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1 ttn Historical Sooloty
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THE New Banking Law is now in force and
the payment of every dollar of deposits in this
institution is guaranteed by the Bank Guaranty
Fund of the State of Nebraska.
Webster County Bank
CAPITAL $25,000
Wall Paper
We have the finest line of
Wall Paper this season for
10c, 15c, and 20c per bolt
that we Jve ever shown.
Before yot send away or buy
from sample books, come in
and see what we can do for
you. We are sure we can
please you in pattern and in
ptice. ....
? 3 It
Chas. L. Cotting
The Druggist
Dante's Inferno.
Dante's Inferno will be shown at
the Tepee nest Mommy afternoon atd
evenlug. A two hours show with a
Admission 2ro for adults, 15c for
children, in the evening. Afternoou
prices in and 10 ceuts
First show at
in. Second at
0 p.. in. i 'Afternoon at 3 p
Mrs. Nelllo'flffcore went to MoCoak
Wednesday morning' to visit friends.
jmr 11 -
Mmdo from grapo G'srcxna of Tar
tar I mbmoluiely free from mium
For sixty years American house
wives have found Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder a guarantee of light
pure and wholesome food.
rttA.r&.a&'f.. :
. f
. a --'-1.t--Tf. I
GMftreiatleaal Church Nstlces. f
Subject of the sermon Sunday morn
ing "There shall be no more sea." The
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will
be observed aud new members receiv
ed. Sunday school at 10.
"What is the Bible? will be the
subject of a lecture given by the pastor
at the evening service. The Brother
hood meets Tuesduv evening at 8
o'clock. The mid week service will be
held Friday evening Instead of Wed
nesday. Thia is the quarterly business
meotingiof the church and written re
ports will be given by the olllccrs of
the church and the hociotics. Reports
will also be given of the District As
sociation whiuh met Tuesday and
Wednesday at Wilcox. The Ladies
Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. Cross
on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30.
Band Programme
Evening sT April 12th. at the Red Cloud
Opera House
March "Good fellowship
Medley Overture.... Bits of Retnlcks
Mils No. 3
Love Thoughts Waltz
Tangle-foot Rag
Trombone Solo "The Witch"
March "Conihiue" Zip Blng
Alto Trio Dlslans
March "Chicago Tribune". . . .
Medley Overture.. .Kemicks Hits No. H
Cornet Solo ..."Columbia Fantasia"..
"A Vision of Salome"
Descriptive Fnntasle
Vocal Solo Miss Alpha Longtlu
Medley Overture .... Havclands Happy
lilts No. 1
Baritone Solo Selected
Star Spangle Banner
Mrs. M. A. Mercer and children re
turned from a two weeks visit with
relatives at Gibbon, Friday.
4 Newspiper That film The News Flfty
interest In The Boy,
Grows Stronier
t AT. SI t -'4 JHRnSMHtf " If .
Early in the Scout Trtming Comet
"First Aid" Information.
Some have expressed an adverso j
opinion us to the boys scout movement
on the ground that there is too much
fun connected with the oignuizution
which would Interfere with the boy's
regular duties. This opiniou undoubt
edly grows out of a very much
mistaken idea of the real work of
the scouts. There are few men who
can measure up to the requirement
of a first class scout. We are informed
that there is only one in thin state.
Just to show what it means to be a
scout we give the requirements of the
different dogrecs of scoutoraft
There nre three classes of scouts
among the boy scouts of America, the
tenderfoot, second-class scout and
first-class scout. A tenderfoot is su
perior to the ordinary boy because of
his training. To be a tenderfoot means
to occupy the lowest grade iu scouting.
A tenderfoot on meeting certain re
quirements may become a second-class
scout, and a secoud class scout on
meeting another set of requirements
may become a first class scout. The
first-class scout may then qualify for
the various merit badges which are
offered for proficiency iu scouting.
