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Tin Forrest City Times.
— U.J.. - ■ . . .
! Anew *g srected
In Boston. It* sight cost the sit; t!KW.
000, while the building so far has only
•oat •800,000.
Mont pistols are sold in Mexico than
In Mg other nation on the western
hemisphere, says a famous dealer in
sporting goods.
Monn editions ofBurns are published
In America than any other poet. There
are at the present time over twelve ver
sions in New York city.
It la found that for a distance of 2.50
miles in Oregon, where a wagon-road
eampany claimed a subsidy for building
a road, there is not a trace of a road.
Foa the first time in twenty years
Senator Edmonds addressed a Jury a
abort time ago. He whs counsel in an
important case in Vermont
SM, rrty'rsl
Thi Bouton ami and Providence
R»llroad company lie* settled with A.
J. Norris, who brought a suit for 910.
000 to recover for the death of E. K.
Norris, uis son, who was killed at the
••buseey" bridge acc dent. It is not
known what the amount of settlement
w as. bnl it it understood that it was
over 95,000.
A Ba*D of San D.ego counterfeiters
baa been remarknbiy sucueasiul in ob
taining n circulation for its coins in Los
Angeles. The city ia flooded with spur
ious money, and merohauta and car
condactors are constantly unable to ap
prehend a single one of the oonsplra
tors, notwithstanding the boldness with
which the pursue their trade.
Social, life in Vienna ie fast losing
Its brillianoy, chiefly through the tyran
Ey of porters. The city is principally
ihabited in flats, which are presided
over by a concierge or porter. This
{Oflloial imposes a tax upon everyone
who enters the house after a given
time, in most cases an early hour at
Sight On thia account people stay
at home evenings and the streets are
In the Boston directory ure found
the usual large number of Beam, one
Egge, eight Pjea, a number of Onions,
and one Crumb. Beside these there are
three Bones, also Salt and Jelly. Seven
Beers are found, and Coflfe, Milk, and
Teas. There ia one Chicken to three
Coaling* and a Hawk; also a pair of
Stockings, one Sock, one Cravatt, a
pair of Mittens, and four Coll urn
Three Hatts anil one Wigg complete
the outfit
Thiu Is not much justice In this
land of freedom, after all. A resident
of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, who
bad been confined 298 days in prison
to insure his presence as a witness at a
murder trail pot in a bill of $1 a day
for bis time, but the court not only dis
allowed the bill, but charged the wit
ness 93 a week for board. To mako
the oase complete, the man should have
ibeen sent to jail at hard labor to work
jout bis board bill.
i A writeb in Temple Bar remarks:
“It is a fact that American wives, if
jtbey are not allowed so much latitude
jin flirtation as English ones, receive
much more deference and a greater
iehare of let petits taint from their hus
bands. An American husband himself
pays his wife those little attentions
whioh in English society usually de
volve opon another man, if the lady
bappens to be pretty and agreeable,
and whioh sbe does without if she is
neither. ”
Buncombe, county. North Carolina,
was named after Col. Alfred Buncombe,
of Buncombe hall, near EJeutou, who
came of a due old English family, lie
raised, equ pped. and led a regiment
in the Revolutionary war. Fifty years
ago the representative of that county in
the state legislature made a Horrid
speech on a local issue, which be inno
cently explained was especially intend
ed for Buncombe. In this manner was
orig nated the expression wh ch has
a uce found its way into the dictiona
A Lake nt Kukri l*. in the Austrian
Alps, lias (or many years mystittod
everyone by drying up at one season of
the rear and filling w.th water and
overflowing at another. During the
dry spell people raised very good crops
in its basin. Recent explorations show
in oue part of the basin an immense
cave, which, when the water has reach
ed a certain height, beg ns sucking It
np till the basin is empty. The cave
leads to a long series of underground
lakes, all connected with one another
by a continuous current
Mr. Frederick W. Freer, of New
York, has been doing some remarkable
Work in dry paints. He has completed
pne large plate—a figure study made
directly from life on the copper, on al«
most the scale of life, and with the gra
ver only—that has made a veritable
sensation. Merely a physical feat such
• work, aet np on the easel and com*
pleted as one nights study in erayon or
color* would be worthy of notion
With the merits of artistic «Tn«Henm»
added, it is likely to become quite an
apisode la the history ot art it is con*
tributed to.
A correspondent of Chamber*'
Journal alleys that recently In Mel
horne, with hie wife and two children,
eged 8 and 4. he went to nee the ani
■ale in the Royal park, and that four
wolves sleeping in a cage paid no at
tention to himself and his wife and
the eldeet child, but the moment the
younger one toddled up they sprang to
their feet and made for the corner of
?he cage nearest to her, where they
•food against the bars, pushed their
paws through, barked constantly, and
seined wild to get at tier, not viciously,
however, but ns a dog might have run
to play with her. When the child
spoke their efforts were redoubled. On
aanfaee<|ent v sit the same thing occur
red. From which the correspondent
-conclude* that wolves have a strong
•atonal Instinct end lore children.
' rim Rhakepeare club* Hour tab at Ooooord,
fc. H.
Fruit and mall* to Floche art whipped la tha
■am* eack.
Then art 1,19# echool cblldraa In tha city of
Cbibuabua, Mexico.
At a meant ehrletenlnf »h* baba wort a rob#
if lace IDO year* older than heraeif.
A bill baa been presented In confma* for
the coinage of RH00.000 Into copper cent*.
The police bare made recently nnmeroa*
tnpture* of counterfeltara la the city of
There la a prospect that a aleamboat line
kora Proridence to New York will bn renewed
o tbe eprinff.
