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s P. A.WULLBiANDT, Prop, c
For the Webster County Farmers' Insti
tute Nov. 19, 20, 21 and 22, 1912
TUESDAY, NOV. 19 It, 1912
Entry Day
0 30 P.M. Gonco'thy Hnlfy'ii Orehesiru. ,
7:30 P. iV. Singing
Ge Voir
Money's Worth.,
The service an engine will give
you depends not only on its design and
l i
---ir r?Sj
I' '
quality of Us material and workman
ship but upon the size of its, bearings, the length of its piston,
the thickness of its thinnest casting, the size of its balance wheels
and the strength of its various parts. Upon the size and strength
of these parts depend the service you will get from the engine
and it also determines the total weight of the engine. In deter
mining the value of two engines compare their weight the same
as you do when you sell your hogs, pork Is worth so much
per pound.
Come in and Inspect our sample Stlckncy Engine and show
us one place where any weight can be cut out without injuring
the service the engine will give and then we will show you It has
no surplus weight, no big useless unnecessary base and then
figure the price per pound. We will give your money's worth.
Ed. Hanson
wmmmmmmmmm exclusive agent i
Red Cloud Hdw. & Imp. Co., Red Cloud, Neb.
m-v wimmv,,nlm Jk-i
City Treasurer's Report
To tho Honorable Muyor and City
Council, lied Clout), Nub. Gentlemen.
I Htihmtt h rewilh statement showing
rue ipts inul disbursements of your
treasury for tliu period from Oct. 1 to
Nov. 5, 1912:
Ocecpution Fund
Amount on hand Oct. 1, 1912..$ 11) G8
No receipts
Disbursements 10 00
Hal Nov. 5, 1912
Rex war out Uniting $ 77 00
Water Fund
0 G8
Ovcn'rnft Oct. 1, 1912
? 4G 21
517 00
$ 470 70
5 60
Disbursement ,
$ -1G5 10
$ 17 22
Wntey Levy Fund
Amton hand Oct. 1, 1912 ...
No receipts. No disbursements.
Hal. Nov. 5, 1912 17 22
Itcg war outstanding $ 653 61
General Fund
Amt on hand Oct. 1, 12.. $ 29 41
No receipt.s '.
Disbursements 4 00
BalNov. 5, 1912
Keg war outstanding $1303 97
Electric Light Fund
Amt on iiand Oct. 1, 1912
Rfl'.-lpte. '.
$ 25 41
$1110 47
blO ij'j
DUbuitirlltehtb illjU U
Hal Nov. 5, 1912 , $ G17 89
Rlcctric Light Levy Fund
Amton bund Oct. 1, 1012 $
No receipts, no disbursements
Reg wsr outstanding $1300 43
Judgment Fund
Amt on hand Oct. 1, 1912 $
30 85
No receipts. No disbursements
Firemen's Fund
Amton hand Oct. 1, 1912....'..$ 150 20
Receipt 25 00
Bal on hand Nov. 5, 1912 $ 175 00
Occupation fund ,. $ 9 68
Wator'lovy f und 17 22
Generul fund 25 41
Electric' light fund G17 89
Electric light levy fund 3D 85
Judgment fund ,.. G 03
Firemen'u fun i 175 20
Water fund...'. 4G5 10
Bh! on ii'ii! Ne. 5, 1912 $1348 04
T - 1 ..i vtMiituliug $3235 01
15. R. Fl.OKANCC,
City Treuti
(:cnftrv.att3iml Uiuult Noiici.s.
Morning preaching service at'll.
Suudy School at It). Evening service
at 7:30 Mldz-Week meeting on Wed
nesduy evening ut 7'HO, Ladies Miss
ionary society meet the Kir.st Tiiii
day of e- yy month 11 1 .'! o'clock p, id
The luiliui nl 1 meet- tint rhuisdny le
foro tho JnM aiiirilay of every uiontli,
Kumliiy evening the following men
willspmU on various pliutei of i).o
vvorl; of the A. M. A.
Mr. Wil K Fulton on Alosku
,Vr. Uharles Cotting on tho'Mouutiilu
Dr. Chillies Crossiiu Hawaii.
Mr. Feed .Mmiroron the, Negate,.
Air. James Oilhuui 011 the Indian.
Mr. A. B. Pierce, Prayer lor the A.
M. A. wprk.
- Tim addresses will be short and in
teresting and everybody is invited.
in tho morning the pastor will
preach oil thlb subject: ''Tho Gospel of
Good Cheor."
The Brotherhood meets every other
Tuesday lit 8 p. in. The Young Wom
en's sooiuty meets tho First Thursday
afternoon of each mouth at 3 p. 111.
