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Red Cloud Chief.
The climate of New York is abating.
Tho Central Park Meteorological ob
servatory has records covering a pe Mod
of 32 years, and these give strong evi
dences that the winters are growing
Germany's new mllltnry uniform
will ho grayish brown cloth for coat
and trousers and capR. The helmets
will bo of brown cloth and will liavo
tho brass Bplkcs. Tho shining but
tons, buckles nnd ornamentu will bo
dono nway with.
A thirty-two story building Is to be
erected at tho nouthoaatcrn corner of
Broadway and Thirty-third street, New
York. Tho lot Is 118 feet C Inches
wldo on Broadway and 97 feet 7V4
Inches deep on Thirty-third street. It
will bo tho highest building In the
Philadelphia capitalists now propose
toemploy wator-power Instead of steam
In the production of electricity. The
plan provides for the use of some river
which may be dammed, ami tho Sus
quehanna, tho Putapsco, tho Delaware
and the Schuylkill havo all been sug
gestod. Klectrlclty will bo carried on
heavy copper cables to Philadelphia
and other cities.
Tho uninitiated generally havo a
fond delusion that n dozen means
twelve things, but In trado tho doz?n
varies greatly. In tho Staffordshire
potteries, for Instance, n dozen repre
sents that number of articles which
can bo offered for any fixed price; thus
tho dozen varies, the prlco Is constant.
Plates aro among tho comparatively
few articles which In that trade art
told In dozens of twelve, and some
things uro sold In jlozcns of sixty, sev
enty and eighty.
Of the thirty-nine ruling princes In
Ktiropo twenty have no direct male
heir. They Include, among German
princes, tho King of Saxony, Uavarla
and Wurtemlierg, Grand Dukes of Saxe
Weimar, of Mecklenburg Schwerln and
of Hesse, tliu Duko Saxe Alteuburg
and Saxo Coburg and Princes of hippo
and both Hchwnrzburg. Hesldes theso
there are tho Czar of Russia, tho Km
peror of Austria, tho Kings of Italy,
Spain, Uclgltim and Servla and the
Prlnco of Liechtenstein.
A novel cure for tho toothache was
Inadvertently applied by Dr. Parmer
tler, at Tremont, N. Y. A man suffer
ing from a raging tooth called at tho
dcnltafs house at night, forgot to ring
tho bell, found tho outer door open,
entered tho hall, unintentionally
stepped ou a burglar alarm, and thus
brought tho dentist to tho dark hall
with a pistol In IiIb hand. Tho dentist
threatened to shoot, and tho visitor
was so terrified that the ache depart
ed from his chattering teeth.
A will recently filed for probate In
Washington, D. C., brings to light an
Interesting bit of history. After serv
ing as a gunner In tho Crimean war
nnd being personally rewarded by
Queen Victoria with a medal for his
bravery on tho field of battle, George
Collins deserted from tho British army
nnd camo to the United States. Dur
ing the Diamond Jubilee celebration of
tho Queen, ho petitioned the throne
for a pardon for desertion and on ac
count of his own oxplauatlon and his
past bravery his request was granted
and a full pardon was issued under
the Imperial signature.
Tho wisest words spoken In a recent
meeting of young New Yorkers, which
was addressed by three consplcuour.
millionaires, were uttered by Mr. Col
gate lloyt. "Huslness founded on
friendship Is friendship endangered,'1
said ho, "but friendship founded on
business Is friendship assured." Half
of tho proposition, that fair dealing
wins good will, would bo assented to
by everybody. But many men havo
had to learn by sad experience that
nothing so surely transforms a friend
to an enemy as the suspicion that ho
Is viewed and used as a sort of conv
merclal convenience.
It la rather surprising to learn that
our modern cup defenders sail no fas
ter than a vessel of about the same
elzo built In 1803. That statement,
however, Is mode by a noted naval ar
chitect of Boston. Ho declares that
the famous Salem privateer America,
of tho war of 1812, sailed faster on her
best point with tho wind on tho quar
terthan any of tho crack racing
yachts' of today. Her log shows that
sho frequently mudo thirteen knots
with tho burden of a warship, whilo
tho best speed of tho cup defenders of
today Is llttlo better than fourteen
knots In racing trim. It Is an inter
esting fact that tho architect In ques
tion, a lineal descendant of one of tho
builders of the privateer, is himself
designing a Ixiat to defend tho cup this
year, no aoes not expect to
his ancestor.