The requirements of the tcuderfoot,
second-class scout and first-class scout
nre as follows:
Tenderfoot To become n scout a
boy must be at least twelve years of
age and must be at least twelve years
of age and must pirn a test iu the
following: Know the scout law, slgu,
salute and significance of tho badge;
know the composition nitd history of
the national flag and tho customary
forms of respect due to it; tie four
out of tho following knots: Squnre or
reef, sheet bend, bowline, flsliermanV,
hheop-hhiiuU, clovo Hitch, timber hitch
or two half hitches.
To become a second class scout a
tenderfoot must p iss to the satisfac
tion of tho recognized local scout
authorities, the following tests: At
least one month'b shrvko us u Under
foot; elementary flist. nltl and bandag
ing; know the general directions for
first aid for injuries; know treatment
for fainting, shock, fracture, Utilises,
sprains, injuries iu which tho skin is
broken, burns and scalds; demonstrate
how to curry injured and the use of
the triangulur uud toller bandages
and 'tourniquet; elementary signaling;
know tho semaphore, or American
Morsu or Alyer ulplutbet; track half a
mile in twenty five minutes; or, if in
town, (icsurlho satisfactory the con
tents of one 4tore win Jo .v out of four
observed in one minute each; go a
mile in twelvo minutes at scout's pnee
about fifty steps running uud fifty
walking, alternately; ue properly
Mr. and Mrs J E. Wood of Trlii!-
dul, Colo., arilved In town Sunday to
Tlsit friends.
You will find all the latest and most
up-to-date styles iu hats and uprlog
and summer millinery ' at Bcrlvuer &
Barrett's Millinery Parlor, In the
Newhouie build' ugv
- tws Weeks Each Year Br 11,50.
Scout Movement
With Each Day
knifo or hatchet; prove ability to build
a fire iu the opcu, using not more
than two matches; cook a quarter of
a pound of meat and two potatoes in
the opcu without the ordinary
kitchen cooking utensils; earn and
deposit at least one dollar in a public
bank; khuow the sixteen principal
points of the compass.
To become a first-class scout tho
second class scout must pass tho fol
lowing: Swim fifty yards; earn and
deposit at least two dollars in a pub
lic bank; scud and rccelveli tucssago
by semaphore, or American Morso or
Myer alphabet, sixteen lotters per
minute; make a round trip alone (or
with another scout) to a point at least
seven miles away going on foot or row
ing boat, and writo a satisfactory ac
count of the trip and things observed;
advanced first aid; know tho methods
for panic prevention; what to do in
case of fire and ice, electric and gas
accidents; how to help in case of run
away horse, mad dog or snake bite;
treatment fordislocatlon, unconscious
ness, poisoning, fainting, apoplexy,
sunstroke, heat exhaustion and freez
ing; know treatment for sunburn, ivy
poisoning, bites and stings, nosebleed,
earache, toothache, lntlammatfon or
grit in eye, crump or stomach acho and
chills; demonstrate artificial respira
tion; prepare and cook satisfactorily,
in tho open, without regular kitchen
utensils, two of the following articles
as may bo directed: Kggs, bacon,
huntei'sstew, fish, fowl, game, pan
cakes, huc-cackc, biscuit, hardtack or
a '-twist." baked on u stick; explain to
another boy tho methods followed; tho
spot, au intelligible rough sketch map,
indicating by their proper marks im
portant buildings, road-, tiolley lines,
main laudmurkH, principal elevations,
elu. I'oint out a compass direction
without the help of the compass; use
properly an uxu for felllngor trimming
light timber, cr produce an arllclo of
curpetitcry or cabinet-making or metal
vvoik made by hiiusolf. Kxpluln the
mothod followed; judge distance, size,
number, height and weight within 125
per cent; describe fully from observa
tion ton sriecies of trees or plants, in
cluding poison ivy, by theb" bark,
leaves, flowers, fruit or scant; or six
species of mid birds by their plum
age, notes, trucks or Habits; or six
species of native wild animals by their
form, color, call, tracks or habits; find
tho north star and natiKt and describe
nt least threo constellations of stars;
fin nish satisfactory evidence that he
has put into practice iu his daily life
tho ptinclples of tho scout out,h and
law; enlist a boy trained b) himself in
the requirements of a tenderfoot.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Storey and Mr
and Mrs. C. .1. Piatt tfcre. In Llncolu
last week.
