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Y. M.C. A.
Ooened Mondavi ?
On Mmidiiv owning occuired tho
ciiunltif of Red Cloud's new Young
Men's CluUliHii Association moms.
All tilt rooms wcie filled wltli specta
tors, standing loom ms lit n ptuiiitmti.
The rooms were carefully preputod
aud present 11 pleasing homelike effect.
The mtiiu room is arranged for basket
ball, base ball and other indoor athle
tics. The west room is fitted up for a
reading room and chess and checker
head quarters. The north room is
equipped with a blllard table and a
pool table. The walls of all these
rooms are freshly papered and painted
and everything is new and clean.
The Red Cloud Citizens Band began
the ceremonies with one of its magni
ficent musical selections. Chairman
Blackledge then asked the atteutlou
of the audience for a few minutes and
gave a detailed history of the move
ment that made it possible for this
city to have an organization of tbiB
character. He said that the initial
credit belongs to Superluteudent
Moritz beOHUse he alone raised the
original fund for the payment of two
years rent and the puichase of para
phernalia.' -Prof. Morltz raised about
boveu hundred ami Ufty dollars. This
aiuouut was subscribed and paid by
hixty five citi.eus of the towu. Ur
Boles was eutittled to credit because
he had worn his Augers to the quick In
splicing ropes and driving tacks. Paul
btuiay was commended for his efforts
iu attempting to out do the Professor
in raising funds, he worked himself
from sickness to health aud back to
sickness and his labo'is wore meritor
ious. Frank Cowdeu likewise deserved
mention for his boosting proclivities
but they developed In such an unusual
state that he had 'been transferred to
Yuma, Colorado where he was still
telling about the Red Cloud Y. M. C.
A. Flave Urice was praised for the
fusses he had with John Tomlinson
over the Installation of the electrio
Mr. Blaokledge then stated that the
people of Red Cloud 'had contributed
the sum of twelve hundred forty six
dollars for the new organization, near
ly every dollar of which was paid in,
he called attention to the following
rules which were adopted:
I will be industrious and truthful at
all times.
I will keep myself cleau, physically,
mentally and morally.
1 will not Ube profaue or obscene
lauguage, or liquor or tobacco in any
form in or about the rooms of the
I will not engage iu rowdyism, or
botsterous conduct, In or about the
rooms of the ussoelutiou, or be de
btiuotive of Its property.
1 will conform to such rules as shall
be from time to time promulgated by
the Executive Board, submit to the
authority of the director or persou in
charge of the rooms, and agree that
ally violation on my part will forfeit
my rights o4 membership.
The membership fees payable in ad
vance are:
For boys between tho ages of 12 and
1G two dollars annually.
For youth between ages of IU aud 20
three dollars annually.
All over twenty years live dollars
Tho Chairman's address was follow
ed by a spirited game of basket ball
hotweeu the high school boys aud the
i team from Cowles lu whlch.the Cowles
club provad to be the victor by the
score of eight to six.
The girls then played a game of
basket ball and sucoeeded in putting
more spirit and enthusiasm into the
game than the boys did. After which
Ker. Bayne gave an exhibition of
Indian club swinging. The Reverend
gentleman showed that he was per
fectly familiar with this form of exer
cise and his swinging called forth
many remarks of commendation, The
adults then engaged in a hot game of
two old oat lu which the honors were
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4 Newspaper
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District Court
District Court con veiled Mnndiiv with
Judge Perry presiding. Tho follow lug
cases weto on tho docket for trial:
Sainiiol Wilson vs Alfred II. King.
Dismissed nt plaintiffs cost.
Iu the matter uf tho Kstatu of John
Potor Strum deceased, in rc-Pinhate
of Will. Contestant dismisses appeal.
Case settled.
J. K Dalloy vs The White Hardware
Company. Motion of defendant to
make more definite and certulry sus
tained as to officer with whom and,,,
place whore said agreement was made
Plaintiff granted permission to amend
to conform to order of court forthwith.
Reeves & Co., vs John llarter et. al.
Defendant allowed 30 days In which to
Wm. II. Tabor vs Uraoe Tabor. Di
vorce. Dismissed bv Dlelntiff .
Gerhard Monnlch va Marv Snrlnser
and Herman Springer. Plaintiff given
10 days to give security for costs.
Addlo Vincent vs Vern Vincent. Di
vorce. Decree of divorce for plaintiff
to become absolute iu six mouths.
Judgment for t.100 alimony and 110
per month for support of minor child
until 1G years old. Custody of child
awarded to plaintiff.
Marcus McCoukey vs Joanna Talt et
h1. Older that sorvlen lie crlri.ii unnn
unknown heirs for 4 weeks as required
by law.
Charles UqU,v UnUuowu heirs of C.
B. Nelson deceased. Ordered that
publication set vice bo giveu for four
weeks iu the Blue Mill Lender
The Stork Has
A Busy Week
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Campbell,
Jan. 11th. a son. All Dsrtles doinir
Mr. and Mrs. Si Jamison are the
proud parents of a baby boy bora
Mr: and Mrs. Geo. Corner are rcaV
jololag over a baby girl born Satur
day. Wllhnr Rtmlltin and mltn an - '
jololng over the arrival of a baby boy .
on Wednesday.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Reigleof
Inavale, a seven pound boy, on Friday
January loth.
Mr. and Mrs. Potts of Inavale ara
the proud parents of a buby ,boy born.
Real Estate Iraiwfers.
For tho week ending .Tiiu. llth, 1913.
Compiled by M. W. Carter, Bonded Ab-.
blructer, Red Cloud, Nebr.
R. A. Simpson aud wife to Char
les K. Stevens, wd, lots 0 to 10,
Illk. 3, Sweeny's Add to llluo
Hester P. Grandstaff and thus-
2'C i
bund to Charles W. Cowley, wd,
lot 7, Ulk. i, Speuce's 1st Add
to Bladen lloQeftv
David ECrom and wife to Cbas.
Balderstou, wd, lots 1,3, Blk. 4,
Speuce's 1st Add to Bladen. . . .3800
Julius E. Koepko aud wife to
Will Koepke, wd, nutf 1-4-10...
R. C Burch oud wife to Webster
County, Neb., wd, pt se 30-3-12
L. D. Mercier and wife to Hugh
Crilly, wd, oK se 10-3-12
Hugh Crilly aud wife to L. D.
Mercier, wd, w 3 3-12
Remington J, Tcunant and wife
to Charles S. Crabill, wd, lots
21 to 34, Blk.5, Smith ic Moore's
Add to Red Cloud C150QV-
Richard Oreenbalgh to Edward
T. Foe, wd, lots 15 to So, Blk.
1, and lots 1 to 12, lots 10 to 31,
Blk. 0, Foe & McBride Add to
Charles E. White and wife to
William Richardson, wd, lots
3, 4, u4 lot 5, Blk. a, Yelsers
Add to Red Cloud
Mortgages Filed, 133424.00.
Mortgages .Released, 20,020.00.

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