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Dr. Y. D. Butler
Expert Optical Specialist
of Little Rock, Ark., and St. Louis, Mo.
Will be at
Hotel Marlon, Forrest City, March 24 ,«»25
No house calls made: Office practice exclusively: Hrs9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
HR BUTLER towei - il re the Partla > deve pe 1 specia 1st,
and is the envy of all pretender*. STRA IGHTENS cross EYES
without knife or pain and without detention from business or pleas
ure, when taken in time. PRESCRIBES and tits glasses without
drops in the eyes. Gives special attention to children. Pit. BUTLER
was educated in and graduated from the foremost Ophthalmic col
leges and clinics in the United States. PR. BUTLER is credited
with relieving more Compound and Complicated cases of Eye Trouble
than any ten physicians. No MATTER HOW COMPLICATE!*
your optical troubles, and no matter how many specialists you have
consulted, in Europe or America, see I)R. BUTLER.
The Little Rock i.a/ette says: "Dr.
Hut ler is above all thinas a specialists
and his practice is a continuous round
of success."
The St. Fouls (ilolie Democrat says
"Dr. Butler is truly the central and
radiant star in the optical profession."
The Memphis Commercial - Appeal
says: "Dr Butler was Ixxtked solidly
for twenty weeks, and is now scheduled
for more than half a hundred towns."
Mrs F. Brown says: "Dr. Butler re
stored my siaht without knife or pain,
and all so easily and quickly that I
hardly knew how it was done.”
Ifev. Martin Ball says: “Since wit
ness! n a fiersonally Dr. Butler's suo
issful refractive work in my own
family, 1 feel justified in aivina him
unstinted praise."
Mis> Nannie Smith. Clarendon, says
‘ I suffered for 2 year s withlhead&i’hes.
aiid gave up my studies in x’hool nn
account of it. I»r. Butler titled glasses
to my eyes and in less than two weeks
the headaches disappeared and I can
see better than I ever did."
Mi- S. H. Williams. Lexington, savs
After being disappointed by the 're
peated failures of all of the oilier ocu
lists, I .consulted lu Butlei ai d be
prescribed for my eyes the only satis
factory glasses I ever had."
Mi— Sadie Abbett. says All the
world was a mist tome. None of the
physlciai - in Fngland, Germany or
France ever hel|<ed my eyes in the
least hr. Butler ttxik my case and af
ter twenty-eight days I could seethe
smallest objects, ami my sight remains
good till this day."
DR. BFTLER conies to Forrest City regularly and has always
given satisfaction. Don’t trust your eyes to peddler*, pretenders and
fakirs. Have them examined and fitted by Dr. Butler. an educated
specialist, the master of the profession, whose entire time, thought
and practice is devoted exclu* vely to the eye. Do it now !
2 Days at Hotel Marion, March 24 and 25
Hours 9 to 5; Special Engagements by Appointment.
( inincil Brants Petition of -I. J. Ilus
sell to Install State Factory,
A special meeting nf the City Coun
cil was held Saturday afternoon at
the Business Mens Club, at which
Mayor Hoyle presided and tiie follow
ing mem tiers were present: Aldermen
c nrud. Barnes. Bass and P'Pool.
Mr. J. J. Russell, of Memphis, was
present and presented the following
To his Honor, tiie Mayor, and mem
bers of tiie (My Council of Forrest
City, Arkansas:
Bent omen: I am the owner of cer
lin n. \ and useful improvements in
- ack i irrel, stave-making machinery,
ideh improvements are secured to
;• h. letters patent of tiie I nited
St ati -
i a i looking fora location wherein
hi i d and operate a plant for the
•ture of uniform staves under I
- i I patents, and possibly barrel
• .triing also.
In ;ny judgment, the town ol For-j
. -.I < ity. on account of the railroad'
lities ami the abundant supp s
-. !i! ana other timber available fur
■ p<i-e. is an excellent 1 eat Fin.
A plant, such as I propose, would |
.ing to Forrest City, yearly, a very |
oge amount of money and furnish a
ready market for millions of gum and |
'her timber that would otherwise g!>1
waste. It w iuld a'-o give emp! >y
oent to labor. and thus increase the
pulatiou of the city
Many cities are now oiTering Linuses :
' r the location of manufacturing j
ants within their Ixirders. and other
cities are ottering free building sites.
