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The Kind You Haro Always Bought, and which lias been
in use for over 30 years, lias borne the signature of
anil has been made under liis |*er
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one tod< ■ ei\ <• \ on in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and‘-dint- .'-_M>od ” are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless side t mite for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
Contain* neither Opium, .Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhica and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
8tomach and Bowels, piling healthy and natural deep.
The Children’s Panacea—The Mother’s Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
CCNTAun CC*»OH tr * MfT, DtWuCRli CITY.
Oldest! Largest! Safest!
A. BECKER. 1st. Vice Pres. JOHN W. ALDERSON, 2d. Vice Pres.
J. T. FONDREN. Cashier. W. W. CAMPBELL. Ass’t. Cashier
Capital Stock. $30,000 Surplus, $30,000
Undivided Profits, $26,000.
The Bank of Eastern Arkansas
Does a general banking business, offer >
absolute safety for your deposits, and in
vites your account and other business in
its line. Safety Deposit boxes for customers
Arkansas and American Bankers' Association
James Fussell E. R. Norton A. Becker
John W. Alderson John W. Naylor A. J. Vaccaro
S. H. Mann W. W. Campbell E. P. Taylor
The Eclipse Pumper
t'« n>i>t> • if a j•>'Wrrful
M »».11 ‘I » 11 111v* 1 »a>f > i a
...Special Fairbanks-Morse Pump Jack
( an lit* attarlifl to
any janni.'a< >li<>\vn
it Working at
S. P. McDaniel & Son
Plumbing Slu ; .
Bslh House I'ldft Safe Roof
Next I r u l o;-:i-'V-’t
Ha ire r vk us A aditerimi Theatre
Ear nean 1 an Strictly.
Rates 11.00 Per Day HOT SPRINGS ARk
: ■ . ■= w< rtr!« ■ . • -
?•;. «: istrt ngth* n* th<- ?, tn. h
:• . » liow.-lji. quickly r- stor. *
1 :th. vigor and ihttrful tr:t?
Price 25c per Bcttie.
Jrr- F. Cciia-d. P'C- Et.Lc.it V*.
[SOlP and c*ccc ^MENLCC
Foley $
hat They Will Do for You
They will cure your backache
strengthen your kidneys, cor.
rect urinary irregularities, build
up the worn out tissues, and
eliminate the excess unc acid
that causes rheumatism. Pre
vent Bright's Disease and Dia.
bates, and restore health and
•tren^th. Refuse substitutes.
Squire W. S Thomas, of Deo rat
was in the city Monday, in the it,rar
est of his school district, an-1 lncith n
tally gathering notes for I is
poem. He is perplexed a& to brining
a word which will rhvme with stove
A Card
In the proceedings of the last coun
cil meeting as printed in the columns
of the local papers an item appeared
stating that the appeal tx-nd of Max
Yortie had been turned down In re
gar I to tlris I wish to make a state
ment regarding the matter. In the
case referred to. my brother had
swept cfT the side walk, which the
wind had blown in. aiftl had got
t<>o busy before lie had time to
burn up the pater and trash he had '
swept up. and had neglected to do so. i
In the matter of the bond being
turned <i wn 1 wish t state that my
hi nd-a.en t he Karcliner In n & Met
al Company, are rated at from S". ■
000 to (125,000, and that my bonds-|
man t; w is rated at something over j
half a mi! 1 i n. 1 do not feel that it
is jus* that i should i ay a t:ne of i'2
and e and will tight the case n t
alone to the circuit court, but to the j
supreme court if necessary Again,
it my brother, lsadcre. who com-!
mitted the offense, if any was com-^
mitted. arid he should have been ti e
one arrested.
Max Yoftie.
What Mak<-s \ Woman I
One hundred and twenty pounds,
more or less, of bone and muscie don't
make a woman. Its a good founda
tion l’ut into it health and strength
and she may rule a kingdom, but
that's just what Electric Bitters give
her. Thousands biers them for over
coming fainting and dizzy spells and i
for dispelling weakness, nervousness.!
backacne and tired, listless worn out :
feeling. Electric bitters have done1
me a world of good.'' writes Eliza I
Pool. 1 >epew. (>k!a.. “and I thank vou. !
with all my heart, for making such a
good medicine." Only 50c. Guaran-j
teed by all druggists.
