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J.II. c- n
Oid J* G. C.
Old J- U. Cutter.
Old .1 H. Cutter at Nelson’s.
A pril 12tli is Easter Sunday this year.
John llarron was at Palestine Tues
Hot Tom and Jerry at the Green
Valentines now on sale at the News
Old Prentice Whiskey at T. C, lol
bre & Co.
Insure your property with Taylor,
Knight & Co.
prick at Robert L. Pettus’ at tS.OO
per thousand.
Mrs. Mary Shade left for Chicago
Monday night.
£ 1» Taylor went to Memphis Tues
day on business.
Judge II. N. Word, of Marianna,
was in town Monday.
1 ow excursion rates for the Mardi
Gras Via the Choctaw.
m (too men wanted to drink booze at
the Green Tie# Saloon.
Sec Robert L. Pettus when you want
brick at *8.00 per 1000.
Try oid J. H. Cutter Whiskey once
and you w ill stick to it.
Several pieces of new music just re
ceived at the Newsstand.
Once tried—always used—Old J. II. ■
Cutter, at Nelson & Co’s.
Eggnog—like mother used to make—
at the Green Tree Saloon.
There is no headache in Old Cutter.
Sold by N. B. Nelson & C®.
Call and see the list of timber lands
and homes at J. M. Prewett’s.
Kelson & Co., are exclusive agents
fur Old J II. Cutter Whiskey.
R. J. Cross, of Marianna, was regis
tered at the Imperial Sunday.
Yesterday was a regular March day,
though w arm enough for May.
Senator W. E. Ferguson, or Augus
ta, was in the city Wednesday.
E. A. Scantland of Wynne, was
ugistered at the Imperial Friday.
Recommended by physicians and
sonsuaiers, old Prentice Whiskey.
Arkansas Pecans—nice and fresh—
4 pounds for 2oc. Neely * Neblett.
As fine a whiskey as Old Kentucky
produces—Old J. II. Cutter Whiskey.
Best assortment of boys pants in the
city to be found at Fussell, Grutiam A
Early Risers
Tho famous little pills.
Call and try some of that Old Barbee
whiskey at the Green Tres. It’s the
best on the market.
Mrs. J. W. Williams, of Wynne,
visited homefolks and friends in town
several days this week.
.T. It. Terry & Co., have a large stock
of brand new groceries, which they are
selling at lowest prices.
Leave vour orders for coal with I’as
lay & Johnson, or call phone 13. Best
grades at lowest prices,
Beuben has come to town. Cali at
the Green Treo and see him. lie will
be glad to smile at you.
Henry Wilder, was in town Monday.
Henry is running the Stevens's Bros
plantation up the river.
All our $0.00 and 17.50 men’s suits
go at 14 75. Boys’ knee pants suits at
•1 15. Neely & Neblett.
FottSAT.E — A f»w more good lots in
the Purnell addi Ion on easy terms.
Apply to James Kuasell.
H.C. Sanders, formeily of Sanders
& Bowen, was shaking hands with
friends in town Saturday.
See Nelson & Co's. circulars for price
list of whiskies, wines and cgars.
Call at the saloon for one.
Boys’, Misses’ and Ladies’ heavy
ribbed, fast black hose still go tit 10c
per pair. Neely & NeUett.
Charley Sanders and Abe Meyers
■re rejoicing over a Hue new sidewalk
in front of their residences.
A sidewalk is needed from B. D.
Hatcher's comer to the street south of
Col. V. B. Izard’s residence.
The Bank of Forrest City solicits a
Bhare of your patronage. It is now
open and ready for business.
The city democratic primary election
is to take place on February 17, 1903.
Now is the time to announce.
S E Aven is lying dangerously ill at
his home with malarial hematuria. He
was resting easier this morning.
John D. Brown our colored circular
artist, lias been ill for a week and was
sadly missed in The Times office. '
Hatcher & Stout, the new Southside
livery men, have their advertisement
in this issue. Look it and them up.
Foil Sai.k—Two well-made table
counters—lb feet long; turned legs.
Cheap. E. L. Yadakin.
Why not take y< ur Sunday dinners
at Hotel Imperial—1 to 2:30 p. m.
Save work nnd expense. Try them.
DeWItt’s Ktf Salve
For Piles, Burns, Sores.
Tuikry. Oysters. Celery, Radishes
and Lettuce, are among the delicacee
on the Sunday dinner card at Hotel
Impel ial February 1st.
Services at the Christian church both
morning and evening next Lord’s Day.
A cordial invitation is extended to ail.
J. K. Pediick, Pastor.
Mrs. W. W. liryan has been very
much indisposed the past week, a phy
sician being called to see her Tuesday.
We are glad to note her convalescence.
E. L Vadakin spent a couple of davs
in Helena the first of the week. He
met Mr. L. E. Davenport, who reports
his family and self well and prosper
“A wife recognizes a good husband
by the kind and quantity of life insur
ance lie carries.” Talk with Taylor.
