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Successful Night Attack riv the
Liberal Forces cn Colon,
Dozen Men Killed «r,«j Aliiml Thlr
I, Wounded lliirlnt mi Hour .-in,I
h„,I n Half* r-'lffhllnu.—It In Sur
niised Ihnl Hie I IM <’l I'nnaniik in
BrlnK Attacked.
Colon, Colombin, \<>v t (via Clal
leston. Tex.).—The lflnmis made .in
unexpected attack on Union at eight
o'clock Tuesday nigh! The govern
ment was not prepared . nd there was
little resistance. After some fighting
in front of the cuarf* . ud in certain
streets for an hour and a half, the
liberals gained possession of all the
public offices and the town of Colon.
The prefect, Cfuardia. a a prisoner.
Over twelve men wen killed and
about thirty men wen '•-minded.
The United States gunboat Machins,
now here, took no part in the pro
There has been no telegraphic com
munication with Panama since Tues
day evening, and it is surmised here
that Panama is now being attacked.
< npture of Colon ( Couinitit
tioti at \\ a m l» i uj.\ t «• i«
Washington, N'ov. 21. Tie confirma
1 ion of tlie reported capture of Colon
l>v the Colombian libera ■ caused a de
cided commotion in 1m state, and
navy departments to-day There were j
long conferences bot'vei i, SeiOetary
Long and Admiral ( rev insliie'd and
lietwecn the admiral are. I)r. Hill, act
ing secretary of state Later, the two
last-named went over to the White
House and saw President Uoosevett.
This was the first timi since lss5,
when Admiral .louett opened up
transit across the isthmus of Panama,
that communication had actually been
stopped in such fashici a- to seem tc
require the interfcrenc* < I the United
States naval forces.
Ihe first news of tru trouble ai
Colon came from United States Con
sul-General Gudger, at Panama.
Later there came a second messag
from Mr. Gudger announcing that
< olon had been taken. This was eon
firmed more explicitly by United
States Consul Malm re*, stationed at
Stole l)<-|IIIrl ment ld> loeil of Hie
I'niilnre nl CiiIiiii
Washington, Nov. 21 The state i!••
partuient lias received official eor.tin.i
ation of the capture of Colon by the
liberals. Transit was ■:11< rrnpted for
a brief period, but is novv restored.
< apt. Perry of the Iowa the senior
naval officer at Panama, has been in
structed to land niariii's if necessary
to maintain transit bi ross the isth
Illuejocket* Ln lalrii
Washington, Nov. 21. A dispatch
has 1mm n received at the navy depart
ment from Commander MeCrea, say
ing that 100 bluejackets had beeji
landed from the Machias at Colon and
had taken charge of th* railway sla
tion. This vvn* not don* because of
any further disturbance* but as a
matter of precaution.
\\iilt«»«l Till t!i«» 4'onrlV roiUi»lc\loti
< ltunji«*«l iiimI Tlint ltl«‘«l ||i<«
\l»|M-nl hihI \V « u
Frankfort, Ky . \'<>\. -The court
<*f ap|K-als reversed the judgment of
Franklin circuit court which sus
tained tlic decision of th* state con
test bonrd in giving the office of at
torney-general to Judge Kobert J.
Hreckinridge. and holds that Clifton
J- Pratt, of Hopkins county, the re
publican nominee, is tin legal officer,
I he decision of the court is final and
directs that Hreckinridg* rct.it e im
mediately from office Hreckinridge
"as on the democrati< ticket, headed
by Win. Goebel for governor, two
years ago, and Pratt whs on the re
publican ticket headed by YV. S. Tay
lor for governor that year. Justice
^uffy delivered the npiyiou of the
court, Judges Huruard. Htirelcc and
II Hear, republicans. 'concurring.
• Indues Hobson, Paynirt a.r.d White,
democrats, dissent from 1 his decision.
Judge Hreckinridge said recently if
removed that he would become a can
didate fur the democrat m nomination
for governor two years hence.
^diuirnl $<*hl«ky*M R4**p«ni«* to u Sm;
SeMtflon From fl»«% U an%\ill«
(Tpiid.) Sent tic* 3.
Knoxville, Tenn.. Nov : t Follow
!|g the report that tin court of in
'. bi v would cost Vdinbal Si hley ifjf),
1 Ml. the Knoxville Sentinel, on Noveiu
,M'r It*, sent him a dispatch asking if
11,4 "ould consent to j•.. i In subscrip
iions to pay the cost of the same.
