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No, 39,
Vol, XVI,
T II 12 V E 31 O O It A T
is rum.tsiiim uvr.nv wkd.nksiuv jton.MMi, nr
Office No. 0 Gr.mlto IJoiv, opposite the St.-igb liousc. .
Terms Slnelo copli- by mull 1,50 In advance; Classes i
paid Hrlctiy in advance, & oincrwie 5i,yu.
No paper ill.rontlnupil till arrearages arc paid, except nt
the option nf the publisher.
tlio 1 rut li which tlmt flict exemplifies.
Again mid a- lice nil lliinps for 1 ho Tiulli, linvc tinttcrtnkcn ilia ml- is ncqhired through long years of bitter cxpericliro ; !
train ilo vve In-ill- it urced. & by persons liotli whom vocnr.y hi tliu blessed enhso lor which uiiiisi cninc, nun sometimes 1110 greater part ol a lie is spent in
. .'3 . . J '. ... I I . II I I -I Ixunfiniil tilii.t.l l.iin l.mtli idiPtl. kl 1 (T., r! ll ., 1 1 i i 1 1 1 in! n , 1 1 1 ni 1 1 e f ,-nt , I tltit, .intl i.rn..i i.e..
nt pence- unli itscll, mill ill light
stu rounding nature, tlnppy tiro they
such expensive schools, lenrn Iho
I'rcnclicd lit l'hihulelphia, Sunday, June 13th.
nv vr. it. runMKss.
I.uVc xli, fll. ''Suppoo ve that I mn enrao to give pcaco
011 i-nrth V 1 tell yuu, uav i but rather divl-lon."
When wo consider how long nnil how widely
Christianity Ims picvniled, how iiiiihcrnus are its
teachers, how abundant inoir opportunities oi in
Ulllll IHI .Vi; IIUMI ll IIIUIMI, l. ... nicuii. n"iii ...v --. . , ,
wo should expert wiser tilings, that wo should hold mid such tin ocean ol innocent blood Ims been shed. f MiiTerine, ihsnppoinl
our peace and utter no word for Justice nnd Free- Tim passions of inuli mo lilind nml headstrong. Iho timid is found n
doni, bccm.so it will disturb, nnd irritate, nnil cause Thoir H-ir-iuti-rcst is cniining mid sleepless, (mv-i relations to nil sin i c
ii;. n,.. ...;n in-im. ik.i nrni-n Imt n sword, em niL'iit. will, nil their tifilfiuls lire iniclily, nnd oil who rnn, oven in s
. Jim mere is uim an m nuupiuig mcmscivos to iiio mvnrinmo mvvs oi NhVV, vvho wns sent out with six eoiupniijoi.s bv
ian thelll sill us henv-1 tlni universe, which they r.innot successfully oppose, 'Pntngonian Mi.-sionnty Society,' to the neighliorh
is stronger limn uiiiii or in any respect idler! Without self-control, let it of Capo Horn, has been literally starved tn dent
at inn u'lmtilll iimtinMSI! C II Pll lilt 1011 its I Ct'01'US
linvn !,. . how the story of the life of Cluist litis ! excitement,
Stiii-vntiou of Missionaries.
The Loudon papers contnln t Ills following distres
sing nceount of the death of n party of missionaries,
from stnrvntioti .'
iience nut n sworn, erumciii", wiiii iui mcir miiriuia tun m.p.ni, ..m. ...., ....n m ui M .ciiii,stiiuuir,niiHi niu i , i-.mlmisii oliicnr. Unlit. (Jnrdnrr. ol Ino Kovnl
Surely, I eminot help thil. king, when I hear this, these limy lie linked together. Jim mere is onu an in iidnpimg incmscivos to mo invariant!) mws ot Nhvy, who nns sent out itli Mx conipaivioi.s by the
they who talk thus have forgotten Christ. II tins tiiiim mat isns niucii stronger man mum mi us n...- j mo mm uim:, mun ihbj (.niiioiBiicccs.nimy oppose, I'ntngoninn .llissionnty Society,' to the neighborhood
were n good mid niflicient reason whv truth should on is higher than cailh, ns Gml is stronger than mail or in any respect idler! Without self-control, let it 0f Capo Horn, has been literally smrved to death
not be utteicd, then Jesus Clirisl did "wrong, for lib nnd Unit one thing is Tnti-rli. 'bo well Understood, no one is competent to govern he, nnd lilS companions r-illi him. The paity coti-
ktieW, lie foresaw more clearly than nny one else, 1 beseech j'oti, biolhien. put your whole cot,.-jii,iers. l'o moffttrj tlii priiiclpl!,' nppteds wllli llitirc , tUct nf cil. Allen Gardiner, 15. N., superintend
that tllC tilfeinilce of t'nilli woulilcuusc division, nml lleiu-o in that. In that belioxc so earnestly mid so inoiiieiitnus interest than to any or nil other persons, i Cnt ; Mr. Williams, surgeon nml cntcchist j Mr.
et ho persisted in ntieiing it. No coiisiderntion nr bravely tlmt nothing shall deter jou liom speaking it , for it is their Influence mid example whirh infuses ' Maidmeiii, hiti-chist ; John Crwin. carpenter: John
iiaucncK, jonn urviint. nnd .iniin fierce, uoriiisn
fishcrnieii. They fell Englaiiil in September, 1850,
in tho bulk Orttm (wenf it having been irotuiscd
Hint stores should be forwarded to them in June, tin
the Fa 1 1; hm 1 1 Islands; sliolild they bo iinablo to niain
tnin their posllihn at l'ictott Island, Ilunglo Channel,
it was supposed that boiiic provided with parlially
deeked launches, they would fall back on Stutcil Is
consequences, whether to himself or otiicrs, could liiitliliilly nnd acting in obedience to its dictates, order or disorder into the infant mind, to "grow with
deter him from declaring what ho knew, nnd wbut come what limy. Put jour trust not in tho m ill of its growth, nnd strengthen with its Strength."
lrorn dio Homo Journal.
Dress nittl iUntiilurs in ?Iai-litiiino.
nv N. I'. WILLIS.
Wo were nt tho Sunday morning innsSj nt this
same church, mid, ns it is tho season of Lent, it wns
iiiiiiMiidly thronged. Wo saw, wo were atsuied, tho
l,.o, l.i,, .n. m t.n in, il. Tim Minn, tho iiinl'iL'- fliit-li wliii-l, in hut i hist iti ill must soon inniililrrn
nity nnd iolenee of hiinmli lienlls was revcnled. tin- wny, not in the civil poucr, for tlmt is but thb t-it-n-
ly the more manifest was tho need for the truth to lion nnd the instrument of the popular will and litis
lie spoken. If it were wise titill light then to nssert no power npait from and independently of thai "nt
the truth, when the nsserlion of it caused uproar &. in theslioit-sightcd niaiiiigcmeiit of self-sctikiup pol-
excitement, what makes it unwise nnd wiong now, ilicialis, but in the Eternal Ti nth of Christ Hid of
. . .. ii.i.... ..i... ...! nil.... :f ;. !....: 1. .. :ll j.Ww.mm,.