Tho Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
is observed the First .Sum ay in Janu
ary, April, July nuil October. ' Pro-
pirltory Lecturo ninl Quiutcily busi
ness meeting of the Hunch Is held on
tbo Wednesday Immediately pit feed
ing tho First Snnihiy hi .la mmry,
April, July ami October. Choir pr.io
tlcc Friday evening.
John J. lliiyno pnstor.
Baptist Dhurcli Notices,
Sunday school tit 10 a. in.
Preaching at 11 11. m.
Preaching at 7:30 p. in.
Prayer meeting 11 1 7:110, Wednesday.
The subject for discussion next Sab
bath morning will be "Home Miss
ions." In tho ovonlng "Our Birth Right and
what are we doing with It?"
You hiivo an invitation to these ser
vices. The meeting in the south cud will
be held at Ned Sutton's at .3 p. in. Sab.
bath Come ami let us make this ser
vice a grand success.
A Genuine Service
" I bullove," says an old subscriber,
"that every time The Youth's .Com
panion outers n home it does that
liomo a genuine service." That de
scribes the purpose of the publishers
exactly. The paper is not. filled with
mischievous or like thoughts tu (ill
an idle hour. It , provides healthy
pastime, recreation that builds up. It
is to the minds of eager ami impess-
io'filk- JtM: tf i.Hplti. wll.kt -oilli. lltll-
leliei iiro t.o l.it-lr h.i I Vs.
A., a coif nf le-.s Hi. ni Itiui, uijiil.i ii
WHk The Youth's Compaiiiou opens
the dnnr to a company of most ills
tingu'shed men and womoiiln Amrlin
uti.l ICurope. Whether they inn reveal-
lug the latest discoveries in science,
or describing great industrial achieve
ments, or telling of their wauderlngs
in strango eorniir.s of the world, or
feeding the Imagination with rare
stories, they are giving Companion
readers the best of themselves.
Seveu serials at least will bo pub
lished by The Compaiiiou in 1013, and
nearly UOO other complete stories, in
addition to some M) special contribu
tions, and 11 treasure box of sketches
anecdotes, expert advlcs as to athletic
sports, ideas for handy devices iiroiuul
the limne, and so forth long bonis
of companionship with tho wise, the
utlventtironi mid tho entertaining.
Announcements for 19l:t will be sent,
with sample, (tuple of the paper to unv
address 011 request.
Kvery now subscriber who scuds
a.00 for I ho llftytwo weekly Issiik, or
1913 will lecelvo us a gift. The Coin
panlon window traiisparenco-ealuiidur
for 101:1, tho niiihi i-vtjuihlio novelty
ever rir-iel tu f ujumiiioii inHilfps;
iiN. nil ifiH 'S-H.ii.- or The CmiiDiiiI.tu
for the remaining weeks of lUl', ficc.
111 Heikoley St , Boston, Mass.
A town is in some ways likcu piMSon.
If It amounts to anything it must lie
ilaigcly self uindu. Tho town that
drifts, like the poison Hint drifts, or
the ship thit di Iftrt, is not likely- to
euino to tho right harbor. If pros
perity is the hiivon desired, it will bo
Wall Paper, Paint and
Room Mouldings Pict
ure Framing, Pictures
and artist Material
The Only Exclusive Store
Pruyer by Re.v. Tnmfikiii". ''
Poultry topico,-!'. J. IJV. ring, Rov. Coir
siiikiuk. .";: '
wcod corn Belection und cultiviition.
Singing, - ' m.
WHDN&UlAY, NOV. 20th.'
Judging cthihliH. .'
Music by bund.
Commercial Club 'nmdu.
"AdvuntHgrH of a pi-digreed sire," II. J. Gramlich.
Ladies ii'MJion, Miss Daniels. .' v-
BelzV orcliestni.
Singing- MIh Dflniels.
Illustrated lecture, "Europinn Agriculture,"!!. J. Gramlich
9:00 A. M.
1:15 P. M.
1:30 P. M.
3.30 P. M.
3:30 P. M.
7:15 P M.
8:15 P. M.
9:00 A. M.
1:30 P. M.
1:30 P. M.
Judging exhibits.
"Live Stock Management" Mr. Leonard.
LhiIIfb Hi'H-iou. .
Meat Subatiliitec,"--Mrs. Daviaon.
Evening aes.siou.
Hetz' orchestra,
Singing ,
"Opportuniii-i of To d.iy and Those of Fifty Years Ago." Mr.
Leonard. "" "
"The Evolution of the Hump," Mrs. Davison.
Singing. , " ,
i "
7:15 P. M.
.Tiii'ging Exhibits.
1:30 P. M.
2:00 P. M.
Rand Concrt
L ve Stock Parade.
