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Libby’s Lunch Tongues,
Libby’s Sliced Beef,
Libby’s Veal Loaf,
Libby’s Roast Reef,
Libby’s Potted Ham,
Libby’s Potted Turkey,
Libby’s Potted Chicken, Etc.
French Sardines, Salad Dressings, Etc.
All Kindsof Breakfast Foods.
" J. H. TIPTON & CO’S.
Liy Remember, we give Blue Trading Stamps.
-'Cali for them.
Fifty Years Shs Standard
Improves the flavor and adds to
the healthfulness of the food.
Old Cutter Bye hits the spot.
Mrs. M. E. Winfield is able to be up.
See Hatcher & Clark about that Dew
II. C. Wynne, Palestine, was here
Co to N. B. Nelson & Co., for Old
All kinds of linens at Brandon &
All the Henty booho at the News
stand 2f>c,
Col. V. B. Izard is able to be down
town again.
• t
Nobby rubber tire buggies at Hatch
er & Clark’s.
This is most delightful and exhileia
ting weather.
James II. Izard, of Augusta, spent
Sunday in town.
Kodak Developing Machines, Films, Dry Plates and all supplies. We also do devel
oping and printing. Rest material used, and all work guaranteed.
Tlie Prescription Druggists.
W. S. McCullough, of lirinkley, was
in town Tuesday.
BtfGuiES—Good, better and best, at
Hatcher & Clark’s.
Whose beverages are the coolest and
best? Folbre & Co’s.
Sam Ashworth, CutOff, was in town
yesterd ,y on business.
Will Curtis, of Haynes, spent Sun
day in town with friends.
Try Nimocks on bran chops, bay,
oats and general mill feed
New six-room cottage for rent.
App y to Lecker & Lewis.
See thp display of buggies and har
ness at Hatcher & Clark’s.
Try a bottle of Old Cutter. Its al
right. N. Ik Nelson & Co.
Mrs. Pauline Goddanl went to Mem
phis yesterday on business.
A big stock of Juvenile books just
received at the Newsstand.
Sam NorveH, of near Colt was in
town on business yesterday.
Pom Pom Guns are a real novelty.
Get them at the Newsstand.
C. M. Wilkinson is building a two
story residence at Palestine.
M. M. Hankins was a business Visitor
in town Friday and Saturday.
Harry Nunnally. of Marianna, was
in town Tuesday on business.
Mrs Ei. Berry, of M idison, was
shopping in town Wednesday.
Business squitedull about town this
week, comparatively speaking.
lion. s. M. lilalock was mingling
wild hiends in town yesterday.
Seed wheat, seed oats and seed rye,
for sale at l’aslay ik Johnson’s.
Joel E. Wynne, of Memphis, was a
genial visitor in town Tuesday.
Squire .John W. li d'. Widener, was
over to see the big show Friday.
The iiying-jennie is in full blast to
day, and the children are happy.
IIo i. Frank II. Slitter, of IBlena
was in town l short while Monday.
Mrs. 8. A. Knits lias been quite ill
for some time, but is convalescent.
Harry N. Ebarr. Memphis, was a
genial visitor in tow n over Sunday.
E. Duncan and wife. Cut OIT, were
1 ta town Friday to take in ttie show.
Ilobert and Joseph Barron, of the)
CutUff, were at the circus Friday.
Twenty-ive Jersey cows w th young
caves are lor sue by . I nines Fussell. f
Mrs. Julia Uramlett. of Marianna
spent Sunday with relatives in town
Head the b'z advertisement of the
NewssUud in l ait "J wo of Ibis issue.
I'OH Sale.— 25 Jerspv cows with
youDg calves. Apply to Jas. Fussell.
Get a Magic Lantern fit the .News
stand for your boy's Christmas present.
I Jest assortment of boys pants in the
city to be found at Fussell, Graham &
Our advertising columns are very in
teresting to purchasers. Head all ttie
Jake Taj lor, m itiager on the Graham
farm, will shortly move his family to
l’ercv Barker Is now with the II. T.
Jores Company at Greenwood, Missis
IJuy a Wall J’ockett for your news
papers, magazines, etc., at the News
stand .