i. . ii' .i i ...i i ,.: ., ,. W il-II t 10 samo conseutiences lOHOiv r iiiurr.niiu vimi. u nai n u ciraira iicn,iiiun, n " m
ii-en ioiii iiiui mm uui nun uhji im "i .. i . . . . , . " .i i. .i . ..t.. .i ; .1... .i
h.ust exnect tliis niuch.nt least, that, whatever differ. "','.' "".V? I"cl..ini n ull, arc doing imrm, lieu , i f-uaiiou. n is u,c ouiy muig m.u ,. e. , . , c,)oircsl thc ,-.!lo ,.0(.icly o- ,,, plurc-m,,! fW
dices of oi.inion there mav be, men at this time oC "risi ami ins aposnes urn uni u, me,. ,.iu i,,.,.... . ... , "". '" r ' ' ma o.tdinost to n ninn, tho c.ongregal on was. The
m y would cert , .ly be Aimi liar will, one of Iho of Christ was mischievous, then the wo.hl would ,-iucn winch it has nrot.sed. I hat only ci.n . I. , c , ,. i miexcep.io.i.mlo K.enel. toilette
.hmierfiicts it. the l.istory of our religion, namely, Imvo bedi, a great .leal belle.; -off . Chnst.andy had back ...to jts scabbard the sword which has been ;,,,; t 1)()miL.,s of lhalmvett Mhhm fttMml,
mat. while CluiM's aim was to inspire love, to n-akc "nt come. Wo me toll , mill by Intel igent peoplo drawn against it. Kr nt,!..! 1 bcnuiilully won. as well as beautifully chosen-mid
e c... I n m mediate efleCl tif his tcaehiul' nnd bis ton. Hint if never a wo.d bad been spoken m behalf As It was with the earlier triumph bf C ,i I In ' -l,herc was lib lobk of the Tioplcs about them except
inVwas din-etlv the reverse, the immediate rouse- i ol t ho dow n-troildc-n nml in foiuleii.n.il.o.i o. m . ysnwit . no now, so win n a.wa.vs ' '"A", V.. in tl,i-Jr complexions. A snllowness, of iho lino of
m.enco was the'a wake.ii.iL' of bad feelings, the infla-J nu&W vrci.iR w.nc.i so ms.ionn.s our co. , , r v nun irince rwn is e.uurone . aim ,.o gos . . tlnllin(,(t jvorv.fuhich I tun growing to think rather
i . . .. .... in, to i n ui tii.tiiiuoi.t, iiiT rnnir ivim in nil vn I'l I v mill I. i.inir.nii nt.e iirnf.111 ill, I'll I I nil uriN. li . . . - .
thin'' about ChriMiatillV
time to have become perfectly familiar with, it is
ibis fact, that, while Christ came mid lived and died
for tho sake of pence, tho iiniuediuto nnd incvitablo
effect was wnr, iI'umoii, diviiion the most serious &
bitter. It is high time t tint this fact wns known mid
understood, whatever else may bo unknown and
misundei stood. ,
And yet that it is neither understood nor known,
that ition tiro oh heedless aC it ns if it were licit iho
fact, most plainly appears lioni this : that, on all
sides wo mav hear it advanced, and by persons of
..I il... i, n.. i i,,i...iitii2 inn iiriiiini-.i inn ill inn - - ... , rtmmiiii infill ninnrivisi. I id nil nil. i iiini.'i'i mill
. . '. .. . . 1 ".. ' . . .' .i .. I lw.ni. liu tl.w limn i.l inlialipil in .1 vi-rv roiisiilcin ilo first nnd fii- ii while, the. dirnrlsnlul setvalits (d ' p .. . I
paiuliil dtviMons. bo ccriauiiy wcro mese con- - -v j ,., , . '., .., , ,.,.. licaltntest ciiceu, and ot roses mere are none, nut
iienees produced, so plainly did ho lorescd tliem, --, " " ' " v J' V , J, r V. I wo were chtirined w t h one lli ng, wh ch delights the ,
.1. . ' ' . r.n .1... tint n wiiii u-tis kiwi i.n. nml t int neat W i n. mi ci to car 1 Ivi 1 isi-nrnm. the eternal vearsortio . . .
it 10 sa ( , as in our text: -wo jou mi . iu.-o ui.u - ' , , . ,, , .i f T , . -n . ,.:,t. nave or wnerevc r ic 1-re ic u nro omul tuu auec-
. '. . ., . : 11 m . .... (,ir Irtiiti uiisliiii' iiu nv. sun-Mil mm- morn tli.'i do ill - nro hers." nml ihli ilav ol vietorv 11 ill Co lie with . . . , . ,
coining is to give pence .- i ion jou, in j om v o. ' i -. .- -. n.. . 1 . .. .. i . . T ... w i Ii i. i . t.onate and eaiessing respect wiiii which tno enieriy
ilivision." 1 repeat, if there is one tact or '""- '"."'".V, ."" I"'"1-' """t";".' "V 7"'". V V ... T . .. r . Indies of the ciowd weie treated by their jounger
which men ought ny tins '. -.- .1. - .. . " " - ; . ""-" " " rr ends and acnlta nianccs. As l ie 1 sticis intr con-
'i'hcill-fiitcd party lnudeil oil l'ictott Island towards
t.n ..I..C... r .t.n .. . ian i.-ij ii.. 1!....
IIIU IIHIU Ul IIIU Uill JUilU, l lllill lllU 1IIM, IIIU
Iloincstcttd jRxcinpiioti.
The following exlracts exhibit tho various qualifi
cations of the Exemption liills now in force in thrj
several states named :
. Maine A lot of laud, dwelling house, nml out.
buildings iliui fcbn, or so trluell thereof ns shall not
exceed S500 in value. At the death of the husband
rests in thc widow, mid nt her death in the children.
J 'crmonlt Tho lioinef (end of every ho.Ufn-koeper,
or head of a family, to tho vnltic of five hundred dol
lars, mid the j early products llibrcuf.
Mussachusclls. The lot nnd building thereof! or
enmed 113 n residence, td tho vnlue of five hundred
Vrio York. Tho lot hint buildings thcrchn oceii
tiied ns n rusidencc, lb tho value of ouo thousand dol
lars. syiand. All real estntb nfrjnirell by tnarringo
ilnring the life of tho wife, from execution (or debt
of htishnpd:
Gcortria. Twenty acres of laud, incliidimr dwel
ling house and improvements value of liotinc nml
.. ..... ..... .1 , ..,.. . ... .., i- .. ..... : 1.1 .... lliuiiti mm m iiiimimini ii. inu iiiniiu-iani
ions, mm u grew m.g .my ...id preva it- . .1.1 1 .1 ins oir.o 11. tno tai 1. i.m nope o. us conn i.g-,e 1. ... ,-, 011(;(, mt of ,hmc 0 tc llcrs 0r tho
wiMiitin tin. I'm i,i, mi, it, iw. t n, net 1,11,1 I In, 1 nlilift l,,t. 1 hi. Inn, l, tl,, l,,l,,,et I , ntli Innl; lllif ktl'illl I V llllln Je- r- r I I ....
........... w ...y ........ ...........h ...w ..... ,. ..(...v 'I'loiitis weri:
I l;w k 11 tiiiilti.i-. jitit ill nniliimi. lint sun. uniLniir in tin. Ktii-lnrtli til 1 int m'l-nt lilltlln. n 1
of this naliilli.
of liiet. Hut even if. notwithstanding this fact, even
ifitwerottuo that silence could have insured the
downfall of oppression, mid that talking about it on
ly tends to stiengtheii it, in this case the upholders
of Iho wrong ought to Imvo no quarrel with those
wh(4oppose il, smre their opposition tends, ns is
said only to slienglheii mid perpetuate it.
lint letting this pass, I cnliunt help being deeply
the srnv-hnired matrons-
seem to have been annoyed, in some measure, bv tho improvements no to exceed two hundred dollars
natives, nml to hat e been hunted backwards ami for- "d tho ndditionnl amount or five acres for each child
wnrils from the little island to what may bo called under fineon years of age.
the mainland of Teira-dol-Fucgn. About tho ltiid- Florida. Forty acres of land to every farmer, nml
die of April, 1P51, dipt. Gardiner begins to record to every hnuse-llccpcr residing in n town or city, it
in his diary, which has been preserved to us. that t house nnd lot not to exceed three l;uiidred dollars iit
'they have provisions enough lo last for two months, value.
