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So You Jlay Hnom
This week marks the second
week of the editor's vacation,
and with the exception of the
locals, this issue is edited by the
attorueys-at-law of this city. It
contains some well written
article, bv these knights of the
bar, and we now submit it to
you for your consideration.
Next week the business men
of this city occupy the editor's
chair. Watch for it!
The Church
and the Press
The author of this article has ex
hibited a broad, tolerant disposition,
and his article is worthy of careful
reading. He has alio shown that he is
ready with a kindly wit. that makes
anything from bis pen or lips enter
taining as well as instructive. .
The press and the pulpit have not
co-operated in the past as they should.
Jt occurs to this crltio that it would
be practicable to bring about more co
operation by the adoption of a plan of
this nature.
Let each minister devote one sermon
a year, at least, to the discussion of
tome topic of public iuteiest for the
welfare of- the community. Let that
sermon be so unlike the usual sermon
that it will be interesting reading to
all the thinkers of the community.
The Chief would be glad to publish
such a diicourse, at least once a year,
from each minister, and invite general
criticism of the ideas announced there
in. In this way, the press and the pulpit
.could work together for the formation
of a healthful public opinion on mat
ters of vital importance to the city
and county.
The minister might also invite the
discussion of some live topic once a
year from the public men of the city,
whloh could be reported in the local
papers. This would have a tendency
to unite all the people with the church
as the centre. The facility with which
the clergy can thus avail of themselves
of all the forces of the city, and make a
practical application of the teaohlngs
of the church to the daily, commercial,
or civic life of the people might prove
an "eye opener" to us all.
Private Money To Loan
albo regular Farm Loans on best terms
to be had In the State. Call for me at
State Bank Red Cloud. C. F.Cathkr.
Dr. Warrick, The Specialist, will
.meet eye, ear, nose and throat patients
and those needing glasses fitted at Dr.
Damerell's office in Red Cloud, Tues
day, March lltli. adv
you have the additional
Guaranty Law. Such
The New Nan
And the New Age
The New Man and the Now Age is a
carefully aud thoughtfully written
article deserving of extended review.
Especially significant is the closing
paragraph. The establlslfmeut of (lie
KinKdom of God on earth where and
while we live, is udiiiittt'd by the
church in the past, although I am of
the opnloii that this was the purpose
of the Christians in the earliest ages
of its history. It requires bold preach
ing to expound the social ideas of
Jesus. The Rev. Crapsey found him
self unfrocked by the authorities of
his church for making the attempt
some years ago, and the Rev. J. Thurs
ton Brown, of Rochester found it con
venient to resign his pulpit when he
became imbued with the socialistic
teachings of the Saviour.'
It is the refusal of the church to
lead in this direotlon that makes 'so
many men Indifferent to its claims.
The chunjh tad pulpit are looked upon
as lagging behind In the progressive
movement which is seeking to amelior
ate the conditions of earthly existence.
In the emphasis they place on the life
after death, they are thought to place
too little emphasis upon the life that
now is. Of course it is only a matter
of emphasis. It is one of the laws of
conduct and language that emphasis
can not be placed on all acts, purposes,
words and syllables. A wrong accent
makes a mispronunciation of the word.
A mistaken emphasis heads an insti
tution in the wrong direotion -To
superficial observance the church and
pulpit have been over emphasizing
heaven, and the foreign missionary
work and. under emphasizing life In
Red Cloud, aud Red Cloud missionary
work: over-emphasising total abstin
ence, 8nnday observance, certain forms
of amuBM t and recreation and un
der-emphasizing helpfulness and neigh
borllness in the railroad addition, For
one I am glad to see. from, the pen'of a
minister of the gospel something like
a confession of short-coming in this
regard, and some indication of a feel
ing in tne churoh that there must be a
change of direction. .. .
Booster or
1 did' not know that there was a
loeal minister who had poetic aspir
ations. I shall not attempt to criticise
the meter, the rhyme or the language
of the. poem which appears on the
front page of the ministerial issue of
the Chief. But I wish to express my
approval of the sentiment of the poem
and the spirit in which it was written.
As I have not been informed as to its
authorship, I feel like taking off my bat
to all the clergy, knowing that 1 shall
salute the right man.
4 Newsf-aier That flltes The Newt Flftytws Weeks Each Year Fer $1.50.
Civic Pride and
Since the columns of the Chief have
been offered, what better use could be
made of the offer than to say some
thing for the betterment of lied Cloud.
It is indeed an opportune time for this
The uaturul location of our city
should be an incentive to us to do
those tilings that will help to beauti
fy it. The town Is made up of its citi
zenship and our improvements are the
result of the individual improvements.
So that our whole subject hinges upon
a proposition which would be express
ed by our ministers as follows: "What
kind of a town would Red Cloud be it
all its citizens were such a citizen as I
There are mauy little things that
could be done to beautify our town if
we would all unite on them. Suppose
that every citizen should clean up his
alley and cease to throw ashes, tin
cans aud rubbish in the streets aud
alleys, and instead put them in a con
venient pile, aud with the opening of
spring let our city seud around a man
with a wugou to gather up all refuse
and deposit it far from our city limits.
Let the Mayor set aside a day known
as "Cleaning up day." After ;this has
been done, suppose our Commercial
Club or some other otganizatlon that
hus the city's interests at heart offer a
prize for the best kept back yard aud
alley, aud lmve a committee inspect
this from time to time, all unknown to
any of us aud later publish the name
of the citizen who has the most pride
in his home and city.
