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Rev. Rcisner is conducting meeting's at the Baptist church.
He extends to you an invitation to come out and hear him.
Third Number of Lecture Course
Wednesday, January 22nd
We are thankful to be able to present to you Ellas Day
on the above date.
Ellis Day Greatest Artist In
Ellas Day 1ia9 been recognized for
years as ttio greatest entertainer In
his lino in Amorlca. With quick
change make-up and costumes lio pre
sents an entertainment Unit Ih marvel
oub In its variety and transitions.
When Mr. Day presents a character
he seems to have disappeared from
tho stage, ro perfect Is tho represen
tation. The nudlence forgets that Mr.
Day Is there until the make-up nnd
costume arc removed.
Only a part of Mr. Day's time Is
given to the platform. He devotes
the remainder of It to tho Ellas Day
School of Lyceum Art, where he In
structs readers and musicians aspir
ing to lyceum honors.
Mr. Day's appearance here will bo
Ted letter day In our lyceum course.
Millions For Roads And
TMlrty-nlne Counties EifenLJeii lMlt
lltns In Six Years
Metal I Rolled Into a Ribbon
Pen Shapes Are Cut Out by
MgHclIzJf , . JssiiWJ'''KcxTr.r;!,4aBaf
gHr gHagHav,: IbV Sksiiiw
bbbt TgggBBssMnsBi'iiiikiiii
BBBk- W3S5BaBar
lajK1 K'sssssssssr
BBBV, ' ,, aBBBk
jP'BBBBBBh SBlllllllllllllllllllllllllllH
9flBMBBsssssiiV S111111111111B agfl tffifs- MBB 1 r
The Slule DimkI of Agrloiiltuie,
throtwh Its publicity department, if
maid ig mi linottlgulloti of the amount
of money expended for roml improve
ment in Nebraska. K. J. Koidusoti, ex
tunlner of county treasurers for the
State Audltoi'i olllee, hah fut'iiMied a
partial compilation of these funds,
which shows Im go expenditures. .Mr.
Robinson's report covers thirty nine
counties east of the llrst guide lueridl
nil, which is a line drawn from the
western boundary of Knox county south
to tho western liMiiudarv of Nuckolls
county. 'J'lie territoiv examined doe
not inuliiile Saunders or Dniigltii eoitn
ty nor tho city of Ideidii, nor t lie towns
and villages within Hie eouutius ex
anillied. . Tho total expenditures for
roads and bridges ill these thirty nine
counties from IIMMi to 1U10 I- W.aMyMK.
During the same period the county
treasurer of these counties luivo paid
to the cities, towns and villages within
these eouutius taxes which have been
collected through the oillces of tho
county treasurers to the amount of
l,'Ji)iI,(iS'J.7!. Out or this amount, the
road and bridge maintenance of the
ulviPsiib-divisioiis represented by the
municipal government has been sup
ported. The records In the Auditor's otllce
do nof. show what portion of the latter
amount has been expedited directly for
road purposes. Tho relatively large
amount of money expended for road
purposes as reveHled by these figures
supports the contention of those who
say that Nebraska now spends enough
money to insure good roads under
proper administration. This statisti
cal investigation is of peculiar interest
in view of the organized effort to fee
cure h state highway commission at
this session of the legislature, and the
figures will doubtless be used freely
by both the friends aud oppoueuts of
Corn Improvers' Banquet
The Corn Improvers' lianquet has
become an aunual affair aud is pleus
tintly anticipated by all members and
frieuds of the Association. It will be
held at the Lindell Hotel on Monday
eveuing, January 2oth tit G p. to. This
is the regular supper hour and the
banquet will make it unnecessary to
buy any other supper. The most im
portant feature of tho banquet is the
toast list. The toastmasler will be
one of the best in the state a man of
statewide reputation. Those on the
list will include the Governor of the
slate and distinguished gentlemen aud
ladies. Ladies uru especially invited
to attend. The price Is seventy-live
cents per plate. Ketervntions must be
made early in order to insure a place
at the table. Those desiring to attend
should send uotlce to Chairman Ban
quet Committee, University Farm,
Liucolu, Nebr., together with 75o for
each place desired.