Charles Day, of Marshall, Mich., was
Bitting in a barber shop getting a hnlr-
cut when tlio Idea struck him that It
would be real funny to touch tho bar
ber's hand with tho lighted end of his
cigarette and see him Jump. Ho did so
nnd tho results wore surprising. The
barbor was Just rubbing somo bay
rum onp Day's head and the cigarette
ignited tho alcoholic mixture, which
blazed up like a torchlight procession.
In four seconds there wasn't a hair
left on Day's cranium and ho ban
uwoni off on practical Jokes.
Schuyler Merchant In Clutches
of tho Law.
Arematlon Marie tj roitofflre Impee-
tar Said to Have Written Senator
Kearn, of Utah, Demanding
Money l Keep Hllent.
Postofllcc Inspector W. T. Sullivan
of Denver has just turned a, clever
trick, He has placed KrucstL Woltor,
a Schuyler, Neb., merchant In jail in
Omaha for 'what he claims is an at
tempt to blackmail Senator Thomas
Koarns of Utah out of five thousand
dollars. Inspector Sulllvnn says ho
used tho mails In an endeavor, and
his bad penmanship brought him to
grief. Woltor also It is alleged, wrote
a threatening letter to the senator's
wife, demanding twenty-five hundred
dollars, and stated that If ho did not
get It ho would kill the children. Sen
ator KeariiH put the letter In the hands
of Inspector Sullivan, who went to
Schuyler nnd got his man. Some years
ago Woltor lived in Salt Lake City ami
there became acquainted with the fact
that Kearns had money and a very
charming family. Woltor was n mer
chant, but it is charged, led a rather
fast life. In Schuyler ho runs a store
nnd stands well in the community.
Mo hails from Wisconsin originally
and sprang from a good family.
The letter it is charged ho wrote to
the senator Is an follows:
Salt Lake City. Feb. lit. Mr. Thomas
Kearns: Permit mo to bo the first to
congratulate you on your honor. You
are now happy in your fortune, In
your family and in your wife. You
have a sulllciency of this world's goods
nod to spare. Hut how did you get
your start In life'.' Dead men tell no
tales. I want five thousand dollars and
I must have it right away. I have noth
ing to live for if I do not get it, and
would as soon die with you as in any
other way. I want five thousand dol
lars Now If you have any love for
your family or any respect for yuuisoif
yon will send mi: that money.
Get some magazines and place the
bills between thr leaves and address
the package to box 44 1, Schuyler, Nidi.
I will run down to Schuyler and got
the money and your family will re
main undisturbed. If it is not there I
will come to Salt Lake and you will
suffer tho consequences.
(Signed) M. D. Cox.
Woltor says he is innocent of the
charge, and that a traveling man has
put him in a false light.
Ituim Truln Into (lung of Workmen, Kill
Inc Thirty.
The Moscow correspondent of tho
London Dally Mail says:
"During the recent heavy snow
storms fifty men were sent to clear the
snow out of a railway cut near Wol
ovo, Hussla, on the ltiaau-Ural line.
They were just lenving tho cutting
when the train came down at full speed
and crushed about thirty men into
shapeless masses, their clothing clog
ging the axleh and stopping tho train,
inquiry shows that the engine driver
and all the guards were drunk.
Wind Toppled the Wall.
Two convicts and a guard were bur
led by the falling of a wall at the peni
tentiary Thursday. By a miracle none
were seriously injured, though it was
two hours before the last one was res
cued. The men were C. F. Murphy
from Phelds county, Henry Bolliii from
Douglas and Peter Larson, a guard.
They were in the kitchen under the
ruins of the turnkey preparing supper.