I he Sentinel has receivid a personal
letter from Admiral Schley, the pur
port as to the cost is u mistake, as
Hie amount is not as great as re
ported. He suggests that the matter
1S ‘ delicate to discuss and trimes
tn.it his friends will “appreciate nib
Position and respect it.’’
\ Man llellcv lint lie Mini Mnrtlilly
Wiltinilril Mis Wile. In Mis.
take. i iiin mils Snicivlc.
t 11 .capo, N i \. !’ i. 1I it* \ iii • that he
h:.i| mortally wihii;.'ml hi1- wife unite
shooting at a lamietl b.irglur. Will
•am D. ITockman. tt lineotyper. living
in A list in. t in iieil ais re\ ol'-er upon
himself ami eommitteil suicide. \s it
pie. uiition against burglars. Itrock
i in it it always slept with a revolver un
der his pillow. Karly Wednesday
morning', imag-ining he saw an in
truder at tlie window opposite his
bed, he tired. The bullet passod 1
t hrough t hi* pillow close beside his
wife’s h< ad. Frantically he ashed her
t In* had hilled Iter. She repli d
sleepily t lull he had not, but too late
to save bis life.
M.'irliien < nrr.v mi Vlinonl Iiuiiretiiiii
••/.* Poult Inn in Sinnnr. liiHielliiK
Severe l*unIhIimenI.
Washington. Nov. •*!. The follow
ing cablegram has liven received at
the navy department from the com
manding- ollieer of the \siatie station,
dated Cavite. November g(i:
"C'apt. \\ all.a reports that on the
ITf't marines atlaeheil an almost im
pregnable posilioa nl Sojolon. Samar,
destroying three camps. hilling ;I0
men, enpi nring hi bamboo guns, l ice
tlitd stores, lb reports no casualties,
and eoiuinemls Porter. Itearss and
othei oilieers.
I»signeil | ‘‘ROtiKI!S.”
Scvcrill \ tin Wliicli He
innurii net* I'rem I n him llnve
Francisco. Nm. '.'I. The I’rinoe
All.ert, ihivs ixii from Vancouver
for Queeiisli(>rnut.''h. with rrinsuranr.t
((noted .it L’l! per cent., has been add
ed to the merilue list at the Mer
it ants’ e\cban<r» .
iteJnsur:inet of tj.'i per cent., i- ipioi*
lit upon the ship liiianol.e.
I t'<> llritish ship (i 11 ul i rock. now out
It'S days from the Tvne for Val
piuaiso, is quoteil at '.to per cent.
'l ire Norwegian lmrk Viiij'liu. out I'57
(lays from Newcastle. \i; tralia, lor
Panama. stands at 10 per cent.
I’h« <«rfiitd I <mIut of Illinois Odd Kel.
1«mv* In \ rin mi I ^t^tdttu al
"•I'ritiM tin I«l.
- ^ j > i* i 11 *.? I i t * l <!. III.. \o>. .'1. Till* i» r; *»t < i
hid ,0 <>i Illinois Odd Pt ,h»w !;•: L
here '.villi drhjjntis pt*f s<*nt. The
report »»t' • i i*:i i *« l ''«rrt ;;u\ .1. U. Mil
1* «■ sliu\\»u \lni tiii.'iiii.' tin* \t*ar 11
in v loners h;ul linen instil lilt'd and
that the total membership of 01,his
showed a nt nain of :.\lo.T The
amount paid om for relief v\a> $Pi:2,
*f Oauirhters ot Ueheoea lodges in
i n.ist d 17. while tin* members hip ex-:
i a i ded *1 •’* 1 • *
Klirr Km.,
< '!• it tge Rainfall
y tat ions ll.-iuj i- “ ■ hums in 21 hr»
I'itts'tnirr . (t.t <>.2 —
:'tnetnn ul .... t j o.o —
St. J oins . tt.'j r 0.0 —
st. I’.iul . 1.6 o n —
IV-ivcnport . -.7 0.0 ; —
J*. Tr.phe . . an o.O j —
l.nibfiVille _ 2.S 0.0
Cali o. ;{,o o.o , —
New Orleans :t.O - 0.3 —
' "fall * Traci.
THl ltSDAY. Nov. 2L
(oaiu uiiil l*rovluloiis.
gt lends I'loiir 1 intents. SU 7o'u 7 -7);
nlhi’l' v Hies. $. ■ /<.•:;. 10 When' N". 2 U I.
