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if hr /arrest £ itn £ imes.
- *
ft i*.or« &.:d Pu'o'.tshe:^
*• ■ . .• n --J ’**TIOV
t'CU. Iar»n*' » '
: A1 TEU>005. Jt'5-T
I -i Congress—l»t District,
If. 1. MACON,
Of PI. ' j-1 County.
Ft i ( riled Slates ator
For Governor,
r r Feeretary of SiatJ.
J VV. CROCK K 1 T. of DcV. lit.
I r Attorney General
tf Lillie Peek.
For Treasurer.
J;. \ . 'i Il'i' N. tf Halt.*' n.
S. r tci deM cf Public I ..strut
t;t r.
:■ V. lilNElSON, of Pine BinS
F i Aw filer,
T ' MONROE tf Magnolia.
*-.t Associate Ju-lice of the Su
j rerr.e Com*.
hi. ; BATTLE, of Little Rcok
<■or !.a- d ConmbsiODcr,
( CON WAV of Little Rock
F.r Ru read Commissioners,
W. PHILLIPS, of Newport.
b. B HUDGINS, cf Harrison.
J. If. HAMPTON, a Fordycc.
L r Ccm" jiit: er ot Mints Mar..
failures ard Agriculture,
h. T. BRADFORD; of Lor.okc.
For Representative
1. W. DeROSI IT.
F : Cot :.*.y and Probate
!■ Gitik of the Circb-t Court,
.G: C .err, cf the C canty and Pn
batc Courts,
i or Sr.er S ar.d Collector,
i or Assessor,
i or Trcmerer,
r * m , t' t t- -s t
X ta. 4« a . —A . .
For Surveyor,
For Coroner.
J. II. ALLR’-'.
F .-MR."Hates Madison Township
F.i C r stable. Madison TowLsLlp,
Pioj os;lions.
I License.
/ van st I iter.ve.
f r Constitutional Amendment.
.’ . ’ *tConstitutional Amendment
'i'ip'lra, Sprilliir by Sheriff
\V. h. W illiamp in the
preaeuce of ju?t a
fev.* Wituepptpp.
l Ooes to the Scaffold Without a
Trenior. Had his Nerve to the
Last burp Hymns and
( > Tanner, a negro aL.uit tears
< suffered the ft.’.; tonally of the
■a today at lo o'clock fni the lulling
< Robert black it. this county r ii An
S- -st hi, 1 *•'!. This is tie first case
. :. which the extreme pen. ot ti e
1 a has been vta.tf ! upon a criminal
within the confines uf tLl i couuty since
■T". lit 1 we think it «'*?, Jiu.
i lion was executed at D? Valla
! ff It r a n.ui.'.e: c< uimitttd in tins
c .nty, the case having been taken
t re on change cf ven.ie. And there
1 .3 Lee: many convictions that called
l . the de«ih penally but they hate
Luen either reversed t;, the supreme
c ml or else commuted to life im
1 ■.i- ir:tr.> by the governor.
The ciime for which th:- negro for
f'ited his life is < — that displays a
-nd and di-i i s:ti. n cf unusual brc
thirty, and was the outgo wtl. f an
’ ucoutrolled and undisciplined and
i mineeiirig disposition, which upon,
f .rmtu occasions had been content to
e.Tisfy its cravings to injure, destroy,
L-d take .lie, upon dumb animals.
