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Cjje ^orrcsttfitne imcs
editors *.11 d AitoUihsrB.
Arriva. and Departure of Train*
Wet-No I- P**#en*ar— Flyer.r » a m
Fih-So. J P»*i»Br» r-I irer « — p »
Wert—No. 4. V*M*r.0rr. • J P ®.
■•at—JCo I. fumitw..,.
WNt-KakPMrorw . 1 :S7 p.m
Eart—N’>. « P«*#enrrr.“ —*■■»■
Km-No. «l. Ixic»l Kmeht. * ' ’ »•*
East—No. ?e. Lota. Kieirbl..pm.
It F.. PALMEB. Afeot.
Scatb—No. »—Parser.rrr..11:21a.m.
North—No. »—p»»rm*er. T:4*pm.
routh—No -•*— Frn»ht.- 46 d. m
North-No.'—Frelynt • • 10:;»a.m.
W. » DU K&OBOW. Airrut.
Democrat Times.
Beautiful spiing time is here.
Health is very good in this Deck of
the woods.
Buffalo gnats hare made their ap
pearance, and are veiy numerous at
The next thing for the levee board to
do is to damn tbe Mississippi river.
I*. Jackson is having quite a tussle
with his mail route, and claims that it
takes two horses, two men and two
dugouts to make a trip.
Mr. Brainny, of Sand Itidge, was in
this locality last Sunday making
preparations te commence fanning as
soon as the water recedes a little more.
Our post master is getting very thin,
his salad patch is gone, and his supply
of pop corn is getting low.
since the greet levee has proven a
failure, why not let up before every
thing in the bottoms is drownded?
Some of the oldest citizens of this
county have been encouraging the
slaughtering of deer during the pres
ent uvtflow, and have went so far as
to agree to paj any tines that might
be assessed against au>body for so do
ing. Let's run them out of the county.
Tne water lacked 2 foot of reaching
the ninety seven mat k at this place,
and it the great levee had not had the
water dammed up so that it could not
flow through the sloughs and bayous,
we would cot have had any water at
this place, and it would not have
reached thirty-six feet at Memphis.
Raw turnips unis’, be the only diet
of Honorable Responsible Rodney Mc
Joy these days, as we note that his
slumbers are frequently interrupted by
dreams of China, the race problem and
line turnip patches. We think that a
change of diet would be beneficial to
J. M Gunter, of Sand Ridge, was in
tiiis locality last Tuesday, and reports
everything in a flourishing condition—
that is above water.
We aie the puui possetsers of a
billion dollar levee and it washed
away, and a big oveiflow that is near
ly as high as the levee tax will be when
the Arkansas legislature gets done
raising them, and a hog law that pre
vents the raising of meat. What next?
We can stand just any oil thing.
Save The Loved Ones.
Mr*. Mary A. Vliel, Newcastle, Colo.,
write*: ”1 believe Mallard's Morehoutid
Syrup ia superior 10 any other cough
medicine, and will do all that Is claimed
for It. and It t» so pleasant to take. My
little girl wants to take It when she has
n** need fur it.1’ Mallard'* Horehnund
Syrup is the great cure for all pulmonary
ailments. -5c, 50c and $100 at J.T.
The finest pen <>f Birred I’lymoth
H°ck Chickens in Eastern Arkansas is
owned by Hev \V. II Djer, Forrest
City. Eggs 15 fov 81.00
Miss Mary Mason, the affable assist
ant post mistress, is taking a much
needed rest, She will probably spend
a tew weeks in Missouri.
Morgan Tacket and wife returned
Sunday from Texas, where they have
been tor the past six weeks. They
did not find tile sugar laim.
0 d \\ indsor Club Whiskey, made in
a cave ten thousand feet beneath the
surface of ihe earih bv the light of a
diamond, at Nelson & Co's.
II. A. Smith, of Covington, Tenn.,
w a-* a genial visitor in town yesterday
""'1 was a guest of lus friends. Mr. and
'its. W. B. Mann, at the Marion.
L. W. Horne, of Memphis, was in
t "* n a few days ihe drat of the week
cal ing upon the trade and shaking
hands w ith his numerous 11tends.