73*i#'T'i'. Corn- No 2 mixed. Olidi;:;
• > • - No 2. th Hay Timothy, 111 00
14 prairb Jo.flW) 17 W; clover. t)
• 14 lil. Hlitler i'in mm i \ 21d’2'.. ,
dairy, 1 ft21i Rj Kresh. 2Iv*. I,itrd -
1 In o' steam X.I2.I . l’urk New tin
’ > t: .eon Ch ar ribs Hti'o ;
Wool T'lb-w ashed, h .i■ .Missouri ad
Illinois medium eonildny. 17 ■ ais. oil r
Modes, HfolTe; aurora Ko.al hair, ll'jlle.
Indian oolis Win : * I No 2 red. 7 ;
No I led. 7"’..f'/72"'.i Coin No J while,
X■. No i flow, 1 Oats .Nn 2
mixed, 12 M'i'-.i llm Tirnotii> f1" 1 'l
I'liii.iii'n - (.'Iosiii;j ipit.latlnns Win i —
■ 1 I.Cl- I . - -' 72: (<•;
y i r. 7.v„< i "in November. " V, ( . lit
■ eir.her, • c -1• • .>■. .Mai. i : «i i >a i s No
I l-111 her, I* I ' I >■ I I 111 hi I 2 a' , Mny, ! e
Mll'/e. Coil. Nunmin r $11.2.7; l>m ■■ in
' • r, "$14.2.7; Jan ur.v * 1 Ma y . $1 •
I <ard—November $siki. Dt* ember >x ,
January, J.vhk-i" US' M. y. $ti.lo. lid ■
Novi inLu r January, *7 •••d'-,..
M ev, 5V12".
I.ll i‘ Stock It ll rk i* 11.
St t.oilis Collie '••alley exports. ■■
K. . ); Initele 1 * 1.2-Vu' 17. Stockers. $'2 .V>'i>
S'); eov..- niio In ifi I. :'d 12 Ib>S.- -
p.n k II". $7 M < 7.7.7 butelters . $7,7«'<C
lid h t ■ 71 7 ■ SI * i- Mat ton - in i ii,
$2.25: <3.75; laud • 7 1.27'<» l.'<n.
Indiana pelts cull, fair to prims
steers, $5.2'or <■ I low i loud to < holes
1 <v' s, «'.7lty.7.!« : mix, d and in ivy
;i.i, (lira, $7.4 i7*.o Sin' i' tiood i<< <■'< -cm
! 111 i s. J2. 77'<I ; 2 wood to elude" sin-op,
.,2 71 '<, 2.7.7.
«'ll eajfo - Cal lb < o< "t io pi inn sti
(ii.il • 7.10; poor to in-ilium $l.«i>1ir..«'>;
Still kei s illill 11 11• < $2.non t.2.7 noil s. $' . 3
(iil '.a, hell' i“, M " '.na, eanner.-. M.2.«'<;.
2 27. min .72.«''.<7 ; vvesti " n slu rs.
.<■1 re'Mi 7,7. lliev A1 i x • i arid Itilii In < .7,
<7 .li.<,7i V,; pood to elioii ■ heavy. x..
■ IN; inUJ'h In <i\ i , $7 ' 7 .7. lit;lit. $7 <
i Sheep ileod i i tioii * vvcthcis. $r .0
■ ■ . . I; fair I" i-hoi.-e inn - 1 $2 2"' t'l;
,|. i - ■ e i o hint; s: i n r, • I i ■* native la in'<s,
$7 7n'o t t*0; w ; o lambs. jri.nofi 1.!"
K • - s Cnv -< atC. .Native l ef steriD,
> 1 (oii in; 'l'.-ias and in ii .n M h i •
•».t»), sun kern I ad ' efs. >7 .I'd I |7;
l.iiv s. $2 I"«* 77 11* ~s li nvy. tax''!
V-S; i ok i '7.. . i x" , ii,. i i it tit. $.7 ‘ '<
5.VS; liehl $'i.Uki.7.77 ; yorki re $2. ixdC.r-j.
til ev.r—Mutl o s ,x_ 77.i • <<i; iambs. 7 .f
4 2*: ycarltnys $.: in<.. !.n<; yy. iln is <: • j• <p
3 it; < v.< s, $22.7' *’
t o t to a.
Quota linns for It -bUibS • 1.2 - fll
lows: St. New York. Xv;
Alemt his, 7;
li'iiion eittl.
X. v Yerk No\ Money on * |]
till!) at 4>-7 per I < 111 p• lUl< nu ll alltile na
p| i* 41 .■ f17 p* i <. ii: St. t lins n.x
i hanno turn v l»h neitial business in !• i.k
• ■rs" I. "s a; evsy ■ wo. for ileiiu.inl ami < i.