Special Premiums
For best display of apples, pair of $3.50 shoes Bailey & Bailey .
For best wuter melons, pair of shoes Henry Denrich
For best single mule, any age; wliiplVter Hansen !i
For best herd beef breed; $5.00 Pone Uioi.
. . . ,f
For best herd dairy breed; $5,00 Pope Bros.
Fred Wallin will give wagon scoop board to the best display of potatoes. '
TheDiamond Milling Company will give for the bes. bread made from Diamond
Flour: Jst-2 sacks Diamond Brand Flour. 2d-l sack of Diamond
BrandFiour. Of best bread" at Institute, made from' Diamond Brand
Flour, a cash premium of $5.00. will -be' given in place of flour, and person
winning 2nd premium in Diamond flour will receive 2 sacks of best flour;
3rd premium will be one sck of bent'flour.
A. C. Hosmer will give one yearB subscription to the Commercial Advertiser, for
tho. best gecfte; and nlaoone yejiirs subscription for best turkeys; und to the
boy under 16 years showing the best collection of corn, one years subscrip
tion to the Commercial Advertiser. '
C. B. ILdo will give .one yours subscription for the best bull beef breed; also one
jeiua ..uhniiip,iMi for the bent bull dairy I. reed. One years Mibrferiptini
tp the Chief for best display of baking; and one years subscription to
the Chief for 2d best.
The Argus will give one years subscription to ths Aigus for the best beef cow.
and one subscription to the Argus' for tho beat dairy cow.
Special Girl under 1G, best bread made of Diamond FJour. 1st, one sack of
Diamond Brand Flour. 2nd, 50 cent -.
roached without determination and
self-guidance. This truism Iihs beeu
applied to human conduct so ofteu an
to become commonplace, nnd would
not be repeated here except lo einphu
slao the faot that it applies to com
munities quite as much us to Indi
,A town is a problem like a child It
should not bo left to grow up by Itself.
Its. destiny should be guided by the
wImIoiu of its elders. There is no kick
of elders In any town who have opini
ons as to what is wrong with it. They
ure to be found at the grocery store,
tuts flew
Wo handle enly the Sest Grades of Flour.
I and Feed of all kinds. Your inspection o
? my place is respectfully requosted
Both Phones,
i fnones, ;
' Opposite P.O. I
ed !oud ' e Ncbri kg
wiibH'a Pension.
'I he recent ant of April liltli. l0O3
uives to all soldiers' widows a pension
$12 per mouth, Fred Maui or, tho at-
toruey, has nil neeessiiry blanks. -
l"4 1
NOV. 22d
' "
the cigar store and every common
meeting place. If these wiseacres
would e.veiclse their perspicacity in
figuring out what would be good for
Hie town, and then would all pull to
gether in trying tu bring that good it
bout, the result would be such n mat
ter of local pride that nobody would
want to talk about any thing else The
destiny of n iMiuiniinlty, like thit,ofuu
individual, can be controlled; the
possibilities of development and im
provement are alums' unlimited, and
it is not only wi-dou but money lu the
pockot for cltizuisto take their town
in hand and try to make It umotuit to
feed Diorei
- -- -rr-rtu i rrMriii Ttaiwii
iyr-if ??7 rTr;vvr
3EAJ. W. 1 .
A. C. AMES. M. D.
' Phyclcian nnd Surrioon
j Same Office RndTclophono num.'
1' Farm;Loans
,,..,.. . ,
' u L,0Wtst interest, best option, least
exjimis,' Call for me nt State Bank,
lied (,'oi.d, 0. F. C.VTiiEn.'
.'We Carry a Complete Lino o Slnpio and Fancy
, Groceries, also the Latest Patterns in d
It Will Also Pay You to
k to Secure the Best in
X-l.. JL. V
Bell Phone 201
Medical Legislation
There was mi article In the Chief
la!?t week on the above subject, quoted
from the World Herald, ill which the
stand wns taken that there ought to
be no legislation to restrict anyone
who wishes lo do so from practicing
medicine, if he oati find anyone who
wishes lo employ him. The argument
was iimdi that all such legislation in
let feres with personal liberty, that If
a man wishes to employ a certain per
son as a physician und believes hlih to
bo competent, that ho should be allow
ed to do so. 'This nil sounds very well.
