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Farmers9 Institute November 19, 20, 21 and 22, 1912
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More About The
Court House
Judge Ducgan expresses much satis
faction in the prospeot of a new court
house for Webster county. Ills ofllolal
duties during the past year have taken
him to a majority of the counties of
southwestern Nebraska, ami In talking
with the Chief man he says that Web
ster county takes the premium for the
most dilapidated court house. Judge
Dungan does not make this comparison
as a reilectiou on Webster county, but
' urges the fact as an argument iu favor
of a new court house. He urges more
especially1 the need of more adequate
facilities for the comfort of juries iu
their attendance upon the court, great
er safety for county records, nud more
comfortable quarters for the various
county otllues. As the ranking onlclul
in the court house the word of Judge
Dungun 1ms much iuiluetice with the
voters o( the county, and we have his
assurance that he heiutily approves
the movement for a nov bull, lug, leas
ing the plaus and detail of ooustruet
ion to the tax-payer, of the county,
who will bu called upon to pay Hie
bills. He says what we all know to lie
a fact, that the pro-ent building will
fall down or become unlit for use with
in two or three years, aiul that the ex
cellent building now proposed eau be
built as cheaply now as at any time,
and probably for less, and that there
can be no good reason foropposlngjUte
plan suggested- for bulidlug -.a new
court house.
Red Cloud, Nkuii., Oct. 1st, lOl'l
Gents: The proposed Court House,
to be voted upon till, fall at the No
vember Election, you may describe as
follows: The building being a two
story with basement, Fire Proof: Size
84 x 84 feet on the ground. The build
ing will be finished up iu modern style,
provided with heat, plumbing and ven
tilation. The basement will contain County
Surveyor's room, County Superintend
ent's room, ladies toilet room, geuts
toilet room, historical room, four stor
age vaults, vault for County Superin
tendent, vault for County Surveyor
and Sheriff's entrance.
First Floor w coutaln Count yjlj
Treasurer's room with vault, Couuiy
Clerk's room with vault, future Coun
tv Recorder's room with vault. Probate
Court room and County Judge's ronir,
with vault, County Commissioners'
room and Abstract room.
The second story will contain two
Jury rooms, County Attorney's room,
with vault, County Sheriff's room,
Clerk of the District Court's room with
vault, two witness rooms, Judge of
the District Court, District Court room
to seat about 250 people, there will be
ladies and gents toilet room for second
-floor corridor, also provide toilets, for
each jury room and the Judge of' the
District Court.
The style of the buildlmr is carried
out in Colonial design, cut of which
will show for itself.
Yours Truly
B. W . Ross,
County Clerk.
It is true thkt you are not likely to lose your jP
savings if deposited in any good bank but you jL
when you deposit where you have the additional r)
protection of the State Guaranty Law. Such f)
protection is offered vou here. 4)
w It is surely "good business" to deposit where
)Y you get absolutely guaranteed protection, in pref- !L
JT erence to placing money
ft tees nothing.
f The State Guaranty Law it behind every dollar de-
)jb posited in this bank, and when you open an account here,
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iHvrHi wKh tHiLBjLLLLLwtfiLZsSkBRvffH1 LY eSLt I Ki SflLLlawlaVanaaaaaaaaaaaaH
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L-al inn 1 1 1 rmn riTWMaWfiTWifnH
aaWaff!raifcWnW - ' ' rr V-Vl,
R. B. 'I horapson was in Red Cloud
Tuesday on business.
Samuel Fuller is having a new I an
erected on his farm northwest of
Rev. Davis will preach at (he Christ
ian church Sunday next both morning
and evening.
Lew Fuller left for Lincoln Wednes
day after a short visit with friends
and relatives.
The M. E. people are putting in a
sidewalk in front .of the Parsonage.