'eed* Some Apparels.
Fussell-Graham-Alderson Company
have a tenant on ne of their place-,
who although he and Li- family of
wife arid eleven children are good
worker-, are in serious danger of not
raising more lhan enough to feed
themselves this year, and as a conse
quence the firm is refusing to honor
their re.jui^iti..ns for anything but
food supplies and has turned down
several appeals for dry 'good-, wear
ing apparel* and articles of personal
adornment, all of which elicited the
following letter:
Mr. Aiders ii. Most II nuralhe:
I an wife desire to present our
selves before you some times. But
our apparels will not correspond to
give a city r* sort, lb ping and trac
ing preadventure that tlie Sa:i. . n:c
bower will m< ve \ u to add to n y
stat .re accordingly to my insinuates.
W inston Harper
Mail Carriers >Vill Fly.
J his- is an age of treat discoveries.
Progress rides on tlie air. Soon we
may see 1'ncie Sam's mail carriers
flying in ai) directions, transporting
mail. People take a wonderful! in
terest in a discovery that benefits
them. That’s why Dr King's New
Discovery for Coughs. Colds and
other throat and lung disease*, is the
most popular medicine in America
“It cured me of a dreadful cough.'
writes Mr- J. F. Davis, Stickney 1
ner. Me.. after doctor *- treatment
and ai! other r.-.r.edie* had Ja:.ed '
For coughs, coids or any bronchial
affection it- unequaled. Price .juc and
i f) (hi. Trial l* ’tie free a’ a rag
" ith fhi- exchange*.
!l ' v II Mann, of F rrest city.
arriv*d in ti e city Thursday, ■ tii g
called her- mi professional basJn-ss.—
M:* ( a’rie Parr, w an • chi ire-, who
had been in the city for several days
on a visit l Mr* F N !' rke. left
Thursday morning f -r t .e r 1 :,e in
F -rr. *' • ity Pee ( ,nt\ < .tier.
Mrs Pi Wa ace and tw. mule
| d:u.gi.ter- : F rrest < i’> -, • nt Sat
urday and Sunday in ti.e city, the
■ s f M an 1 Mrs i; i W.i .tee.
P.rink , \ Argus
VV \ Morrow : Forresf Cit
\YItv I .it,' « a!.tut I.
u •' :i !'•> l.i •. t .:r::., r is
tso i . • .. ■ s st as
I tliot g - - - natives
In .» 'in s n . Tried
once .;sLd a.'.'.a1. 1’; j,■.• _
I tie \i »\ B rider.
A.'c r 1 it.c t. a i rivate dispavh
'r i A .- • nu‘' :. tie st \J
”*tt:g pass* i li t Men.pi :> 1
bi with an amendment t Iiepresen
tat r.e McKe e: > rig in;. , re■: „ir
ing the people f >ne y .u. d Critten
den v\ ..ti‘ie> t raise ?">",ihi • pav
far the apjacl.es f ti e prq s^d
tie*' bridge across tie Mississippi,
which tie Mempb-.s Terminal and
Bridge company contemplates i . i d
ingfertiiei.se of the Rock I-.and
Railroad company. ( mgressrran Mc
K** . it. sa>s tin dispatch. is < f the
o; iniou that the senate amendment
wi;: be ae*. eptab e to the house. and
that !,e will try to iiave it imrnedi
ate'.y agreed n t.y tliar body The
hi . '{*et'iries that the bridge, when
c ti{ eted. wid iiave compartments
for vehicle. pedestrian and street car
•triT.-. irs addition to trackage for
stem trains. It is tigured that two
y- ns v\ iij le required to complete
e net ruction, at an estimated cost of
Wounding of Ward Ustrawler Follow*
ed Quarrel With Hlarfc.