As an example, and not a great dis
nice from vour city, tiie Business
Mens Club of the town of Brinkley. |
and within tiie past ten days, has of-1
tered me a free site in tiie heart cd
the city, so to speak, consisting of
three acres of ground, with switches
running into the property from the
Rock Island and also from the Cotton
Belt railroads.
I have found an idle plant within
your city, formerly used as a spoke
factory, which can be converted into
a stave plant at an expense of some
tiling like ten thousand dollars, out
side of tlie stave machinery, which
would be very well adapted for the
purpose for which I want it. were it
n >t for tiie lack of sufficient ground
aned by tiie Forrest City Spoke Co.,
r un which 1 can secure tiie present
plant on reasonable terms.
I find that by usingthe alleys on the
- utli side and on the east side of But I
h i. Three (>‘l) in Block No. Nineteen.!
' '.) which lot is owned by tiie Spoke
' ompany, and which is bi'Jxlu'- feet.
’ igether with tiie groundsof the city,
pon which a portion of the buildings
: the Forrest City Spoke Company |
now stands, I can construct a fairly'
desirable plant by moving the present
dry kiln and a portion of the lower or
western pirt of the main building,
thus giving me room for the storage
of logs and bolts.
The present buildings, now owned
by the Forrest City Spoke Company,
project and extend over onto t lie west
p irtion of Lot No. Two cJ Block No.
Nineteen, (It),) a distance of about for
ty-nine feet.
I] therefore respectfully ask that
your honorable body grant me a lease
for a term of ten (lit) years from this
date to a strip of ground fifty ",o feet
in width on the westerly side of Le t
I "O !-1 Block' Nineteen (19) and the
length of said lot, except tlie ground
In-tween tlie present building and the
railroad, together with the alleys on
the south and east sides of Lot Three
• ! Block Nineteen. In. now owned bv
Forrest City.
In consideration of this lease. 1 here
by agree to erect and ope ate a manu
facturing plant, at once, in Forrest
( ity. Arkausas. and upon the premises
heretofore occupied by tlie Forrest
City Spoke Company: and further
agree, that should said plant be dis-;
continued, or should it n >t he operated
for a period of six months, at any one j
time, that then and in that case tlie!
lease herein asked for. it granted, shall
become n ;1! and void
It is n.y intention to organize a cor
poration. at once, under tlie laws of
tlie State of Arkansas, to be called
"The llussell Cniform Stave « unpany
of Forrest t it -." to carry on tlie busi
ness aforesaid, at said place, and all \
the rights granted to me I will assign
to said Cimpany. when legal:v organ
ized. and said rights and privileges
sha in ,re to -ai t < 'omj anv
lies pec t f u 1 i v su limit ted.
.1. .1. BFSSKLL.
We. t i e u dersigned. May r and
Members o! the Council of Forrest
< it>. having read the foregoing propo
sition of Mr .1 .1. Bussell, of Metn
plrs. 'i'enn . do herein ag e ai d
bind ourselves, individually, that at
the tiist meeting held tiv the Council
of said city vvill vote and act in said
Council s . as to grant the request for
such lease as is asked h r by the said
petitioner, and upon the terms in his
proposition herein set forth.
Witness our hands this tlie 4th dav
f March. 1 *11
A L. Bovle. Mavor.
.1. F. Bass.
K .1. PTool.
.1 W. Barnes,
S. B. Conrad.
1 hereby attest, that the above peti
tion was granted at a meeting of tl e
( itv Council, at availed session March
4. 1911.
[Copy A. I*. Bnle, Mayor.
Real French
Drip Cofteecah
not be made
unless the cof
fee itself is pre
pared, blended
and roasted ac
cording to the
f anious Fre nc h
method. Use
|OZIANM£ For all- j
around I
Jhe Reily-Tayior Co
New Orleans.us.a.
I'ick i «<\ head.