'1 i»e facts of the criiue for which tu's
uegro was hang, biiefiy staled, are
tiiese: Ou Saturday, August ill, 190!,
Ltobert Black a young and iui ffensiy®
uegro, lesidir.g iu Biackdsh t&wubbip,
ILe above is a good likeness ot tLe condemned man as lie
appeared in Lis cell one day 3a~t week.
this c-unty. in the Rswiiaon neigh
b rtn>*<1. was indebted to Cy
Tanner, who *as his brother in-law,
*iio lived r.earhv. in the sum of eighty
uve cents. and on this day they met as
was the custom of the dark es in that
mmediate vicinity at the tittl** store
f I harp Humphreys, when Tanner
•JeDDai de J of f; ark the money that he
wed him. L »ck t>ing unable to par,
Tanner became insistent and abusive,
when B ac» fjnal’y told him if he
would not trouble birr, that he might
have a large that was in the pen
and further offered to give him a nev,
shirt that he had. This did not satis
fy banner and lie tend Black that he
was gj.r>g home and get his gun and
f the money was rot paid by sun
down that he w u: 1 kiii him Tanner
got Lis gun and returned to the scene,
and Black stilt not having the money
rrq ie-ted that lar.ner accompany him
1,1 Mr. As ■ w -ith's wheie lie would get
*-«-■ -n -0 . i L ;u. Til, t pio
ceeded to a point just outside of tiie
store, when Cy Tanner turned upon
black, and with an oath, emptied the
contents of i.is gun into his body, and
thus making goo 1 his tlneat, as ti e
sun went down the iife of Robert
black was rn» more. T,.ni.*er lieu from
fie county ar.tl was at large for some
m i.ti, hen he was captuie i in Mis
sissip, county, this state, lie wa
indicted by the grand jutv at the Sep
tember term, I d, of the circuit cr>urt.
and was placed on trial at the follow
ing March tarm, whori he was convict
ed and sentenced to be hung or, May
last, lire case was appealed to the
supreme and pending tire appeal the
supreme court stayed the execution.
pon the tinal hearing in the supreme
court the case was afhtmed, and the
governor tlxed the day for execution
lot today.
'ihe tfcstiu, ny in the case showed
c inclusively that the killing was not
only premeditated and with malic0
aliio’ bought. but that it wasciuti,
Iicmi t.ess and cold-blooded, 'i he man
Black was unarmed, and inruble of
il.ii.king It at Tanner, or anyone,
w u’.d take t::s life under such ciicum
stauces. And yet while in the act of
pacifying bis cieditor by eveiy means
at 1.is command, lie wag shot down in
Ms tracks because be could not pay at
. nee and in cash the Hiding sum of
eighty live cents. There has probably
neve: L.-en a more unfeeling and inhu
man murder committed in the sUH-.
it showed a degree of depravity seldom
met with in a civilized community.
Tanner was seen in Lis cell Tuesday
moil in * by a Times mar. and in le
sponge t' numerous c;uestions, talked
fi 'eiy. and s.dd he did not tear to die.
He c u d not see ti e callow1', but he
C'l'd (.ear the l'. ws c t the carpenters
hammer, as nail by nail, the engine of
death war t ingeiecttd. lie said be
had r.o fe«»r of it. and fully realized
that ir. three Jays lie w old eypiate his
a.e \\ hen asked why Le mur ieied
Black, ! * lepiied that “1 w a.' mad. and
:u a fassiot. I went and got u.y murket
and shot him.
I have no hope that my sentence
will be commuted or that 1 shall in
any other manner be able to escape
this punishment.
“I Lave been in jaii since October
- . 1 *01. ar.d the officials who have had
charge of me have treated toe alright.
I have nothing to complain of.
"I *u i> years of aze the 24th of
I last May. 1 wns bom cu Centennial
Island. 25 m.es ab ve Memphis, and
t*rtne Uj lh 3 rour.ty t> ree years ago.
1 an married. Have a wife and one
chi d, over at Crowder's, in lhe bot
tom. My father is in ti e penitentiary
f[ r k' ing a man. and my mother is
d wn in the lower part of the state.
I h .vs written to her but got no an
3 *er.