Tho old wall dividing the turnkev
from the administrative section, lelng
the old main entrance, was toppled
inward by a gust of wind. Thrco men
who sat at the dinner table near the
south door had the brief warning of a
few stray rocks and dashed for safety.
As they reached the doorway the floor
floor fell through throwing them vio
lently into the bakery beyond.
Nut .Many l.lni'H AfTcctril.
A statement piepared at the bureau
of statistics shows that during the
last year the export value of American
goods exported to llussiu. not affected
by the lecenl decree of the Ihisslnu
government in retaliation for the
countervailing' duty, imputed by this
government on Itussian sugar, was
87.7US.020, while that affected amount'
ed to 5t2.s72.42li.
Charged With .S hulllnc
At Chicago. William A. Stelnbnm. a
member of the National Ticket Brok
ers' association, and .lames Adlor, an
employe of Stelnburn, were arrested
charged with uttering forged papers
In the nature of railroad passes. It is
charged their operations have' been
carried on for the past five years, and
that many western roads have been
In u IliTtttier'it lluiida.
The International Zinc company, of
Joplin, Mo., has gone in the hunds'of a
receiver, with nssets which are said to
be practically worthless. The compa
ny was capitalized at 81,000,000 and
sold its stocks iu various American and
English cities at almost par, much of
the stock being bought by wage-earners.
DrmuiTUtK .Niiino Harrl-ion.
The Chicago democratic convention
Marcli .', nominated Cartvrll. Harrison
for inavur,
Vndlock Ilrokcn nnd l'arli Glh
Choiien Ntnntor.
A Tlelena, Mont. March 8 dlspatcl
Aays: At 3:30 this morning, although
the legislative clock testified that it
was not yet midnight, Hon. Paris Gib
son (deim) of Great Pails, was elected
United States senator for the term ex
piring Marcli 4. UK).'..
For almost the entire term of th
life of the legislature that body has
been voting dally for a senator, but
with no result. Mr. Gibson's election
came as the result of the withdrawal
of H. L. Frank, who had been tin
leading fusion candidate.
Mr. Gibson was born in New Hamp
shire ,7uly 1, 1830, and was educated a)
Kowdoln college, graduating in tin
class of IBM. He located In Minneap
olis in 1H5H, building the Urst flouring
mill in that city. He operated tho
North Star woolen mills of that city.
He came to Montana in 1871), locating
at Ft. Benton in the stock business.
In 1892 he became interested in the
possibilities of the water power that
could be developed by the falls of the
Missouri river at tho cite of the prei
eut city of Great Falls, of which lie Is
called the father, dames .1. Hill joined
him in the enterprise and the result
was the growth of a city of 12,000 on
the prairies, besides tho vast water
power, Mr. Gibson was a member of the
state constitutional convention and of
the first senate of tho state legislature.
He has always been a strong democrat.
WhUt riuyvTH Will Hold Third Annua)
The third annual meeting of the Ne
braska Whist association will bo held
atGraud Island, Thursday and Friday,
March 14 and IS. Whist players of tho
state are Invited to participate in the
contests, one being a team contest for
the Lincoln challenge cup trophy, in
which four members from any club
may participate, the other being u pair
contest in which any two players can
participate. Tho team winning tho
contest will bo entitled to tho Lincoln
challenge cup trophy, and a suitable
trophy will go t6 the pair having the
highest average. Whist players inter
ested may secure information of the
meeting by addressing VY. A. Prlaco.
becretary, Grand Island.
Nutloa Taken All lllame.
A Wislilta, Kits., dispatch says: In
the trial of his absent wife, David Na
tion took the staud and said that sho
began her crusade against saloons
upon the advice of himself and Kd
b-mplo of Medicine Lodge as lawyers,
telling her that saloons were outside
the pale of the law and could bo
abated In any manner any individual
may choose. The court sustained an
objection made to the evidence and ifj
wub withdrawn from the jury.
Allen Ntltl a Member.
In the United States Senate Friday
last, u motion was made to proceed to
the consideration of executive tusiness.
Senator Hoar of Massachusetts de
manded a roll call, the purpose of
which was that the name of Senator
Allen of Nebraska should bo included,
thus oflicially in the roll of senators.
