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free sample cured old
One of the most remarkable proofs
of the unusual laxative merit con
tained in Dr. Caldwell s Syrup Pepsin
j; that it is effective not only in peo
ple in the prime of life, but at the
extremes of ages. As many letters
are received from mothers regarding
the cures of children, as from men and
women of sixty, seventy and eighty
rears of age. It must be truly a won
derful laxative.
In the cure of constipation and
bowel trouble in old people it has no
equal. It corrects the constipation,
dispels the headache, biliousness, gas,
drowsiness after eating, etc. People
advancing in years should see to it
that their bowels move freely, and
if they do not to take Dr. Caldwell’s
Syrup Pepsin. You can prolong your
me by healthy bowel action. Clogged 1
bowels invite disease. Women about
to pass the menstrual period cannot
do better than use Syrup Pepsin sev-1
eral times a week until the system has
settled to its future condition.
Among the strongest supporters of
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin are Mr
W. CP Zorn of New Decatur, Ala , and
-Mr. George S. Spaulding of the Na
tional Soldiers’ Home, Kansas, both
elderly men. The regular size bottles
can be bought of any druggist at fifty
cents and one dollar, but a free sam- '
pie bottle can be had by sending your
address to the doctor.
A^ress him Dr. W. B Caldwell,
402 Caldwell building, Monticello, 111.
Kook Inland to Hun “Follow l'p“ Car
Supplementing ami Enlarging on
»ork Done by Heeent Hoi; anil
Corn Speeial.
The Times has been favored by Mr.
Chas. 15. Sloat, A. G. P. A., of the C\,
15. I. & P- R- R- with a copy of the
flyer being sent out advertising a Fol
low I'li Agricultural Gar. which will
cover the territory gone over recent’y
by the Hog and Corn Special. As Mr.
Sloat says, “the element of time was
the only drawback to the operation of
the former special train, but we think
the long stops of the ‘follow up’ car
tills the gap.”
The car will be at Forrest City on
Tuesday. April 2-3, from 9 a. m. to 1:30
p. m.. "Other stops in St. Francis
county will be: Wheatley. Monday.
April 24, 9:1-3 a. m. to 1:30.: p.m".:
Palestine. Wednesday, April 20, 10 a.
m. to 1:30 p.m. Goodwin, Thursday,
April 27, 9 a. m. to 1:30 p. m. ,
There will be special lectures on
dairy farming. Pmf. II. S. Mobley.
Special Agent G. S. Department of
Agriculture; Prof. .1. M. Wilson, Ark
ansas Agricultural College: County
Farm Demonstration Agent. .1. P.
Paine: secretary and treasurer State
Farmers Onion, expert Sweet potato
grower, and other farming experts
will hold meetings at tlie car at eacli
of tl e stops.
A tine exhibition of corn, a b'X
showing how to test seed corn to get
a good stand, charts on soils soil pre
paration and the use of fertilizers.
Exhibits of the boll weevil and its
\ i n n .fin f,.n
information of the methods of beating
this pest.
Full information about the Boys'
Corn Club and the methods by which
Arkansas boys averaged 57 bushels of
corn an acre,'and one boy raised 119
bushels on an acre.
Full information of the work of your
County Farm Demonstrator and how
he can help you make money.
Full information in regard to the
best ways of handling and fertilizing
the soil.
How to make large profits raising
The Rock Island lines furnish this
car free to l'rof. Mobley and his
associates. The work is carried on by
the r. S. Department of Agriculture,
Washington. 1). C , Dr. S. A. Knapp,
Special Agent in Charge, assisted by
Prof. O. It. Martin in charge of Bovs’
Demonstration work and co-operating
with the Arkansas College of Agricul
ture. Dean C. F. Adams, Director.
Never Out Of Work.
The busiest little thing ever made
are Dr. King's New Life Pills. Even
pill is a sugar-coated globule of health,
that changes weakness into strength,
languor into energy, brain-fag into
mental power: cursng Constipation,
Headache, Chills, Dyspepsia, Malaria.
Only 25c at all druggists.
I'aiil in Full.