Hick Cox, a* he familiarly known,
died Sunday at his home iii Johnson
township, of pneumonia, and \\.is
buried Monday afternoon at :> o'clock
in the Hughes cemetery. The funeral
was largely attended, lie was a good
man. and highly esteemed by a very
large circle of friends who had been
drawn around him by his sterling in
tegrity and true manhood. He leaves
a w ife and several children to mourn
their loss, and we would that we
could write some word to assuage
their grief. Hut words seem cold and
unfeeiings, and we can but commend
them to God. who alone can succor
the widow and orphans.
Warning to Hailruail Men.
Look out for severe and even dan
gerous kidney and bladder trouble re
sulting from years of railroading.
Heo. K Hell, li.'ki Third steeet. Fort
Wayne, Ind.. was many years a con
ductor on ttie Nickel l’iate. He says:
"Twenty years of railroading left my
kidneys in terribie condition. There
was a continual pain across my back
and hips and my kidneys gave me
mucli distress, and the action of mv
bladder was frequent and most pain
ful. 1 got a supply of Foley Kidney
Fills and the!ir->t bottle made a won
derful improvement and four bottles
cured me completely. Since being
cured I have recommended Foley
Kidney Fi’ > to many of mv railroad
Fortune Smiles on Them.
We have received personal and un
questionable information from the
Ij»st that “The Climax" lias made
tlie greatest hit of any comedy seen
in Nears, and lias been playing to an
enormous business. Since its initial
performance in New York at Webber’s
Theatre the author and management
have been adding to it and changing
situations, until it now stands with
out an equal in its line.
8100 Reward, 8100.
The ri>a<lf rs of this paper will lie pleased m
learn that there i> at least one dreaded <11
ease that science lias been aide to cure iti all
Its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall s Ca
tarrh Cure is tile only positive cure now
known to tin1 medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a eon
stitutlonal treatment. Halls Catarrh Cure
is taken internally,acting directly upon tin
blood and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the dis
ease and giving tile patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting na
ture in doing its work. The proprietors have
so much faith in its curative powers that they
otter < >ne Hundred Hollars for any case that
it fails to cure, send for list elf testimo
Address I'. .1. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, o.
Sold by all druggists TV.
Talc Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Mr. Rufus Fondren is making pre
parations to open a grocery store in
the building on Washington street,
formerly occupied by Rose's Restau
rant. A new tloor has been put in,
new shelving put up, and the place
painted and generally renovated. The
new store will Ire conducted in the
name of James Fondren. and will ire
managed by Messrs. Rufus & James
Fondren. They will carry a full line
of staple and fancy groceries, and as
they are both experienced grocerymen
will undoubtedly do a nice business.
We wish them much success.
And Itching Scalp Yield to This Treat
Why experiment trying to drive
the dandruff germ from underneath
the skin with greasy lotions or fancy
hair dressing when ’he City Drug
Store will guarantee Zemo and Zemo
Soap to entirely rid the scalp of the
germ life that causes the trouble.
Zemo and Zemo Soap can l>e ob
tained in any city or town in America
and are recognized as tlie best and
most economical treatment for all af
fections of the skin or scalp whether
iii infant or grown person line
shampoo v\ith Zemo >>ap and appli
cation of Zemo will stop itching and
cleanse the .sca'p-of dandruff and
We invite \ u to try Zemo and Ze
m S tp and if iu-t entirely satisfied
we wi refund j r money. City
Dr ;g Store.
\\ >• i; ' ice i one of Sir \\ ood's colts
in harness being driven through tlie
st reels Sat urday. the property of I »r.
Aidrici ■ It is a beauty, and just the
sight of this animal ought to inspire a
strong desire in the hearts of all who
have st .vk to improve their breed. It
is rea ly cheaper to raise good stock
than it is t > raise scrubs, and tlie
pr i'its are big l>oth from satisfaction
and a p >cket hook standpoint.
♦- —
Tlie V< lies and I’ains Will Disappear
il' the Advice of This Forrest < it)
t itizen is Followed.
A w oman's back lias many aches and
Most times ’tis the kidney's fault.
Backache is really kidney's ache.
That's why Doan’s Kidney Pills
"are it.
Mail) F rrest City women khow
Bead what one has to say about it:
Mrs .]. f. Lynch, one mile south of
Forrest City, Arkansas, says: "I am
very glad to testify as to the merit of
I man's Kidney Pills in cases of kidney
complaint. I suffered from constant
lull pains in ttie small of my hack
ind 1 found it difficult to arise in the
morning. 1 was also afflicted with a
:ired. languid feeling. Doan’s Kidney
Bills.procured at the City DrugSt .re.