The tiny tip of white metal seen on,
the under side of the point of a gold,
pen may ho of platinum, but It la more;
likely to be iridium. Iridium la a very
hard metal and It Is expensive; It
costs about four times as much as
gold. The purpose of the Iridium tip
la, of course, to give the pen a moro
durable tip.
Tho gold pen maker buys his gold
at tho assay office in bars of puro 24
karat gold, which ho molts and alloys
with his silver and copper to the de
gree of fineness required. Gold of 14
karats Is used In tho manufacture of
tho host American gold pens, that beJ
I ,- tho iV reo of fineness deemed,
hoot uultaL'Q for pen use; but good,
pens made in this country for snlo In
KianCi are mnde of 15 karats, thoj
French government requiring thut all
articles exposed for rale In that coun
try us gold shall be of not less than
18 karats.
The gold from which tho pens nro
to ho made Is rolled and rerolled until,
what was originally a thick, heavy bar
of gold litis been rolled Into n thin
gold ribbon about three feet In length
by four Inches wide. Then this gold
ribbon is put Into a machine which
stamps out of it pen shapes, till still
flat. Then on the tip of each of theso
pens is fused the Iridium point, and
then tho shapes go to a slitting ma
chine, v.hich cut tho silt In the pen.
From this slitting machine tho pens
go through another, which gives them
their rounded, familiar pen form, nnd
then tho pens aro ground and polish
ed and finished ready for use.
American gold pens in fountain pons
or ns dip pens are sold In every coun
try In Europe in competition with pens
of Hrltlsh or of German manufacture,
and under the same competition they
are sold throughout tho world, in
South America, Africa, Japan, China,
wherever pens are used.
"W 1 1
Tickets at Cook's Drug Store. Doors open at 7:30,
Program at 8:30. Dr. Boles. Manager.
Reward for Reputation
"Were you in the fight?" said an
officer to an eldely negro on a steamer
after taking a fort.
'H n.l kltttlA tut nftt.mili"
"Stood your ground, did you?"
"No, sab, I runs."
"Run at the flrstfire, did you?'(
"Yes, sah; would bab run sooner if
I had known it was coinln.'"
"Why, that's not very creditable to
your courage."
"Dat Isn't my Hue' sah, cook in' is
my pei fesslou."
"Well, but have you no regard for
your reptatlon'.'"
"Keputatiou's nothing to me by the
side ob life." '
"Do you consider your life worth
more than other rjeopluV.'"
"It's worth more to me, sah."
Remark of Governor of North Caro
" ''Una to Qovernor of South Caro
Una Brought Into Court.'
. The oft-quoted remark of the Gov
ernor of North Carolina' to the Got
enorof South Carolina has at last
been 'brought Into court, carefully
ODHBtmtMl, and found not to bo so
long as some other times. It Is prob
able that It was tho exceeding
droughtlness of the interval which
made it seem long. In a prosecution
for the Illegal sale of whisky In Ala
bama, a witness testified that he had
bought a pint of liquor of the ac
cused "a short time" before tho grand
Jury returned the indictment against
him. It was objected that this evi
dence did notshow that the prose
cotton had been begun within 12
months after the sale of the whisky,
tho time limited by statute for begin
ning a prosecution. In discussing
this objection, the Supreme court, In
Wilson versus Stnte, 56 Southern
Reporter, 114, after holding that "a
short time" might bo taken in the con
nection In which It was used to re
fer to a period less than 12 months,
said, by way of Illustration: The
expression 'a long time' would refer
to a very different period of duration
and have a widely different meaning
In' measuring time when used by an
artfcaeologist having reference to the
period of existence of the Egyptian
pyramids, than when used by Caro
lina Governors with reference to the
time between drinks." The court
may be right, but probably the Gov
ernor of North Carolina measured
time as recommended by the poet
who said: "We live In feelings,
not In figures on the dial." Colliers'.
r I f 1 SBsl ri I B 2l aLt si
Improved Property
An acre of land in the city is worth
tWPnfv times nc tnnrh no nn nnra In tUa
country Just so with a Stickney Engine, it will give twenty
times the service of any other, because of its outside igniter, its
straight line valve motion, its modern cooling system, its ball
bearing governor and its three point suspension. Let us
show vou,
Ed. Hanson
Red Cloud Hdw. & Imp. Co.,
Red Cloud, Neb.