sonic being very low.' They shoot an occasional i .'llaltana. Forty ncrcs of land when not in nny
fox, which servos them for food ; nnd besides if they i town or city, nnd piovidcd such does not exceed ill
did not destroy the ii'iimal, ho would do his best to , value $-100.
steal ihe lemaiiuler of t heir little stock of provisions, j Texas. Two hundred ncres of land, when not ill
The scurvy breaks out among the parly. They rtro ony towif bl- city, not to exceed in value 52,000.
driven to take refuge in n cavern ; but thb tide rolls 0.Wd.-Kvefy family n ha.ncsleat! not exceeding
111, (111(1 Capt. Giiithlier nnd .Mr. Mailliiicht tho cute-, jsjoo in vnliict
e nisi, aio ouiigeu to sw ill o il tor i e lives, iiiui iA : ..t , . ir.. t
take refuge um,n a clump of lock, round the base of! .r,,,, -For y ncrcs, with dwelling house nn
which the wnvesofllm Monti. Atl ,.,ti,- am bi-.-akitiL.. ' "Plu ieua.icc, vvnei. I oi a iimi ... i-jr , .. ...
Upon this the two poor cre.-tures kneel down 111 !mv". or,,Kn dvvelltnS house not to exceed
.: m;" i ,...h...,. ..ommc ivi.r ,ii.ri.i i i iintirusscil with thu nnnlariiv hulucun thix) nines . tuesyr.s i outers ix; cii.
!.!..., I ?.. ;r. i ...J iu.ni.r v hnv !... . ittKi tlio tunes uf Christ itml Ins iipn-.ties. J runtint
it, I say, everywhere advanced ns n deci-ivo reiiMin I ''w tins same mgun.eiit vv uch is urged now n
against preaching and publishing truth, that it will ' ". the bold and earnest publication ol until, and
cause cxrilcu.ent and endanger union, producing di-1 winch is founded upon the disturbance that truth
.. . ... . i.,ii nmiiiiii! u-nulil lint ., ,,!'. In, nil llivt nu kni.tlil tlinli
...u,..., ...a i.m I. i.l ult.c niitini. rnlii.i.iii.i. .X. ivnlt.M v..,..., ..w. .... ......
fain prohibit by force, the publication of truth, of
what they themselves admit to be until, because, ns
they say,'& ns is very manifest, it irijtati-s Iho minds
of men. And I am bound in charity to think that
they who take this ground, and oppose the assertion
and advocacy ol the truth, liecaiiso it will excite Had
.. I... I.l. tl.n
., .. .. . ... . u.uii.i: .iii. ill.; ai ,i -in, ii , i in.iii .in.-. t.inw. ,,.
mo stieiiL'iu oi uiai cieni iiauu-, ., -, , i.. .;....:
, . , , i , . , i ' . r i . , . L u, iil.u in LPffUil ill. l..n i: il.li. .... i;.ui;..iit in, 'Hi.'
p?ck,"R tMy 1"'t l,n,vt,-v f,J"""1 '". U' S1 . tV that expressed their social value)-nnd who were ' J
obey tho two great commandmenls, loving God hb- ! r . ,, ,- ,n ,, i,.,i ; I
,,,!, I ,, o l,!u lnll,.. ,..,.1 I ,,. I, tnuuimr l r.v " "I " '. . , . .. -. , ...
V" " - . i - 7 nnd m ill red, it were only necessary to he o d. The i"".V V . ."" !"n j -"rnisii umio, .mm, . ,,,;;. f nt nr mni.mf nn.1 ln.lt.lintr. nceiinieil
God will be vv l'"""""' nm.ie.s of these g,,,y-h.,i,,-d H.voritcs were nios. , ' .V -'"ly "1 H'o party have been seven weeks on short JL t Z X
r--i-''?r'."S!: ,,!,..,!.,... I tl,n.,,.,iil,rir iliinniv ..,,.1 onso I.ei.iL. I allowance tlnni- only h.nm -,s m thc oxnerled sill i """- . . ... ....
. ... .... ... . . - ".c---- .1---". n . I....I , I 1. !....!.. I ..I .: ','1....,
n-jTho fi. oiv in? va ua i e stiCL'cst ons aro taken ,'m ne ed vv I h a ; iuii o coiiile.-cend inr li avfu nets "". '" f" '"i -""-
(i inn llin "llmrnniillilr V.nrwlnntiVin" lltlllhs bed hv "'d
cavcty that must make the voting people nt
li'ome in their company, and which showed, besides,
liow completely restraint was removed, mid now
. . .. . ,i a .uncoro and
.. " inonlsand
niE.NTAi. iivoicni:. vve may religiously ooscne , .. . . u ....... ns , , stm 6CI,
all the laws of H.vgienc in relation to air, light, drink, 1 ij, tho'Smidiiv mass, we had been told, was the
food, teniperntiire, e.xerce, sleep, clothing, hathing, ?re.lt tiiipoitunitv lb see. the holiday costumes and
greedily eat n penguin, a shag, a Imll-devourcil fish
washed upon shore, bix mice nro spoken ol m tho
journal ih daiulics. The garden-seeds have been
shrink from it all. It is verv painful td Hit', I foul
nlinost find il In my heart to wish that it were a good
reiiMin for keeping silent in Iho cause of mV pbor
r...ii.. .,;i ti,. ..-.. i,i,.,-mw I r,-,.,..l ' vvroii-icit umiiier. mat snei.Kiug lor nun vexes nun
to believe that they have never apprehended ono of ;niages people. 1 Would sometimes be very glad If
the plainest facts stated in the New Testament histo- ''""''I hiul wlenc-o justified by tins consideration,
rv. that it bus escaped their consideration altogether. t tlien, w believer. 1 a... tempted to yield to this
They surely cannot have perceived what the Chris-1 weakness, l am p.omptod lo n.-u inyscii ii i am
linn records tell us in so many words resncciinir the swayed by the ear of exeileuieiit and , ivi-ion where
cfi'ect of Chrint's teaching, or thny would be iii-lniui- ,
ed to oppose the assertion of the liiilh for such a
reason ; lor how could lliev help seeing, that il such :
when Christ was on earth, ns it is now. For my- nnd the excretions, mid vet "luck one thing." If the 1,,!, , r ti.' i,.;,i,ili. i,.l imw.i- el,,sn r tin.
self, 1 dread noise, and irritiiiiou, nlul opposition, & iaslon's nro our maslers, nnd notour slaves, they jj'nm a show of no small magnificence, it Wiis.
tho nipttiro of friendly ties ns truly as nny limn ! 1 1 will tide nnd ruin, iuslend of obeying mid serving us. p)ti .'fciicli ue-'iess "ives un her vv"ool as imprncli-
a reason is valid now, il must have been just as. va I
id then, in the limes of Christ and his Apostles, nay
even stronger then, since tho truth caused n much
fiercer excitement then, than it produces now, and
wns in danger of being billowed by more ruinous
consequences both to communities mid to individuals.
The existence of this ignorance or forgctfiihicss, i
or whatever it may ho called, ot so obvious a fact In
the history of Christianity what a melancholy,, dis
heartening commentary it is upon the ellieiciu-.y of
our abundant means of Christian iiiMiitcliou and
culture! If, with all our preachers, churches nnd
Hiblc Societies, and I know not what, men may still
bo ignorant ol so plain a tiling, if they have not learn
ed to sec it i id iiiidcrctnnd bow the publication of
Christian truth hits lioni the very first excited the
bad missions nf men and prodtircd division, one is
prompted to ask, in the great name of the God of
1 .. . i . .1... .1. i ..II .1 '.
trillli, wuai is mo wm in m uu uiesu r.iMiy iiisum-
tlous, all tins vust nnd expensive macninery tor me
cnmmiinieiitiou ami diffusion of Christian knowledge.
on which side should I have stood had I lived
tho limes of Jesus, had 1 been ono of bis hearers?
