Department, that
cannon, ot,tvv sman arms, .its gun carnages nno
for tho militia, 80 pieces field artillery and 10,800
small arms.
Sixteen lives lost. Tho Quebec Gazette of Febru-
ary 13th, stys "Yesterday morning a canoe belong
, intr to Mr ChaboL in attcinntim to nass over from
; Ken in a lit ot ueipondoncy on being rejected a lew
days beforo by a young lady of Baltimore.
A colored boy has been convicted as tho incendia-
rv whn net hrn tn me turnip nt Wvthn lYinrt ihisk
Virginia. He is to bo Sgs.u the 22d March,
p,.0lm,rt is saili ti,.t o less than 30,000 barrels
of flour ore accumulated Mt the several railroa'd de
pots between Frederick, 4ld. and Winchester, Va.
The assassins who ren-mtly stabbed several men at
a frolicking party in Nev York, have been arrested
in Boston and taken back ; their names arc Israel
White and Lemuel StarJi.
Murder. On Tuesdav night of last week, a party
of five men left Providence (R I) to visit a house of
no lair lame, a iew nines irom mo city, Kepi oy ono
Benjamin. Some altercation ensued at tho door, when
Benjamin fired his gun and mortally wounded a man
named Gibbs, and severely wounded another named
Angel!. Benjamin, in default of finding bail for 6000
dollars, was committed.
A laboror at MillerstownPa.) attempting to pull a
bar-keeper named Weaver, out of tho house, the lat
ter shot him with a pistol the wound proved mortal.
Dutchess County Farms. Col Bonesteol of Rod '
Nook, has sold his farm or 180 acres, n little west of
tho lower villogo of Red Hook, for $100 per acre,
making in tho whole $18,000. Tho farm was sold to
a practical farmer and solely for farming purposes.
Pouglikeepsie Telegraph.
The boiler of a steam flouring mill at Eaton, Ohio,
exploded recently, killing four men and severely in-
junng another. Tlio building was entirely destroyed,
A branch of an extnnsivn irnnir nf rniintprfeitpr
has been discovered in the northern section of Her- s in readiness for the reception of boarders. Board
kimcr county, N. Y. and Bcveral arrests mado. ' can n,so 00 obtained in families. Expense of board
Heavy iW.-Canning, speaking of tho national om 31 to? ,75-, Ums in th, Academy boll
debt ofGreat Britain, said sho'was bSund to keep tho ' ' J ITITJT,
peace in tho sum of 800,000,000.
KfProbale Court on Thursday next at Wilmington. I
imioiiTorr niAiticmv-"- -
Monday, Feb. 18. At market 315 Beef Cattle, 11
yoke Working Oxen, 12 Cows and Calves, 975 Sheep
and 108 Swint.
Prices. The Beef at market was of good quality:
First quality 8.J to 8.J ; 2d quality 74 to $8 ; 3d qual
ity (ii to $7. Working Oxen, $90, 05, 110, 115.
Cows and Calves, 30, 35 & $10. We noticed one
very prime and handsome Cow sold at $85.
Sheep, '1 50, 4 75 and $5 ; one prime lot from E.
Phinnoy's farm, Lexington, G50. A few prime cos
sot wethers sold for 10 dollars.
Swine Lots to peddle at 7 and 8c ; at rctnil, 8 for
sows and 9 for barrows. Yankee Farmer.
' In Whitingham, Feb. 7, Mrs Sabra Nash, aged 03,
! consortof Mr Chester Nash. By her death her bus-,
i band has been bereft of an agreeable companion, her
! children of an afTectionatc and pious mother, and tho
I church of a worthy member. "Blessed arcthc dead i
I which die in the Lord." Printers in the staTe of Acio i
' York are requested to notice. Com.
i In Chester, 13th inst. Wid Elizabeth Gould, 80.
In Hennepin, Putnam Co. (Illinois,) January 21st,
Miss Diadama S. Pulsipher, late of Wilmington, Vt.
aged 23 years and 5 months.
In Wulpole, (N II) Mr Zachariah Carpenter, 73.
In Langdon, suddenly, Mr Mchuman Stebbins, 80,
one of the early settlers of the town.
in iNorthampton, ils. win. Anna liaglcy, aged !M.
ln LiPyucn, (Japt David Demson, , arovo. soldier,
t Wnltlmm. Mr Atilnlililn Ttpmiq. htpiI R7. i
In Cambridge, fllai Joim Hastings, ngcu c, an oi-
fleer of the revolution and a pensioner.
IN this village will commence on Monday next,
-1 til March, under the care of Mr D. M. Kijikaij,
in connexion with his sister, Miss KiinAt,r
Terms as usual.
Brattleboro, Fib. 1639. I'm
lbs. Northern Clover Seed, for sale by
Brattleboro, Feb 20, 1839. 2ml9
Tb ofGoian's celebrated Pumps with metalic valve
Jl for sale by A. E. D WIN ELL.