Ward Ostrander, a young white
roan, manager on the plantation of
the Forrest City Manufacturing Com
pany. near Hound Fond, was shot
three times Sunday morning, once in
the right arm with a shot gun. and
nee in the right leg and once in tlie'
left hand with a pistol. The first !
wound is supposed to have been tired
bvilarrison McMillan, a negro tenant
on the farm, and the last two by Le- j
rov Brown, also a negro. From what
could lie learned of the affair from j
white men on tlie scene and from the
statements f the negro. Brown, who
was arrested, it seems that Ostrander
an I McMillan had some trouble early
that morning ah ut some farm work. '
and that words were exchanged. Me- i
Mi ian was staying at Brown's house j
and. according to Brown. Ostrander
went tl.ere in search of him. carrying
liis pistol ini.is hand. As he approach
ed the house Brown s wife saw him
and screamed for him nut to come,
shutting the door as she did so. Os
trander, according to Brown's siate
menr. then shot through the door,
hitting the woman just below the
right breast. At this juncture, some ,
one. supposedly McMillan, fired thru
the window of the house with a shot
gun, the load taking effect it Os
trander's arm and shoulder. He re
turn* d the lire and the hr wn negro
says he then joined in with his pistol.!
wounding Ostrander.
While McMillan escape I. Brown
submitted quietly and was arrested
by Deputy Sheriffs Tankersly and
Fleming, and brought to the city on
the afternoon train Saturday. The
wounded man was a - brought in on
tOe same train f r medical treatment.
Ili^ wounds are paiufu »• r are not
thought to l>e serio .s.
Th* m-;r.' r* < van ?. ,ii t: - ^ • e
country than all other h «* a*e* ; nor
«irid *n111 ' i ** la'** fc a y*-4r» a ^
i*‘ Incurable. For a re at mat y y*-ar*» o •••
t<i-n> pronounced it a lo.al n x« a>e ai.•: pre
"•'tibed local remedies, and by constantly
failing to cure with local treatment, pro
nounced it • 'irable er. •»- has • t
Catarrh to lie a constitutional disease and
then f .i* re<, iir* *» const;? al ?M-at:ic • *
Hall’s Catarrh Cure, manufactured y i '
<h»ney \ ( o., Toledo, Oni.i is ♦ • * ; ly .v»n
stitutionaloim-on the mat wet. It Staken :n
ternally in do*es from 1!| • ir* ;.>* to a teas- ■ -
ful. It acts directly on the blood ai, i . ,

dred dollars for any case it fa •• • •• x. .
for circulars and test im< >nial.
Address K. .1. I'liFMh r«» . T !♦.. •»
"• •hi ! • V I 0 tiCCixts.
Take Hal.*-'Family Fills f-> c-.?>t
I«» VII IVrwni InttTf'tfil In I hr
lh-v ** 1 <ijii!(*• nt Of I lie M i«'i"itiiii
M'-ri-l'i-. Tent).. .July 12. i'*12 The
rect'tit it ds. and ti.e great disas’ers
j at tendant thereon. lave shown the
inadequacy of the present .evees.
it -he V^v. to afford the
people pr tectitfrh yThe resisting
j power of such levees as ue had. has.
at the same Lime, demonstrated be
! vond a question, the feasibility of the
I levee system arid been convincing of
the fact that a! that i- needed is a
higher and vv,der levee witt. adequate
banquette where necessary.
The waters from 1 Mates of this
i’nion and a large part of the I>o
minion of < ar.ada flow between these
■ovee- and the question uas arisen tc
the heigh* of a great national pnb
i ’em. The people tlir ..g:. the
1 niteu states are intereste i thev
never were before in s vingti.. ques
tion cf protecting this fertile terri
t rv Without a levee which whl
I rotect. the it ve pment .i. ng 1 rain
age lilies, roads, agricu • ure. r ar,v
other development n:ust st> p.
There has • een adopted in hi th ti.e
Kepubi. an and I'em .cratic Natl :.a
I P*»tft r.i - a strong p ank adv< .-ating
the '■ plot ion f ti,e It .ee syMe-;. ill
i a • > ." i iit ?*«* .i rvc a J a l j > i . t. f 1 i.
