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IK 11111
The President Driven Though Au
gusta, Me., and Shown the
Sights of the Town.
Short Stop* Mmlr nt W atery III.-,
Pittsfield nntl Newport. I.artic
Crowdi Tiirnlnu Out to t.reet the
President nt Eirli Point Men.
t lotted.
Augusta. Me.. Aug. L's. -jvrfttt
weather continued favoring tin presi
dent on his tour through New En
gland. When he arose he said that he
had passed a refreshing night, and he
showed no evidences of fatigut from
Tuesday’s severe strain. Marly in «hc
forenoon he was taken for a drive
about the city and shown the liea ities
of the scenery along the Kennebec
Three times in the course < f ids
progress through the city the presi
dent's carriage was halted in order
that lie might receive from the hands
of little children bouquets. At tin of
lice of the Kennebec Journal, t lie
newspaper of which Janies (i. Hindu
formerly was editor, a stop was made.
The president was shown a desk at
which -Mr. lilaine was accustomed to
Short Units Marie ut Wntrrvllle.
Pittsfield nntl Newport.
Itangor, Me.. Aug. 2k.—The special
train bearing the president and Ids
party arrived here at 12 o'clock, on
schedule time. The president was met
at the train by President lteale of the
Eastern Maine State Fair association.
Senator Hale. Congressmen Little
field, Powers and others.
The party immediately started for
a a rive about the city.
At Waterville, on the way from Au
gusta to this city, where are located
a number of large paper mills, a
stand had been erected (dose to the
depot and from there the president
greeted a large number of people,
many of whom had come from a dis
tance in all sorts of conveyances to
hear him. He spoke briefly.
The train was slowed down also at
Pittsfield and Newport. At each of
these places the enthusiasm was gen
uine and hearty, and the shouts of
the people as the president came out
could be heard for some time after
the train went by.
I'eorla'n Two Ilia Independent 1)10
tlllerlea Will *ot be Absorbed
By the Trail.
Peoria, 111., Aug. »8.— Peoria’s two
moivster independent distilling indus
tries are not for sale, and will not be
absorbed by the recently-organized
whisky trust.
For weeks past the press dis
patches from the east have been pro
claiming that the deals for the pur
chase of these plants by the big com
bine were practically closed, and that
within a very short time they would
be transferred, and the visit of An
gelo Myers, president of the trust,
to this city, lust week, gave color to
the rumor.
Corning <V- Co. were approach! hand
the negotiations were broken off.
The Clarke Distilling Co. refuse to
enter any combine, and deny any
overtures having been made.
The Detonations (an lie llt-nril tin
tlie Island of Dominion —
The Lines Interrupted.
St. Thomas, 1). W. I„ Aug, 28. A
dispatch received here from the is
land of Dominica, dated August 20, at
b p. in., says:
"Since 2 p. in. to-day (Tuesday)
prolonged noises in quick succession
have been heart! from the southward.
There is every indication that Mont
1‘elee is violently erupting."
Efforts made to communicate by
cable direct with the island of Mar
tinique have proved unsuccessful. The
French Cable Co. lias no cable work
ing at that point, and the company’s
officials are unable to say when com
munication with Martinique will be
Pres! itent W arner Sayn V I*«- Fuad
For file Fraternal Huililiuii ll
tbe World'* Fair i* toured.
Denver, Col., Aug. 28.—The National
Fraternal congress listened t< re
ports of officers and committees at
the morning session Wednesday. The
president. Dr. 11. A. Warner, an
nounced that assurances had been re
ceived from individual fraternities
whlcli practically guarantee $100,000
for a fraternal building at the
World’s fair in St. Louis, and that
from present prospects there is no
doubt the full amount of $.'00.non,t -li
ma ted to be necessary to erect, equip
and maintain this building, will lie
Seimtefn I'eraon* Injured.
Youngstown, O.. Aug. 28.-In a
head-end collision at an early hour,
luesday morning, between electric
ears on the Youngstown & Sharon
t lee trie railway, 17 persons are re
ported injured, none, however, very
seriously. The accident occurred be
tween Hubbard and Sharon.
The Troop* of Urn. \ord Defeated
and Koreed Out of Llabr. Haytl,
and Klfhllni Oonllnurt.
