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(T be forrtst Citn (Times.
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KdUEor« a.n.d Publishers
FE1DAT ArTEKSOOV AronrT a. t*6
Thb Pine Bluff Graphic is being i
largely quoted—in the Arkansas Press.
- 1 —=
Wz are inoebted to the Pice Binff
Coo nercisl for the middle name of
our taiented governor. “Jake- Pis
mmm Ciauk:” We wonder we
had Dot thought of that before
The friends of gold monometallism
seem to derive great satisfaction from
asserting that •‘the free coinage move
ment u on the wane.” It is not dead,
but sl^peth. and terrible to the gold
bugs will be the awakening. The fact
teat there is do controversy in Arkan
sas makes activity unneasary.
The “absurbtioo” of Wynne.
* railroad station, on the Iron Moun
tain. fifteen rniies north of this place.
La.- already begun. It is a foregone
conclusion that the Iron Mountain
will buy the Little Bock A Memphis
load, and already the promised em
ployees are looking around our city for
homes. They are all weloome—even a
peasant spot can be found for the
‘ iv let” of the Gazette.
A max who does not pay bis debts
is not a good citizen and the sooner any
community gets rid of him the better
it will tje f ir tbe people of that com
munity.—Brinkley Globe.
That’s rightmo trait is more contemp
tible than that of neglecting to
discharge an honest debt Nothing
1 ses a rnaii the respect of honeot men
quicker than a maifest disposition to
enoid payment of bis just obligations.
He who makes promises easily and
breaks them the same way. is no bet
tor than a thief or other petty crimi
Theue seems to be no doubt that
the cotton crop is badly damaged by
drouth, and that the crop is short. The
pace is advancing, and we would not
be surpr ; J to fir. i cotton selling at 10
cents within a few weeks. At any rate
it is not judicious to market more
than is required to discharge debts
already contracted and supply pres
et necessities, and the farmers
should be able to handle the situation
to their advantage. The following from
the New Orleans Picayune is sensible
and to the point, and should be care
fully remembered: “Should they at
tempt to market tbe entire crop in a
few months they will compel a decline,
but should thev market their yields
judiciously, so as to prevent over
crowding the market, they will be able
to compel a satisfactory level of values.
Friday the cotton market again ad
vanced sharply, contracts improved
twenty points and spot cotton advanc
ing to seven and three eights cents for
middling. Tbe advance as far as con
tracts are concerned, was equivalent
to $1 per bale, and tbe advance since
the beginning of the recent upward
apurt has amounted to fully t4 per
bale. Cotton has now improved since
the 1st of last March, when th** price
for middliug was about five cents, as
much as two and three eights cents
per pound, which is equivalent to
neatly 312 a bale. Should this advance
be maintained during the period when
cotton is being marketed, it will mean
a good profit for the Southern cotton
producer, particularly as cotton has
been grown at small expense this
The Arkansas Democrat thinks there
are too many saloons in that city and
every other city where the sale of
liquor is permitted, and that if instead
of licensing them the privileges were
sold to the highest bidder, and the
iiumlier of saloons limited, there would
be an improvement in the class of
drinking resorts and they would be
easier regulated. This is a very good
suggestion, and one that oould be read
»ly put in practice.—llot Springe Sen
The plan of limiting the number of
saloons meets with a warm endorse
ment in nearly every towu in the state
where liquor is soid. The saloon keep
eis themselves admit that the business
is made profitless by the large number
ol persons who eugap-e in it. The big
breweries and wholesoie liquor houses
set up cheap resorts in many towns
and cities where they sell some of the
meanest stuff ever palmed off on the
IMihlic. Under the present law a man
with two or three hundred dollars
capital can engage in the saloon busi
ness. lie does so, and coining into
competition with a dealer who has
thousands invested, finds it absolutely
necessary to cheat his patrons and
cater to the worst classes. Limit the
number of saloons, sell the privileges
to the highest bidder, and the cheap
saloon keeper will be forced to quit- It
will be to the advantage of everv town
and community to drive them out of
the business. —Arkansas Democrat.
High license, it seems to us, is a bet
ter plan of limiting the saloon privilege.