,rave me prompt relief, and after con
iinuing their use a short time i was
jreotly benefited. J am today enjoy
ing good health. I recommend Doan's
Kidney Bills to any person suffering
from disordered kidneys."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
:ents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for Che Cniteil
Remember the name—Doan's—and
take no other.
Free Dyspepsia
Sufferers from indigestion are wak
ing up to the fact that peppermint
lozenges, charcoal and “dyspepsia
cures” arc only makeshifts in the cure
of so troublesome a complaint as
■ hronic indigestion. What is required is
something that will not only relieve hut
which will tone and train the digestive
‘„'I‘r,a.ratu* to again do its work normally,
and this these simple remedies cannot do.
There Is something more to the cure
®‘ indigestion than sweetening the
b:rath^,and ,yet a rempdy that oniy con
tains digestive Ingredients will not cure
permanently, as the basis of Indigestion
Is poor bowel circulation, and that re
quires a scientific laxative. We know
of no remedy that combines these re
quirements better than Dr. Caldwell's
syrup Pepsin, whirh has been sold for
a quarter of a century.
b’rCaldwells Syrup Pepsin Is a laxa
i a 8plpntlflc blending of nat
ion. ,or ,he rure °f con
' nd'Kpstion. liver trouble, sour
stomach, sick headache and similar com
Is lngrpdicnts will so strengthen
?"d. tone the stomach and bowel muscles
t..at they w..l again do their work nat
UfaLyj and wben that has been aceom.
Plished your trouble is over. Fannie
Stuart. Staunton. Va., was a long-time
sufferer as was O. Tuck, Blackburn.
“®" a"d thpV both found their cure
^Itn this remedy. They became con
vmced that pills and tablets, salts "dys
pepsia cures." etc., were at best only
l“mp"rary They first accepted
I r. Caldwell s off^r of a free sample bot
% *'hlth he willingly sends to anyone
who forwards name and address. Later
having convinced themselves through the
ofeethefrmS *• t,bf'y boI1Kht Syrup Pepsin
dollar6 a ZoU^ nt fif,y Cent3 and ®n®
Dr; Ca,dwell personally will be pleased
flve. you any medical advice you may
«f^°r y?urf,p|f or family pertaining to
S«»mKCb’ llvep or howels absolutely
free of charge. Explain your case In a
P0tIer.hardhe wl" rfPly to you In detail.
.-ireejJ,8ample slmP*y send your
name and address on a postal card or
?*b_™l8f rforW‘rlt^er re®uest the doctor's
lilnfiifi Dr' B Caldwell, K.BOO Cald
well building, Montlcello, III.
A trout Feb ru aliy lull, 1 J’.lue Mare,
coming 4 years old: 1 Iron Grey Mare
Mule, most wli te. one eyed. 8 or 9
years old; 1 Dark Bay or Black Mule.
s nr !> years old: 1 Light Bay Mare
Mule. 8 or 9 years old. branded A’ on
left shoulder: 1 Blue Horse Mule,
about (i years old. branded N on lep
shoulder: 2 Black Mare Mules, coming
2 years old. branded A it on left
shoulder: 1 Blue or Gray Horse Mule,
coming 3 years old. branded on left
shoulder L: 1 Bay Mare Mule, coming
2 years old. branded A. B. on left
shoulder: 1 Blue or Dark Iron Gray
Horse Mule, coming 3 years old.
branded Lon left.shoulder: 1 Dark or
Black Mare Mule, heavy set. coming
3 years old. branded B on left shoul
der: 1 bay mare mule, coming two
years old. branded A B on left shoul
der. Liberal reward will lie paid
for their return or for information
leadingto their recovery. Notify
Naylor & .Johnson Co.. Riverside,
or A. Bird. Hill Place.
Forrest City, Ark.. March 2. 'll.
Strayed or Stolen.
From range near Riverview, blue
I horse mule 14f hands high. 7 years
I old, branded N on left shoulder: will
i pay liberal reward for return or for
: information leading to his recovery,
nut ifv
Naylor & Allen Co., Ronair,
Naylor & Johnson Co.. Rive view,
Jno. \V. Naylor. Forrest City.