They also cemented a cave and put in,
in a bank that guaran-
Ij'A' i - -r I
1 T"'' - -1" I
HT Livn-) H
cttT "M
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- i...A. j I HMl -ip Hi. ---... B-
"ur: - -
A Newspaper Tkit fllves The tows Flfty
ftisfr.y !?'.& t
New Court Housb For Webster
n . IT ' 1 TSfl
II I f" - -Y K ' H
1 "" I i 'ii j I tz'l
Lf L --II J
"li'i I Ji ., 1 1 M i .i ii
r Sa u j? ' I
l c.m. i t It f 1 e..
Li I -HMiCi i i IJ
a front walk which makes an Improve
ment. '
A quite a number of the fellow citi
zens of Cowles went to Red Cloud
Tuesday aud Weduesday to attend the
trial betweeu Keeney vs Village of
C. W. Fuller and M. R. Adamson left
for Omaha Monday to try aud buy
some cattle to feed this winter. They
expect to feed them ou the Chas.
Adamson farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bennett came
home Monday from an .extended visit
at liailyville, Kas. lie reports the
I not asgood as It is In Nebraska. '
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hock lugs spent
Sunday at the home of John Master
man's. Mr. and Mrs. T. 8. Spurrier spent
Sunday with their son Elmer aud
Roy Meyers and family also Ray
! Simmons and family were visitors at
Bert Payne's Sunday.
Win. Hogarth, Ray Simmons aud
Chas. Fraisler are, among the heavy
loosers with hog cholera.
13. K Spurrier has completed a
gnrngo for Andrew Upp. It Isli hand
aoino frame building with u cement
Dave Hell, Crode Perry and Saukey
Hooper came In from Western Colora
do the tlrst of the week. Mr Hell
brought about three hundred head of
cattle with him.
CMftrctatlml Chnvli NttlcM.
"The Angels and the Four Winds'
will be the subject Sunday morning,
Sunday School at 10. Evening preach
ing service at 7:30, Subject: "The
picture of an all found young man."
Midweek meeting on Wednesday at
7:30. Ladlee Aid Thunday afteroooa
at the home of Mr. George Pope "
John J; Baymr, MUh
- twa Week Each Year Fer 11.50.
OCTOBER 17, i!l!3.
.,. . -.IHji.k;
Roosevelt Shot
While standing in au automobile on
the streets of Milwaukee, bowing to
the greeting of a large crowd, Hon.
Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the
chest by a fauatic. Latest reports in
dicate that the ex-President will ie
cover. This event is greatly to be de
plored. Regardless of political affilia
tions the sympathy of the American
people Is with Mr. Roosevelt and his
family. However this incident again
demonstrates the weakness of our
American police system. In our much
boasted land of liberty our public men
seem to be in the greatest danger.
Every mau tdiould be allowed to ex
press his convictions on the questions
of the day and every ofiioial should be
allowed to perform the duties of his
office without the fear of possible
harm. It is far better to prevent crime
than to punish arimtuals after crime
is committed. This is the third at
tempt on the lives of prominent per
sons in very reuent years. MoKinlcy
at Buffalo, (layuur at New York aud
Roosevelt at Milwaukee. All three
are instances of inadequate police pro
tection. The real wonder is that these
eveulh ilo not occur oftener Mnco our
public men hui-m to be in danger of
every fanatiu'lii the country.
We earnestly hope for the speedy
recovery of Mr. Roosevelt and trust
that he will soon be us well and vigor
ous as ever.
District Court
State of Nebraska vs Win. Galbretb
and Hert Miller. Charged with bur
glary, both plead guilty and were by
the Court paroled on the understand
ing that they were to violate no law,
abstain from the use of Intoxicating
Miction and report to the. Court oa he
first if y of each, torn forCa petlod of
r . v . . "ro. . ts. sw. .. a .-aB
ijiiisa ' T'ta JL
0..-.r.. i..
one year. Dull was furnished for both
defendants iu the sum of Woo each.
signed by Win. P. Colo, Peter A. Wull-
brandt and Edwin J. Overing Jr.
State of Nebraska vs Charles Reed.
Complaint to keep the peace. Case
State of Nebraska vs Helen Henry.
complaint to keep the peace. Case
Hattie M, Churchet vs John Lemke.