I I - ■ *
A aa!e of privilege to tbe highest bid- j
der woo'd result In all sort* of wran- j
get. It would rot be just or equit-1
able to take fldtid from tbe first bidder j
and afterwards sell Abe same pxiri-;
.eg* to a dozer? others for half that
sum. There :s also objection to tbe
idea of limiting the number of saloon s.
Xo matter to what ertfot. or tbat tbe
“•toff should be regelated." it smacks
of Infringement upon American liber
ties to aay toat if 10 men are engaged
ir: a profitable bustness, an eleventh
«ba!I not be permitted to do likewise.
If tbe authorities will place tbe license
at oot less than $1000 for city, not less
than flOOO for county and not less than !
1500 for state and federal, we think'
the number of cheap saloons will thin ’
The T>4e> regTels to n- te that sev
eral merchants in town have been
compelled to import a lot of cabbage
and onions. The importation of two r
articles of produce which grow here to
such perfection, luxuriant size and di.e
Savor. thus early in the season is not
only ridiciloos, but ruinous. Cabbage
retails at from 15 to 2-5 cents per bead
and onions at 5 cents per pound. Sup
pose *me enterprising farmer had
raised a coup e of acres of the former
and ten of the latter. He could have
supplied this town, and cleared from
ten to twenty times as much money,
with less labor, than be will make out
j of his cotton or com.
9100 Reward. 9100.
The readers of this paper will be pleas
ed to learn t! at there is at least one dread
ed disease that science has been able to
cure In all its stages and that is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive;
cure now known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh being a constitutional disease, re
quire* a constitutional treatment Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in doing
its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers, that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any case
that it fails to cure. Send for list of testi
monials. Address, P. J. CHENEY <fc CO.,
| Toledo, O.
•sTSoia by all Druggists, 75c.
The Largest Price of the Season.
Mr. W. D. Mallory, salesman for the
firm of Wvnne, Love jt Co., on Tues
day sold 850 bales, averaging low mid
dling cotton, at 7i cents. This is the.
best price obtained this season. The
above iiirn must have given perfect
satisfaction to their shippers, as is
shown by their rapid growth. They
now rank as one of the largest factors
of Memphis.—Commercial Appeal.
Wynne, Love & Co., of Memphis,
have an advertisement in this issue
which should interest owners and
shippers of cotton. They solicit cor
respondence and guarantee satisfac
To CltanseThe System
Effectually yet gently, when costive or
bilious, or when the blood is impure or
sluggish, to permanently cure habitual i
constipation, to awaken the kidneys and
liver to a healthy activity, without irrita
ting or weakening them, to dispel head
aches, colds or fevers use Syrup of Figs.
Trl®d for Years.
Mr. John R. Tarver, Dalton, Ga., savs :
“June 5,’95. This Is to certify that I
have used Royal Germetuer in my family
for the last five years for various com
plaints, viz: Indigestion, bowel troubles
and general debility, and it is all It claims
to t»e. lu fact I would not be without it
In my house.”
If you would know the value of this
great remedy iu the family, send to the
Atlanta Chemical Co.. Atlanta, Ga.. for
4b page book, free. New package, large!
bottle, 10b doses, $1. Tor sale by D. C.
House and Lot for Sale
House contains two good rooms and
closet, and has porch in front. Brick
stack chimney. Lot contains one acre
of ground, and has splendid cistern. ,
l’art cash, balance on easy terms, call
on or address J. M. Pkkwett.
Forrest City. Ark.
Buckien’s Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, botes. Ulcers, Salt Rhemn,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions. and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale by John H. Tipton, druggists.
Gov. Bob. Taylorof Tennessee, says :
“As this world goes roun’ an’ roun’,
“Some go up, and some go down.”
The various imitations of the origi
nal M. A. Thedfoid & Co.’s Liver
Medicine or Black-Draught live for a
time, quarrel among themselves and
pass into oblivion. For more than
halt a century this reliable remedy lias
gone up and up, and now stands the
acknowledged superior of any vegeta
ble liver medicine made.
Pittsbciio. Texas. April 14.1863.
I have been using Thedford's Black
Draught for twelve or hfteen years.
It has saved me h good many dollars in
doctors’ bills, and my familv a great
deal of sickness. Y. B. Oottkk.