And I am forced to see that if I am governed by such
considerations nnvv, 1 should have been goverencd
by such considerations then ; and instead of being a
happy nnd blessed friend nnil follower of his, I
should have been ranked among his enemies, or of
the lukewarm mulliiiide that, if they did not hate,
neither did thev love him.
Ah 1 but Christ, (il will be said,) Christ that is
another sort
1 hero is no single hygienic influence moie comlii- tnlilo of coifliuc ; but she makes up for her di.-own
eiio to health, happiness, and long hie, than n cheer- t( pi.cuj.,rjtv us a thunder-cloud is replaced bv rain
(hi, eqliahlo temper ol mind ; and there is nothing ,0Wi Her Madras turban is not only of overv color
that will mure slirely disorder the bodily functions, ,)int ,. i,0 woven, but the squares in it are painted
exhaust the vital energies, and stamp premature in- brighter colors, renewed niter every washing,
firmilies on the constitution, and hurry us on lo mi , m,y ppect of St. Pierre on a week day yon may
eaily grave, than an uneven, irritable, fretful, or pas- fi,,u ,l0 l,,,ck beauty with pols mid paint-brush, pre
siinmte meut.il habit. paring her bright keirhiel for Sunday wear. You
I)irn:iti:NT Passions as Arrr.cTi.io IIcai.tii. ctt jnv. ,l0 j,ua uftliu effect of n thousand of these
There is, in the vigorous exeieiso ol the higher men- gorgeous heads coming down tho steps of n witho
ut! powers tho moral tiiTectious and the Intellectual1 trili. t s ji0 a Trenton Fulls of tulips and bou
fueiilties an elevating, sustaining, self-supporting nlu.tss,jw casende or negrc&ses crowned with
influence ; whilolho violent indtilircnco of the lower n,inhows the black faces giving the relief of velvet
order of passions the animal pibpensilics rapidly ' nmlcr flowers. A true copy of n cathedral with such
vveaisotil tho mental machinery, and enervates all ,, congregation issuing frtim it, would asloniah even
the phjsiological powers. Who that has ever felt the Williams and Steven's bhow-vvindow.
holy inspiration of ore. nnd the dopiessing influence The remainder of the dress the fashion of which
of haired, can fail to appreciate the inlpoitanco of lcv ,hcro to, with singular universality is primi-
meiital hygiene r Contrast iho emotion of benevo- ,;,li. si. .ml... Ii is n el.Rin'isH ainl a netticoat notb-
lowa. Forty acres of land, not in n town or city,
or house and lot in a tbWn or city not exceeding nt
value SoOO.
tl'isctmsin. Forty ncrcs Of land, not in a town or
-1 city, or a town or city lot not exceeding In amount
one-iotirm oi an ueie.
fiii'firni'n The l.ri.itnslnntl. rniislnim' ol'n nuntl-
Hryant, another Cornish fisherman, die. Two of Iho t;,v 0fn, together with tho dwelling house thereon
paity, Mr. Williams, the surgeon, nnd Pierce, n thud ! nm jts ,,purtenanccs, nnd not exceeding in valuo
Coruishmali, has gouo away fioin the main body of tt slm of$5G00
t ho party, fur Some object or other, prbbably for 'the . . j 'A 'homestead to each bend or n fnm
discoverv ol food. I heir dead bodies were discov- . , . ,'' ' , ,i, ,.),, r-,nn
11, II. U UIIIIII.V I l-l.ll ll., I" in w i, .,.., w. v ,
uafurnl' were Iho exchanges of eompli-! "ECt' r l1,10lll "l'"; iiissels and lim-.
kind words. Life brightens to the end, j '!f !V'C,",U "RXt indrce-.and then rock-weed Is I
ns tho sun set" boiled down to n jelly, hrwin, n carpenter, audi
ered nt Cook's Itivcr, sotiiii distance off. Tho pro-1
sumption is that ti.ey must have died about thc same ,
ti.no sis Capt. Gardiner himself, who probably eX-1
pircd on the (ith of September. The last entry in I
ins diary is on the 5lh of September, nnd in this ho I
mentions that he has not lasted food or water for
four days. Mr. Muidtucnt, the cntcchist, hud died ti
u few days before. As it was the fJlh of January,
185'.?, before Capt. Morsehcad, to whom orders were
sent by the Admiralty in October, arrived at the Is
land, the value of the precautions which had been
taken for maintaining the expedition can be left to
the public judgment.
After tunny hours of fruitless search on tho const
of Pii-.toti Island on tho 20th of January, somo wri
ting was seen by Capt. Morsohend's party on n rock
ncross n river. Tho words were, 'Go tb Spanish
find us
uht to be nsscts in iho luttidsof nn nilininistrutnr, but
to remain for the benefit of the widow, and until tho
maturity of tho last minor child.
iSbiifh Carolina. A homestead offirty ncrcs oflnnii
including the dwelling house nnd appurtenances, not
to exceed 500 in value, und not to extend to uny
city or town corporate.
The Czar of Kiissin.
The best opportunity I had of seeing Nicholas closd
to, was last evening (the same (lay of the review) in
tho court theatre. It being certain that he would bo
there, I went early in tlio dny, mid secured n plnco
upon the front sent of the orchestra stalls, about 12
feet from where bo would be. About livo minutes
liu. tih.v beifaii. the Czar entered, accompa-
On another rock ndjoiuing wns, 'You will njc( ,y pruncis Joseph, nlld tho whole house, full
Spanish Harbor.' On a third piece of, t0 overflowing, rose and burst forth in acclamations,
oi tiling; wo cannot reason tiom tlio ig- icnce, or i-ralitudc, or veneration, or roiuticniousiicM. , ti. .i.nrt bi.v.s nfibn whim tinder-irnr- rock, "Dig below,' vvluelilliey msinliliy did, nut loiind ,h ...iiiel, Nicholas s isht v melmcd his head. Here
would-bo reformers and violent advocates of. or miithMnevs, orfitUk. nr hone, with that ofenvu. ic t , v Inn.-idv ..limit il... Khnt.hleis. nnd as only a broken bottle, without uny paper or directions, i i i.,i.. i-..-,.. hnnoriunitv of studying his features. Ilis
at the present day, to Christ. And pray, why , venee.jenlnittu fir. r!if, ro.. ..r Vvw , ,. . . ,i r.ffli. then, seems to be 1 On "enrebiug one of the tiiwierws -igvynti in 'o , .,.... ...... iih unci rLmail.i.blu 1 mm s.n. b. I)lg
i Wns he not given ns lor nn example? Is he energizes tho mind and reniiluiates tho body tho ,m ,aliicnlar design of concL-allng the bust, either by j neurhborhood, they read on One of their poles, A hig, so intense and yet, when ho smiles, rissuniing
the truest standard whereby to try and judge oilier sinks, chills, nnd enfeebles both: one ninmi- .nuinr women nr nhl. A m tli'iire. iinh-eil. ilmv bottlo under ibis pole,' but Ihey could not find it : nn nirrpmilili. fllin.inh not nltot'ethei' losiiifT tho tierim
others? If he, in his divinely inspired wisdom, fUciiires. creates, as it Were, vital power the other
gave iillerauco to the truth in the face oi opposition wastes and destroys it.