Damage. Dismissed at plaiutiff 's costs.
liessie Cornell vs Ernest Cornell.
Divorce. Dismissed at plaintiffs costs.
Chicago Lumber Co. vs (Clarence M.
I'augli. Settled and dismissed.
Charles F. Cather vs John IJ.Stanser.
Damage. Verdict for plaiutiff for
First Natioual Dank of Campbell vs
Wm. Cooper and C. J. Ware. Settled
and dismissed.
Alice L Scott vs First National
Dank of Blue Hill and C. F. Quod.
Verdict for plaiutiff for 143.80.
Peoples Hank of Red Cloud vs Ed.
Fry et al Judgment for plaintiff
against all the defendants except Car
rie Fry for 817U.OO.
George E. Coon vs Dora aud Jose
phine Doose. Idlunetioii. Court finds
for plaintiff, peipetmil injunction al
lowed Roy A. Uuiley and wife vs Elsio
Long ct al. I'urtition, Sule of land
confirmed as reported by reforee.
I. A Uiinks vs Phoebe Robertson et
al. Judgment for plaintiff.
Annie Turner et al vs Frank Hess
man Partition. E. G. Caldwell ap
pointed Guardian Ad Litem for de
fendants. Charlotte MoKee, Edward
Hesstuau and Frederick McKee witli
leave to answer iustrfnter. S, R. Flor
ence Jappuluted referee. Partition
granted as prayed for,
Joseph Heurichs, by his next friend
Frank ileiuiuhs vs Helen Heurichs.
Default of defendant entered.
J. B, Dally vs White Hardware Co,
Demurrer of defendant sustained. I
Austin M. Cook vs John H. Beatley
tal. Partition. Ou motion of plala
tiff case dliml"d. . v -
A New Stock of
- Mantel and
Parlor Clocks.
E. H. Newhouse
Jmwmhr and Optometrist
CB&'Q. Watfch Inspector
: ' i.
DreMey Piano Cio.v Albright Bros
Demurrer of "defendants overruled and
110 days given to answer.
Marie Smith Deck vs Arthur L.
Hook. 1)1 vol ct;. Finding for plaintiff
that bhu have divorce on the ground of
drunkness Custody of minor child
given to plaintiff. 82'iC alimony, 10
per mouth for child during minority,
825 attorney's fees. .
' Henry G. Keeney v Village of Cow
les Action to disconnect certain
territory from the village. Court gen
erally finds for the defendant village
and against the plaintiff John Vise,
E. L Fawuett, Elizabeth Gilford and
Charles Francis that their lands 'be re
talnod within said village Court finds
generally for Samuel Fuller, Henry O.
Keeney and Adam Spracher, detaching
a portion of their territory.
Kate Alexander vs Ashley H. Alex
under. Divorce. Settled and dismiss
el.i Pardon E. Fairfield vs Isabelle J.
Fairfield. Divorce. Suit money and
attorney's fees allowed.
Wm. H. Tabor vs Grace Tabor. Di
vorce. Case continued for service.
John H. Stumpenuorst vs Jessie,
Stumpenborst. Divorce gran ted plain
tiff. A perfeot town Is'that in which you
see the farmers patronizing the borne
merchants, the laborers spending the
money they earn with their tradesmen
andjall aulmated by a spirit thet they
will not purchase articles obroab if
they cau be bought at home The spirt
of reciprocity, between men and
mcobaujce, tradesmen aud manfaenr-
ersf results every time in miking the
towu a perfect oue to do business in.
The man who is bluffing his wajt
through the world is hated most bit
terly and despised most deeply by
the man who Is trying without succesa
to do the same thing.
Farm Loans
At Lowest Interest, best option, least
oxpoubo Call for me at Stato Dank,
Red Cloud. 0. F. Cather.
VER Sf AH aUrlli
Red Cloud ' Nebraska
A. C. AMES. Mf D,
' . Phyaielan and SurfMn
Sm Office and Talaphana nvaa
httrafafniarly ua4 bvPr.Mmkfm
' . Vi

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