The attempt made to frow coffee and tobae
so on tbe auger plantation* of Cuautla, More
on. ha* been auccesaful.
Tbe peannt barreat in Virginia la eatimat
id at 1,OOU,OUO baaiiel* and nine peanut fao
orlea dean and aort tbe nuta for market.
White pepper frequently baa undertone a
woceaa of bleaching by chlorine, wblcb Im*
Korea He color bnt deteriorate* tbe quality.
An elderly mlnlater at a aoclal party, where
•be young people were daoclof, being naked
t be danced, replied, "No, 1 am not educated
it that en<L”
▲n English physician recommends foot-ball
'or girls. He says it U an exhilarating game
md would prove highly benelic.'al to young
adlea who are apt to inoroid or be hysterical.
The mo«t desperate g.»mbler atAlx-!es-Balnea
bis fall (a an old woman, Greek by birth. She
llays h gh an<l with great endues*. Her per
mi ml ap.-earau « U said to be the reverse of
8<?ine fashionable women in Phtladclpta hare
he backs and scats of bedroom chairs up
loliatrred with silk an 1 flded with broken
Hdtam boughs, wmch give fragrauce for the
f hole season.
Eighty thousand social 1stle pamphlets were
llstrtbuted about the streets of Berlin a few
lavs ago by women. The police wore unable !
odiscover the distributors until the pamphlets
vere all gone.
Workmen laying the foundation of a rail
md shed In Portland, Me., on 3<*pt l, found
ce thirteen feet below the surface. This
bows that In a hot summer Maine thaws out
or a distance down.
The principal street In Watsonville, Cal.,'Is
•igbty feet w de. with fourteen-foot sidewalks
>u each side, leaving a roadway fifty-two feet
ride. It Is a grand thoroughfare, and is now
H$lug covered with bltuineulzed rock.
A popular but silly fashion la to stick a lot
»f i mi i at ion bugs and spiders on the large allk
imbrella shades for high standing lamps
vhlch are now to extensively used In drawing
rooms and libraries, and which make eucher
parties so picturesque.
Joseph Valois, of Peterborough, Canada,
iccused of having criminally assaulted hit own
laughter, was dismissed by the magistrate,
die girl having declared that her first story
gas a falsehood. Instigated by her stepmother,
tbo was angry with her father.
A man must have a good-alaed bank account
i be wishes to reside In Pasadena, Cal
douse rent is enormous, and The Star savs
bat a room that was leased for $40 per month
vaa subleased for $30, then subdivided at $45
>er quarter, or $180 for the room.
“While Augusta baa appeared to be stand
xig 81111,” remarks The Chronicle, “no city la
be south, with the exception of one or two la
be mineral regions, his invested so much
noney in manufactures. In cotton manufac
turing Augusta leads the south.”
Timothj Bacon, of Barre, Mm, will be 101
rear# old next month. He wu born at
Vatick November, 1780. He Is In good health
tnd can walk a mile. He occasionally attends
wllglous revival meetings Dear his home, and
takes a fervent part in the services.
High license Is working satisfactorily to all
jartiea In Arlington, Ga. It fixed the whisky
lcense at $800, ami two men at once paid $1,*
100 into the treasury. Of this $1,000 will be
ised in building a school-house, and the town
!e«ls rich with its balance of $600 In bank.
Workmen repairing a street at San Juan,
San Benito county, Cal., Friday evening of
feat week unearthed several hundred skele
tons. The street havlug been in constant use
tor the past century, the skeletons must be
those of Indian tribes that once inhabited tbs
San Juan valley.
Dovecotes arc to bo established for carrier
pigeons on the roof of the national palace of
the City of Mexico and at the castle of Cha
pultepec for the use of tho government. The
principal employment of the birds will proba
bly be to carry dispatches between the two
places above named.
The grand jury of the United States court
!n Arisons has discovered that organized cat
Ue-thieves have been stealing cattle from tbs
Indiana on the San Carlos reservation during
the past year. Several prominent citizens are
implicated. Much of the Indian trouble It
iue to cattle-stealing.
The town of Guadalupe Hidalgo, In the
Federal district, am! the town of 8au Miguel
Alleude, in the state of Guanajuato, have
adopted the American custom of observing
Arbor day. The? have selected Sept. 16 of
every year as the dato ou which each good
titlzen shad plant a tree.
The populace seems to have an idea that
thev can get anything they want at the poa
ottlce, says Th« SL Joh >»burg (Vt-) Republican.
The clerks are dull/ askel to cash the okWtf
orders issued by (he express company; a man
this week asked for an electrical battery, and
to cap the climax, a citizen from way back
walked boldly up aud demanded a pint of
The next great Invention prophesied by Mr.
Cdieon is the turning of coal Into motive '
power without the mediation of steam. Now
about three-fourths of the energy in coal Is
wasted while getting at the other fourth. If
the iuveutlou of pro luclug electricity directly
from coal succeeds, a steamer th*t now bums
150 tous of coal a day will burn *3 tout lit
At a meeting of the biological and micro#*
topical section of the Philadelphia Academy
af Natural Bcienoes on Monday evening thers
was only one bald-h 'aded man iu tUo gather*
log of savants. This was accounted for upon
the theory that ,4the persistent use of the optic
oerve and retina bv means of the microscope ■
has a betit'flctal and stimulating effect upon
the capillary tubes.’*
The papers of the City of Mexico are again
agitating the question of free printing paper,
>r at least demand a considerable reduction in
.he present importation duties on that article.
It has hecu clear!? ahown that the present im
portation duties are su li a burden as to male*
the publishing bus ness unprofitable la Mexioo
ind to entirely deprive the misses of the peo
ple of cheap literature.