‘ Y- ?. I feel that 1 hare made mv
peace with G el. I»ev». Be !, Suggs
and Newe l bapt zed m»- last Sunday,
and 1 1-el aliight I am not getting
nervous at a , as ti e time approa lies
fui ui- to die—I eat and sleep at
"hen asked ‘if there was anything
you would like for us to say for j m
it.i .ugh the columns <f l'liE 'Iimf.-’’
i lie leplied, "No, 1 have i othing lurth
Utosiv A fellow prisoner spoke
and said. “Cy. you ought to ted about
being baptiz-1 arid getting religion,")
but Cy l ad nothing further to say, and
••..i r p iter retired. feeling a .perfect
ievulsion at the coolness and uncon
cern of one who had for two weeks
the awful contemplation of death upon
the galiows.
C> Tankci's wife visited him in the
jii y-.-teniav She unaffected,
and they “laughed and j iked" about
incidents of Iht.i past lite The wo
man asked him it he remembered the
cat he killed last year, and he replied
in the affirmative, when she said to
him, “1 told you then, that you would
have bad luck," ai 1 Tanner said “yes,
you did."
Margaret Black, w id w ot the mur
dered man, and slstei ot Cy 'tanner,
wasin tows. Wednesday, and visited
him in jail.
L'.try arrangement t i the execu
tion of C’v 1 anner in ti.“ j ol \ ai d. w as
completed yeeteiday. The scaffold
was elected L\ CLus LoLne, a local
; conti actor, and the rope thoroughly
i tested.
Deputy Sheiifl v. m. Murpheehas
guaided the condemned man e^ery
night tor four nigi.t3, including the
death watch last night. There has
been no incident.
The r< pe used today was loaned by
^lieiift Ford, of Lee county, and is the
same c ue which he uaed in the execu
tion of llei : » Leesing last May.
lanuei w is per feci It coo! and s'lrnt
mgiv unconcerned at - lo this morn
W hen asked oy the sLtiiff if he was
going to die like a n.aii ci make a show
c t himself, he replied, “I’m goin‘ to be
alright. Ail 1 wants is time
to sing and pray. Wi.i \c give it to
me ‘ He Wi.s assured that lie should
have the time. He asked to have a
baiter come and .-I ,ve i.im wuicl was
granted. He was given wutei and
tallied himself at < ... and dressed
in a s at of new clothes.
Lv was inf rmed at .*"> this morn
ing that 'ins; li%i->«eu!d p r»nt t, -
picture. ar. J he expressed a desiie to
seeil. A st'ne pi oof was taken if
the picture afier the type and cut had
been imposed and He same was
st.'wn him. lie s,i,u it was i >»r,
likeness, and handed the c- py back
He was to.d that hr ccu,d «iet| it. and
he said he “had no use 1 r it. ! e '■ st
wanted to see it ”
At this writing ie V.e s the coni.U-r
t-r the j ii; is opened • ti e j. b!:c. un
der several guards, armed with Win
chesters. six being admitted at cue
litre. There is a c. rataut, streamed
* * n_- f f ;r to .n i fr m.
!h» j*il. I: reminds one of* bebive.
* l.*n the b^es a;e is f : ' »*?at. Men,
ireme* *r-J chi' ire:, ire r> ;rin; in to
V »*:- • :t . \i» i'jfjir*
a! death.
> T-.r.uer > t br „• : mulatto. and
4'. tf-.s li .r. ]«*. '• beg.ns to take on
i*1 c ' r. 1' is cond ion i*
bf .I'itoo apparently by the crowd
w shake I. r. » the hand and
wish Toa a pleasant j u;r.ev—tl lgh
s r -i v« .-esn.* n t to !nve weakened
•ntheiers:. lie s. i u ts a-'d bid
- 1 lye 11 ail. h« th • ,g’i he wei*
il> :t t t k a , e. r:e trip to Mem
P -r * me pl-as- re r-« >rt.
SheriiK V. ; '.i4- <i-e;> y »f7ected
wiien he mile a fijen J ly ta k to the
coodtmned mm at 10:1 i. in which be
expre-'ed I p'-ayjie that Cy had
tn.sde f ill peace with Lie Ciea’or, and
th- pj r. t! .<l it c ms-d him to can v ou;
the aw. si J yet he most do his duty.