This settles all questions as to Mr.
Allcu's status and right to draw pay in
tlie new congress under his appoint
incut. Job for Kx-Henatora.
Former United States Senator Carter
of Montana has been appointed by tho
president a United States commission
er to the St, Louis exposition. He has
accepted the offer. The position pays
9.1,000 a year. Three others were
named, being ex-Senutor Thurston of
Nebraska, William Lindsay of Ken
tucky and George W. McUrlde of
Throat Cut With Ilaior.
.Mrs. Myrtle Webster is at the coun
ty jail at Topeka, Kan., charged with
killing her husband, Norman Webster,
t their home near Fourth and Leland
streets. A razor was the weapon used.
Mr. Webster's tluoat was cut from ear
to ear. No motive is known for the
deed. Mrs. Webster is thought to be
Arreted on Murder Charge.
The dead body of David Forsythe, a
r.uductor on the Fifty-ninth street
ti.ss town lino at Now York, was
'onnil on Fifty-ninth street, near First
t venue. Death was caused by a pistol
Aound in lite left side of the head. It
Is thought the man was murdered.
The police arrested .lolin Quluu, a
muUuman. on suspicion.
IiinIkIr He I'oucht u Duel,
A Loudon dispatch says: ,lohn Wil
son Duraiit, who was reported to havo
tccu killed In a duel, said to an Asso
ciated press reporter that although his
death notice was a "fake," tho duel
actually occurred, and that lie wounded
the liusslan count, who was the "pro
feet of Siberia."
AKuhuildo Located,
Cnconfirmcd information coming
ftom native souices says that Aguin
ahlo is iu hiding in the province of lsa-
ueiiii, on i ue norinem coast or Mizon
island. American troops are scouting
In that section of the country.
Darrell Set free.
The jury In the Darrell murder trial
.it I remont, Neb., gave a verdict of
not guiltv, after being out only two
hours. The verdict came as a great
surprise, as it was believed by persons
who hud followed the trial that Darrell
would be given at least a manslaughter
lon Win.
The eighth annual Iowa-Minnesota
debate was won by Iowa, who took
the negathe side of the question, "Is
it i'nwise for tho States to Tax Per
sonal PropertyV"
Legislature Adjourns on Hearing
of David Brown's Death.
Home and Henate 1'roceedlngi Railroad
lillli on File Antl-1'aai and Com
modity Hate IIIIU Dumped
. at Foot of Calendar.
Lincoln, Neb., March 7. Both house"
of tile legislature adjourned yesterday
out of respect of Beprescntatlve David
Brown, who died at his home in Ne
braska City yesterday moaning. His
death was not unexpected by the mem
bers, who know of his serious Illness.
It so happened that in tho house the
news was received while tho members
were engaged in passing the bill for a
library commission, which was intro
duced by Mr. Brown, and to the pass
age of vvhich he devoted his energy.
An effort was made to pass tho bill
unanimously out of respect for his
memory, but the suggestion from
Meekly of Seward came after tho mem
bers had voted to take a recess till tho
joint session, and it could not then be
The house and senate appointed com
mittees to draft resolutions of respect
for Mr. Brown and the house ordered
his desk draped In mourning for tho
remainder of the session. The Hags on
the capitol were order to ily at half
mast till the time of Mr. Brown's fu
neral. This will probably occur Sat
urday morning. The house appointed
a committee consisting of Representa
tives tivnns, Marshall, Wilkinson,
Hanks and Hathorn to attend the fu
neral. A special trlan will probably
be run to Nebraska City Saturday
morning at 8 o'clock to accommodate
the members of the legislature who de
sire to attend the services.
Speaker Sears has selected the house
sifting committee, which under tho
resolution of appointment has the abso
lute power to advance bills ou general
file. The committee consists of Laflin
of Gage, Andrews of Frontier, Mockott
of Lancaster, Jouvenat of Boone, .Mead
of Douglas, Bcekly of Seward and
Loomis of Dodge.
The house committee on cities and
towns met yesterday afternoon and
listened to all persons interosted in tho
charter from Lincoln. A long session
ensued, during which a good share of
the bill was gone over. The citizens of
Lincoln were especially Interested in
the tax commissioner provision.