and division, nro not those who profess to bo bis I llr.Ai.TiirOL Hxr.nciSK or the Passions. It is
friends commanded to bo faithful in like manner to true that all the propensities with which wo are en
their best convictions of truth ? .lowed were intended to be oxeieised actively and
Hut, it will bo added, bo knew how, nnd what, & ' vigorously, but always in relation to tho ttso or pur
vvhen to speak, he had special authority to declaie poses for which they were given never with vio
lin: truth. What then? It did not save him fiom f letiee.or in mere wantonness. When they urn nil
being opposed nnd raged against. Auger nnd nml-1 exercised harmoniously with each other, their eom
iru and hatred were none the less excited against hiticd influence U lo invigorate, ennoble, and exalt
Whv. vve Imvo not vet learned the alphabet ol Chris- '"" J "UiK "'"derii reformers, you may say, deal the whole being; but if one or several "grow imitiii-
tiau men, if we have not so read iho New Testament 111 violent and abusive language, j iiey condemn otis mid rave," tho whole physiological and psyc.holo
History as to perceive, not only that the preaching ni l """ "" ; "J1 ......, . .. - ....-.. : g.u ime uApeue.iees.. uuiei lurauon propuriioucii Ono ol them, since 1 have been here, mid II
tho simple truths nf Christianity did excite co0 j why we vvould have them hold their peace. Jl is l to the thno nnd degree in vvlncb uiigoverncd passion usually barefooted but it seems to be the he
mid creute elnmor nnd discord, but that it lies in the " llnl .'0J Fjn K' "ul ,' W"J " . . u '"e iiscemlaiit. elegance, with here and there n dressy one, to vvcnr ,
very condition & constitution of things that it should j ibey speak it, that jjives oflensc and eauses division. 1 hose who would maintain permanent nnd nni- nnulleineii's vvalking-pnuips of patent leather, in
do so, in Christ's lime and always, until that distant W hat thou was it, 1 ask, that caused people to bo so fiimi beidlhnnd attain longevity, should enllivate the w,jeh !he skin sets like n neat black stocking. Tho sc
day shall come when truth shall gain ti completu k'lrnf-'cd Willi C linst? I hero is no ono that has ev-i "hetler passions Willi the same sedulous nml lime-' ,,( ornaments are of such monstrous niassivoness w
It lllit-n .in ...l;n nr in. CI' II P.-CJ I'll'! I tllO ll l.tl. Ol (jOll that ll.lS lUMMl pelSCCIl- llllg CIIIO tllllt tllCV VV'OllId ClllllVfltU tllO llCSt fruitS ,,,wt nil,, lit!. i. ,,c in l. ll,n fi.,,1..,-.. tvl.l... n,.l..,..i llin I
have evidently no idea of nny ditl'eiences of beaiilv ""t "t was evident lioni roino scattered iraguieiiis oi csl,r,;!(Sin. li3 fchort hair and whiskers nro of a
in it, nor of nny embellishments for it, or display of! s'ores loiind on tho spot, that the mission hnd rested M,i.NU, gf0y his moustache is somewhat darker.
it, except by the colors in which it is draped. Tho Ur.rc. On the following morning Capt. Morsehcad Nicholas bus often been called the handsomest man
petticoat is n mere skirt of brilliant dyes, tied over wided fur Spanish I Junior, where they saw n boat i the world. In certain icspectri, and judged excht-
tbs chemise at the waist, mid they have a very un- lying o bench, nnd vvbero Ihey found tho bod- bivcy j ,.c.s,)CCt to n certain given kind of beauty, I
becoming fashion of wearing it so "long that it cannot j ,L'S Cal"- Gardiner mid Mr. Mniilliient linhuried. wo(m not deny his claim lo this distinction. Hut
be loosed upon the ground, but must be caught up . On ono of tho papers found was written legibly, but judged according to tho standard that in general ob-
iiud hitched at iho side. Jt, coiiseqtienily, clings ! without n date, 'If you will walk along the beach lor tains among men in rcfurcuco to mnlilv licniiiy, ifun
nngrncefidly close behind, showing sometimes, to ho mile ahd n linlf, you will find us in the other boat M.,rcssi,m indicdivo of Warm and kind feelings, n
sure, n well-turned und polished enlf of n black leg, . babied up m the nioiith of a river at the head (if tho 1 g00,htnd benevolent bt'nit, or nny of tho lovelier, so-
hut otherwise quite spoiling tiio beauty oi tbese ," '""i " euu iue. . ien.,v mn mo m.h- rcner, nnd lolticr nttributcs oi tlio numan soui,ns cx-
slately Cleopatcfts. I have not seen a stocking
ug ou 'ving.' Close to tho spot where Capt. Gardiner was prcSi.,l in the human coulitettnhce, tiro of uny nc
iov nro , Ij'd'r-' wasn cavcin, to vvhicb iittcntion wns directed ,.(,unt, then it can no longer bo said that bo is iho
ig'ht of by u hand painted on the forks with Psalm Ixii. v. hm,ifonicst of men. The expression of bis eye is
, under it. Here wcro lotuid the papers relerred , imliri.tive oftho linbit of comnmhdimr nbd beitiL'
, nnd two unfinished letters were written to his obeyed, tho turn of his inolistacho is tno relentless
in and daughter by Capt. Gardiner. Tho remains ' ant fi,.rce. It is easy to conceive, that in iho prcs
ere buried close lo this spot by the ship's company, j CIIC0 of'llint living niat'htne, n standing nrmv, whoso
tcrests that are opposed In it. J say that the igno
rance that prevuils as lo the clearest fuels of the his
tory of the progress of Christian truth, as to the
piinciples which those facts illustrate, reflects no
credit but very great shame upon all this apparatus
of churches, Sundays and associations, which is m
devoutly upheld, mid supported at such an expense
of money and of time. Ono would so gladly regnid
it with religious reverence nml support it with nil
his ability and nil his heart; mid yet, while it allows
men lo remain so ignorant ot Ins I truths and princi
ue was noi oiiiv spoKcn mm vegetables, j bat anger winch ''dwells only in ...... however. J nm told that a mil usually carries
.!..!., I I.. ' ' . . . . .
"evils of life'
'. mid tcsohiti
could nave neon nomiiig oui mo iruiii, uim mo nine i complaining, mid lamentation. That unhappy dis-
led and bated us he wus.
igninst and denounced, ho was. put to death nml Ins the bosom of fools,"
Irieiuls were hunted und iiiujFistvtiod, mid likewise
nut to dentil, merely on nccTniut of his iiiiuic. It !
boil Id bo a rare or unknown i... .. i.,.l,. ...... !., .!..., .,.,,1 ...
" . , , . I . . , . ' rt. rt.r . (;, .,,.U lUIIIIIIU III IIILIII, III,,,, IU I1M ,!.',. VUUI
isolied. aud likewise visitant, nnd the "evils of life" should be met with ,,..;,. il,n , i,., vnllmv mild is eertainlv verv em
; couruge, fortitude, mid tcsolutiou, instead of vvuiling, hcliishing.
I coilllihtillill". mid lameiitatioii. That mihantiv ills'.
truth which ho taught that raised Mich a storm. position which treats all tho lilllo or great pcrplexi- 1 'rom 1,10 Delaware Co. (Pa,) Republican.