Paris, Aug. 28.- \ dispateh received
here from (ape Mavtien. liavti, sa\s
the troops of Men. Xorii, the minister
of war of the provisional government,
have hern defeated and forced to evac
uate I.ini be. and adds that the fight
ing continues. It is further reported
that tiie inhabitants of Aux Caves
and Again*, have risen against ihe
provisional government and that (Jen.
Simon, commander of Hie department,
of the South, who lias declared him
self in favor of (Jen. Kirmin. is march
iiijj on Mirii*joan«\
two Head and One Ilyina In the lie—
wall of an Vltereutlnn la n
Woman'* Apartment*.
New York. Aug. 28.—Lizzie Mali. 2(1
years old. and Joseph Campbell are
dead, and an unknown man is dving
in Bellevue hospital, as the result,
the police saV. of a quarrel in the
woman’s apartments in Kasf Twenty
tilth street. Vceording to t he police t he
two men entered the apartments n„d
the quarrel ensued, during which four
shots wi re fired.
Strike l>«M*lnre«! HIT.
(Jalveston. lex., Aug. 2s. (Jeneral
Manager Dixon, of tin- (Julf, Colorado
A Santa IV. states that the strike of
the machinists in the company’is
shops at Cleburne and other points 1ms
been declared off. About 70 men ary
Hied at 120.
St. Louis, Aug. 28. Harriet Dob
bins, born a slave, who has lived in
St. Louis for i.) years, died Tuesday,
said to be 120 years of age. A great
grandson, AI years of age, testified at
the inquest.
Allowed to (So Her Way.
Yew \ ork, Aug. 2s.—On her prom
ise not to solicit alms in the future,
Airs. Jean Harris Hunter, who was
arrested her by officers of the eliari
t.y organization society for begging,
bus been allowed to go without trial.
Ilori» l.«*fi\«*N ( liii'iiKo.
Chicago, Aug. 28. With fervid ex
pressions of appreciation of Chicago's
hospitality, the Grand Duke Doris, of
Russia, ami hi* suite left the city,
Tuesday night for Niagara Fulls.
(urprnterM Threaten to Strike.
New Noth, .Aug. 28.— Members of
the Rrotherhod l niou of Carpenters
ol New Turk threaten to strike on La
bor day unless a 12per cent. iu
crease in pay is granted them.
t 'll I Itl Never Grew.
hvansviur, lud., .Aug. 28.- The four
year-old child of Earl Rudolph died
Tuesday. A strange tiling about tha
child was that it never grew from
the time of its birth and weighed tha
same at death as its birth.
Singe of the Illvera.
I I v.iianue ilainiuTi
_stations. | Gauge 24 hours in 24 lira
Hltl shut K .. .. 0.1 0.1 . ~
Cincinnati. o.'.i | o.O
St. Louis . 1S.U 0.2 1 32
Ht. Paul . 4.0 | 0.0 '
Davenport . 2.0 -0.1 1 _
Evansville . 4.7 —0.4 1 *
Keokuk . 7.0 . _
Alt mplds . 10.4 0.3 '
Louisville . 3.ti --o .
Cairo . . 17.5 0 1
New Orleans . 5.4 ; 0.0
— Pail. • ’i race.
THl'KSDAY, Aug. 28.
Grain and l*rov laluua.
St Louis Flour Patents, 13.20®3 »;
other giacu s. »2 ../<t3.15. W Ileal No. 2 reel,
tmoSiVjt i orn No. 2 mixta, j,out#
--so. mixed, 2»c. Hay — Timo
thy. new. 4'ju,ii1.5o. prairie. J7.50fos.ij0:
lot or. 41 Oe-.i 12*0. Laid i noire sie.tai,
*" :> ■ POrk New mess, Ji. :,tt. Bacon -
Clear ribs, ll,lic. Butter—1 reainery, loo*
2.e. daily, It'piT" Lags •• resn. ‘ U- •
lot V'ooi Tur-WHsheo. K®2t>izr Aits
aomi and Illinois medium loiuolng, 1744
lt'.ac, oilier grades. l2ol,*<
, Chicago—Closing quotations Wheat—
September, ."•*< . D' (rmbo , Al iy,
0-41. tom, iSeptembn. ou**murrt
* ’
nc-v\. ii‘4« . September. 2'>l*c. m-w. c;
iJeceniber. 2 4> . iu*v\. :;<»*4c, m,. „ wc*
i’oi k August. 41.. September. *». i". i-c
tober, 4i..20; January. 4l* -L A»a\. 4L.25.