He Imped that thi3 sad ending of a
young neti-j i ,:fe would L>e an exaa>
pie to all. to obey the aw—Thou shah
not kill.
At n _ft the colored ministry of the
• '*1 • flve in number—c-itu** into th>
cornduf and sang hymns, in an. :L pin
condemned m »n joined, and offered up
prayers fur the forgiveness and convei
-i in of ih* prisoner, after which be was
administered tlie saernm nt of the
I. >rd’s - ijiper. and they b-.de 1 i.m (are
we,'. with the hope that he should iait
I Wei. 10 the j ■ lgm-nt.
A' 1 f' the cell do r was opened, the
pr.sorer turned his back to the duo:
and i.med his holds behind tu-> Lack
and was h ti.dcni! d 11 acksinith* iht r
cut i ft (ms leg sliackl-s At 10: lit
* - !e • out to lilt scuff tld S
•\ .lialTiS lead the pi '•! j:n it; -n ..f pi. y
Aa\;s. hx.ng the day uf execution. The
''liei.ll then to.d ranner he could say
what i.e wished. Tanner asked the
crowd to join sieging * lijmn. which
iie led without hesitation or falteiing.
: Cy then offered up a piaver. in which
he expiessed a confident bel.ef that he
had been forg Ven He said good bye
i ar.d entered the tea flu d. Ttie nouse
was adjusted by l>eputy Sheriff Wm.
, Muiphree. The t.ap was sprung at
lo:4l. sheriff Williams cutting the rope
lanneis feet touched the ground m
tt.e fall and ins ceck was not broktn
I he assistants then raised ti.e body
! twelve inches. He died from sti wngu
lalioti, and wascut down aftei hanging
s', minute'. The trap rope and bg
i pe» were cut up and the crowd beg
ged for pieces tu keep a^ souyeniis.
I>rs White and Alley were the at
tending physicians.
L udeitaker stevens took charge ol :
the body and piepared it for bunal this
afternoon a*. o'clock.
Tannei was neny to the last and
nevei struggled.
Slier iff \\ i.inims read the death war
rant at loiuo o clock. He was deeplv af
Tlie execution was private, as tl.e
law directs, tl.eie being only a few
persons admitted to the scaffold.
Vacation Days
\ H atiOD time t.« here and the children
are fairly living out of doors. There |
conld he no Ijea.ilm r place fur them
\ ou ne* ; only to guard against the acci
uents incidentai to most open ail sports, j
No remedy equals DeWitt's Witch Hazel1
Sa.ve ft>r quickly -topping pain or re- !
moving danger i t -eriou* consequence
For cur-, -(aids ai.d wounds,. ‘ I used
beWitt's Witch Hazel t>ahe fot sore
cut- and Louise- says J,. j; .Johnson.
Swift. Ie .a-, ‘ ft I- the l>e-t remedy on
tl." market." Suit- cure for pile- and 1
skin d .-ea.-es, iieware of counterfeits.
1. T. Sanders.
Sale Confirmed
On last Tuesday the administrator's'
sale of the lands of Hiram Lvans' es
tate was confirmed by the probate!
; court. The excel tions filed by the
.daughters of Hiram Evans to the re
port of the administrator were over
ruled. The motion to refer the matter
to the t ext » ;dge of tbe probate court
; for decision v. as overruled also. The
i motion to r.fer was supported by an
affidavit alleging that tfie present
probate judge was disqualified and in
! competent or, account of prejudice to
j *'t >n judgment on the matter in ques
; Gon for the ieasons stated in the afli
davit. Judge Hatcher took a few
’ hours to consider the affidavit and
I then overruled the motion to refer.