Miss Bertsy Kendricks, of Wnlener
is the guest of the Misses Doyle She
came over from Memphis Monday and
wi i stay until the water subsides.
. 1. San,lets ihe reliable grocery
man. I as a slock of the “necessaries of
bte which cannot lie surpassed in Hj-g
ci.y, in quauity, (juaitty and price.
Tom Homey returned from St. Louis
>illiday. lie has been attending the
."H.-honl Medicine iii that citv. He is
now engaged at Sander's drug store,
1 Iip ( hoctaw sent a train through to
Memphis yesteiday. being the tiist in
.s-veial weeks on account of the over
flow, 1 he water is lecedmg rapidly.
Another car hud of Banner Flour.
ihe be>t i- our made." received this
week. Lveiv barrel guaranteed
L ive makes a young man sober and
an old man giddy, but a dtink of Old
« i ent me at the Magnolia Saloon makes
a man (eel at p-ace wiu, all the wolld.
E. X. Gilliland came home Wednes
day from Wynne, where he bad been
I to take his wife, who i« quite ill. Mr?.
Q. it under tbe loving care of her sister.
Mr*. Lon Slaughter and daughter.
Miss Iiertha. of Maiianna. werein town
Sundav, and were accompanied home
bv Mr, S., who came in from Little
Hon F. W. DeRoaitt. CapL James
Fuasell and Mr. E. A. P.olfe went to
Memphis this morning to attend a
meeting of tbe St. Francis Levee
Our good friend, Mr. P L Lyons,
Caldwell, was in town Wednesday on
business and gave ua a pleasant cal!.
He has our thanks for substantial
With the fall of the water in tbe
bottoms comes tbe festive and pesti
ferous Buffalo jrnat. The gnats are
said to be very numerous and a great
Mr. and Mts James Wright, of Lit
tle Rock, are visiting Capt..I. W Betk
and family for a few days Mr.Wriglt
is a cousin of Capt. Beck. They are on
their bridal tour.
Mr. J. B. Hall, of Wheatley, was in
town yesterday on business and circu
lating among friends, and gave us a
pleasant call. He has our thanks for
substantial favors.
W. 11. Heigbleyman, chief of the
Land and Tax Department of the Iron
Mountain Railway Co., waa in town
yesterday to pay the Company's taxes,
amounting to f2561.95.
Just received at the Green Tree
Saloon fifty cases of Raul Jooes, the
highest grade of old fashion hand-made
whiskey produced on the continent.
Yours truly, Ike Mallory.
Rev. J.J. Cornish went to Helena
Saturday and exchanged pulpits with
Rev. C. H. Lockwood, dean. The wri
ter had the pleasure to listen to Rev.
Cornish Sunday morning.
R G. Smith, 'the able day superin
tendent of the Consumers Cotton Oil
Mill, has removed his family to the
house next door te the Photograph
Gallery on South Frent street.
Mrs. Lucy Looney, of Wynne, was in
town a couple of days this week, visit,
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Havens, and other relatives and friends
She returned Wednesday night.
Professor George C. Prewitt, of Kin
ton, was in Wednesday. He reports
everything all right in his neighbor
hood. Planting is going on and the
boat building industry has busted.
Hoc Der Kaiser 1 Coldnel Jack Cas
teel, the champion picture canvasser
of the south, returned Saturday from
a southern tour, as happy as Hooligan,
and filled w ith incidents of his trip.
Get your hair cut and shave by Mr
W. R. Dan forth, at the Green Tree
Rather Shop, next door to Fussell
Graham A Co’a. YoursTrulv,
Ike Mallory.
We have a full line of Spring and
Summer Dress Goods, Lawns. Mercer
ized, Oxfords, Madras etc. Call and
examine them.
Miss Willie Connors, of Memphis,
came over Mondav. She was accom
panied bv her attorney. Mr. W. H.
Grimes, for the purpose of adjusting
claims on Miss Connor's property in
this county. ♦
The millinery opening of R. If. Win
field Si Co. on Wednesday was largely
attended, and the ladies certainly en
joyed the display of swell millinery,
lints, etc. This firm lias a new adver
tisement in this issue.
J. F. Ricketts and family left to
day for Stockton, California, in which
state they will make their future home.
They cariy with them the best wishes
of The Times and a host of friends for
success in their new home.