It may be tlmt those who in theso days arc striving 1 tics, crosses, trials, disappointments, or troubles, Lottcr from California. . . .Women's Rights.
to be laithlul to Ins commandments, and to maintain i niucii niu iiiciiieniai to existence, and vviucli more San Fiuncisco, iMav 12. 185-?.
i. . .. i. -i i....i... ...i..." .... I...... I... ...... I l.t....:t ! - ! ..i.t '
tlio precepts ami principles oi ins ieiigioii,nuii io m-1 ib.-i uu.-i.i u.u u-munv piigninagu oi every uniiviu-
L-ulcato ins law oi invo u may do mai uiey arc viu-, ...... .nn. uuimg, Buuiuiug, un
lent and denunciatory, although when oue'lmS once aggravates nil the "necessary
itii Iniiu nn. wn l.i-l.i I. niriimimr n.nsi Kfrii.i.vlv tn e. nnil. t si. 'lit of tin.' horrors of that svsiem of human ly multiplies them : uud. vv
(liiestiou its valuo ? How can vve help having very ! bondago which thoy seek to abolish, ho cannot well loolisldy those talents and energies which should bu
strong doubts whether men are getting from it the ! see how any language is strong enough to depict it devoted to overcoming
Friend Capron of tho Providence Mirror knows
how to speak thc truth nnd call things by their right
right names. He ought to be n Judge.
Ittiillcs vis. IStlgS.
Wbnt n blessing it is for n roguo to Invo some
I "standing" in society. What pity it brings to a scamp
worth of what they pay for it ? Who rnn wonder
that so mai.y are growing cold in their attachment
to the religious institutions of the day, uud either
withhold their support from them altogether, or pay
the. it only formal respect? They resemble a
huge scaffolding, put together with so elaborate a
show of strength and purpose, tlmt m the first glance
one imagines there must of course be n grand edi
fice rising within it. JJut, when wo see, as wo can
not help seeing, how tho simplest furls uud princi
ples of religious truth fail lo be recognized, it vvould
seem ns if tho fust stones of tho foundation had not
yot been laid, nnd as if thc whole scafluhling were a
jiretenco mid a cheat.
Since the inefficiency of our religious instrumen
talities is beginning thus plainly to appear, it he
tomes us to rejuico vve may well thank God from
our inmost hearts that lie, in bis faithful Provi
dence, is 'bringing means into operation, whereby
the veil of our self-delusions may bo rent in twain,
nnd wo may be brought lo perceive the very low do
i . i.... ...
in its true character.
members nro trained to stiflo the kindlier feelings
and lo nourish their destructive and briitul passions,
Nicholas, clothed In a glittering uniform, on n tioblo
horse, nml ill ti bright sun, may be, to the soldier's!
cyo nyd benrt, thc beau ideal of munly beauty. Mer
cantile Journal.
MolIAMMEI)AN17XD CliniSTlANS. Itov. Mr. Unm
lin, American missionary nt Constantinople, smtcs
that during n recent visit to It hades, interesting fuet-i
were learned in relation to tho present leligiotis his
tory of some parts of Turkey. He wns surprised to
find that in the island of Cyprus Ihero are supposed
to be 11,000 Mohuinmcdons,whoso parcnis.if not ipenT
selves, were onco Greeks. Most of ther.i been mo
Moliummcdous in tho Gieck revolution, to save their
lives, und Ihey have secretly tuniii'.iimcd, together
with nn external performance of Mussulman rites,
'run oi' nur Christian culture how iziinrAnt wo lire
of tho simplest thiniM : nnd this will bo somelbiiic , und persecuted nil who dared to breathe
ci.ineil. Whether it be much or whether it bo little. I with respect. And it is the truth now
il energies which should bu 0Wn pen nnd that of your conespondents in relation a Bccond oflenco mid was law. Then ho wore n '
obstacles, nnd, by profitiiiir ii.L i,.,,iio,- nnnRilna n n kiinmliia in .me nievi- rnL'"ed coat, und bis face vvnru n (linker buo tlinli thn
The author of that wonderful from lessons of expeiieuce. "bringing good out of L..i.. ' fiimmil ntiinlnnc t liiifltirinnlV In itl'tlif tl lft IV ' 1 ll V fillPOmil tTOIltrV 11101 1 till ll'ltll. 1111(1 U'llO PHII'li (hi
talc, which touched nil hftirlM'uiuiEr nm! old. has ex-, e il . ttfinw itiMi'i'lL'rl women the riirht lb hold nronfcrt v ' lilni ? Nobod v of eotir?c "Shut tin tho tiitiirci' who I
mmceml tln.i-jMii Imi ni i . vtt in 1 1 niiit k!ii coi.iiiq I I 1 UK 'ARSinVS AS HnwrrTm WITH I.flVnrri'PV I. i . I.. .!,... ,...i0 r.t ..'. 9" Ial1.fi Imimitiirn nl i.tl Cifocitnr.lnt.tn W(Ul 11) Cl
L.i. 1I...1 tr !c iw. n.i il... nr.u-p.' nf ,, .nihil lino t Iii it 1 1 iv'v.H of tho world iiliilnsnuliiM- liviiir- iinttir. I i. Vi i ... i i . 1 i :.. c. n . i... v imrn u ,...vr r-i 1 nil tho forms ol lircek Christ'.niuty. J he Ircudom
enimlcly to portray tho evil against which she bns ' nlists, slnlesinon, nnd other men whoso studies anil rC,mi.ujv no worse off after thoy uro married than ed to prison for till eqltiil length of time, for oflenccs ol conscience scctueii ny or.- strntlord umitung, lm3
struck so heavy a blow. Hut let it bo that those nvocntions were esiecmlly calcnlaied lo developo ; JR.V ,Vero when single. , scarcely greater, nnd vvbero wo knew that uanl drove "wakened n strong desire mnong them to return to
who nro laboring to awaken tho heart & conscience mid maintain the supremacy of the moral und intel-. j',u J .cislnliu o "wns in session, nnd I found no them to madness and desperation. . Society, especially , Christianity. i.lic Ure'jK clergy decided that they
..I- .I.!., ....... ,l I,. ll.! r,....(lll . Inhitml, nf tl,i. hi... nl" I I-1 1 11 1 linlVITi. lll.Vll IlLIMl . , .. fll.l ,!,, 1 1 I ,. n. I !....! irt .l... I !.. I.. . .. ! ... .l.-l.lll l.l ..on. ,!.. I, .., . . t.l, k,u . ,1.. 1 111 I " Il t llO EO, l)V llOI II V fCI tlllll BPCClflCll HCtS Ol PCtl-
IK INI3 "riu itf ,,l,0 n..,....l iiuii,i,i, ... iiiui.... ui - . -- . . . ...j , wt.p . .vi. 'PrCttl (UllllUllVIU fIlllllllf. U UIV IIIUI.UOIH I..UI.11., . 1 III III w ...j. Itlfll. lllbillia I i ll, fiuil ll IIU.-, I bt 'I ll II I
Christ mid God it may bo that their language is vi- In this connection wo may nuiiio among iheiineieiils, mH I have no'vv ihe gratification to nunouiicu that you know) said, "served 'tun right," and piety nnd nncc, sued as tuak ,ng a pilgrnnago to mo uoiy cp-
olentnud t-xtraviigulit; nt ICnSl let it tic granted now. ' i lomei, uippoeraics, ryinagonis, riutarcii, l'luto, California is one of tho low Stales which have donn plulantliropy slept easy mid nroso to recount the ,"-; --i n.v.. .v......,...-,
JJut this does bv no menus nceount for thu agitation 1 bales, Aeiiophon, Larue.-ides, fcopliocles, Zeno, .Vav with the civil i may say uncivil disabilities wrongs ol tho Southern filave nnd the fur oft hca-! "' , ,V , J. t ,r ',
which Ihey cause, for the maducs.i uud ilivision , Galen, Deu.nerilus ; uud among the moderns Locke, "nlmrried women. I then. i t'ii 1 '"'. ." N. JCcrr, Lsq., has excrt-
vvbich Ihey occasion, for Christ produced n fin- meat- Newton, Galileo, Hoyle J.ielmitz, Jluflbti, Olbers, : i i,Vn two rensons for desirin? n notice of this ! A short time sinco n mnn Ftolo some S90.000 from , c" u". ,s. onicial influence in tbsir ucnait. toil
er ngitation. Men wcro wrought up to the highest Hhuncnhacli, Hahnemann, fa wedouborg, Sit Ldwurd mutter in your paper. First, beonuse in justice lo ! the Suffolk Ihmk, llostou j stole it genteelly, nnd ho
pilch of fury ugaiust him, nml yet he spnko nothing, I'oiitnuello ; nnd in our own country, .Mnrshull, .. wisfi it inailo known that your nrticles tended vvns culled n "delaultcr." Ilo wns not n thief, oh!