The report and exceptions were then
read. The report staled that the
j lands w ere appraised at $14,500 and
were sold on June 1. H*.-. f<v $q qrs to
George T. Meyer, of St. Louis, who
was the only bidder. The exceptions
j 5**t '-P eight grounds of objection to
ihe confirmation of the sale. First of
these exceptions set forth different
reasons why the probate court order of
sale July 21. - <7, under which the
sale was made, was void. The s.x*h
exception referred tu tbe suits now
pending betw een the heirs and claim-,
ants in the V ¥ circuit court at Hele
’ i Pne seventh exception denied
that there v.as ar y good reason for the
-ncrif;of said lands while said suits
. m ti e ' S. court are pending And
the eighth exception stated that neith-1
eitl.e purchaser nor any of the en-;
'• -user:- on hi3 r.ot*-s is a citizen of this
! s.rtte or is subject to the juris iiction
of tbe s’-;iie courts li. W. Nichols of
Helena and N. W. Norton mad* argu-i
mencs in favor i f the confirmation of
the report of Administrator lieury L
Gorman. Col. 11. J Williams, who is 1
i ^bt attorneys interested in act
The Forrest City Ice andToweTcn
Are now agents for the
Hams, Bacon, Dry Salt Meats, Lard *
Sausages. Etc.
Also asrents for Mureus iWrnb«*imer <v- Rh, pm
* Miorsoij
& -If
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Sell to Meachints Only.
Call them up. Telephone^
constantly on hand a full
line of the *ine.«t Maple and
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1 liese schools are located at Paragould,
Helena, and Texarkana. Ark., and offer
the best there i> in these courses. \\V
have a special message for every young
man or woman who will answer this.
T;,pe**t -g,
| Spe -.g,
i A' v n et c,
^ette' A' tmg,
Ccrr— r ; a .a*.
3*s -ess Forms i
For further particulars, address the Parrish Collwt
ParagouM. Ark., or the Helena Business Colieee. S',
iia, Arkansas.
The Direct Route to Texas
^ The quickest and most direct route to
Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, is via
Brinkley or NX'ynne and the
Cotton Belt Route.
If you leave in the morning, go
^ _ via Brinkley. If at night,
tr^r'V" go via Wynne.
The Schedule.
L r .
A r. Brin
A i V
Lv \\ > nnc In ,11 p bi.
L- Brinkley l:.’08 1151p.m.
, Ar Pino bi if! 3 ; * 4 i i it
• Ar Shre’-epost .
/ A . Texarkana - V ., u».
Ar Tyler 1 .i * 1'* * m.
Ar. Coxsiraii^ 5:23 a.n 5 ]'•; m
* AI \\
|, A
A i 1 t. W -rt; ♦; r J\p.m.
W: :t“ for rnr- ,r.• -t?
schedule fur jruur a tr»p.
E. W. LaBEAtME.G P andT.A..
St. louis, Missouri.
tainhig sai l ref'di.was [ resent but I
made no ntgumer.t. The daughters of j
Hiiatn Evans w-re tepresemert by G.
B. Webster of st E-mis. and J 1J.
Beasley. Mr, Webster was r.ct pres- j
ent but h:s naa.e appears to the ex
ceptions. Mi. Beasley opposed the,
confirmation of the sale and dwelt!
particularly upon the five exceptions
wLich alleged that the probate court
order of sale of July iiE lsup, was void,
and upon the sixth exception which
alleged the pending of the suits in the !
1 fv circuit court. But nevertheless
the report was condtmed.and to this
action of the court the said heirs ex
cepted and ga\ e notice th at an appeal
would he taken at the proper time,
which is at any lime within a year.
*** • <***■ .—__
The Same Old Story,
J. A. Kelly relates an experience -imi
lar to that which ha' happened ii. almost
every neighborhood in the United States
and has been told and re-told by thou
sands of others, lit- ,-ayf; "Last summer
1 had an attack of dy sentery and pur- ,
eha-ed a bottle of Chamber.ain - Colic.