Lard August 410...), bepieiuoe. *p.
October, 4J.su, Ueeemher. 4v .. ■ _ January*
bs.j.1. May. 9s-ho. hius-Auru.‘,.
September. *lU.2n; October. 4* . Janu
ary. 9 !*.»».
Indianapolis Wheat—No. 2 r d. new,
€Sc; No. 2 red, ka^chc. Corn- .so 1
White, 62c. No. 2 yeuow, 60*»*<
*•’ white new, > • •■•.•_< 11. * - 1 iniomy.
*U.25fc 11.25.
Live Stock Markets.
St. Louis—Cattle—Fancy exports. 97.77.^1
S.2), butchers'. 9-». .jfrt. e-. Stockers. 92.
5 *•>; cows and hellers, $2.60415. jo Logs—
Fucking, 9i.4tgq«.b5; bull tiers . 97.0.Vo , .*#5;
light, 40.500 ,.N2lv. Sheep—Mutton sheep,
4s.j0^3.s5, lambs, $5.0Uyr; 75.
Indianapolis — Cattle — Good to priait
steers, $7.50<if$.0U. Hogs—Good to prime
lieu vies, 9. *w/q 7.NO; mixed and heavy
packing. 9. j(Ki? 1 t*j. Sheep—a.Joe <j t0 chok.e
\ curlings. 42.0 <M .... goo.. v» choice sheep,
42.0002. ,0t spring lamos, 4.'Vpj.uc.
Chicago—Cattle-Good to prime steers,
$7.75fgb. 1 j; poor to medium, 44.000, 2>,
Stockers and feeders. 92.jo,2a. cows 41 .■> y
a..jO; heifers. 42 «» ’ *■; e.tuners. 91.5t>'d2 5u;
calves, 32 7.»</, >>. lexas ted steers, 42.eo't*
S.oO.wasn rn steers. 4IJX*.it.♦.*•». Hogs Mixed
and butchers. 4. .j'k i.Mi, good to choice
h* avy. 9. co'd, b.», rough heavy. 97.0o'#/ .
light, 9.2.A/, 75. bhep Good to choice
Wethers, 9- .o'r/4W, lair to choice mixed,
92.a>.u;■». ...; wesn*rn sheep, 92 j*v>, natLe
iambs, bo-bo'uwestern lambs, 94 ^
5.i j.
Kansas City—Cattle—Native steers,
$V‘*0fa voo; Te xas and Indian steers. 9,4.0* $
4.1'. lexas cows and heifers 92.0*. n„.je,
Blockers and feeders. $.;.''M/fia,55; calves,
$2.o ■< • W Hogs—Heavy, Infco^ja.iO; pack*
ers. 9^.2'oi7.v. medium. *7 .;.» •/ 7 . iiglu,
9. l./u . •»»'. yorkers. 9..-iO'dT..*" otiee|>— Min
ton.-, 4 4" a 12... lambs 9,. ;• </ ■ ■ rungs
wethers, $3.lofq4.25; ewes, 9JLqt.lo.
Quotations for middling range 49 fo.
lows; St Louis. bVac; New York, Jc;
Memphis. *'1c
l inn in ini.
New York. Aug. 2> Money on oill
firm at $: '•4'b4 per cent. Prime mercantile
paper. 4V'<5L per cent. Sterling ex
change steady, with actual business in
bankers’ bills at 4.*7 for demand and at
«.34^i4.H5 for sixty days Posted rates 4.s5L$
(UksJ Commercial bills. 4.b3i?<ci4 "4. Mexi
can dollars, 41 Vw. government bona*,
damaging disclosure.
The Menu Hrsnrt of ■ I'nlltiritl ( midl
dale for Office to II,-n< Hia
0|» p ii nrnl.
The two candidates tor tnc legislature
■'' apeakers I te Hin1 plat foi in,
states the t hn-ag.i l'nbune.