Knight & Co , about your life insur
Green Devasier, of Palestine, made
in a little happier last week by extend
ing his subscription another year and
encouraging us in our work. Cull
J- F. Stout, of Hie firm of Hatcher A
Stout, was in'. Marianna, recently, and
pm chased a span of hmdsoma Ken
tucky bred horses for use in their live
ry stable. LJ
Do you notice the distinct and
pleasant flavor possessed bv the 1 Old
Vollmer” whiskey? It is the result of
purity. T. C. Folbre & Co., Forrest
City, Ark.
J. T. Fondren and little son, accom
panied by Mr. Fondren’s mother, left
Tuesday for a visit to the bedside of
his uncle, who is quite ill, at Oxford,
Mr. F. R. Atkins, who has been
business manager for ttie Becker &
Lewis opera house the past two sea
sons, lias resigned this position for
next season.
There is no bitter preventive if
many of the ills which flesh is heir to
than good liquors, moderately used.
T. C Folbre & Co., keep the high
grade case goods or liquors in bottlps
or jugs, and sell the same brand ever
the bar. Call on them.
The ladies of the Christian Workers
desire to express their gratitude to
those who so generously aided in the
Recital of Monday evening. To one
and all, they extend their sincere
thanks for favors so kindly granted.
Christian Woikers.
Mrs. Joe Mvers had a tumor of the
stomach removed yesterdav. Drs. Wm
Crutcher of Pine Bluff, Meiritt and
Mcknight, of this city, performed the
operation, which was very successful.
Mrs. Myers is resting r.s well as can be
expected to-lay. She lies Miss Roberts,
a trained nurse, of Memphis, with tier
Mr. George W. Bellar, representing The Eastman Kodak Company, will be at our
Store on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, and will make a practical demonstration of the
Eastman Daylight Developing Machine from 2 to (5 p. m. The public is cordially invited
to see this wonder free of charge.
Sixteen yards, yard-wide bleached
domestic for $1 00. Neely & Neblett.
J. M. McKie and wife, of Memphis,
weie registered at the Marion Friday.
1‘. M. Vaccarn, of Memphis, was
autographed at the Imperial Saturday.
Nice, fresh pea sticks for sale. Ap
ply to Ike Ma lory, Green Tree Saloon.
Hoys' p ints—all wool—ages 3, 4 and
o years, 13c per pair. Neely & Neblett.
1 wo hundred thousand brick for sale
by Robe it L. I’eltus, at S8 per thousand.
best assortment of boys pants in the
W lo !*•' found at Fusselt, Graham &
" A. C mpton and w ife. of Marian
t o, weie registered at the Marion Fri
A.! Art Calendars at the Newsstand
", he closid out at half price, if taken
at osce.
Geo. M. Tripp, of Whitmore, was in
bepeir *nd reK‘slered the
Cluis. McNeely and wife,of Claren
Tuetnh*1* n‘giateted Bt thu Marion
lb. Um, Crutcher, of Pine Bluff.
>•'•8 iii town on ..professional business
„ Fo,r S:‘le cheap at the Oil Mill, two
rlievv 10-oz. duck canvasses, each
»-jxt)0 leet.
real pMate with Taylor.
| short notice0” “"d lhty W,U 8eU U on
ot - ^ ilhams, the merchant prince
um I WHS ‘egistered at the Iru
I'Hial 1'iiday.
Ne.snit & Co , are prepared for t lie
day as ordered? WaU8“s,d^ed aa™
Terrv and feedstuffs of J. B.
I SiPn’* Sid 8ti^ttU vv“»b«ngton street,
Monday .°f CoIf' wns in tnw"
for Tlie’Trup8lad ,da ,,ame enrolled
srrcenla ’ *Plrv * Go., for your
al lowest piniJe/ee‘,Bluff--‘ 15est g,,od8
^loon ’mfiin" !.are rf‘ra°de.li"g their
luiuois “ak‘"K‘1 *s attractive as their
1 WIS rf*e good.
C“H usiL Stout gave 118 » pleasant
•Wiption flUYooS"!1 r*,UiWed binsib
,ins bPFn Quit* indis
*"" roun yeaterday."d "“S C0Hflned 10
JjSJtJ* ST#Th9 *in_d_Yon Bought
of I y/
L . ..
The 13a ik of Forrest City is now
open and ready for business. A share
of your patronage is solicited.
Why not take your Sunday dinners
at Hotel Imperial—1 to 2:30 p. Ill
| Save work and expense. Try them.
On and after January 1st, 1003, noth
i ing under 2-5c will be delivered -
L. li. (iUUJlMYHK
Recommended by physicians for
meiiicinal purposes—Old J. H. Cutter
Whiskey. N. 13. Nelson & Co., agents.
Mrs. Coover, of Memphis, and Mrs.
Marshall, of Collierville, Tennessee,
were registered at the Marion Friday
Don't be selfish, if von are satisfied
that Old Vollmer whiskey is the best,
tell your friends. T. C. Folbre* Co.
sell it.