A. Ii. An examination of the article will satisly
all of their superiority. Feb 27.
The hinhseriher oiler lor Male,
M Jo. ( .Merchants1 How, Boston,
Drums Turkey Figs, from 5 to 18
1200 lbs Smyrna Raisins,
150 Casks Raisins, blue and black mark,
75 half casks Raisins, do.
500 Boxes Raisins,
IBS T? tatj T i .niirM.
75 Boxes Oranges,
English Walnuts, Caslanas, &c. &c.
All of which 1 will sell as :heap as can bo had in
the city.
20,000 lbs Dry Apple, fur which I will pay 5 cents
per lb. Cash, if delivered to mo at any time
within sixty days from date.
100 Bushels Pea Beans, of the best quality, for which
I will pay $2 00 per Bushel, delivered to mo as
above. Mso.for
10 Tons of good Butter, and
10 Tons of good Cheese,
1 will pay a fair price in cash.
Boston, February 13, 1839. 0winl8
V 15 11 M Kir T HQ V S K,
gjy A iiu oil M3i i iuui iiu, ui iii,i:iiuj Itincil
! ! A mo auovo tiouse, itormeriy occupied by i
M"&i-S'rfjlo its former customers nnd friends and
the public generally, that he is now prepared to wait
upon those who may lavor lum with their custom.
The house is centrally situated and in the immediate
vicinity of tho business part of the village.
Tho attendants will bo found prompt and ready ;
tlio larder wilt be MuppUcd with all tho tlclicacica ol
the season, and nothing will bo omitted that can con
duce to the comfort of his guests.
Connected with tho House is a largo and conven
ient STABLE, in which a faithful and experienced
Ostler will be constantly in attendance.
The subscriber trusts that by prompt attendance to
business to merit a share of public patronage. Those
who tavor hun with a call will nnd Ins terms mode
February 11, 1839.
Stvange as it may appear,
IT is now more than ono year sinco the subscribers
altered their firm, and they still find many unset
tled accounts on their Books and some notes unpaid.
ip ,i j ...:n ..n i .i.... ..ui
ll ujusu uunuuiuuu inu uuu uuu pay suun, luuv Willi t irn- r.
save costs, and much oblige ' ' ' ' Hch nenenco ,n my profession, and full confidence
1 . . in mc nlnliK tn suit nil tlinsn whn mnv t.ivnr run with
Brattleboro, February, 1839. 3wl7
rTUIE shop of the subscriber was broken open on
X tho 23d inst. about one o'clock in the morning,
by a transient person, and several articles taken a
way. I followed and overtook the roue, and look
ing over his bundle for the missing articles I found
the uppers of'13 pairs of women's kid shoes, closed,
lined and bound, which I charged him with stealing.
He denied it, but said I might have them for my
trouble. Ho called his name James Banks, and said
ho was born and brought up in Dover, Dutchess Co.
N. Y. Ho either feigned himself or nctunlly was un
der mental derangement, so much so that I released
him. And now if any person has lost the above men
tioned property, ho can havo tho same by proving his
claim and paying charges.
Rockingham, Feb 23, 1839. 19
A Slale Trmncraiiec Convention
WILL be holden at Woodstock on Wednesday
and Thursday, the 0th and 7th days of March
next, to commence at 10 o'clock A M of the Cth.
Tho expediency of establishing a paper similar to
tho Temperance Recorder published at Albany, and
tn devisn nnd nrlnnt nil Riieh mnnRiiwR fnr nrrvino
t. i . i . t. J. E?
torwnru mo temperance rciormation, as may be tuo't
most efficient, nro the great objects of tho proposed
meeting. It is hoped measures may bo adopted to
secure the attendance of delegates from every town
in the State. E. FAIRBANKS.
Feb, 1839, Z. HOWE.
Town lic ntl Aeadcinv.
nnllE SPRING TERM of this Institution will
JL commence on the first Wednesday of March next
under the superintendence of Mr Wm. A. Siiepard;
tho female department, Miss Maky E. Suei-aiui.
Tho common as well as tho higher branches of Eng
lish literature will ho taught ; also the ancient and
French and Spanish languages,
an excellent Philosophic appai
The institution has
nnaratns. The boarding
house, under tho management of Mr Ahncr Johnson,
I bills.
For the study of common English
highcrhranches "
French and Spanish 5 00
Tuition is charged for nothing short of half a term.
J. ROBERTS, Secretary
of tho Board of Trustees.
Townshond, February 8th, 1839. 17
Gallons Copal Varnish of a superior quality,
u j warranted good, tor sale at a low price, by
I February 12, 1K19. fiw!7
; Palm Uats ! Palm Hats !
THE subscribers wish to get a few thousand Palm
Leaf Hats Braided, for which a fair price will
i bo paid in Goods.