Walter Denuy and family roturned
home Sunday from au extended visit
with relatives In Iowa and Kansas
points and has resumed his position
with the Red Cloud Auto Co.
Judges and Clerks of the
Primary Election, April 19
Guide I'ock precinct .Judges: J. II
Crury, N. 11. l'etors, Lee UoTour;
Clerks, Leroy Marsh, C L. Boles.
Heaver Creek precinct Judges: F,
A. Vance, F. II. Caldwell, .1 II. Hamil
ton; Clerks, II B. Miner. Karl Willi
ban. Stillwater precinct Judges: J. H.
Cro.ior, C. K. Albin, II. F. Hudson;
Clerks, C. I) Fishel, George Meoiits.
Oak Creek precinct Judges: Bert
Shepard, 1. L. Laird, W. B. Shirley;
Clerks, A. F. Krouse, Levi Wright.
Gat field precinct Judges: F. U.
Amuck, Grant Bhldlcr, B. A. King;
Clerks, Omer Crowell. Will Fisher.
Pleasant Hill precinct Judges:
Walter Cox, Chas. Swart., Henry
Johnson; Clerks, F. S. Friable, Sam
Cowlcs precinct Judges: E. II.
Koon, Fred Hurd, Jus. McUrlde; Clerks,
C. C. Bfuiuott, M. II. Davis.
Elm Creek precinct Judges: C. E.
l'utnnm, O. Abby, Fred Hubbard;
Clerks, J. France, O. A. Arnold.
Potsdam precinct Judges: Herman
Schmidt, Albert Hopisch, 1'hll Fasslei't
Clerks, Find Wehties,' Ed Funke, Sr.
Line product Judges; I.T. Amuck,
Len Wllmot, L. P. Johnson; Clerks,
Alex llentley, Chas. Aubushou.
Red Cloud precinct Judges: E. 11.
Goble, Wm. Thomas, M. S. Martin;
Clerks, Geo. Mann, John WccMicr.
Rutin precinct Judges: F. Heun.O.
Hasebrook, Anton Kudrun; Clerks, I.
Thomas, W. E. Hoirman.
Mlonwood precinct Judges: R. E.
Denton, J. R. Horn, Jus. Eglington;
Clerks, O. L. Lingren, Thomas Duffy.
Walnut Creek precinct-Judges: E.
II. Hersh, Ilarve Farnham.R. L. Strat
ton; Clerks, Alf. Cotilson, Frank
Inavale preclnnr. Judges: Chns.
Renkle, Chus. Waldo, W. II. Cloud;
Clerks, Robert Newton, Chas. Dicker
son. Cutherton precinct Judges: John
Sleen, L. G Getiereux, Ole llcrgmiu;
Clerks, W. R. Brooks, A. R. Larrick.
Harmony precinct Judges: A. G
Wheat, W. II. Patterson, Fred Glebe;
Clerks, L. H. Fics, Goo. Hlto.
Red Cloud, 1st ward -Judges: O. C.
Boyce, Oliver Wright, E. J. Pulsipher;
Clerks, Al Spires, Paul Popo.
Red Cloud, 2d ward Judges: John
Orlireth, C. E. Relgle; Clerks, Walter
Warren, E. G. Caldwell.
M. E. District Conference to
The M. K. ministers of the west dis
trict, will hold tholr annual meeting
In tho church iu Red Cloud on Tuesday
beginning at 7 p. m, aud continuing
thru Wednesday.
Dr. I B, Sehteckingast will bo tho
speaker on Tuudduy evontng and Rev.