Our dry goods stock is now more
complete than ever before, and we
have decided to sell everything at
15 per cent less than regular prices
rather than give premiums. Try us,
and we will prove it to you. Neely A
J. White Edwards, of the firm of J.
W. Edwards A Co., Louisville, Ken
tucky, distillers agents, was in town
I Saturday, and placed Ins “Old Wind
sor Club’’ Whiskey on the market.
Nelson A Co., will dispense it uvei
their bar.
Mrs. Jake Shaul and charming daugh
ter. Miss Stella, of Marianna, spent a
couple of days in St. Jxmis the first of
the week. leturningcWednesdav. Ye
scribe had the pleasure to be in their
company going and coming. They went
to buy millinery.
The title of the four wire fence law.
which became operative A pi it 1st.
reads as follows: ‘‘An act to declare
a fence made of four barbed wires, a
lawful fence in that part of St. Fran
cis county lying between St. Francis
and I/Anguille rivers.”
Mr. Fred Neely has purchased and
moved to the old Jennings homesteed
Me lias lemoddled and repaired it. and
he and his good wife are just as hap
py ns a big sunflower in their new
home, and have a welcome to all
triends and acquaintances.
T. C. Folbre & Co. have enjoyed the
reputation for years of selling the
! purest liquors in the market, and it is
their intention to continue to do so,
and would kindly ask all loveis of
choice liquors to call and judge for
themselves, l'oiite attention paid to
Fr. B. B. Mitchell, of Cocoa, Alaba
ma. leached theci'y Tuesday, and has
Hung his shingle out to tlie breeze. The
doctor is a young colored man. of more
than ordinary intelligence, is a grain
ate of the Mehat a Medical College of
Nashville, Tennessee, anil comes to
N B. Forrest Camp U. C. V., will
hold their regular meeting tomorrow,
Saturday, at the courthouse, at II p. rn.
Let all attend. Audit is particularly
desired that all who have .not enrolled
on the new . roster w ill come to the
meeting aiuj do so. Come with the
determination to go to the reunion at
New Orleans.
_mi. Louifc
Star Brand Shoes for Men
Every Pair Guaranteed at
Is Your Life Worth 50 Cents?
If So Try a Bottle of
We defy the world to produce a medi
I cine for the care of all forms of Kidney
and Bladder troubles, and all diseases
peculiar to women, that will equal Smith's
Sure Kidney Cure. Ninety-eight per cent,
of the cases treated with Smith’s Sure
Kidney Cure that have come under our
observation have been cured. We sell
our tnediciue on a positive guarantee, it
directions are followed, and money will
be refunded if cure is not effected.
Price 50 cents and $1.00. Fur sa!e by
J. H. Ltunavant.
From the West Bank of St. Francis.
! one mile south of Madison, some time
last summer, one black stud mule coll;
two years old; branded I, on left shoulder,
and split in left ear. Liberal reward will
be paid for return of said mule, or any
information leading to its recovery,
Bkanhon & Baugh,
Forrest City, Ark.,
Thoroughbred Stallion—Ferguson
Wilkes Jr.
Ferguson Wilkes. Jr., was sired by
Ferguson Wilkes, formerly owned by
the Fair Association, is home bred,
good combination horse; is dark bay.
and 7 years old.
The Black Jack. Joe Wheeler and
Blue Jack Buckskin Bill. These Jacks
are good size and these facts are well
known. Will stand the season on the
Sander's farm, 5 miles northwest of
Forrest City, commencing March 1st.
TEUMS:—$t> (XI the season for sta!
'ion and 84 00 each for Jacks. Cate
will lit* taken to prevent accidents, but
will not t»e tespousible for none. Good
; pasture tor stock Of any kind.
To Advertise theGreut bout Invest, j
Farmers, farmers' wives and daugh
ter?, school teachers, doctors, clergy
men, merchants in the smaller towns,
any citizen who has something to say.
are invited to write letters and longer
articles about the locality in which
they live in the Southwest.
The territory inciudes Arkansas,
Arizona, Indian Territory. Louisiana,
Southern Missouri, New Mexico, Okla
homa and Texas.