and as fur as people arc able to jmdgo
of a man's quallllcatlolis, U is all tight,
but there comes a time when the gen
eral public is not able to judge of .such
qualifications, for no one can judge of
a man's ability beyond the subjects in
which lit) liim.sulf i-, iufoinied. Xone
but, a man with a medical education is
able to judge of another's education in
that line. If all were able to judire,
they would be able to prescribe for
themselves and there would need to be
no phy-icians It has beeu found
necessury to examine lawyer by tlio-,e
informed in Jaw before allowing them
to prdCtico their profession, and be
fore tcacheis are allowed to teach
school they must pass uu examination
to prove themselves, competent. How
much would iu child Mn school know
about whether a timelier was compe
tent or not? Of course they can tell
who they like best, and so can the
U'cticrnl nublfi: toll whU.h physician
thoy tiki. beat, ninl u i.i.v that would
hinder them from employing tho one
they like best would be interfering
with their personal liberty, but a law
to require physicians to come up to a
certain standard of qualification fixed
by those who ure informed in the sub
ject Is no more an interference with
personal liberty than tho system that
denies n child the right to pass on tho
qualifications of its teachers. To say
that such laws attempt to decide be
tween different schools or medicine is
a misconception of the facts. It is an
invention of the unqualified to try to
win the sympathies of the general
public by sayiug that they arc practic
ing a different school of medicine and
are being persecuted by a medical
trust. What would bo thought of a
man not qualified to puss mi exaiulu
Hon In law if he should set himself up
.is a lawyer and claim to bo practicing
a new school of law? Or what would
bo thought of a new school of teachers
that claimed to bo teaching according
ton new system of education, just be
cans they were unable fo puss tho
regular examination fdr a eertlllcnte'.1
Voul. I the general piihlio think they
were being discrlmimiicd ngaint if
they weioiiotailowHil i ifaeli? Theiu
woulu bo just us much reason for it a
( lAittfc "m'yi,i?" 'V-histe 5
y Careful attention to
our stock when in
) the market for any- S
thing in the Fijrait ur e, Car- 3
pets or Rug line ....
Lady in attondance in our Undertaking Dept.
See The Chief Office
Remember That in Order
Canned Goods Obtain
Independent Phone 44
y v NAvyvv'
America Leads The World
Since lSHO, when the United States
siippjnnteil (5 rent Biltain, this conn
try has hold first place among the
coal-producing countries of tho word.
In llMI the total world's production
of coil amounted to approximately
I,:i0(),0()0,0o0 short tons, of which the
United States contributed 41)0,221,108
toils, or .'1$ 1 per cent. In the 12 years
from lS'.i!) when tills country first
surprised (heat Britain, to 'it the pro
duction of the United States has In
creased nearly 100 per cent, while
Oreat Britain has increased its output
about 2.i per cent, Trom 540,500,105
short tons to 30,r,18,027 tons. The
Tuited Skates in lull produced over CO
per cent more then Groat Britain.
Germany's production of coal and llg.
nlte in ISpi) was 14l),7lO,7GO short tons,
1911 it was 2:8,'J23,703 tons, an Increase
of over 70 per cent. The combined '
production of Oreat Britain and Ger
many 1911 wus r.C2,742,G'.iO short tous,
which exceeded the output of the
United States by only 60,52t,52J tons,
or 12.5 per cent. The three countries,
United States, Great Britain, and Ger
many produce more then 80 per cent
of the world's total supply of coal.
Did you ever think it? Suppose
every business man in the city took as
much iutcrest in the upbuilding of a
city as tho newspaper man. lie works
for railroads, manufactories, butter
roads, churches, good streets, and a
hundred mid one other things, for the
general good: he uiges, pleads, i-colds,
lwdgi i.s and Mne.ts an mil I gem-iully
until he gets what ho -ets our, for.
Imugine his feelings, then, when some
lame, string harled kind or u fellow
reproaches him because ho don't boom
thingse nough, ami nine out of ten
that same fellow has never paid one
cent toward supporting the paper, and
the paper In- reads with marked regu
larity is oltlwr borrowed from his
neighbor or picked up froin the count
er in tho store at which lie trades.
for some suel'i articles us we sometimes
see on medical legislation. There was
a time when theie was no restriction
placed upon such thing and anyone
who wished was allowed io practice
medicine, und Cod only knows how
many needless ileal lis occurred as n re
sult of bad treatment. We nil know
there are enough of them now but
there were ninny mine then, until
sooiuty progressed far enough in civili
zation to rise up and, as a means of
self protection, enact laws to restrict
tho incompetent There are countries
whore they do not have such laws, but
wo do not believe those who opposo
such lawn would care to make their
homes there. They do not rank
among the civilized nations of (he
0'iith. D. A. C. Ajibs.
wYV r.r. - - .
m -yV W jfc fs. .. m
For Your Sale Bilk i
l, o, KiS.'
nini" w'wPE'.'.n'ijT"
VW 1
'fulil l--!-f-
" f 1 iiummi tin' ' Alii i t mii --gj - tmmm- - t
.. .,-. v

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