The Russian minister of railways has ap
pointed a comm.saion to select a method of
\gbttng rallway-csr» with electricity, and all
the principal companies will bercaflor bo com
pelled to use the light on passenger traiua
The South Russian railway has for some time
oaed the light on all its fast trains from Odessa
to Kicff, aod the out's spec al traiua hare
been ao lighted for a long tins*
The citj council of Laredo, Ter., deoilaed
the proposition of the Oraelat Bridge com
pany to build a street-railway bridge acrose
the KLo Grande, hut coaaeuted to grant the
franchise on condition that the city receive
|5,0U0 per annum for twenty-five years, at
which time a new adjuHtmeut must be made,
rbe bridge company was given thirty days in
which to accept or reject the proposition.
Two hundred and fifty slaughterhouse
laborers went out on a strike in the City of
Mexico last month because they did not wish
to wear the prescribed brass badges ordered
by the governor of the district for their
Ideni ideation. The m tyor undertook to All
the places of the striker* with new men, when
the former at once surra a lered and went bank
to work without any hostile demonstration.
Robert Burley, a taller on a schooner b+
longing to Kingston, X Y., recently when the
reisel wa« off Sew London saw an eagle light
on the topmast. The actlous of the bird
| showed that It wn* t rcl out Burley waited
nntil night, when he climbed to the topmast.
| The eagle in* fast asleep. Burley grasped
; the bird by th leg . It e.r>wed fight, and lore
1 the Aceh on barley’* arms in several places
with its taloua, and it also auavaed hie head
sod face with tu strong beak. After a iwu^
fie Barley, bleeding from numerous womads,
'tMbed the desk with hie eapttvr. The nr!i
The Anarchists’ linn?—Man
ner of Meeting their
Posing as Heroes and Martyrs
on the Scaffold.
Tht La*t Word! of th* Cnfortanatp
■ea—The Funrral.
Cmctno, Not. 11. The drop (ell at
11:54, and In 20 minute* the llsymarket
murderer* were all dead. The scene
at the gallow* waa strongly Impress
ive. There were about 200 witnesses
to the legal tragedy, and these were
Mated on long benches fronting the
gibbet. The roof of a wing of the jail
was visible beyond, and a cluster of
police was seen, their Winchester rifles
giving an ominous gleam. The wit
nesses were admitted at 10:55, and it
was 11.53 when the little procession
appeared. Spies was llrst, Fischer
second, F.ngel third and (’arsons last.
They were dressed already In their
shrouds. Calmly walked tother places
under the dangling rope. Spies was
marble white but linn. Kver and anon
he gulped down his rising emotion.
Fischer stood stolidly erect and un
moved. Engle looked entirely will
ing and smiled, lie turned to the Rev.
Mr. Bolton who stool behind him, and
whispered to him laughingly. The
reverend gentleman nodded smilingly
back. Carsons was very nervous, and
only by a tremendous effort kept him
self lit coi.’.roL Spies’ neck was the
lirsl to receive the embrace of the
hemp. Almost tenderly It was placed
over'his head. His white face grew
perceptibly whiter. Ids lips were com
pressed and ashen, and a shudder he
could not compress, shot through him
from bead to foot. Slowly and care
fully the hangman drew the snot. It
was tight in Its grasp upon tho rope
and he had to use considerable force in
slipping it down. ( ne, two, three, ten
seconds of this dreadful ordeal before it
reached its place
Spies winced, and as lie felt the cruel
c utch at ids throat swayed slighty and
recovered himself by a mighty eflort
of will. U was rough In Its embrace
and he twisted his nock from right
to left in a circular sweep to make it
more comfortable. Meantime, Engel
and Fischer stood calmly In their
places, the former staring fixedly up
ward, the latter smilingly whispering
to Mr llolton. When the hangman had
litted .-pics with the no sc he turned
to Fisher and found the adjustment
easier. Fischer inclined his head to
receive the fatal circle, then stood
stiffly while it was being tight
ened. Engel accepted his with stolid
Indifference. Parsons shuddered when
his turn came, but bit his lips until he
had regained his self-possession, lie,
too, twisted 1:1s neck slightly as if to
eileve It from the pressure.
The executioner placed the white cap
over Spies and shut his last glimpse of
earth away. Simultaneously the as
sistant drew the mask over Kngel. It
took but a few seconds to fasten the
springs, and two misshapen dummies
stood in the place of what had been
two men. The faces of Fischer and
Parsons w ere next hi Id n. While the
caps were adjusted on those there vbas
a movement of Spl s’ cap, and in weak
but clear tones be exclaimed:
‘•My death is more powerful than my
Then Tinsel exclaimed: “This is
the happiest moment of my life.” A
moment later all the caps were ad
justed. The executioner led the four
forward. They stepped out firmly
and stood erect: Then Spies cried ;
“Hurrah for Anarchy!”
“Hurrah for Anarchy!” echoed;
“Ttds is the happiest moment of our
lives!'’ reiterated Kngel.
The executioner took a careful sur
vev of the awful group standing there1
like so many sacks of corn and slipped
quietly behind the wooden screw.
“Parsons’ lips moved, “Ile.nlf, oh,
men of America, he exclaimed in low
quavering tones, “anil know that the
w ill of the people—”
There was a dull blew as of a hammer
fal ii if upon hollow wood, a sinking Of
the great heavy trap noon Its Ulngef, a
lurch forward and downwad of the
four shapes, a drop an 1 a sharp jerk,
which made the stout beams tremble.