Children Cry for Pitcher1* Castorii
Much Run Down
Was tr» wcWt wn Mr Ws. 't
tu «.:i««or tt £f? “sft. rViMk Mj H>f*
Mr. IT«t. PTJA-rr/ard
Qte wti pm* mtA ! *« ije*3 v >. meads
adrteec r&e V Uie Hood s ii.’iipiR-k. I haw
I 'ww pariUa
Uitec 6 bottir* aod me g - +»r\.r*
rcarfe f>«uer. have rained ■ ^
la w«t£>i Mid «i)ct %
Sood appetite.
Hood's Pills are a mi A cathartic. J5c.
At one of bis services last week
Rev. Kilgore spoke of encouraging
the preacher and the duties of the flock.
He stated that a good way to demon
strate youriappreciation of your pas
tor, is by pound parties, donations. Ac.
Not because of their intrinsic value,
but to develope the principle. Next
day the pastors of two churches in
town received a dozen chickens each
and one a load of hay. This is quick
response and the preacher appreciated
it. Rev. Kilgore complimented the
people of our city on their prompt
catchonitiveness We are ail prone to
neglect Use little aindnesses of life,
and yet life is made up of little things.
We need not be afraid to compliment
the preacher or the editor or any other
poor soul who labors for the public
welfare, thinking to give them the big
head. They are just like other folks.
Pay the preacher well, and our word
for it the preaching will be more in
Coal for sale by E. T. Gray.
3,000 Merchants sell HAWKS’
SPECTACLES with great success.
2,000 of them handled other
Spectacles without success,
Showing the Great Popularity of
HAWKS’ GLASSES over all others.
His Optical Plant and Factory is one
of the most complete in the U. 8.
Established Twenty-three Tears Ago.
These Famous Glasses are fitted to the eye at
Forrest City, Ark.
Tobacco Habit
In from 5 to 15 days, by the use of Conn's To
bacco Asmwm: Price per box, or enouxh
to cure you for 11.00.
Is spent annually for tobacco. Thousands of
men die every year from that dreadful disease.
Cancer of the stomach, brought on by the use
of Tobacco
The use of tobacco is Injurious to the ner
vous system, promotes heart troubles, affects
the eyesight, injures tbe voice and makes
your presence obnoxious to those clean and
pure from such a filthy habit.
do> we t‘now you would like to quit
the habit, and we want to assist you, and will
if you say the word
How Can We Help You ? Why. by In
ducing you to purchase a box of COLLI’8 To
bacco Antidote. which isa preparation com
pounded strietiy of herbs and roots, which is
atonic to the system: also cures the Tobacco
Habit and knocks Cigarettes silly.
How Do We Know ItWUlCureYou?
First, by its thousandsand thousandsof cures.
Second, by the increased demand for it from
the most reputable wholesale bouse*: Third
we know what it is composed of. and that the
preparation will clean the system of nicotine
and win cancel all errors of the past.
Your Druggist has Colli for sale. If ho
has not. ask him to get It for you. If be tries
to palm off something "Just as good." insist on
having Colli It he win not oMm it for go”
send us in 00) one dollar, and receive a box of
Colli postpaid. Remember Colli Cures
I n most cases one box effects a cure, but we
iruarantWf *J boxen to cure anyone
Colli Remedy Co.
_ _ __ Hlgginsvlile. Mo.
*1 inchea high. Top
can be adjusted to
any angle or height.
Herolrlng Case, 15 z
15 z 12 inside. Holds
about JO toIs., Law
»i*e Strong, well gn.
ithed Motel Bat# and
Sides, with Solid Oak
SheUos and Tog.—100,
000 nowosod. SPECIAL
MARSH M'f'fi CO.
ciuaoo. 1 |
*«•»«* Waaud. I
I am now receiving a complete stock of
Gents’ - Furnishing • Goods,
Hats and Trunks,
Bought before the extraordinary
rise in prices, which enable me to
to my friends and patrons.
Each line will be complete both in qual>
ity and price. In due time
I shall quote you
In Addition
To the bargains I am offering I have a number
of Five Dollar Bills, which I propose to abso-j
lutely give away twice each month, commencing
on the 1st and 3d Thursday in September, 1898,
and continuing every 1st and 3d Thursday there
after until further notice. The names of those
receiving these Five Dollar Bills will be pub
lished in The Forrest City Times.
An invitation is extended to all
to call and examine my stock and
prices before buying your Fall and
Winter Supplies.
Yours for low prices,

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