" hen a play not only grips the
heart-strings but plays an intermezzo
on the tender chords! it bears the hall
mark of a great success. It is not
suprising, therefore, that “Paid in
Full" has made an appeal which has
been heeded. Euirene Walteractually
lived tbe play. He breathes his very
existence into it. Itisalimstunneces
sary to say at tlie very beginning that
the play is not a sweetmeat. It is very
strong food, and should only be taken
by those who wish harrow* their very i
souls bv a chapter from the lives of '
every day people who are enacting tbe
sordid tragedy of existence where sin
isnot so gilded that we are blinded by
the glitter. It is the story of a sullen, j
vicious, resentful liusbant’who lias be
come so embittered in the daily grind
that every spark of manhood and
honor lias been wiped out. He finally
sacrifices his wife to smear over, if
possible, with his employer bis theft 1
The very goodness and innocence of'
the wife is her most effective shield, j
With a powerful cast of players, :
“Paid in Full ' will be submitted for j
your approval at Becker & Lewis!
opera House Thursday night, April'JO. i
state of Ohio, City of Toledo, >
Lucas County. ( -r
Frank J. Chenev makes oath that he is senior
partner of the firm of 1 .1. Cheney & Co.,
doinir business in the city of Toledo. County
and 'tale aforesaid, and that said firm will
pay the sum of ONE HCNDRED DOLLARS
for each and every ease of Catarrh that can
not be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this nth day of December. A. I).
A. \\. OLEASt IN',
(Seal.i Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
act' directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials free.
F. ,1. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all drucsrists. 7.">e.
TaUe Hall s Family Pills for constipation.
Just as we go to press, we were
apprised by Mrs. R. B. Trice of the
vedding on Wednesday evening at
he home of tlie bride in Cockrum,
Mississippi, of Mrs. Nora Swan to Mr.
J Langston, a childhood sweet
heart of tills lovely and estimable J
ady. Tlie affair came in tbe nature
if a surprise to tlie family and
:riends of tlie bride. Tlie wedding
■vas nuite an informal affair, there
jeing only a few relatives and inti
mate friends of tlie contracting parties
present. We regret that lack of time
uid an absence of particulars prevent
i more detailed account of tlie affair,
3Jt join tlie other friends of tlie
happy couple in wishing them all
manner of joy and happiness through
i long and joyous wedded life.
The Light Plant force of wiremen
are being kept busy nowadays w iring
residences for many of our citizens
who have seen the folly of using ti e
old methods of illumination, when
their homes can be lighted so much
better and very slight increase in cost
by electricity. Have you had your
place wired yet? If not, you’d bet
ter see to it at once.
There are two very important facts
about your life that you don't know.
One is just how many years you will
live, and tlie other is whether your
investments will lie a success. There
is one tiling you do know, and that is
whether or not your tinance will lie in
a satisfactory condition if you should
die soon. Life insurance will place
you right. Phone 52.
Warning Order.
In st. Francis Chancery Court.
Violet Chant y, Plaintiff,
Joe Chancy, Defendant.
The defendant, Joe Chaney, is warned to
ap|>t-ar in this court wltldn thirty days and
answer the complaint of the plailit iff. Violet
Chaney. H. \V. Payne, Clerk.
Mann, |{oll\vage& Morrow, Solicitors.
April S, Ii*ll. 4-14-4t
Notice of Curator’s Sale.
NOTICE Is hereby given that under and by
virtue of an order of the Probate Court of St.
Francis County, State of Arkansas, duly mace
and entered on third day of April, lull, the un
dersigned will on
Saturday, May 13, 1011,
sell at public outcry at the west door of the
:ouft house in Forrest City, si. Francis
bounty, Arkansas, on a credit of three (3)
months all the right, title and interest of
Law rence HeLser, a minor, in and to the fol
lowing iracts of land, lying and being in the
ity of Forrest t ity. St. Francis County, State
jt A rkansas, tow it:
An undivided one-half interest In the west
side of lot three (3) in block tifty-six (Vb of the
l'rein Survey of the tow n of Forrest City, and
more particularly described as follows: Begin
at tile southeast corner of said block .Vi, at the
•orner of Dillard and brant streets: run
thence west along the north line of Dillard
street, 213 feet to a stake at the southeast
corner of the lot herein intended to be con
veyed: thence northerly on a line parallel
with brant street 14*) feet to a stake, thence
westerly on a line parallel with Dillard street
33 feet to a stake at the east line of Division
street: thence southwesterly along the east
line of Division street 149 feet to the north line
of Dillard street; thence easterly with
north line of Dillard street 114 feet, to the
place of beginning.