Premiums that make it an object are
offered, a set for each state and teiri
tory. Full particulars of the condi
tions of the contest, and a list of the
prizes and awards .will be sent upon
application, to J. W. Ste*-le, Commis
sioner. Colonization Agency, South
western Lines, Collutubia Theatre
Building, St. Louis, Mo.
Mr. Yadakln returned Frirtav from
Mot Springs, where he hart been for
six weeks under treatment for a very
malignant case of rheumatism. He is
not entirely recovered, but is much
better; thinks he is on the up grade,
and is at his post again ready to serve
his friends.
T-ts t —» h *• Mcdfc «•; <*k» far rj-f"M-r !n
m -, V4 yarn cl tl M e.l e« c >d. It Is t!t|l»-5
ta.acj a tsae ■ r*e'tecx£3t •» »*U “ ty recry «•*
U-ijr r?m tt.
Stadf 1hepktwe; thh i t the »iy tl.z bented ftea.
T>< SERVICE, the LUCILF lad the LA TOUR »t the
ng adet price*, ill cf the highest tm '.t cf Ue*r price,
tire? at. W*c j U UC LA FORCE.
For Sale at the One Price
Store of J. W. William?.
T. D. Baffin, of Lauderdale county.
Tennessee, moved from Woodruff
county, this state, to Forrest City last
week. He is in tbe employ of L. It.
Gmbmyer. In cleaning up tbe house
which he rented, in an old desk he
found two dress patterns, which the
owner can have by proving property.
Nothing has ever equalled it
Nothing can ever surpass it
Dr. King’s ~~
New Discovery
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back if it fail!. Trial Bottles free.
- Waste of Cotton Seed in Planting.
The South has never stopped to think
how much money Is wasted In planting
each cotton crop. Pel us figure It out
and see. Upon a safe estimate not less
than 400,000 tons of cotton seed are
used each spring in planting. The seed
is sown lavishly in drills—not dropjied
at certain distances, as corn—and after
the plants are up the crop is thinned
with a hoe, more than nine-tenths of
the young plants being cut out.
Here we find that the seed U9ed in
planting the cotton crop would bring in
the market at least $6,400,000. As nine
tenths of this is wasted, we see here a
total waste of over five and one-hall
million dollars ($5,760,000.)
It is time for the cotton growers ol
the South to call a halt to this ex
travagance. The old system of sowing
cotton seed in the drill is a remnant of
the tiroes when cotton seed was almost
worthless. Since then their value has
so much enhanced that a change should
be made in the manner of planting. In
stead of sowing the seed in drills drop
them at a distance wanted, and by fol
lowing this method not only the labor
of thinning is saved, but nearly 400.00C
tons of good cotton seed is saved for
commercial use, and the farmers of the
South are five million dollars richer.'
©The Caldwell Cotton Planter oaves
the seed plants and gives good stand
with one peck to acre, saves enough
seed to pay for itself in one season.
Inquire for it. Agents in all principal
towns, or write to Caldwell Cotton
Plantar Company, Winusboro, 8. C.
Rollwage & Alderson Agents.
Family medicine
Thedford's Black-Draught has
saved doctors' bills for more than
silty Years. For the common fam
ily ailments, such as constipation,
indigestion, hard colds, bowel com
plaints, chills and fever, bilious
ness, headaches and other like
complaints no other medicine is
necessary. It invigorates and reg
ulates the liver, assists digestion,
stimulates action of the kidneys,
purifies the blood, and purges the
bowels of foul accumulations. It
, cures liver complaint, indigestion,.
sour stomach, dizziness, chills, 1
rheumatic pains, sideache, back- '
ache, kidney troubles, constipation,
diarrhoea, biliousness, j>ile3, hard
colds and headache. Fvery drug
gist has 1 hedford s Black-Draught
in 25 cent packages and in mam
moth size for $1.00. Never accept
a substitute. Insist on having the
original made by the Chattanooga
Medicine Company.
I believe Thedford's Black-Draught
is the best medicine on earth. It is
good for any and everything. I have I
a family of twelve children, and for
four years I have kept them on foot J
and healthy with no doctor but Black- I
Draught. A. J. GREEN, lllewam. La. J
aR^ special,
^JfT»«rtiiMj»AMAiU**, «r i»* am liili»ai»r enttiptUd, try it. U b > frulntiidii.