I Also wanted 100,000 yards Straw Cord.
Green River, (Guilford) Feb. 11, 1839. 18
BAA SAP BUCKETS for sale by ,
Ull J. C. STONE &. CO.
Green River, (Guilford) Feb. 14, 1639. 18
Cabinet Fui'iiiftirc, Chairs, and
HAVING bought out S. W. Spooner and taken
possession of the Shop, the subscriber gives
notice that ho is now making and will keep constant-
ly on hand, a ooon and full assortment oi
f lllIVCT WntlTr rlT,im.V nn.l l.1.'.('I'?RB.f.
0r fiucli a quality nna r"" illmrr - r ti;i-.cHnn
to purchasers. Gentlemen and Ladies in this vicin
ity are invited to call one door South of William
Hyde's Hat Shop, where they will find prices as low
as at any other place, and all Orders attended to
personally nnd executed promptly.
Brattleboro, January 1st, 1839. 11
Jan. 23.
Feet Seasoned Birch, Maple & Cherry
SL1TWORK, 3i by 31 nnd 4 by .1 inc.
QTANLEY & HARRIS being about to close their
C5 Copartnership, call on all persons having unset
tled demands to make payment before the first of
April next, after which time cost will be made Ao
Their stock of Goods, comprising a good assort
ERY, HARD lVARE,iic.lc. arc oflered at redu
ced prices. A share of them will be sold at cost for
cash, as the 6tock must be sold to close the concern.
Wilmington, January 1, 1839. 3ml 1
3Vcv Tailoring Establishment.
ISHKS to inform his friends nnd fuslomern
and the public generally, that he has iust Duell
ed a shop in Faykttevilm:, a few steps west of Air
K. Higgins' Hotel, for the purpose of carrying on tho
Tailoring business in all its variety.
He has engaged Mr Rr.oiiK.v Elmer, late a Jour
neyman in the Shop of Mr King of Brattleboro, to
take charge of the establishment. Mr Elmer comes
well recommended as every way qualified to cut and
make every kind of Gentlemen's Clothing in tho very
host style. Almost any amount of work which may
bo offered can bo done at short notice. All garments
warranted to fit well or according to order. All per
sons wishing for work are invited to cull, with the as
surance nf being well used.
Particular attention will be paid to Cutting Gar
ments for others to make. The latest New Y'ork and
Boston FASHIONS will be regularly received.
Making Dress and Frock Coats, from 3 50 to S4 00
Do. Pantaloons - - - - - 1 00
Do. Vests $1, and other work in proportion.
Mr B. would say to all Merchants and Traders,
that they need not feel the slightest reluctance to ha-
, ving their Cloths brought to his Shop to bo cut and
maue, as no questions win ever uc nsnco rciauve 10
the prices of such cloths, nor will any art be practiced
to make purchasers dissatisfied with their bargains.
OTy'Vlio subscriber has ott IiaihI atiLuJl-"jMCi
stantly for sale, a large and splendid assortment of
of tho best quality, which will be sold at the lowest
I prices. A. lilUCHAKD.
Faycttcville, January 23d, 1839. uwla
"JVjTESSRS: I will now inform you that I continue
i.T.0. at my old Stand, Sjuth of tho Common in Fay
cttevillc, on Main street, where I will at all times bo
ready to execute all kinds of work in tho Art of Cu
ting and Muking Gentlemen's fearing Apparel, nnd
that in the latest and most approved style, or out of
i rasuion in any e
f ashion in any snapo you piease to direct, r rom
theircommands, I do warrant all garments made at
my Shop, to suit, provided man can be suited any
tchere, as per order or Fashion : Therefore your work
will bo as Fashion dictates, unless you put on the
veto; and then if it is not according to order I will
satisfy you pay you for your cloth and give in the
garment. (Let whoever will, tell their lies and make
their brags, as they seefit.) Here you have my me
thod of doing the fair thing in black and white. As
for CUTTING and MAKING, I turn my hack to no
ono, or any-two or three.
Therefore, Old Friends and Customers, (and ever
so many new ones,) please just give ine a call and
you will find me as I state. i
F V S II 1 O IV S .
The Latest arid most approved FASHIONS aro
and will be received regularly from all Quarters j
none can receive them in more haste nor in better style
than I do specimens of which I shall bo pleased to
exhibit and explain to you at any time.
Cutting done at nil times for others to make, and
great care taken in marking the same, that there
may be no mistake.
T it 5 M SI I IV G S .
Trimmings of all kinds on hand, and as low as can
ln ),A,,1. nn i.l.a.n nnA T l,lnL n llttln .ItoanAi
u "" ..mm j.... v..w.rw.
1 P. S. I do not want five nor six hands in addition
to what I now have, but should liko two more,
i I am yours, &c.
! Fayctteville, Nov. 1838. tf3

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