The senate received a batch of rail
road bills yesterday from the railroad
committee, of which Owens of Dawson
Is chairman. The committee recom
mended that the entire batch be placed
on the general Hie. Ab the general fllo
is now overburdened, bills put on
at this late day are not likely to be
reached unless tho sifting committee
digs into the pile and brings them ou
for consideration.
Thus far the sifting committee has
not done anything, but it may got to
work in a short time. Tho railroad
committee got rid of all the bills be
fore it. Oue of tho measures placed
on file is an anti-railroad pass bill,
another Axes maximum rates on sta
ple commodities, such as coal, lumber
grain and live stock, making a reduc
tion of from 15 to 23 per cent. An
other reduces express rates IB per cent.
Senator Crounse'sblllto sell the gov
ernor's mansion was also placed on
Hie. Mr. Crounse declined to accept
an appropriation from the stato for
house rent when ho was governor and
ho now proposes to make other gov
ernors go without a house or houso
rent at the expense of the state if he
can have his way. Tho insurance com
mittee of which O'Neill of Lancasttr
is chairman also dumped some Insur
ance bills at the foot of the general
Account for Inability to Make I'aymeut
ou Cruiser.
It is now believed that the delay In
payment of the first instalment on the
cruiser ordereil by the Turkish govern
ment from the Cramps of Philadelphia
Is caused solely by present poverty of
the Turkish treasury. It is expected
however, that the first payment will
shortly bo made, thus keeping the con
tract in force.
"Public business is paralyzed by the
pecuniary straits of the government,"
says the Constantinople correspondent
of London Times. "The sultan's irudes
ordering payment to various state
creditors remain inoperative. The fi
nancial commission is powerless even
to provide traveling expenses for the
mission to China which tHe sultan is
impatient to dispatch."
KIIU llli llrothur.
In a disagreement over business af
fairs Texas Kascoo, prominent Inju'ash
villo, Tenn., business circles, shot and
killed his brother, Lou HascoeT Tex
Bascoe, who was released on ball,
would say only that he was justified
In killing his brother. Tho only two
witnesses declined to talk.
Creamery Ilnlldlnff Haiiinged.
Tho South Platte creamery building
at Stromsburg, Nob., caught tire and
was well under way to burn when tho
tire company turned on two streams of
water and put the fire out. The second
story of the building is pretty badly
damaged. The loss Is covered by In
surance, i
(Jots 21 Year.
Samuel Moser, who murdered his
wife and three children, was, at Peoria,
III., sentenced to twenty-one years in
tho penitentiary.
Upper Homo ' Hound In the Normal
School Mill.
Lincoln, Neb., March 8. A rough
house was created yesterday in the
stir, a to over the bill to establish two
now normal schools. After It was over
Uansom of Douglas who took no part
In the row called attention of tho re
publican members to tho striking fact
that it was possible to have a rough
house in the senate without his aid or
This was the third day's considera
tion of this bill. The reading on pre
vious sittings of the committee of the
whole never went beyond tho radius of
tho second section. Trompen of Lan
caster was in the chair. Young of
Stanton who had tho floor when tho
committee arose before proceeded with
hjs speech in favor of one school in the
Third district. He. was personally
against tho bill, but his constituents
wanted one of the schools.
Others spoke and numerous amend
ments wore offered until the friends of
the bill, led by Allen of Furnas and
Currie of Custer became exasperated
and tried to shut off discussion and
recommended the bill for passage.
This gave rise to strong resistance from
opponents of the bill and a parliamen
tary wrangle followed in which con
siderable beat' was shown. Tempers
were lost, but in most cases recovered
when tho committee finally succeeded
in arising at 0:30 p. in. without having
done anything except vote down num
erous amendments.