, relit i rt !<•*'* ur»* itt♦«* * t‘ * i*
towu:d ■ i pera' ion
sen* inti-nt a.ive an i ■.-1i■.» . ...f re
an i a. i. ■ 'i.'.iicrcial rgani. ;•: ii
espected • a; , ;:;t d- eg.it-s t< :
Conven'i -n We h.tve i f en a—; red
t i i ii t t;. ^ "• li f i •. t j s rui.: i \s hi jive
ti.e < i t ‘ J Li t h; > a! i tXCt't’di! J ! \ _ \\ r Li 11
and Nuu.e w .1 be pub;i?u in a m. rt
Interstate Le.t-e » irtti n
.My <». N Killouph. President,
II A M -rri.- n St retary
r. ici.aux. I> H \\ . j;e, jf j,
"1 i in- n. Wiuiati, \\ i a v > l
I *• •••Id*. Lee Mi : ar.U Fran* An
Itrsoo, H C. v . • Exec
For every pur[ st t a "v-i, j.eu inp
liniment for man or t-ast there is no
remedy more powerfu ti at I» \M
hvs mmopiivlactic fliti* jt
s in additi n to Ms effecti.entss n
ilie t’esi. a wonder? i! internal reme
dy. It relieves t’ran | s. Ct ic. I>vsen
tery. Sore Throat. Sw . en TonsiS
ai i Si Stomach. a* a disinfectant
for the sick room it is of extra-.rdi
nary value. It destroys perms and
purifes t lie air. Added t :Le water
for bathing the lace _f a fever pa
tient it is not only refreshing, hut it
tends to allay the fever. Price .‘>0 cts
per bottle > . !d by Cuv l*rui»* Store
Instead2of calomel is'ke.
cauVo* It^ DRIVES * ALL
SYSTEM a« well a« CiET
The Loss by Fire in the U.S.
4 05
.ALL 01 US
E~or Real ate Bargains
Farrr.?- II -e*
Vacant I’r j eriy.
Tin btr Lai. i
Pr per!y 1 r rent etc
List soar proptrts for stir WITH IS
t\ ill iTMi i i :
1 Hiring ;i Recent Year
A m* a ii t e< 1 to AI most
One-Half the Cost
* 't All New Buildings
( oii-tructed
W !i<■*ji Jellying or Huildini'
Provide 1 he mean;'
For Rebuilding!
' ' ’’ •!; V A N f'A-H ' EB
' - F A f. ' K N , A ( 4fH I KK
1. K. lil;. lUMYEK. I't.t,-.
I T -AN r l> Vue I • e~
Only Safe Way
CJ 1 ht*m is only out- >alV way
t«> ■' Us^rvf y<Hir iii• me
1 M ■ 'it it when revived
in a 'Hong, filial it-! ank. and
iliak*-yi iiir | ay mentr- hycht- ck.
^ \ u an th-Mi tell at any
tn ** j .'t where yi nr m mey
ha* ir me, and every dierk
v u i"U»‘ 1'hi i'ini'-' a i r »-i j t
CT 1 hi' hank i ia - ~ at tin*
r- !!>' "'! ‘ '!n|.. - tmany
k»c: lit i* ' !.: h • i ■ t vi 11111n t ■ >
'In* - i: • • ’ y i ! In*i i In iid>.
1 P-.*r Cnnt on Time Deposits
For a Shave. Hair Cut. Shampoo, Face
Mas>a$»v, Scalp treatment, Ionic, Hot
or Cold Baths, or anythin** in the Bar
beiinu line, visit
Carson's Tonsorial Parlors
Nor,li Washington street. Ntx’ i r to Hank >f Eastern Arkansas
Ouly b ir>tclass \\ orkii r-n Employed. Courteous
treatment ;ti : -areful Attention to all patrons
Satistartiun Guaranteed I invite your custom.
ERNEST F. CARSON. Proprietor.

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