My fellow i ti/cus, said the candidate
with tiie long black mustac ie, rising to
•peak in bis turn, "1 am able at las; t„ un
mask tne hypocrite that has ju«t addressed
you It is a disagreeable duty, but you have
a ngot to know wl.it manner of man he is.
Well may he tremble at li.e disclosure 1 am
1 to ?iitil\« . tor it knot k' ' .»• pi t.p
‘tom under him and shows him to i ou ,t, hia
true light."
lleie the speaker paused to take a drink
•t water.
linn he slowly turned his head, looked
over Ins shouldci at the other candidate
with a glance of concentrated warn, and
faced the .uni lence agu in
A Jius-i pervaded the hall,
hed iw i m/cn», tie exclaimed, in a
voice -it thunder, "this man ;■ -■ si - as a
friend oi the common people! He goes
around shaking hands with tvervbcdv' Do
you know n hy _ he does it ? ! will tell you.
He does it to i e- rive you Kelloiv citizens,
he is no horny-handed son of toil! ]'hose
eal,otises oi the palms ot us hands were
never produced by work. Hr nevei did a
d.t> i work in -ns li e Those callouses ara
wilts' W arts my lelloiv eit i/ens' Warts!
W irt' in t ie palms of ht.s hands! Let him
deny it it lie can!”
I he otiiei imlaiii'e couldn't deny it, and
ti csisi him the elect mn
Mr. Henry Sal/.er, ol I.a ( rcsse, Wis.,
whose '.'sal/ers Seeds ate lameil t.ie work!
over, has -ailed lor Flurope, aicoin|*niesi by
his wite. lie will dive into the heart of
Russia ami Hungary after new seed novel
A man occasionally takes a day iff to
celebrate the anniver>aty ot his birth, but
w.icn a woman celebrates hers she usually
takes a y ear off t uirago Datly News.
To Cure n Cold In One liar
Take Laxat ive Rromo Ouinine Tablet*. All
druggists ref u ntl money if it fails to cure. 25c.
Only (lie »V ise Can Know.
It's sometimes difficult to tell the dif
ference between the man with a purpose
and the one with a pull —Toledo Blade.
I’iso's l ure cannot be too highly spoken of
as a cough cure. J. \V. O'Brien, 322 Third
Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 0,1900.
I rue bravery is shown by performing
without w itness what one might be capable
ot doing bet ore the world. Rochefoucauld,
HoiIcr-Hoofod Cara.
A Leeds (England) commercial trav
eler seems to have solved the hitherto
insoluble problem of providing a dry
seat in wet weather, lie has adopted
the principle of the roller-topped desk.
When the cover is on the ordinary
electric car suggests a double-decked
railway saloon; when it is off the
vehicle resume* its usual aspect, with
the addition of the light circular gird
ers which sustain the roller covering
in position. To remove the roller cov
ering all that is necessary to he done
is to release it. and allow it to de
scend into casements provided for it
at the sides of the car. This it does
in three sections on each side—first
the windows—for windows are pro
vided-anil then successively the othef
two sections, the casement accommo
dating them side by side. The roller
covering i.> sandwiched with india-rub
ber. and thus made not only water
proof but also electric proof.—Albany
An t .lci l rif vln« l>risM|trct.
When the use of the electric power
becomes general w e may look forward
to a considerable decentralization of
industry. We may see such “garden
cities" spring up all over the country
as William Morris painted so seductive
ly. and the old country towns w ill again
become active centers of life and in
dustry. At present nearly all the in
dustries that were once carried on in
our villages have been killed by the
fact that no source of power is avail
able which can enable them to com
pete with their rivals in the city fac
tories. Electrical power w ill change
all that.—London Spectator.
ard’s Big Bargain Sick
ards off high prlrcs. by
holesallng goods io all.
orth a dollar.
Ill savs you many dollars.
It contains ov-'r 1.000_r>ag*s quoting Tronic,
sale prices on 70.000 different art.< Jen— i \)
illustrations are used to help youun la
stand what th*s goods look like. Send. 13
oeots i >t catalogue and h um Lo\/ to j
four dollars do tho work of lire.
l TUc house that tells the truth. J
Cured by Pe=ru=na of Catarrh of the
Stomach After Doctors Failed.
Hon. J. 0. Botkin. Congressman from
Kansas, Writes an Interesting Letter.