The house passed a number of bills
and iti committee of the whole dis
cussed a bill for tha appointment of a
commission to draw up a new revenue
act to be .submitted to the next legis
lature. This bill was indefinitely post
poned after a long discussion and by
a decisive vote. This indicates that
the members of the house do not de
slro any new revenue legislation of a
sweeping nature and that the asser
tion that tills legislatro would give
new laws of this character was un
founded. It is not too late to pass
amendatory acts of which an unusual
number are before tho legislature! and
if the friends of this kind of legisla
tion are active, they may succeed in
passing somo of these laws. In the
discussion in the house, many mem
bers said that tho present revenue
law would meet oil needs if it were
only enforced.
Tho special lobby investigating com
mittee reported in the house yesterday
morning. The report was signed by
all members of the committee and
when it was reud, it created a stir. It
carried censure for the two members
of the lobby first mentioned when tho
committee was appoinecd, Messrs.
Robert Druesdow and F. W. Barber.
It also implicated cx-Kcpresentative O.
S. Moran, of Platte county, as one who
approached persons interested in bills
and asked to bo remunerated for as
sistance that ho could render iu smoth
ering bills or in pushing them along.
Mr. Moran was a member of the fam
ous Mutz smelling committee that
investigated the state institutions un
der order of a fusion legislature. His
friends said yosterday that they would
demand a more complete explanation
of the testimony regarding him, and
;liat they would insist on more publi
city for somo matters which have been
clouded iu mystery by the committee.
An attempt was made yesterday to go
into the matter as soon as the commit
tee report was read but ou motion of
McCarthy, this discussion was made a
special order for 10 o'clock this morn
ing as soon as tho houso convenes.
The committee explained in the re
port that the reason more complete
findings were not made was because of
the risk of injury to the reputations
of persons who might bo entirely inno
ceut. Silver Ilepuhllonut Disband.
A Boise, Idaho, March 7 dispatch
says: The silver republican party of
Idaho was formally disbanded by mem
bers of tho stato committee, members
of the legislature and others. An ad
dress was issued in which the mem
bers of the party aro advised to affil
iate with the democrats. The atti
tude of the republican party on the
financial aud other questions is con
demned. Children llurnrd to Heath.
A dispatch from Marion, Ind., says:
The eightecn-months-old son and tho
two-year-old daughter of Mrs. Peel, a
wldow.llving at Matthews.were burned
to deatli and the home of the family
was totally destroyed. The mother
was visiting a neighbor and left the
children alone. They played with the
wood tire In the stove and it is sup
posed they pulled coals on tho floor.
Nineteen Ycur.
Nineteen years In tho stato peniten
tiary was the penalty imposed upon
Nicholas ,1. Gentleman at Columbus,
Neb., by Judge Hollenbeck, for the
fatal shooting December 5 of Soran
Olesou of Platte Center. Gentleman
having been convicted two weeks ago
of murder In the second degreo.
Kilted by Mglitulnir.
At Welsh, Gu., on March B, the wife,
the twelve-year-old son and six-year-old
daughter of P. M. Morgan were
killed by a stroke of lightning, which
also set fire to the Morgan home.
General Benjamin Harrison is very
tick at his residence oii North Dela
ware street, Indianapolis, Ind., but it
is impossible to discuss his ca:e with
out permission from the family, and
this was refused by Mrs. Harrison,
Sho said tho general 1b suffering from
tho grip, but that his condition wa
not alarming.
SllkMIIU Strike Settled.
The strike of the silk mills of O'Con
nor Bros., at New York City, was set
tled on March 0, the weavers receiving
the 25 per cent increase demanded.
Action Taken Over the Head of Hlftlnjg
Lincoln, Marcli 9. In the house yes
terday the action of most importance
was that taken against the sifting
committee. The members when they
appointed a sifting committee made
the rule that no bill was to be advanced
outside the committee. The members
of the committee had tbeen announced
on Thursday, but yesterday morning,!
before the sifting committee was or
ganlzed, Ollis moved to advance to the
head of the general flit house roll No.
2ffi, a measure lowering rates on live
tock from 82 to 84 a car by changing
pound rates to carload rates.