The wages of sin had beon paid In
There was a clashof body against
body and a awing as of our pendulums;
then the bodies of the murderer* were
still -Still only for a moment, and then
Spies’ deatli struggle began. Ills con
vulsions were strong, rapid and con
tinuous from bead to feet, his arms
strained at the muscles, his chest
heaved, and his legs drawn, np and
down, like the working of some
grotesque mechanical figure. Engel's
movements were not so many or vio
lent, but the powerful frame refused to
easily surrender its strength. Fischer’s
neck must have been dislocated with a
more violent shock to the brain, for
w ith a few feeble twitching* he was at
rest. 1’arsons’ struggles were slight,
but continued at Intervals for twelve
the doctors pressed forward to listen to
the hearts and fe d the pulse, Kxactly
why ill's Is done I cannot understand.
Medical science has investigated the
phenomenon of hanging long ago, and
there is nothing of value to be gained
surely in the case of criminals upon the
gibbet. The doctors can do no good
and why they should be permitted to
carry on their horrible prodings and
1 stenlngs I cannot fathom. They are
present to certify to death and it would
j be sufficient to allow their approach,
say live minute* after the last move
' ments have ceased. But to admit of
their seizing of a dying man and grati
fying ‘-ijguiaity during bia agony Is
brutal, unnecessary and utterly w ith
out excuse, even in the name of science.
The moment the drop fell most of
the witnesses Involuntarily started to
their feet.
“Sit down gentlemen,’' called a
deputy aud ha waa obeyed. In twenty
four minute* all four ware pronounced
dead, and Anarcny’a murderous work
had been punished.
AlTEXMtPBf me »A> OS.
1 Cmcafio, III., November IS.—Th»
funeral of the Chicago AnarchUU haa
taken place, and the apprehension
; which was felt throughout the coun
try that the burial might he attended
by eome new outbreak baa happily
boen unfounded. We may regard tue
whole epiaode aa closed, and turn for
ward to the task of preventing any
thing like Its r»currence. If the supply
of paupeiism and anarchy la stopped
anarchy itself will die a natural dratli,
and the place to stop their.supply Is at
its fountain head in Castle Carden.
Though fully 10J.0O0 people lined the
street from the viaduct to llryaon street
there was no outbreak, not even around
the four polnta where the bodies were
lying In state, of uien whom a majoiity
of ail the gapers considered martyrs.
Hut he who could understand the lead
ing vernacular, the Herman, bad ample
opportunity to observe that a terrible
feeling of revenge slumbered beneath
the sdent and sullen surface.
Around Aurora Turner Hall (urged
a crowd which numbered thousands.
It tilled Huron street from curb to curb,
and blocked the street-car tracks of
Milwaukee avenue. It had been said
that the remains of August Spies
would lie in state hero until the hour
of the great funeral cortege, and it
would havo been thus displayed bad
not the authorities interdicted it. To
both sides of the entrance a cre posted
a board placard bearing in clumsily
written characters the Inscription:
“August Spies will not be exhibited,”
and on allot ier the German of it:
"August Spies is nlciit in der hallo.''
KeJol«'lnB Over an OH Well.
3 Ali.koan, Mich., Nov. 12.—Allegan i»
all ablaze to-night. I’ is lille'l with
petroleum taken from tho newly dis
covered oil wcli arc burning in every
street. A I arrei v. a. aolil to-day for
$5, and at -I o'clock this afternoon the
barrel was loaded on a dray and with
the director* of tlie Allegan Mining
Company was carried through the
atreeta, preceded bv the band, and de
livered to the purchaser. The streets
were crowded with people to witness
the sight. At a meeting of the stock
holders Saturday night it was decided
to continue the drilling carefully, tak
ing time to make tests. To-day about
fifteen feet ui >re was drilled. The
quantity was si ghtlv increased, while
the quality is far better than at fir.-t.
Tho opinion of experts U that we have
Rn immense volunio of oil of superior
quality in this locality, and already
several private parties are negotiating
for the drilling of other wells.
Ljnditd l»y n Mob.
2 Opeiika, Ala., Nov. 14.—George |
Hart, the murderer of Eddie Waldrutb,
was taken out of iail here last niglit by
a mob of 100, and carried near Waverly
In this county, t > tlio sceno of liis crime j
and lynched. The sheriff had retired,
but was awakened by a voice at the
door. Thinking it was a prisoner being
brought in he opened the door when
the uiob rushed in and overpowered
him, went into ills bedroom, found his
pants, secured the keys and took
George and carried him off. lie was
brought iiere from Montgomery Tues- j
dav morning and his tr'al set for j
November It, l>->r. He and John Hart
out Eddie IVah!ruth's throat. Wald
ruth was an estimable, upright young ;
man, and stood high in the community, j
After they nai murdered him they
robbed him of $<iU. John was caught,
hung aud burned soon after the crime.
While our pcoplo condemn lynch law
tbev have no sympathy for George
I.iter, 5:33 p. ra.—The body of
George Hart has just been found hang
ing to the tree upon which John Hart
was hung. The body liai several
bullet holes in It and a piece of paper
with ttie following pinned on bis coat:
“This negro was hung by 100 deter
mined men, whoever cuts him down
wjll receive his fate.”
The Lnni»mdft Strike.
2 Nnv Oki nans, Not. 12.—Previ
ou» to tlie I’attersonviiie affair, In
which live nogroea were killed, the
town was crowded with striking ne
groes, who outnumbered ttie whites
ten to one, causing not a little alarm,
as they were idle, drinking and ugly,
Jeering the troops and talking riotously.
The sliootln : dispersed them and next
day nbt a ha.f-do/.en wore to he seen In
town. 'They are straggling hack to
day Troops were sent last night to
liorwick 1 ity, where it was announced
the negroes were congregated and
threatening, hut tiiev dispersed before
the militia readied there. To day an
other detachment w as ordered to .toan
eret'.e, where trouble was anticipated.