Captain O. Bertoletto of the Italian
Barque “Lineelles,” in a recent letter
from the chief otlioe of the Italian
Barque Lineelles, Pensacola, FI a., writes:
“/ have suffered for several yearn
with chronic catarrh of the stomach.
The doctors prescribed for me without
my rccelvlrgthe least benefit. Through
one of your pamphlets I began the use
of Peruna, and two bottles have en
tirely cured me. I recommend Peruna
to all my friends. O. Bertoletto.
In catarrh of the stomach, as well as
catarrh of any part of the bodv. Peruna
is tho remedy. As has been often said
i f Peruna will cure catarrh of one purt,
it will cure catarrh of any other part of
the hody.
Catarrh is catarrh wherever located,
and the remedy that will cure it any
where will cure it everywhere.
The following letter from Con^ress
mau ltotkin .speaks for itself:
Wasuixotox, I), t'. J
Dr. S. H. Tlartman, Columbus, O.:
My pear Doctor Tt pives me pleasure
to certify to the e xcellcnt curat ivequali
lies o i y o u r
medicines IV
runaand Mana
lin. 1 have hi on
afflicted more
or less for a
quarter of n
century with
catarrh of the
stomach and
constipation. A
residence in
Wash iuffton
has increased
these troubles.
A few bottlesof
your medicine
i nave ffiven me almost complete relief,
anil 1 ain mire that a continuation of
them will effect a permanent cure. IV
I'uiii is surely a wonderful remedy
for catarrhal HlTeetions.—J. 1). liotkin.
'I'liis is a ease of catarrh of t lie stomach
which had run for twenty-live years.
Recording to his Statement, and Ferunn
lias at once come to his relief, promptly
accomplishing for him more benefit t nun
he had been able to find in all other
remedies during a quarter of a century.
It stunds to reason that u man of
wealth and influence, like a Congress
man of the great United M ates, has left
no ordinary means untried and no stone
unturned to find a cure.
If such cures ns these do not verify
the claim not only that dyspepsia is due
to catarrh of the stomach, but also that
IVruna will cure catarrh of the stom
ach. it is impossible to imagine how any
evidence could do so.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of IVruna,
| write atou< o to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case, and he will
he pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
FI LL COURSES IN Classic*, l etters fe*
nnmtcs and History. Journalism, Art, Science
Pharmacy. Law. Civil. Mechanical and El**
tfkal f’n/lneerlng. Architecture.
1 borough Preparatory and Commerced
Rooms Frea lo all students who have com
pleted the studies requited for admission into ffca
unior or Senior Year of any of tha Collegia*
Rooms to Rent, moderate charge to stu.Va*
over seventeen preparing for Collegiate (our a*.
A limited number of Candidates ft r the hVcIa
siasttcsl state will be received at special rates
St. Edward's Hall, f*»r boy-* under ij rears, *
unique in the completeness of its equipment.
The 50th Year will open September 9, 19*
Catalogues Free. Address
REV. A. M0RR1SM V . C S. C. President
./ int ukicjInal
? i
In constant use all over
the world for the last sixty
six years. The oldest and
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
Sec Fac-SImlle Wrapper Pelow.
T«r Ml mm »mmj
to toll* u umgmr.
A mxiiiial of uaefnl Inforin.tllon b» Kdgar T
liaddis. L. I, M , conta ninK a clear ex position of (
S pension laws an«1 subject* of inte'eM to t bone who
have served in the army or navy of the I . H.,
mailed free upon request. No lee until »i ee^sfui
Correspondent e solicited Fd|r»ir T. 44»d<ll«
•lioriifvat LaM. WasMnzton. D C
Over to Kansas City and see the great
electrical Priests of Pallas parade on the
night of October 7 You can't guess what
you'll get for nothing
Sleep for skin-tortured Babies and rest for
tired, fretted Mothers in warm baths with
Cuticura Soap, and gentle anointings with
Cuticura Ointmrnt, purest of emollients
and greatest of skin cures, to be followed in
severe cases by mild doses of Cuticura Re
solvent Pills. This is the purest, sweetest,
most speedy, permanent, and economical of
treatments for torturing, disfiguring, itch
ing, burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted, and
pimply skin and scalp humours, with loss of
hair, of infauts and children, as well as adults.