S. I), l'arllo of Grand Nluiid will give
an illustrated looluru on Wednesday
evening, subject "A Horseback Rldo
thru l'ulestin,e."
Tho public irt eoidlally invited to all
the sessions all of which are opcu and
free to ull.
The Vlllafts of Cowlcs Is Boomtn
The new city of Cowlcs Is coining
right to the front. That place was in-
cotporuted on tho twenty-thiid of
February the niw addition was platted
by Foe and Mclirlde and the lots were
placed on sulo last Saturday tho sixth
of tho month On that day twenty
four lots were sold and on Monday
thirty-one othcis wtro snapped up aud
at train thno on Tuesday thlrty-threo
more lots dunged owners, ltusldes
the salo of these lots one twenty acre
tract, one eight acre tract uud one six
aero tract were disposed of The lots
I brought an average price of fifty dol
lars and tho land one hundred dollars
per acre. If Cowlcs keeps up this rate
she will be the largest city in the stuto
before the season closes. .-
The V. P. dance club held forth
Tuesday at Potter's hall with au after
lentoen dance. A good time was re
ported by all.
mi I'Ji'J iiiiniii m u mini iMmmmmmmmmkmmmMaltfSM
Before You
Buy By Mail
Bring us the ad, that inter
ests you.
1 1 you will do this, you won't
buy by mail that's certain.
Because you will have no rea
son to.
Any article of jewelry or
watches or silverware or any
thing else in the line can be
bought here at prices every
bit as low as anywhere else
near or far.
And you have this advant-
age you can see, handle and
examine to your hearts con
tent anything that is of inter
est to you.
Bring us that catalog and
let us prove it to you.
Remember "Satisfaction or
Your Money Back."
Newhouse Bros.,
E. II. Newhouse, Prop.
C, B. .t Q. Watch Inspectors. ,
, )
Resolutions Unanimously
Wiieheah the Legislature of Nebras
ka submitted a number of' constitu
tional amendments.
Aud whereas, all of the aforesaid
amendments will be voted on at , tho
general election held In November,
And whereas, it is necessary iu order
to carry said amendments, at said gen
eral election to have tho sainu endors
ed by a majority vote of tho, various
political patties In tho April primary,
And whereas, said amendments were
submitted and adopted by the Legisla
tor iu fulfilment of pledges made by
the Democratic party in tho platform
adopted nt Grand Island.
Therefore, bo it resolved by thia
committee that we endorse and ap
prove tho constitutional amendments
which were submitted by the last
Legislature of this state.
Be It farther resolved that wo re,
commend all Democrats to vote at the
April Primary iu favor of tho follow
ing proposed amendments 'to tho con
stitutiou, vis:
1. Senate File No. 1. The amend
ment providing for, the Initiative and
2. Senate Flic No. 147. The amend
ment providing for a change in the
compensation of senators and repres
entatives, changing the time in which
bills may bo Introduced in tho Legls
It. House Roll No. 27. The amend
ment providing for a non-partisan
board of control for slate Institutions.
1. House Roll No. 1)2. The amend
ment providing for biennial elections.
0. Senate Fllo No. 7. The amend
ment giving cities the right to make
their our charters,
Re it furthor resolved that a copy of
this resolution be furnished by the
ofllccis of tho committee to all tho
Democratic and Independent newspa
pers in the state.
The foregoing rocoliitiuns wore un
uuimiously adopted by tho Democratic
Stato Central Committee In its meeting
In Columbus, Four. 8, 1012.
John C. livit.Ni;y, Chairman.
Leo .Mattiikw., Secretury,
Bay Blacksmith She
Robert Itehtty of Red Cloud, and
Thos. Harper of LaJunta, Colorado,
made a deal Thursday by which they
become owners of the old John JBclok
son blacksmith shop just south of the
Creamery and have taken possession.
The firm name will be Beatty &. Harp
or. Saturday's Franklin New".
,m 'i
r ,t
V. M
j, i
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.i '. i ..A

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