No news lias since been received from
that point. A number of conflicting
xersions are given of tua PaUertonvllle
affair, but the best evidence is that the
negroes were threatening, hut did not
fire. 'They crowded around the whites
w hen some irregular tiring caused a be
lief that an attack had been made on
the posse and resulted In the fusllade
in which the ltxcs were lost. The
strike is now confined mainly to 8t.
Mary. ’The M ashing ton artillery have
been ordered to Houma to take th.
place ot the Louisiana field.
Till; MAKkET,
st. Lom
HKKVES-Shipping ..
Slockera an 1 lewder*
tdwa,Lull*ami mixed
K LOL'U—Ftuey re«l*iuter »*5tra
Prime to choice eiirmrf
♦V 11K AT—L »»h .
COIfN—No. 2
OA1S— no. - ..
in K—No. 2 .
B K A N > .
BL ITKH-t hoiea creamery ...
* iuo dairy.
CHEESE—Full <raamery .
I.ifilt bkJUUIUcd.
Kittle .
PORK—Mcee .
81101 LliKKS .
I .
1. A HI» .
HIDES—Green tailed..
Dry tailed .
BOKO HI 51 .
BEEVES—Shipping ateere
1 LOL' K—Pane/ mi* inter extra
W HEAT—laelt.
4 n
& 4.51
(a. 3.81
0b 3.00
3 74
(a i .l/J
r<4 4 GO
tft 4.7 >
ttt .67
fm ..V>
ft 1..V)
<« 1.10,
«* 31t
. >0
ft 5.40
a 7.4o
a 7.75
«-ttHa 6 60
.07 <4 .07*
.10 a .H
.«>•# .04
1.10 (J
(ft A) tO
16 .16
ft 1 (Vi
«i 35
a u
4.23 a
2 *J0
4 54
ce creamery
C ORN—No. 2
OATS—No. 2
UYE-No. 2
KAKl.M No. i
CHEESE—Pull creamery
pi >RK —Mew
1 A HI*
Bllitf—Green salted
Pnr tailed .
<» 4 23
a 5.»0
a 4.W
a .24
(ft :*5
ft 25
<4 5.40
•5 7.*i
ui 7 -7 -5
i 4 c.w
The Rev. Dr. Talmage Discourses
on Spiritual Music.
Ood’s Wondrous Harmony »t the Beginning
Chang'd by Sin to Hamh Diacord-Erery
thlng Oat of Tuna on This Globe-Terrible
Sound* for K>* van to Hoar Constantly
Being EmittedTha Promise of the Tune
When Christ Will Lead the Triumphal Cho
Bhooktts, N. T., Not. &—After the open
ing eong In which >11 tlie thouaand* partici
pated, >od Prof. Browne’* organ recite), tlie
Rer. T, DeWitt Taitnage, D. D., egpounded *
chapter In Semuel I., where Saul, po»*e«»ed of
en etll eplrlt. threw * Jarelln at Darid, who
wa* playing on the harp before him. Theaub
Ject of the aermon wat ‘Concord and Discord,”
and the t«*t wa* from Job, Iixrlll. V. (5 and 7:
‘ Who laid the corner atone thereof; when the
morning atar* eaag together.” He said:
We here all eeen the ceremony at the laying
of the comer atone of church, asylum or Ma
conic Temple. Into the hollow of the etone
were placed aerolle of hlatory and Important
Cturnouts to be euggeatlve If, one or two
nJjed year* after, the building should be
tfaatrOred by flrd or torn down. We remem
ber tl»« sliver trowel or Iron hammer that
emote' the square piece of granite Into sanc
tity. We remember come Tsnerable man who j
presided, wielding the trow#! or hemmcr.
We remember alee the music as the choir j
stood on the scattered stones end timber of ,
the building about to be constructed. The \
leases of the note books fluttered In the wind,
and Were turned oyer with e greet rustling,
£nd We iwmerober how the bass, baritone,
tenor, conlralto and aoprano rolce* com- j
mingled. They nad for many days been re
hearsing the special programme, that It might .
be worthy of the ooroer etone laying.
god’s wo.vdroo* nakmonr.
Iu my text the poet of l:s calls ua to a !
grander ceremony—the laying of the founda
tJon Of thia great temple of a world. Tlie
Corner etone was a Mock of light and the
tower was of celeatial crystal. All about and
On Ibe enbankmenta of cloud stood the au
gaTic choristers, unrolling tbclr libreltos of
overture, and other worlds clapped shining
cymbals while the eeremony weut on, aud
God, tbs architect, by stroke of light after
stroke of light, dedicated this great cathedral
of a world, with mountains for pillars, and
Sky for frescoed ceiling, and (lowering Helds
for floor, and sunrise and midnight aurora for
upholstery. "Who lsid the corner alone
thereof; when the morning stars sang to
gether 1”
The fact Is that Ilia whole universe was a
complete cadence, an unbroken dithyramb, a
mus.cal purilollu. The great sheet of 1m
meusitv had Mien spread out, and written on
It wore the atars, the smaller of them minims,
the larger of them sustained notea The
meteors marked the staccato passages, the
whole heavens a gamut, with all sounds, In
tonations snd modulations, the spsce between
the worlds a musical luterval, trembling of
stellar light a quaver, the tbuuder a base clef,
the wind among trees a treble clef. That ia
the way (iod made all things, a perfect har
mg CR»ATr.9 dmcohd.
But oft* day n harp string »uappea ID tne
great orchestra. Oue day a voice sounded
nut of tune. Oue dav a discord, harah and
;eriitic, grated upon the glorious antipbone.