Warning Order.
Befor** Ellis Turley, a .1 ust i< o of
th** lVac*- within ami for Madi
son Township. St. Francis < ■
tv. stat*‘ iif Arkansas.
I>r. E. H Merritt, Plaint •!
F N < •illiaml. I >efe:nia;.'
Th*1 *i*‘f«*m]ant, E. N <*1 lliaml, U warned tt>
appear in this court within tk.rtv *iavs
and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Dr.
I. H Merritt.
Dated February 23, 1:*J1.
Ellis T u rley. .1 list;. * *» of the lVace
Warning Order.
In the .1 u-ti.’e'- Court of MtwHsoi; Township,
St. Francis Count} \ ■
Before F Tui lev. .1 n>i:■ of the I'eaee.
T A B-.lfe. I-.- ■(.jv.-V.
• ity I hiii! slur.', a iimi . "in
lio-eil i.f l». A. W ai let, hi:,; I
w . lUainouu
Burley Torn* 11 Cu Iief.-i iants
The defendant... Buil-y .\ Teiiall ('<•, are
warned 1“ th l'h- i ..art within thirty
day- ami an-w. i th,' • .inplaini of the plain
tin I \ i: .it. I.ivelverof ihe i ity Ilrua
si,.i.■ a tinn ■ ■■ »:i.;»*>--«■.i ,-f i. A. Warren ami
F.. W. Iliatiioml
--ft-41 Fi l l- Trm i v, .1. I*
Boot] Sfyo<? /T\a^r
Next to Neill & Henry's Blacksmith Shop.
All kindsof Itepairingdone on short
notice and at very reasonable prices.
Out of town orders will also have my
prompt and careful attention. Having
recently installed a Fleming Shoe ma
chine. 1 am prepared to do half-soling
at lower prices than ever Ijefore.
linin' llA'IIiTnN N. U. Nnlll'n.N I
Hamilton&Noiton j
Farm and
Timber Lands
City Property
a specialty
Forrest City.
. We are prepared to make loans on improved city
property in sums from up tn any amount de
s'red. payable in monthly Installments, interest at
•"> per cent. Loans may run from D to 10 years
St. Francis County Abstract Company
office h Courthouv A. E. Matthews, Prop.
Spring Suggests
the need of many things, and among them will no
doubt be many in our line. We have a very large and
complete stock of Hardware, Chinaware, Glassware, Stoves,
Household and Kitchen Utensils, Farming Implements, Tools, and
Builders' Materials of all kinds. If you are in need of
anything in our lines, whether mentioned here or not,
bring us your list and we will fill it.
Screen Doors and Windows a Specialty.
W. F. KLOTZ, The Hardware Man,
Phone 204. West Jackson Street.
21-123 5. FRONT ST.
1MPMI5. i
To begin that saving account with
The Bank of Forrest City
Watch it Grow
Money deposited in our sav
ings department on or before the
10th of each month is credited
w ith interest at 4 per cent, from
the first of the current month.
Bring in your deposit today.
Talk the matter over with us and
let us show you the advantages of
having a savings account with us.
Bank of Forrest City
Strayed or stolen.
From St. Francis bottom, near
Lakeside, about Christmas time, one
. big black, short-legged mare, with lit
tle blaze in forehead, and branded H
| on one shoulder: heavy fetlocks: three
j horse mule colts with her, coming It
years old this spring, two black and
one bay; one branded Hon left shoul
der: perhaps an old mule following
| them. Will pay ilO.Ot) reward for re
j turn of said animals or for informa
| tion leading to recovery of same.
Fussell-Uraham-Alderson Co. or Mar
tin Blount, Forrest City. Ark.
lie ward.
I will pay a liberal reward for the
return of Juno, a liver-colored Poin
ter dog. about 9 years old, but looks
younger: is gray around mouth, has
sharp-pointed tail with hair worn off
underneath about three inches from
end, and is well-broken.
Was last seen near Mud Lake in
West Blacktish, while hunting on
January 24th last. Address all in
formation to
W. M. Brown,
1* 1 "2 F rr* st City. Ark. tf

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