UR Opening last Wednesday *«,
a great success and we certainly
appreciate the liberal patrona**
accorded us. and will endeavor at
all times to merit the confidence and <*na
tom of the public.
For the coming week we will offer '
Children's School Hats at 50c, 60c and 75c.
Straw Sailor Hats at 25c.
Children's Ribbed Hose at 25c.
and make a specialty of
Medium Priced Trimmed Hats. (
Call and maka yourself at home with us. ~~ |
Free Reclining Chair Cars on all Trains
Pullman Buffet Drawing Room Sleeping
Cars, Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars
between MEMPHIS and the
JAS. HARRIS, D. P. A., QEO. H. LEE, G. P. A.,
Little Rock, Ark. Little Rock, Ark.
The Direct Route to Texas
t The quickest and most direct route to
Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, is via
k^k Brinkley or U'ynne and the
Cotton Belt Route,
. If you leave in the morning, go
fv __ via Brinkley. If at night,
go via Wynne.
The Schedule.
ForreitCity lu JH a.m. 7 Oj».in.
Ar Brinkley. 11:07 a.m. ..
Ar Wynne ... 8:36 pm.
L1. Wynne. 10:20pm.
‘ Lv. Brinkley. 12 08p.m. 11:54pm.
; Ar. Tine Htntf . 3 tlOp.m 2 40a to.
• Ar. Shreveport . 10:06a.w.
t Ar. Texarkana - 8:60p.u> ► .sUa.®,
Ar Tyler . 2:20 a.m 2 15 p.m.
Ar. Corsicana. 5:2:1a.in 5:15 p.m.
.1 Ar. Waco. 7:30a.m. 7 Tij in.
Ar Dallas. 5.45 a.m 5 20 pm.
Ar^Ft. Worth i.o . 6:251 m.
Write for rates and complete
schedule for your next trip.
E. W. LaBEAUME. G. P.and T.A.,
St. Lauis. NisMtiri.
Two good river bottom farms for sale
one a tract of 66 acres, alt in cultivation;
tenant house, barn, and fences in good
The otner, ISO acres, 93 acres inclosed
with new post and wire fence, tim-,
her deadened; 4o acres ready for the
plow. Call on J. M. Prewett for prices
and terms.
Notice of Confirmation.
NOTICE is hereby riven that I) M. and .T.
B Wilson have ting dav tiled in my office
a petition aakintr that the.r title to ttie Ea-t
Halt ot section Fifteen il.'n. the North West
Quarter of Section Filteen i ir,i. and the Noriii
bast Quarter and the.East Had of the South
bast Quarter ol Section Ten (pn. all in Town
ghip Five <*■>, North, lUuKe Four <4> East. he
Now ail persons who can show cause why
said tnlo i.f said land to the petitions r*
should not licet ntlrtned. must appear at the
next lei in ot tlie Ft 1 rands (.'naneery Court.
\ ~ ~ I O B. MALLOKV. Clerk.
'.SKAI . I’v K, W.i'AVNE, It. c.
(—r—) March 27th 19n:t*. 1 l!-’7 *it
MOTICE is hereby given that there will be
*, si) election held in" The Incorporated
1 own ol l-orrest City. coutMy of St. Francis
and state ui Aiknasae, on
TUESDAY, AI’U’L 7, lint,
for the purpose of electing the following
officers tor the corporation of the above
named town:
All legal Voters within the Incorporated
limits ot the town ol Forrest City are enti
tled to Vole.
Given under my hand as Mayor of the
ro«vn of l-orrest City. Arkansas, this the Etli
daj of 1 ebruarj. ltaitt.
Notice of Continuation,
>TOTICEis hereby given tha* at tbp May
i term. IWi. of the Cbanecrv Court for si.
I- rancis Couiily. in the Slate or Arbi I
will under the provisions ol chapter • of
sandcls Jr Hill's Digest, apply to said court
lor a decree continuing my tnle to Section
Seventeen (17) in Township Five (5> North.