Jt was s u that made the dissonance, and that
*ai»b discord has been sounding through the
tenturie*. All the work of ChristIans, and
tlillautiiroplsts, and reformers of all ages Is
> stop that discord and get all things back
Into the perfect harmony widen was
beard at the laving of tbe cornerstone, when
Ibe morning star* sang together. Before 1
g«t through, if I am aivloeljr helped, I will
make it plain that sin ia discord aud right
sousntss is harmony.
That things in general are out of tune la as
plain as to a musician's ear is tbe unhappy
clash of clarionet and bassoon in an orches
tral rendering. The world’s health out of
tune: Weak lung and the atmosphere in col
lision, disordered eye and noonday light In
quarrel, rheumatic limb aud damp weather in
Irnggle, neuralgia and pneumonia end con
sumption and epilepsies in flocks swoop upon
neighborhood* and cities. Where you oud
one person with sound throat, and keen eye
sight, and alert ear, and easy respiration, ami
regular pulsation, and Huppie limb, aud prime
digestion, and steady nerves, you find a hun
dred who have to be very careful because
this, or that, or the ocher physical function is
disordered. The human intellect out of tune:
The Judgment wrongly swerved, or the menirA
fy leaky, or the will weak, or the temper In
flammable, and the well balanced mind excep
tional. Domestic life out of tune: Only Imre
and there a conjugal outbreak of incompati
bility of temper ttrough the divorce courts,
or a filial outbreak about a father’s will
through the gurro^ate’s court, or a case of
wffebeatlng or husband poisoning through
the Ciliniual courts, but thousands of families
with Juue outside and January within.
Society out of tunc; labor ami capital, ttrclr
hand* od each other’s throat. Bpirit of caste
keeping those down in the social scale in u
struggle to get up, and putting those who ure
np iu anxiety lest they have to c<>me down.
No wonder the oh! pianoforte of society Is all
out of tune, when byixjcrisy and lying and
Subterfuge and double dealing an 1 aycophaticv
and charlatanism and reveuge hare ford.'O'
years been banging away at the ke,»s and
stamping the pedal £
Un all sides there is s perpetual shipwreck
of harmoules. Nations in qiscor«L Without
realizing It so wrong i» the feeling of nation
for nation tnat the symbols chosen are fierce
and destructive. In this country, where our
rklea are full of robins aud doves and morn
ing lurks have for our national symbol the
fierce and filthv eagle, as immoral a bird as
can be found In all the ornithological cal a- i
lognes, 1u <treat Britain, where they have J
lambs and faiiow deer; their symbol is the
merciless lion, in Kusaia, where from be
tween her frozen north and blooming
south sll kindly beasts dwell, they choose the
growling bear; and 1 S3 wofld’n heraldry a
favorite figure is the dragon, which IS a winged
serpent, ferocious and deathful. Aud so fond
is the world of contention that we climb out
through the heavens nud baptize one of the
other planets with the spirit of battle, and
call it Stars, after the g«v.l of war, and we giv**
to the eighth sign of the zodiac the name of
the sfcorpmn. « ere*tare which is chiefly oeie
brated for its deadly fittntf fcut, after all,
these symbols are eipresn ve of the way * a
lion f**els toward nation. I) scofd w.de as the
continent and bridging * he se(is.
I suppose you have noth «* i h.nv warmly frf '
lore drv g*s>d8 store* ar<- with 0 her dr\ good*
stores. and how highly groorrvmen think of
the sugar* of the grocer) nteu on the game
bl *ck; mud In what » eu ogistic wav allopathic
and hoineo; gthte doctors speak of each other,
and bow minis* r* will sometimes put minis
ter* on that beautiful eookiug Instfument
which the English call a spit, an Iron roller '
with spike* on it, ttnd turned by a crank before '
a hot fire and then if the minister being j
roasted cries out against It, the men who are 1
turning Mm **▼: * Hush, brother; we are 1
turning this -pit for the glory of Ood and the
good of your soul, and you must be quiet
while we dose the service with:
be the tie that bind*
Our h'-artH tu Christian loVe,"
The eartli is diauietered and tlrcutnferenCfd
w lb discord, and the music that was render- |
tu at the. Javltig of the world’s corner stone, J
when the morning stars sang together, is not ;
heard now; and though here aud liter**, from J
Ihls aud that part of society and from this and I
that i art of the earth, there comes up a thrill 1
lu„' solo of lore or a warble of Worship or
a sweet duet of patjeiice, they are dfowued
out hy a discord that shaken the earth.
Paul ssvs: “The whole creation groanetb,”
aud while the nightingale and the woodlark
and the canary ami the pl*>ver sometimes slug
so sweetly that their note* have been written
out in musical uoiation. and it is found that
the cuckoo sings in*the key ot 1) and that the
eoruiorant is s basso in the winged choir, yet
sj-orttijsr.'s and the autumnal blast often leave
them rlifted and bleeding or dead in meadow )
or forest. Paul was right, f<>r the groan lit i
nature drowns out the prtma douua of the
Tartini, the great musical composer, dream
ed one night that he had a contract w th
Satan, the latter to be evtr In the composer's
service. But one night he handed to Satau a
▼loi n, on which Dabolus played such sweet
music that the coiuj»oaer was awakened bv the
emotion and tried to reproduce the sounds
aud therefrom was written TertinPa moat
famous piece, entitled the “Devil's Sonata.’'
a dream ingenious but faulty, for all melodv
descends from heven aud only discords ascend
from hell. AU hatreds, feuds, controversies
backbitings and revenges are the devil's
Snata, are diabolic fugue, are demoulac
aotasy, are grand match of doom, are al
legro of perditlou.