Dr. K. Allen, of Longtown, Missis
sippi, was in town on business Wed
C. M. Wilkinson, Palestine, was in
town Sunday and registered at the
Old Barbee and Cumberland Bye are
health - tested and time-tried. Ike
M. E. Newbern and wift1, of New
port, were registered at ttie Marion
Get prices on buggies and harness
from Hatcher & Clark before buying
Mr. and Airs. John Blessing, Brink
ley, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. 11.
I’rof. J. M. Wilson, of Caldwell, has
! been in town several times this week
on business.
J. W. Fulcher and C. O. Black, of
i Blackball, were registered at the Ma
! rion Sunday.
Misses Nora and Freddie Sage, two
very charming and beautiful young
school mar'ms of near Caldwell, w’ere
shopping in town Saturday and were
: welcome callers at the Newsstand.
Hest assortment of boys pants in the
eitv to be found at Fussell, Graham &
Fred Waldrup and Jack Vincent, of
Cut Off, were interested spectators in
town Friday.
Mrs. Gratz Jones* and baby, from
Magazine, is visiting her mother, Mrs.
J udge Coffey.
Hardware in all its variety, the best
and largest stock in the city, at Fussell,
Graham & Co.
Huy one of those handsome parlor
tables at tha Newsstand as a present
for your wife.
Bears the /> Ttie Kind You Have Always Bought
%,r (Z'jtflzEc
WE have by far the
largest and best line of
i^lioes in the city, and
every pair guaranteed fcr
Workmanship and Wear.
U<c J\aVc just received a Very sctect at>ci complete fine of
5'aff 33ress Soocis, (Qxforcls, <§if^s.
-•:-— -.-0.it statics W ■■■ ■■ :^r-7-z=
Dress F*21?1?^8* U/orjted, Odtii)^ % Fla^^el^tte.
S u g a r, Coliee, .Kice,
Canned Cioods and
in tho market.
☆ Mu t tresses, Bed Springs, Bed Coni forts and Blankets, It will be money saved to you ft
ft ft ii you will examine our stock and prices, ft
The ons you want for your Children,
Every thing for the School.
We have just received another large
shipment of Cook Stoves, large and
small. Also Heaters of all kinds.
Tklkpiiosk X*>. 24.
Tiiese wagons need no word of com
mendation from us, because Everybody
knows they are the BEST HADE.
Curtaln^Maska, False Faces, Santa
Claus Masks, etc , may be bad now at
the Newsstand.
Ilatcher & Clark have just received
a car load of new buggies. Call and
look them over.
Mrs. S. 15 Kelley and two of the
children have been sick this week, but
are convalescent.
Now is the time to sow wheat and
rye. We have a frtsh supply of both.
I’aslay Jfc Johnson.
Whiskey is whiskey, but Old T. II.
(hitter is the best whiskey on earth.
N. Li. Nelson & Co.
(!o to Fussell, Graham & Co.’s for
the genuine Corliss, Coon iV Co. collars,
best on the market.
I)o you hunt? Well,don’t hunt very
long for ammunition, simply ask for
Peters Loaded Shells.
Mr. S. F. Sulcer, candidate for repre
sentative, was in town Wednesday, and
gave us a pleasant call,
Fou Sale.—A few more good lots in
the Fussell addition, on easy terms.
Apply to James Fussell.
The scores were so crowded last Fri
day and Saturday ttiat many persons
could not get waited ou.
Mrs. J. E. Stone entertained the
Wednesday Afternoon Whist Club in
her usual happy manner.
The Christmas number of Ainslee’s
Magazine has been received at the
' Newsstand. Get a copy.
CJ. F. Ilarnit, J. Casey, D. Brown
and Lee Casey, ot Wynne, were down
Friday to see the circus.
j The Corliss, Coon it Co. linen collars
! are the best on the market. For sale
by Fussell, Graham A Co.
j ^ Mr. l’eyton Scott came over from
Memphis Monday night and took a sit
uation with Fussell, Graham it Co.
Pat has many friends in St. Francis
county, and all are glad to see him lo
cated heie again.
Old Cutter is a pure Bye whiskey,
and is unexcelled for medicinal pur
poses. N. J. Nelson & Co.
Go to Brandon & Baugh for your
winter clothing, shoes and underwear.
Brices correct and very low.
A big line of Cooking and Heating
Stoves, Ranges, and all utensils cheap
for cash of Robert L. Bettus.