House Boss in Egypt.
Old Mr. Egyptian carried a stick or
a small club about the house with him
and laid It upon his women like a
thousand of brick whenever they dis
obeyed or displeased him. In the
graves the mummies show that nearly
every woman bad a forearm fracture.
When Mr. Egyptian came home in a
bad humor he would sail into her with
a stiff stick, and as tho arm was
thrown to protect the face It was gen
erally broken while warding off the
"Bear Talk" Efficacious.
"Dear talk" was always considered
"good medicine" by the Indians. If
a bear blocked tholr path, they ad-
droBBed him politely, reminding him'
of their common brotherhood, prais
ing his nobility and requesting him
kindly to allow them an, unmolested
passage. This, It is said, he frequent
ly did, for, being by nature inoffensive,
the soft accents did not disturb him,
and so he would go on his way.
Wsnttd to Live In History.
Some men's idea of fame is cer
tainly a distorted one. A murderer
in South Carolina pleaded for the
privilege of being the first man to be
electrocuted when that new mode of
execution was introduced into the
'r Fair Offer. ""-Tw
It was a political meeting in the
east end, and the M. P., an excep
tionally popular man, was addressing
his constituents. The politician la
question rejoices In a luxuriaut crop
of hair. Tho audlcnco was sympa
thetic for tho most part; but tliero
was one man In tho front row of tho
audlcnco who made numerous Inter
ruptions. Ho was a coal-heaver, ap
parently, nnd bad but recently been
heaving coals.
"Got your hair cut!" he shouted
during a most pathetic passage in the
candidate's speech. The well-known
catch phrase seemed particularly ap
plicable, so a good many of the au
dience laughed.
But the M. P. was equal to the oc
casion. "I will make a bargain with that
gentleman." he said. "I will get my
hair cut if he will get bis face
Tbero were no moro Interruptions.
London Tlt-Dlts
Woman's 8ense of Honor.
Much has been done by our own
higher education and widening field
of work, and a woman now despises
what used to be by repute her most
formidable weapons a lie, tears and
a skillful appeal to the vanity of man.
The writer has often noticed the
markedly greater breadth of view and
the truer sense of honor among the
present-day girl students compared
with that which obtained when she
herself was a student, and which is
still largely that of women of her
own age today. An even moro strik
ing fact is that the majority of men
do not seem to expect as keen a sense
of honor from women as they do from
themselves. Thl3 mental atmosphere
has surely a deterrent effect upon tho
growth of thut eon so. A Woman
Tcaiher, u Lcr.Joc Sycctator.
I will hold a Public Sale at my place olio mile west and eight miles
north of, Red Cloud, on
Thursday, January 23, 1913
Commencing at 13 O'clock Noon
3 Head of Horses and Mules 3
1 Gray Mare in foal to j.iulc. 10 years old, weight 1100 lbs; I Day
Mare, 1) Jems old. weight UdO lbs: 1 Mule coming :.' years old.
3 Milch Cows, 1 fresh, 2 fresh soon; 1 Calves.
These Hogs welnh from S.-. to 100 lbs.
1 Acme Hinder; 1 Deere Gang Plow; 1 Deere Lister; 1 Deere 2-row
Go-Devil; 1 DNu; 1 lliisy lieu Cultivator; 1 Dain Mower; 1 Walking
Plow; 1 Uuggy: 1 Molitie Wagon; I Hack aud Wagon;' 2 Sets of
Woik Harness; 1 Set of Single Harness; a Sets of My Nets.
TERMS A,l9,,,"f 810 and under, cash. On all over
J 810 ten months time will be givi n at lo percent
Interest, put chaser giving note with approved security.
Charlie A.
- i' wm sjbbw
. Owner.
Clerk. M
C. J. Pope, i
South Dakota Land
fl I have several Sections, One Half Sections
and Quarter Sections of choice South Dakota
Land for sale.
9 Most of this land is under cultivation and
is located within a radius of ten miles of two
good towns. This land also has improve
ments upon it such as houses, barns, sheds,
wells, fences, etc.
J This land is located on the main line of
the Chicag6, Milwaukee & St. Paul from
Chicago to Puget Sound.