But In this world things in general are out
o| tune to our frail ear, how much more so
tb ears angelic and dedic. it takes a skilled
artist'fully to appreciate disagreement of
of sound. Many have no capacity to detect a
defect of music*! execution, and, thouvh
there were In one bar as mauy offense* against
harmony as could crowd in between the lower
Y of the bateau I the higherG of the «• ’.'rauo.
It would five them no discomfort, while on
the forehead of the educated artist beads of
perspirhtkm would atand out us a result of
The harrow ins: dissonance. While an amateur
Was performing on a piano aud hati Just
struck the wrong chord, John Sebastian Barb,
the Immortal composer, entered the room and
the amateur rose in embarra-smeut, and Bach
rtirberf past the host, who stej j-cd forward to
greet him, arid before the key tioanl had atop
pod vibrating, pul his adroit hand u;*»u the
as;s 4*4 shinned Use painful inharmony into
g'orlons cede wee. Then Bach turned »»d*,T*
salutation to the boat who bed Invited him.
*1* » TKHRIM.I nrtOHH
But the worst of >11 discords Is moral die
eord. If society end the worlJ ere pelefnlly
discordant hi imperfect men, whet must they
be lo e perfect liud. People try to define whet
sin Is. It eeems to me that etn (• getting out
of Uermonr with God; e disagreement with
Hie holiness, with Hie purity. with Hie tore,
with Ills commends, our will dashing with
Hie will the finite ilsstainf agelnst the Infinite,
the frell against the puissant, the crested
against Creetor. If e tlionseud musicians,
Mill flute end comet-e-pMon end truin|«t
end violoncello end heutboie end trombone
end ell the wind end stringed instruments
that «*Ter gathered in a Dusseldorf jubilee
•hoold resolve thet they would pi nr out ol
tune end put concord to the reck, end make
the piece wild wilh shrieking end grating end
rasping sounds, thev could not make such a
pandemonium es that which rags In a sinful
soul when God listens Pi the pier of Its
thoughts, passions end emotions—discord,
lifeluug discord, maddening discord. The world
pays more for discord then it does for cooion
ance. High prices have ben paid for musia.
One men raTC |390 to hear the Swedish eongs
tress In New York, and Inotksr #635 to near
her in Boston. an»l another $650 to bear her In
Providence. Fabulous price# have been iad
for sweet sounds, hut far more has been paid
for discord. The Crimean war cost *l,«tW,
000,000, snd our innerlsn civil war over u ne
and a half billion dollars, end the war debts
of professed Christian nation* ere about
$I5.U0U,i»IO,0O0. The world p*.v» lar *h » red
ticket, which admits It to the saturnalia of
broken bones and death agonies and des
troyed cities and ploughed grsvrs and crusted
hearts, any amount of monejr Satan asks, ibs
cord! discord!
making perfect harmosi.
But I bare to tell too that the sou* that the
morning stars sang t.aether at the laying of
the world’* corner stone Is to he resumed
again. Mozart’s greatest overture was com
posed; one night when he was several times
overpowered with sleep, and artists »*v they
, an tell the places iu the music where he was
falling asleep add the places where he was
awakened. &o the overture of the morning
stars, spoken of iu my text, has been asleep,
but It will awaken and be more grandly re
newed bv tlie evening stars of the world’s
existence than bv the m *rnlug stars, nud the
vespers will be ewreeter than the matins. The
work of all good men and wonieu, and of all
good churches, and all reform associations Is
to bring the race hack to the origlonal har
mony. The rebellious h»*art hi be at tuned, so
cial life to he attuned, commercial ethics to be
attuned, Internatlonality to he attuoed, hemi
spheres to be attuued. But by what force and
iu what way?
In ol ten times the choristers had a tuning
fork with two nrongs and they would atrlke ft
on the back of pew or music rack and put it
to the ear and then start the tune and all the
other voices would j<>in. In modern orchestra
the leader has a complete Instrument, rightly
attuned, ami be sounds that and all the other
{»erformers turn the keys of their Instsuments
k them correspond, and sound the how
over the string and listen, and sound out over
again until all the keys Hre screwed to con
cert pitch and the discords melt Into on^
great svmphonv, and the curtain hoists, anff
the baton taps, aud audiances are raptured
w ith Schumann’s * Paradise and the Peri,” or
Rossini’s *‘8tabat Mater.” or Bach’s “Magnifi
cat” in D, or Gounod’s “Redemption.”
Now. our world can never t>e attuned by an
Imperfect instrument. Even a Cremona
would not da Heaven has ordained the only
instrument, and it*is made out of the wood of
the cross, and the voices that accompany it
are Imported voices, cautatrices of tlie first
Christinas night, when heaven serenaded the
earth with “Glory to God In the highest and
on earth peace, good will to men.” Lest we
start to» far off. and get lost in the generali
ties. we had better l**gln with ourselves, get
our own heart and life In harmony with the
eternal Christ. O, for hi« aimightv spirit to
attune us, to ch >rd our will with His will, to
modulate our life with his life, and bring us
into unison with all that Is pure, and self-sac
rificing aud heavenly. The strings of our na
ture are all broken and twisted, and the low
is so slack It cannot ev*>ke anything melliflu
ous. The Instrument made for heaven to play
on has been roughly twanged and struck by
Influences, worldly and demoniac. O, master
hand of Christ restore this split and fractur
ed, and despoiled, arel unstrung nature until
first It shall w all out for our «in and then
tbWll with divine pardon.
The whole world must also be attuned by
the same power. A few days ago I was In the
Fairhank’s weighing scale manufactory of
Vermont. 8ix hundred hands, and they have
never h*d a strike. Complete harmony be
tween labor and capital, the operatives of
scores of years in their beautiful Ipxnes near
by the mansions «>f the manufacturers, whose
luvcnt on and Cbr stian behavior made the
great enterprise. bo a I the world over labor
and capital will he brought Juto euphony.