Miss Bearl Anderson, who had been
visiting relatives and friends in Mon
roe county, returned Saturday.
Remember, the best shoe made is the
[Star-o Star at Brandon & Baugh's.
Take no other and get the best.
Those Bapier Machs Trays, Wall
Buckets, Tables, and other novelties
at the Newsstand are perfectly beauti
ful. Come and see them.
The Handsomest Novelties ever shown in Forrest City. The very creme de la
creme of beautiful and appropriate Holiday Gifts.
.. fly stock must be seen to be Appreciated ..
I cordially invite you to call and look over the stock feeling very sure that I can
please the most fastidious. Santa Claus is certainly here.
Miss Maud Gurley, of Memphis, is
visiting her mother and other relatives
and friends in town this week,
Mrs. .1. II He vans and littls son and
Miss Willie Connors, of Memphis, spent
several days in town last week.
Mrs. J. S. Ezell spent last week very
pleasantly in Memphis, the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Noble Hamilton.
Deputy Clerk l’ayne has been on the
sick list this week, and Clerk Mallory
has had his hands full of business.
When you get ready for a stylish and
nobby hat, see the stock of Brandon &
Baugh—the largest stock in town.
We have lots of good whiskies, but
Old J II. Cutter can’t be beat fur puri
ty and flavor. N. Hi Nelson Sc Co.
When vou’re tired or sick, be kind to
yourself by coming to us for medicinal
wines, liquors, &c. T. C. Folbre & Co.
Miss Mattie Coffey returned from
Marianna Wednesday night, after a
three weeks visit with friends and rela
We will allow 05c for county scrip on
subscription to The Times, or give you
that much in trade tor it at the News
Don’t be selfish, if you are satisfied
that Old Vollmer whiskey is the best,
tell your friends. T. C. Folbre & Co.
sell it.
Fon 11 ext—The lands of J. W.
Wynne, situated one and a half miles
west of Forrest City. Apply to A. C.
We are agen's for the Heath & Mil
ligan Paints. Every can guaranteed.
What we say, we mean. Fasluy Sc
The better sort of whiskey costs but
a trifle more than the cheap, and at
our prices all can afford it. T. C. Fol
bre Sc Co.
J. 1*. Clark, Walter and Henry Mil
ton, and Walter Morris, ot Johnson
township, were in town Friday to see
the sights.
Cards, circulars, and all kinds of cam
paign jol) printing may he had at The
Times office on short notice at reason
able prices.
Tiie cold season requires good, warm
underwear. Brandon & Baugh have a
superb line, ranging from the cheapest
to the best.
My goods are all new and fresh.
Look at mv swell line of Ladies’ I)iess
Goods for fall and winter of 11)03 4. W.
T. Sanders.
Editor W. It. Folsom, of liiinkley.
was in town Wednesday night, eoroute
to St. Louis on business, and gave us a
pleasant call.
We have a beautiful line of Foun
tain Pens at the Newsstand. There is
nothing more acceptable for a Christ
mas presenet.
Mrs. J. J. Rarron and Miss Vesta
Hap, of the Cut Off, came in Friday to
see what was going on, and registered
at the Marion.
DeWitt’s M Salve
For Piles, Sums, Sores.
Old Vollmer Whiskey, put up by Jesse
Moore Hunt Co., is pure and whole
some. For sale by T. C. Folbre & Co.,
Frrrest City, Ark.
I am still agent for the celebrated E
Stout Snag l’roof Rubber Boots. One
price to all and every pair a bargain.
Robert L. Fettus.
A hew and pretty line of back combs,
shiit waist sets and stick pins iiist re
ceived by Brandon & Baugh. Your pa
tronage is invited.
The Elwood Woven Wire Fence is
the most durable of all fences. A car
load just received by Fussell, Graham
& Co., for sale cheap.
Those who have once shot I’eters
Loaded Shells or Cartridges will never |
use any ottier make. You can easily
prove this statement.
Carload of Elwood Wire Fencing, tli
beat and cheapest fencing in tfie coun
try, juat received at Fussell, Uratarn &
Co., and for sale cheap.
Ladies, don’t forget that I now carry
a complete line of Dry Goode, Notions,
etc , and that I will appreciate your
trade. W. T. Sanders.