you will admit, but pure truth. Thoy weio enraged Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Jay, ami 1 Madison. All 0 direct mo mjjst particularly to this matter j and no not bo. Ho was n defaulting Hank officer. Able
Willi bun not tlio less, nut me more, tor the perlect i " mu pursuus uuovu ipioieu wcro iiisiinginsncd lor , gnnondly, because tie tram more tromeii here, audi counsel nmen mm ,n m neiuiiee. uu was men a
trutb which ho declared. ncllvo and laborious habits, nml somo of them wcro 0j,0 ih'nt tho freedom here offered for them will net midst n group of sympntizirig friends nnd hundred '
Il is nn idle thing to attempt to draw n distinction intense if not intemperate workers. The experience j ns ,, considerable inducement to their immigration. ' prayed us docs the mockery nfnn old indictment : I
between our times nnd moso ot Jesus, lu tills par-, "i " "si i men lemmueu ior greni uiiiiuiuiiiits in i Writin" on the subject ol general improvement ol , ".uny mo g"u myh semi jou a su.u ue.ivern'.ico." I
ticuiur. i repeal it, it wns me irutn mn
that mado men mail, so mad that they
gregal'ional Journal.
k Worm to MoTtir.ns. "Henr mother," said it
ielirnto little girl) "I Imro liroken your cbinn vase.
"Well yon nre a tmughfy, careless, troublesome
little thing always in somo mischief; go up stnirs
and stny in the closet till 1 send for you !"
And 'this was ii Christian mothers nnswer tn tho
tcnrful liltlo culpiit who had struggled vvitli nnd con
j altered. Iho lempladnn fo lell n fidschood to screen
I her fliult! Willi a disappointed, disheartened lookf
, I - . ilieriimHi V llll ll H.il.iI'Ul...ci., IIIC.IIUI1I lunv.i lui'R,
lllnl.tllltnM . .... . . . . 'Vt..
i. i n.,iio in.licnnii.nl.lf. tlmt nnp mill.. f riirKiM,,,i. i iluiv siii-nU who assert ihe Christian Invv ni lnve. i balanced, and nil even, c huerfiil. bonefnl si, hit ..,,' .. i i...i:...,i ,i, 1 1.. II ;,,,. I, rl.'lr mailu bis sin while nsSnotD in tho r.i'r.u nfhls r.in.wlo !"u 7. 1 . . . n i, .
'. r. " .. r...:'r ' ' r. " ......... :,.i "... i,..!.,,:. : ' sta.nlv rh..rihe.l n,..l ,i,ii ' ' " ,on. .v,,c" """" .. .... " "r .;.t t, ... ,,,.,nl. lib, .. ''.T 'u " I her una neart tno sweei iiowero. inua. ,.cri npsucv
IV DO nruiilllll liuvvii lli.ii o ?..u.i..i mi iii. nm lu &i:u .'llllll CIII0
V. . . V - .. -i c I --: I i I- ii..- ..- I.
distinctly I tint the show of being very highly Chris
tiau is one thing, and that lo bo Christum in reality Jl they wero sav ing wnnt is not true, it thoy were j n is well Known to medical men that violent fits of pers.
niter the very pattern of Christ himself is another. asserting what is false in this day of free speech und passion will arrest, niter, or modify tho various or-1 Garni
Wo can mako no progress lu uiirist.Hii knowledge, niiuiiciiuoii, mo laisuuuuu vvomu unvo ueen exposed gimic secreiious ns siiiiiiemy as win an eleclrie shock, ma to is
until wo have becoinu perfectly awnre of ibis dis- j long ago. It would Imvo recoiled upon llinso who They may bo depraved or vitiated ns readily by e.v- plenty (
tinclion. We nro prouu to deceive ourselves with utteicd it, and they would bave lost, long since, all ccssivo mental emotion ns by a lirug-poisou taken L more
up tho violent passions of men & brintrs ! Mainly cherished and maintained.
not peace hut division. The Passions as Arrr.cTiso -rnr SEcnETio.va
If they wero saving what is not true, if thoy were It is well known to medical men that violent
serling what is (also in this day of free speech und passion will arrest, niter, or modify tho vario
building. We were honored with tlio presence ol nun n was veij 1.101.1. m.c s.iuw we tnitik. cr nt-nin to be revived through life." Oh, what were
tnoro tbun ono hundred mines, nun our cause pios-1 well tins man .vir rcv;cr was his name was ! (,c 0ss of 11 thousand "vntes in companion !
1 hied the other day in Hojioii. found euiltv. nml sen. I
liamtiling is on mu wane, crimen in u nue, um tn- iciircu m one inn j nuir.ary connncmcni ana inree years 1 no cup 01 vvnoi 111 mn vv csieru oiaics mis year
i fine, the city rebiult, biiMiiess prosperous, nne ta (Ac Stale I'nson!! Tlio huiui.no Judgo expressed it is estimated will exceed that of 1851 about fillct-n
of money for them who work. All wo want much sympathy -rfrid re-'reUal beinir oblitrod to Gen- tier rent. In Ohio nlono tho clip will lie nbout 14,-
tn.li.slrioiis inlmbilallts. nml I can only say, teuce bun so lam' ! II' Tin bns tiimlu his wliolo nrnn. nnfl flflfi nfnnnnil. Anstrnll.i has bprotiTfiirn been i.
li. A paroxysm of anger will render, coino one, romnnll! There Ij room for n few more, city safe lie gets 830,000 a year for bis cervices to great wool-growing country, nnd large bhipnicnn
I nnd irritating ns.n full dosu of culo-. Our agricultural nnd mining Inborcrs are prosper- tho State. Whether ho has done this or pot, ho will ' Imvo been made nlinunlly to Great IJr'unin. Ti .-
ot tno amy tire una passed, i,0 respected when he comes out nnd perhaps bo year iho receipts ol wool 111 lingland lioni Austr.iii.i
in inline uiiiv.iiii 111 lie Lit- iifirnnr.in ni.inrn niu linn, la 11111.
We should rejoice, therefore, 1 sionnl lull now mid then, it lias been steadily on tho tho tecretions of gnslie juice ns cflectually ns holla- recr to bo one of the brightest stars of this glorious 1 Suppose a man had stolen a horso worth n litlti-
lruiy yours, . jiaiie. dred dollars j would ho have been sentenced 10 less
than three years ? I ho prolmbilily is that ho would
Christum observances nnd words, uud to flutter our- ; power to disturb Hie public mind. Hut tho fiict is,
selves tlmt we nro something when wo are nothing the ugitntion which exists hi regard to tho grout
And Ibis deception is until-' cause of Human Higbls js now of more than twen-
intu the stomach.
tho bile us acrid
or worse tliuu nothing. And Ibis deception is until-, cause of Human Rights is now of more than twen-, mel : excessive fear will relax thu bowels equal to a 011s Tho' anniversary
rally generated by tho nbundance of our religious ty yents standing. Within that tunc, with an ocra-, stronii iiilusion ol tobacco ; intense grief will nrrcst nnd, nil in nil, California!! is going onward in its cn
1U. I1IEI UIIM IIIDlllilllwiir,
llmt in the providence of Heaven, a stuto of things increase. It has spread nml deepened ; it has invn-1 dona ; nnd violent rago will make tho saliva ns pois- Union.