So all social lift; will he attuned by the
£091*1 harp. There will be as many classes lu
society as now, hut the classes will not las
regulated by birth, or wealth, ->r accident, but
by the ?**'« of virtue and benevolence, and
people will be assigned to their places as
g<nxl, or very good, or most excellent. So,
also, commercial life will 1*5 al-dned, and
there will he twelve in every d> zeu, sixteen
ounces In every pound, and up, lea at the
bottom of the barrel will be a- sound «s those
on the top, and silk goods will not be cotton,
and sellers will not have t<» charge honest
people mure than the right price because
others will not p#v, and g.x>ds will come for
yoti corresponding with the sample by which
y*»u purchased them, and coffee "will not Ik*
chickorfed, and sugar will not he sanded, and
milk will not chalked, and adultiraliou of
food will tw* a state's prison offense. Aye, all
things shall b<* attune 1 Elections in Eng
land and the United states will no uiore be a
grand carnival of defamation and scunilty,
hut the elevation of righteous meu in aright*
eotts wav.
In the sixteenth century the 8‘ngcrs called
the Fischer brothers reached the lowest huss
ever recorded, and the highest note ever
trilled was bv La BusUrddU, and l atiliui’s
voice had a compass three and a half oc
taves; but Christianity Is more wouderful; for
It runs a 1 up and down the greatest heights
and the deepest depths of the world's Drees
sity, and it will compass everything and bring
It in accord with the sung which the morning
sttirs'sang at the laving of the world's corner
stone. All the sacred tnusle in homes, and
concert iiHlls and chinches tends toward this
Cousimmation. Make If more and more
hearty. Mug in your families Mng in your
places of bus.ness. If we with proper spirit
use these faculties we are rehearsing for the
Heaven Is to bate e nr* song, entirely new
Roiiif, t ut I should not wonder If, as some
times on earth h tune is fashioned out of
many tunes, or it is ouc tune with the varia
tions, so some of the tongs of the redeemed
irin • have playing through them the songs of
earth, and now thrilling a* coming through
the great authera Of the saved, aremupaulcd
bv harper* with their liarj* and trumpeters
with their trtHiijMsm, we hear souw of the
strains of Antioch, and Mount Pisgaii, and
formation. ami Lenox and #t. Martin’s and
Fountain . nd Ariel and Old Hundred. How
the* bring back to'tfvmi the praying circle*
and communion da vs, and the Christinas festi
val-, and the chart'll worship ill which ou
earth we minded. 1 Lave no idea that when
we hid farewell to earth wc are to bid farewell
to all these grand old gospel hymns which
melted and raptured our souls for to many
years. Now my friends. If sin is discord and
r glittoflsneaa is harmony, let us get out of
the one aud enter the other. After oar dread
ful eivil war was over, and lu the summer of
18M, a great tiatiouai peace jubilee »ai held
In BoaUfn and. as an elder of this church had
been honored b the selection of some of his
music, to tie rendered on that occasion, I ac
companied him to the Jubilee. Forty thous
and |«*pple sat and stood iu the great coliseum
erectcu for that purpose. Hum-umls of
wind and string in^lriliiieut*. Twelve housand
trained voice*. The master pieces of all ages
wrre rendered, hour alter hour and day after
day—Handel's "Judas Maeeaha us," J^phor’s
“I.'.ist Jlldgtxk'ht,” Beethoven's “Mouut of ;
Ulives.” tfavdu’tf “Creation,” Mendelssohn’* l
“Elijah,” M ever beer’s “Coronal ion .March,” j
rolling on and up in surges that billowed
against the heavens.’*
The mighty cadence* within were aeoorfp
panled on the outside bv. the ringing of the
tttdln of the city and cannon on the common*,
in exact time with the music, discharged by
electricity, thunderiug their awful bar* of •
hariuonv that astounded all nations. Fome*
times I bowed my head and wept. Sometimes
I stood up in the enchantment, and sometimes
the effect wh* so oler (towering 1 felt J could
not endure It. When all the Voices were in
full chorus and ail the balous in full wave,
*nd aii the orchestra in full triumph and a
hundred anvils under mighty hammers werl
in full clang an l all the towers of the city
rolled In their majestic sweetness, and the
whole budding quaked with the boom of
tidrty cannon, Parepa Unsa, with a voc<*
that will never again bo equaled on earth ui\
til the archangtdic voice proclaims that Him
shall be no longer, rose aln*ve all other sounds
in her rendering of our nntl ual air, “Tbs
8tar Spangled Banner/' It wa* too much for
s mortal and quite enough for an immortal to
hear, and while some faulted, one womanly :
spirit, released under its power, sped sway to
be with God.
O Lord, our 0<d, quickly usher In the whole
w.-rld’a peace jubilee, and all islands of tho ;
sea join the live continents, and all the voice* i
and musical iustruiucuU of all nations com
bine and all the organs that ever sounded the
requiem of sorrow sound only a grand march
of joy and all the hells that tolled for burial ;
ring for resurrection and all the cannon that !
ever hurled death aero-a the rat ous sound to
eternal victory and over all the acclaim of
earth and miustreho of heaven there will be
heard one voice sweeter and uii/bticf than
any human or ange*i< voice, a voice once full
of t»*ar-. but thru full of triumph, the voice
of <1irl*t saying: t am Alpha and Omega,
the i-eg'oniug and the end, the ttrat and the
last." Then, at the laving of the topetoae at
the wor'd's historv, the same voices shall ' #
heard as when at the lev lug of the world's
Vorner stone 4 the l ruing stari sang w»
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