ForFurthmr Particulars Addrmaa
Farmers' faititute Banquet
Friday, January 24 th, of the week
of Organized Agriculture at Lincoln,
is known as Agricultural Extension
Day, During the day there will be
held a conference and in the evening
the first annual Farmers' Institute
Banquet. This is to occur at 0 o'clock
iu the Lindell hotel. The price is to
be seventy-five cents per plate. All
Extension und Fanners' Institute
workers aud those who Hie interested
In the work aro cordially invited to be
piouent. One of the best toastmiihters
in tlie state has been se'cuiod, and io
addition Dr. Dixby, of nutional fame,
has agreed to be preseut and tell what
he knows about farming. A mock
Farmers' Institute will be held and all
of the bauqucters are requested to ask
the speakers questions just as you
would ut a farmers' Institute. In
order to secure a place at the table re
servations should be made early.
Send 75c with a request for a plate to
Chairman Iiauquet Committee, Uni
versity Farm, Lincoln, Nebraska.
0. 6. PTKIfIS,
Leial Netlce.
Notlco la hereby tilven thut Andrew K.
KraiiHu a resident of ltosoiuout, Nebraska
haH tiled In the otllce of tho county clerk of
Webster County, NebrnNka an application by
petition of certain persons claiming to be a
majority of the resident freo-holders of Oak
Creek Precinct, Webster County, Nebraska,
praying tho Hoard of County Commissioners
of said County, to grant hlin a license to sell
mult, spirituous nnd vinous liquors at Lot 8,
lllock S, In the town of Itoteuiout, In said
Oak Creek Precinct.
I have set Wednesday, tho lath day of Feb
ruary, 1913, at tho hour of Two o'clock in tho
afternoon at tho Court House In Ked cloud,
as tho time and place for hearing on said ap
plication. Any person desiring to remonstrate or ob
ject tqfhe grunting of said llaeuso, must tile
their objections In writing wltb mo on or be
fore the above date set for hearing.
Dated this Mth day of January, 1913.
County Clerk of
(Heal) Webster County.
Tit Chief $1.50 per yeir.
Wants and for Sala
Fresh Oysters served to order at
Warren's Restaurant.
Fresh candy, peanuts and cigars at
Warren's Restaurant.
When in need of good printing call
at the Chief otllce.
Special attention given to diseases
of eye aud ear. Glasses accurately
fltted. Dr. Stookman, Red Cloud, Neb
We have just received n new line
of the latest designs in up-to-date
wedding stationery. He sure to see
..When in town get your dinner at
Wnrren's Uestauraut.
8l.no to 82.00 for good narrow stripe
fur. J.O. Cai.dwki.i..
Tiir Chikk is recogni?.ed as the best
advertising medium lu Webster county
and as the best, uewiest and most up-to-date
paper in Red Cloud.
A Stylish Hand Bag is the finishing
touch to the costume of the well
dressed woman. We have just receiv
ed a lurgo assortment of the famous
Langfleld leather bogs every ono is
guaranteed from JJi.no up to Ss.oO.
Jok Foam.. HdVt
We have the exclusive sale of two
acres of land adjoining the City limits
-good house, bHru, fruit trees, alfalfa,
city water and electric lights.
G.vnm:it, Hutchison & Saladkn,
A Baroain: My residence property
on Webster St., near 4th avenue. First
good offer takes it. Don't be back,
ward make me an offer. Address
Geo. F. Newhouse, The Dalles, Oregon
I have taken badk my Office and
will remain in Red Cloud. Calls
promptly attended day or night Dr.
R. F, Raines. av
Ladies and Gents Leather Card
Cases, Pocket Books and Music Rolls
For thatslek animal call Wedkmevkb
'at the brick barn. Prompt and satis
factory services. a,jv,
.r ' ' . I
M. H
v.U (? - .-WfriinintyV ? V 1ft rt V V V
-, V VkW 4iftsyirtMt ' ' ft
1 ?rV -i '
,s,BW. isjr'iirgiir M-1ifyftlttvffi'wwtw:
mfljMlgrir IflwrilT I r-- -
"-" -"
-,. , .....i ..,..
-u.iair.nf.1,-. - - ..?r.l."ir iv

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