< holera and Diarrhoea liemedy. which i
used according to directions and with en
tire y satisfactory resu'f. The trouble
was controlled much quicker than former
attacks when 1 u>ed other remedies.”
Mr Kelly i.s a well known citu-n of
Henderson. N. L. Lor .-ale t . J. T.
The o d Cboetawg and the I v.m-s?
'-its 1m8(j Ha.l team will j.Jay attain on
M i.clay afternoon at 4 o'clock riu«
'* H*e sante tear s that nl«\ C<J ;.»~t 1 -a.
day. ' " |
The Boss Worm Medicine,
II I. Kumpe. Druggist, l.eightcn, Ala.,
writes ' Oneof no customers had s cl. Id.
which was sick, and threw up all food,
cou.d retain nothing on its stomach. He
bought one bothe of \S hite's Cream Ver
mifuge, and it brought 119 worm.'from 1
the child. Its Iht i worm medidino in
the world. White Cream Vermifuge is
a.so the childrens’ tonic. It improves
their digestion ar.d assimilation ot food,
strengthens their nervous system and re
stores them to the health, vigor and
elasticity of spirits natural to childhood.
25C at J. T. (Sanders,
Summer complaint ts unusually pro
valent aui'iiip cliililit-n ll season. A
well developed ca-e i.i tin witets
fanii \ was cured .n-t week lv the
timely use of ( ham betlain? Colic.
Cholera and I)iarrhoe llt-meciy—one of
the best patent medicine- m unifactu •
ed and which is tdni'v- er>t in hand
at the home < f \e sotihr. Tins is n •
intended as a l tee p tfl lot H e company,
who do not advertise with us, hut to
benefit little smlerers who may not he
writhin easy access of a physician, o ’
family should l>e without a bottle of
this medicine in the house, (special^
in summer tim^-—J.ar-uic, I0**1
Journal. For sale by J 1 SaniltU
C'jt t- .Jas. h nssell, act trip m w| ^ '
Fnssell and the two vnurjo-r chlMr™
as far as Memphis. Wednes-.hiy.on ti",»
trip abroad tor the h,comer. *'ifU !l ^
and Lucille wiil step at #m*
Mrs. Fusstll wi ! visit in the Kist.go
iug to Cana :a i fore ie;emit - ■
Mr. and Mrs CIiks II. 'o"iH5 ami
ittie dangotei Mo/ hi " ' 'u-"1
for Lebanon, Tean.. where tic.’
visit for a CiU/| !e ol wt-tks. •
much needed rest.
Anna It deson, who has b«n
in Memphis t .r ten o-iv®. j v
ty which wirt t>Y ■**?**'£*
n.4ht on steamer Citj of \'ct
Mr. < >>\ .1 .mes.of
ni£ i" Hie city, Hint Ii‘ g“scuattto
his relatives, Mrs Win thro? »»acu
mg daughters.
Mr. and Mia S. II M-mn "‘"‘‘flleir
tain to night, comphnien’-st) ^ t|,e
charming and vivac' ns
Misses M iijn. Morrow an'* I*4'1’ •
Saves a Woman s L» e ^ ^
To have men up
death lor Mrs. I.jis (.’ratt, <’t 1 ", t0 d
Mbs*. Fur years >lio had cndnr ^ <(
i isery from a m Ter. lure 1 w r ires,
obstinate co «h. ‘Often,' ;;„r,
• 1 c.iuid scarcely breathe and - f.
not -iMl, AH doctors N .,
dies failed till I used l’-" ‘,„ -
Discovriy fur CoiiauiMpt.ou a!l11 ', j
pietely cured " Suff.ren f,l,‘'
Colds. Throat aud l.un- lruuui
this ttrand remedy, for it net'' jj
points Cure is tiiiaranteed by ■ ‘j
Dunavai t. Trice 5uc and »• v •
bottles free

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