The giant trees of our town lend
much to our comfort and plcasuro and
yet they are badly neglected There
are mauy streets where an umbrella
can not be raised on account of the
overhanging branches. This is indeed
anuoyiug aud not at all beautifyiug.
Let's trim the trees, .vith the approach
of spring. '
The past two winters have demon
strated the need of keeping the suow
off our sidewalks. This Is sometimes
hard to do where there is no man about
the house, or'where the owner of pro
perty is a non-resident. There are
some citizens who run suow plows on
the sidewalks for their own advantage.
Why cculd not oUr street commission
er 'devote a half a day to this work and
thus insure clear sidewalks early iu
the morniug for the school children
aud teachers, and the business men
who go to work early while some folks
are still dreaming of the day gone by,
and not awake to the fact that their
sidewalk is covered with snow to the
top of the fence. ' '
Our water question has been passed
upon by a vote of the people and will
no doubt be taken care of as necessity
demands. All we would say as to that
is that the people, discuss it, as they
did before, and keep pure water in our
mains before disease teaches us a
lesson. ''
Our location and proximity to the
Republican river ought to solve the
sewer proposition when It confronts
us, and when It does come, although It
may come high, it will be worth the
money to us as individuals as well as
a town.
My last proposition is a business
one, and that is as to our Electric
Light and Water System. Are we
making It pay, and if not, why not'.'
It has been suggested by some who are
on the look out for the betterment of
our town, that a business mauager
should be put in charge of it, aud thus
permit our Commissioner to devote all
his time to the running and working
of the plaut. He no doubt would have
plenty to do. We could easily get a
business manager to hear all com
plaints aud thus relieve our Commiss
ioner aud city ofUcials of much grief
and no doubt satisfy all who have
Now that we have a Y. M. C. A. aud
Commercial Club, let's boost these or
ganizations aud with the approach of
spring start In with fresh zeal to im
prove and beautify our town.
Relation of
Church to Law
To mt has been assigned the critic
istn of the ediloiiiil, not entitled, (lis.
cussing the rehil ion of the church to
the political mid ulvit! life of our day
The author etupusles present lawless
ness, the fill I u re of otllcials to prevent
abuses and rid the community of the
influences that tend to debase rather
tlwtii to upbuild.
A lawyer looks at this mutter from
an entirely different standpoint from
that of a minister. Helms but little
faith in restrictive legislation or the
enforcement of punitive laws against
any Urge amount of public sentiment
tolerant of the alleged abuses. He Is
trained to expect but little result ftom
attempts to enforce any laws other
then thoso directed against exception
al men and exceptional conduct. Min
isters are too apt to place all acts of
the legislature in the same category.
They are all law, and therefore easily
assnmed to be of equal obligation.
Lawyers, how ever, are disposed to re
gard certain laws as of the utmost
sicrcducsK, aud certain other laws hs
of little consequence.
Murderers, thieves, incendiaries,
ravishers, bigamists, are exceptional.
Their crimes are exceptional. There
is no sentiment, to speak of, iu the
community tolerant of them. I hesi
tate to admit how largo a portion of
the community is guilty of profane
Icttgunge, of incontinence, of indulg
ence in alcoholic drinks, of gambling
with cards or otherwise.
But every lawyer knows that there
are so mauy persons guilty of some or
all of these offenses iu every commun
ity, that it is impracticable to helect a
jury of twelve incu iu which there
shall not be u degree of tolerance for
the offense and sympathy for the
The lawyer, therefore, has compara
tively little faith iu punitive legisla
tion,' directed against a large propor
tion pf the, people.
A great statesman once said that he
'did not know how to draw up an in
dictment against a whole people. A
lawyer recognizes that it is Impractic
able for a majority of the people to en
force retributive legislation against a
good-sized minority.
A minister is too to regard all law as
of a sacred character. A lawyer, on
the other hand, recognizes all munici
pal law or human legislation as the
effort of one part of the people to
coerce the other part the community
Into compliance with Its will. To him
here Is no especial sanctity in one act
of legislation rather than another, ex
cept as it is sustained by the general
sentiment of humanity. If It is to be
accomplished by force, and foroe is the
only method of enforcement known,
the force of the corporation, govern
mental or private, Is nothing more than
the collective force of individuals, and
it derives no sanctity from the fact
that the majority are on one side to
day, while they may be on another
side to-morrow. The force of the
state, or of the city is insufficient for
the redress of all evils, the prevention
of all wrong. The majority cannot
rule the minority through the criminal
courts, or by means of the police. The
lawyer, therefore! Jlooks with distrust
on all efforts to invoke the criminal
law in behalf of general reforms.
CNlttsitlMMl Chmfc.
"Esau the man who made a bad
bargain" will be the subiect of the ser
mon Sunday morning. Sunday school
at 10. Vesper at 5:30' The pastor will
give a lecture on the the subject1: 'The
Second Coming of Christ and the
Turkish War". Mld-Week services on
Wednesday at 7;30.
John J. Bayne, Paster.
ISt Acre Fans It Best f w Cash
60 acres of alfalfa, 40 acres of corn
land, 40 acres of Blue grass pasture
and runnlug water, 25 acres fenced
hog tight, 15 acres In alfalfa. This
farm is located 1 mile north of the
State Bank of Red Cloud.
Dan M, Gabber.
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