In our capacity to buy right, lie* our
ability to sell right. Give us a call
when you want the very best whislliea,
Ac. T. C. Folbre A Co.
We sell better grades of feed, and at
cheaper prices than anyone In Eastern
Arkansas. Call on us for feeds of all
kinds, l’aslay A Johnson.
Miss Maude Motes, of Marianna,
came up Saturday night, and spent
several days with friendu. She wits u
guest uf Miss Alberta lie *d.
Mrs. Alice Matthews und Mrs. Jolur
I. Jones, Jr., spent Saturday and Sun
day in Marianna, and were guests of
Mr and Mrs. Lou Slaughter.
If you are thinking of a trunk or a
valice, don’t overlook the fact that I
have the biggest line In town at bar
gain prices. Hubert L. l’ettus.
Capt. S. if. Evins, of the govern
ment snair boat, was a genial visitor
in town Friday and Monday. lie was
at the circus by a large majority.
For sick headache try Chamber
lain’u Stomach and Liver Tablets; they
will ward oil' the attack if taken in
time. For sale by J. T. .Sanders.
When wantinganythie-g in the Paint
line, call on ns. We carry the largest
stock of Paints, Oils and Turpentine
in Eastern Arkansas, Paslay & John
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taylor have
moved to town and are occupying the
Harrow homestead. The Times extends
them welcome to lire hospitalities of the
Nathan Norton came down Monday
fr< m St. Louis to visit his papa soiil
other relatives mid friends. He savs
Ins mauia and all of them are very
This is the proper time to plant your
holiday advertising. Only live more
issues of The Times before t'hristmas.
See Vadakin ubuut it. You’ll have to
hurry !
“uuie’* Early Risers
The famous little [pills.
The Kp worth League of the Met In*
dint church will give a litnr.irv enter
inlnmentat the church on Thuradav,
Thanksgiving night. All are cordially
The Trapp-Lewi* Cattle Company
unloaded seven car's of cuttle hei 1
Monday morning about It o'clock,
which they shipped t'rcm near D u
Mr. W. U. Ftreason went to Meniph't
yesterday morning in answer to a tele
gram announcing the critical illness of
his brother, Mr. Chartey Ferguson, of
that city.
The Mitchell Wagon Is a premium
winner. N me aie tietter. few so good.
You can h iv them of me only. Coma
and leta t 'k about u wagon. Uobert
Jj. l’ettur.
The burton factory man was liern
again this we«k, unit declares that In*
is ready to move kia plant. The papers
are being prepared and a site is be
ing sought.
Our merchants are cnjnving a tine
trade this fall, especially those who
liuve used printer’s ink very freely. If
von are looking for bargains come to
Forrest City.
The Bazaar, which ttie ladles of tins
Kpiscopal church have been discussing
for some time will he held, Tuesday,
Dec. 8th, in the old Bank building near
the postoitiee.
Mr. S. 0. Neel, accompanied by
Misses Belle and Blanche Halbert, of
Franks townshin, wei« taking in the
aizhts in town Friday, and took lunch
at the Marion.
Buy a line Jersey cow and make your
own milk and butter. James Fasten
has line Jersey cows with young
calves, which lie will sell at very vea
souable figures.
Paul <5 wyn, who is managing the
waw null Imsiness at, Whitmore, whs iii
town on business Monday, and gave
u.i a pleasant. business call, lie lias
our thanks for favors.
A recent fall in the temperature re
mitnts us that .Robert L. Pet I us has
about fjOOatdts nr the moat ct<;u for ta
ttle winter Fnderwear in town. See
his lug 'iiie and low prices.
Fine '’hiskey at tire price of cheap.
Our Old Cutter f?ve is n good as any
made, and price is very reasonable.
Try it onou and you’ll never want to
change. 15. Netoon & Co.
Puna/ant has his entire line of
French Chin a nu display, and words
beggar Its description. For holiday
presents there' is certainly nothing
handsomer. L'on’t fail to see it.
Thewpather t"ok a vn lent change
this week. the tf»>rmometer taking *
tumble of about r«t> degrees from Mon
day to VV« (Jnesdny. It wh< down tn
1.") degrees above zaro Wednesday
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hays Always Bought
Bears the
Slgiiiituro of

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