After considerable talk about the
lights of the sifting committee, tho
motion to advance the bill failed of
passage because it did not receive a ma
jority of the members-cloct which
is required to a rule of the house. It
was given a majority of members vot
ing but this was insufficient upon the
rules. A little later in the day Loomis
of Dodge, u member of the sift
ing committee, moved to or-
der to a third reading the bill provid
ing a charter for cities of the boeond
class. After a long discussion and a
call of the house, the motion received
sullielent votes to order the bill ad
vanced. Taylor of Custcrcallcd atten
tion to the fact that the house had re
fused to advance another bill and ho
said lie would vote for this simply to
show that the house conld disregard
its sifting committee entirely and ad
vance bills at will.
The bill providing for a supremo
court commission of nine members was
considered ugaln in committee of the
whole and the amendment providing
from what parties the members should
be drawn was stricken out. In the ex
act form in which the bill camo from
the senate, it was recommended for
Tlie senate declared a truce yester
day on normal schools by making that
subject the special order for Tuesday
at 2 o'clock. The South Omaha charter
was rushed through without considera
tion and orderod to third reading. This
bill has passed the house but has re
ceived little attention in the senate.
VanBoskirk of the committee on ap
pointment reported for passage his
legislative apportionment bill and it
was placed on the general file. As th?
house now contains only f2 republi
cans, several of whom arc absent on
account, of illness, the majority in that
body is not considered safe at present
and the senate must take the initiative
ou apportionment bills. At present
the outlook is not bright for the pas
sage of bills of this character. A bill
by Edgar, providing for a jury trial in
cases of constructive contempt of
court, was indefinitely postponed.
Delaware Unrepresented.
A Dover, Del , March 8 dispatch
aays: The last day of the present ses
sion of the legislature brought a large
crowd to Dover. Promptly at 12 o'clock
tho senate entered the house chamber,
where the joint session of the two
houses was held. There wuu intense
excitement when the presiding officer
called for the ballot for United States
Tlie two houses voted to separate
after having taken 4.1 ballots. This
will leave Delaware unrepresented in
the senate.
Delaware has not had a full repre
sentation in the United States senate
since the expiration of former Senator
Anthony Hlgglns' term in ltH.".
Flatto Ice Gorge Broken.
Trains passed over the Burlington's.
Platte river bridge at Plattsmouth for
the first time in twenty-four hours.
The ice gorge which threatened the
destruction of the bridge was finally
broken up, although not until after
the tracks in various places had been
washed out, permitting the water to
pass away ami thus, to a great extent,
relieving the strain upon the bridge.
Many of tho inhabitants of the river
bottoms sustaiucd quite a serious loss
to property as a result of the flood,
but since tlie water has receded they
are returning to their homes.
Divorce Uud Klopoment.
Judgo Pcrkius of the Kent circuit,
.ourt, at Grand ltaplds, Midi,, granted
a decree of divorce to Gertrude Snell
from Thomas T. Snell of Bloomlnglon,
111., ou the grounds of non-support and'
cruelty. The decree carries with it a
permanent alimony of S7,M)0. This is
the sequel of the romantic elopement
of the young couple from the summer
resort of Macatawa in August, two
years ago, which attructed wide spread
attention owing to the high social
standing of the interested persons.
Drcreimu Iu i:ntllili i:xport.
Tlie statement of the London board
of trade for the month of February
shows an increase of two million sixty
nine thousand six hundred pounds in
imports and a decrease of two million
ono hundred aud eighty two thousand,
in exports.
Chief of 1'ollce Murdered.
Willie making an arrest at Chippewa
Falls, Wis., Chief of Police Moore wan
shot through the heart, dying instant
ly. Moore was assisting tho deputy
sheriff of Clark county to arrest Wll
Man Sows, charged with threatening
to kill his wife.
Klaihml Him With a Knife.
That Duff McVey, a former member
of the Omaha, Neb., fire department,
If not now dead it is no fault of his
wife, Ada. She slashed his throat vici
ously with a knife, narrowly missing
tho jugular vein and then expressing
regret that she had not killed him.
I.niit With All oii Hoard.
A Bilboa, Spain, March 8, dispatch
says: The British steamer Avlona,
Captain Lenox, has been wrerked at
the Bilboa breakwater. All on board
were lost.

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