Range hive <5i East. In St. Francis County,
Arkansas. 1 hold said land, through mean
conveyances, from it. II. Law, ami he pur
chased the same at a tax sale mad ■ by the
Collector ot St. Fiancis County mi the nth
day of June. JhpO. which sale was made by
Hiithrinry ol law for the enforcement ot de*
limjiiem ami unpaid tuxes
1 call on all persons who can set up any
right tii the land so pun-iissed. in eonse
■ luenncpt any irregolurity or Informality con
nected with ihe sale by the Collector to It. II.
Law. to show cause. IT anj they can. at ilie
said May.term. lOo-T. oi the St. Francis Chan- 1
eery Court. wh> the sale so made to the said
R. 11. Luv.-, should not be confirmed.
.. E A KOLFF,' I
February 'Jth, !<J03. i.-’o/t
Notice of Confirmation.
NOTICE Is hereby given, that it the Mar
term, luttl. ut the Chancery Court lor?- :
hrauiii* Couuty, In the State of Arkansas**
will, under the urnvisions of Charter ->01
Sandels A Hill's I wrest. make applicatloo t°
said court for a decree confirming nurtiu
titles to the following lands In St. rmact
County. Arkansas, .that is to say. ottr tin* '
the tracts of land bought hy us at th* “
made by the Collector of St Francis Const.;
on the iith day of June. ItW. toen.orcrta
payment of deltnuuent taxes, to-wit: >
The Northeast Quarter of the ^°®!“®ij
Quarter (N. F.. % N. E. ‘4iof Section Elevei. ;
The Southwest Quarter of the NortheM*
Quarter (S. W. !4 N. E, V of Section Eletei
The North Half of liie Northwest Quarter
N. N ’.V. t4i of Section Twelve U .
The Southwest Quarter of the North
Quarter iS. \V. >* N. W. i-f.of SecthiB i"*11' !
All In Township Four Ml North of th*®*?®
I.ine, and in Kantre Oue (I). Eastol ther
l’rincinal Meridian. te
Tne Cud. li-it of the West Half l aU- t
‘l'of Section Thirteen (ld»: onsrier
The West Hall ol the Southeast V‘Jr.
(W ' S. K. t jlor Section Twetitvdwir1
Hotti in Township Five io North nf the
I.ine. and in Kongo One(Ii East of ther
I'rlncipal Meridian. , „-s«lir
And tracts bought by usst the sale®* ' f
the Collector ol >t. Francis Count). .
lrtth day of June. 1 s4*»s. for the enforce®*0
iteilniiuent taxes, towit: . ..... r
The East lUit of the Southeast yuan
ij b. J'. M) of Section Ten (10); ,hwWt
The Northwest Quarter ot the
Quarter (N. W. 1-4 S. W. 1*4' o' ?K‘11
Twenty-two (ill; . ..
Hoth in Township Four (4> *1°^, ..fine
Base J.inc. and in Range One (1) Ft*"1
T,till Principal Merldwrt
Auil the following tract bought hj ti'» ,,
saie marie by the Oolldetor ot ■' ■ . pn
County, on the 111It day ot June. t0#i!
force ilie payment of delinquent taxes- h(l<s
The Southeast Quarter of the •
Quarter.S. K 1-4 N. E. M- of Poe'''1" ‘ d ,s
teen (17'in Township Six db North,
Range Two(S> East. h o,,ifs 4
And the billowing tract bough 0(
llatcher (who assigned Sicir <*er ■ (l)UiV
purchase at the last mentioned sa .
towlt: smitiM'1
The Northeast Quarter of the■ '.i-Rirty
Quarter ,N. K. 1-4 S. K. Ml of sec no >
(-an. Township Six ith North, aim •
Fourii) F.aat. . , h..-e (gen
Formil ot the above land*, deeds y^n
made to os hy the County Clet » 1,1 * h‘|yteJ
cis County, and they are herewith ,,ct
We hereby call on all persona, * ■ m jo
up any right to said lands, or any < in(or
c insequence of any irregular'’.’*
mality connected with the said r,,,ntr,o'
by the Collector of St. 1■ rancis , tsey
either of them, to show cause. i‘ it.
can. at the sunl May term. 1") J- ' sale*
Francis Chancery Court, why ,rJ® , ■ nm I*
of the lands above described sh' - ^iiy
confirmed and our title to said lanus
continued. . RgcKK&
c. „
February 17th, lfKKl.
The Times for job wort
of all kinds.

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