Um Cuticura Soap, aaatatod by Cuticura Oindiemt, th# (real
akin cure, for preserving, purtfytug, aad bnaattfylng tb* akla, and
(or all lha purpoaa* of tha toilet, lialh, and naraery. MllUont of
Women u*e Curler ba Soar la th* form of bath* for annoying Irri
tation*. Inflammation*, aad ulcerative weukncuaea, and for many
aaoatlvo, antiseptic purpoaea.
Consisting of CUTICURA Soap, to e!*ansa tha akin; CUTICt/RA
Ointment, to boat the -kin; aad « cticoea Ruk>i.vmt Pii.m, to
cool and cl can/* th* blood. A ftntOLE set la often sufficient to cure
the moat torturing, dlatigunag, Itching, burning, ami *-aly humours,
raabea, and Irritations, with lose of hair, whei all elsa falls.
CoTiovni Kimimih *r« wM through**! th* w»wl4 B'itMh ftrpolt 2748 Char
torb<t«**» Nq., Ivm lor Vrmcn !>*pot< b Rua 4a la fata. Facia. fOTTBB Oaoo ajis
Cubm. Coarn hoU Fropa., ikMtea.
1, dr. worriTra mm cures Cholera• Infantaa,
jl; j‘ H Diarrhoea,Dysentery, and
j*\ W E rii rffi H ,, I ■ k'ViH the Bowel Troubles of
TyaJtC, 'B, "V Children cf Any Age.
' (UBy JAids Digestion, Regulates
ashVTttTT11N® rOWPlWJ** the Bowels, Strengthens
" ■ Costs Only 25 cents at Druggists, **teethinigeast*
IOr nail t& ee»U to C. J. MOFFETT. M. D.. ST.' LOUIS. MO.
, or u •« Ua*«>*• *«cretary of Slate. Austin, Te*.. Nov. 21, IDOO.
I have found Dr. M >(Tett a TEETHIN A a splendid remedy and atd for my teething • hilJren. When my oldaeft
M4**0" every succeeding day warned iia that we would inevitably lore him. I happened upon
TEI.TillNA, and began at once administering it to him, and hit improvement vu marked in tfi hours and from
that d:./ on he recuperatod. ( have constantly kept it and used it since w.Ui my children, and have taken grea|
pleasure in sounding ita pr at sea to all mothers of young children. 1 found it iuvaluabie even a'ter the teeth’ll*
perioj vra, _ MKS. & H HXK1>y.
Bad breath, dark rings around the eyes, bloated feeling, heart burn,
dizziness, headache, palpitation of the heart are all symptoms of bad
digestion and a clogged condition of the bowels. These symptoms
should never be disregarded as the dangerous ills that afflict the
body spring from just such beginnings. The proper course is to
purify, strengthen and regulate the vital organs without delay,
and for this purpose the celebrated tonic medicine and purifier
PRICKLY ASH BITTtiRS will be found to possess merit of the
highest order. It tones the stomach, helps digestion, sharpens, the
appetite, cleanses and strengthens the kidneys, liver and bowels,
thereby promoting harmony cf action and regularity in the system.
A few doses will produce a marvelous improvement. Strength and
energy return, the breath is purified, the complexion is cleared and
it exercises a bracing effect in both body and brain. Every family
needs this grand remedy as a safeguard against sickness.
Take no substitutes which may be recommended as “Just ls Good." Get the senuiac. It will produce the result, you desire.
_ - - --
u.lier .eit b<xii.» 11 'j. Itiin.Jucliuo fl UU net
text books | 35. Introduction 91 UO out,
‘ an <■ 't-yci.,p*-di» In them
e9‘,1 abou d be «>i every bourse and ia ert ry
public Lbr*.y. in dermy, please, rne itton paper.
Allen’s Ulcerine Salve
* U m • hrnmit l 'on. Bn*# ll#*r«. M#r*f«l*an l'l##r*. T» r1~*n*
1 I<*#**, l*H*l#f»t f or*. B#r#«H*l !'•###«. *f Ml* B«#lll*«. |||fc
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to* *• HJ J I* ALLEN. Rt Paul. Mina.
A.N. k.-I_ 1&32
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