Ims been brought nbout which tends 10 show us (led mid divided great ecclesiastical organizations j it onous ns will n mercurial salivation, ftlany n nurs-1
what wo nro uud how wo stand, what is tho amount has covered tho land, ns ono of its opponents onco , iug mother hits sent her babe to tlio grave hy indulg-1 Acer
nre likely to bo much smaller than usual, in con -
niienro of the excitement caused hy the prndurlioil
of gold dust nnd tho gcarriiy of laborers in ngririif-'
turn I pursuits. This may have 11 fiivnrablo influence-
I L'raVO hv imll.lir. AeCOrdill!' tO SOlnO ltnllall lOtlrlllllS, a nCVV Or "nil- !,,. .1,.,1 c;r ...... ;C In. una n nnni. mnn nii.l .,,, .1,,. n,;anl'niil ill lllia pnunirv. nnd Oil OliciM
.1 . .!!...; f...l.. ! I.ll. ... I . c.t.l lltr. ...r ft,. l,lnnUa nf W......I 1. I I I .. n (..!.... omnlini, ...t.!l. .., Z. I . I " . . 0 ... I I .,!... "... .!.:...: C '" .. .... 1 . L . I' .. ' 1
hi umi iiii leiiun cmigiiieiiinuiii i.i in.iuii no unusi. Kim, nu nv i n.'. ,.1,.,.. a upu, i nun uni- i.. i.. I....... ........ ., ..I. iui ui.ui.geii me ciiuructer izeu neuig un uuen UISVUH.-H.-.I i.i inu iintiiu. ui n0t nij o lo wear n lino cont. What eucournccmcnt of wool uencraltv.
ml ... I..II I.. .I.n ... ............. I.nl. .I.rnll.rli nil llin m-nltl I !tl nn. ..,!ll. ...I.tnt. i. I nt' lini. ...Ill- (Vn. n .. Itl.il.il ... n. . I ll . l'l. ......I..-... .... I!.. n I!.. I. . .... ... I " '
i nereis a leiiipi.uujr im, in iiiueiuih, hi piocni, i.t ...iU,. ..m, ., u .ui! mnn nm n iiiiuiu iuii. . iiium m ii oeaiiiy pots- Air.rn, vviucii m-nn w i uiiuniiuiiiaiu ...m js ijere (cir honesty umonglbo children oltgnornnco
lint tliis great conflict that Ims been begun between been attempted to keep it out of the national conn- on. Theso fuels, which could bo multiplied to a between vegetable and nnin.nl life. This singular ,j,u wmu when they see men who get good saln
Right and Wrong, between Injuslire nnd lnbiiirinni- cils, nnd tins established itself there. Atrnin nml n- grent extent, demonstmtn the law, that a sound body production of nature has the shnpo of n spotted ser- r;e9 stealing their ?100 000 nt n time, and receive a
iy, on tno one nnnii nniijiismo jjovo on mo uuiur gum ... ..uiiuiiii. ....n ny m.-spnuc innum tB. .,..ia .-..nti.n.n uu n weii-iiuiunccd pent, u urags useii iiioiik uu mo giuimi. nun, iiisieuu jcts selltel,ce than those who steal 100 to save them-
mis uioincnious (piesiiou vviucii is now up, muuu- i.i." unci ii... u hi.. m m.. press , m ".. ot n neaii, 1111411 uower smipeu uuu nun, viiii-n sclVes from starvation? Hut there is uristocraev of
ily pushing all other and less jpiestrons into the U, nnil niive tounii mm uiey navn onty tiirovvn new i i'iiisiologicai. law of tub I'assions. Tho contains n viscous liquid. 1-besnnil other insects, .i,:,, ng wc as ol,er professions Providence fit
fclmilo; this question of Human Kights, identical, af- fuel upon tlio flume, and have been reduced lo the grand essential of a cheerful mind is t.elf-conlrol. attracted by the smelt of thu juico, enter into ilia i . y:rlor 1 '
ter all, with Iho question of Human Duties how ubsnrdity of thinking to drown ugitntion in ngitniinn. This is the great law of mental hygiene. Those flower where they nre rniight by the tidbesivo unit- '' ' ' -
wonderfully, bow solemnly is it work'niL' to trv our In view of the testimony which nil theso thhiL's who cannot govern the lower ranao of nronensiiipa inr. Tim flower then rinses, mid remains shut until 1 Wo learn fiom the Jl'orcester Transcrint that a sil-
heurts lo show what is tlio extent of our knowledge henr to the transcendent power of simple truth, how the corporenl nnd socinl groups by tho moral the prisoners tire bruised and transformed i into chyle, ver medal was presented lo the young ladies of the
i.i . . . . - - f i ...i i . .i . !.. ? -.i.i.. ii.n r.-tu.,.ia nr 'i'..i. i r ii- i.. ...... ;...n..ij .....1 ;.,taii..ni..ni c.n..i.:.... t i.i . 1 . .. .... .. ... .i. i .....i n i !,.:.... i.. .i.... -t... vtr.i ,.t
of those principles oftruih which constitute tlio cen- is il possible that the friends of 1 ruth and of Itieht sentiments nnd tutellcrtunl fuculties, should study to Tho indigestible portions, such ns the bend nnd Orcnd institute, in that city, on Wednesday, it being
bbotiiu not iiiiio nenri nun uopo now is it possiblo ncqmro leii-governmeui as mp ono iiung ueedlul' wings, nre thrown out by two aspired openings. a prize ottered ny tlio vvnsiiingtnn iuuonni nionn-
trol sniiiiL's of an enliehtened Christian ehnrnrlcr.
It is in relation lo tliis question that that rcmnrkn- that our fidth m llmt power should not ho strengih-1 in the mental operntinns. It umy rc.p.iro long, Tho vegetable serpent Ims a skin resembling leaves,
bio ignorance lias been disclosed in regard lo the ened, vvnt-n wo ousorvo me ireiiieniiniis intiucure paiicui, nun iiioriiiigu discipline, u may cost miieli u vvliito and soil tlesli, and, Instead ot n nony skeie
ineut Society lo nny Seminary nr Literary Institution
in New England, which should contribute tho larg-
fact that tho teaching of Jesus Christ himself ere-, tlmt has been wielded by the humble few who, with ; self-denial, and appear to detnnnd grent temporary ton, a cartilaginous frnuie, filled with yellow mnrrovv. , est relative amount to aid in erecting tho Washing-
nicd excitement nnu disunion, and In regard IQ a hristinn sclt-ilcvotiwn iiiui tjdeiiiy, ready to wrn- fncrincc, nut it is vvonn an it costs, uecnsionaiiy it TI c natives consider it delirious food. "ton monument.
"Hut Ve Cas't Vote." Grent-wns tho ninnjje'
ment and dismay among the Jrish laborers when tho
steam shovels wero first put into operation on a cer
tain section of tho Vermont Central Railroad, and
one of tho sturdiest of the Hibernians, after gazing
at his hngo rival for n few moments, thus niostro
phized the enemy : 'Well, frith, yo nro a big divit
of a bnste, nnd migliiy strong in iho nrrams ; mav
lie, now, yo think yrrselfnsgond ns on Irishman, but
(with a look of iiieffiilile contempt) ye can't votel"
The Unitnrlnns of Snti Frnncl,ro hnve invited thif
Rev. Mr, Hnrrfngfon, of Hartford, 'to become then-pa-tor,
nnd have offered him u salary of e?x thouKtuil
dollars u year.

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