1M - / ' v7 for lie liays; post,I,I lit." x‘, J
.. < t .4; i 'unniiil.il id!1 |x4olxi'_ l;..r
s i'1 r 7i Mi xie i '.loli.irx i., Coiu.'n
vttv-i'.t bonds struoK.
Pn«"iiTm of the Cable f ur.
A few yea? - ago the cable system was eon*
•idered the best, but since the invention of
the trolley. the cable i* being rapidly dis
placed. l.\p» rt- Maw i-lairn that compressed
| jPr‘ event ua 11 \ be the car power of the
future. In all lines of industi v improvements
are con-tantlv being made, but in medicine
no-tetter's Stomach Hitter till hold-the
lead, because itjs impo-^ible to make a bet
ter medicine tor indige-tion, dyspepsia,
belching or biliousne--*. lie sure to tr> it.
When They \\ «*«••• Item iii«le«l.
Sunday School Teacher Now, children,
what did Pharaoh say to M oses?
Children We don't know.
Oh, yes. you do. lie told M * es to go and
do something. Now. what did he say?'”
On way hack* and a>it down!”—Haiti
more American.
1’iso - * nr. c annot lie to. highly -poken of
as a cough cure. -I. W. O’Brien,322Third
Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn , Jan. ti, ltHK).
I :iC youthful lilwyei ■, profession is 11-iial
ly hettci than his practice.- ( hi ago |),i . I
1Mv.Br MKN VAY^nTwiA^NcTa
11 1 A '• A “ « on 1. HR HIM KD ATf*
a DU*tax* k ahiiik.yH
H'H; HHOl OUT ir IH.HN V'Tid
M \ / V It II SM OK K*|
I • F N M V'llhV • O \ i 1 i» Art HI. ■
IUX TK1* ON i AMM luK. ■
A. N. K.-l 1892
pin,mi* Male tin,I yon anw the Advcrtlaa*
Blent la llila paper.
a a* * a • a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a
i ||f|TTfl&l shipped to \V. M. l’A 1.1. &• t'(Memphis. Tcntt., fl
! I.HI I I 11 HI "dl he handled t<> advantage at a minimum ex- t
f Ull I I UlV pcnse. They liKNO MONKV at O per cent. .
• •+••• * • » ♦ • » » • t • » » • • » fr » -4 4-♦ <» |
l-yualeil At Any Trice.
For Mr,™ Than a Qnartor cf a i
Coatury (he r. putatlon i f W. l„
* [ nglM « ill am! |8X0 (hoea (01 I
*' i">M!;irt uni W ir li >» cx
r. |1 .1 alio; her r.rikc.l.l ,t these
Iirlci a. llila i xi i ll ut reputation
ms hern won liy nic-it alone. W. I.
toierlas allies have to cl x e better *»•
The standard * always
* ’ d so I : t 111'*
wearer receivesmorw thIo«* for
his money In theW. Ulhjuslai
A 1.00 on'1 fi foshf*-- than hoe n
f t elsewhere. \V. L. P ugi .
njak | and * :ia more kos ar.d
$'i.r<0 »ho< i t! an r 7 other two
mannfac‘ur«T8 In I! eWorld.
Insist upon haring W. L. Douglas sheas
with nano and pries stamped
nun nun oiui'r yi.io and S1 "0
j M« reputation for the best $uo
ana *X5o shoes must be i.ialutallied.
W. T.. Ponrrla* S.I.OO and •t.r.O shoes
nro made of the sumo hltth-grade leath
ers used in P.'.Ott and (MI.0O shoes uud
are Just as good In every way.
mh -reon r *<v ipt of price j
an<l 2a gents additional for « ic
fUKo. Tak« no-i'Ui • rii • i of
foot as shown jstatn style do- ;
sired •. also and width :
usually worn; pidn
; or cap toe; b'nry,
i medium or iittht soles.
RHoId br U\ Doin'la* aturct in Am.ri.an < hi.** »<1lii«K
mJr | W quirk relief and run wo t
cun'-s. book of testimonials and IO dui •* tr*ament
rite. Ur. II. II. UBBBVb MIN*. B«l B. ATLA.MA, 111.
nmnim whisky and other dru*
\J ■ I IVI habit* cured. We want tba
worm cases. Book aud references TKCE. Dr.
». St. WOOU.KI. Bos a, tUsala, Oa.
NOV. 30™
2 Granger Twist Jagg being equal to one of others mentioned
•*J. T.,” “Cross Bow,” “Spear Head,”
“Old Honesty,” “Master Workman,” “Sickle,”
“Brandywine," “Jolly Tar,” “Planet,*” “Nep
tune,” “Ole Varginy.” a
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