Also lot 111 of Fussell's addition to the City
of Forrest City.
A lien will be retained on said land to secure
the purchase price and approved security w ill
l>e required of the purchaser, with note to
bear eight percent, interest until paid.
Witness my hand as such Curator, this the
10th day of April, 1911.
Otto B. Kou.waiu:.
Curator of Lawrence Belser, a Minor
April 13, 1911. 4-14-;t
— i
Its Cause and How to Cure it.
Eat too much,
Stomach feels bloated,
All out of sorts,
Don't feel like work to-day. Guess
I’ve another case of biliousness.
“Take anything?”
"Yes; some pills, but no results; sup
pose I’m getting ironclad. Sometimes I
double the dose, then they physic me so
hard I’m too weak to work. Think I’ll
have to try something new.”
“Ever try Prickly Ash Bitters?”
“No; I’ve heard a good deal about it,
but never tried it.”
“Well, you’ll be pleased with the re
The purgative action of Prickly Ash
Bitters not only removes hard impac
tions, gas and impurities, but it strength
ens the muscular action of the bowels
which causes them to move regularly.
Prickly Ash Bitters is a bowel tonic
and regulator in the truest sense. It
promotes daily evacuations, establishes
healthy movements and is the best
known remedy for disordered digestion,
flatulence and a constipated habit.
D. M. Blackwelder, of Litchfield, 111., says in
the Litchfield Mews: "I am perfectly willing, in
fact glad to testify to the value of Prickly Ash
Bitters as a medicine for the kidneys, stomach
and bowels. I have used it whenever I needed
anything of the kind for the last fifteen years
and it has always given satisfaction."
Get the genuine with the figure
“3” in red on front label.
Sold by druggists. Price §1.00.
.1. T. SANDERS. Special Agent.
Masters John and Tom Swan who
have been attending school at Chris
tian Brothers College in Memphis,
returned home Wednesday' afternoon
for the Easter holidays.
We've been closing up the gaps in
our business methods, so that we may
serve the public more successfully this
year than ever. We have made a suc
cess of
but we are not satisfied with that. If
you will yet our prices, we'll save you
money and increase our business at
the same time.
lohn Deere Plow Co’s. Implements
There is a whole lot of satisfaction in selling
implements that will do more than you expect
them to do. That's why we guarantee the
JOHN DEERE line. We carry in Stock
Root Ground, Nixed and Black Land Plows; Ajax and
Disc Harrows; Cotton and Corn Planters; Tongueless,
Walking and Riding Cultivators; Pea Thrashers, Etc.
W. F. KLOTZ, The Hardware Nan,
Phone 204. West Jackson Street.
Brings Prompt Aid in
Case ©I Fir©
Hr*HE farm buildings arc often at the
X mercy cf flames.
A minute’ - time gained at tlie outbreak of a
fire, means saving the propertv.
A call on the lfell telephone saves the pre
cious minutes.
I he la ••-‘-•.glued farmer appreciates its pro
tection as well ns its economic value.
The best time to join the army of progres
sive farmers is now.
Consult our local manager.
The Southwestern
Telegraph & Telephone Co.
_ _ s
Paints and Finishes \
for Your Home
)If there is s shabby surface in your home to be
painted, enameled, stained, varnished or finished in any
way, we have just what you need for producing the *
exact finish desired in the line of . i 1
. ‘ • .
" -■ ' '• _ ,4 : e?IV? I
Let us show you colors for painting your house or ;
barn, samples of finishes for floors, woodwork, walls,
ceilings or furniture. Let us help you make shabby
places look new and attractive.
; i
i !l
/ it!
* i
COME IN and get a copy of THE ACME QUALITY
PAINTING GUIDE BOOK. It tells what Acme Quality Paint, ,
Enamel, Stain or Varnish to use, how much will be required and
how it should be put on. It not only enables you to tell your
painter or decorator exactly what you want, but it makes it easy
for YOU to refinish the many surfaces about the home that do
not require the skill of the expert—the jobs that a painter would
not bother with. Ask for a copy. IT’S FREE. >

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