Mr. W. O I’irlle, of New Castle, whs
a pleasant visitor in town yesterday,
and lias our thanks for substantial
Carroll Woods, who has been so
jiurning in San Fransisoe the past
year, returned to his native heath las'
When Old J. II. Cutter is around
other whiskies must “ go way back
and sit down”— N. 13. Nelson & Co
sole agents.
Attorney K. A. McCulloch, ef Mari
anna, was a distinguished visitor in
town Tuesday night. He was enroute
to Little Rock.
Call for old Prentice, the purest
grade of whiskey made, aged 10 years
in the barrel before bottling. At T
,C. Folbre * Co.
O: e fare pIhs two dollars for the
round trip for the Mardi Gras, New
Orleans, February 18 24 via the Choc
taw-Rock Island. ‘I
Old Vollmer Whiskey, put up by Jesse
Moore Hunt Co., is pure and whole
some. For sale by T. C. Folbre * Co.,
Finest City, Ark.
The Times Job Printing Office can
print anything from a Bible to a milk
ticket. Leave your work here, instead
of sending it abroad.
Turkey, Oysters, Celery. Radishes
and Lettuce, aie among the rielicaces
on the Sunday dinner card at Hotel
Impel i d February 1st.
J. 13. Terry & Co., have opened s
new stock of groceries and feedstuff.*
in the building recently occupied by
M. W. Sipes, i'ii the east side of North
Washington street, opposite Imperial
hotel. They invite your trade.
Bear* tk# The-Ktnd You Uave Mvrtys Bought
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
• SJ
Bears the /
Signature of (i
Mrs. Addie Crippen, of Madison,
spent Wednesday night in the city a
guest at the St. Francis Hotel. She
came over to see the Harlow & Wilson
In the Aven building, next to Fon
dren & Smith, North Washington St.,
c ill on Mrs. Gus Ezell for lunches of
hII kinds, also fruits ar.d confection
eries of the best quality.
The Forrest City Cotton Exchange
has closed its doors ami gone whpre the
woodbine twlneth. We re.'iet to lose
the genial manager. Mr. llincs. as a
citizen, and wish him success.
The Harlow A Wilson Minstrels weip
not up to the stmdard of excellence
which a Forrast City audience de
mands for its favorable consideration.
In fac. it is a very ordinary show.
The alarm of fire Sunday night be
tween 10 and 11 o'clock was caused by
the burning of a tenant lions* on Lee
McDaniel's plantation. The p stoi
Herd got in his work in great shape.
E. L Cloud, relief agent, of Little
Hock, is holding down the Iron Mown
ttin agency during the absence of
Atrent Durborow, He is a genial and
clever gent email and is making friends
Being overstocked on canned goods
of all kinds, I wl I for the next thirty
days, offer my entire stock at sacri
fice prices. Canned peaches, apples,
appricots and assorted berries at ac
tual cost. W. T. Sanders.
Mr. and Mr*. C. Buchanan, of ti e
Hotel St. Francis, left for Memplrs
Wednesday, where they will male
their home in the future. They have
rented a large bouse an 1 will keep
furnished room*.
Fro'. Mathij, of the Crowley Ridge
Institute, suspended a number of re
fractory pupils Wednesday. Corporal
punishment should be intioduced in
the schools—a good thrashing is better
than a lay-off to go hunting, etc.
The L’Anguille L imber Company,
of Marianna, have a lot of No. 2 Oak i
and Cyp'eaa Boardssuitab’e for cabii s,
sheds, stables. Ac. which they offer
very cheap to get it out < f the way.
Now is the time to get che^p lumber.
Bean the ^9 TM-Kind You Hat* Always Bought
B"r (ZsytfteZu
Greeting! Greeting!! I
HA\ INO been favored with A liberal patronage during the year just closed, |
I take this method to acknowledge same, and say that I am glad to have been of I
h i\ i<e to the public of St. trancis County, and that I fully and sincerely appre* 8
ciate the good will and patronage bestowed upon me. |
8^Hoping to continue to receive a share of your favors and wishing you the 1
compliments of the season, I am sincerely yours £
The Most Artistic
Ever Seen in
...Forrest City...
at the
the Formula tells the story: 1
Grove’s Chronic Chill Cures
Not a *>atcnt medidne: a thin spirituous liquid, of a pleasant hitter taste, made of §
I f luid Extract PERUVIAN BARK
Fluid Extract BLACK ROOT
Fluid Extract DOG WOOD BARK
Fluid Extract POPLAR BARK 1
Fluid Extract PRICKLY ASH BARK 1
Iu cures the CLJs that other Chill Tonics Don’t Cure. I
i i General ?onic. _ No Cure, No Pay. Price, 50c. 9
Abobe All
When you buy soda crackers you
want crispness and flavor—not
dampness and dust.
When you buy ordinary crackers
in a bag you getT all you don’t
want-'-not all you do want.
j To get what you do want and not
what you don’t want, buy
Uneeda Biscuit
in the In-er-seal Package
with red and white seal.
I To Cure a Cold In One Day A 1
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine TaMets. js rntjb ?"eY?y|
Seven MBBon hoses told in peat 13 month*. This Signature, POX. 2X. j

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